Arsenal 1-2 Brighton | Our Defending Is Terrible! I Fear Relegation!! (Lee Judges)

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
  • Arsenal 1-2 Brighton | Our Defending Is Terrible! I Fear Relegation!! (Lee Judges)
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  • Samuel Black
    Samuel Black 7 months ago

    1:39 ❣❤💞
    👇 👇💯

  • CheebWhackah
    CheebWhackah 8 months ago

    Thought Phil and Grant Mitchell were Hammers?

  • dazza944
    dazza944 8 months ago

    Lee judges is the only one I can listen to with interest.
    He’s spot on aswell, if we so much as step foot near the relegation whirlpool, we simply don’t have the stamina to swim out of it

  • bapluda
    bapluda 8 months ago

    If you think about it, Wenger was doing a great job with this shitty team.

  • Judester Kyberneticka
    Judester Kyberneticka 8 months ago


  • john barker
    john barker 8 months ago

    On the 7th of January we will give you a game. You need a manager now not next season.

  • David Trowbridge
    David Trowbridge 8 months ago

    I put a quid on arsenal to go down, 100/1

  • Micah Kiyimba
    Micah Kiyimba 8 months ago

    Luiz can't drop, who will play? Mustafi? JUST Bad options everywhere.

  • Tamhas Woods
    Tamhas Woods 8 months ago

    There is more chance of me getting pregnant than there is of Arsenal being relegated. In any case, the divine and eerie powers of football (cough, VAR, cough) will not allow a club with such a lucrative international fanbase of Sky subscribers to sink. Chill out ffs.

  • M Hussain
    M Hussain 8 months ago

    Arsenals decline is scary as this mans face

  • Monkeyman
    Monkeyman 8 months ago

    AFTV out

  • frizzy red
    frizzy red 8 months ago

    Terrible side Arsenal, never had enough british players for my liking over the last lot of years. Too many foreigners not playing for the badge.

  • Thomas H
    Thomas H 8 months ago

    I love the fans in the background, imagine your life ambition was to be in the background of a Lee rant or a DT soliloquy...what a pathetically small world they must inhabit. They literally are the most laughably arrogant bunch of fans and the irony is everyone at the club hates them.

  • Thomas H
    Thomas H 8 months ago

    As DT says, Arsenal are of the biggest clubs in world football lollllllllllllllllllllll

  • Jack Lazarzuk
    Jack Lazarzuk 8 months ago

    Stop going leave empty seats like I did this the only way to move the board

  • brendan quinn
    brendan quinn 8 months ago

    I cant wait till they play city

  • chris isiorho
    chris isiorho 8 months ago

    David Louis....why do you think Chelsea palmed him off for 8 million.😂

  • Crestfallen Gooner
    Crestfallen Gooner 8 months ago

    Get real Lee, this is not only about Freddie & team selection. It is the players. Every member of our squad when he is on the pitch should give 100% both physically & in concentration, our players are not. David Luiz has been a liability ever since he arrived at the Emirates.

  • Inept
    Inept 8 months ago

    I've said for years that the mentality of our players is just soft and scared.

    So many times I see our players just back off and back off and let opposition players get their head up and run at them. I would much rather a defender close down and try to make a tackle and get beat by a piece of skill than just stand off and let an opposition player pick a pass or take a shot.

  • lee honglee
    lee honglee 8 months ago

    We are in a relegation battle because we have struggled against the bottom 4 or 5 teams, what are our chances against the top10 ?

  • Wise1
    Wise1 8 months ago

    Top 4??

  • John Jones
    John Jones 8 months ago

    Its the board aftv so get on it you mugs. Stop been kronke arse licking gang.aftv for the fan bollacks. For donations. Well let have aftv supporting get the board out.

  • angel g
    angel g 8 months ago

    Why Tottenham appointed a Manager the next day and our people upstairs are doing nothing at all.

  • Mitchell M
    Mitchell M 8 months ago

    We all want arsenal to be relegated it would be so funny and Robbie can pay off his mansion loll

  • King Jaffe Joffer
    King Jaffe Joffer 8 months ago

    Under Pressure.

