West Ham 1-3 Arsenal | Pepe Needs To Perform Like This Consistently Now! (DT)

  • Published on Dec 9, 2019
  • West Ham 1-3 Arsenal | Pepe Needs To Perform Like This Consistently Now! (DT)
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  • Dalton Webster
    Dalton Webster 7 months ago

    1:01 ๐Ÿ’—
    ๐Ÿ‘‡ ๐Ÿ‘‡ ๐Ÿ‘‡ ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ’“

  • butti fdft
    butti fdft 8 months ago

    DT must feel like he plays in this team. Heโ€™s on his second cap

  • L W
    L W 8 months ago

    Check my freestyle out!!

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gzty 8 months ago

    DT must feel like he plays in this team. Heโ€™s on his second cap

    • butti fdft
      butti fdft 8 months ago

      He (pepe) was good for about 45 minutes.

  • xoobo vola
    xoobo vola 8 months ago

    Torreira got fired free for giving his jersey to DTโ€™s son.

  • wnnalis cioov
    wnnalis cioov 8 months ago

    The most laid back interview DT has ever done. Only swore once, mental

  • bilias hour
    bilias hour 8 months ago

    Torreira got fired free for giving his jersey to DTโ€™s son.

    • seeni gzty
      seeni gzty 8 months ago

      player, because sometimes he is and sometimes he should be playing in the U21.

  • Stanley Gibson
    Stanley Gibson 8 months ago

    Unbelievable video production, I love it so much .... Without Equal part is 1:12. *I uploaded first video, Plsss check it out and say what you think* ๐Ÿ’› ๐Ÿ’Ÿ ๐Ÿ’˜

    • xoobo vola
      xoobo vola 8 months ago

      well City gonna rip u apart lol and the same issues will come up again.

  • Izi 23
    Izi 23 8 months ago

    First half was all west ham

  • God is Love
    God is Love 8 months ago

    The only way I can see is doing this consistently is to bring Wenger back, we need wenger back

  • MAT P
    MAT P 8 months ago

    Arsenal need big Sam for small club

  • Jason Barton
    Jason Barton 8 months ago

    I hope you beat city ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

    • Jason Barton
      Jason Barton 8 months ago

      @xilise buree pep has all ready shown he is world class

  • Andrew Machado
    Andrew Machado 8 months ago

    I'm a Chelsea fan but I genuinely believe that Arsenal will beat or draw against Man City over the weekend.

  • Ronnie Gilbert
    Ronnie Gilbert 8 months ago

    This is shit now they ainโ€™t lost

  • Chris Gooner
    Chris Gooner 8 months ago

    Its like all the players know what theyre doing more in 442.... like its a revelation... no brainer... only prob is against the big teams 442 wont work.. so 343 all out is required score more than the other... liverpool and city dont actually have a good defensive record but they are just all out for the goals

  • Turk angle 8
    Turk angle 8 8 months ago

    Whoโ€™s here after talk sport lol

  • Question Everything
    Question Everything 8 months ago

    He (pepe) was good for about 45 minutes.

  • Aamir Ghani
    Aamir Ghani 8 months ago

    I love Arsenal and aftv, but DT is not a truthful speaker for us. he's poisonous. He's probably a legit dude, but not worth evaluating our beloved team. stop representing him

  • Tristan Edwards
    Tristan Edwards 8 months ago

    Torreira finally getting played in position - has a huge game. Aubamayang playing up front again - scores. Pepe finally getting some proper game time - scores first goal from open play. It looks like the criticisms of Emery's side are justified.

  • Eddie Bitar
    Eddie Bitar 8 months ago

    Arsenal were horrific in the first half, as I'd they didn't belong in the PL. But that goal changed the game, and some magic from Pepe. Pepe needs to show he's a world class player, because sometimes he is and sometimes he should be playing in the U21.

  • ExoTech
    ExoTech 8 months ago

    well City gonna rip u apart lol
    and the same issues will come up again.

    KOP YNWA 8 months ago

    Nice to see some smilling faces

  • Anthony Mcken
    Anthony Mcken 8 months ago

    I praise AFTV for the win.

