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Every driver ban in F1 history
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The car so good it shocked Ferrari
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Mahindra Blueprints: Safety
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Heroes | Official trailer
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  • Mista Fiftyone
    Mista Fiftyone 2 minutes ago

    They should have kept Arrivabene

  • Raul QuindosMorales
    Raul QuindosMorales 2 minutes ago

    I’m sorry but I don’t have to say something that got to me, the car didn’t “have” ayrton senna the win, even if it was just a play on words for the intro. Ayrton senna was the mans on any car which he showed at the end of his unfortunate short career when other cars had technology which literally would make the car fly on corners, and he still would impress all on the racetrack

  • Cheng Li
    Cheng Li 3 minutes ago

    what a weird conclusion about having a good driver and then the team becomes dependent. Same can be said about Shumacher, Senna, Hamilton...

  • ranjith r
    ranjith r 17 minutes ago

    Hailo or Halo ?

  • Five dots Dave
    Five dots Dave 26 minutes ago

    I think a big problem for the first part of the season was too much favouritism toward Vettle instead of letting them both get on with it, to much politics and not enough wins. It takes a good N. Ireland man like Gary to design a winning car....

  • frank 4434
    frank 4434 31 minute ago

    great channel, just subbed 👍👍👍👍

  • Rientzzz
    Rientzzz 41 minute ago

    Verstappen needs another heavy-weight teammate... like Edd Straw

  • Massimo Marra
    Massimo Marra 55 minutes ago

    They don't know what they talking about. Big time!!

  • Francis Gilbert
    Francis Gilbert 59 minutes ago

    This is a ridiculous topic. They are making it seem as if it is Bottas' fault?! This is pure propaganda. I have eyes and I saw that in Silverstone 2019 and Hungary 2019 Bottas didn't win because of Hamilton's dirty tricks. What tricks? Do you have eyes?! Silverstone, Bottas was set to win, but Hamilton refused to box for a fresh set of rubber, literally hoping for a safety car to overtake Bottas in the pit. Hamiltons words not mine. And then it happened. He undercuts Bottas and people say that Bottas is slipping? Hungary 2019 at the start of the race, Hamilton starting trying to squeeze Bottas, you may remember this because Bottas locked up multiple times. And then Hamilton drove into Bottas front wing causing damage. Then LeClerc did the exact same thing. Hamilton damages Bottas front wing causing him to box early, thus ending Bottas chance for a win and people say that Bottas is slipping. I hope Bottas does leave Mercedes so he can go to a team that doesn't sabotage him. It does not matter if Ocon replaces him because the team is biased to Lewis. And remember before you say it is not possible for Mercedes to be biased and sabotage a driver In 2016 Lewis Hamilton accused Mercedes of sabotage, when his engine blew up in Malaysia. He just couldn't take it anymore. All season he had mechanical problems but not Rosberg. Rosberg won the title that year

  • Sky man
    Sky man Hour ago

    I just hope that Albon will succeed. There will be a gap, but as he shows tgat he has improved ad the end of the season and finishes in the top 6, than he will be there in 2020 also. I like Albon. He stayed calm even as he made a mistake and didn't collapse under the pressure. He also doesn't blame others and he showed that he is fast. It's really impressive what he showed, knowing that he had the least experience of all drivers.

  • GoCotton
    GoCotton Hour ago

    Ferrari is always in the mix, they're always close to the front and they nearly always win a race every year, but when it comes to actually putting a full season together they are absolutely useless and have been for decades. Ferrari is to championship campaigns what Bernie Ecclestone is to being tall. There was a brief time at the end of the 90s when it all came together and Ferrari - led by a German, a Frenchman and a Brit - well and truly got the job done, winning the championship 5 years in a row. But other than that, Ferrari is the place where careers go to die.... Interesting stats Ferrari probably wouldn't enjoy reading... 1. Total number of races won for Ferrari with Schumacher driving: 72... ...Total number of races won for Ferrari with LeClerc, Vettel, Raikkonen, Alonso, Massa, Barrichello, Irvine, Alesi, Berger, Prost AND Mansell driving: 72 2. Total number of championships won by Vettel, Alonso, Raikkonen, Prost AND Mansell: 12... ...Total number of those championships won at Ferrari: 1 And my personal favorite: 3. Total number of F1 champions who went to Ferrari having already won a championship and then managed to win again for Ferrari: 2... ...Yep, two! Schumacher and Fangio. Every other world champion they've employed has failed to win a championship for them. It's litterally the place where F1 champions careers go to die.

