Inside Kendall Jenner’s Cozy L.A. Hideaway | Open Door | Architectural Digest

  • Published on Jul 29, 2020
  • Today supermodel Kendall Jenner welcomes AD for a tour of her serene Los Angeles home. Kendall oversaw a year-long redesign of the space, working in tandem with designers Kathleen and Tommy Clements and the inimitable Waldo Fernandez. Just off the entry, a signature James Turrell ovoid wall sculpture greets visitors with a dreamy chromatic display, the first of many personal artistic accents woven throughout her home. In the TV room, a Cloud Sofa from Restoration Hardware has been reupholstered in slightly rougher fabric to better match the organic vibe. “I’m really proud of what we accomplished here.” says Kendall. “This is the first home I’ve done completely, and I think it’s a genuine reflection of who I am and what I like.”
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    Inside Kendall Jenner’s Cozy L.A. Hideaway | Open Door | Architectural Digest
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  • Architectural Digest
    Architectural Digest  11 days ago +2518

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    • Alina Fedoseyeva
      Alina Fedoseyeva 2 hours ago

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      ❤️ 💛 💚 18+
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    • Sasha
      Sasha 3 hours ago

      @kimyg then go and watch on stupid reality channels

    • Sasha
      Sasha 3 hours ago

      get lost AD !!!! you were a fantastic channel! why are you poisoning people with these reality clowns now?

    • Janna Klaus
      Janna Klaus 18 hours ago

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      ❤️ 💛 💚 18+
      ❤️ 💛 💚 18+

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  • Loston Enterprises
    Loston Enterprises 2 hours ago

    ⏪Beautiful Houston Home Tours🎥📸‼️🤘🏾

  • Ceek
    Ceek 2 hours ago

    This is so refreshing!

  • D A
    D A 3 hours ago

    I really hope she didn't pay someone to design this mess

  • Carlo Beecroft
    Carlo Beecroft 3 hours ago

    I love the house, it actually has personality unlike all the other houses in the Klan, but the sentence "there's a really nice door so my glam people can come in and out really easily and not have to walk through the whole house" screamed of servants entrance and took me out :')

  • Sydni Gift
    Sydni Gift 4 hours ago

    Sell that house and pay them workers on Bangladesh

  • 오늘하루
    오늘하루 4 hours ago


  • Linzi Scarsella
    Linzi Scarsella 5 hours ago

    Not what I was expecting, thank god. Its actually very beautiful.

  • Erni Marks
    Erni Marks 5 hours ago

    Can somone pls do this house in Minecraft and show me the tutorial I would really appreciate that

  • Golden Bowl
    Golden Bowl 5 hours ago

    She grew up fast. Her house is amazing , she’s well spoken, easy to understand and to the point. She’s amazing

  • Candy Vibes
    Candy Vibes 5 hours ago

    i love her taste, her house is cozy and aesthetic

    AMARA ZULUAGA 6 hours ago

    Si esa es la casa del de 3 son compañía mejor la vende ..MALA VIBRA LA RODEA

  • Valeria Quintana
    Valeria Quintana 6 hours ago

    I am in love w everything about this house

  • Clark Road
    Clark Road 6 hours ago

    Love ur 80 s pool ..

  • Clark Road
    Clark Road 6 hours ago

    Really nice 👍 //. I would love to spend time in that kitchen ... Roommates ??? I keen //. I love LA

  • Soani Velez
    Soani Velez 6 hours ago

    love love love

  • ThisISRealComedy
    ThisISRealComedy 7 hours ago

    Loved the house. But apparently she hangs out a lot in every room hahaha no shade

  • Dania Hassan
    Dania Hassan 7 hours ago

    Who does she live with? She keeps saying “we”

  • Biracial Beauty
    Biracial Beauty 7 hours ago

    this house is giving me old black grandma vibes.

  • Lauryn Hughes
    Lauryn Hughes 7 hours ago

    I love the powder room

  • Maureen R.
    Maureen R. 9 hours ago +1

    Its beautiful! And Kendall is my favorite Kardashian bc she's a Jenner!

  • Gemini
    Gemini 9 hours ago +1

    yup... no doubt... shes my favorite kardashian

  • Joy McKenzie
    Joy McKenzie 9 hours ago

    Does anyone know where her bedding is from?

  • Daniel Kaz
    Daniel Kaz 9 hours ago

    She’s very beautiful 😍

  • aff ang
    aff ang 10 hours ago

    thinking that harry styles propably has slept there

  • yazmin4022
    yazmin4022 10 hours ago

    Lo único que note fue el molcajete de Mexico

  • abottleofRUMtv
    abottleofRUMtv 11 hours ago

    this is way more natural than her 73 questions interview

  • loomonda18
    loomonda18 11 hours ago +1

    Love the personality of this house!