  • The central
    The central 8 months ago

    I donโ€™t like happy DT

  • Rang Klos
    Rang Klos 8 months ago

    Don't think this is the right mindset for a fan Channel to have. DT can play as much manager vdo game as he want, it doesn't make him any close to real managerial skills. Team line-ups have very little to do with result as long as they have strong mentality and are disciplined. Take Sir Alex for example. He hardly has a perfect team in hand throughout his career, just push the one he assigned to fulfill their expectation.

  • abdirahman ahmed
    abdirahman ahmed 8 months ago

    More positive fans here then the Facebook, not to mention 5live and the media is fucken Depressing how they put our team down despite all other teams doing shit they always focus on arsenal. Spurs never won anything in their shity history but still All of a sudden they are one of the biggest teams in Europe just because they qualified for the Champions League few seasons.

  • dal kids
    dal kids 8 months ago


  • Darth Sidious
    Darth Sidious 8 months ago

    Arsenal fans are dumb (especially DT) imagine a ยฃ15 Millon player from the championship is better than a ยฃ75 million player. And they won't have it. Your saying he has to be consitand from now. But he just won't

  • HMQ
    HMQ 8 months ago

    Welegation Wobbie
    Top 4 Wobbie

  • koustav mukherjee
    koustav mukherjee 8 months ago

    DT IS soo sober these days! Much love ~
    from a United fan

  • SquatsnDeads812
    SquatsnDeads812 8 months ago +1

    Yeah could just imagine Freddie Ljunberg thinking yep fucked up again better go on ATV for some advice

  • KUPOKutakPoly
    KUPOKutakPoly 8 months ago

    It makes me immensely happy when I see AFTV is happy and all smiles. Hope there are more such results to come.

  • the Sun and the Earth
    the Sun and the Earth 8 months ago +1

    Arsenal were shit.

  • Fernando Roldan
    Fernando Roldan 8 months ago

    Good result! Get behind Freddy instead of putting him down is not heโ€™s fault

  • Danny Zuko
    Danny Zuko 8 months ago

    We should get Rafa Benitez in... He will lock down our defense... Make us hard to beat

  • Ellen Shorey
    Ellen Shorey 8 months ago

    It was so nice to see your son get the shirt and he will remember that forever my son glen was lucky enough to get rosciky shirt when he scored the winning goal at WHL everyone saw it on tv and you tube unfortunately glen past away in January and we can look at that shirt and I can see Glens face and how happy he was you son will treasure that shirt for years to come well done xx

  • Lebo Mazi
    Lebo Mazi 8 months ago

    Can't wait to hear "he got the starting 11 wrong " on Sunday

  • cacaf
    cacaf 8 months ago

    Expect arsenal to beat city and then come to lose to everton the following week. Its their identity now

  • the artful dodger
    the artful dodger 8 months ago

    Game changed when Cresswell went off as Pepe only came into it when Cresswell got injured. West Ham were dreadful and Arsenal were poor upto that point.

  • Sailing Bug
    Sailing Bug 8 months ago

    Wobbie Wobbie we won Wobbie We won Wobbie. The first half, wiv his correct starting 11, was dwedful, I should be mannger Wobbie. FFS you beat West Ham you muppets. Shitty will smack your backsides and knobhead DT will be back on Fweddie case again.

  • [ FOOKAYOU ]
    [ FOOKAYOU ] 8 months ago

    Not the same as a loss,
    Hurry up and loose so I can see DT loose the plot again at banter fc

  • Alex Ellis
    Alex Ellis 8 months ago

    pepe do it consistently??!! he's basically Gervinho without the forehead, man he is shit!

  • Chris Clarke
    Chris Clarke 8 months ago

    Starting 11 wasnโ€™t correct at all... ร–zil a complete passenger. Xhaka so wasteful.

