Philippe Coutinho - When Football Becomes Art

  • Published on Mar 18, 2020
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    Travis Scott & Rodeo Type Beat ~ "LIES" (prod. theskybeats)
    JOEY BADASS TYPE BEAT - MY MIND (prod. llouis)
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  • ASComps - Match Compilations

    What do you think of Philippe Coutinho? Is he one of the elite 10s of the last decade? Where does he rank in terms of attacking midfielders, and against who?
    And featuring spells further out on the left throughout his career - do you think left midfielder is his best position? Or is it playing centrally behind the strikers? Let me know..

    • Roman Astrea
      Roman Astrea 4 months ago

      @Woosh the best team he could go with his exact position is psg or Dortmund

    • Woosh
      Woosh 4 months ago


    • v vk
      v vk 5 months ago

      Left/CAM is his favourable position.He was over shadowed by messi & still that lack of confidence is haunting him in Bayern..On the contrary he always shined for brazil thats because the coach gave him responsibility & confidence just like klopp did..He will bounce back if other coaches stick to this...I would say he still belongs to the top 10 creative/attacking midfielders at present...Love from kerala

    • Roman Astrea
      Roman Astrea 6 months ago +1

      In my opinion he is prob the most underrated player their is you just explain it he just is like a Ronaldinho type player if you know what I mean. Definitely top 10 in the last decade

    • Firdaus Muhammad
      Firdaus Muhammad 6 months ago +1

      He should stays at Liverpool .. UCL 2017/18 could be won by Liverpool if he stays there.. He already shows great link up with Liverpool current front three in that season and I think the reason why Liverpool trios score so many goals in that season .. He could not survive in Barca because of that club tradition "Lionel Messi is the god".. That role, no.10 area only can be feel by one player and Barca already had it and he is Lionel Messi.. There are a reason why Dybala and Messi did not play together because there have a very similar role and players liked Dybala, countiho only can shows their world class only in that role.. Different from Neymar when plays with Leo.. Neymar also have similar play style liked Messi but still he can shows he world class even not in that role.. When Leo get the ball, Neymar not liked countiho or Dybala who will wait for Messi pass the ball but Neymar will make the run inside to make it more dangerous.. Player liked countiho, Dybala, Hazard, Griezman can't plays together because they only can be shine in one only role while player liked Nermar, Messi, CR7, Ronaldinho, Rooney is a complete forward that can plays at all forward position

  • Hashem ieada
    Hashem ieada 11 days ago

    When football becomes money.

  • Patrick Burke
    Patrick Burke 11 days ago

    kid has a better relationship with the far post than I have with my family

  • Lakpa Tamang
    Lakpa Tamang 14 days ago

    What a player!! .Absolute delight to watch...

  • Abdimajid Hassan
    Abdimajid Hassan 16 days ago

    Curl 99

  • RJ6i Productions
    RJ6i Productions 18 days ago


  • Beaufils Pianiste
    Beaufils Pianiste Month ago

    James Rodriguez please

  • Fortune Francis
    Fortune Francis Month ago

    Be careful the music u use bc some of them glorify the devil

    MARCOS ANTONIO Month ago

    Eu sou o comentário em português que você está cassando.

  • el hachemi
    el hachemi 2 months ago

    Top corner lover

  • Bryant Hurtado
    Bryant Hurtado 2 months ago

    curve is strong with this one

  • Ankan Dey
    Ankan Dey 2 months ago

    was one of brazil's key players in the world cup

  • Jerk Teen
    Jerk Teen 2 months ago


  • Boran Toprak Daghan
    Boran Toprak Daghan 2 months ago

    Who comes here after "8-2" ?

