Man Utd 2-1 Tottenham - Jose Mourinho FULL Post Match Press Conference

  • Published on Dec 4, 2019
  • Marcus Rashford’s brace ruined Jose Mourinho’s Old Trafford return as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s Manchester United ran out deserved victors against Tottenham.
    Less than a year after being sacked as background backbiting compounded poor performances, Mourinho returned to the Old Trafford touchline at a time when pressure was increasing on his successor following the club’s worst start to a season since 1988.
    The Portuguese received a warm reception at his old stomping ground but Solskjaer’s name filled the air on Wednesday night, when Rashford goals either side of a fine Dele Alli equaliser sealed United a much-needed 2-1 victory against Spurs.

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Comments • 100

  • Ben Palmer
    Ben Palmer Month ago

    Even when mourinho loses he wins 😂

  • oyon dey
    oyon dey 8 months ago +1

    The best Man Utd team post Fergie was the Jose team which came 2nd

  • oyon dey
    oyon dey 8 months ago

    Jose is a man utd legend

  • あなたの はは
    あなたの はは 8 months ago

    So classy. I like new mourinho too

  • okow tina
    okow tina 8 months ago

    It's like he is giving a masterclass.

    • yroohj gouy
      yroohj gouy 8 months ago

      I think Mourinho is still in love #GGMU

  • ibra danish
    ibra danish 8 months ago +1

    thks for 4 trophies mou.....

    • bilinas mini
      bilinas mini 8 months ago

      Miss this man so much at United. You can tell he still loves the club and the fans. Our greatest ever manager.

  • wnnalis cioov
    wnnalis cioov 8 months ago

    It's like he is giving a masterclass.

    • okow tina
      okow tina 8 months ago

      needs defenders more than anything not forwards. he has a school boy mentality. BUY A SUPER STAR!!! pfff piss off and fix the back line.

  • bilias hour
    bilias hour 8 months ago


  • RTL
    RTL 8 months ago

    McTominay is better than Pants Pogba who is constantly playing 30 yard diagonal balls to nobody for his Twitter timeline.

  • pete smart
    pete smart 8 months ago

    Mr. Happy is back

    • wnnalis cioov
      wnnalis cioov 8 months ago

      If you watched this game how eriksen was dominant after he was put in and seeing how eriksen was on the bench since jose arrived and furthermore wantsto get rid of him,

  • IE
    IE 8 months ago

    Don't justify it, man. Just admit you fouled up, and learn from it. Everything was wrong: your line-up, your tactics, your coaching. Admit that Ole Solskjaer outwitted you. Go back and review the game and learn from your mistakes.

    • bilias hour
      bilias hour 8 months ago

      will know how managers are just clueless and don’t care the performance of the player but just hate for nothing. The same goes to between patechinho and Ali, jose and pog

  • Andyc18
    Andyc18 8 months ago

    Jose reminds me of a wrestler that has taken on a new gimmick. His previous gimmick was 'Arrogant heel' and now he is a babyface. Putting the team over 😂

  • Tobi L
    Tobi L 8 months ago

    McDominate love

  • Emmet Mindkoff
    Emmet Mindkoff 8 months ago

    🧿🎯🎯🧿🔵🔵🥎🥎🥎🥎🥎🥎🦠🦠🦠🦠💚💚💚💚 *Based on love alone. God sent His Son Jesus Christ to die in our place. Then on the third day rose Him from the dead.*
    *Now, though Jesus Christ alone. God has granted us the free gift of eternal life. He will save and heal you, if you ask Him.*

    • yroohj gouy
      yroohj gouy 8 months ago

      Barca, Chelsea and United reject

  • MyRCComedy
    MyRCComedy 8 months ago +1

    Can we all agree that Mourinho gifted his old club as a welcome back present? Normally, when he loses he would be pissed and pulled out all stops at any costs to win a game. We all know he is a serial winner. Manchester United will not see another gift like that from MouMou to get them up the league table. You can see he wasn't stressed out on a loss today. I love Manchester United but, I'm still a MouMou's fan first. I think it's the passion but not today and I'm not mad at him for doing so. Great respect for the former clubs.

