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    NODZ TECH 43 minutes ago

    NOTE 10 is <3

  • Knate
    Knate Hour ago

    Can I have your 2080 ti?


    Can you please review the New Dell Vostro i7 (10th Gen)?

  • Silver Back
    Silver Back Hour ago

    The Dell is twice as fast rendering premier pro? That’s astonishing and makes apple look like old hat 🎩

  • Aiman
    Aiman Hour ago

    Whats the gba emulator name?

  • Dennistubex
    Dennistubex Hour ago

    Reminds me of the Nintendo Gameboy SP when it's folded. Especially when seeing Super Mario bros in action.

  • tridev Samanta
    tridev Samanta Hour ago

    Smallest huh? Test xiaomi 4k projector...

  • Abdullah Awan
    Abdullah Awan Hour ago

    I dont have a pc and need it for web development and would love to get this

  • Ivan Ds
    Ivan Ds Hour ago

    Bought the 3a in July of 2019 and I can still recommend it! Great battery and great camera! No slow downs at all... Not to mention it is now $349.99 or less...

  • Alfredo Rojas
    Alfredo Rojas 2 hours ago

    But does it run Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas successfully

  • Tim DuMoulin
    Tim DuMoulin 2 hours ago

    This phone is a rip off. It has no different specs from s10 other than a ridiculous camera. This is a product you buy in 2022 for 400$.

  • Karen Morris
    Karen Morris 2 hours ago

    It can't go under the kitchen table or stools. How much in American money?

  • Johan Soegiharto
    Johan Soegiharto 3 hours ago

    I like how the way you add the bts at the end of it. Always entertaining...!!

  • mactto
    mactto 3 hours ago

    please tell the monitor model name used in this video on 0:21 (60hz vs 144hz vs 240hz - The TRUTH about High Refresh Monitors! | The Tech Chap)

  • Mr. Incognito
    Mr. Incognito 3 hours ago

    This phone's tiny screen on the back of the phone is beyond tiny (The screen you use when the phone is folded). Samsung had so much more space to work with to expand its size. I could see myself really getting annoyed with trying to use that small of a screen to access things like my notifications. Besides that, it's really cool. Its ability to flip gives me that early 2000's feel.

    HOVEROUND GAMING 3 hours ago

    Hey , pick up the call of sarah 😏

  • mactto
    mactto 4 hours ago

    0.21 please tell monitor model name

    • mactto
      mactto 4 hours ago

      0:21 tell monitor name

  • Ken Mcwilliam
    Ken Mcwilliam 4 hours ago

    This is fucking porn for me, like Ughhhhhh this looks soooooo fucking goooooooddd!!!! sadly her in canadia im never gonna be able to get 2 grand EVER! plus! i need to powerful gpu Witch is unlikey for me to get. unless the 2060 ko is goo enough

  • Wow Yman
    Wow Yman 4 hours ago

    Thanks for the detail reviews.

  • John Martin
    John Martin 4 hours ago

    have there been comparisons with how amd cards perform with this monitor?

  • Zach Pogi
    Zach Pogi 5 hours ago

    I were you I would buy 11 pro max phone and ipad pro max

  • Ahmed AKA
    Ahmed AKA 5 hours ago

    It's amazing how the preorder where i live Costs only 1050% on the ultra (exynos edition) and you still get a free galaxy buds plus with it !

  • le mattzoR
    le mattzoR 5 hours ago

    Can someone give me a link to download this wallpaper, i love it.

  • vaux_man vv
    vaux_man vv 5 hours ago

    This is a dream to see oled on laptops. I have oled tv, phone, tablet and this will complete the collection. Once you see oled's colour and black levels then there is no going back. Why can't apple release an oled macbook??

  • Davis Arthur
    Davis Arthur 5 hours ago

    I only play exclusives on Ps4. Xbox everyday all day

  • Davis Arthur
    Davis Arthur 5 hours ago

    Xbox for me

  • Miguel Fernandes
    Miguel Fernandes 6 hours ago

    The new Android 10 gestures are nicer than the Android 9 ones on Samsung devices, but I'm already tired of the doing a back gesture by mistake when scrolling on a time bar on the bottom of the screen or writing letter starting with the letters on the edge of the keyboard with swype. It can be SO ANNOYING! They have to figure it out so navigation gestures and other gestures aren't mistaken so frequently!

  • R5N2K20
    R5N2K20 6 hours ago

    what a waste of money

  • R5N2K20
    R5N2K20 6 hours ago

    He most probably made back his 30K, look at the number of views and subscribers. But on the other hand, 30K could probably make you more money if you invested it. I don't know?

