I'm OVER Smartphones...

  • Published on Aug 10, 2019
  • The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 5G got me thinking about phones in 2019...
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  • Science & Technology

Comments • 3 605

  • ayekillu2
    ayekillu2 Hour ago +1

    Honestly what is the point in apple making a new phone every year? I have a Motorola Z2 Play and it's been good to me for 3 years and no cracks or anything! Also, one of my friends dad has an IPhone 6 and it does everything he needs it to! I want to see a real game changer!

  • Paki Paco
    Paki Paco 3 hours ago

    I dont get this people are chil and calm when they see a new Samsungs phone theat just came out but when Apple gives a new phone it is in fu cking trend and everyone buys it knowing it theat if you dont have spare money and you are clumsy you wont be able to have the phone and knowing theat Samusng is a bit faster and you have allmost in every bigger city in Europe where im from you have a Samsung shop. Im my country there is 1 Apple shop and 8 Samsung stores. I know it is a smoll country but stil wtf

  • BremCrumbs
    BremCrumbs 11 hours ago

    Ah but you see planned obsolencence, a great phone that is crippled by software is the largest push to make people upgrade now days.

  • EnragedMexican
    EnragedMexican 12 hours ago

    I’ve been sitting with a 5 SE for two years

  • Zeph B.
    Zeph B. 12 hours ago

    The next revolution in smartphones Will not be a smartphone

  • Kenshin11212
    Kenshin11212 13 hours ago

    Am I going crazy or does Austin's voice sound weird here?

  • Iosono I.
    Iosono I. 14 hours ago

    First world problems: I cant satisfy my consumer addiction of buying new stuff because its not cool anymore!

  • Dismas A.
    Dismas A. 15 hours ago

    02:11 hahahaha

  • Noo_ Worries_
    Noo_ Worries_ 15 hours ago

    Yup, after I brought my iPhone XS Max straight out that’s when I knew that this phone will indeed be my last phone for a while.
    Most people will upgrade to a newer phone for features that they’ll never really use all to upgrade again when the chances present themselves.
    Also most people will lease a phone with the highest gigs all to never use half of it and then upgrade again, waste of money.

  • Kyle Norris
    Kyle Norris Day ago

    I dont Know if it's the phones that are getting boring as much as its Tech FLASH-PLAYERrs that are getting boring as they loose there enthusiasm and attention to detail in reviews. I've personally noticed several of the FLASH-PLAYER community misrepresenting devices giving out incorrect specs or leaving out features in their nonchalant reviews as of late.

  • Kyle Norris
    Kyle Norris Day ago

    The main problem with all tech FLASH-PLAYERrs at the moment is the fact that they are focused solely on the exterior of the note vs the s10 and they fail to recognize the Software and hardware differences. Note has UFS 3.0 and 12gbps Lppdr4x Ram a S pen DeX on PC and S pen and its features etc. Stop being so critical and pay attention to the details. Sure I could have kept the note 9 for years but I wanted the future proofing of 5G and faster Storage and Ram as well as a bigger screen and faster charging

  • Sergio Rivera
    Sergio Rivera Day ago

    So if you're over smartphones, will you go back to having a basic flip phone?

  • KingEurope1
    KingEurope1 Day ago

    The Note 10 really was the most disappointing smartphone in years...

  • Levirries
    Levirries Day ago

    Came for Evans dumping an S10 into a bin. Didn't get it, but am not disappointed.

  • Bioxed
    Bioxed Day ago

    Coming into the video: What is this dumb title ?
    Leaving the video: Damn, he's right.

  • ufhero
    ufhero Day ago

    I think the biggest innovation at the moment is located on our wrists :)

  • James Gowan
    James Gowan Day ago

    I’ve bought only 3 smartphones ever... iPhone 1, iPhone 4S, iPhone 7 Plus (2007, 2011, 2016) - I save money and when I DO upgrade, I really notice the differences.

  • Dsigbi
    Dsigbi Day ago

    iPhone 11 piss unlock

  • Faisal Sulemana
    Faisal Sulemana Day ago

    China is innovating but the USA has stagnated. Stop the chinese ban if you want more.

  • Pytz Arregaçado
    Pytz Arregaçado Day ago +1

    I don't like fold phones (I have a S10+), personally I will only buy another phone of he has graphene battery and infinity screen

  • Abhishek
    Abhishek Day ago +1

    he felt like logic.. bobby Tarantino

  • Batfan1939
    Batfan1939 Day ago

    Until foldable and/or flexible becomes affordable, I'll be fine staying a few years behind.
    As far as design, I wouldn't mind a foldable the size of the DS XL. I grew up using Walkmans, CD players, and Gameboys; When did ¼-inch thick become a problem? College and high school students to this day use "enormous" (by phone standards) scientific and graphing calculators.
    In the professional space, mechanics, electricians, and the like use multimeters and OBD scanners and all sorts of handheld equipment a phone manufacturer would sneer at, but their customers use with no problem.
    I want a reasonably thick phone with an excellent battery that can drop five feet to the ground with no issues. Is that too much to ask?

