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10 rare F1 car liveries
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  • the saint
    the saint 7 hours ago

    other than russel anyone else would have been a good choice (no hate on russel just that he couldnt show his best ).

  • Roeland666
    Roeland666 7 hours ago

    Lando got robbed!!

  • 30fps 101
    30fps 101 7 hours ago

    Sad lando noises

  • Sambam
    Sambam 7 hours ago

    Colton easily had the best rookie season of the four drivers, but I guess Alex wins because he drove a Red Bull.

  • Eknath Bandodkar
    Eknath Bandodkar 7 hours ago

    Lando deserved it.

  • Sharjeel A.
    Sharjeel A. 7 hours ago

    well deserved

  • Joel Bates
    Joel Bates 7 hours ago

    Im a McLaren fanboy, and i despise Red Bull, but even i admit Alex deserved it.

    • MrElpajita
      MrElpajita 7 hours ago

      I like Albon but for some reason I prefer Norris.

  • BadFlounder
    BadFlounder 7 hours ago

    Super GT sure has come a long way!!

  • It's Fluff
    It's Fluff 7 hours ago

    Almost first!

  • Yeetus Yeetus
    Yeetus Yeetus 7 hours ago


  • bozziovai
    bozziovai 7 hours ago

    on the last sentence ---- no !! it wasn't alonso who ended ferrari's dominance. it was the FIA. at least during ferrari's dominance it was still exciting. i don't know about you guys, but the pit stops added more elements to the race. human error, driver error, wrong pit stop timings, trouble with back markers, wrong tyres, the tryes aren't ready yet, fuel didn't get inside, how much fuel they put it ............. a lot. today, with mercedes and hamilton's dominance --- it's a facking PARADE !! boring as watching a grass grow. no matter how these young/new fans say that the new generation of f1 is exciting, they can't beat the stats that f1's popularity has gone down down down .............

  • Christian Hegener
    Christian Hegener 7 hours ago

    F1 is and always was science. It isn't and never was a sport. You guys clearly don't know the purpose of F1 :D Imagine F1 being a real SPORT :D Road cars would be developed at a clown rate.

  • James Langevin
    James Langevin 8 hours ago

    All rumors, nothing else. Lewis won't be leaving Mercedes. His heart and loyalty are with that team and have been for years now. They are a well oiled machine, Lewis will be winning the 7th with Mercedes and Toto.

  • J B
    J B 9 hours ago

    Great to see the awards. Thx for making it available. Suggest next time to use different monitor screens for the presenters since they were always looking down. Looked quite strange most of the time. Perhaps use autoque screen so as to maintain eye contact? Also, we didn’t need t hear every kiss Natalie gave ( ie turn her mic down/off at that point).

  • Spam Me
    Spam Me 9 hours ago

    So, all the moaners who prematurely cried about Chadwick winning 'just' for being a female - and Aston Martin nepotism - will now apologize, ashamed for their hasty conclusions?

  • Kaloyan Tsonev
    Kaloyan Tsonev 10 hours ago

    Bring back bmw and lets have some fun!!

  • Raleighburner15 Hynes
    Raleighburner15 Hynes 11 hours ago

    Group b and unlimited fomula one were the glory years of motorsport the f1 cars of the early eighties had as much as 1400 horse power but then they stopped it and the cars became NA and power dropped to 700 horse power same with the gB they restricted the horse power

  • Jorge Ordónez
    Jorge Ordónez 11 hours ago

    That wheel top deflector got me nervous thinking the driver is not protected by the halo, which defeats it's purpose all toghether. It could cause mayor trauma on their neck and chest exposed.

  • Phil Melson
    Phil Melson 11 hours ago

    I congratulate Johnathan on his success,and wish him all the best, in his motorsport career.

  • The Patriots
    The Patriots 11 hours ago

    Suggesting Toyota, Chevrolet and Ford to build 2021 engines for existing F1 teams instead of relying on Ferrari, Honda, Renault and Mercedes suppliers.

  • AJ V
    AJ V 11 hours ago

    A new and old favourite driver. Never saw this one. Sometimes I love algorithms and recommendations. Love it that DC is still around.

    ASSASSYN 11 hours ago

    I never wondered nor cared about these payments. But I watched and it was interesting. I learned something.

  • b9y
    b9y 11 hours ago

    These are amazing. What happens when you don't have stupid rules. They need to stop stupid rules. Mind you, I guess it helps innovation at times.

  • TheGomezIndustries
    TheGomezIndustries 12 hours ago

    It’s not the engine obviously and Red Bull proved it. Mclaren needs new leadership.

  • motorcopT2
    motorcopT2 14 hours ago

    This is alway a reoccurring topic because it gets clicks. Brand “Loyalty “ enough said.

