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Boxed Wine Taste Test
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The Hamster Challenge
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Guess That Car Part (GAME)
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Talk Like Yoda Challenge
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Human Dishwasher Challenge
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Testing The Orbeez Spa
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Ice Cream Ramen Taste Test
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REAL Pumpkin Pie Taste Test
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Weird Chip Combos Taste Test
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Why Are We Screaming? (GAME)
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Unboxing 16 Mystery Boxes
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  • Blk Devils
    Blk Devils 2 hours ago

    Link really thought he wanted home to shut up

  • dylan stockton
    dylan stockton 2 hours ago

    No one knows Ed mcman

    HABIBUR RAHMAN 2 hours ago


  • Julio Acosta
    Julio Acosta 2 hours ago

    If anyone could cashapp me a couple dollars...i haven't eaten today and I'm trying to get a couple sandwiches. God bless $Capi1992

  • pokelover02
    pokelover02 2 hours ago

    Ah my hometown is Modesto!

  • Im Trash
    Im Trash 2 hours ago

    Use end pieces as croutons

  • Ascendant Madness
    Ascendant Madness 2 hours ago

    C is the Roman numeral 100... Question 2 was not a trick question, it was just more difficult.

  • Alexander Hawkins
    Alexander Hawkins 2 hours ago

    2020 and I still rewatch this

  • JxC
    JxC 2 hours ago

    It concerns me that they can all just take one bite then move on.

  • Liam Armistead
    Liam Armistead 2 hours ago

    Every time they take the knife from link I feel bad until he does gets to keep it for a minute and does some more wack stuff like point it directly at his face to see joshs reflection

  • Kyle Seiler
    Kyle Seiler 2 hours ago

    But a hotdog is a sandwich.

  • Isla Giles
    Isla Giles 2 hours ago

    Looool it’s so common for link to scream “AHHH ITS THE MENU”

  • Bob Neilon
    Bob Neilon 3 hours ago

    Bread end pieces are the best part of a loaf

  • Wrath and Blood
    Wrath and Blood 3 hours ago

    What are y’all on about, In-N-Out DOES serve a Veggie Burger.

  • Ascendant Madness
    Ascendant Madness 3 hours ago

    Every sauna I went to in Europe was co-ed, clothing optional - and only attendants wore clothing.

  • SunshineChoiYoungjae

    Did anyone else get fooled by the noods in the description

  • sandy crow
    sandy crow 3 hours ago

    AH ITS A *M E N U*

  • Ascendant Madness
    Ascendant Madness 3 hours ago


  • Topher
    Topher 3 hours ago

    Water is overrated


    Rhett looking like a mad scientist/Greek god.

  • Reshea
    Reshea 3 hours ago

    Y'all do not want to be Lewis and Clark

  • Alex Fishboy!
    Alex Fishboy! 3 hours ago

    Blonde Bigfoot does have a good point, let the vegiterian stay vegiterian

  • alexandria jones
    alexandria jones 3 hours ago

    Knew otnwas war heads, when you two kept saying jolly ranchers. 🤣🤣 and wasnt sour patch kids. 🤙🏻

  • 1k subs with no video

    *i suddenly have a strong urge to try this*

  • Swee tbrie
    Swee tbrie 4 hours ago

    Still funny February 2020!

  • GreatGamer48
    GreatGamer48 4 hours ago

    My cousin knows every episode of Brooklyn nine nine by heart 😜

  • Dustin Howard
    Dustin Howard 4 hours ago

    Haha that was funny when Link said we're you trying to get me to shut up for five minutes

  • Topher
    Topher 4 hours ago

    Not saying any of these conspiracy theories are correct and some of them actually are, but history is traditionally written by the winners

  • Albino_Radioactive_Wolf

    am i the only one that would love to see them try and learn "technologic" by daft punk? like if you agree | v

  • leviathan nostaw
    leviathan nostaw 4 hours ago

    City folk freak if someone has a knife and country folk carry a knife, multitool, flashlight, and a firearm. Everywhere we go. It's just part of life

  • Katlynn
    Katlynn 4 hours ago

    I seriously love josh and nicole theyre so talented and quirky i love it

  • friscoHub415
    friscoHub415 4 hours ago

    Palestinian people have something similar it's called knafa

  • Juel Johnson
    Juel Johnson 4 hours ago

    All of our family is in American and I live in Japan and that’s a 14 hour difference

  • Zhewen Teh
    Zhewen Teh 4 hours ago

    conclusion: rhett is a carnivore

  • Shiggy Martin
    Shiggy Martin 5 hours ago

    This is too much Josh. He has his own channel. Including him on MORE is overkill.

