Amy Fisher 07.09.1996 - 01.04.2021 - Forever & Always

  • Published on Apr 6, 2021
  • It is with great sadness that I have to announce that Amy passed away last week. She was loved and will continue to be loved by many. She will be missed by her followers and her family.
    We are all so proud of what Amy achieved in her life and are so thankful for your support. We hope Amy's legacy will continue to help many more people in the future.
    Her sister, Ellie, would also like to post in the coming days.
    Amy was and still is my soul mate, my first true love and I am truly heartbroken.
    I love you, forever and aways

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  • Aida Shai
    Aida Shai 4 hours ago

    Ohhh nooo

  • Whitney S
    Whitney S 5 hours ago

    I will always remember you. No more pain 💜 rest easy Amy

  • El Shalom Tes
    El Shalom Tes 7 hours ago

    Ohhh Amy 😭😭😭😭😭really miss you ANGEL
    Rest in peace beautiful 💔

  • Brittany Daigle
    Brittany Daigle 9 hours ago +1

    I don’t want to believe it 😭 RIP beautiful girl 💕

  • Anna Abbasi
    Anna Abbasi 15 hours ago

    We love you Amy! Rest in Paradise

  • Unicornland0403
    Unicornland0403 18 hours ago

    I still can't believe it

  • Gabrielle Braswell
    Gabrielle Braswell 20 hours ago

    Rest in peace baby girl you were a huge inspiration to me .you were so strong we will miss you so so much

  • Gail Hitson
    Gail Hitson 22 hours ago

    I am devastated. She is an incredibly strong and beautiful person...her illness is brutal and deceptive to the eye for the unaware. Thank you for sharing with us. May God bless you all.

  • Camila Suarez
    Camila Suarez Day ago

    I have to admit it: this news shocked me. I used to follow her back in the day, but lost track about her new content and such. Still, sometimes I returned to her channel to see if she was ok, how this new reality treated her and just to have fun. I got the news she was super sick after not seeing her uploading anything here or on her vlog channel, searching over her IG and literally being alarmed of how she was. But when I returned here, I just couldn’t believe it. I was completely shocked. I guess we have different criteria in many things, but still I would have loved to meet her and talk about our differences and similarities.
    Rest In Peace, Amy. You’re not longer suffering, but you will be terribly missed. You will always be loved by your fans, family and friends 😞

  • Alexx miller
    Alexx miller Day ago

    what a strong and beautiful soul. RIP

  • Selene Ackerman
    Selene Ackerman Day ago

    I can’t believe she’s gone, rest in peace angel 👼 ❤️

  • Yali's Community

    Rest In Peace Amy. My deepest condolences to the family and loved ones.

  • Nourah Qidwai
    Nourah Qidwai Day ago

    i am so sorry tom and ellie for loosing such a powerful amazing strong women who was taken far to quickly she spread so much love and support and awarness of chronic illness and helped me through my illness many time was like a sister to me watched her videos from the beggining RIP amy lee always remember gorgous girl she is definetly gonna be a legacy in my heart

  • Imogen
    Imogen Day ago

    I'm late oh my god, I loved Amy so much can't believe she's gone!!

  • Yegi Uma
    Yegi Uma Day ago

    I am just scrolling videos..saw the full video of one... lastly saw the comments 😲😔she was no more..Made me cry a lott😭😢Soo sad😰😥😢😭REST IN PEACE SISTER..May her family be happy with her memories ...🙏

  • ajustis2002
    ajustis2002 Day ago

    I miss you so much, Amy. You were such a light in my life. I know you never knew me but you were very important to us. God Speed, sweet girl. So glad you aren't in pain anymore. Much love to your family. Until we meet again...........................

  • Bobbi Z
    Bobbi Z Day ago +2

    Fuck im so so sorry for yours snd her familys loss. She was a bad ass warrior and a great person she will be so missed

  • Acquarian Dude
    Acquarian Dude Day ago

    Im really sad..shes my inspiration in high baby..we will miss you..😭😭😭❤️

  • Sêwa 🍎
    Sêwa 🍎 Day ago

    When she die?