  • 23 charlie
    23 charlie 8 months ago

    He Thought his team was gonna win it . Hilarious Jose . Did you watch the game ? You were outsmarted by your successor . Ole outflanked you and united dominated the game . You said you inherited a fantastic team at spurs ????? You never said that at utd did you

  • Thomas J. Newton
    Thomas J. Newton 8 months ago

    As a Man Utd fan I scinerely wish both José and Spurs all the very best. Class manager and class team.

  • mixio hili
    mixio hili 8 months ago

    love and respect. Chill dudes, you'll bounce back.

    MAKAROV M 8 months ago

    The meltdown again 😂

  • Solomona FOX
    Solomona FOX 8 months ago

    I think Mourinho is still in love #GGMU

  • The Mysterious Hobo
    The Mysterious Hobo 8 months ago +1

    Miss this man so much at United. You can tell he still loves the club and the fans. Our greatest ever manager.

    • The Mysterious Hobo
      The Mysterious Hobo 8 months ago +1

      mixio hili
      Haven’t a clue what you’re trynna say, English next time please.

    • mixio hili
      mixio hili 8 months ago

      Soo pump baloon is ready to blowup haha

  • Jinny Weasley
    Jinny Weasley 8 months ago

    Mourinho still talks about that tiny period in which his team had "control" of the game use to always do it when united got beat its annoying

  • dot com
    dot com 8 months ago

    pff ... what a load of crap.
    He tries to make out its not a tactical error. This was a huge tactical error on his part. Let me explain.
    1: he instructs his players from the back to always clear the ball instead of building from the back. that is what shit teams should do. we don't need to do that, we have better players that have been building from the back for many years and have done a good job of it.
    Because of that we lost many opportunities to counter attack and simply gave the ball back to them.
    2: Over the top through balls. This only works well when the opponents defense are not very good or panicked. Defenders dont usually panic when they're at home. you need a lot of supporters to raise the roof to make your opponents start to wobble from pressure.
    Harry Maguire was marking Kane, do you think he is going to panic? does he have the physical ability to hold of Kane? yes he does. So over the top through balls are not going to work. And yet...
    3: Aurier cannot cross the ball and yet....
    I cant believe managers cant tell the difference from a wingback to a fullback.
    wingbacks must be able to cross the ball effectively. They need to have a ratio of at least 3 or 4 to one. in other words for every 3 or 4 crosses, one of them reaches a player.
    Alexander-Arnold has a ratio of 1 in 2. hes probably the best crosser in the world.
    Now Aurier can defend quite well and he can do the runs well but he averages a 1 in 14 ratio.
    so when he does get it right it is considered a fluke cross. thats potentially 14 of your attacks wasted. how many attacking opportunities do you get a game? ..
    you may have noticed that man utd players gave Aurier a lot of space, this was intentional so that tottenham would pass the ball to him. They know how bad he is at crossing so they encouraged him to cross. Poch made this same mistake, he switched for a direct attacking style to wing attacking style. all of a sudden spurs couldnt get enough goals per game. also Poch decided to play slow build up possession football which isnt effective even in direct attacks. Barcelona can play that style well because they have 3 forwards that excel in small spaces. WE DONT.
    I have no confidence in Mourinho and think hes overrated. many would say "but hes a serial winner" you need to look at the details.
    1: Porto won the champions league with him. That situation was full of luck. the teams that porto played was crap. they only played one good team and was lucky to win a counter attack.
    2: he then goes on to only manage top clubs that are already the best teams in the country. also with huge transfer budgets.
    3: The reason he fails always in the third season is because he has fully implemented his crap strategies into the team. it takes time for a manager to fully implement their strategies and you will see it full by the third season.
    I dont think he is a good manager at all. i think hes a fake tactician that will shit all over spurs. already we are hearing about him wanting to buy forwards. Tottenham needs defenders more than anything not forwards. he has a school boy mentality. BUY A SUPER STAR!!! pfff piss off and fix the back line.

  • alida flus
    alida flus 8 months ago

    No problem, that's football, sh*t happens Jose. Keep going!

