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    Sarah Levine Hour ago

    Use me as a WTF button

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    judy tirado Hour ago


  • judy tirado
    judy tirado Hour ago

    I have wanted to did

  • Mehmet Alpay
    Mehmet Alpay Hour ago

    Oh if I had a pizza as a pet I would be a murderer of pizza come on guys you would to don't lie

  • Claire Green
    Claire Green Hour ago

    Dude I want to do the flower one

  • Nikki_08
    Nikki_08 Hour ago

    I eat the strawberry stem.

  • Diana Rivera
    Diana Rivera Hour ago

    I KNEW IT IT WAs a FOX!?!?

  • Mike Grayston
    Mike Grayston Hour ago

    WOW that dad is the worst

  • Raqiba Chowdhury

    your voice doesnt sound good, are you okay Azzy?

  • Mawhen Jallah
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  • Hazethemaze
    Hazethemaze Hour ago

    Azzy, the snake joke is actually drama. Drake dissed Taylor in a song, and from the clips they released it looked like she actually approved, yet she got really angry at him. It caused drama, and Kim Kardashian and Drake called her a snake. This year (the snake stuff was from 2016) the actual video got released, and she did not agree to what he said. Taylor is not actually the snake, they are. Check it out on buzzfeed for the details

  • Andygup
    Andygup Hour ago

    0:51 you dont like auto cucumbers???

  • BamaButterPancake

    I’m still mad that she said no to Bakugo

  • Perl Amory Pinkerton

    Is yogurt just a figment of our imagination? -Azzyland 2020

  • Jo'Van Prater
    Jo'Van Prater Hour ago

    hi azzy love your vids and channel you always make my day :p

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    Jay Miller Hour ago

    I love the little puppy stuffed animal in the backround.😂

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  • Aaron Thomas
    Aaron Thomas Hour ago

    Azzy an underwater tornado is called an whirlpool.

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    Lay Prasasouk Hour ago

    Yes it is my birthday

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    Fun butcbryvbrbvryvbr

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    I need that hair!😋

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    I cried on them all

  • *_*idiot*_* *_*idiot*_*

    All the comments are about Jodie in the back round

  • Ms. Jade Tutorials

    Can i say that those conditoner comercial girls are from philipines🙃

  • Erica Gutierrez
    Erica Gutierrez Hour ago

    Azzy: posts me: I AM SPEED

  • Jose Ortiz
    Jose Ortiz Hour ago

    That drink is a beer and they sell it in Mexico

  • corrupt skull
    corrupt skull Hour ago

    Anyone else notice that azzy said mum Ps: I am not trying to say this is the wrong way to say it as I am English.

  • Lake DeRonde
    Lake DeRonde Hour ago

    Hi azzy lm you’re biggest fan. You’re the best 😁

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  • Michaela G
    Michaela G Hour ago

    Azzy: I just stabbed you relax Tal:

  • Reza Mohammad
    Reza Mohammad Hour ago

    I was born in Afghanistan and There is no fast food places

  • Megan Hardy
    Megan Hardy Hour ago

    Lol 3:58 to 4:05

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  • mariah xiong
    mariah xiong Hour ago

    she said wow from the bubble one

  • XxSomeAnimeKidxX

    Actually blue eyes like that are possible to get they are just really rare

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  • John Badger
    John Badger Hour ago

    It is a foxy

  • *Star Gacha*
    *Star Gacha* Hour ago

    Azzy: Where’s the weirdest place you’ve ever slept Me: on someone’s shoulder People: as, that’s not weird it’s cute Me: no I was riding on their shoulders and then fell asleep there 😂

  • Sarah Harris
    Sarah Harris Hour ago

    Hi azzy I love every video and love the music video the most

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  • Ive 1987
    Ive 1987 Hour ago

    I just graduated from 4grade!!u keeper me going azzy!😊😋🤩

  • M Harvey
    M Harvey Hour ago

    U forgot arms

  • Kasey Sherman
    Kasey Sherman Hour ago

    My mum had a dream about my other mum cheating on her and was mad at my mum that day

  • Ayah Al alawi
    Ayah Al alawi Hour ago

    I got this video because I died sad videos and then I put a P in these all came up so I’m really crying very badly I have watched two videos this one and another one

  • Princess Grace Emedi

    When you said gain of salt I said SaltECrafter.

