cost of living in bali (& spearfishing every day)

  • Published on Feb 15, 2021
  • #shorts
    This is the microphone I use:
    This is my dive mask (with gopro mount):
    These are my carbon fiber dive fins:
    Great book about learning how to spearfish:
    Amazing book about freediving, the ocean, and our connection to these things as humans:
    Interesting read on how it’s scientifically proven that being near, in, on or under water can make you happier, healthier, more connected, and better at what you do:
    This book is all about big fish, where to find them, and how to spear them. Written by a spearfishing OG, it will inspire you to explore the world, searching for big fish:
    William Trubridge can dive to over 100 meters (330 feet) on a single breath of air, without wearing fins. This well-written autobiography explores his journey to become one of the deepest diving humans in the history of the world, and also helps show the potential that we all have inside of ourselves to dive deep, if we practice:
    Finally, this book tells a tragic tale of an extremely talented freediver and how dangerous this sport can be, if not practiced safely:
    ***If you want to learn how to freedive or spearfish, DO NOT TRY IT ALONE. I recommend signing up for a freediving course to learn how to dive safely and find a buddy do dive with 🤙🤙******

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  • Mo Chára1919
    Mo Chára1919 Hour ago

    Dude stop with this I live in Ireland now don't get me wrong I love this wee island but if I swim in the north see my nuts disappear and when in the bible it said that it rained for 40 days and 40 night's well that's our summer 🤣🤣🤣

  • Fagie Yassir
    Fagie Yassir Hour ago

    Probably you should try gili labak

  • Hackz GamezYT
    Hackz GamezYT 4 hours ago

    I pay 500$ for rent and that not including power n the fact I'm inna total crack shack lol damn I gotta move there

  • G- SC
    G- SC 5 hours ago

    Thats not a motor bike you twonk, thats a scooter

  • Peen Torture
    Peen Torture 6 hours ago

    So in other words pretty cheap

  • Michael Mikes
    Michael Mikes 7 hours ago

    What do you do for work on saturdays and sundays?

  • Chris
    Chris 7 hours ago

    Dude get me in there

  • Riley Ahrnsbrak
    Riley Ahrnsbrak 7 hours ago

    Can I come visit and you show me the ropes tho I don’t think I’d leave

  • Stephen Sage
    Stephen Sage 8 hours ago


    • Stephen Sage
      Stephen Sage 6 hours ago

      @Bama lamlamlam lmfao im overreacting?

    • Bama lamlamlam
      Bama lamlamlam 7 hours ago

      Hes not a fucking poacher stop overreacting

  • A random human
    A random human 8 hours ago

    I start up Went “wait what” when he said the motor bike was *1 dollar*

  • Rikards Guitar
    Rikards Guitar 10 hours ago

    so crazy, guess im moving to bali then...

  • Unicorn Girl
    Unicorn Girl 11 hours ago +2

    i just told my parents that we are going to that place and they said okay. and i said YAY LETS MOVE THERE TOO . and they said yes and now we live here and it’s beautiful

  • Meyo Wind
    Meyo Wind 12 hours ago

    I understand yall got that money but just don't bring AIDS to the country that's all.

  • Cuzzo Ro
    Cuzzo Ro 13 hours ago

    If you see Russell Simmons tell dat nigga da feds is still on his

  • josef zammit
    josef zammit 15 hours ago

    Bruh i fucking live in a place first world with an average income of 30000 euro and a 2 bed room apartment costs 2000 a month

  • MAGA anti-globalist
    MAGA anti-globalist 16 hours ago

    500/month is very expensive

  • Eldaffa Ardiona
    Eldaffa Ardiona 16 hours ago

    I feel proud when my country have a english fish hunter youtuber

  • Animators Inc.
    Animators Inc. 17 hours ago +1

    I live in hawai’i and my rent is $3000 a month for a 4 bed 2 bath 1900 ft2 junky old house. If I lived on the beach, the rent would sky rocket to between 6k-$25,000 a month for the same house. Damn I should moved to Bali

    BOBA FEDERAL 19 hours ago

    You forgot the parents trust fund part...

  • Exelith Op
    Exelith Op Day ago

    On my way lmao

  • untitled
    untitled Day ago

    you could spend all day with your alone bc you wouldn’t have to work so much🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • untitled
    untitled Day ago

    free food 😢 it’s beautiful

  • Arnold Agrees
    Arnold Agrees Day ago

    Toilet paper is not needed. Use water lol

  • ThePre82
    ThePre82 Day ago

    Cost to live. If you think about it it’s a joke

  • Jay
    Jay Day ago

    To people saying this isn’t for locals, well that’s usually how that works out, I caught that drift a long time ago hence why there isn’t locals making these vids and only ex pats. Also why he’s telling us how much it cost in our currency. Sorry to say but Indo is def becoming a next great expat paradise. Good and bad

  • Ramiro Mendoza
    Ramiro Mendoza Day ago

    Show off

  • William Thompson

    How much does it cost to live in Bali and murder living creatures?