  • Harry Kane
    Harry Kane 8 months ago +1

    In mourinho I trust.. coys

  • Somalidii Hore
    Somalidii Hore 8 months ago

    If you watched this game how eriksen was dominant after he was put in and seeing how eriksen was on the bench since jose arrived and furthermore wantsto get rid of him, you will know how managers are just clueless and don’t care the performance of the player but just hate for nothing. The same goes to between patechinho and Ali, jose and pogba.

  • Ahmed Shaaban
    Ahmed Shaaban 8 months ago

    Jose is still shit

    • alida flus
      alida flus 8 months ago

      Why he cant win? Cuz he always "Shink"

  • IE
    IE 8 months ago

    Mourinho is turning into a bottler.

  • Keith Bennett
    Keith Bennett 8 months ago

    GENIUS. watch the spurs take the game win liverpool. After winspecial aging

  • William Payne
    William Payne 8 months ago

    Barca, Chelsea and United reject

  • babatunde temidayo
    babatunde temidayo 8 months ago

    United must be happy with the result 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Shafique Iqbal
    Shafique Iqbal 8 months ago

    The love for mctominay since he started man hes amazing even when he played against psg he just has that quality of being so composed and can draw fouls when in trouble. To me he is so similar to pogba but he has way more heart, no offense to pogba who has won a lot but maybe his heart is set somewhere else we all know this is his last season with us.

  • Gavin Haynes
    Gavin Haynes 8 months ago

    Ole ole ole

  • kurapika kurapika
    kurapika kurapika 8 months ago

    Mourinho still love united💕🤫

  • Jon Waddell
    Jon Waddell 8 months ago

    Slap that head out of the way

  • Iam Matrix
    Iam Matrix 8 months ago

    Soo pump baloon is ready to blowup haha

  • Fernando António
    Fernando António 8 months ago

    First question! What a stupid question..

  • Davit Maisuradze
    Davit Maisuradze 8 months ago

    Jose got MAN U in Heart ❤️

  • Flake Cake
    Flake Cake 8 months ago

    He does not look happy and I love it

  • Welp sym
    Welp sym 8 months ago

    I wonder what Mourinho sinks

  • Milhan Elyamani Karim
    Milhan Elyamani Karim 8 months ago

    Why he cant win? Cuz he always "Shink"

  • Adam asante
    Adam asante 8 months ago +1

    Spurs fans: we have mourinho now time to start winning.
    Mourinho: Good ebening.

  • O A
    O A 8 months ago

    Reporters are asking hard questions lol what a joke.

  • Mr Key
    Mr Key 8 months ago

    The media are knobs 85% of the time every time.. except when you're a pundit

  • NeutralDice
    NeutralDice 8 months ago

    Fake penalty, the only way Man Un could beat Tottenham

  • John Bowe
    John Bowe 8 months ago

    7:25 is a very interesting reply for all coaches in various sports. Jose is very clever. He will turn Spurs in the right direction.

  • Zawad Hossain
    Zawad Hossain 8 months ago +7

    FIRST we had Good Ebening, NOW we have SROW IN 😂

  • Takiowns Poker
    Takiowns Poker 8 months ago +3

    1:44 Mou is absolutely right. There was a clear throw-in for Tottenham but somehow the referee gave a foul for United. This foul came literally from "thin air".

  • True Lies
    True Lies 8 months ago


  • Naheem Essop
    Naheem Essop 8 months ago

    It's like he is giving a masterclass.

  • Chri5 Ten TFF Gaming & Vlog

    Jose Mourinho should never have lost to that under par Manchester United side
    Tottenham are way better than that I think they tried hard to beat Tottenham just
    to rub it in Mourinho's face lol But Manchester United are crap at the moment
    Tottenham should of definitely beat them

  • jaydenmike1
    jaydenmike1 8 months ago

    Spurs always struggle against man utd

  • Blade ManX
    Blade ManX 8 months ago

    United turned up to shut the media up. Imagine United lost. You wouldn't hear the last of it

  • Simon Gibbs
    Simon Gibbs 8 months ago

    Utd obviously deserved to win, but they were lucky to be playing Spurs at this early stage of Mourinho's stewardship. There are clearly players that don't want to be at Spurs or are not good enough to be in Jose's team. He knows already what needs to be done and he will get it done. He wouldn't have come to Spurs without assurance about transfer funds and don't forget Levy's announcement a few months ago about re-financing the stadium to free up transfer money. I have a theory that this was done with Jose in mind.

