• Published on Jan 19, 2020
  • After a turbulent derby match last week against Bromley By Bow, Baiteze take on a new team in the league called Boston Celtic in a must win match!

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Comments • 70

  • Williaem00
    Williaem00 5 months ago

    At 6:24 who was #3 trying to pass to?

  • Iain W
    Iain W 7 months ago

    what was the fat defender moaning about the first goal for?

  • Ginger Scholes
    Ginger Scholes 7 months ago

    To be fair to Theo (?) you can't play with the same intensity every week. subconsciously you can play harder against certain teams/players, and I'm guessing that's what he was saying.

  • Allison Rogers
    Allison Rogers 7 months ago

    What is the name of that song theo???

  • olekminsk k
    olekminsk k 8 months ago

    what's the tune theo's singing tho

  • Rib Zed
    Rib Zed 8 months ago

    "Everyone can mis-pass a place"
    "3 on Baiteze"
    Justin language

  • Aaron Witt
    Aaron Witt 8 months ago

    Baiteze are a btec arsenal

  • Aaron Witt
    Aaron Witt 8 months ago

    Bills beard is wank

  • Annie O
    Annie O 8 months ago +1

    Player ratings
    Justin. 3. (Needs to be more constructive)
    Mark 6.
    Josh. 4.
    Quincy. 6.
    Vinny. 5.
    Musti 4.
    Imed. 4.
    Walid. 6.
    Ade. 5.
    Theo. 4.
    Jamil. 4.
    Jay. 7.
    Michael. 3.
    Sub. 3.
    Justin arguing before the game is poor, everyone needs to have a clear frame of mind. Come on Baiteze let's show some heart, passion, dedication. The Baiteze family are hurting right now, let's Go Baiteze. Let's Go.

    • Baiteze TV
      Baiteze TV  7 months ago

      Love this, more player rankings ftw!

  • Victor Odeyemi
    Victor Odeyemi 8 months ago

    As a coach myself, what Justin is doing here is a disgrace. I hope after this he properly reflects. Because with this, Baiteze need a new manager.

    5IVE GUYS FC 8 months ago

    5️⃣🏆 Keep going guys

  • Wayne Stewart
    Wayne Stewart 8 months ago

    Managers are mugs , think they are something special

  • Muhsen kazemi
    Muhsen kazemi 8 months ago

    This Justin manager trash ! Man can’t handle a loss and no wonder why none of the players playing good cause of his non stop negative actions and comments . Give the assistant manager a go at being the manager he has more knowledge than the useless Justin

  • Dom Smith
    Dom Smith 8 months ago

    Justin is the worst bloke in the team. Imagine trying to inspire young lads to love football and want to play hard when you offer nothing constructive, nothing tactical, nothing motivational? He expects the side to smash the opposition every week and blames everyone but himself when the results don't happen. From the footage we see, is there any coaching going on? Not as far as I can tell.

  • Kristan Heneage
    Kristan Heneage 8 months ago

    And we wonder why referees are dropping out the game all the time...

  • CaptainDawg02
    CaptainDawg02 8 months ago

    DOGSO automatic red by the keeper (and it was a handball from earlier).

  • Kai Campbell
    Kai Campbell 8 months ago

    Love the baiteze movement for time but it’s going in the wrong direction, yes Sunday league is now full of Saturday players and Sunday league levels really have risen over the last couple years however you have to look at the dons who are a very competitive side but you never see negativity like Justin pours out every week that fills the players with a negative mindset, should all be turning up to have fun on a Sunday along with winning and baiteze have lost the fun look like lads who would say I fell out of love with football, not hating just don’t want you guys cancelling

  • Gaz B73
    Gaz B73 8 months ago

    Lads need positive reinforcement not belittling and being singled out. Your shouting from the sideline is so constant and incoherent that I am certain players switch off to for coming onto the pitch while the game is going on shouting at the shouldn't and you know you shouldn't...

  • Jim bo
    Jim bo 8 months ago

    How can you blame the referee for missing a offside if you do not have any assistant referee's(linesperson) #blameeveryoneelseapartfromyourself

  • Christo Okungbowa
    Christo Okungbowa 8 months ago

    the coach is really negative and is giving negative vibes to the players, how do you expect them to put the hard work when the coach is not pumping them up.

