What's Happened To Our Arsenal? | Biased Preview Show

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • What's Happened To Our Arsenal? | Biased Preview Show
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  • AFTV
    AFTV  Month ago +24

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    • Harold Alvarenga
      Harold Alvarenga 22 days ago +1

      What has happened to our club were one of the greats and now we are an embarrassment we should’ve have usmanov instead of Kroenke cuz we be buying many players like man city and Liverpool

    • johnperry91
      johnperry91 Month ago

      That's what you get for wishing Wenger out. You should have been happy with 4th spot every season. Because that's about your level as a club. Who do you think you are, Man United? Now look where you are. I knew this would happen.

    • Dave G
      Dave G Month ago

      AFTV bring down arsenal fc. 😂

    • ryan owen
      ryan owen Month ago

      What happened to TY miss him

  • Protogene UWAYEZU
    Protogene UWAYEZU Month ago

    please arsenal Contact Jesse morsch of salzuburg

  • shane roopnarain
    shane roopnarain Month ago

    Come to South Africa troppz

  • gül biraz
    gül biraz Month ago

    Arsenal weren't shit anyway,,,
    What have you won????

  • John Paul Peterson
    John Paul Peterson Month ago

    “Liverpool will draw against Bournemouth”. Hahah was our easiest win of the season. We didn’t even Play Sadio Mane our main man

  • Andy Man
    Andy Man Month ago

    Yunda stan?

  • Kitty Kat
    Kitty Kat Month ago

    Robbie aka Mr 2 - 1 😂😂😂

  • ocubex
    ocubex Month ago

    Does anyone have Rafa Benitez's number?

  • jc Carter
    jc Carter Month ago

    Roll Play Troopz as Wrighty!!

  • Jus Kuz
    Jus Kuz Month ago

    Thats the change u were rsnting for Troops all your fault

  • spartan black
    spartan black Month ago

    You could say the writings on the wall!!! Get it? Writing on the wall... lmao

  • Anthony Hardley
    Anthony Hardley Month ago

    Again. You all defends them over the managers.

  • stonedraider420 Toke toke

    Your channel is dead! Arsenal are dead ! And troopz is still a muppet

  • James Dennison
    James Dennison Month ago


  • khaly5
    khaly5 Month ago

    AFTV create a toxic atmosphere. you are arsenals worst enemy.

  • David Neicho
    David Neicho Month ago

    Get Benetiz.

  • DynamicgamerX Vlogie

    The thumbnail says it all


  • David Neicho
    David Neicho Month ago

    I feel your pain.

  • 45HOT5 444HEADZ
    45HOT5 444HEADZ Month ago

    BIG CLUB?, A big club doesn’t buy shambles luiz after he’s been surplus to requirements at your local rivals, doesn’t think of buying a diabolical Smalling from United after 7 awful seasons. Arsenal ARE A CUCKOLD CLUB. They’ll lap up your horrible leftover bits, shamefully eat the crumbs and claim they are on the same level as you & the fans buy it and renew their season tickets.

  • Kyle Gordon
    Kyle Gordon Month ago

    We got a fence.... just hop it an ur in 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Danish Islam
    Danish Islam Month ago

    What has happened is for years now Wenger left it too late to change and we donot have any leaders anywhere. No one worthy to wear the Arsenal shirt. A level of mediocrity that stems from top down. In our generation this will not get any better it looks like...Keeps on getting worse game after game...

  • Bat Man
    Bat Man Month ago

    Troops real name is walleed Patel

  • John Jones
    John Jones Month ago

    U aftv got ur arsenal back !! Remember.... 🤔🤔

  • Martin Sparkes
    Martin Sparkes Month ago

    Robbie got it bang on. Top 4 is shit - winning is everything.


    This is celebrating sacking not speaking for the fans. WANKERS BOTH OF YOU!!!

  • Ohh to be a Gooner
    Ohh to be a Gooner Month ago

    Delete this BANTER CLUB

  • A K
    A K Month ago


  • Jake Gibbs
    Jake Gibbs Month ago

    Haha This guy chats so much shit your lucky you have auba in the arsenal goals cus your be in the bottom three right now Marcus Rashford is decent

  • Navid Bakhshi
    Navid Bakhshi Month ago

    Arsenal is not a serious clup,what are guys expecting?

  • Arhant Singh
    Arhant Singh Month ago

    What happened to Arsenal
    The rise of AFTV you guys have made this into a banter club, it is because of this channel no one respects the club & it's fans because people put all the fans into the same category.
    Also just constantly abusing the players demoralizing them attacking their families which is why no one wants be in this club.

  • Sam Lewis
    Sam Lewis Month ago

    Brilliant start to the show!!

  • Nathan Woodward
    Nathan Woodward Month ago

    This is the best show you’ve done in ages.. because you’re both just talking normally.. troopz not shouting over Robbie.. not arguing about stuff.. just talking about things and calm . More of this and your fans won’t look so stupid

  • johnperry91
    johnperry91 Month ago

    That's what you get for wishing Wenger out. You should have been happy with 4th spot every season. Because that's about your level as a club. Who do you think you are, Man United? Now look where you are. I knew this would happen.