  • David Clayton
    David Clayton 2 hours ago

    back when "formula 1" was conceived teams had the freedom to enter any designee of that would qualify. I really miss the innovation, Colin Chapman was my hero. I would love it a new class emerged that took it back to the original F1, sure give it a new name if you will, like Formula Unlimited or Open Formula. F1 then can just wither away with their massive rule books.

  • Matt P
    Matt P 2 hours ago

    If Mercedes really want to prepare for the future and get a young, future star in the team, that will perform really well and help push Lewis and learn from him in turn, then they should ignore Ocon and promote George Russell.

  • Tier 1 Detail Company

    Albon has his work cut out for him, I really look forward to seeing him race on the A team!

  • TheGreatLoco
    TheGreatLoco 3 hours ago

    Ferrari could have won 2-3 races this season.

  • Wanda Torre
    Wanda Torre 3 hours ago

    That's a big negative ghost rider. Albon will not do better then Gasly. Since Albon will still serve as a test car to develop Max's car. If Red Bull upgraded the cars evenly I'd say that you'd see better results from Gasly.

  • arctic_sacsx
    arctic_sacsx 4 hours ago

    just give the drive to lando norris i say

  • Taslim Arefin Khan
    Taslim Arefin Khan 4 hours ago

    I basically don't see a reason to replace Bottas. Of course, Bottas needs to work on his race craft, but who doesn't need that when they are up against a consistent Hamilton? Mercedes won 5 one-two in the first 5 races - that did not happen without Bottas. Like many people said, why 'fix' something when its not broken in the first place? But Mercedes is a problem when they bind someone in contract and then can't provide them a race seat. Either enter in a relationship similar to Ferrari-Alfa or Redbull-Toro Rosso, or let go of your drivers. F1 needs to make sense of their driver lineup. I basically don't see why Grosjean gets a drive when Ocon is benched.

  • Simon Stylites
    Simon Stylites 4 hours ago

    We want an F1 unlimited. No drivers for safety.

  • Leroy Creemers
    Leroy Creemers 5 hours ago

    im just here to get the answer and still havnt got anny

  • polygamous1 Sozou
    polygamous1 Sozou 5 hours ago

    NO NO NO where is the Australian GP when Schumie deliberately run into Damon Hill? n "won" the race n championship? that was daylight Robbery against a true G/man racing driver

  • Beebo the mighty little bear

    Renault made a huge mistake hiring ricciardo. Not because of his talent, there’s no question that he’s among the best of the best- it’s because it was an emotional decision. Cyril wanted him because he wanted to hurt Christian Horner after Horner, somewhat deservingly, trashed Renault’s reliability and power. They should’ve focused on developing their car further instead of getting an A-list driver. As we saw with mclaren, it doesn’t matter how BA your driver is. If your car is slow you’re still gonna be at the back and your extremely expensive A-list driver can only wait for development and get more and more frustrated. I really hope Renault doesn’t pull the plug but it really isn’t looking good. Cyril has a tough road ahead and probably an insane amount of pressure from corporate and the French people since taxpayers pay for part of the operating costs.

  • ki0ng
    ki0ng 6 hours ago

    And what are these two clowns' achievement?

  • Sinking
    Sinking 6 hours ago

    He is absolutely driving the wheels off that car!

  • Goku Hogan
    Goku Hogan 6 hours ago

    Hamilton The Best

  • mvh808
    mvh808 6 hours ago

    Please Ed, skip those pies. We want you around for a bit longer.

  • Sage Oldmann
    Sage Oldmann 7 hours ago

    Has Ferrari won a race yet?

  • Graham
    Graham 7 hours ago

    It will be very interesting to see how Albon gets on. It's always possible that Max is simply that good and that Gasly was showing what the Red Bull is really like.

    YOUR FACE 7 hours ago

    "journalist" click bait hysteria. they are not winning, but they are not in shambles. they calculated for the wrong tire performance and not much you can do to change fundamental design. you do the best you can and come back better next season.

  • Maximus
    Maximus 7 hours ago

    why the hell Mercedes want to fire Bottas? he's doing a great job this year? no need to show here his stats, but honestly Ocon is overrated, he struggled to outpace Perez.. don't know what's wrong with the Hammers.

  • Owen Bromage
    Owen Bromage 7 hours ago

    Antonio Pizzonia, jaguar, 2003

  • Owen Bromage
    Owen Bromage 7 hours ago

    Enrique Bernoldi, arrows, 2002

  • Owen Bromage
    Owen Bromage 7 hours ago

    Christian Albers, spyker, 2007

  • Owen Bromage
    Owen Bromage 7 hours ago

    Yuji ide, super Aguri, 2006

  • Owen Bromage
    Owen Bromage 7 hours ago

    Scott speed, Toro Rosso, 2007

  • Tristanto Pambudi
    Tristanto Pambudi 7 hours ago

    Too busy making clothes and watches

  • summer farm estates
    summer farm estates 7 hours ago

    one rule to change allow multiple tyre brands back in also agree use all 3 compounds in a race

  • Leon Carr
    Leon Carr 7 hours ago

    With that much money invested, how the hell are they that bad? Sad.

