This Soap Has Real Money inside of it! #shorts

  • Published on Apr 28, 2021
  • Twitch:Anthonyssenpai
  • Gaming

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  • Joong Woondy
    Joong Woondy 12 minutes ago

    Imagine spending more dollars to get few dollars
    Imagine that

  • Logan Napolitano
    Logan Napolitano 15 minutes ago


  • Diksha Swami
    Diksha Swami 32 minutes ago +1

    Everyone is so weird today

  • NoobKingEJ
    NoobKingEJ 37 minutes ago +1

    What's up with all these channels just stealing tiktoks. Like they're not testing them to see if they're real, they're just trying to get clout while being lazy as possible

  • Zac McDaniel
    Zac McDaniel Hour ago

    Bro slipped the five in there...

  • Epic Gaming
    Epic Gaming Hour ago

    This is actually cool af

  • GTAmaxi
    GTAmaxi Hour ago

    So is it random that like you could potentially make profit because altough convenient if you need money quickly cant find any and remember the soap you bought for 20 bucks it is still pretty useless

  • Samuel david Aguilera Nunez

    He looks like the kind of guy to rescue a drowning fish

  • Einar
    Einar Hour ago

    For some reason this feels illegal

  • Blairtique! YT
    Blairtique! YT 2 hours ago

    POV: You're looking for a comment that doesn't say "He's the type of guy that....."

  • Falcon Ryu
    Falcon Ryu 2 hours ago

    How is he makin a part of two of this wtf

  • Ketsu Hans
    Ketsu Hans 2 hours ago

    What's the song? Not the Bruno Mars one

  • Richard b
    Richard b 3 hours ago

    illegal lottery

  • Julie Times
    Julie Times 3 hours ago

    Are we going to talk about the song it’s literally hurting my ears

  • RedStrika
    RedStrika 3 hours ago

    Why would I want a part two

  • Lawrence Twitchy
    Lawrence Twitchy 3 hours ago

    And thats how his gambling addiction was born

  • Vaishnava Ramjass
    Vaishnava Ramjass 4 hours ago

    He’s the type of guy that ppl say he’s the type of guy about

  • Joriz Mangobat
    Joriz Mangobat 4 hours ago

    He's the type of guy who get a clean spoon and dip it in cold water and wash it again.

  • xXAbsopureKillsXx ,
    xXAbsopureKillsXx , 4 hours ago

    why bro leave the water running for no reason

  • Rey Reyes
    Rey Reyes 4 hours ago

    He’s the type of guy to throw a ball at the ground and miss

  • Omarion IsTheKing
    Omarion IsTheKing 6 hours ago

    Where do u get does at

  • IDY
    IDY 7 hours ago

    3000 comment

  • Dipayan Goon
    Dipayan Goon 8 hours ago

    He's the type of guy who buys 5 dollars by spending 10 dollars

  • sub Zero
    sub Zero 8 hours ago

    I like how nobody's ever met this guy before. Yet all have something to say about him my dude making his money an having fun y'all all stay bless whoever read this 💯

  • jt_zoogod _wap
    jt_zoogod _wap 9 hours ago

    So why put it in the water if it opens easily?

  • Lxvely Opxl
    Lxvely Opxl 9 hours ago

    “ Money is in this soap”
    Him: *agressively pours water on it*

  • Noan Buenardo
    Noan Buenardo 9 hours ago

    finalmente, comprar dinero

    EXBLUR 10 hours ago

    Did you just buy big money for little money?!1??1?

  • Jazzy Justin
    Jazzy Justin 10 hours ago

    Ah yes, the mafia’s newest money laundering technique

  • Rose Seaborn
    Rose Seaborn 10 hours ago

    Where do you get those 😄😄😄😄

  • Caleb H
    Caleb H 10 hours ago

    He's the type of guy that doesn't wash his hands after eating cheetos

  • jaikomodo
    jaikomodo 10 hours ago

    Why is no one talking about the stacked music??

  • Tots
    Tots 10 hours ago

    Most stupid shit

  • Dogeity
    Dogeity 10 hours ago

    I’ll have your entire stock

  • Atxm
    Atxm 11 hours ago

    Wow, finally! A motive to have a bath!