  • Tobi Akapo
    Tobi Akapo 2 months ago

    Serge Gnabry- When football becomes art

  • Mikail Rafa 9A /14
    Mikail Rafa 9A /14 2 months ago +3

    Now make this one. "When Valverde took away his magic"

  • 김태경
    김태경 3 months ago

    첼지현: 슈팅은 정말 군계일학입니다! 필맆 쿠티뉴

  • MonkeyMan464
    MonkeyMan464 3 months ago

    come to arsenal


    Little magic

  • Eyad Maarouf
    Eyad Maarouf 3 months ago +1

    Great player but nowherw near lingardinos level

  • Quinton Keele
    Quinton Keele 3 months ago

    5:41 This what early retirement looks like

  • Debdeep Sarkar
    Debdeep Sarkar 3 months ago

    Feeling ashamed and sad being a Barcelona fan💔

  • Fafa pinto
    Fafa pinto 4 months ago

    what is the track at 7:00 it's russian?

  • Strictly Football
    Strictly Football 4 months ago

    You have this great habit of picking the perfect background tune to suit the player, keep it up 🙌🏿

  • Hermanus Damons
    Hermanus Damons 4 months ago

    Coutinho loves scoring screamers

  • Paulie 44
    Paulie 44 5 months ago

    If he comes to Arsenal he'll immediately fill the Cazorla gap, havent had a nifty press-resistant CAM in a while. Closest thing was Ceballos.

    • Erwin Ferdinand
      Erwin Ferdinand 2 months ago

      @Paulie 44 Arteta would coach that out of him. Notice how Ceballos has transformed his game.

    • Paulie 44
      Paulie 44 5 months ago

      Quite the ball hog tho

  • Stevo 202
    Stevo 202 5 months ago +3

    my favvv playerrr!! 🔥🔥🖤 one of the bests of this timeee

  • Amador Almeida
    Amador Almeida 5 months ago

    Coutinho is Robben of the right leg

  • Arya Arung Samodera
    Arya Arung Samodera 5 months ago

    Philippe Coutinho - When Football Becomes Futsal

  • Ibraheem Abdurraheem
    Ibraheem Abdurraheem 5 months ago

    9:55 was just too savage

  • Ibraheem Abdurraheem
    Ibraheem Abdurraheem 5 months ago

    isco vs coutinho are best to be compared together

  • Efe Aksoyoğlu
    Efe Aksoyoğlu 5 months ago

    i think he is highly overrated.all he can do is swipe to right and shoot thats all.i dont think that he is an effective dribler or elite passer.he is nowhere near to level of kevin de bruyne,mesut özil or andres iniesta.

    • Erwin Ferdinand
      Erwin Ferdinand 2 months ago

      That's down to decision making not talent Coutinho can put a ball anywhere he likes, playing for a good coach in a team that plays a positional game would fine tune those issues.

  • Aleksandar
    Aleksandar 5 months ago

    When i remember all the dirty tactics Barca used to sign him and lure him to his doom, i can only sit here and laugh. But i wont though. He was joy to watch in Lvp. Unique player in the league.

  • rhlrhf
    rhlrhf 5 months ago


  • Luke Muscat
    Luke Muscat 5 months ago

    Barca: Needs a winger, buys a number 10
    Also Barca: Play him out of position and expect him to do the role of a winger

  • RCORE 9
    RCORE 9 5 months ago

    Almost same goals

  • Mario Lisa
    Mario Lisa 5 months ago

    When football highlight videos become works of art. Seriously bro every single video is fire and never disappoints. Great music choice and edits every time. Keep it up bro 😎

  • Christian Joel
    Christian Joel 6 months ago

    Para que triunfe couthinio en el barca debe ir messi x que es un tipo messi en la forma de crear el juega y asociarse , que cuando esta messi es el el que dispone el juego del equipo y couthinio no lo hace nd solo tiene que ir al ataque pero el rol verdadero de el es asociarse con los compañeros y apoyar en ataque con enganches

  • Parth Singh Jhala
    Parth Singh Jhala 6 months ago

    Barca board never had plans
    Which lead to Valverde departure. Who was good in my eyes just board couldn't able to give him right players. Now poor Coutinho,Dembele and Malcom and others who have suffered from it

  • Johnny25k
    Johnny25k 6 months ago

    His right foot is magical.

