Arsenal 1-2 Brighton | It May As Well Have Been Emery Who Picked That Line Up! (Moh)

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
  • Arsenal 1-2 Brighton | It May As Well Have Been Emery Who Picked That Line Up! (Moh)
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  • Anton Lovén
    Anton Lovén 5 months ago

    North London is White

  • michael blyth
    michael blyth 8 months ago

    The board will go for the cheapest option

  • James Fennelly
    James Fennelly 8 months ago

    Amen to everything this guy says! Out of all the arsenal fans I know I couldn't agree with anyone more than I do him 👊👌

  • issouf kone
    issouf kone 8 months ago

    Man said ten Hag you dreaming boy

  • Mahia
    Mahia 8 months ago

    "Ex-great club!" Never forget.

  • Victor Sichalwe
    Victor Sichalwe 8 months ago

    How we mocked Man Utd and Tottenham when things were not working for them. Both are flying and have moved ahead of us. Our boys need to pull up. we are living in dangerous waters. Its true we are closer to the bottom than we are to the top. Come Arsenal. Don't panic. Play your game and enjoy football. The results will come

  • r3s
    r3s 8 months ago

    They're mocking Brighton and Norwich as is they're somehow better in any way. Oops, scratch that! They are actually at something: Spending millions on unnecessary players. *cough* luiz *cough* pepe

  • Jaap24
    Jaap24 8 months ago

    Ty: the players were confused because they played against two teams: Brighton Hove & Albion.

  • B. Tedley
    B. Tedley 8 months ago

    The coaches will change. The players will remain but they are the real problem

  • Trevor Stanley
    Trevor Stanley 8 months ago

    Lumberg should be have been a bold clear out Luis make big chsnges

  • Luke Eaton
    Luke Eaton 8 months ago

    Against West Ham.... Clear out the 1st eleven and play a B team squad. More chance of winning I'll bet

  • Aza Kem
    Aza Kem 8 months ago

    Kroenke is cancer Arsenal are dying

  • A student for life
    A student for life 8 months ago

    I think Simeone could fix Arsenal...if he comes...especially the chronic defensive illness Arsenal have...

  • Thomas H
    Thomas H 8 months ago

    These people have no idea how to win football games. All these bullshit statements like 'grab the team bu the scruff of the neck' what does that mean it is pure bollocks.

  • Thomas H
    Thomas H 8 months ago

    I love it when they Arsenal football that means anything anymore other than just a bunch of clowns on youtube embarrassing their club.

  • Thomas H
    Thomas H 8 months ago

    I'm speechless...
    Commences speech full of wank. Love these fools to death.

  • Dee Emm
    Dee Emm 8 months ago


  • Indiana Bones
    Indiana Bones 8 months ago

    Laurent blanc for me

  • sico sidd
    sico sidd 8 months ago

    Arsenal fan tv killed arsenal football club

  • alex agyemang
    alex agyemang 8 months ago

    With the kind of people we have in leadership we are bound to have these kinds of problems... they are reactive instead of being proactive. They lack vision. The Unai problem started last season. We had the easiest last 5 fixtures compared to the other top 6 teams. We should have made the top 4 but couldn't and we ended up losing the final playing poorly. Before the final Chelsea was in the US playing a friendly and still managed to put in a better performance than our more rested team. Unai couldn't achieve the goal last season and any proactive board would have sent him packing... But we don't have those kind of people... that's why we are in this mess... we are a mess from top to bottom.

  • Sir Basty
    Sir Basty 8 months ago

    What Arsenal fans should be asking themselves is, '' On current form, are these bunch of players capable of getting 21 points to stay in the Premier League ? ''. The answer is No. Drastic action needs to be taken, selection wise, or else relegation is the only option. At the moment they are worse than the teams at the bottom of the league.

  • Marcel DáShon
    Marcel DáShon 8 months ago

    Arsenal FC new record , I said it wasn't just the manager Emery , it's the players clear out time Ozil isn't worth the money needs to be rid off along with 90% of the team and the Arsenal board , none of the have heart for the Arsenal Club , this is clear to see , If i was the manager most of the team would be gone .on the 🚲🤣💪👊

  • Who Knew 22
    Who Knew 22 8 months ago

    The team is in Transition same as United and Chelsea sooner the fans get used to it the better

  • DroidSage
    DroidSage 8 months ago

    All of sudden ..Wenger seems like a genius manager.

  • chubike okafor
    chubike okafor 8 months ago

    So why did you campaign for emery's removal? He was more experienced and I believe it's best the board takes time to pick another manager. It would have been better to keep emery till the end of the season

  • nickelliott1983
    nickelliott1983 8 months ago

    We are shit ...... pure and simple !!!! Championship is coming trust me , 66/1 on skybet , get on it people !!!
    Man City / Chelsea / Bournemouth /United......... will not get a single point and come January the realisation will hit home that we are going down!!!!