  • Chris Graham
    Chris Graham 14 hours ago

    They are supposed to be the best drivers in the world, so why have we still got blue flags ?

  • Duke_Gaming
    Duke_Gaming 14 hours ago

    Original Story: 🚩Mercedes Wins 2020 Title- making it the only team to win 7 Consecutive titles. Eclipsing Ferrari's record 🚩Hamilton Wins 2020 WDC title- Matches Michael schumacher's record. 🚩Mclaren Gets Mercedes engines in 2021 Plot Twist: 🚩Mercedes stays until 2021 (or might leave after 2020 season). 🚩Toto Goes to F1 CEO post. 🚩Mclaren Hires Lewis Hamilton 🚩He wins championship in 1st year with Mclaren(Assume rookie year as he couldn't win in his official rookie year - 2007) 🚩Lewis Hamilton is your 8th Time World Drivers Champion (Mexico 2021) David Coulthard: **(to Max, Sainz, Leclerc, Bottas) What point of the season you think you this man won the championship? Max, Valtteri, Leclerc, sainz: Come on david it doesn't matter now., let me Congratulate Lewis First.. **David Sad Pikachu face.. Let me present you the GOAT of F1.. "Lewis Hamilton"

  • Toby Parker
    Toby Parker 14 hours ago

    Hamilton wins 7 he is gone. Verstappen in no surer thing

  • Peter Arisz
    Peter Arisz 15 hours ago

    At the rate Ferrari is failing in strategies I'm quite sure: NO.

  • Nick Hubble
    Nick Hubble 16 hours ago

    Why would Hamilton leave the top team! Dislike immediately.

  • Jimmy La Barba
    Jimmy La Barba 18 hours ago

    And Give the extra point for the fastest pit stop

  • Jimmy La Barba
    Jimmy La Barba 18 hours ago

    And this is suppose to be f1. All out engine and body interpretations. This exotic form of race car is turning into American Indy car. Same bodies and same motors. That is not f1. What is the point?

  • GD Redmzis
    GD Redmzis 18 hours ago

    I got an f1 ad coincidence?

  • Jimmy La Barba
    Jimmy La Barba 18 hours ago

    Only have the softest tyre compound available on dry days. This would cause teams to slow down to conserve tyre wear, fewer pit stops or go all out wearing out the tyres with several pit stops. Having the pit crew a huge part in the teams success. So often drivers efforts are sabotaged by poor pit stop times. Giving the rest of the pack lots of strategies. Also giving us the spectators something to watch other than the same cars parading around the track

  • 1111
    1111 18 hours ago

    F-1 is extremely predictable and boring when the same guy wins 6 races in a row. .... F-1 should have an extra weight on penalty for faster cars. No Car should have more than 1 second faster than the slowest car in qualification. Faster cars should have to carry an extra 50 to 100 pounds under the driver's seat. All tracks should have a long straight that can accomodate 5 cars side by side, to increase passing opportunities. F-1 has been forced to use 18' inch wheels in 2020 , even though everyone knows that 14 inch wheels are faster. The tire manufactures are unscrupulously brainwashing the public into thinking that bigger tires/wheels is better and faster. NFW.

  • James Shimwell
    James Shimwell 19 hours ago

    Let’s hope this race never happens this circuit looks worse than yas marina Sochi and Valencia put together

  • glimm3r
    glimm3r 19 hours ago

    Next on Autosport: "Will Ferrari switch the Ferrari to Ferrari?"

  • Aaron Kravitz
    Aaron Kravitz 21 hour ago

    Wow, Hill's exirt doesn't feel like rubbish at all. Sounds like he was pushed around and did what he needed to do.

  • NJLion30
    NJLion30 21 hour ago

    It’s a big story because you (media outlets) are fabricating the story. Lewis is not going anywhere.

  • Stephen Morrison
    Stephen Morrison 22 hours ago

    Late to the party on this one, but I say make it a non-points race and just have a bigger cash prize. Especially since Monaco isn’t buying to play, they can pony up the cash. Hopefully the teams would allow to play around with race weekend format, as there is no points to worry about.