    • The Tech Chap
      The Tech Chap 6 hours ago

      I only had it for a day I don't buy it 😂

  • Graeme Duncan
    Graeme Duncan 6 hours ago

    Oh Sarah made a voice appearance, will soon be your Average Tech Chap, Your Average Tech Gal 😂

  • Bryan Flores
    Bryan Flores 6 hours ago

    I love the gestures

  • corrozzo
    corrozzo 6 hours ago

    Black color on IPS is soo shiiiit

  • Stormhead
    Stormhead 7 hours ago

    This Screen is too dark for Day Light. And burn in effect is comming in 3 - 5 months

  • Muhit Al Omar
    Muhit Al Omar 7 hours ago

    [8:15] Not Actually! You can take 4k video with Ultra Wide mode but It doesn't supports with 60fps. If You record it with 4k 30fps then it can record smoothly. Same goes with 1080p also.

  • the Barrowman
    the Barrowman 7 hours ago

    How much ? ....... I can have a gaming pc for silmar price

  • hazleballs
    hazleballs 7 hours ago

    This couldn't come at a better time... just looking into getting my first 'propper' PC... fingers crossed

  • Mattias Charman
    Mattias Charman 7 hours ago

    Why do I even need a flip smartphone?

    • PSYCHO
      PSYCHO 5 hours ago

      You don't. Nobody does. The Z Flip looks cool but it serves ZERO PURPOSE just like the 2020 Razr. Galaxy Fold remains KING. Waiting for the Galaxy Fold 2 aka Galaxy Flex 2. 😎

  • oumar barry
    oumar barry 7 hours ago

    I have a Msi Ps63 (Gtx 1050 Ti) which supports 4k @30hz is it possible for example to connect a QHD 2560x1440 90hz screen with the laptop ? I really need someone to reply. Thank you 😊

  • Frankie World
    Frankie World 7 hours ago

    Stop flipping with one hand. Bad habit man. Cheers~

  • Harry Scott Elliott
    Harry Scott Elliott 8 hours ago

    This dude just waits for other reviews on FLash-player and copies them all lmfso!

    • Joao Roman
      Joao Roman 6 hours ago

      Not true. This might be the best z flip video to date

    • The Tech Chap
      The Tech Chap 6 hours ago

      It's not a review though - just a few tips

  • Number Two
    Number Two 8 hours ago

    I wouldn't buy one at such a high price considering how fragile it really is.

  • Samuel Novitzky
    Samuel Novitzky 8 hours ago

    I love this phone so so much but the problem is I don't have $1400

    • PSYCHO
      PSYCHO 4 hours ago

      Work and save up. It doesn't matter what bills or rent you have. You can save up slowly. Cut back other expenses, etc. If you truly want this phone, then you will find a way to buy it. It's that simple.

  • Jon Trimmer
    Jon Trimmer 8 hours ago

    Got one coming tomorrow. I usually get bored of Samsung phones really quickly so we will see how long the novelty factor lasts

  • Koushick Talukdar
    Koushick Talukdar 8 hours ago

    Is there any image compression?

  • Jacob Girling
    Jacob Girling 9 hours ago

    I absolutely love the gorgeous camerawork on this video. This is one of the best quality videos I've ever seen online. So well coloured and pristinely sharp. Keep it up!

  • david palmer
    david palmer 9 hours ago

    Don't want any foldable phone even for free

    • PSYCHO
      PSYCHO 5 hours ago

      Good for you. I expect you to feel the same way when Apple releases their foldable iFold as well.

  • Eddie O'Connor
    Eddie O'Connor 9 hours ago

    Meh. Not interested in a folding phone that will eventually develop a crease, that will eventually require a stay in some repair shop getting a new screen.....which will give me back a folding phone that will eventually develop a crease, that will eventually require a stay in some repair shop getting a new screen....which will give me back a folding pho.......wait...wth!?.....LoL!

  • Santhosh BSM
    Santhosh BSM 9 hours ago

    Is the wireless charging supported on the both sides of the flip?? The lighting in ur room goes really well with the phone's design, Beautiful to Watch, Pls be quick with your S20 Videos cause i can't wait to watch em. Loved the outro "research"🤣😍

    • The Tech Chap
      The Tech Chap 6 hours ago

      Thanks man! Only charges on one side. I get my s20 Ultra on Tues 🙄

  • Blobspit : ]
    Blobspit : ] 9 hours ago

    Basically MKBHD, still good tho

  • democritus37
    democritus37 10 hours ago

    Bought it, hated it, returned it.