  • Dezo Dnki
    Dezo Dnki 8 months ago

    I won't even blamed the players anymore because the board appoint U23 coach called Freddie to be the caretaker manager when others club sacked thier coach and replaced it with another responsible coach...How on earth will Freddie play Ozil in Leftwing,Auba in rightwing,willock in starting XI as No 10 role,kolasinac in starting XI when we have Tierney,Sokratis and Luiz as CB when we have chambers and holding,playing xhaka in DM when Luiz can do it more than xhaka,martinelli is more dangerous than Auba and lacazette but always on bench in each of every match.
    Announce a responsible coach like Pocchetino because Allegri isn't coming

  • Inside Students Fromeo
    Inside Students Fromeo 8 months ago

    Its once again lottery time for robbie.

  • Abdul Rauf Moid
    Abdul Rauf Moid 8 months ago

    Relax, Freddie Lujnberg will come good as soon as he gets the players to
    play the he wants them to play. Look at what he did to the youngsters.
    The problem is, the players have to unlearn the garbage Emery taught
    them, and relearn according to Freddie. That will take time. So relax!

  • Abdul Rauf Moid
    Abdul Rauf Moid 8 months ago

    Relax, Freddie Lujnberg will come good as soon as he gets the players to
    play the he wants them to play. Look at what he did to the youngsters.
    The problem is, the players have to unlearn the garbage Emery taught
    them, and relearn according to Freddie. That will take time. So relax!

  • Charles Lockey
    Charles Lockey 8 months ago

    Prepare for the Boris landslide next week, Mo

  • Amali Homer
    Amali Homer 8 months ago

    Free Palestine

  • Harshkumar Singh
    Harshkumar Singh 8 months ago +1

    Arsenal fans being so entitled that they can get Allegri, Simeone or Ten Hag. You really think Arsenal can match Simeone's wages? He earns 24 mil a year.

  • moz Lewis
    moz Lewis 8 months ago

    We complain about our defensive part of the game. David Luis has no place in our defence. He should be playing as a (disciplined) defensive midfielder, where he protect the back 4. Knocking long balls up for forwards to latch onto. Chambers could also play this position. This backing off and allowing the opposition in your penalty box I just can’t understand.

  • Paul O
    Paul O 8 months ago

    There's a Chinese saying "be careful what you wish for" 😉 they wanted Wenger out

  • G P
    G P 8 months ago

    I agree with Moh we're in very bad shape...I predict by the end of December we will either be in the relegation zone or hovering just above it...we have Man City, Everton, West Ham, Chelsea and Bournmouth in December. Let's get Poch in now!!!

  • Westbrook theory2.0
    Westbrook theory2.0 8 months ago

    can't take mo serious,this is the same guy that didn;t want jose to coach arsenal,now he is complaining,heavy D said it best,all you toxic fanbase muthafucker's,Lol,Lol

  • romario beckford
    romario beckford 8 months ago

    Wenger died for this

  • outline
    outline 8 months ago

    Jihadi mo

  • jigar Goswami
    jigar Goswami 8 months ago

    Arsenal next leeds united

  • Mohamed Helal
    Mohamed Helal 8 months ago

    Arsenal Line up HAS to be:

    Bellerin, Sokratis, Chambers, Tierney
    Guendozi, Xhaka, Willock
    Pepe, Auba, Martinelli

    Any other line up is bullshit and here is why:

    David Luiz: utter shit, has always been shit and will always be shit. Uncoachable.

    Mustafi: the only defender on earth that is as bad as Luiz.

    Holding: injured/not ready (would definitely pick him over Chambers if fit)

    Kolasinac: not super shitty but Tierney is better

    Ozil: physically weak, easily affected by criticism/press and most importantly, his game is extinct. There is no direct playmakers in modern football. (Would have him as a sub for Willock when the game is more open and players are tired)

    Dani: injured. (would definitely have him over Willock when fit)

    Torreira: horrible passer and cannot move the game forward. (Would play him mainly in big games with high intensity, but not in games where we have/should have possession.

    Laca: we simply cannot afford a 4-4-2 because it doesn’t really work nowadays and we don’t have the quality to deploy it correctly. We have to pick between him or Auba. Playing 2 strikers cost us heavily on the flanks. We need to have wingers who could cut into the penalty area and also do their defensive share. Again, Auba is not a winger and he is not 18. He cannot keep running the 90 minutes on the flanks. Sorry Laca.

    Just for clarification:

    Xhaka: was always a starter for Wenger, Emery and he is now for Freddie and I think he deserves his spot. He covers the most distance on the pitch. His long passes are super good and he has a character. I know he also makes a lot of sloppy mistakes but we don’t have any better options and he is not our biggest issue.