  • Horacio Sanchez
    Horacio Sanchez 6 months ago

    Brillante jugador

  • Muhammed Zayid
    Muhammed Zayid 6 months ago +4

    I hope chelsea signs him next season would be cool with him on left ziyech on the right and tammy up centre

    • Saucyed Saucyed
      Saucyed Saucyed 6 months ago +1

      Muhammed Zayid I think he will play pulisic on the left coutinho as a cam and ziyech on the right

  • Ian Mig
    Ian Mig 6 months ago

    Holy mother of ads

  • Abuu Lynox
    Abuu Lynox 6 months ago

    Welcome to Chelsea FC💙👁️😄

    ELLiMODO CAVIAR 6 months ago

    had he stayed in Liverpool they would be building a statue for him now

  • Carlos Quirino 10
    Carlos Quirino 10 6 months ago

    Congratulations Bro i love your job! Great vídeo!!

  • Tshiamo Tshwane
    Tshiamo Tshwane 6 months ago

    Do yall remember how much Klop loved this dude

  • Mckyle Naicker
    Mckyle Naicker 6 months ago

    Hit like if you miss him at Liverpool !

  • Walter Lima
    Walter Lima 6 months ago

    0:41 😯

  • Prince Offor
    Prince Offor 6 months ago

    Frank will definitely want this kind of player

  • Samuel 9
    Samuel 9 6 months ago +2

    Dennis Bergkamp - when football becomes art.🔥

  • Georys Gnanduillet
    Georys Gnanduillet 7 months ago

    Is unbelieveble player come in chelsea

  • Shady Mathers
    Shady Mathers 7 months ago

    Lol Bro- You dont have one of Messi? Are you normal? Get on that asap that’s unforgivable

    PRAJWAL 7 months ago

    You see on the pitch how much Suarez cared for him...he went crazy everytime coutinho scored for Barca and always gave him the ball

  • Rick Anderson
    Rick Anderson 7 months ago +1

    Y u all ways pick in vidoes an saying it a art lol

  • malto
    malto 7 months ago

    Shouldve stayed at liverpool

  • Doge Is A Gamer If You Know

    if he was loyal

  • Renjith John
    Renjith John 7 months ago

    Suggestion: Jesse Lingard , when football becomes an Art

  • DR10 santos
    DR10 santos 7 months ago +1

    Dancing on the pitch!

  • Vusie Masana
    Vusie Masana 7 months ago +1

    This guy oozes class man. His ball control is crazy and he has an eye for goal.

  • Aditya Sethi
    Aditya Sethi 7 months ago

    Barca needs him more than bayern munich

  • RD 10
    RD 10 7 months ago

    The biggest mistake of coutinho leaving liverpool

  • AndrexMs 09
    AndrexMs 09 7 months ago

    3:15 song??

  • Abhishek S nair
    Abhishek S nair 7 months ago


  • Jesus
    Jesus 7 months ago +1

    I think Philippe Coutinho’s style of play and how he moves the ball around his feet is the one of the most beautiful ways of playing football. I really like the way he plays. Him and Luca Modrić play football in a really cool way. And Franke De Jong. Are they the best midfielders ever? Mmm... idk, probably not. But they’re one of the best, at least in my opinion. I think Coutinho is my favorite player. Along with Messi, Paolo Dybala, James Rodriguez and Modrić.

  • Himura Kenshin
    Himura Kenshin 7 months ago

    Dimitar berbatov🙏🙏🙏..first touch😍😍😍

  • Tomy Valkilmer
    Tomy Valkilmer 7 months ago

    Barca kill him with the fucking valverde tactick

  • RossRed84
    RossRed84 7 months ago

    His best position is in a free role/AM in either a 4-2-3-1, 4-4-2 (diamond midfield) or LAM in a 4-2-2-2 imo. A tremendously gifted creatuve attacker, ruined since leaving Liverpool

  • Urare
    Urare 7 months ago

    Leaving Liverpool has fucked up his career. He needs to return to the EPL

  • dimxh nb
    dimxh nb 7 months ago

    Do yaya toure and Adam ounas