Peter Jones RUTHLESSLY undercuts Dragon newbie’s first ever offer 🐉 😲🔥 | Dragons' Den - BBC

  • Published on Aug 11, 2019
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    ‘Crafting queen’ Sara Davies enters the Den as youngest ever Dragon.
    In this fierce first episode of the new series, new Dragon Sara Davies enjoys her first offer in the Den for skincare business Tancream entrepreneurs Gillian Robson and Katy Foxcroft, as Peter Jones steps in...
    Dragons’ Den is back for its seventeenth series, and there is a new fire breather in town. 'Crafting queen' Sara Davies, the youngest ever Dragon, joins titans of industry Peter Jones, Deborah Meaden, Touker Suleyman and Tej Lalvani in a den that is hotter than ever.
    Entrepreneurs pitch for investment in the Den from our Dragons, five venture capitalists willing to invest their own money in exchange for equity.
    Dragons' Den | Series 17 Episode 01 | BBC
    #BBC #DragonsDen
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Comments • 1 352

  • Taha Hadada
    Taha Hadada 51 minute ago

    From the first ten sec ,i wish i was there to put my money in ,I have a pharma importing company ,and the real winners are the investors here ,i will have to buy from these guys, please give me there contact details and i will MENA region exclusive distributor ,thank you .

  • Bilal Ul haq
    Bilal Ul haq 7 hours ago

    When you have no idea how cut off.
    It smells baf

    SEAH HONG-I BRYAN 10 hours ago

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    twitter: @shotsbyseah

  • Dain
    Dain 16 hours ago

    I've got skin cancer but isn't my tan great? Hang on I've got an idea...

  • Temporicide
    Temporicide Day ago

    Sun loves black people.

  • YoshiPeach Mario
    YoshiPeach Mario 2 days ago

    "Well done, vErY PlEaSeD fOr YoU"

  • lilly bee
    lilly bee 3 days ago

    The idea is trash. U have to apply sunscreen multiple time’s a day for it even to be productive.

  • Markus Trooper
    Markus Trooper 4 days ago +1

    Tan cream offers tan percent of business. For that reason, ... oh wheretf is Jenny?

  • Sébastien Hyslop
    Sébastien Hyslop 5 days ago

    I love that the "Rough" dragon on the show (Peter) can be quite nice and humane, unlike that O'leary fellow on sharktank who can be very mean

  • graham moore
    graham moore 5 days ago

    Sara is only 33 😮

  • graham moore
    graham moore 5 days ago +1

    I like Sara she actually invests

  • Aerah
    Aerah 7 days ago

    I don't know how they didn't choose Peter

  • tajinder singh
    tajinder singh 9 days ago

    Toukers a gentleman !!

  • Trickie Gangsta
    Trickie Gangsta 11 days ago

    11:25 play in slowest speed lol

  • Jake Scott
    Jake Scott 11 days ago

    I really like sara and peter

  • preslav jankov
    preslav jankov 12 days ago

    must smell nice and some pakage

  • preslav jankov
    preslav jankov 12 days ago

    sara takes their mony she s clever sun cream protectors whoul be searching more

  • Ozzy Doop
    Ozzy Doop 13 days ago

    Jenny was actually there but she stole so much tan cream that she was blacked out & covered, therefore invisible, but she still managed to whisper ... (IM OUT)

  • iLindahLIFE
    iLindahLIFE 13 days ago +1

    Sheesh one of these ladies REALLY uses the product.

  • ignatius maziofa
    ignatius maziofa 14 days ago

    PJ is gangster...but TS is the real mafia boss...

  • george agathangelou
    george agathangelou 15 days ago

    I feel bad for these girls they came in genuine people one had faced cancer which is why she made this product and like always the dragons massive hypocrites act completely not interested find all the problems that are not really problems, I think it's an amazing idea personally and as soon as one dragon likes the product and is on board with it suddenly everyone that hated the product suddenly loves it it's amazing it just needs a bit of work 😂 every time man actually annoys me because it's basically can u get a dragon interested so that they all start fighting with each other it's not really about good ideas anymore is it 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Imogen Kent
    Imogen Kent 15 days ago

    Sun damage to Sara's face , sun ran out of power then.

  • Unconsciously Aware
    Unconsciously Aware 16 days ago

    I honestly believe Peter only undercut Sara's offer because she cut him off asking him if hes done. From that point he was going to lay down the law.