  • chilu46
    chilu46 8 months ago


  • The Featherman Club
    The Featherman Club 8 months ago

    Shit club shit team shit management

  • Andy O'tam
    Andy O'tam 8 months ago

    Lee says it like it is could listen to a LEE JUDGES YT SHOW

  • elvedin krlic
    elvedin krlic 8 months ago

    Imagine get relegated and win europa league next season I championship and champions league would be mad

  • elvedin krlic
    elvedin krlic 8 months ago

    Season is finished no point keeping martinelli and pepe benched let them play every Premier league game so they confidence and ready for next season, give 110percent in europa league and fa cup

  • deltaframes 1975
    deltaframes 1975 8 months ago

    we are in deep deep trouble.
    he's right though, we don't have the players that can get us outta this shit we are in.

  • phsychomonkey
    phsychomonkey 8 months ago

    This guy got no qualifications for sure

  • joe buck
    joe buck 8 months ago

    Relegation ffs stop overreacting you ain't going down three points for you Monday night 🇬🇧🇬🇧⚒⚒⚒

  • Duncan Evans
    Duncan Evans 8 months ago

    It’s baffling how Arsenal are 10th in the table...have they even won a match this season?

  • KennnnnnyTucky
    KennnnnnyTucky 8 months ago

    Bring back Wenger. The team are playing far worse than when he left. He has respect and can stabilise this mess.

  • Johnny10gunz
    Johnny10gunz 8 months ago

    You guys are all wearing brandnew arsenal gear. Why are you all still buying into the club. I'm an LFC fan and only own 2 shirts.

  • Val Shakespeare
    Val Shakespeare 8 months ago

    Sam alladyce

  • Braun 82
    Braun 82 8 months ago

    Mustafi couldn't defend against playground bullies let alone Brighton.

  • JS
    JS 8 months ago

    I find it how apt the AFTV opening video is "it is the season for gifts" Arsenal gifting away games to everyone. Also next year Robbie covering Arsenal in English Championship "Well what happened there?" after Arsenal lose to Barnsley :)

  • Antonio Zerillo
    Antonio Zerillo 8 months ago +1

    David Luiz was Sarris problem last year and Now it's yours.

  • Zulfikran Zulmos
    Zulfikran Zulmos 8 months ago

    Claude and Lee Judges are legends!!!

  • John Mitchell
    John Mitchell 8 months ago

    Not as bad as when the likes of Justin Hoyte, Jenkinson, Andre Santos and Armand Traore were playing. 8-2 against Man utd, 4-4 away to Newcastle.

  • GriefTourist
    GriefTourist 8 months ago

    They're all actors on AFTV, posh RADA types posing as salt of the earth Londoners. The type who can no longer afford to go.

  • KH B
    KH B 8 months ago

    Tony Pulis

  • Me Only
    Me Only 8 months ago +1

    All dickhead comments pretending to be ty get a life

  • Gary Garratt
    Gary Garratt 8 months ago

    I like this bloke. Always speaks sense in spades. Club is rotten to the core. You could have Pep or Klopp as manager and it still would not do any good.

  • bth arsenal
    bth arsenal 8 months ago

    Obviously talking about willock. Was piss poor last game should have never started this game.

  • Kenny K
    Kenny K 8 months ago +2

    Arsenal is still at 10th place, not relegation place. if Unai Emery not sacked, surely Arsenal is at least on 5th place in the table. Should give encouragement to Emery to sack some players rather than sacking the manager.

    • Kenny K
      Kenny K 8 months ago

      You guys keep asking to sack the manager without realizing that the root trouble came from the players itself. If some players wanted to play the manager out, they can easily do it. They just play hard as if they are very hardworking but in fact ineffective. The ball won't reach the striker

  • Kenny K
    Kenny K 8 months ago +2

    If Unai Emery was not sacked, he could have taken at least 4 points with 2 easy games now to bring Arsenal to 5th place on the table

  • Heinrich Van Heiden
    Heinrich Van Heiden 8 months ago

    We need a fundamental change, start buying quality players. Our Defenders and midfielders are leaking

  • Kevin Williams
    Kevin Williams 8 months ago

    You are right in every way... in all due respect Lee you speak sense every week . Merry Xmas It’s a lilly white one yet again