    • pigywoo 12
      pigywoo 12 Day ago +1

      The date in the title of the video, 1st April 2021

  • Acquarian Dude
    Acquarian Dude 2 days ago


  • Tasha Tasha
    Tasha Tasha 2 days ago

    What happened to her

    • pigywoo 12
      pigywoo 12 Day ago

      She kind of explains in the video. She basically had multi organ failure due to her conditions. I guess her body was just too weak to continue

  • bilwatk
    bilwatk 2 days ago

    RIP Amy

  • Sarah _the_tea_queen

    Does anybody know what exactly happened to her?

  • Patricia Dobišová
    Patricia Dobišová 2 days ago

    I am absolutely torn apart. I loved you for so many years through FLash-player and social media. I’m sending strength and love to all the people who lost you and who are in deep agony right now. This is truly heartbreaking. We miss you and we love you forever.

  • Haley Jae
    Haley Jae 2 days ago

    I watched you for years,
    My heart goes out to your family and friends 🥺

  • Cecilia Calvo
    Cecilia Calvo 2 days ago +1

    This hit me really hard, I just can’t believe it, she had so much energy and looked always so strong. I watched her videos for years. I learnt a lot with her. I will remember her as one of the strongest people I knew. So thankful that she wanted to make videos and post on this social network. I send all the love to her family, be strong like her. X from Argentina

  • Exotic_Butters -
    Exotic_Butters - 2 days ago

    😭😭😭😭😭 why I'm going to miss you!!

  • Angie McIntyre
    Angie McIntyre 2 days ago

    I will miss her, she was an inspiration to so many! RIP Amy and thank you for sharing your life experience s.

  • Chiara Prospero
    Chiara Prospero 3 days ago +1

    There's a sweet girl called Madi (Service Pudelhund Saito), who also struggles with chronic illness, who made a touching video in memory of Amy, thanking her for the inspiration and help... well I think she deserves to be heard.

  • Danielle Hatchett
    Danielle Hatchett 3 days ago +3

    I still cannot believe she is gone. I loved watching her videos. She will greatly missed. I am so sad. Praying for the family!! May she rest in peace!

  • SunnyDay
    SunnyDay 3 days ago +37

    It's been a month since she passed away, but I keep coming to her chanel. I feel like I lost a friend. Her chanel was sooo helpful to me, she did so much.
    R.I.P angel.

    • Sandra Jeffery
      Sandra Jeffery 17 hours ago +1

      ​@Estelana Valenzuela keep watching them back really wishing that i was dreaming am so numb right now and finding it hard to digest the news miss you amy cant believe your gone chronic illnesses are cruel, felt so close to you even though yor far away and become a star in the sky all your followers/ family as you called us miss you so much EDS Won again rest in peace amy the fight is over and you are sadly missed by followers/family your family , tom and all your friends sleep tight fly high angel you will never be forgotten your legacy will live on forever in our hearts

    • Caroline Crowe
      Caroline Crowe Day ago


    • Estelana Valenzuela
      Estelana Valenzuela Day ago

      I still watch her old videos

    • Daniel Asher Saville
      Daniel Asher Saville Day ago +1

      Me too I check every day as I always used too . I just wish I could donate some money to a charity or foundation in her name . I’m hoping that Tom in time may have the strength to do this . Her death has made such an impact on my life and her life impacted my life too !!

    • barbaracerra
      barbaracerra Day ago +1

      Me too. I keep coming back looking for her.

  • Patty Patten
    Patty Patten 3 days ago

    So sad. As everyone else. Loved her vids. I do not have a chronic illness but she has helped me understand hers. RIP Angel ❤️

  • Ren Feral
    Ren Feral 3 days ago

    Please, remember me
    Don't forget my name
    Leave a candle burning
    Carry on my flame.

    Will you sing my songs
    When my voice no longer speaks
    Carry me on within your memories.

    Remember me
    Remember me.

    Will I leave a trace
    In the corner of your mind,
    Will you see my face
    In the flowers that you'll find.