  • Harry Pownall
    Harry Pownall 8 months ago

    where are the linesman??

  • Shylo Mcnally
    Shylo Mcnally 8 months ago

    What’s honestly happening to baiteze ????

  • a10 T
    a10 T 8 months ago +2

    2 things you need to do to get out of this bad situation you’ve got into:
    1. Get a new manager, Justin is a fool and just shouts nonsense when things aren’t going well. Find someone with a coaching brain who will actually get on with the players.
    2. Get out of that league. The standard of pitches, opponents and refs at the marshes is awful and if you lot are serious about trying to build up the club you have to move. Find a league where they actually have linos or at least people volunteer to do it and where the pitches allow you to play some sort of football. Can’t just say ‘it’s Sunday league’ look at other Sunday FLash-player teams and follow what they’ve done.

  • MightyAlbion SOTV
    MightyAlbion SOTV 8 months ago

    Bury of the youtube scene 🤣

  • harry_patto
    harry_patto 8 months ago

    Turning into such an unlikeable side from top to bottom.

  • H
    H 8 months ago

    These coaches are way out of their depth. Justin especially. Clear how the pre game disagreement affected the manager who then sets his negative mindset with Theo. Also how it affects Theo’s performance and demeanour. Manager needs to put pride aside.

  • Dante Soares
    Dante Soares 8 months ago

    Justin doesn't deserve to be manager

  • Brendan2571 67
    Brendan2571 67 8 months ago

    “Don’t know where they are in the league” 2 points behind you...

  • Black Country Carpers
    Black Country Carpers 8 months ago

    Dead team dead camera man.

  • DTrap Dag
    DTrap Dag 8 months ago

    bring back olu, Justin Out

  • H H
    H H 8 months ago

    Justin out

  • H H
    H H 8 months ago

    Justin out

  • H H
    H H 8 months ago

    Justin out

  • H H
    H H 8 months ago

    Justin out

  • H H
    H H 8 months ago

    Justin out

  • H H
    H H 8 months ago

    Justin out

  • H H
    H H 8 months ago

    Justin out

  • H H
    H H 8 months ago

    Justin out

  • H H
    H H 8 months ago

    Justin out

  • H H
    H H 8 months ago

    Justin out

  • H H
    H H 8 months ago

    Justin out

  • H H
    H H 8 months ago

    Justin out

  • H H
    H H 8 months ago

    Justin out

  • H H
    H H 8 months ago

    Justin out

  • H H
    H H 8 months ago

    Justin is such a dead coach

  • Trap Giddy
    Trap Giddy 8 months ago

    No way u drew to those shit grandads

  • camron giles
    camron giles 8 months ago

    No disrespect Justin, but you need to ease up on theo a bit gheeeez
    After that comment you was onto his mistakes like fly's on sh.t lol
    He's a key player in this ting and very very talented remember that bro.
    But the comments about new manager DEAD THAT Justin the main reason why I started watching the squad real talk
    Every one has bad days people remember that no one ain't perfect outchea!

  • Lester Dale
    Lester Dale 8 months ago +1

    Jay Knight looks like he's lost a few lbs and has started banging the weight

    • Lester Dale
      Lester Dale 8 months ago

      @Jay Knight keep at it man a in shape Jay Knight get 40 goals a season

    • Jay Knight
      Jay Knight 8 months ago +1

      Lester Dale I’m trying bro

  • YT_Dizzie Gaming
    YT_Dizzie Gaming 8 months ago

    Baiteze keep up the energy, brighter days are ahead.Baiteze till the end.🔥

  • YT_Dizzie Gaming
    YT_Dizzie Gaming 8 months ago

    Honestly when baiteze is winning no one has a problem wit the boss, when they lose ppl start sayin its the boss's fault. The boss is the boss for a reason lads. Stop complaining.