  • metamurph
    metamurph 7 hours ago

    would one not say the same of Hamilton, Vettle, Schumi, ...etc. you get a chance in "equal gear" you are either a challenge to the alpha dog or you are showing that...unless you are really saying in these teams the 2nd gets treated unfairly, not just a "let X by" but the lead driver has a totally different style and the car is built to suit that style. I think here you don't see a "unique" style but two styles that are different you need two drivers with similar approach or the car just won't work for both. I think it has to be an incredible challenge (and opportunity) to be the second to the alpha. Nico was able to take advantage at the right time, Bari close but not quite, and that "not quite" list is deep

  • erwin velter
    erwin velter 7 hours ago

    Wat een topper die max Erwin

  • summer farm estates
    summer farm estates 7 hours ago

    combination of merc sandbagging and ferrari running light to look good to the tifosi

  • Leon Carr
    Leon Carr 8 hours ago

    Vettel's new wife is a total jinx... end of.

  • D.B.
    D.B. 8 hours ago

    This guys sounds exactly as he looks... like some old babbling man He offered jack all ideas of any merit.

  • D.B.
    D.B. 8 hours ago

    This guys sounds exactly as he looks... like some old babbling man He offered jack all ideas of any merit.

  • D.B.
    D.B. 8 hours ago

    This guys sounds exactly as he looks... like some old babbling man He offered jack all ideas of any merit.

  • Dan Wood
    Dan Wood 8 hours ago

    There still the most successful team people forget that sometimes and they have went through a decade without a win before

  • T Lee
    T Lee 8 hours ago

    Edd has the silkiest voice ever.

  • Damien Oleary
    Damien Oleary 8 hours ago

    Hey Edd stop eating the pork pies .

  • Sum Ting Wong
    Sum Ting Wong 8 hours ago

    Ferrari team "ayyyyyy a guys, it's cappucino time then a we go to lunch and eat pasta and then do some work at 4pm and then a we go home at 5pm?"

  • Michaela Stockbauer
    Michaela Stockbauer 8 hours ago

    I don't get the anger...both say pretty much Michael was the best, or at least the best next to or after Senna! ! Even Brundle! He had dark sides...ruthlessness. And thats true. And thats something all the Big Drivers had. Especially the best! Senna and Schumacher were the Most extreme here. But thats ok. The would not have been that great without that...

  • Sum Ting Wong
    Sum Ting Wong 8 hours ago

    Ferrari have been pathetic. They couldn't organise a piss-up in a brewery.

  • Nikolay Chilikov
    Nikolay Chilikov 8 hours ago

    Closed wheels cars? Looks so ugly!

  • Ali Razvi
    Ali Razvi 8 hours ago

    The new hub caps for 2020 looks hideous

  • Don Sears
    Don Sears 9 hours ago

    engineers use Books and apply math...ok I get it ! out of the Box problem solvers look away from what is understood and apply abstract solution s hence Socrates was Hated

  • Don Sears
    Don Sears 9 hours ago

    Ferrari has the Talent and the Car ...need the Magic

  • Jonny Walker
    Jonny Walker 9 hours ago

    Bloke looks like a sofa with a face

  • Edward Byard
    Edward Byard 10 hours ago

    Alonso is done. We won't see him in F1 again. Not a chance.

  • Ardwen Black
    Ardwen Black 10 hours ago

    Scrap the mtf halo tumor thing on the cockpit. Its useless anyway. Only big parts are blocked by it. Smaller parts go through it and kill the driver.

  • Anees Shaik
    Anees Shaik 10 hours ago

    I think Ferrari specifically built their 2019 car to win at monza. They have been thrashed in front of their home crowd far too many times by Mercedes, and then the mercs rub it in by running in a convoy during the parade lap. The Italians couldn’t take it anymore, i’m very sure about it. Winning the Italian GP to them is on par with delivering a title. They probably thought that if a car is good around monza it can probably be tuned to be good around a lot other tracks and may be we can have a title fight. Add to that the low fuel runs in ore season testing to add up the hype and fool the people gullible enough to ignore the development Mercedes brought at the last week of testing meant their season was worth it.

