• Published on Aug 11, 2019
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    ♡ Where do you live? Northamptonshire, United Kingdom.
    ♡ How old are you? I am 18, my birthday is October 13th.
    ♡ What do you film on? Canon EOS 700d
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    ♡ Will you do a meet up? BIG BEAUTY DAY OUT 2019!
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  • Ezekiel James
    Ezekiel James 21 hour ago

    You can hear where it’s coming from and no blindfolds ?? I feel this is cheating lol just saying

  • Kate Savusa
    Kate Savusa Day ago +1

    “It’s the only daddy thing we’ve got in this house”🤣🤣

  • Chelsea Bradford
    Chelsea Bradford 6 days ago

    Your mum is gorgeous as well as you! I love the relationship you and her have. It’s so inspiring and don’t get me started on your little brother ♥️♥️😍♥️♥️

  • hollie
    hollie 18 days ago

    i swear ana did the sunpat one twice or am i trippin lmao

  • Wowiwiwooowo Babajsksjsj


  • Becky Gibbs-tiller
    Becky Gibbs-tiller 27 days ago

    Ana got it right Julie said the first one was first branded and the second one was unbranded so julie got it wrong she showed the branded one as it was the second one

  • Grace Williams
    Grace Williams Month ago

    YOU CHEATED 100%

  • Grace Williams
    Grace Williams Month ago

    4:05 you opened your eyes 😂

  • Teen vintage vlogs
    Teen vintage vlogs Month ago +1

    I started watching a couple of your vids and now I’m obsessed 😂❤️

  • Katie Bigglestone
    Katie Bigglestone Month ago

    I love watching these vids. A good idea next time when making this video you could cover up all the items labels like they do in eat well for less and do it that way.

  • Filip Janazz
    Filip Janazz Month ago +1

    6:55 "that's the only daddy thing we have in this house" it killed me lol.

  • Ellie Gillies
    Ellie Gillies Month ago +2

    “ that’s the closest thing we’ve got to a daddy” - Daddy’s Ketchup 😂

  • Makeup Mypassion
    Makeup Mypassion Month ago

    Again please and love you cxx

  • Zaibun Shazad
    Zaibun Shazad Month ago

    Can you do a chocolate one let's see if you can get the right chocolate and this time do it with your little brother plz

  • Sis vs Sis XOX
    Sis vs Sis XOX Month ago

    Same Aldi

  • Ruby Brown
    Ruby Brown Month ago

    “The only daddy’s thing in this house”😂😭

  • Becca Robinson
    Becca Robinson Month ago

    We shop at Aldi :)

  • ella mccarville
    ella mccarville Month ago +1

    Julie was right on the coca pops

  • Ava McDougall
    Ava McDougall Month ago

    Anna won but you didn’t show it

  • Antosia Karpiel
    Antosia Karpiel Month ago +1

    45% of the comments are about the coke
    45%of the comments about the daddies sauce
    5%of the comments saying how much they love you
    Last 5% are saying first lol 😂

  • Llama Lover
    Llama Lover Month ago

    With the first one, Cadbury’s have a textured side so you can feel it and when Anna picked it up she knew 🤣😂👹

  • Laura Hamilton-Hopkins

    Julie: At 45 years of age I know what real coke tastes like Anna
    Anna: u got I wrong
    Julie: oKaY🥴

  • Salad fingers fan
    Salad fingers fan Month ago

    For the cereal you can hear which box your getting them out of

  • Morgan Jackson
    Morgan Jackson Month ago

    is the second side from aldi😂

  • hollie
    hollie Month ago

    wait ana for your mum didn’t you do the sunpat one twice or am i tripping 😂

  • Postman 128
    Postman 128 Month ago

    Do one with pizza

  • Miley Clegg
    Miley Clegg Month ago

    Hi ana💖💖

  • Cerys Hodgson xx
    Cerys Hodgson xx 2 months ago

    4:06 Anna opened her eyes 👀

  • Tiggy Harris
    Tiggy Harris 2 months ago +1

    Not to be offensive or anything, but I dislike them.