    Everything is in place now. Great training facilities, fantastic stadium, proven Manager. The final piece of the jigsaw is to back the Manager. To be fair; despite what I wrote before this is a big ass piece of the jigsaw, so Levy needs to step up and deliver. Let us pray..fellow Spurs fans!!!!

  • Behizy
    Behizy 8 months ago

    I really want a Spurs Fan TV 😂😂 they'll be fuming like AFTV

  • xpkx360
    xpkx360 8 months ago


  • Jeremy link
    Jeremy link 8 months ago

    Calm becsuse he does not give a shit and he wants to pretend his the God father of soccer but sorry that title belongs to Fergie. All he is now is a good analyst. Thats it. Cant motivate a popr man to eat a slice of bread

  • Jeremy link
    Jeremy link 8 months ago

    Shit performance no energy same when he was with united.

  • Louis Adu-Amoah
    Louis Adu-Amoah 8 months ago

    to hear Mourinho refer to Man Utd as "they" sounds as news to my ears. i still love Jose though

  • Sulyvanh Grand maitre
    Sulyvanh Grand maitre 8 months ago

    Give à pre season to mourinho and tothenam will be top.

  • Muser187
    Muser187 8 months ago

    These questions are always inaudible.....wth

  • Lowry TV
    Lowry TV 8 months ago

    Half of the United players had a point to prove either to prove him wrong or to show how much they have progressed thanks to him.

  • oboyy
    oboyy 8 months ago

    People and fans are sooooo flip floppy it's disgusting

  • simon eric
    simon eric 8 months ago

    I skipped Ole’s press conference for this...

  • TikTok TikTok TikTok
    TikTok TikTok TikTok 8 months ago

    With a performance like that? Ole deffo made that call to Fergie 🤔

  • Zaf Mo
    Zaf Mo 8 months ago

    Jose is happy. Remember, spurs are bottlers. The players are bottlers. Jose will turn them into winners

  • Muhammad Salman
    Muhammad Salman 8 months ago +2

    If only Mourhino had Wan Bisaka and Maguire in his team last season....he would still be at ManU...Love the guy.

    • livisticalus concept
      livisticalus concept 8 months ago

      He ask for players to fill this positions the board didn't grant his request,rather they gave him a sack.when the latter discovered Jose was right ,they quickly gave Ole to buy

  • zyleta majonez
    zyleta majonez 8 months ago +1

    Jose is such a SHMUCK
    like just retire fam
    low yourself the embarassment

    • S
      S 8 months ago

      And what achievements do you have kid?! Come back when you have half of the things he has, sad little keyboard warrior.😂😂😂

    • Simon Gibbs
      Simon Gibbs 8 months ago +1

      and again in English please

  • Ricardo Pereira
    Ricardo Pereira 8 months ago

    you saw several times a Spurs player surrounded by 2 or 3 United players, not the other way around. Spurs had no intensity and they cant press as a block. Terrible performance tbh.

  • Higgsey
    Higgsey 8 months ago +1

    Mourinho got the best out of the man United players. Shouldn't have been sacked

  • scooby196I
    scooby196I 8 months ago +1

    bring back Pochettino 🤣

  • Leahcim Saerdna
    Leahcim Saerdna 8 months ago +1

    This man should be named on man utd hall of fame. Even when the things doesn't work out for jose during in his times at man utd, he's still win a trophy. Thanks for build up mctominay for us jose, u also bring fred to this club.

    • Villainous foreigner
      Villainous foreigner 8 months ago

      Stfu 😂 Ron Atkinson won us a couple of cups. He was more relevant then jose to utd

  • Adam Phillip
    Adam Phillip 8 months ago +1

    No screens in the stadium, no mics in the press room, Old Trafford is exactly that, OLD.

  • simeon windeth
    simeon windeth 8 months ago

    That is Mourinho's problem he is a brilliant manager, however he can never truly admit when his teams are truly beaten and out played. it is always the referee's fault.

