Warhorse Makes His AEW Debut & What is Matt Cardona Doing in AEW? | AEW Dynamite, 7/29/20

  • Published on Jul 29, 2020
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Comments • 100

  • Richie
    Richie 2 hours ago +1

    Zack is Jacked up.
    Zack looks better in AEW.
    Zack is back.
    Zack is back as Matt Cardona.
    Matt Cardona the new Zack.
    Welcome to AEW.
    All are like Elite Wrestlers?

  • Josephi Krakowski
    Josephi Krakowski 3 hours ago

    He’s huge

  • gildrop
    gildrop 14 hours ago

    dudes trying to be Kari Sane

  • Nitin Sharma Jaipur

    Now Start RYDER 😎😎THUG LIFE😎😎

  • Julez John
    Julez John Day ago

    When did he get so jacked!? Vince must be kicking himself right now

  • Hector Concarne
    Hector Concarne Day ago

    give a shot to devon "hannibal" richardson!

  • Timmy Long
    Timmy Long Day ago

    Zach Ryder is a goofy mark who pays thousands of dollars for wrestling dolls. Not actual investments, not real estate.. fucking dolls..

  • Timmy Long
    Timmy Long Day ago

    Zach Ryder needs to go back to playing with his dolls. That mark spent over $5,000 for a goofy Kamala toy..

  • TheBtl4Show
    TheBtl4Show Day ago

    Should have been a better debut

  • Blake Lawless
    Blake Lawless 2 days ago

    I know given the current situation there are no crowds, but it is so appropriate that he made his debut to complete silence.

  • Vladimir Przblmtowitsch

    I love AEW every day a little bit more.

  • Stone cold Steve austin

    O o o o o o yeahhhhhhhhhhh

  • Joshua Makshofi
    Joshua Makshofi 2 days ago

    Lol to the announcers getting excited and expecting everyone watching to know who is “Matt Cardona”. At least attempt to establish continuity.

  • Joshua Makshofi
    Joshua Makshofi 2 days ago

    If AEW intended to build Matt as a star, this was a poor introduction. He is a guy that seems to want to shed the persona of his former character yet uses the repertoire of that former character.
    But now, he is serious. 😂

  • Joshua Makshofi
    Joshua Makshofi 2 days ago +15

    In AEW, everyone is Cody’s friend. Will Matt turn on him too in three months?

  • Joshua Makshofi
    Joshua Makshofi 2 days ago

    Wait...Cody gets taken to the limit by some goofy looking guy off the street?

  • Something Vishy
    Something Vishy 2 days ago +5

    So this is how Cardona looks when he's motivated !

  • oblivion Eclipse
    oblivion Eclipse 2 days ago

    Cordona my ass. He is zack Ryder untill he dies.

  • Mafr0
    Mafr0 2 days ago

    About F'n time!

  • KevinTPham
    KevinTPham 3 days ago

    Matt Cardona wants to be a broski to Cody. Woo! Woo! Woo! You know it!

  • Masayo Okamura
    Masayo Okamura 3 days ago

    It's good to see zack Rider in aew

  • Manny Ticas
    Manny Ticas 3 days ago

    Aew will never be the main stage

  • Li
    Li 3 days ago

    He never changed his signature move

  • Divy Joshi
    Divy Joshi 3 days ago

    Woo woo woo

  • Casa De Leones
    Casa De Leones 3 days ago

    3:08 WTF kind of bullshit attack is that??? Why the hell would anyone want to use that stupid ass jump/ass/push as a power move?
    Who in the world is signing off on this silliness???

  • R3bound Gaming
    R3bound Gaming 3 days ago

    When did Zack Ryder join AEW

  • Ace Hole
    Ace Hole 4 days ago

    Everyone saying Matt's huge lol those two jobbers he beat up are fucking dwarfs! Haha my 3 year old looks jacked next to them too haha

  • Jonathan Nelligan
    Jonathan Nelligan 4 days ago

    Y tf do they keep ringing the bell like it's gonna make them stop fighting?

