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  • Andy Broberg
    Andy Broberg 14 minutes ago

    What an ugly specimen

  • Walt Peters
    Walt Peters 21 minute ago

    GREEN MOTION: A total rip off company. Me and my wife rented a car from them down in Florida. Made the reservation online and paid a deposit. Picked the car up AWAY from the airport so there would be no "airport fee" Yeah right. Upon returning the car, I was asked if the gas tank was full. I had filled it less than 3 miles from where I had to return the car. I replied YES, it is full. She stated if it was not completely full, they would top it off at $7 a gallon. I replied "like hell you will." Upon paying the bill I saw that we had been charged the "airport fee" and also a tax called a VAT tax. I already had a good idea what it was, but I asked her anyways. She said it was Florida state sales tax. I replied "BULLSHIT, it's a European Value Added Tax that is charged in Europe. I attempted to dispute both charges and failed. I will NEVER rent from them again. All told, I got hosed for about $90 dollars in extra fees. So, if you fly into Orlando, never rent from Green Motion.

  • RealBadShooter
    RealBadShooter 30 minutes ago

    Has no one noticed Sean's spit take made Jimmy laugh so hard it was a normal laugh?

  • Strawberry Unicorn
    Strawberry Unicorn 44 minutes ago

    Katherine can fuck right off

  • Kyote Creek
    Kyote Creek Hour ago

    They are adorable together!

  • Mohammed Hamza
    Mohammed Hamza Hour ago

    the day joe nearly killed sean

  • CloudsGirl7
    CloudsGirl7 Hour ago

    Love how Joe jumps from "Oh, cock and balls" to bursting laughter at Sean messing up with "depos.".

  • joseph garcia
    joseph garcia Hour ago

    B for Bruce. B for Brave.

  • RealMetalGaming
    RealMetalGaming Hour ago


  • Etec 0987
    Etec 0987 Hour ago

    "who in the world would have a bear as a.......ah Russians true masters of culture"

  • ajcnielsen
    ajcnielsen Hour ago

    I've only seen Joe in this show and, too be honest, the first couple times I thought he was goddamn obnoxious. But he's got the kind of personality that really grows on you, and now these old bits have me dying.

  • Mohammed Javid
    Mohammed Javid 2 hours ago

    What happened to big narstie???

  • Sil singular
    Sil singular 2 hours ago

    No carro.... CNow Now please!?

  • Kandiana Allen
    Kandiana Allen 2 hours ago

    it’s ironic that they’re feeding the bear porridge 🤗🤣

  • anto27b
    anto27b 2 hours ago

    Rent a Virtuo and you won’t have any problem

  • Chris Probst
    Chris Probst 2 hours ago

    Someone this week commented "oh, Joe Wilkinson appeared on cats does countdown, now we're going to have a new Best Of video from channel 4, with all the old stuff plus 5 seconds from this new one" aaaaand Voilà

  • Dorky Dino
    Dorky Dino 2 hours ago

    As someone with Trypophopia,I can proudly say...I almost shit myself reading the title of this video.

  • Seonghyeon Kim
    Seonghyeon Kim 2 hours ago

    Easy to remember

  • Allyson Gabrysh
    Allyson Gabrysh 2 hours ago


  • Tony Smyth
    Tony Smyth 2 hours ago

    Sean Lock is a fucking eejit. None of his jokes are even funny. His haircut is stupid. Okay, some of his jokes are a bit funny...

  • Will Dell
    Will Dell 2 hours ago

    aww they're a nice couple

  • BeastJCL
    BeastJCL 3 hours ago

    I swear only Joe and Johnny Vegas can make sean genuinely belly laugh (or even crack a smile).

  • Sharmin Sristy
    Sharmin Sristy 3 hours ago


  • Warachara Upapong
    Warachara Upapong 3 hours ago

    It has come to a realization that I talk like Moss when im upset.

  • Little Cossack
    Little Cossack 3 hours ago

    Greg’s impression of Chris Eubank is actually the funniest thing on the entire show, and that episode the best

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni 4 hours ago

    God, it's like they're all reading from a script along with the canned/on cue laughter.

  • Jelena V
    Jelena V 4 hours ago

    He wanted a boring voice!

  • B T
    B T 4 hours ago

    The Bear just reminds me of a really drunk person.

  • Jelena V
    Jelena V 4 hours ago

    Hury up hury up! 😀😀

  • Jelena V
    Jelena V 4 hours ago

    That guy with ginger blonde hair was in dog soldiers! Honestly I never know but now I know it!