  • Angelina Zhou
    Angelina Zhou 11 hours ago

    art room is EVERYTHING

  • kimchiwarriorprincess
    kimchiwarriorprincess 12 hours ago

    What a gorgeous and thoughtfully styled home! And such a well-spoken (and somehow also practical) young woman, I’m happy for Kendall 🤩

  • Hëmä
    Hëmä 12 hours ago

    BTS new English single 'Dynamite' out on 21st August

  • Tina R
    Tina R 13 hours ago

    Imagine making a piece of art for a celebrity and making the “your” instead of “you’re” error 😐 and then imagine being the celebrity and having that mistake up on your wall... *shivers*

  • daddy char
    daddy char 14 hours ago

    i've watched this too many times

  • Aliyah Haji-Mohamed
    Aliyah Haji-Mohamed 14 hours ago

    Every two months she try’s to clean her closet that made me cry

  • Lourdes Abalorio
    Lourdes Abalorio 15 hours ago

    This is my second time to watch this haha I just love how cozy her house is!

  • Amporn Effenberger
    Amporn Effenberger 15 hours ago +1

    Love you all family good luck germany

  • Street Dino스트리트다이노

    so nice house ... such a great house. Kendall you are perfect 😜😜

  • Noah Durose
    Noah Durose 16 hours ago

    It was nice to see more colours than black, white and grey in a Kardashian/Jenner.

  • Angela Berni
    Angela Berni 16 hours ago

    Lovely home and a lovely lady.

  • Badkadi
    Badkadi 16 hours ago

    I love you kenny ❤️

  • Jeffrey D
    Jeffrey D 16 hours ago +1

    We can't hear you. Your outfit is too loud

  • Sarah F. Hana
    Sarah F. Hana 16 hours ago

    her kitchen has the same vibe as dakota’s... only a bit fancier

  • seen Broknett
    seen Broknett 17 hours ago

    She's looking poor as compared to her sisters

  • Trinidad Cardona
    Trinidad Cardona 17 hours ago +8

    this the new mtv cribs

  • Erica Leavitt
    Erica Leavitt 17 hours ago

    This is my favorite celebrity house

  • modDarim
    modDarim 17 hours ago

    Kendall is low key a really well minded and down to earth person.. RARE KARDASHIAN RARE KARDASHIAN

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy 17 hours ago

    Beautiful home. Not at all what I expected. Nothing over-the-top "fancy", and she seems like a nice girl.

  • Zou T
    Zou T 17 hours ago

    I REALLY love Kendalls house. I like the minimalist nature of the house, its relaxing and serene. Her taste is not as extravagant and loud as Kylies’. Too much decor gives me anxiety. On the other hand, Kims’ is too simple and empty. Id much rather be in this house than that of any of her siblings.

    • nieooj gotoy
      nieooj gotoy 17 hours ago

      Next for you is to buy a Mcintosh.

  • Annika Kreyssig
    Annika Kreyssig 17 hours ago

    You're supposed to keep the records upright 😭

  • miss stacey
    miss stacey 18 hours ago


  • dorothy valery
    dorothy valery 18 hours ago

    Ah! Ah! Fleetwood Mac! HARRY STYLES Covers So Many Song Of Fleetwood Mac! One Of My Favorites He Covers Is "CHAIN"! Google It--It's Such A Great Cover!

  • Cc Bernadin
    Cc Bernadin 18 hours ago

    Love It!!! 💕💖💞... Im surprised its so earthy & warm & zen ..Super Beautiful..i normally don't watch these , but this was cool. I also liked Liv Taylor's home

  • patty cake
    patty cake 18 hours ago

    I want to know where these rich people keep their dirty laundry, and where is their laundry room

  • Angekiab Annable
    Angekiab Annable 18 hours ago

    Gosh it must be nice being rich

  • Vivian Onwudinjo
    Vivian Onwudinjo 18 hours ago +9

    I love how rustic her house it, considering how young she is, nothing unreasonable, everything looks like it is been used

  • Beau23 Luv
    Beau23 Luv 18 hours ago +2

    I loooooove Kendall's house, we are both the same sign and I definitely love the dining room. Among other things throughout the house, it's mix with traditional and today's modern style. But, I would have Lena Horne & Lauren Bacall hanging in the Glam room and remove the towel area in the bathroom then hang Vincent van Gogh in that spot. But, love this house🙊🌸

  • Perry Davis
    Perry Davis 18 hours ago

    Just what do u do anyway?

    FEMINA ZACHARIYA 18 hours ago

    Kendal is the only person that standa out from her sisters in all means.she aint any plastic also hav a normal home

  • Blank Blank
    Blank Blank 18 hours ago

    Sicko who hacks phones.

  • gab moraschi
    gab moraschi 19 hours ago

    anyone else tear up when she was talking ab painting as her therapy 🥺❤️

  • jeff edwards
    jeff edwards 19 hours ago

    Inside kendra has a dance poll to drop it like it's hot

  • Bernadette Healey
    Bernadette Healey 20 hours ago

    I cant believe the artwork about an ex boyfriend with a note to the new girlfriend. It's so conceited, sarcastic and disrespectful ( his private body measurements?) all at the same time. Dark art. Plus, bad grammar. *you're* not *your*

  • Steffany Rose Vergara
    Steffany Rose Vergara 21 hour ago

    Her house has the same vibes like Dakota, so calm, more in nature, and you can actually called it a HOME (for me) cause I also don't want any noise, just want to be far from city. Same as that! So peaceful 💖 love it!

