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Funniest ASMR Fails !
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KIDS BUILD Mind Blowing Water Slide
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SPOILED GIRL hates her new Lambo
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The FASTEST WORKERS in the World !
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Funniest WATER SLIDE Fails !
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Things We All SECRETLY Do !
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People Who Got Called Out For LYING !
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Things YOU WISH you had in SCHOOL !
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WEIRD things that ONLY exist in JAPAN
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Craziest BACKYARDS You Wish You Had
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People Having a WORSE Day Than You !
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Foods You Are Eating WRONG !
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Most Unbelievable BATHROOMS Ever !
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Lies That Will DESTROY Your Trust !
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    RAJESHKUMAR AGOLA 57 minutes ago

    Really f

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    my sister is in Hartford university

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    Are you know that’s right it was it okay and you don’t need to hide your things😂😂😊😅🥳🥰

  • Gacha Serenity Delos reyes

    ummm sorry what happen in the the end

  • Ella Rulon #2
    Ella Rulon #2 58 minutes ago

    The swirly potato’s are called cactus taters

  • Pearl Projector
    Pearl Projector 58 minutes ago

    3:45 Maybe the chicken is vegan

  • Benny Verrek
    Benny Verrek 58 minutes ago

    azzy Kanu make a secret house and make ur boyfriend find it?

  • Cupcake girl
    Cupcake girl 58 minutes ago

    Lol my friend does the McDonald's one and I was ilke dude what are you doing and I saw dis vid and I'm ilke DID SHE GET THAT IDEA FROM HER!!?!?

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    Ileanna Lim 59 minutes ago

    black lickeris sucks

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    U can get those potato thingys in Croatia

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    Daniel Kofi Hour ago

    Stick doing FLASH-PLAYER

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    i think hes filipino

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    Don’t cry sweetie 😪😪. Awwww

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    I know your boyfriends name is kwebbelkop

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    The guy who had the tank top on is the killer because people normally like to run while listening to music. Like if you agree 👇

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    Who like azzy

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    Azzylands outro is epic like life you agree ⬇️

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    On the bread video u said wow at the beginning 😂

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    Ewwwww that is sooo gross🤮

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    Me:mom Mom:yes honey Me:my ipad broke Mom:how Me:i smashed the like button😎😎

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    8:09 One Of The Gacha Life Bedroom, Anyone Noticed?

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    Just like hacker

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    Assyrian I love you so much I am a fan

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    I love animals I dress my dog

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    I wish I could hear the sounds over your face hole

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    I really want a girl...but its never gonna come true... :( My mom has 3 kids: 1. Me 2. Boy 3. Boy

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    On the last one I'd just walk around it because it shows room on the sides

  • Honeymoon Avenue

    This was actually very educational and why do i feel like a loser saying that lol

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    Eat This Hour ago

    she's speaking language of godesses

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    Clara Fernandes Hour ago

    Azzy you should watch miraculous tales of lady bug and cat noir it would be so much fun to watch you watch it

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    Stephen Arthur Hour ago

    Jordis behind you like if you see him 👇🏻

  • Three Shooting Stars

    1:52 it's not obama-found the same pic on the internet haha

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    Anri Qaldani Hour ago

    4:34 without word

  • Commandix Nostalgia

    No intro,huh? Also the videos are sped up.

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    The dog in one of the pictures was peeing🤣

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    I love you Azzi

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    Love your earrings Azzy! They suit you very well.

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    Why is science important?

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    10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 sticks

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    D Ninjagamer123 Hour ago

    You throw pop-it’s on the ground stamp on them lightly run away and they exploded

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    Ghazl Ramzi TV Hour ago

    Please make part two

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    Bob the builder who thinks Bob the builder is not his name

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    Yay your so close to 10 million!!!!!!🍬🍬🍭

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    Who was in tje backround?????? Comment if you know!!!!!!

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    Another one plz

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    that guy has poor thighs so sad

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    infinite were same i just like infinite do

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    In my new high school I have 2

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    i just love it when azzy says deliciouccceeeeeee

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    and even tge tounge

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    Azzy I love you I wish u where my girlfriend

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    but not the 👍 thingy

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    I am no longer early Nor late But when Azzy uploads I DONT HESITATE !!!

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    Add me to also very hard to get in the bath tub got something done yet Jacinda row and then there was thousand million describe and what thousand thousand 1000 is that LOL okay I will call later actually LOL tell me that okay bye👱🏻‍♀️👩🏿‍🦰👩🏼‍🦳👩🏾‍🦱👧🏻👩🧒🏽

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    What is that game called not roblox

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    Are you sick

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    REACREAT THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:3 But u dont need to if u dont want to :3

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    Sanna is a Roblox FLASH-PLAYERr and I love her so much as much as I love you too :3

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    Wilda Reyes Hour ago

    Azzy you said you were a Pisces but you pointed at the Cancer sign. )-( that is pisces

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    sduk Hour ago

    I’ve done all this in creative lol ur level 1 in survival with all that stuff 😂

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    My sisters job is at McDonald's and they have to make it just a bit bigger

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  • •p a ѕ т e l w o l ғ ι e•

    ι love yoυ all ѕo мυcнннн! ѕтay aweѕoмe! ѕтay ѕweeт! and don'т ғorgeт тo вe nιce тo eacнoтнer! вye gυyѕѕ!!

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    I live in Australia Queensland

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    how was i not in this vid lol

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    Who is the person in the bed

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    im flexible

  • Alicia Kramer,MD

    That big tree is real , there are others in yosemite that are older and bigger than that one

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    1:19 your finger is broken auch ur nails

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    10:36 lol shes likw what are u sayin anh then leave

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    I watch this and my name is max

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    Jordi is just staring at azzy

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    bruh i can do it all


    I subed

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    I'm just eating how I like to eat :/

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    Girl it’s called an underwear well I think so

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    This is how many memes #

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    I like how the desert screamed for help and u said the only way to save it is to eat it I like your thinking Azzy

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    1.what if u don’t have scarf

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    I have had the rolled stuff

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    You stole from lazarbeam!

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    The girl will swim the boat

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  • Gaming with erica Hogan

    Yes it work I have a stay pool

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    I think in the thumbnail they forgot to put a space between “Girl” and “friend”

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    Get it "HOT" aribaloon

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