  • EWOC
    EWOC 11 hours ago

    Y’all are A bunch of trolls you know these soaps don’t even cost as much as y’all might think and if you get a lil money back so what least you got something

  • Con
    Con 11 hours ago

    Soapcoin to the moon

  • Sleepy's Box
    Sleepy's Box 11 hours ago

    Insensitive to wash your hands

  • Star Dome
    Star Dome 11 hours ago

    He looks like Jesus from gravity falls 🤣

  • m keith
    m keith 11 hours ago

    Wtf was that song layering-

  • nene elene
    nene elene 11 hours ago +1

    so your lose money when you buy that, but THEN if open it then it gives you new money? then what's the point of even buying that in the first place? their just tryinna scam you into buying something that costs more then the money it gives you xD

  • B.P.G LIVE
    B.P.G LIVE 12 hours ago +2

    leave the STEAVEN UNIVERSE MUSIC ALONE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lauren Russell
    Lauren Russell 12 hours ago

    If it were Canadian money you wouldn’t have to contain it pur money is waterproof

  • Cheryl Nightshade
    Cheryl Nightshade 12 hours ago

    And this is news?

  • Taine Reader
    Taine Reader 13 hours ago

    It's 5 dollars, probably cost 20

  • Master Kenobi
    Master Kenobi 13 hours ago

    Your dumb

  • Gojo Satoru-Simp
    Gojo Satoru-Simp 13 hours ago +1

    Can someoen tell me the background music tittle? 😭

  • God Artist221
    God Artist221 13 hours ago


  • Heart attack
    Heart attack 13 hours ago

    Like $9 though 🤣🤣

  • Raúl Víquez Reyes
    Raúl Víquez Reyes 13 hours ago

    The water is running you idiot

  • God- La-7 Wins-Verdad-9

    HES the type of guy who types “he’s the type of guy, not realizing you’re wasting your life on the internet watching videos instead of learning something to earn more $$”

  • H2 Gaming
    H2 Gaming 13 hours ago

    I’ve used this before and I’m allergic to it and the money fell in the drain went I finally was done

  • Maceo Yarbro
    Maceo Yarbro 14 hours ago

    He’s the type to sit on his tv and watch his couch

  • Eden Erpelding
    Eden Erpelding 14 hours ago

    I got two and got 20$ in one and 50$ in another NO JOKE

  • mlbbJames
    mlbbJames 14 hours ago

    Why are you all hating/ bashing him his just trying it

  • Miraculous Via
    Miraculous Via 14 hours ago +1

    him: wasting his time and money
    me: you just wasted a good bar of soap man

  • Jorge Soriano
    Jorge Soriano 14 hours ago

    Ah yes, baby’s first slot machine 😌

  • GLS X Vessel
    GLS X Vessel 14 hours ago

    He’s the type of guy to climb over a glass wall to see what’s on the other side

  • Cats_for_life
    Cats_for_life 14 hours ago

    How much?

  • Suchitra Misti
    Suchitra Misti 14 hours ago

    It's fake

  • Eric On Piano
    Eric On Piano 14 hours ago +1

    He’s the type of guy who would spend all his money on the money machine and get no money back

  • sonia avannie (Barbie moonwalker)

    Wow I'm in love with the song at the start. So bad idk it's name. Someone tell me please

  • Silver The WOF
    Silver The WOF 15 hours ago

    Haha I got these for Christmas before they got popular 😎

  • Andrew Stokes
    Andrew Stokes 15 hours ago

    He's the type of guy lol.. y'all killing me

  • Andrew Stokes
    Andrew Stokes 15 hours ago

    Only a dollar

  • Giulietta -
    Giulietta - 15 hours ago

    the comments here 😂😂😂

  • VMIN MOTIVATIONAL CURVE • 88 years and

    Buy soap because it have the right acids in it, not because it have money 😑

  • Ya Friendly Neighborhood Tortoise


  • Dylan That's It
    Dylan That's It 15 hours ago

    sadly this ain't tiktok, so there isn't a "I'm not interested" option

  • Kavon Porter
    Kavon Porter 15 hours ago

    We’re you get them at