  • Ray Teruel
    Ray Teruel Day ago

    You've been spoiled with tech. That's all! You were born into this, I saw it all from the beginning. It more than a phone, I don't need a laptop. 12gb of ram , ON A PHONE!? not trying to change your mind, that's just my opinion. Thank you!

  • Buddha
    Buddha Day ago

    What are those shoes? Smh

  • Matt Jacobs
    Matt Jacobs Day ago

    You are not human

  • Rahul Bulchandani

    I'm using my iPhone SE for 3 years and I still don't find the need to upgrade it! 🤣🤣

    • Iosono I.
      Iosono I. 14 hours ago

      Err. You probably should:)

  • Sydney
    Sydney Day ago

    I agree that you can easily get exhausted with smartphones and that exhaustion isn't because of Apple's innovative boxy style but it's because smartphones including iPhones are still expensive while Androids are much affordable. Whilst the Apple heads present the idea that it is due "Competition still using the same apple design", the truth is that Apple introduced a 1000$ smartphone that created a ripple effect for great smartphones to become cheaper. Surely, why should someone upgrade to the note 10 at 1000 when they can buy the S9+ at 300-500$?

  • That Other Guy
    That Other Guy Day ago

    Go the gym and watch Neflix? Ok

  • gameflux
    gameflux Day ago

    I totally agree !

  • OfficialJustGame
    OfficialJustGame 2 days ago

    jep 30x optical zoom is boring pls dont get it.

  • Don Morelock
    Don Morelock 2 days ago

    The Note 7 was the last of the interesting phones for me, they all started looking the same after that.

  • fire pire
    fire pire 2 days ago

    they have brain implants that projects your phone

  • Michael Taylor
    Michael Taylor 2 days ago

    *smartphones are boring* says person that tells me what makes my smartphone cool.

  • Ramin Rahnema
    Ramin Rahnema 2 days ago

    Damn clickbait. Nice video though

  • Abdul Android
    Abdul Android 2 days ago

    Is that a Koya-Blindfold from BT21 at 6:25?

  • LBSi UK
    LBSi UK 2 days ago +1

    That note 7 bit make me laugh

  • Lamar Wallace
    Lamar Wallace 2 days ago

    I agree with the fact that smartphones are getting boring, and upgrades are getting slower, your gonna make a phone with 8gbs of ram 128gb internal storage snapdragon 855 processor HDR+ screen etc and the company puts their heart and soul to make the phone and expect me to pay damn near 1000 and come back the next or the next...uh HA HA

  • Its Wolf
    Its Wolf 2 days ago

    I have the s8 plus. Its just as good as any of these phones if we are gonna be real. Specs can only be so good I'm not upgrading until my phone craps out

  • sydjaguar
    sydjaguar 2 days ago +1

    No headphone jack is always a dumb move. It’s always good to have, without this the Note is not a Pro device (which it claims to be)

  • José Carlos Sánchez Méndez

    Smartphones are just a basic need nowadays, although having the best of the best is not worth it anymore.
    Almost anyone could do with a mid-range devices nowadays.

    OGIMAA WAB 2 days ago

    People are just spoiled these days.

  • Prcreed76
    Prcreed76 2 days ago

    We getting old hahahhahaha

  • Rain Zero
    Rain Zero 2 days ago

    It'll be a chip in yo head real soon don't worry about it

  • Sujit The Great
    Sujit The Great 2 days ago

    I am student should I buy a phone

  • Travis Horrell
    Travis Horrell 2 days ago

    Companies like Apple and Samsung need to go to a 24 month product cycle. This would be better for the company and the consumer. They would have time to build something more innovative, time to work out issues and it would be long enough for consumers to get bored of their phones and want something new.

  • Bode Hoyt
    Bode Hoyt 2 days ago

    Clear iPhones

  • nappa0582
    nappa0582 2 days ago

    Honestly, I'm still rocking my Turbo 2 and I'm enjoying it. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles that all these newer phones have and I perfectly fine with that. Why upgrade to something that has a pop up camera or can fold? That's not enticing for me to jump ship.

  • Ayasser Ramirez
    Ayasser Ramirez 2 days ago

    So glad you guys are talking about this. I was wondering if I was the only one feeling this way. Smartphones are getting boring and I actually think that's okay.
    Great smartphones design was like a gold rush starting with the first iPhone. Now they're all pretty awesome. Now everyone has a smartphone. I think that's a good thing! These companies rode that wave and enjoyed mile high profits but now they'll have to figure out a new way to provide value.
    I think it's toxic to try to convince a public to buy phones every year. It's a tool. Let's start treating it like one.