  • Ejaz Anwar
    Ejaz Anwar 10 hours ago

    We cannot used this in Samsung j7 max

  • ADT
    ADT 10 hours ago

    Neat phone but I only have a tablet and I'll probably wait for mimectic pollyalloy smartphone but I bet I can't afford one. I haven't used an emulator for while but I used the free version of john gba and used a free noroot firewall or just turn off WiFi.

  • Zain Ahmed
    Zain Ahmed 10 hours ago


  • Stephen Carr
    Stephen Carr 10 hours ago

    I think there will be quite a few damaged screens and hinge problems as people who buy it use it in real and day life.

  • jorge washtoning
    jorge washtoning 10 hours ago

    add 18:9 1080p maximum and low power high nits oled bigger screen, and make it clear that A series and 600chips are budget low performance products so it wont mix up with the real thing

  • Hehehehehe Boii
    Hehehehehe Boii 10 hours ago

    1:15 game?

  • simon flinn
    simon flinn 10 hours ago

    how did u get mario

  • Ali Khuram Ijaz
    Ali Khuram Ijaz 11 hours ago

    Ill pass on this one not worth they money

  • Starlight 27
    Starlight 27 11 hours ago

    I prefer this phone over Samsungs but the catch is that in Algeria, it’s not sold in stores nor are their accessories. So in case I get the screen slashed or charger cable cut, I will have a hard time to get it fixed. Samsungs, however, are everywhere. What advice do you give me? I do want stock android and that optimization that google offers in pixels. PS iPhone SE user here stitching to android. So optimization and a smooth experience matter the most to me.

  • Review The Cheapest
    Review The Cheapest 11 hours ago

    Everybody is reviewing the useless flip phone, meanwhile, the beast S20 Ultra is waiting for its turn to come, while being stucked in some drawer...

  • chad smith
    chad smith 11 hours ago

    I wouldn't carry that phone for free

    • PSYCHO
      PSYCHO 4 hours ago

      Good for you.....

  • Mr. Z
    Mr. Z 11 hours ago

    Love the Z flip

  • Bass Town Ncs
    Bass Town Ncs 11 hours ago

    epicly awesome

  • Noah Sierra
    Noah Sierra 11 hours ago

    I'm considering buying a Asus Zephyrus S with an Intel i9 (9750H) and an RTX 2070. It has 16 GB of RAM, a 1TB SSD, and a 144 hz FHD panel. Should I wait for it to go down in price? (Currently $2300) Or wait for a refresh of the machine with possibly an RTX 2080 and 10th gen Intel processor? I've heard the 10th gen intel chips aren't a considerable boost to performance, and the difference between the 2070 and 2080 to be pretty negligible with the 2070 being the best value for price. Any thoughts?

  • Marius
    Marius 11 hours ago

    P30 pro is POWER 👍👑💪

  • Trap Town TWC
    Trap Town TWC 11 hours ago

    Big vibes!

    TECHSOME 11 hours ago

    I love the Z Flip. Such a cool and new technology. I also just posted my 20 minute review on my channel. Have a look 😊

  • Sagar Sethi
    Sagar Sethi 11 hours ago

    The Lookalike of a Laptop and that is really a kooltech of 2020

  • Abubaker Jandan
    Abubaker Jandan 11 hours ago

    I like your video thank you so much very good interview

  • The Tech Chap
    The Tech Chap 11 hours ago

    Hey Chaps! Hope you enjoy the video! (don't worry, lots of S20 Ultra stuff coming next week)! 🔥 Would you buy a Z Flip or do you think it's a waste of money?

      TECHSOME 11 hours ago

      It's expensive but I think it's worth the money. You get a brand new technology. Btw I also published my unboxing and review video about the Z Flip. Have a look 😊

    • sanjaya mendis
      sanjaya mendis 11 hours ago

      Better than razer

    • Sagar Sethi
      Sagar Sethi 11 hours ago

      What I dont like about this phone that it is easy to scratch making the phone to he bad quality when made from glass

    FUN TIMES 11 hours ago


  • Zane Oneiros
    Zane Oneiros 11 hours ago

    Ok that thumbnail. Actually pretty cool.

  • MR Z
    MR Z 11 hours ago

    How to get mario game?

  • truly fandamtastic
    truly fandamtastic 11 hours ago

    Still undercooked tech

  • Namaste Dubai
    Namaste Dubai 11 hours ago

    1st ,,,,,, view ,,,,,,,giv me,,,

  • Jorge Meza
    Jorge Meza 11 hours ago

    Ommitted the most important thing on gaming laptops: COOLING!!!!!!!!! If cooling is bad, the laptop will die! fast.