  • Aaron Chris
    Aaron Chris 5 hours ago

    God this was hilarious.

  • Avery Sutton
    Avery Sutton 5 hours ago

    How come it feels like I’m the only Leo in the world I can’t find any others?

  • Devora H
    Devora H 5 hours ago

    I have a geographic tongue also and it hurts so bad! But I don't burp and almost barf but that could've been because of the specific contents of the shot lol

  • Catherine Colwell
    Catherine Colwell 5 hours ago

    This is a MORE that I always go back to. It makes me laugh the ENTIRE time

  • Sela Brown
    Sela Brown 5 hours ago

    Is-is Link OKAY?!

  • pink lemon
    pink lemon 5 hours ago

    _Dear Rhett, _*_what_*_ is on your head?_

  • Jerry Klutts
    Jerry Klutts 5 hours ago

    Is there a mythical cookbook?

  • the_real_sans
    the_real_sans 5 hours ago

    Lol children chokeing on hot dogs

  • Beth Palmquist
    Beth Palmquist 5 hours ago

    I only missed the number one issue 5984291321 when it was 59842591321

  • It Is A Bert
    It Is A Bert 5 hours ago

    Coach "Fartleks today" jogs for 30 seconds sprints for 40. Repeats for 20 minutes. Actually happened to me

  • Arcelia Farias
    Arcelia Farias 5 hours ago

    HA the noods link is clever

  • PotatoCupGaming
    PotatoCupGaming 5 hours ago

    I just learned you guys both went to NC State for college, and it’s looking like that’ll probably be where I end up too! Do you guys have any advice or information about your experience you think is important?

  • BlackRedDragon777
    BlackRedDragon777 5 hours ago

    Pass those plates they all unsheathed their swords lol the three mythcateers

  • Kyra Sandefur
    Kyra Sandefur 5 hours ago

    I fell through the starring one

  • Ms. Kitty
    Ms. Kitty 5 hours ago

    Mmmm it's a Grilled Tweeze.

  • Josh PaperDragon
    Josh PaperDragon 5 hours ago

    I love the VLOG guys! Grreat work. Can't wait to see the house filled with your... creativity.

    FLOHTiES 5 hours ago

    Link: They’re Gushers Rhett 2 seconds later: ARE THOSE GUSHERS

    MADOFF REACTIONS 5 hours ago

    like if the food smells yummy lmfaooo

  • Ian Graber-Stiehl
    Ian Graber-Stiehl 5 hours ago

    Links joke is one of the Only times I've ever seen Josh Speechless

  • Matthew Koller
    Matthew Koller 5 hours ago

    Lies! That is clearly FSM in aquatic form, Inked instead of Marinara. Praise be to its Noodly Goodness!

  • Fred and Molly
    Fred and Molly 5 hours ago


  • Jessie Grider
    Jessie Grider 6 hours ago

    LInk's Dad is adorable. I want to see Rhet and Link's whole extended family. Just put them on and let them be themselves or play a silly game, but no sudden surprises for their dear old hearts.

  • Ray Dotson
    Ray Dotson 6 hours ago

    It 2020 and it not happen yet

  • Devin DeAnda
    Devin DeAnda 6 hours ago

    ...Even with rough, conservative numbers, Elvis consumed nearly four times his daily recommended intake's worth of calories with that one, king-ending sandwich.

    AWKWORDONE 6 hours ago

    9:25 Josh's reaction to Link's joke 🤣🤣

  • Ruler World
    Ruler World 6 hours ago

    I want a dimensional snack called twunkie and its this but no cheese

  • 10,000 Subscribers With no Videos Challenge

    9:23 Another classic example of Link speaking without thinking 😂

    TheDJBADASS 6 hours ago

    6:40 GOT EMMMM!