  • Dylan Owen_31
    Dylan Owen_31 8 months ago

    I know we all wanted Arsenal to lose, so we could see DT, Troopz, and Claude get angry๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Heych 101
    Heych 101 8 months ago

    Martinelli saved us

  • Andrew P
    Andrew P 8 months ago

    u could of put u r kids and still won x :0) play pepe and ozil more we just dont think u understand think need a cuddle from klopp happy meal time guys

  • norbert czelusniak
    norbert czelusniak 8 months ago

    Pepe and all Arsenal football club are sheet and banter fc

  • Mark Daniel Kendrick
    Mark Daniel Kendrick 8 months ago

    We canโ€™t be too confident still being seven points away from the relegation zone

  • Alex Karthik
    Alex Karthik 8 months ago

    The fact Torreira gave his jersey to DTs son must have something to do with him being at AFTV. I don't mind kids getting jerseys from PROs but that situation sounds pretty messed up, it just shows how players want support from this channel and it's kind of a negative for the channel. I really appreciate AFTV and how it helps the fans but it has it's negatives too. I think there can be bias ideas developed by people in the channel and create groups out of fans to support them. I still want AFTV to exist but we have to be brutally honest on how we're the only club in the EPL with a strong fan reaction towards every result for Arsenal, which has caused Arsenal to be on the Media more than any other club in the EPL.

  • John B
    John B 8 months ago +2

    You arsenal fans make me laugh lol

  • John B
    John B 8 months ago +1

    DT talk shite

  • Mr Barker
    Mr Barker 8 months ago

    Robbie don't care about arsenal just views and FLash-player money

  • Mr Barker
    Mr Barker 8 months ago

    Arsenal played shit still tho

  • jony
    jony 8 months ago

    Comedy club

  • philip kemp bell
    philip kemp bell 8 months ago +1

    A win is a win, but Arsenal are dog shit, are going nowhere with that team.

  • Darkkus Pang
    Darkkus Pang 8 months ago

    Torreira giving DTs son his shirt must have really triggered the mainstream media. Acts like these proves that the fans connection to the club far outweighs the pundits opinion of the club, we hold more weight in the players eyes. AFTV is a connection whether you like it or not.

  • Timbone
    Timbone 8 months ago

    Playing players in their preferred positions and roles work
    What a shocker!

  • Brandon
    Brandon 8 months ago +2

    Pepe was being handled before West Ham had to change their left back

    • Prizma XO
      Prizma XO 8 months ago

      He was being man handled yes there was about 3 or 4 fouls on Pepe from creswell and one of the challenges he shouldโ€™ve been sent off and didnโ€™t even get a booking lol

  • 2NiCK8 Nick
    2NiCK8 Nick 8 months ago

    Aftv is so much more interesting when Arses lose...damn!!

  • Ayobami Fasanya
    Ayobami Fasanya 8 months ago

    All eyes on DT chat on AFTV

  • Tony G
    Tony G 8 months ago +2

    DT, bla bla bla.
    A few more performances like this from pepe and DT will say he's the next Messi

  • Karl Winder
    Karl Winder 8 months ago

    HA HA HA

  • MrBurnley21
    MrBurnley21 8 months ago

    We've got our Arsenal back????๐Ÿฅด๐Ÿฅด๐Ÿฅด

  • Danny
    Danny 8 months ago

    Please tell me Sousa isnt a serious news report! So DT for love of God speak up now!!! They listen my friend!!! Lol

  • andrew russell
    andrew russell 8 months ago +1

    This is why people laugh at the fans 1 win against West ham suddenly Freddie needs to be the manager the team is back then next game Back to wanting Freddie out pure stupidity

  • OZZY Hono20
    OZZY Hono20 8 months ago

    The most toxic fans I have ever seen

  • Adam Walker
    Adam Walker 8 months ago

    This results only papers over the cracks

  • StadioPoi Studio
    StadioPoi Studio 8 months ago

    Marinelli, yehhhhhh. badbwoy dat. :)

  • Wilfred "I Tapped Dat Ass" Kensington

    Martlinelli PEPE Auba is dirty.. shame it took fm20 to show you lot how to set up your team.

  • Paudie Looney
    Paudie Looney 8 months ago

    Shut up u fool

  • Andrew
    Andrew 8 months ago

    "Good recovery" - West Ham lost that game. Defending from West Ham and particular Fredericks was a disgrace. Prem footballer allowing Pepe to put it on his left foot and have a shot without pressure inside the box.