  • J Halofan360
    J Halofan360 Day ago

    Dude is living in paradise

  • Mohammed Voneza
    Mohammed Voneza Day ago

    I always wonder why u white people love to roaming around in Topless in Bali lol is it that hot for um

  • - LowResDream
    - LowResDream Day ago

    Wtf i pay 750 a month to live in a college apartment and its private leasing so ny roommate pays 750 as well.

  • James Kenobi
    James Kenobi Day ago

    Bruh here in singapore for 500 buck you’ll get a shoe box and some dead rat as a housemate

  • lee shaw
    lee shaw Day ago

    teaching TEFL?

  • Weeb 9000
    Weeb 9000 Day ago

    I'm 13 and if I ever get a job that I can do online then imma move here lmao

  • Jay Goldsworthy
    Jay Goldsworthy Day ago


  • Justin Mabb
    Justin Mabb Day ago

    I pay 475 a month for a shitty 1 bdr flat

  • Angel Carrasco
    Angel Carrasco Day ago

    Dude 500 a month in TX that is for a one room apartment with no backyard

  • Dakota Thacker
    Dakota Thacker Day ago

    Holy shit...

  • Danny Z
    Danny Z Day ago

    Perfect place for retirement

  • Sickø
    Sickø Day ago

    I pay 2500 a month for a shitty 2 bedroom thats bs

  • Mark HUSTLE
    Mark HUSTLE Day ago

    The Balinese government won't like this at all

  • Mo Anguidae
    Mo Anguidae Day ago

    Wait, inevitable diareah? Ummmm

  • Mo Anguidae
    Mo Anguidae Day ago

    Holy crap $500 a month!? Wtf am I doing in Ohio?

  • VultureHavoc •
    VultureHavoc • 2 days ago

    So he live in bali indonesia and the beach is completely full like not that full but ya know

  • Rujja
    Rujja 2 days ago

    This is the life

  • Ernest GW
    Ernest GW 2 days ago +11

    "toilet paper"
    Me: *My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined*

  • Isaiah Marino
    Isaiah Marino 2 days ago +2

    vs here in la where a three bedroom one bathroom is a mil 😔

  • The illusionist
    The illusionist 2 days ago +1

    A villa in Bali would not cost 500$ a month. It will cost at least 1500$ a month. A simple airbnb/hotel search would tell that. Its only during covid the price is less. Its not going to be like that forever.

  • Kitsune
    Kitsune 2 days ago

    I see that you're not getting into the full indonesia vibe, *not using toilet paper*

  • Muhammad Rassya Ramadhiyan

    In indonesia we no need no toilet paper we use water

  • Phantomgasher
    Phantomgasher 2 days ago

    Huge amounts of mercury poisoning? Everyday

  • Ruben Fletcher
    Ruben Fletcher 3 days ago

    And what is it you do two days a week?

  • Randall Chase
    Randall Chase 3 days ago +3

    Ummmm need a roommate. I’ll help cut those bills in half! Well except for the toilet paper bill, I’ll probably double that LOL

  • Send Nudes
    Send Nudes 3 days ago


  • Forest Schoenrock
    Forest Schoenrock 3 days ago

    Diarrhea sounds like it's own cost...

  • Daniel Diamond-Rittas

    Me and the boys on our way to Bali

  • Storage Box
    Storage Box 3 days ago

    In my city $500 will get you a room with shared bathroom and shared kitchen in a 5 bedroom house that is subdivided into 20 bedrooms by a slumlord.

  • Brian Thomason
    Brian Thomason 3 days ago

    Here the kratom there is bomb

  • Alexandria V
    Alexandria V 3 days ago

    If you had a big enough gun could you get a small shark and if you can how big would the gun be

  • GDfan Lol
    GDfan Lol 3 days ago

    So you can either, buy a spear fishing gun or 2 months in a nice house. 😂😂😂😂

  • Eddie
    Eddie 3 days ago

    You reeled me in with *inevitable diarrhea.*
    Sign me up.
    Do you speak Indonesian?

  • THE PoggerU
    THE PoggerU 3 days ago

    You lost me at "inevitable diarrhea". Wha?

  • Nolan Robbins
    Nolan Robbins 3 days ago +1

    Don’t bring any weed tho or else they’ll give you the damn death penalty

    • Mark Allen
      Mark Allen 8 hours ago

      Chapelle Corby got out of it some how haha

  • Solace Beyond Solace

    Meanwhile I'm living in a shoebox in New York for $1300 a month. X.x...

  • Harley Mumbulo
    Harley Mumbulo 3 days ago

  • Miah J.
    Miah J. 3 days ago

    I may have to visit Bali to search for my new home

    FAWWAZ ZAINI AHMAD 3 days ago

    Just buy the motorbike, it'll cost around 1500 usd or even less.

  • _flashback_
    _flashback_ 3 days ago

    Lol fuck no. People in Indonesia life off with 5$ a day

  • Julian
    Julian 3 days ago

    Some real colonizer shit here

  • Anon
    Anon 3 days ago

    Pray you don't break a bone that requires setting or need a serious medical procedure.