    Willock: not Arsenal level but seriously what is Arsenal level now!!! At least we know he is going to run.

    Guendozi: one of the best young midfielders in the world.

    Martinelli: remember the name.

    Pepe: very skillful and our only true winger, so we better build up his confidence and start using him properly.

  • British I
    British I 8 months ago

    Football is fixed, Stop investing so much time into it, Or you'll age like Claude who is only 25.

  • Hamza adnan
    Hamza adnan 8 months ago +2

    There’s only one arsene wenger!! Never realised what we had, sorry arsene please come back !’

  • Siyincaba Dube
    Siyincaba Dube 8 months ago

    arsenal started really well and having a fire front three you thought they will go a long way with EMERY..9 GAMES WITH NO WIN DAM..

  • Mezmer
    Mezmer 8 months ago

    What's with the Palestine badge? You're a joke, Mo. Keep it about football, no one cares about your views.

  • Tyrone Williams
    Tyrone Williams 8 months ago

    Arsenal have the best stadium in the league, some of the best fans, and charge the highest prices. The fans should stage a mass walk out at half time, in every single game.

  • Y Khan
    Y Khan 8 months ago

    Well said Mo --- Either the fans pick up the team or the team picks up the fans (which they are incapable of)

  • Rob Nti
    Rob Nti 8 months ago

    Just had a cheeky pound bet on arsenal missing in champions league for 5yrs...epl...thats how long it'd take to get arsenal back...
    Get rid of the deadwood players...

  • Aik Jones
    Aik Jones 8 months ago

    I see tears lmaoooooo

  • Dan corleone
    Dan corleone 8 months ago


  • ste oglesby
    ste oglesby 8 months ago


  • Fabinho sweeps up
    Fabinho sweeps up 8 months ago +15

    0:48 - "I'm speechless"
    *speaks for 4 more minutes*

  • Marin Malinić
    Marin Malinić 8 months ago +1

    Show moh more pliz he is the Best

  • A B
    A B 8 months ago

    Mo's always the most sensible.

  • Harshan Pathman
    Harshan Pathman 8 months ago

    Had no idea that Jose Bautista was a gooner!!

  • goonzjav
    goonzjav 8 months ago

    Agree 100% Us fans need to get off the teams back and show support! Come on guys lets give them something to fight for!

  • Kevin Cooper
    Kevin Cooper 8 months ago

    Bring back arsene to steady the ship if we can’t get anyone In until the summer

  • mark Willmore
    mark Willmore 8 months ago

    Here we go,
    Waitrose shelf stacker acting like some educational professer 20%..
    20% moh

  • Andrew Cohen
    Andrew Cohen 8 months ago

    Great interview Moh. We need to get behind Arsenal football club and stop spewing negativity.

  • Ruben R
    Ruben R 8 months ago

    These guys bash tottenham so bad and now they all want Poch as a coach.
    Good luck with that. Just like convincing Brendan Rodgers to leave 2nd placed leicester to go coach a struggling Arsenal side? Pfff please. Board aint gonna do shit because not top quality manager is going to come in to deal with this steaming pile of shit! Haha

  • psnpanuch
    psnpanuch 8 months ago

    Do arsenal fans really think a manager of Simeone and Allegris level would want to manage arsenal in this mess? I always said if Arsenal didn’t appoint a proper manager after wenger they’d have it worse than we did we moyes and after. Nobody wanted to manage us so we got Ole. Arsenal the next Ac Milan

  • mediastarguest
    mediastarguest 8 months ago

    Any club that has to rely on Ozil, Luiz, Mustafi and Xhaka would struggle to win games. Would have no right to win. Questions have to be asked about the people in the boardroon and hierarchy who are involved in the transfer policy.

  • Vera Ekhator
    Vera Ekhator 8 months ago

    Take arteta

  • Andy Miles
    Andy Miles 8 months ago

    Pullis 😂😂😂😂Atkinson😂😂😂

  • Ali Noor
    Ali Noor 8 months ago

    Will I must say it, we must apologize to Mr. Arsen wenger, becuase even in our worst time with worst formation and players the team didn't reach this level of ugliness.

  • Michael Farojoye
    Michael Farojoye 8 months ago

    Mark it, the board will not react until we are totally relegated.

  • Kahir M
    Kahir M 8 months ago

    Couldn't Liam Brady bridge that barrier?

  • Michael Farojoye
    Michael Farojoye 8 months ago +3

    Get any of this four:

    • Fabinho sweeps up
      Fabinho sweeps up 8 months ago

      That's 5

    • Waza88
      Waza88 8 months ago

      I don't even think Bob the builder would be able to fix it 😂

    • North Bank Baddest
      North Bank Baddest 8 months ago

      shut up, who are you ?

