My Home Tech Tour (2021)

  • Published on Apr 7, 2021
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    In this video I'll be taking you on a tour of every piece of tech I have in my house and use on an almost daily basis.
    ๐Ÿš€ Productivity Masterclass - Principles and Tools to Boost Your Productivity -
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    ๐Ÿ“ My favourite iPad Screen Protector - Paperlike -
    ๐ŸŽ’ My Desk Accessories + Todo List - Ugmonk -
    โœ๏ธ The best summaries of books (Shortform) -
    ๐Ÿ“š How I remember what I read (Readwise) -
    ๐ŸŽต Where I get my Music (amazing for FLash-playerrs) -
    What I Use For Analytics -
    ๐ŸŽ™ My weekly podcast -
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    I'm Ali, a junior doctor working in Cambridge, UK. I make videos about medicine, technology, productivity and lifestyle design. I also have a weekly podcast with my brother (, and I write a weekly email newsletter that contains some quick thoughts + links to interesting things (
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  • Aamir Ahmed
    Aamir Ahmed 9 hours ago +1

    Can you do a vid on how to cram with ANKI - as in the settings for cramming or cloze deletions ...

  • ู…ู„ุงูƒ malak

    This video is all about, looke how fancy my life is & computers & ipad....etc maybe you should feel others feeling too..just saying...have a nice day

  • ABK .0P
    ABK .0P 4 days ago

    I xan see my dreams in this video ๐Ÿ“น

  • A millie V.
    A millie V. 4 days ago

    omg please empty your hoover

  • Anup Kodlekere
    Anup Kodlekere 4 days ago


  • MossoTech
    MossoTech 5 days ago

    You have some amazing equipment but I'm sorry to say your house and your workspace are so messed up. So you should consider tidying up a little bit.

  • Born Stranger
    Born Stranger 6 days ago

    Why the poor PS5 is in such a tight space? :((

  • sankar roy
    sankar roy 6 days ago

    Ali:(shows all the techs like ipad pro,mac mini,microphones,headphones)
    Also people to his normal bin:i love it !It's a great bin!

  • ALireza KHaj1
    ALireza KHaj1 6 days ago

    soooooooooo many distraction Items!

  • Passive income
    Passive income 6 days ago

    Apple better sign you up

  • ฤฐrfan's jorney
    ฤฐrfan's jorney 7 days ago


  • Oscar Li
    Oscar Li 7 days ago


  • Eduardo Candido
    Eduardo Candido 9 days ago

    Look at so many good books, congrats man

  • Martin Mathew
    Martin Mathew 9 days ago

    Professional ipad. Noice

  • Qasim Shahid
    Qasim Shahid 9 days ago +1

    Are u from Pakistan?

  • ใƒฌใ‚ช
    ใƒฌใ‚ช 10 days ago +1

    Productivity.. if i only had that in my life..

  • Poorab N G
    Poorab N G 10 days ago +1

    so when can i meet you and get these ???๐Ÿ˜œ

  • Amberley Young
    Amberley Young 10 days ago

    I don't love the turtleneck.

  • Dheeraj 1900
    Dheeraj 1900 11 days ago

    He dressed like heโ€™s about to launch some apple product on stage.

    MJ SHAO 11 days ago

    I was considering to buy M1mini or MacBook Pro as my main working computer? Can u share with Me which one did you suggest ? You switch to Mi min from previous MacBook, I think you must think M1 mini is better than MacBook . Do I mind filming the cons and pros on these two ? Thansk

  • Liliana G.
    Liliana G. 11 days ago

    You need to clean up your home!!! Self respect is how you treat yourself โœŒ๐Ÿฝ๐ŸŒ

  • Satyakam Saha
    Satyakam Saha 12 days ago

    Just when you call it too much tech ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • rockahillbillies music

    Very re-assuring to see yer house is a bit messy!

  • El Sapo
    El Sapo 12 days ago

    Now that my friend is a smooth Segway, even Linus is proud of you

  • Aneta ww
    Aneta ww 12 days ago

    O M G ๐Ÿ˜

  • Bryan Crosnier
    Bryan Crosnier 13 days ago

    Whatโ€™s your file storage strategy? More specifically, it appears as though you may be working on the same files on the mini and later from the MacBook. Using a NAS, cloud storage? What about video storage?

  • zeshanhm
    zeshanhm 13 days ago

    Overwhelming hella messy but great JPEG.

  • Budzbrazy
    Budzbrazy 14 days ago +1

    At this point, Ali needs to be sponsored by apple

  • Blocker Boy
    Blocker Boy 14 days ago

    It's time you make a video on what's inside your computer ...

    DHARSHAN D 15 days ago

    I Just Love Your Setup Tremendous My Dream To Buy this

    DHARSHAN D 15 days ago


    DHARSHAN D 15 days ago

    Airpods Max You Great

  • Kartik Meena
    Kartik Meena 15 days ago

    What about that curved screen

  • Arthur MOLMY
    Arthur MOLMY 16 days ago

    Mate, what is that bottle with the japenese writing on it on the bottom left of you tv ??? :D

  • BaltasMykolas
    BaltasMykolas 16 days ago

    You made 1M last year and you still live in a crappy appointment. Why???