  • Neptunes Ballz
    Neptunes Ballz 4 hours ago

    "WARNING This clip contains strong language" *Gordon Ramsey* : 'Its a F***IN Gordon Ramsey video you F***IN plonker!'

  • Alexa Sanchez
    Alexa Sanchez 4 hours ago


  • Deep hug
    Deep hug 4 hours ago

    We needed this.

  • Hello Pokebowl
    Hello Pokebowl 4 hours ago

    Why am I watching praying mantises having sex...

  • Juan Gal
    Juan Gal 4 hours ago

    I sorry god

  • Magna Ryuu
    Magna Ryuu 4 hours ago

    Joe's poem was brilliant. i laughed even harder after Sean pleads with him to stop

  • Keely Emer
    Keely Emer 4 hours ago

    1:20 Snog A Milf

  • Iain Jaques
    Iain Jaques 5 hours ago

    Anyone else think that the 9 letter word was Palestine and not penalties? Lol

    • Deep hug
      Deep hug 4 hours ago

      That bear suit is amazing.

  • Hidden In anxiety
    Hidden In anxiety 5 hours ago

    The comedians comedian

  • Yinn X
    Yinn X 5 hours ago

    ... i can relate, i can't do riddles either - i only do the 'oh' after given the answer

  • cjking64
    cjking64 5 hours ago


  • bigbike
    bigbike 5 hours ago

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  • Martin Heath
    Martin Heath 5 hours ago

    In a couple of years Katherine is going to look and become even more like Joan Rivers but Joan Rivers was almost a hundred years old so her surgery actually did make her face look younger. So much prettier before the "work" and the veneers. She and the Moffat girl now with duck face top lip filler. You can always tell. Just hideous what women are doing to their faces. And sad that they feel the need to look fake.

  • will Merrick
    will Merrick 5 hours ago

    The alien version of Joe looks like a sexy Fidel Castro

  • Poolie 666
    Poolie 666 6 hours ago

    Kathrine Ryan’s fake laugh nearly ruined it for me

  • Stannis Baratheon
    Stannis Baratheon 6 hours ago

    Why can't american TV be this good?

  • MrStella1976
    MrStella1976 6 hours ago

    Pure class 😂😂

  • annairda
    annairda 6 hours ago

    Love her! She has an amazing voice, nice personality! ♥️ Hope she will drop a new album soon!

  • dominic clarke
    dominic clarke 6 hours ago

    RIP to the young man that lost his life I hope that the evil scum that did this rots in prison

  • The Jza
    The Jza 6 hours ago

    I damn near pissed myself at Joe and his incredible reading of epic literature and poetry at the end there, very well written! I shall attempt to perform this to my English class at the start of our poetry unit, wish me luck!

  • Richard's reviews
    Richard's reviews 7 hours ago

    Jimmy Carr is just so horrible to the contestants

  • Clare Dodd
    Clare Dodd 7 hours ago

    Since when do robots have big beer bellies!!! 😂😂😂😂

  • Richard's reviews
    Richard's reviews 7 hours ago

    Jimmy Carr is the sad type of funny just afwul

    FBI OPEN UP 7 hours ago

    well i'm sorry channel 4 but natasha is a bitch

  • Eddie Gomez
    Eddie Gomez 7 hours ago

    Just a normal day huh

  • Bon
    Bon 7 hours ago

    This bear is more trained than me

  • احمد سبسبي
    احمد سبسبي 7 hours ago

    الله يلعنكن حطو لايك

  • mcmcnair97
    mcmcnair97 7 hours ago

    Joe's Poem is perhaps the single funniest moment in the shows history

  • Liam Uchiha
    Liam Uchiha 7 hours ago

    15 minutes of happiness

  • Dibs MM
    Dibs MM 7 hours ago

    Sean is the gaffa

  • India Bliss
    India Bliss 7 hours ago

    Unbelievably racist towards Shiplake Shetty. Oh, and Danielle and Jo - utter filth.

  • Mr Awesome
    Mr Awesome 7 hours ago

    Beautiful and intelligent women don't have friends. They have a horde of guys who wants to screw their brains out, and a horde of lesser females who secretly hate their guts.

  • Sree Harsha Nutulapati

    I guess Katherine can't fake it. No wonder she is single.

  • 10 Billion Subs - 1 Sh*t video

    was a vegi until I had a bacon sandwich. lmao.

  • Lyle W
    Lyle W 8 hours ago

    every time i see the poem skit i cry laughing. it's funny on its own, but sean's reaction takes it to another level, put jimmy's on top of that, and it's a tsunami of funny. and then there's katherine ryan trying to work out what everyone else finds so funny, but also trying to fit in by pretending to laugh.