  • K baker
    K baker 8 months ago

    We’re broken we was dominated 💔

    SAGAL 8 months ago

    Letting the opposition have 20 shots on goal is embarrassing! The club clearly needs a defensive minded coach ASAP e.g simone

  • Suanlian Ellu
    Suanlian Ellu 8 months ago

    why dont we bring in DIEGO SIMEONE and sign kimpembe

  • James Dennison
    James Dennison 8 months ago


  • Zhenyu Liu
    Zhenyu Liu 8 months ago

    We don’t have enough midfielders on the pitch. Replace Auba or Laca with a defense midfielder can improve a lot. Arsenal began to fell when Emery started both strikers routinely. He knew that is the reason for imbalance, but was afraid to change.

  • sugarsaint
    sugarsaint 8 months ago

    4ft 4" ROFL. I doubt you guys will get relegated, HOWEVER the LEEDS FC side that went down was vastly better than this Arsenal side in terms of overall quality man for man.

  • Tim Coe - VideoSkunk
    Tim Coe - VideoSkunk 8 months ago

    Did anyone else think Xhaka was our best player?

  • MAYANJA Nnalubaale Roots Warrior

    Didn't I warn y'all when you were shouting Wenger Out?? Over and over again. I knew this was going to happen, relegation inclusive. Be careful what you wish for.

  • kipyegon bett
    kipyegon bett 8 months ago

    Arsenal defense is porous I think its high time Freddie tries chambers holding partnership... I think our luizs and sokratis are old and lacks that athleticism to counter the attacks from the opposition ... Imo thinks the two younger centre backs can solve atlest for us

  • voh
    voh 8 months ago

    Lee talks sense.

  • Robin Arden
    Robin Arden 8 months ago

    Lose to Brighton, give Man City a good thrashing. (Funny old game)

  • Tmca Player
    Tmca Player 8 months ago

    Looks like Sam Alardyce might have a good chance of getting the job. The only way things improve for Arsenal is the fans come together and go in hard on the owners with banners, singing, protesting every game to force them to sell just like the Liverpool fans did with Gillett and Hicks.

  • lingo starr
    lingo starr 8 months ago

    Wenger IN

  • Toni Toni
    Toni Toni 8 months ago

    simone would be on the pitch choking out those centre backs, he doesn’t play that slack shit, he is serious about defending, he would surely whip this club into shape

  • Troy Jarvis
    Troy Jarvis 8 months ago

    No Robbie I remember you saying We gonna do this !!

  • Johnny B
    Johnny B 8 months ago

    The size of that nose 🤔

  • Ian Hutchinson
    Ian Hutchinson 8 months ago

    We need to find a way to force the board to buy defenders In January or we will get relegated.

  • Sanjay K
    Sanjay K 8 months ago

    Maybe they should give sam a call loooool

  • Craig Bailey
    Craig Bailey 8 months ago

    As lee would say - U KNOW

  • Signals927
    Signals927 8 months ago +1

    Our worst ever league positions was 1974-1976 seasons when we finished 16th and 17th. This lot of muppets are heading that way.

  • Sameer Ahmad
    Sameer Ahmad 8 months ago +1

    Allow the rest im here for Lee & Deluded 👌🏼

  • Ashlee
    Ashlee 8 months ago


  • Tarik Pasic
    Tarik Pasic 8 months ago

    I called this back in 2015, shouldn't have gotten rid of Wenger!!!

    • Tarik Pasic
      Tarik Pasic 8 months ago

      @selfatrophy He's been gone for a year and a half now, you need to find a better excuse.

    • selfatrophy
      selfatrophy 8 months ago

      Wenger created this shambles.

  • Patrick Bailey
    Patrick Bailey 8 months ago


  • Baljeet Singh
    Baljeet Singh 8 months ago

    Claude waiting because he is the main event and the biggest draw. He is the Stone Cold Steve Austin of AFTV.

    LEBOBSKI25 8 months ago

    Managers fault last week players fault this week. Fickle.

  • Mr Epic
    Mr Epic 8 months ago

    Players need to step up.