  • xD3bod
    xD3bod 2 days ago

    Then give me that s10 rather than giving it to the garbage

  • Mohammad
    Mohammad 2 days ago

    Sometimes I'm happy for having my iPhone 6+ for 4 years, every new phone will be huge thing for me 😀
    The moral of the story, don't buy a phone every year, only reviewers do that.

  • Roary
    Roary 2 days ago

    thinks 7 is a lot doesn't even mention Samsungs mid & budget lines from which double or even triple that number.

  • Mr Derpy
    Mr Derpy 2 days ago

    You guys should look at the Samsung a80

  • crookim
    crookim 2 days ago +1

    I have a cheap Xiaomi with Android one, it has a headphone Jack and dual SIM that is way more useful than any other gimmick crammed into this thousand dollar flagships!!

  • SepehR 2.0
    SepehR 2.0 2 days ago

    I have sumsung a50 and i cant really think of a reason to get s or note series

  • Abhishek Tirkey
    Abhishek Tirkey 2 days ago

    What was the whole point of this video overall

  • Yi-Fei Zhao
    Yi-Fei Zhao 2 days ago

    crosses leg to flex human races

  • Jeanne Baluyut
    Jeanne Baluyut 3 days ago

    I don't even have a phone 😂

  • Solo Fox
    Solo Fox 3 days ago

    I think that Samsung phones that unfolds into a tablet is really cool. I have been waiting for them to make something like that for years, well that and maybe a phone that projects holographic images or something like that. It really is cool but I hear it has some major bugs at this point, plus it's $2000. But a couple generations in, once it becomes more mainstream I think it will be a really cool phone. But I definitely get where he is coming from, the iphone for example hasn't been exciting for years, they don't really innovate they only iterate which is super boring. I often wonder if the iphone or Apple products in general would be more exciting if Steve Jobs was still around?

  • Uday. Sundu
    Uday. Sundu 3 days ago

    Bitch Austin!

  • YC!
    YC! 3 days ago

    Got to learn one thing from this video.
    -BUY A FOLDING PHONE (when they become glitch free)

  • Prakhar Srivastava
    Prakhar Srivastava 3 days ago

    I think the next BIG innovation in smartphone world can be integrating the Front Camera underneath the screen in such a manner that people can maintain eye contact while making a video call. It is a largely ignored/underrated issue that discreetly irritates everyone of us a bit but hasn’t been addressed yet. “Why isn’t he looking in my eyes while talking?” or “Hey why are you looking downwards ?” BECAUSE “looking into your eyes makes me miss out the entire crux of having a video call as I can not look at you face !!”

  • Blurghat
    Blurghat 3 days ago

    Whoooooo tablets with the winnnn

  • Lewis Job
    Lewis Job 3 days ago

    Why I love to prank people by using my iPhone 2g out in public

    SHARK GAMING 3 days ago +1

    I saw a note 10 ad before the video start

  • Pelle Tijhuis
    Pelle Tijhuis 3 days ago

    I think its a good thing, people need to buy less smartphones. Could help with the environmental problems

  • Eddie Jr.
    Eddie Jr. 3 days ago

    We should start hologram programming it’s something the pops up from a watch. Turn it on then a holgrphaic screen will come. It will only be to show the screen to the user or the chosen people or specified people around him that the user chooses.

  • Gila Monsterz
    Gila Monsterz 3 days ago

    Everything is boring nowadays...errrrrr

  • big boi withmemes memes

    Austin:I’m over iPhones
    Austin: look at my collection of phones

  • arun antony
    arun antony 3 days ago

    Retire from FLASH-PLAYER dude, stupid blind test. Get a real job dude!

  • arun antony
    arun antony 3 days ago

    You and Jonathan are the OG of isheep peeps out there!

  • arun antony
    arun antony 3 days ago

    Dude innovation takes time and patience. You can fundamentally change how your shoes look, but you still buy it. You youtubers need to get a real job man. Ah I cant understand who thinks you are qualified enough to think we should listen to you guys. Another isheep ranting!

  • asrar ahmed
    asrar ahmed 3 days ago

    He just realized right now .