  • Mr Wigged
    Mr Wigged 8 hours ago

    Time to watch the same clips in a different order

  • 10 Billion Subs - 1 Sh*t video

    should have stopped trying to sell her space.

  • upncmnh11
    upncmnh11 8 hours ago

    'Jen if this was a human being i would shoot it in the face'

  • Godsavethecrumpets
    Godsavethecrumpets 8 hours ago

    these people wake him up, take him out of his cage AND THEN feed him everyday, they are nuts, completely nuts. this here is the reason why russia has never been invaded. still oddly wholesome.

  • 10 Billion Subs - 1 Sh*t video

    omg I just learned the difference between Bi and pan. pan shags anyone, and Bi only shags men or women.

  • Harris Andon Fu
    Harris Andon Fu 8 hours ago

    it sucks that this show got cancelled I wanted to see the revolution

  • Johnny Walters
    Johnny Walters 8 hours ago

    What maker is it

  • David Hunsperger
    David Hunsperger 8 hours ago

    Living is an act of defiance in the face of one's enemies..

  • skala Saad
    skala Saad 8 hours ago

    I'm looking for my grandfather

  • ShuPaul Charles
    ShuPaul Charles 8 hours ago

    This episode almost made me cry omg

  • Bbfishman
    Bbfishman 8 hours ago

    this dude's brand of comedy is so awesome

  • Ethan D the angry English guy

    Channel 4 I want to have a word with you please.

  • TimeHunter
    TimeHunter 8 hours ago

    Didn’t know Lee got 9 letters more than once!

  • Gordon Hotchkiss
    Gordon Hotchkiss 8 hours ago

    I stopped the video at 0.27 here is how I did it. 9-1 = 8 25+8 = 33 33x the other 8 = 264 264+100 = 364

  • gaz riley
    gaz riley 8 hours ago

    i love Liverpool

  • Kev Chambers
    Kev Chambers 8 hours ago

    Utter bull yep poor girl got a death sentence, so many of us have but she didn’t change Britain this is just bullshite tv creating bullshite for the masses . Wake up for fucks sake . Remember you sat on your sofas watching people on the slime box sleeping how fucked up is that ! 😂😂

  • TeaAtTwo
    TeaAtTwo 9 hours ago

    'I can't Wait for the council to take your kids off you' - that had me dying

  • TimeHunter
    TimeHunter 9 hours ago

    I lost it with Sean, “that’s a challenging wank” I couldn’t stop laughing 😂

  • SuperIronKID 368
    SuperIronKID 368 9 hours ago

    Didn’t think 8 out of 10 cats does countdown would ever get #10 on trending

  • T J
    T J 9 hours ago

    Her daughter told on her when she commented on how much her m ok m ate AFTER her mom insisted fat people don't really eat that much

  • Justin Smith
    Justin Smith 9 hours ago

    Lmfao has now taken over the world in 2019 along with his accomplice lmao we are doomed in 2020.

  • FutureChaosTV
    FutureChaosTV 9 hours ago

    I have watched Joes poem bit several times over the last months and I still get tears of laughter running down my cheeks each time I watch it.

  • Aesthetic Imaging Productions

    That bear suit is amazing.

  • Tushar Bhudia
    Tushar Bhudia 9 hours ago

    Yanny is not a 9 letter word

  • danmar007
    danmar007 9 hours ago

    Poor Susie. Going online must be the worst part of her day. If all she ever did was fix people's crappy English she'd be doing it 24/7 until she died of starvation. AND not even come anywhere near getting 1% of it done.

  • Chris P
    Chris P 10 hours ago

    2:11, what is that thing wandering in the back there?

  • Jokerz
    Jokerz 10 hours ago

    We needed this.

  • Alex G
    Alex G 10 hours ago

    That dress was 6 inches too long?

  • Ellen Clemons
    Ellen Clemons 10 hours ago

    Sean Lock please stop no one makes Sean laugh non stop like joe Wilkinson

  • Eva Schiller
    Eva Schiller 10 hours ago

    That last part when he reached for her hands I almost lost it

  • no.
    no. 10 hours ago

    but arent they suposed to die after mating? (the male)

  • Fred
    Fred 10 hours ago

    I was 100 % sure he was gonna say door 2 door salesman

  • peruda hudson
    peruda hudson 10 hours ago

    sack wilkinson.. as funny as a dose

  • Chardonnay J.p08
    Chardonnay J.p08 10 hours ago

    sometimes even senior doctors including professors cannot detach them selves and do cry with the patient. That's not being unprofessional. We all are humans with feelings even though we are used to see people die very abruptly or horrendous deaths.