    When I look a drop a friend
    Within the endless sea,
    Will you keep me save
    In your heart and in your dreams?

    Remember me
    Remember me

  • DatFatTransBoi
    DatFatTransBoi 3 days ago

    Oh. :( May her memory be for a blessing. Rest now, Amy. You are missed. Condolences to those who survive you.

  • Emmy x3
    Emmy x3 3 days ago +10

    I followed Amy for years and im so sad that she passed away :( i watched her and she was so sweet i cant even believe this ... my heart goes out to tom you were so amazing to her also to her family and loved ones. You will be missed Amy 😪💔 rip angel

  • Vick
    Vick 3 days ago

    RIP amy

  • Katie Beth
    Katie Beth 3 days ago +1

    so sorry Amy. I feel grateful that I stumbled across your channel when I was diagnosed with POTS and found some helpful tips to cope from you. Seeing your educational videos on EDS was a first alarm bell for me that I needed to get checked for it and low and behold I owe my diagnosis to you. You braved everything you went through with grace and humor. Your loved ones were blessed to have you. The good truly die young.

  • Sara Graham-Hart
    Sara Graham-Hart 3 days ago

    RIP Amy. I’ve watched the inspiring posts for some time and am so sad and shocked. Much love and light to Tom, family and friends. Her loss must be devastating. What a brave fighter Amy was. Hate that past tense.💜💫

  • Emma grace
    Emma grace 3 days ago

    I am so deeply sorry for ur loss! Im sending love and good vibes ur way.

  • Lissa Anne
    Lissa Anne 3 days ago +28

    I remember when I first started watching Amy's videos. It's been years and to hear of her passing is just heartbreaking. May she rest in peace🖤🕊️ an angel no longer suffering in pain.. my prayers and love go out to Tom and her family.

  • J LaVelle
    J LaVelle 4 days ago +1

    So sorry to hear of her passing.

  • Hannah Grubb
    Hannah Grubb 4 days ago +1

    I’m so sorry. Amy always seemed like a wonderful person. So strong, and helped many. My condolences♥️

  • Hei-Ching Lam
    Hei-Ching Lam 4 days ago

    Amy, thank you so much for being who you were.

  • Ryan Langley
    Ryan Langley 4 days ago +1

    May we meet face to face one day with halos on our heads and wings on our backs, I'll probably only get one wing so I'll be flying in circles but I'll get there.

  • Rachel Olson
    Rachel Olson 4 days ago +1

    I'm heart broken. Her morning routine was the first video I watched and I loved her personality and my god that smile! I'm so sad she's gone 😢 I'm sending all my love to her friends, family, fans and her husband Tom. 🤍🤍🤍 Rest easy sweet girl.

    DUYGU DUMAN 4 days ago +1

    The more you delayed posting videos, the more worried I got... but deep down I wanted to believe that you would overcome this, too. You did all you could, I'm so proud of the person you became. I'm so sorry for the pain and the suffering you had to go through. Your struggle will surely help many who need guidance and support in their own journey. Fly free Amy, all the tubes, catheters, needles are gone forever. I wish there was a way to keep you here with your loved ones but...... You are one of the strongest people I have ever met. I'm sure we will meet one day. Until then, sweet dreams beautiful angel...

  • ChloeBrunning x
    ChloeBrunning x 5 days ago +3

    I didn’t think that this would happen In a million years 😭 not yet anyway 😭😭❤️❤️

  • Michelle Alder
    Michelle Alder 5 days ago

    RIP in please Amy, send luv and Best Wishes to ur Family and Friends xx

  • My Zetterquist
    My Zetterquist 5 days ago +3

    Searched for you today wondering why you had’nt uploaded in awhile. Deeply saddend by this. To your loved ones, take care. And to Amy, vila i frid.

  • Catherine Dabasinskas

    I'm so sorry for your loss. Amy endured more than anyone should have to and she was always using her experiences to educate and help others. May she rest in peace.