  • 21 Savage Homeland
    21 Savage Homeland 3 days ago

    The beginning of the video makes me realize how unappreciative we are. Would you rather have a phone like an iPhone 3g or iPhone xs max

  • Mokkynatoreee
    Mokkynatoreee 3 days ago

    Whoaaaa BIG BOIYEE

  • brian noog
    brian noog 3 days ago

    for most people outside of the tech bubble think paying close to a grand for a phone is ridiculous,and when we do we will absolutely use it until its destroyed beyond all repair,i used 2 00 dollar Motorola phones for most of my smart phone life,was walking through my local mall and the sprint guy told me we have galaxy 9 on sale for 9 dollars a month lease.the camera is better for sure and the blue tooth sounds way better but over all the 800 dollar s9 really wasnt that much better than my Motorola for what i use phones for ...flag ship devices are a rip off and unnecessary and i guarantee more people fall in to my spectrum of phone use than what you tech people realize will never buy a flagship device again

  • Abraham Clayton
    Abraham Clayton 3 days ago

    Clickbaity thumbnail...😒

  • Jake Bodenburg
    Jake Bodenburg 3 days ago

    I have one word for you... 𝐡𝐨𝐥𝐨𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐦𝐬

  • calis krit
    calis krit 3 days ago

    Sure phones are getting more boring. It the future is foldable phones but before that it would probably be thinner or better phones with extremely good battery with no notch and camera under the glass.
    Even if we have foldable phones or a phone from space we would still use the phone for the same needs. For socialising, entertaining etc..

  • GermanSniper
    GermanSniper 3 days ago

    The Note 10 is actual trash, damn. You can get better phones for much much less money. The note used to be the powerhouse with all the features packed into it but now its just as boring as all the other phones and that for a much higher price.

  • Pendleton 115
    Pendleton 115 3 days ago

    We haven’t had “Huge Leaps” since the iPhone 5 lol, ever since then it’s been small improvements.

  • FloridaBlaze
    FloridaBlaze 3 days ago

    Flip phones will make a come back in the 2020’s with smartphone-esque capabilities. iFlip 2022

  • Aydin C.
    Aydin C. 3 days ago

    I`m over too, because there is no or no big new innovation coming..

  • Farid mousavinia
    Farid mousavinia 3 days ago

    Your a noob at guessing smartphones you say owww a home botton and then note 8???? Fingerprint on the back and the. Nokia 9 ( underscreen) lol.

  • Moreno A
    Moreno A 4 days ago

    Every product is eventually boring. Cars have been the same for decades now. What do you want, a 6 wheels car? Why? The real improvements are better performance, better materials, and more efficient electronics. Revolutionary stuff like the iPhone was, kind of, will happen when cars start to fly and smartphones disappear into our bodies. Until then, the market is already, as you said, mature. Only small upgrades will happen from now on.
    What I want soon? Fast screens, 100-200hz displays.

  • vivi xD
    vivi xD 4 days ago

    Well mid-range is where the most of good stuff is nowadays.

  • Samuel Ramesh
    Samuel Ramesh 4 days ago

    I use my phone for 4 years and that's only because my storage runs out or it starts to fail on me

  • Mohammed Khamesti
    Mohammed Khamesti 4 days ago

    send me the lg g8 thinq and ill do a blind test to yell if it was a nokia or not ...maybe

  • Collins Gichuhi
    Collins Gichuhi 4 days ago

    Hey guys this is Austin, at $3499 is the iPhone 13 Excess Max bullshit worth it? Short answer, Yes

  • Lyusien Vladimirov
    Lyusien Vladimirov 4 days ago

    Apple is stopping the tech evolution here..

  • Kyle Mathew
    Kyle Mathew 4 days ago

    Dope sneakers tho

  • g00dfeeling
    g00dfeeling 4 days ago

    John is lost in universe.

  • Dral22 B
    Dral22 B 4 days ago

    In a few months nobody will care about the Note 10, upgrading every year is such a waste of money. I don't buy phones based off hypes anymore. The note 9 will still be enough for me.

  • stev6963
    stev6963 4 days ago

    Only tech FLASH-PLAYERrs feel this way because they need to create content and rely on the industry for clicks. They try literally every phone while consumers are perfectly content with everything smart phones have to offer now. We don’t need a game changer yet. Give it a few years.

  • Raihan Haidar
    Raihan Haidar 4 days ago

    Thank you for making this video Austin. Same thought right here. Still on J3 Pro until D-Day come..

  • Robbyi Tube
    Robbyi Tube 4 days ago +1

    Your constant outfit changes are giving me some type of anxiety

  • Mark and Kathryn Dahlager

    You guys begged for these changes through the years. Hence your FLASH-PLAYER channels. Why you bitching now.

  • First Name Last Name

    Still rocking an s7 edge and u even looked into getting a new one because my screen is cracked. There only like $250 usd

  • Ryan LP
    Ryan LP 4 days ago

    And that's why I always had Xperia phones.

  • First Name Last Name

    I think we should make our phones attach to our wrists so we do not have to use a hand to hold it while doing day to day activities plus women will not loose it all the time. I also think whoever decided womens cloths should have tiny or fake pockets should be shot

  • David Afework
    David Afework 4 days ago

    Iron your shirt bro