  • Deni Stepanovski
    Deni Stepanovski Month ago

    Trooz the trackies 👌👌👌

  • Hfcb Nfcb
    Hfcb Nfcb Month ago


  • iron solider
    iron solider Month ago

    when utd sacked their manager their team was rejuvenated for a few months . Tottenham have been rejuvenated since poch got sacked. Everton just sacked their manager and went and beat chelsea 3-1 . All these teams have had a comeback after sacking their manager then you see arsenal who have sacked their manager and lost to brighton at home and drew to 19th place norwich

  • devhxpg
    devhxpg Month ago


  • Sammyfizz14 Nicholas

    Troops is hard at the Ian Wright role play loool and rob lool

  • da booysen
    da booysen Month ago

    Freddie must be brave if he wants the job. I believe we do have the players but manager must be brave and give the younger players a decent run of games. Young players will make mistakes and with time and the support they will come good. The following team will do good with time and support.
    Bellerin chambers Holding Tierney
    Guendouzi Pepe Willock
    PEAbua Martinelli

  • Little Mart
    Little Mart Month ago

    United beat city 2-1 anyway 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • karan5m
    karan5m Month ago

    Ty - all teams go two months without a league win. Between june and august every year.

  • Konstantin Chernenko

    Mate The Uae Qatar and Kuwait are different countries. And yes Qatar does allow alcohol but not in public(only in certain hotels and nightclubs). Its illegal to be drunk(well,visibly) in public. And yes Qatar and the UAE are more lenient (much x1million more lenient) than say Saudi Arabia, where they indeed do cut off your hand, but not for drinking. So yeah troopz will be alright in Qatar unless he sneaks in any drugs. They are also much more conscious of their image since they're hosting the World Cup. Also going to Qatar might sour your relationship with Khalid&Co from the UAE since they are on odds (severe understatement) with Qatar on a number of things.

  • Joel Eaton
    Joel Eaton Month ago

    troopz looks like a solider with that hat

  • Swapnil Pradhan
    Swapnil Pradhan Month ago

    They couldn't have got the predictions this wrong. This is actually so much fun to watch after the results.

  • Swapnil Pradhan
    Swapnil Pradhan Month ago

    Both of you should have got the ham roll for such a hilarious role play. Worst actors ever...ahahahaha

  • See Ya
    See Ya Month ago

    Robbie stop being negative and give Freddie a chance. No one gave Pep a chance, in similar fashion he was promoted from the B Team to take over the first team and the rest is history. I dont know if we watch the same game but since Freddie took over you can see the determination and what Freddie is trying to do. It wasnt going to be easy he need a run of games for the players to adaopt to his style. Its not all managers that will get it with one or 2 games. Give the man a chance to prove himself and stop trying to say he was part of Emery's number 2.

    • c c
      c c Month ago

      here we go ... analagous situations are about more than just labels ..
      in the minds of some label: ex-player + label: manager == the same.
      it's NOT.

  • Charles Ete
    Charles Ete Month ago +1

    Arsenal women are cruising perhaps we need the coach of the women’s team to visit the men for three matches at least and lend a hand. All hand must be on deck now. The men should watch the women play and learn urgently

  • Ron
    Ron Month ago

    If Arsenal get relegated, which players will stay?

  • be7REAL777
    be7REAL777 Month ago

    We are paying the price for letting key players go.
    Aaron Ramsey.
    Jack Wilshere
    Kieren Gibbs
    Danny Welbeck
    Dont forget the magician Santiago Cazorla.
    Thomas Rosicky.
    Most were the heart and soul of our creative attacking football.
    Yes we need a defender or 2 .
    But we are losing the wars in midfield.
    Also notice 60 % of them players were English cared if we lost .
    I wanted Emery out but now the players are getting fully exposed.
    Man up , fight for our club , show us you deserve to play for us.
    Now Wenger and what he achieved with pocket change, just shows he is in a league of his own .
    COYG grit your teeth and thrash a team 6 or 7 nil
    Ffs please

  • Armando G
    Armando G Month ago

    Its the players

  • Lucio Moreira
    Lucio Moreira Month ago

    As an aarsenal fan actually starting to feel out of love theway the owners treating this club its a shame really is

  • Nathan M
    Nathan M Month ago

    Why are you fans putting up with this shit from the board?? Madness

  • justice4ozil
    justice4ozil Month ago +1

    Robbie can you talk about how many modern day slaves died building those stadiums in Qatar?

  • Abduljebar Nesredin

    the online click bait masters like AFTV and the silly home fans f***d up the team. The online gangs are creating a confussion on everyone in and around the club and the home fans make lots of noise online while they make the 2000 fans from brighton like a full house dortmund fans. Guys you are messing up the team... just make this crappy noise inside the stadium and make visitors unconlmfortable the whole ninty mins. ... the difference between arsenal and leicister are the fans... fox fans are supportive. .. not bully like arsenal's

  • RTL
    RTL Month ago

    Should have got Ole Gunnar Solskjaer last year.

  • syahrul azrai
    syahrul azrai Month ago

    Former underpants model was now manage the Arsenal football club, impressive

  • JHNbazil
    JHNbazil Month ago

    brighton have also beat spurs at home 3-0 so thats 3 points you missed

  • q1 1
    q1 1 Month ago +1

    Spurs Burnley ...."Draw" .... Lol 😂 ...5-0 son ... He's deluded in everything football.

  • Kat women 123
    Kat women 123 Month ago

    We need to go and sign that Ramsey from Juv great player and has the drive we need

  • Max Woolman
    Max Woolman Month ago

    Troopz tha real don👊🏽