  • Javier Aquima Mollo
    Javier Aquima Mollo 4 days ago

    El anunciador siempre se roba el show

  • Kapil Singh Dance
    Kapil Singh Dance 4 days ago

    Don't wait, 2:54 Zack Ryder debut

  • Chris Zablocki
    Chris Zablocki 4 days ago


  • Mark Halloway
    Mark Halloway 5 days ago

    Sign Warhorse AEW

  • Dwayne Jones
    Dwayne Jones 5 days ago

    3 announcers is to much. Just keep it JR and tazz

  • We Be lurking
    We Be lurking 5 days ago +1

    Cash app $Moneyday7 need help please anything would help not trying to scam just tired of doing bad things

  • Robert Finney
    Robert Finney 5 days ago

    I almost thought that was matt Morgan

  • louis p
    louis p 5 days ago

    go back 22 years. how many of you ever thought of Tony Schavani and Jim Ross side by side commentating?

  • Kaustav Swargiary
    Kaustav Swargiary 6 days ago

    Cody hiding his grown belly🤣

    BAHRAM TV 6 days ago

    woo woo woo, You know it👍

  • Mahesh Panth
    Mahesh Panth 6 days ago

    I think Zack Ryder had a twin brother coz Matt Cardona looks exactly like Zack Ryder.

  • James Surreno
    James Surreno 6 days ago

    woo woo woo! you know it!

  • Jebus Christ
    Jebus Christ 6 days ago

    I’ve waited my whole life for gas-station Ultimate Warrior to come save Wrasslin’ in 2020. You did not disappoint 🤟🏻

  • Tv Pillay
    Tv Pillay 6 days ago

    Never realise how jacked he is.

  • 吳太賢
    吳太賢 6 days ago

    I love matt cardona's look

  • John Russell
    John Russell 6 days ago

    Ridiculously bad booking

  • yroohj gouy
    yroohj gouy 6 days ago

    Why is Warhorse looking and acting like a discount Ultimate Warrior? Also what did Warhorse do to deserve a shot at the TNT Title?

  • Stuart Glass
    Stuart Glass 6 days ago

    Matt is finally getting the opportunity he deserves! He's definitely better than a jobber which the ancient Vince treated him like...

  • Eren Yeager
    Eren Yeager 6 days ago

    Wowowowo Oh Radio

  • Reginald Williams
    Reginald Williams 6 days ago

    Been a long time since I seen the Lo Rider

    • Reginald Williams
      Reginald Williams 6 days ago

      @yroohj gouy I'm interested in seeing what AEW has in store for him.

    • yroohj gouy
      yroohj gouy 6 days ago +1

      Finally zack ryder is a serious person

  • Reginald Williams
    Reginald Williams 6 days ago

    Mr Brodie Lee has the TNT Title in his sights

  • TZMS Adventures
    TZMS Adventures 6 days ago


  • Jason Caban
    Jason Caban 6 days ago

    Cardona looking jacked. 👍

  • ThejaRRo OnE
    ThejaRRo OnE 6 days ago

    AEW should sign warhorse

  • C James
    C James 7 days ago

    Ryder roided up

  • Ishmael C
    Ishmael C 7 days ago

    What is Jack Snyder doing in the Impact Zone?!?!

  • יוגב מליחי
    יוגב מליחי 7 days ago

    finaly!!!! great to see ryder get opportunity to show what he got

  • Nate Lloyd
    Nate Lloyd 7 days ago

    Sign Warhorse you cowards!

  • William Banks
    William Banks 7 days ago

    Hannibel called Cody boy out

  • Mickie Manuel
    Mickie Manuel 7 days ago

    Woo woo woo

  • jaeD sixx66
    jaeD sixx66 7 days ago

    Cardona been getting his swole on

  • cajunasian71
    cajunasian71 7 days ago

    Yep... Matt is "so intense" that he WALKS to the ring to "save" his buddy. Looks great too... must be glad that AEW doesn't have a "Wellness Policy". 😉
    Either book Cody stronger or just give one of the indie guys the freakin' belt now. If EVERYBODY pushes Cody "to the limit", where is the UPSIDE to these matches... 🤔

  • Parmesan Cheese
    Parmesan Cheese 7 days ago

    This I liked

  • Shreyas Dhole
    Shreyas Dhole 7 days ago

    This is zyack Ryder

  • Beast Slayer
    Beast Slayer 7 days ago

    Finally zack ryder is a serious person

  • xoobo vola
    xoobo vola 7 days ago

    Ryder/Cardona looks seriously roided up, but then, not seeing him for four months can really give him a natural makeover. I just hope it's not roids.

  • Strong Style Tiger
    Strong Style Tiger 7 days ago

    Yuss. Always loved Ryder

  • Phillip Alves
    Phillip Alves 7 days ago

    WARHORSE RULES ASS ! Back to watching AEW.