  • connor mckelvie
    connor mckelvie 17 days ago

    Fishy fishy hahaha

  • Jessica E. Davidson
    Jessica E. Davidson 18 days ago

    This whole vid I wanted to know production costs

  • scott walker
    scott walker 18 days ago

    10:31 they do not say OH MY GOSH, they say OH MY GOD !!.

  • John McCasthy
    John McCasthy 18 days ago

    Jenny's out out

  • LJ Garrison
    LJ Garrison 21 day ago

    Kinda reminds me of a small stuffed toy from the 20th century on that UV there guys, just leaving that out there.

  • The Flying Squirrels
    The Flying Squirrels 22 days ago

    It obviously cannot be used without foundation on the face because as you can see with all using it ( 3 ladies) it is super unflattering on the face, emphasising around the nose & naso labial lines! It's like the opposite of countouring! The colour is also totally unnatural looking on the I think you know what I'm about to say....

  • G S
    G S 25 days ago

    Tej certainly has the nose for it

  • andrew obrien
    andrew obrien 27 days ago

    Sara would be horrible to work for

  • Harry_md1
    Harry_md1 27 days ago

    sara looks like shes had a few pies, would still smash though.

  • alex verdia
    alex verdia 28 days ago

    Is this product available?

  • Dean Jacobs
    Dean Jacobs 28 days ago

    Im not from the UK but wouldnt it look weird to be tanned in the UK if it isnt natural

  • The Vapologist
    The Vapologist 28 days ago

    "The cream creators".

  • Eleanor
    Eleanor 29 days ago

    sara’s right though, i love to the product and the idea of the product, but the price tag is just too much

  • The Irish Romeo
    The Irish Romeo Month ago

    Touker noticed the bit of investor bullying there,decided to help new fledgling. Fair Peter Jones though.

  • Fong Wong
    Fong Wong Month ago

    I didn't know Celine Dion was in the Sun Cream business!

  • tomoliverpool8
    tomoliverpool8 Month ago

    Musics all over the place 😂

  • Christophe Capeau
    Christophe Capeau Month ago

    TV Shopping and Premium brand don't go really well together ... I'd still pick Peter. Especially after that horrible first offer the new dragon did... clearly not interested in pushing the product towards the direction the candidates/owners want.

  • Hasan Ibn Husayn
    Hasan Ibn Husayn Month ago +3

    Says tan cream*
    Camera zooms into a brown guy .

  • kilaith morton
    kilaith morton Month ago +1

    What's up with the sad avengers music lol

  • JPS
    JPS Month ago +1

    That ladies skin looks freakishly the wrong color

  • Stupendous Jia
    Stupendous Jia Month ago

    Suck on that Peter Jones

  • arya eslami
    arya eslami Month ago

    Does that mean they could say the N-word?

  • Kazim Yalcin
    Kazim Yalcin Month ago

    Sara, the combination of beauty and charisma.

  • Sristi Adhikari
    Sristi Adhikari Month ago

    Idk why but I think there's something between Peter and Touker ? Just me ?

  • Hot Beer
    Hot Beer Month ago

    I will sell everything for Sara ♥️

  • Cresent and star
    Cresent and star Month ago

    Lool black face

  • apeasskicker
    apeasskicker Month ago

    Very bad choice
    Should have asked peter for 20% and then asked to come down to 12½ when he is repayed

  • Bernard Muzah
    Bernard Muzah Month ago

    these guys should at least give mentor ship and advice in substitute for financial offer , unless its for their self interest and not to support financially constraints entrepreneurs!

  • sujaysukumar123
    sujaysukumar123 Month ago

    I wouldn't buy anything with a name "tan cream".....because.....
    I am brown skinned 😀

  • cope or rope since i lost all hope

    Peter At 10:26
    Peter at 11:58

  • Robbie lacey Jones
    Robbie lacey Jones Month ago

    Jonesy hates losing, no wonder he's worth 500 million

  • graham moore
    graham moore Month ago

    Sara is awesome

  • Nathan Jacob
    Nathan Jacob Month ago

    Sara brought in some really good applicable knowledge... more valuable than Jenny🤣🤣😂
    Ahhhh and finally Peter Jones is defeated....

  • Vince Lestrade
    Vince Lestrade Month ago

    This new lass is so much better than Jenny. She’s actually nice and not uptight, she treats the guests as equals. Jenny was a total hag.

  • Mark Lacey
    Mark Lacey Month ago

    Deborah should have washed her hands after going to the toilet.

  • tuforu4
    tuforu4 Month ago


  • Charlie anne
    Charlie anne Month ago

    Sara’s smiley face vs peters angry face when they walked in 😂