  • Tiggy Harris
    Tiggy Harris 2 months ago

    I HATE Aldi’s!

  • Austeja Vertelkaite
    Austeja Vertelkaite 2 months ago

    What’s the song? Where she writes points?! Please write❤️❤️

  • Itsme Mooty
    Itsme Mooty 2 months ago

    I hate tomato sauce I’m a brown sauce person

  • Me And myself
    Me And myself 2 months ago

    6:53 😂😩❤️

  • lily flett
    lily flett 2 months ago

    I think that u would be able to tell which is which coz they r on different sides and u would be able to here which side

  • grace's life
    grace's life 2 months ago +2

    The reaction of your mum was hilarious in some of them, and the thing she was doing with the coke x

  • Iyeshia Murray
    Iyeshia Murray 2 months ago

    9:29 watch her eyes she opens them !!

  • joanne_2005_xoxo
    joanne_2005_xoxo 2 months ago

    Hey I just thought I would ask this I love the video and that but on the chocolate button one why was the coke bottle half full and on the second it was don't take that the wrong way love your channel and I love your family to ♥️

    XIANG YING KHAW 2 months ago

    Julie is a sore loser

  • Makeup Fiend
    Makeup Fiend 3 months ago

    Who noticed they say dooritos

  • Shakira Naylor
    Shakira Naylor 3 months ago

    You tell the taste of home branded coke

  • Katherine Furbys
    Katherine Furbys 3 months ago +1

    I think the mum was a bad loser about the coke and they should have tried them again.

  • Courtz xo
    Courtz xo 3 months ago

    Your mum was 100% right about the coke one. U can tell by the colour

  • Phoebe Moore
    Phoebe Moore 3 months ago

    Sorry i only like HEINZ tomato sauce

  • Unicorn2006
    Unicorn2006 3 months ago

    Her mum was right because branded coke is black

  • Malaika Shahbear
    Malaika Shahbear 3 months ago

    You and your mum are stunners❤️❤️

  • Ashanti Fitzpatrick
    Ashanti Fitzpatrick 3 months ago

    At 4.05 she cheated

  • Joni Knowles
    Joni Knowles 3 months ago

    Your mum is so relatable I actally love her, and you and your little brother he’s so cute x

  • Mia Patterson
    Mia Patterson 3 months ago

    your mam was right about the coke ans the coco snaps you got it wrong aha🤣

  • Jasmine Glasgow
    Jasmine Glasgow 3 months ago

    I think her mum was right because u can tell by the couler sorry Anna I love you

  • Zoe Carruthers
    Zoe Carruthers 3 months ago

    Did anyone else see her open her eye at 4:12!

  • Mia Tray
    Mia Tray 3 months ago

    Cutie xx

  • Miriam C
    Miriam C 3 months ago +2

    Ana mixed up the coke and the chocolate cereal in this video. 😂

  • Paige Mck tink
    Paige Mck tink 3 months ago

    Definitely accidentally mixed the coke, you can see the colour of coke is darker the unbranded is more diluted

  • Angelina Cammorato
    Angelina Cammorato 3 months ago

    Who saw her open her eyes

  • Mette Cleary
    Mette Cleary 3 months ago

    Omg your videos are so entertaining it’s unbelievable, love you Anatasia💕💕

  • Emma Brown
    Emma Brown 3 months ago

    I love u Ann

  • Charlotte Mowbray
    Charlotte Mowbray 3 months ago

    I love the bond between you and you’re mum, you two are so lovely and especially this video made me laugh a lot keep working hard, lots of love❤️

  • Evee s
    Evee s 3 months ago

    Anna one things to say:

    I love your mum

  • Matthew Poole
    Matthew Poole 3 months ago +2

    “I am 45 years of age, I know what real coke tastes like” 😂😂
    oh you’ve gotta love julie

  • Ella Buzzy
    Ella Buzzy 3 months ago +1

    Love you Ana xx💞💞💖💖💕💕