  • Izzy Richards
    Izzy Richards 5 days ago +1

    no way have i only just found out. rest in peace sweet girl you were a true fighter ❤️

  • My Name is Derrick
    My Name is Derrick 5 days ago +1

    I my heart, you will never be forgotten, RIP Champ

  • Crystal Hatfield
    Crystal Hatfield 5 days ago +1

    I'm heart 💔 sorry for your loss we all will miss her I had been watching her videos just a little bit after she started I'm deeply sad by this

  • Tiffany Michele
    Tiffany Michele 5 days ago

    rest in peace beautiful smh it’s always the good ones 😣 prayers for your family’s healing😔❤️😘

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  • Calen FN
    Calen FN 5 days ago +2

    RIP 🙏😔😢 i wish this was an April Fools prank

  • Emily Toth
    Emily Toth 5 days ago

    I've been thinking of you as we get closer to may. You're such an inspiration to me, and you will always give me hope when I'm struggling with EDS and my other chronic illnesses.
    I can't believe we'll never get to see you again.
    I hope you can feel all the love that people have for you wherever you are. Because you are still so loved.

  • DiDi
    DiDi 5 days ago +1


  • saninoz
    saninoz 6 days ago +1

    I'm so very sad to hear about Amy. Heartfelt Sympathy to Tom & all of Amy's family & friends ❤ May you Rest in Peace Amy ❤🙏❤ God Bless

  • Abby Anyi
    Abby Anyi 6 days ago +1

    I’m so sorry 😢 I am heartbroken 💔 My condolences to Amy’s friends, and family

  • Hannieshah Jawaee
    Hannieshah Jawaee 6 days ago +2

    Condolences from brunei to tom and amy's family. Stay strong and may amy rest in peace.

  • Lisa Wilson
    Lisa Wilson 6 days ago +4

    I hope that Amy knows how much she helped her fellow sickies. 💚💛

  • VickyMumOf4 XX
    VickyMumOf4 XX 6 days ago

    The first time have ever seen Amy cry. Heart breaking. RIP Amy ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Tiina Kari
    Tiina Kari 6 days ago +1

    I feel so much sorrow because of her and her nearest ones💞my grandson died 18.4.because of brain cancer in age 18. Bless you.

  • Tarns
    Tarns 6 days ago +1

    So devastating. I didn’t realise to start with Amy had passed away. I never met you but you were such a beautiful soul. I’m so sorry you had to suffer so much. You gave so much to us. A little piece of you will continue to live on in the lives you have touched. My heart goes out to Tom and your family. Amy you were so strong and so genuine, I know that you are now resting in the arms of the angels who are you everything you need. Beautiful girl, you will never be forgotten. Lots of love and peace to you

  • Deity
    Deity 6 days ago +31

    Every time this video pops up in my recommendations, it just doesn't feel real. She was such a kind soul. Not to add to the distress you all must be feeling, but it just doesn't seem right or the point of being cruel. I'm so sorry.

  • Magdalena Sandell
    Magdalena Sandell 6 days ago

    I miss you Amy, you have helped me through tuff times and I'm so thankful for that. Multiple times I've stopped whatever I'm doing and cannot really comprehend that your are gone. Never been this affected by death before.

  • Tess Guthrie
    Tess Guthrie 6 days ago +2

    Rest In Peace Amy! I watched you over the years and your spirit and resilience was so inspiring! As a nurse I was in awe of how well you managed your conditions daily with such grace and confidence, showing others out there that you can do it and that there is hope! My heart goes out to Tom and your family ❤️

  • Cynthia
    Cynthia 6 days ago +3

    Descansar en la paz nuestra estrella. 1 month since your pains are over. Thank you for a good lesson of love, joy, positivity you shared to the whole world. Your good deeds will stay forever. Please can you join me to pay her a tribute each 1st of a month, by writing some sweet messages to her and her family. Thank you.💜💜💜

  • Peyton Tabor
    Peyton Tabor 6 days ago +1

    Didn’t she pass on April 1st

    • Peyton Tabor
      Peyton Tabor 5 days ago

      @Calen FN ok I’m not use to to reading dates backwards

    • Calen FN
      Calen FN 5 days ago +1

      yeah its 1/4/2021 😔