  • Rile Stream
    Rile Stream 22 hours ago

    Next for you is to buy a Mcintosh.

  • Avery Williams
    Avery Williams 22 hours ago

    She could be a real estate agent lowkey.

  • Anna Ferdenzi
    Anna Ferdenzi 22 hours ago

    Beautiful place. How the rich live.

  • Susan Aroche
    Susan Aroche 22 hours ago

    nice home

  • Esther Walsh
    Esther Walsh 22 hours ago

    The house is beautiful but old fashion expcially bedroom

  • Ana Farias
    Ana Farias 23 hours ago

    the house is beautiful, im not interested on the people, i had to google for this person and google took me to a reality show family.. it seemed a normal person to me..

  • Amelia Wilson
    Amelia Wilson 23 hours ago +1

    I love how theres fleetwood mac's albumn just chilling on her record player we love a cultured queen

  • Daniel Zachariah
    Daniel Zachariah 23 hours ago

    i like how every room is her favourite room

  • Salome Tsulukiani
    Salome Tsulukiani 23 hours ago

    i might copy this home style

  • Anthuan Juarez
    Anthuan Juarez Day ago +1

    Kendall Jenner! ⭐️

  • Jackie Powell
    Jackie Powell Day ago

    Somebody call Annabel Porter to come hang out with Kendall and her friends.

  • Ellena 1989
    Ellena 1989 Day ago +2

    i'd like to be her friend, only to go to her house.

  • nano technology
    nano technology Day ago +1


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  • Movie Moments
    Movie Moments Day ago

    Проголосуйте за Дженнер плиз 😏

  • Fasika Chifarw
    Fasika Chifarw Day ago

    Subscribe my channel pls

  • Regina George
    Regina George Day ago

    Her house called me poor in 10,000 different languages.

  • Mayya . Artist
    Mayya . Artist Day ago

    This is exactly the opposite of my taste 😅
    But it’s very nice to custom your house the way you feel comfortable happy & relaxed

  • Dee Montez
    Dee Montez Day ago

    Notice how naturally pretty she is. Kylie lies to her followers and herself by claiming her breasts, butt and hips are real lol! Kendall will at least not need to continue to get fillers, replace implants over and over like her blow up doll sister Kylie.

  • Ankit Kumar
    Ankit Kumar Day ago

    Gold tub? Hm. Aight.

  • omfglongbeach
    omfglongbeach Day ago +341

    Things rich people say: "I use this room more often than I thought I would."

    • butter
      butter 12 hours ago +2

      Tina R we don’t even have a gym room or an office we only have 3 rooms and 2 bathrooms but the house is SUPER small

    • Tina R
      Tina R 13 hours ago +4

      Love it 😆
      Things normal people say: Now that I’m having my first baby, how do I turn this tiny office/gym room into a nursery?

  • aya sheen
    aya sheen Day ago +1

    I see so much beauty and character through out the video. 😘 I feel so HOOOME!
    You go Kenney! 💕

  • WANDERLUST - Sumandak

    Kendall’s house makes me happy! It’s so homey, rusty, artsy and yet very cosy 🥰🥰🥰 it’s totally different compare to the rest of the kardashians house. It really shows her personality and the type of person she is. Very humble, connected to herself and people around her. Whomever renovated the house did a very good job. Well done!

  • mansi vijay
    mansi vijay Day ago

    Isnt there a lot of furniture n less space ??

  • Roxy Rico
    Roxy Rico Day ago

    i want a grimes house tour!!! please

  • Allison Nairn
    Allison Nairn Day ago

    anyone else pick up on the grammatical error in the “glad to hear your a happy girl” ? or just me?

  • Late Night Gossip
    Late Night Gossip Day ago +58

    She’s so more laid back. Her n Kourt are.

  • Julian Maxberry
    Julian Maxberry Day ago +2

    She’s most definitely the mother of the friend group idk why but it makes sense

  • Julian Maxberry
    Julian Maxberry Day ago

    Her house is actually so pretty and actually looks so comfortable 🥺

  • Isaac Voisinet
    Isaac Voisinet Day ago

    yo i have the same bday as her that’s kinda cool

  • 1,000 Subcribers With No Videos

    if i'm ever rich i WILL buy this house

  • Queena 128 official

    Lovely that its just in the World but your after end world.. where US go

  • Aisha Iftikhar
    Aisha Iftikhar Day ago

    She is so down to earth and laid back, love her personality, and she is the most natural beauty out of all of the them!

  • O R
    O R Day ago +73

    I feel like she made a urban outfitters inspired house but sucked the basicness out of it and made it unique and original.

  • Eva Victoria
    Eva Victoria Day ago

    Her house is so antique and unique its so cool

  • Merry T
    Merry T Day ago +43

    The only one with a real personality in the Jenner/Kardashian family.

  • Merry T
    Merry T Day ago

    My favorite Jenner/ Kardashian.