    • simeon windeth
      simeon windeth 8 months ago

      Simon Gibbs I heard that, however it was not exactly convincing.

    • Simon Gibbs
      Simon Gibbs 8 months ago +1

      I think he said that Utd were far better for most of the first half and they deserved to win the game? Or didn't you have your volume on when you were watching this?

  • Brian Kin
    Brian Kin 8 months ago

    Same old,same old.

  • Nishant Sharda
    Nishant Sharda 8 months ago +1

    And the Whining Starts....

  • Carlvon Ramsingh
    Carlvon Ramsingh 8 months ago

    I maintain...if Jose continues with Spurs, he will make them into real champions in the medium to long term. This team is tailor made for him! Good luck Jose, but United All the Way!

  • GudBeatz Ent
    GudBeatz Ent 8 months ago

    Good press conference really clear and composed answers, JOSE would sort this team out

  • MM
    MM 8 months ago +1

    Jose giving man utd the W to make sure Ole is still at the wheel to keep them out of the top 4!

  • Subash Parajuli
    Subash Parajuli 8 months ago

    Who will finish higher this season Ole Or Jose?

  • Shimrei Keishing
    Shimrei Keishing 8 months ago +1

    Mourinho is great legend coach.....he never tell bad thing for opponent ... .he promote United player ...but he will come back to you more stronger at home (spur)

  • MarkRutland2
    MarkRutland2 8 months ago

    Sadly, some journalists (?) just like to provoke whoever is there to answer.

  • Adi Shafrein
    Adi Shafrein 8 months ago

    The person that realize McTominay and Marcus talent. He still the special one. He know how to assess the style of football player that will become a rising star one day. Special one.

  • Waza88
    Waza88 8 months ago

    Heads dropping already

  • hemanth kumar arumugam
    hemanth kumar arumugam 8 months ago

    What did the referee allowed united to do??

    • simon eric
      simon eric 8 months ago

      hemanth kumar arumugam kill time in the dying mins

  • Ram R
    Ram R 8 months ago

    4 games, 3 wins and 1 defeat and no pre season - and here a bunch of football fans and pundits criticizing Mourinho. I think he is learning the squad at Tottenham. He will get there. United players played like this was a final - they wanted to show up against Mourinho.

  • Mr. Dean Palmers
    Mr. Dean Palmers 8 months ago

    What is happening to Harry Kane ? He’s not scoring goals anymore against the big side , Spur needs to fix their defense and goalkeeper problem, their keeper isn’t good enough for me.

  • Suriya Jabeen
    Suriya Jabeen 8 months ago

    Watch united lose next match lol they was lucky so much time wasting

  • Suriya Jabeen
    Suriya Jabeen 8 months ago

    United got lucky every one knows

  • Oscar
    Oscar 8 months ago

    United were BETTER than Spurs in every way! Very strong performance from our Red Devils.

  • Hieillua Killiei
    Hieillua Killiei 8 months ago

    Mourinho OUT

  • cerverg
    cerverg 8 months ago

    sacked in the morning .... sacked in the morning ... sacked in the morning

  • Mike Chase
    Mike Chase 8 months ago

    The majority of the press as usual trying to cause an argument and make Jose slip up so they can murder him - pathetic.

  • EssHaytch
    EssHaytch 8 months ago

    Lol feels like de ja vu all over again

  • PR ME
    PR ME 8 months ago +2

    United supporters joking and having fun and even mocking Mourinho ...forgetting that is on the way

  • Nayv Nayv
    Nayv Nayv 8 months ago

    Beanymansports always had the question audio nice and loud. Now they don't 🙄. They must be deliberately trying to give HAYTERS tv all the views. Silly people. 😂

  • Reshi
    Reshi 8 months ago +1

    mctominay is to jose what ronaldo is to ferguson

  • Reshi
    Reshi 8 months ago +4

    sree for me, and two for zem, reespect! reespect!

    THE TRUTH 8 months ago


  • Paul Charles
    Paul Charles 8 months ago +5

    Rashford had a point to prove and boy did he prove it!!