  • PuppetMaster
    PuppetMaster 11 hours ago

    curved is perfect for va

  • Danial Aqeem
    Danial Aqeem 12 hours ago

    should I get this or asus vivobook s15

  • b zee
    b zee 12 hours ago

    I love pure Android

  • MarkimusMaximus9
    MarkimusMaximus9 13 hours ago

    I have a 9560. It's still a great laptop years later. Dell is so good at Laptops.

  • Carl Wilson
    Carl Wilson 13 hours ago

    I will buy this type of car after two years through stock market

  • Allen Kwok
    Allen Kwok 13 hours ago

    If this uses a full size GPU, would it be possible to change the GPU?

  • storyofwill
    storyofwill 13 hours ago

    I got one. It's really really beautiful. But it's only suitable for normal work. Heats up quite easily. Cant play game with it. Wont recommend if you need performance.

  • TK1960SubDude
    TK1960SubDude 13 hours ago

    Let's be honest here. If you have a wheelbarrow full of fifties and can afford to burn them, by all means go right ahead and burn them. For the rest of us, switching over from older mechanical HDDs to newer SSDs has extended the service lives of even older equipment using PCIe 2.0. Would building a PCIe 4.0 system be desirable? Undoubtedly and resoundingly YES! Practically, no. My goal this year is to build a PCIe 3.0 system and hopefully get a better graphics card that can utilize the bandwidth. Again we are back to the afore mentioned wheelbarrow of fifties. If ya can afford to burn em, then burn em. If ya can't, then upgrade at a smarter and more pedestrian pace. Yes getting that one extra frag in COD or BF4 would be nice but is it worth potentially thousands of dollars/euros... etc. For those that have to have the latest and greatest I want you out there spending that cash like water over the falls because you are the best guinea pigs for the rest of us. You are going to find all the good and the bad and expose the hype from the fraud. Love the tester hate to be tested on.

  • TooAshwin
    TooAshwin 14 hours ago

    Bhai itne sare laptop ek de de mujhe 😂

  • Nowe Kolejne
    Nowe Kolejne 14 hours ago

    Does it exist USB/USB-c wire version of this keyboard? Arguably not, so WHY? :(

  • Esmee Diana Kumari
    Esmee Diana Kumari 14 hours ago

    I have it but barely use it. The effects with music as with gaming are amazing but with watching tv or movies i find it very annoying. But if I am playing Spider-Man on the ps4 it is adding so much fun to the game. I am glad that I bought it with a discount but still paid €200 for it.

  • neoasura
    neoasura 15 hours ago

    Awesome review, I just got the IPS/LCD version myself and it's incredible. I went with that over OLED since I do more static photography editing over video editing, so I like the AdobeRGB color accuracy. The OLED does look better when it comes to movie watching. But screen burn in scared me. I leave my laptop on for days at a time annd didn't want to risk it.

  • Avinash Rai
    Avinash Rai 15 hours ago

    You've got to review new Aftershock Vapor 15 (not pro) ASAP.

  • amel3
    amel3 15 hours ago

    i have this one and it sucks...8750h goes to 100c...i repaste it few control fan...just DONT buy it!!!

  • Andrew Moynihan
    Andrew Moynihan 15 hours ago

    Any work on 14rhz 1440p laptops

    CAPTAIN KABOOM!! 16 hours ago

    2:39 what the fuck HD😂😂🤣🤣

  • Cribz
    Cribz 16 hours ago

    your cpu is the bottleneck when rendering

  • T Anban
    T Anban 17 hours ago

    This SOB didn even consider my phone V50😞

  • Pepe
    Pepe 17 hours ago

    Summary: Laptops with new ryzen chips will be released after a month.

  • HLN 1518
    HLN 1518 17 hours ago

    Samsung all the way! samsung always amaze me. They have fold, flip and S pen.

  • S A
    S A 18 hours ago

    I didn't realise there was so much to consider ...

  • mettn
    mettn 18 hours ago

    XZ1 win! And had 24% 5:09 ez))

  • Matt Fletcher
    Matt Fletcher 18 hours ago

    Hi. I just bought the 27 inch monitor. Does it come with a screen protector on it? Not sure if I should be peeling the corner or not? It's been a while since I bought a new monitor

  • Joe
    Joe 19 hours ago

    Or is the angle deceiving? I have a 55' TV, and it's not that wide! Please tell me what the hardware was, if it's still available, or have the laptops taken over?