    • Waza88
      Waza88 8 months ago

      Allegri or rafa are your only options 😂 out of them none of the other would come to this mess

  • Waza88
    Waza88 8 months ago

    Watch this make me happy to be a united fan 😂, and how bad are we lol

  • Rohan Wazir
    Rohan Wazir 8 months ago

    Josh Kroenke: Be excited.

  • B H
    B H 8 months ago

    Hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha not even the biggest club in London 😂 yes mo what are arsenal .... an ex great club do you remember those words you dickhead hahaha KARMA IS A BITCH. You pathetic fans 😬😬😬. Also last year under emery arsenal fans were signing we got our arsenal back hahaha fickle fans 😂😂😭😭😭.

  • Peter E
    Peter E 8 months ago

    Funny to hear Arsenal fans thinking they can attract the likes of Allegri or
    Poch or Simeone, I mean even Rogers will not leave Leicester for you lot. Gotta know what your level is guys, the only top coaches you can attract are guys who need to try to repair their reputation like Mourinho but he’s at Spurs now and if he does well there, he ain’t going to Arsenal. Honestly I think the best you can get is someone like Nuno or Eddie Howe

  • A J
    A J 8 months ago

    I suspect 3 losses

  • Anthony Matthews
    Anthony Matthews 8 months ago

    The guy would make a good TV pundit.

  • Chester Sykes
    Chester Sykes 8 months ago

    Moh makes a lot of sense. But to be honest, we look good on the front foot. It's just a shame there's not enough +vity in the club given our squad is arguably the best in the PL (and the youngest).

  • Ishaan Kaul
    Ishaan Kaul 8 months ago

    Why isn’t lee gunner on aftv anymore

  • AbdulQader Mustafa
    AbdulQader Mustafa 8 months ago +1

    I save myself so much headache. Last season I was a Man city fan and this season I am a Liverpool fan. 😂
    My team always wins, I don’t hate any other team or manager and I enjoy football all at the same time.
    I feel sorry for die hard fans honestly. I feel they are like children being played by the system lol.

  • Callum Stokes
    Callum Stokes 8 months ago

    Llunberg has good will haha Moh the accountant

  • Trung Luu
    Trung Luu 8 months ago

    ask yourself, how many of moh's top 5 replacements would choose to manage arsenal????

  • Abderrahmane Dif
    Abderrahmane Dif 8 months ago

    Free Palestine ❤
    Big up Moh

  • Delroy Reid
    Delroy Reid 8 months ago


  • Ian Hutchinson
    Ian Hutchinson 8 months ago +1

    Mo is the most deluded not a real arsenal fan

  • Oldcarful
    Oldcarful 8 months ago

    Good for Moh always criticizing Chelsea for Russian money. Relegation battle 😂😂

  • K baker
    K baker 8 months ago

    Christmas we will be dead and buried 😩😩

  • Khair Miftahul
    Khair Miftahul 8 months ago

    Well said moh. The team really need us now...

  • Ademola Shasanya
    Ademola Shasanya 8 months ago

    I like moh, he is showing more concern and understanding than just complaining and trying to control what too many fans dont know or have the expertise for. Tired of people just stupidly complaining. So many on AFTV happy that emery left like arsenal had won the league....smh

  • Ademola Shasanya
    Ademola Shasanya 8 months ago

    maybe you all took arsene wenger for granted.....maybe didn't appreciate him

  • Fender Tremolo
    Fender Tremolo 8 months ago

    Wenger in! Lol

  • David Neicho
    David Neicho 8 months ago

    Heres a scenarion, we get Poch as new manager & he takes us down. Think about it.

  • Jet ski mafia
    Jet ski mafia 8 months ago

    Just send KT back up the road before you totally ruin the lad

  • Harish K
    Harish K 8 months ago

    Moh is the best of the lot.. and he is right we need to get behind the team, they need us

  • Daniel Otieno
    Daniel Otieno 8 months ago

    Glad to see Mo back... welcome back logic

  • Mike John
    Mike John 8 months ago

    The board are searching for cheap coach

  • jamal 1
    jamal 1 8 months ago

    I'm surprised Robbie didn't interview Pickford and Jadakiss

  • Jonny Goldsmith
    Jonny Goldsmith 8 months ago +5

    Ty: Makes up some ridiculous excuse.
    Claude: Shouts at him
    Ty: *repeats what hes just said ten times over*

  • Mark Sarwarez
    Mark Sarwarez 8 months ago

    Deluded falling asleep in the back lol

  • Ossarian
    Ossarian 8 months ago

    Dem maths tho 20%

  • Michael Glover
    Michael Glover 8 months ago

    I’ll take Sir Pat any day!!! Look at Zindane at Real, Lampard at Chelsea, he deserves a chance, did well at Nice, NYCFC, and Man City

  • marks041able
    marks041able 8 months ago

    Luiz and Pepe were wrong players to get.