  • bguthrie777
    bguthrie777 22 hours ago

    The aerodynamic, suspension, gearbox and engine material rules have become more standardized. To allow teams and manufacturers to differentiate themselves I would allow them much more freedom and flexibility with the engine design options. I believe that the engine design rules should be wide open to allow for dramatic engine design options. This is very important in leveraging engine designs to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. I keep the rule it very simple and just reduce the total amount of fuel that can be used from 100 Kgs to <=75 Kgs and let the engine manufacturers decide what type of engine/hybrid solution would give them the best performance, efficiency, and low emissions. They could be 12 cylinder to 2 cylinder, rotary style, apposed piston style or any other creative design. There would be no restriction on the engine displacement, just the total fuel limitation rule of 75 Kgs. It would also help these engine concepts and technologies be soon transferred into the commercial automotive sector. I would also allow use of advanced materials and coatings, but make an engine cost cap of about $250K per engine cost. Engine design R&D costs will have to have a specific budget limitation. The engine R&D budget is already included in the overall team R&D budgets. Engine development is a very important aspect of F1 now and in the future, especially when trying to juggle between engine design solutions for performance, fuel efficiency, and emissions.

  • Grapefruit Simmons
    Grapefruit Simmons 23 hours ago

    Spelled "tire" wrong.

  • padam19
    padam19 23 hours ago

    In every year, he says he always looking for bigger challenges, so I could see him moving to Williams to win a title with them.

  • Quentin Baggett

    Wow revelations in Ferrari 2022 and beyond salute to Hamilton

  • Kartik Sabharwal

    It'll be like messi moving to real madrid. The fans boo the player. But they want their team to win

  • J G
    J G Day ago

    Who won smallest dick? Edit: nevermind it was Jamie Chadwick

  • Martin Smarda
    Martin Smarda Day ago

    looking at this after one Maybe Harry Potter was NOT the best decision... :P

  • Mutten Mong
    Mutten Mong Day ago

    they should let the fans have a saying also for racing games developers.

  • ツYoShxquille

    *"He ain't going nOwHeRe."*

  • edkode
    edkode Day ago

    I want Tesla Cybertruck in F1.

  • TraMaChi
    TraMaChi Day ago

    1. They have Russell who is a very promising and good pacing driver, who is more than happy to keep racing for Williams, for 2020 atleast. Just in a bad car. He is happy to be in F1 and to improve himself. Just imagine Russell in a Williams in a more higher Midfield section.

  • TraMaChi
    TraMaChi Day ago

    I really hope George russel gets success in F1

  • spencer fey
    spencer fey Day ago

    "The great state of Indiana.." Indiana Bois out here reppin

  • Taylor Clouse
    Taylor Clouse Day ago

    they should've ran with goodyear tires

  • sampras25
    sampras25 Day ago

    The F2004 in the hands of the master is a brilliant combination. The f2004 in someone’s else’s hands, is nothing...

    FLEX BANKAI Day ago

    How about a Toto move as team principal at Ferrari and Lewis as a driver?

  • Kaye Loop
    Kaye Loop Day ago

    She’s annoying.

  • Just Joey
    Just Joey Day ago

    Stopped watching F1. Best decission ever.

  • bruchpilot747
    bruchpilot747 Day ago

    on the road, going (in most countries) not faster than 12kph, tire looks a bit stressed: Well, that ain't good, here's your fine and you need to fix that Formula 1: weell... don't worry too much about your stressed tires, you're only going 300kph. What about it.

  • Paul Poyyayil
    Paul Poyyayil Day ago

    Does anyone have Resident Evil 3 Official Trailer as thumbnail?

  • whiteandnerdytuba

    It’s not cheating if you’re just playing the rule book

  • James Ruckman
    James Ruckman Day ago

    The return of ground effects is long overdue and with the finest minds available it took them this long to figure it out. They then increase weight which could hardly help. Actually insane. Excessive regulations seem to exist to create jobs and maintain FIA power. Minimal regulation allows creativity which should be what F1 is about.

  • Musa Usman
    Musa Usman Day ago

    WHY GERMANY??? WHYYY 😭😭😭😭😤😤😤😤😭🤬🤬🤬

  • Jack Tollitt
    Jack Tollitt Day ago

    Everyone is talented I’m not

  • Collins Milgo
    Collins Milgo Day ago

    Lol the the international segment part was savage towards ferrari lmao.

  • paul picone
    paul picone Day ago

    Lewis number 1 worldwide amazing talent bottom line

  • James Hutchinson

    Edd: I'm starving! Fancy sharing a pizza? Everyone: No, no I don't!

  • S. Andre Yoder Harris

    Money talks $250 million as a driver, and a lifetime contract with Ferrari as a spokesperson for $30 million a year I think Hamilton a walk away. As much as I love Lewis Hamilton where he is, my favorite color is red not a big Ferrari friend.