  • Mila Brill
    Mila Brill Hour ago

    i cant wach a video whitowt looking at the comets

  • Johnathan Williams


  • Luque de Smeth
    Luque de Smeth Hour ago

    You have to put the whipped Cream on the back of your hand

  • Xide Balbastro
    Xide Balbastro Hour ago

    I'm the 5% thumb print

  • Karen Mischko
    Karen Mischko Hour ago

    5:43 like the lion king Nala and Simba never wanted to be together and now AKA at the end of the movie they have a cub!🦁 (By the way this time was perfect: 5 4 3 😂)

  • Marilyn Sebok
    Marilyn Sebok Hour ago

    I really liked your videos and I hope you have a good day and Yeah just do love I'll see you

  • Faith Olvera
    Faith Olvera Hour ago

    On 3:50 you said WOW 🤩!!!!

  • Shaima Khan
    Shaima Khan Hour ago

    you said wow 8 times

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  • Princess Amira Massri

    I am a kid 🧒

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    Rebecca Leung Hour ago

    5 more

  • Irene Lei
    Irene Lei Hour ago

    Love u 2 Azzy!

  • Isabel Lymanstall

    Azzy is so cute I love ❤️ Azzy

  • Max H
    Max H Hour ago

    my dog is missing an eye bc it was infected

  • Flash Gamer
    Flash Gamer Hour ago

    I dooooo


    There making tater tots! -Azzy Me- it’s called gnocchi ( pronounced no chi )

  • simple edit
    simple edit Hour ago

    Question:Did the brother end up ok?They never mentioned him after.....

  • Zoe Comer
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  • Karmei Cheng
    Karmei Cheng Hour ago

    3:45 Azzy:there goes the nose Me: VolDemOrT?

  • MrSpenny976
    MrSpenny976 Hour ago

    My friend at school used to play with my hair all the time

  • our pony and lps world my pony and lps wold

    No offence she was rude

  • Greg the slime
    Greg the slime Hour ago

    The lemon spray is for food, I use it for whenever my dad makes barbecue

  • Lily Zavadel
    Lily Zavadel Hour ago

    she didn't make it there is an app she uses

  • Crystal The Potato

    Azzys poor Innocent mind;-;

  • Ella Nilsson-Burns

    omg azzy i love ur dress

  • AshLPS _
    AshLPS _ Hour ago

    Omg! This is so hilarious! I was having a bad day but Azzy made it up for me! Like she always does!

  • Buba Truba
    Buba Truba Hour ago

    I know 16 yt

  • Dylan Erickson
    Dylan Erickson Hour ago

    I hate the mom

  • karin Stormmaker

    6:50 welcome to Poland

  • Rachel Marr
    Rachel Marr Hour ago

    Azzy, you would look good with short hair

  • Katey Mills
    Katey Mills Hour ago

    Therapist: what’s your worst fear Azzy: Peach juice *dramatic war flashbacks*

  • Really? Chan?
    Really? Chan? Hour ago

    I have a request for azzyland if she could play Yandere simulator because theirs alot of new updates! plz! Azzy!

  • XxGacha_NightmarsxX

    I think Australia is where Satan keeps all of his pets 🦟🕷🦂🐍🐊🦈🐡🐠🐟🦜🐲🐉

  • 이지아
    이지아 Hour ago

    I love riddles

  • Maddie4ever 213
    Maddie4ever 213 Hour ago

    team pancake for the win

  • Ivette Perez
    Ivette Perez Hour ago

    AzzyIs your sister that mean in real life I hope not

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  • Binnca Prince
    Binnca Prince Hour ago

    Those faces Looking like..woah

  • Cribardog118 Cribari

    Always wanted to play football

  • Soft_Box
    Soft_Box Hour ago

    I litterally just found out yellow apples exist

  • Anik Chakravarty

    I never took a school bus

  • Alpha Chibis
    Alpha Chibis Hour ago

    Life is a test

  • Sukesi Wijaya
    Sukesi Wijaya Hour ago

    Azzyland is not mean azzyland is Kind sweet ;) and cute

  • Sienna Varley
    Sienna Varley Hour ago

    Wait what

  • D4RK _S4J
    D4RK _S4J Hour ago

    Azzy Land:I got money Mr Beast:Nice

  • -*-honey Bee-*-
    -*-honey Bee-*- Hour ago

    Roses are red Azzy’s micro phone is pink I can’t wait till winter again So I can go to the skating rink ☺️

  • Jasmine Davis
    Jasmine Davis Hour ago

    This is so emotional 😭

  • Janeillie Casilla

    She drooled that much to make a flood