  • mark chappell
    mark chappell 8 months ago

    Ye Freddie got it wrong in the first half but did he really tell the players to pass the ball to Brighton players no he didn't. Grown men stand up and be counted please it's our club your spoiling not yours

  • Udaco
    Udaco 8 months ago

    One obvious thing I can see the difference between our defenders and the other opponent's defenders is the level of difficulties the attackers can move into the box. Every opponent's attackers can easily make a move into our box and took a good shot toward our goal. And when we tried the same way, we just not getting the same space as we gave to them in order for us to move into their box and even to make a good shot. That alone just show that our defending tactic or style was just so bad right now. We even gave them so much time to make crosses. And we just too scared playing harsh game to the opponent while they keep on giving us harsh and rough tackles and pulling our player all the time. Just look how many of our players screaming on the ground after been tackled today?

  • Joshua Stephenson
    Joshua Stephenson 8 months ago


  • Udaco
    Udaco 8 months ago +1

    Look like Luiz is Chelsea's agent.

  • Pinto 19 EPL, 6 UCL & World Champion

    You know it is really bad. When Lee is talking about How to handle Relegation battle

  • ABH22
    ABH22 8 months ago +2

    Let the clowns decide who's it gonna be😂

  • Tommy Mullins
    Tommy Mullins 8 months ago

    Laughing stock of world football

  • DailyBits
    DailyBits 8 months ago

    Lmao Freddie at the wheel both Ollie and Freddie are running the teams off a cliff 😂

  • ryan tait
    ryan tait 8 months ago

    Ty: atleast we're scoring goals

  • Jason Freshwater
    Jason Freshwater 8 months ago

    Seriously why would Rodgers want to take on this mess with these owner's. He has a good thing going at Leicester. No chance. We will end up with Arteta trust me

  • trapper surg
    trapper surg 8 months ago

    Seeing lot of cue ball heads there in Arsenal fans, seem they all lost their hair over this?

  • Muse Khadir
    Muse Khadir 8 months ago

    Let's relegate and face MK

  • Neil Kearney
    Neil Kearney 8 months ago

    Don't agree with Lee at all ... it's how the team transition and positioning!! Defence not getting protected when we lose the ball in attack n forced to drop off... there is no disopline in midfield and the choices of passes are horrific ...we continually passing ball to players under pressure and leaving ourselves exposed and scrambling to get back... if we lose it why are the opposition nearly always have a goal chance...???. Pepe looked good coming on ..Torrerria was shite ... not sure how anyone cud say he played well ... kicking the ground n going to ground too easy... Ozil is no 10 .. play him there ffs ... aubu through the middle...laca bench and martinelli starts

  • Zakir Feysal
    Zakir Feysal 8 months ago


  • Zakir Feysal
    Zakir Feysal 8 months ago


  • zblogger9
    zblogger9 8 months ago

    It's this club now trying to buy players on the cheap. LUIZ. Guendouzi. Sokraties. Coupled with average players. Bellerine. Kolasniac. Willock. Saka. Also no fighters . No desire. No real hard working players. Just players who want to pop the ball around softly. Its so poor. Also this ownership just trying to invest in cheap players to paper over the cracks. Maybe the club needs relegation to get all the dead wood out and force the owners to sell the club. It's that bad

  • J. Jones
    J. Jones 8 months ago

    I seen after a couple of games auba and laca cant play together they are practically the same type of players, one needs to be an impact player..

  • Harpreet Chadha
    Harpreet Chadha 8 months ago

    I’m not an Arsenal fan but Simon Jordan should keep his options to guys are amazing, keep it going lads 👍👍👍

  • Chelsea SW6
    Chelsea SW6 8 months ago

    Agent Luiz after Agent Cech .... January s coming up boys we got some more cast off bargains Danny Drinkwater is available guys like Luiz he will make you better than what you are

  • muhammad ibrahim
    muhammad ibrahim 8 months ago

    Hector Berlin is rubsh

  • GS B
    GS B 8 months ago

    Villas Boas should be the next arsenal manager.

  • Kye Singh
    Kye Singh 8 months ago +4

    When the fixtures are released all the teams we face are like “we can bang arsenal”. Is this what we have become smh