  • David Killens
    David Killens Day ago

    This speculation is predicated on Vettel leaving Ferrari. But the question is would Ferrari want Hamilton? Yes, he is quick, but he is also toxic, sometimes does not follow orders (a capital offense by Ferrari standards) and has always gone full nasty when a quality teammate equals or bests him. And Ferrari already have a future champion in the form of Leclerc. If Ferrari intend to dump Vettel (very possible) then IMO they will go after Ricciardo. Ricciardo checks all the boxes in what kind of driver they look for. Seasoned, cheap, a quality driver, and his natural smile and charisma a complete counter to grumpy Vettel. Why would Hamilton want to go to Ferrari? Because the changes in 2021 introduce a lot of uncertainty, he may not be able to adapt, and could always blame Ferrari if he does not secure more titles.

  • Mnenomic
    Mnenomic Day ago

    I think he likes grey shades 😂

  • michael lavery

    Won't cleaning up the dirty air reduce the slipstream effect for the following car?

  • Barry Makariou

    Straight swap with Vettel German driver back at Mercedes is appealing If Hamilton wins championship next year he will def go to Ferrari

  • Mutten Mong
    Mutten Mong Day ago

    it's all rigged, every constructor has its era of dominance...

  • Jan Neić
    Jan Neić Day ago

    NO. This is only to get better contract with mercedes... money, money, money....

  • audry kalombo
    audry kalombo Day ago

    Would Max or Russell be favourite for the vacant seats at Mercedes-Benz if Lewis leaves? Or are there other drivers who are more liking to take that seat?

  • Matt Tunstall
    Matt Tunstall Day ago

    Hamilton seems like he needs a challenge, if he goes to Ferrari, he could help the team improve the car and could possibly turn it into a title winning team again

  • Mirza Semic
    Mirza Semic Day ago

    Ferrari doesn't need Hamilton, they need the winning car.

  • Loïs Jn
    Loïs Jn Day ago

    #0 : Ayrton Senna

  • Ernesto Camacho

    F1 is better La Mans is a Scam

  • Kane Nicholson

    Mercedes leaves f1 , Hamilton to Ferrari and McLaren is Mercedes main customer

  • Damien Thimonier

    If Hamilton switch to Ferrari, it only means one thing .... Mercedes will leave F1 in 2021

  • GamezGuru
    GamezGuru Day ago

    Tuned in to see great drivers receive awards, ended up seeing trailers for movies and video segments. Shameful video, amazing how little of a 90min video is actually from the event. Lose the music and commentary, show the bloody ceremony!

  • Tk Hannibal
    Tk Hannibal Day ago

    Yall better stop this WHY? Ans: NO NEXT!!!

  • Kiến Phong Quách


  • kai kurihara
    kai kurihara Day ago

    Yes, but how long does it take for them to realise that they were inefficient?! Not something from this season only! Not too sure if Williams is managed properly.

  • Sam David
    Sam David Day ago

    Dont see him wanting to just go if Mercedes crumble not his nature . Think if anything !! team will swap Vettel n Hamilton x so Hamilton can finished his dream of drive the famous red drive that will be his last 2 years .. Vettel drive German built car that's dominated for years but hope Hamilton is like Kimi drives for years n years

  • Nx Doyle
    Nx Doyle Day ago

    Horrible audio level.

  • Andrew Chapman

    Hulkenberg is an average driver at best. No podiums and Ocon is the future.

  • Ken Xiong
    Ken Xiong Day ago

    Open cockpit drivers need to stop being bitches. It's a man sport. If you're scared of dying go find another job

  • Maverick
    Maverick Day ago

    Find a way to secretly use drs anytime 😉

  • oranjelicht
    oranjelicht Day ago

    David Coulthard is so funny. Marriage to his male cousin ifbhe stayed in Scotland

  • SavretićD
    SavretićD Day ago

    Drunk Lando hahaha :D

  • Fahad M
    Fahad M Day ago

    Where’s the grid girls????????

  • aydan khaliq
    aydan khaliq Day ago

    Autosport: announce mm93 as rider of the year. Me: Nein!

  • Chris A
    Chris A Day ago

    I see Mercedes bailing on their works F1 team at the end of 2020...

  • NotMuchGood
    NotMuchGood Day ago

    no more of red bulls pit stops and hiding their equipment

  • Terry Low
    Terry Low Day ago

    brawn gp aka the Leicester City of F1

  • Stephen Hill
    Stephen Hill Day ago

    OY. Norwich are in the Premier League. Not next year, but they are there this year.

  • Stephen Hill
    Stephen Hill Day ago

    Hamilton is 34 - good for another few years. He can probably beat Schumacher's record by staying at Mercedes. Give it two years and if he hasn't equalled or beaten it then it he will move to Ferrari providing they are doing well. Hamilton will screw extra money out of Mercedes and sign a two year contract. The contract will contain a performance clause and a Wolff clause as a let out.

  • Joseph Nordby
    Joseph Nordby Day ago

    lol and ferrai just had a fine with descreptincy in the fuel amount in abu dubai