  • Don AA
    Don AA 8 months ago

    Leagues gone lads 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Shayan Bahmani
    Shayan Bahmani 8 months ago

    ngl the coaching staff is too professional for this team. Justin treats the mature players like saturday players and it’s not reciprocated

  • Shhh
    Shhh 8 months ago +1

    Ngl Theo what was this about 3:35?????? 😅

  • Bleu Widley - Skills Pay Bills Boxing

    Imo Justin is fed up & running low in ideas to get the spark from the boys and is taking frustrations out on them. It happens sometimes, the same voice saying the same things week in, week out can lose effect.
    Opening the team talk up into a forum only to shout down Theo's thoughts wasn't a wise idea. I get Justin's frustrations as I was a coach myself but you've got to adapt or walk away.
    I feel like Billy's reduced to brief cameos when in reality he brings a good mix of enthusiasm & tactical advice.

  • Kyle Taylor
    Kyle Taylor 8 months ago

    What's the song at 1:14?

  • Sam Darqua
    Sam Darqua 8 months ago

    tbh i think there coach is good its just some of the players dont wanna hear the truth some say they need a new manager but look how many trophies they won with him some of yall dont know football his just giving orders on the pitch, him yelling or shouting is just for them to hear it smfh

  • C J
    C J 8 months ago

    Ain't going to lie i use to enjoy watching you lot not because you win every game ! but the passion was different, i just feel Justin negativity and criticism is just breaking the family and you lot confidence, he don't encourage flare and trust in a player ! Watch the RB coach, he stirs hunger in his youth players and they deliver ! It's not about shouting and blaming players, its encouraging players to do the impossible. Just let Bill coach man

  • kodi iweka
    kodi iweka 8 months ago

    Theo is actually class. Defenders can’t handle him. Every attack seems so threatening whenever he’s involved. Class.

  • Khalid Hassan
    Khalid Hassan 8 months ago +1

    I literally just have one question, how come baiteze fall apart so much since they got the sponsorship with New Balance? Theo, Musti, Michael, Quincy here and there .. SLM ain't even in the squad, this a big characters in the Baiteze squad and they ain't showing it. Remember times when Musti played like Fabinho, Michael like Zlatan prime edition, Quincy like Van djik and Theo like Sterling. No cap! Now they getting washed up by uncles and stepdads, is mad #Watchingfromdenmark

    • Khalid Hassan
      Khalid Hassan 8 months ago

      @Baiteze TV It ain't about a trail man, before it was a vibe y'all had together getting late to matches, people forgetting clothes, now is like everything is business that's aight get the bag, but don't remember to entertain, don't remember the people that started this up - And that guy Justin never blames himself, never switch tactic always getting mad about everything and he makes it personal too. It ain't even funny to watch anymore .. my opinion

    • Baiteze TV
      Baiteze TV  8 months ago +1

      This has been our one bad season but we will bounce back! You think we should trails in the summer?

  • Alex Puskar
    Alex Puskar 8 months ago

    As much as the lads played poorly, the coach is shocking , nothing but criticism , no tactical knowledge whatsoever

  • delz2tekky
    delz2tekky 8 months ago

    Everyone on here complaining about Justin are sensitive bum boy's get a grip.

  • xSpecialxst
    xSpecialxst 8 months ago

    I hate to blame the ref but he had a absolute mate at the same time some responsibility needs to be taken it wasnt good enough wasnt baiteze ayy next week needs to be better please boys #BAITEZE

  • Alfie Rawles
    Alfie Rawles 8 months ago

    Why they all getting onto Theo his their best player

  • Marcus Mc Donagh-Londy
    Marcus Mc Donagh-Londy 8 months ago

    Theo let's your team down

  • BENMJR -
    BENMJR - 8 months ago +1

    18:50 lmfao

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  • Alexander
    Alexander 8 months ago

    You lot talking about Justin needing to change tactics, you need to understand something. If a team doesn't have proper work rate and doesn't work well off the ball, then you teach them nothing tactically on the ball. Baiteze are a lazy side. Been lazy from bare time, dont you remember that whole intervention ting after pre-season? Patterns fam. Difference between them and RB or Dons is the work rate, and that don't come from the managers, it comes from the players.

  • BENMJR -
    BENMJR - 8 months ago

    11:22 he losr his head lmao

  • adzino
    adzino 8 months ago

    Song at 3:08 name????

  • Insurance Account
    Insurance Account 8 months ago

    To much high egos at this club wasting a good youtube team.