  • Rishi Raam
    Rishi Raam 17 days ago +1

    Can anyone pls tell what is that boom pole he is using for overhead camera 2:30....I couldn't understand that overhead set-up

    • S V
      S V 15 days ago

      can be used for unboxing and reviewing products ( first person mode )

  • Kitty Kitty
    Kitty Kitty 17 days ago

    Less is more

  • Haris Reza
    Haris Reza 17 days ago

    Bedside table essentials: box of tissues

  • Kaustuv Nepal
    Kaustuv Nepal 19 days ago

    You forgot to mention your Monitor!!

  • Rosalyn
    Rosalyn 19 days ago

    Please empty your hoover, Ali ๐Ÿ˜…

  • Raiyan Mohiuddin
    Raiyan Mohiuddin 20 days ago

    I literally have to take a million screen shots play it in 0.25x speed zoom in to see what books Ali has please do a video of all the physical copies of books the you have in the living room and your bedroom and probably the bathroom lol. But I really want to get book recommendations by the man legend himself.

  • Amit Arora
    Amit Arora 20 days ago

    Two thoughts- what is your electricity bill like? And are you adopting a Steve Jobs vibe?

  • 13 Mustafa Shamsi
    13 Mustafa Shamsi 20 days ago

    You should try on flip flops ๐Ÿ”ฅ

  • Joyce Lai
    Joyce Lai 21 day ago

    "I'm not one of those heathens that uses windows" hahaha - I'm so glad I switched to macOS! People say as an "engineer," you need to use Windows and that Apple is for less tech-savvy people, but that is so not true. I noticed almost all my electrical and computer engineering professors use Apple products all around, so I done did it and switched :P

  • Ben Rajan
    Ben Rajan 21 day ago

    7:10 Horizon Zero Dawn my favorite game.

  • malin liya
    malin liya 21 day ago

    people who know nothing about cameras watching this video be like ๐Ÿ˜ gODsL60 WOWOWOWOOIIIIIIEEEE

  • Nishan Sarkar
    Nishan Sarkar 22 days ago

    brooo...we have tried to see the same gadgets again and again...we need the productive king ali back..

  • Rita Fields
    Rita Fields 22 days ago +1

    โ€œIf you ainโ€™t white, you ainโ€™t right?โ€ A bit tone deaf, sir.

  • Duane Liggins Jr
    Duane Liggins Jr 23 days ago

    "be productive together" lol

  • Ajay
    Ajay 23 days ago +2

    My man likes a dustbin instead of a mac mini,airpods max,ps5,oculus,ipad,macbook and all the cool stuff. Epitome of simplicity

  • Ayaan Kibria
    Ayaan Kibria 23 days ago

    If you like call of duty than you would love to play Apex Legends try it though.

  • Nicolas Hernandez
    Nicolas Hernandez 23 days ago

    You have way too much things bro hahaha

  • Before You Buy Guy
    Before You Buy Guy 23 days ago

    So much tech - too bad your an Apple fanboy :)

  • Liam
    Liam 24 days ago +1

    Does your ps5 not get choked out in that small space?

  • Hamas Ahamed
    Hamas Ahamed 24 days ago

    He might be the symbol of productivity Lol

  • Marshall Walls
    Marshall Walls 24 days ago

    Was he serious about switching to Windows? I will believe it when I see it.

  • Blener Melo
    Blener Melo 24 days ago

    Apple man

  • Military Combat Network

    Mentions World of Warcraft in way to many videos. I call a slight game addiction. Been playing for 16 years myself on and off now ๐Ÿ˜† Ali definitely strikes me as a PVE player

  • Michael
    Michael 25 days ago

    Hey so does anyone know the huge ass boom arm that Ali shows in this video? I quite like the mechanism of just snapping it to the ceiling and filming something top down, but it isnโ€™t included in the camera gear he has linked in the description I think ๐Ÿค”

  • Mohammad Abdul Mohaimin

    I think you are focusing on quantity rather than focusing on the quality of videos. I found that recently you are uploading lots of videos that are not particularly useful for self-development or productivity. (No, I'm talking about all of them. Maximum videos are helpful. But, some of them are not so useful for us.)
    I have seen lots of videos from 2019. Those videos were mainly related to productivity, self-development, time management, study tips etc.
    I might be wrong. Just, personal opinion.

    MD.SAMIUULLAH LABIB 25 days ago

    Soo much sponsored shits

  • Real Solace
    Real Solace 25 days ago

    'Invite a friend over to be 'productive' together?'! Im starting to think this 'productivity' is a euphemism for something...

  • Lev Balagtas
    Lev Balagtas 25 days ago

    these people will survive final destination

  • AK projects
    AK projects 25 days ago

    ...when i have a friend over and want to be productive ๐Ÿ˜ถ

  • Benjamin Li
    Benjamin Li 25 days ago

    How would you say the pro click compares to the mx master?

  • VisualSight50
    VisualSight50 25 days ago

    Hi there Ali, I have been following you for some time now, and on skill share as well. Your tech and kit sites refer to using various lights and soft boxes but does not actually show the tube like soft box you actually use. It looks like something from ikea likely because of limited space. Can you elaborate on that because I too have limited space.

  • chillerinstinct1
    chillerinstinct1 26 days ago

    you should peep the words "productive" and "productivity".

  • Ibrahim Nezar Al-Mahfooz

    Nice items ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
    Can you name the website used or freelancer you hired for your drawing lessons? Im interested.

  • Kevin Castro
    Kevin Castro 26 days ago

    I wonder if he likes the L80 more than the If96 since he's using it or if its just for the keyboards that he is testing out

  • Ramya rath
    Ramya rath 26 days ago

    If you are not using your homepod. You can give it to me. I won't mind.