  • OzzyOscy
    OzzyOscy 7 days ago +1

    *_What's Mack Rydona doing in the AEW Zone?!_*

  • Francisco Torres
    Francisco Torres 7 days ago

    They're creating a monster.

  • Sound Effects & More

    Finishing move... Cardona Corona Chop!

  • Maria Ochoa
    Maria Ochoa 7 days ago

    matt cardona cool

  • ernest hairston
    ernest hairston 7 days ago

    Who the hell is warhorse?

  • DR SensuBean
    DR SensuBean 7 days ago +1

    Christ does warhorse stop bobbing his head


    I don't Cardona what he did!

  • The Viper
    The Viper 8 days ago

    Anyone remember when Cody says “wii will NOT take every WWE wrestler in wee Ar not WCW”

  • Tarik Fretes
    Tarik Fretes 8 days ago

    imagen this warhorse gimick during the 50s

  • My Learning
    My Learning 8 days ago

    aew should recruit moto city machine guns best tag team ever. young talented people are encouraged in aew. if they in aew even more stronger than before

  • Bishnu Thakuri
    Bishnu Thakuri 8 days ago +1

    Fuck you cody

  • Jack Young
    Jack Young 8 days ago +1

    He needs new finisher ASAP bruh, and make it look more of a POWERHOUSE finisher ‘cause Zack looks HUUUUUGE

  • Frank McMahen
    Frank McMahen 8 days ago +1

    Ryder gotta get sent to AEW Dark pronto

  • Daniel Dudley
    Daniel Dudley 8 days ago +1

    omg Zack Ryder!!

  • Sri Prathapan
    Sri Prathapan 8 days ago +1

    Holy shit zack looks like hulk 😲😲😲

  • Lorde Agustin
    Lorde Agustin 8 days ago +1

    Nooo way !!! is that Zack Ryder??? I couldn't even recognize at first

  • Naveen Gola
    Naveen Gola 8 days ago

    India want this AEW

  • Naveen Gola
    Naveen Gola 8 days ago

    CM punk & EC3

  • sokin jon
    sokin jon 8 days ago +2

    Warhorse tried saving Cody there but the dude deserves a contract hopefully he does.

  • Edgar 2x
    Edgar 2x 8 days ago

    This is the moment all cardona fans have been waiting for it's your time to shine man 🙌🏼

  • Edgar 2x
    Edgar 2x 8 days ago


  • spursyankeesfan
    spursyankeesfan 8 days ago +1

    Ryder in AEW? Wow dammm

    • sokin jon
      sokin jon 8 days ago +1

      One should see the inside of a gym before wrestling on national television

  • Pranav Kartha
    Pranav Kartha 8 days ago +1

    Not gonna lie, this guy looks like Zack Ryder.

  • dekuscrubs 98
    dekuscrubs 98 8 days ago

    That was weak

  • Omar Farooqi
    Omar Farooqi 8 days ago +38

    Damn zack ryder looks like he'll literally rip brock lesnar's head off his shoulders. Thats what i love about AEW. Turning jobbers into main event stars

    • Gears Soldier
      Gears Soldier 2 days ago

      @Ishmael C yep...

    • Ishmael C
      Ishmael C 2 days ago

      Gears Soldier they have nothing to offer the business

    • Gears Soldier
      Gears Soldier 2 days ago

      @Ishmael C And what's that reason?.

    • Ishmael C
      Ishmael C 7 days ago +3

      Jobbers are jobbers for a reason

  • rohit mukhi
    rohit mukhi 8 days ago

    Daen no moxley

  • Tony Xing
    Tony Xing 8 days ago

    Zack Ryder ProMax

  • Honey JM
    Honey JM 8 days ago

    This will be good Ryder needed to get some action on elsewhere, hopefully he comes back better then ever, but if he stays hopefully he makes it work

  • ayyachris
    ayyachris 8 days ago

    Is it just me or did he got more buffed?

  • Book Wisdom
    Book Wisdom 8 days ago

    Zack Ryder....

  • Kenta Krustofski
    Kenta Krustofski 8 days ago

    Renegade > Warhorse

  • Walter Bibbins
    Walter Bibbins 8 days ago +1

    Man I need to start watching AEW more. The matches are amazing, wrestlers are given freefreedom to their characters, and commentators are awesome

  • John Silver
    John Silver 8 days ago +1

    Sign Warhorse

  • Jay Nadiah
    Jay Nadiah 8 days ago +1