  • Alessandro Coppola
    Alessandro Coppola 8 months ago

    Any other competent Premier League side would have smacked arsenal in the first 60 mins๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • tokenblkguy00
    tokenblkguy00 8 months ago

    We are responsible for this victory. Haha well said.

  • Josewa Wanjose
    Josewa Wanjose 8 months ago

    Let that selection ov Team be Alwayz the same

  • Curtis J
    Curtis J 8 months ago

    West Ham dropped two points. Arsenal are shit

  • terah101
    terah101 8 months ago

    As an Arsenal fan I have to admit, we have the most toxic and the most comical fan culture. This is the most subbed fan channel ONLY because the rest of the country wants to watch and LAUGH at us. We can't go about voicing our opinions and trying to reorganize our club when we don't even have ourselves in order.

  • mark Willmore
    mark Willmore 8 months ago

    Big up the result,
    But arsenal are playing like rams pass it back to the 1/4 back (our goalie and make up the yardage)
    But 2nd half saw the advantage it has but not with our defence they don't have the touch, but interesting play

  • Kevin Williams
    Kevin Williams 8 months ago

    60 min into the game arsenal are dogshit. Lucky result against a poor West Ham side

  • Brandon Kinnersley
    Brandon Kinnersley 8 months ago

    Arsenal fans still should be worried west ham are near the bottom arsnal defence is a discrease I wouldn't be celebrating

  • Talli Ban
    Talli Ban 8 months ago

    Freddie need to find a soild eleven an stick to a formation that da players are comfortable with

  • Talli Ban
    Talli Ban 8 months ago

    Pepe is a proper player just need time

  • Ben Noimark
    Ben Noimark 8 months ago

    luckily citys next game is in the ucl

  • timoe
    timoe 8 months ago +1

    Martinelli is better than laca

  • Wagner Rocha
    Wagner Rocha 8 months ago

    Did DT not get arrested?

  • Anthony
    Anthony 8 months ago

    Actually made me feel physically sick seeing Torreira give his shirt to that scumbags son,should have given it to someone more deserving

  • Looch 1ner
    Looch 1ner 8 months ago

    Torreira should of passed the shirt to someone else...dude is a toxic joke..

  • Steven Pearce
    Steven Pearce 8 months ago

    Arsenal 0 city 5 boo who!

  • Aaron J
    Aaron J 8 months ago

    Heโ€™s gonna say all this smack cause they won, even when they lose they play the right teams

  • Keep it funky
    Keep it funky 8 months ago

    I really didnโ€™t know how bad things are at Arsenal until this game. Even though they got the win so much work needs to be done

  • Dave Cha
    Dave Cha 8 months ago

    Good gesture from Torreira towards your child DT

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 8 months ago

    Who saw DT, TY and Claude on tv last night.

  • jim brown
    jim brown 8 months ago

    Can DT even play football. He talk like he a football genius.

  • james taylor
    james taylor 8 months ago

    Thumbs down.

  • Diehard Devil
    Diehard Devil 8 months ago

    Pepe will rip Angelino to bits next week.๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ”ฅโœŠ๐Ÿพ

    ARSENAL INSPECTOR 8 months ago

    Ozil gave up in the match .... martinelli kept fighting and he got the goal that gave the boast ... aubu wasnโ€™t leading the line very well but he came up big for us but martinelli fighting spirit is amazing Pepe showed up

  • paulyrides11
    paulyrides11 8 months ago

    Pepe was shit his goal was all he did donโ€™t be deluded by that

  • Vic Una
    Vic Una 8 months ago

    Congratulations to Arsenal they played well yesterday.

  • Bacon Danglers
    Bacon Danglers 8 months ago

    Aftv is so boring when arsenal win

  • Charlie Alfa
    Charlie Alfa 8 months ago

    Iโ€™m here cuz of the battle on talkSPORT between Robbie and Simon Jordan

  • G Wainaina
    G Wainaina 8 months ago

    Pepe Needs To Perform Like This Consistently Now!Not if he doesn't get the nod from the manager.