  • vincent padula
    vincent padula 6 hours ago

    Good Mythical More = lots of fast-forwarding Good Mythical Morning watch the whole thing

  • Milan Bardo
    Milan Bardo 6 hours ago

    I need this in my lifeee 😍😍😍💜💜💜

  • vincent padula
    vincent padula 6 hours ago

    So weird everytime I come to Good Mythical More always find myself fast-forwarding through a lot of it but good mythical morning I'm all about

  • nguyen dinh khanh
    nguyen dinh khanh 6 hours ago

    Thanks you beautiful

  • hey it’s liv
    hey it’s liv 6 hours ago

    rhett u need a haircut

  • Tactical Fishmerman
    Tactical Fishmerman 6 hours ago

    Everyone thinks that Josh is being ironic by only talking to Rhett and ignoring Link.... And just that Rhett is articulate and can converse beyond nana's..

  • Trần Quang Dũng
    Trần Quang Dũng 6 hours ago

    Is it delicious to grill?

  • Stephanie B
    Stephanie B 6 hours ago

    Bahahahaha! Harnett Co! 😂 (I am from Raleigh)

  • chey sechrist
    chey sechrist 6 hours ago

    plural of squid is (drumroll) Squid.

  • Caleb Brown
    Caleb Brown 6 hours ago

    I can’t look at these two without dying of laughter

  • Tyler Dean
    Tyler Dean 6 hours ago

    Link seems very caffeinated

  • Benjamin Taylor
    Benjamin Taylor 6 hours ago

    you missed watermelon

  • stickyfoot84
    stickyfoot84 7 hours ago

    "Center cut filets of bread." They didn't teach us this terminology in culinary school.

  • Thomas Bubacz
    Thomas Bubacz 7 hours ago


  • Alcxy
    Alcxy 7 hours ago

    it's like watching a grown man try to read

  • John Lucas
    John Lucas 7 hours ago

    i dislike every video that features josh

  • JSG
    JSG 7 hours ago

    Ghost is a lowkey partner

  • Gizzelle SugarSkull
    Gizzelle SugarSkull 7 hours ago

    josh we need that recipe

  • 50Sixx
    50Sixx 7 hours ago

    Why do they say good mythical more? And not morning?

  • Raven
    Raven 7 hours ago

    Josh thinking about us vegetarians needing representation at In-N-Out further proves that he is indeed...the perfect man.

  • devin merciers
    devin merciers 7 hours ago

    And little Billy just got the talk today lol

  • memeo dreamo
    memeo dreamo 7 hours ago

    Imagine getting both ur channels on trending

  • k*don*
    k*don* 7 hours ago

    im an end piece woman but only on like banana bread...etc

  • Cry baby Senpai
    Cry baby Senpai 7 hours ago

    I'll always wonder how big their table is.😔

  • Dab YeetMan
    Dab YeetMan 8 hours ago

    Juice wrld be like: 11:06

  • Sylus Garcia
    Sylus Garcia 8 hours ago

    Did he just say Popeyes grilled cheeses

  • Keiki Duncan
    Keiki Duncan 8 hours ago

    the link to the noods was amazing

  • lucas renslow
    lucas renslow 8 hours ago

    I'm a cold pizza and pasta guy

  • Michael Hudspeth
    Michael Hudspeth 8 hours ago

    No one: Lance: Hehehe

  • That One Commenter You're Always Finding

    This is the second grilled cheese video on trending.

  • Lee 219
    Lee 219 8 hours ago

    The noods link is to the will It ramen vid

  • lyn baker
    lyn baker 8 hours ago

    The crust makes a great piece of toast!

  • Justin Bowling
    Justin Bowling 8 hours ago

    Wow nikki is so beautiful!

  • Robert Brownie
    Robert Brownie 8 hours ago

    "Dude, get a double double!"

  • Isac Piedra
    Isac Piedra 8 hours ago

    15:35 link jerks the air

  • m c
    m c 8 hours ago

    I appreciate your joke link

  • jimgilliam
    jimgilliam 8 hours ago

    Link "Let me take you to my In-N-Out" :)