  • Ugo Udi
    Ugo Udi 10 hours ago

    I'm not happy because some of what I was thinking is the right thing to do has been stated here. I prefer to keep my opinion to myself until the driver has been chosen. Hopefully it's the wrong decision, then I can comment same, and sit down with my pop corn and watch it unfold. These guys are using the computer modelling and all sorts of things, it will be good to see a wrong decision, and hopefully or not be proven right. By the way I'm a fan of Mercedes, and Hamilton, but I still want them to make mistake with the choice of drive. Therefore, when I head Hamilton has been consulted about who his next team mate was going to be. Although it's the right thing to do, it dim my hope of Toto failing, noting to with him, but we don't want them to be alway perfect. Fingers crossed, they get it wrong. I hope I have not given my thought away on which driver I think its best.

  • Mike Hydropneumatic
    Mike Hydropneumatic 10 hours ago

    I just want to see RBR Honda Mercedes and Ferrari on each podium. Lets race!

  • loud introvert
    loud introvert 10 hours ago

    So people thought Renault would turn it around in one year? Mercedes needed at least 2 years conservatively!

  • WifeBTR123
    WifeBTR123 11 hours ago

    I think it was British GP? Where LeCerc was faster than everyone in practice with hard or medium tires, and then he starts the race on soft. I'm a F1 newbie but I was baffled by that decision.

    • WifeBTR123
      WifeBTR123 7 hours ago

      @Armyguy864 yeah right on. I know about that rule. So, they put soft rubber on for Q3, even though before Q3 he was faster than everyone else on harder rubber.

    • Armyguy864
      Armyguy864 7 hours ago

      Yes because you have to start on the tires you used to get your fastest lap in Q2. You can only choose your tires for the start of the race if you don’t get into Q3.

  • xWHOGAFx
    xWHOGAFx 11 hours ago

    How dare you question J.C lol

  • Mark Koller
    Mark Koller 11 hours ago

    Release the reLION

  • Jonathon Jubb
    Jonathon Jubb 11 hours ago

    Shit! I thought it was Gerry Anderson's ideas (Thunderbirds!) Never mind......

  • グラムTheSmegger
    グラムTheSmegger 11 hours ago


  • Dane Whaley
    Dane Whaley 12 hours ago

    Look at their cars! Their retail cars! Didn’t realize they turned into Pontiac

  • Justice Warrior
    Justice Warrior 13 hours ago

    Why do you keep bringing that pathetic fat lard in your show??!!!

  • Shimon Cohen
    Shimon Cohen 13 hours ago

    Who the fuck is Ocon.. why is he an option? What did he show he can do in Force India?

  • Marcus Whyte
    Marcus Whyte 13 hours ago

    I hope that Kevin Magnussen will be Verstappen's teammate in 2020! 🔥❤

  • Son Of Africa
    Son Of Africa 13 hours ago

    Leave Bottas for the rest of the season and see how he can get close to Ham. For 2020, review if he should be dropped or not. Bottas is improving and is more experienced

  • Martin Boyle
    Martin Boyle 13 hours ago

    Gary absolutely NAILED IT with his final 2 sentences! The only way you'll make cars work better in traffic, is with a standard front-wing, rear-wing + diffuser, as designed by F1/FIA. The teams DON'T WANT close racing! So it's pointless writing a set of reg's, expecting them to behave as such. Personally, I'd just have standard aero - then open up the rest of the car for teams to develop electronics, software, materials etc etc - all the areas that actually benefit US as road car consumers!

  • TheHjkkkl
    TheHjkkkl 14 hours ago

    Pretty bellys

  • David
    David 14 hours ago

    go for Ocon

  • Ryan Watterson
    Ryan Watterson 15 hours ago

    Could another part of the problem be car setup? What if kimi was the master of car setup, which benefited Seb even more than himself, alfa romeo are enormously improved this year compared to last, what if a large part of that is down to Kimi's great car setup skill/knowledge

  • okleydokley
    okleydokley 15 hours ago

    Lorenzo is too inconsistent. It took him a year to figure out the Ducati, he's slow in the wet, he either is 100% and unbeatable, or the back of the pack. That will not beat Marquez.

  • William Manhattan
    William Manhattan 15 hours ago

    It's important to remember that Albon is a temporary solution for now. They clearly want to see how he will do, and if he's not ready yet - Kyvat is always there to support them.

  • Ape from the kitchen of Enki and Enlil.

    Ocon was not strong before F1 dispite his dominant car. Bottas is a better driver.

  • Richard Duinmayer
    Richard Duinmayer 15 hours ago

    It's not because of Verstappen but because of Red Bull

  • Hus 9
    Hus 9 15 hours ago

    The drivers are pushing a car that's just not fast enough.

  • Tristan Trémolières
    Tristan Trémolières 15 hours ago

    OCON! Bottas is a great teammate but Mercedes need the bests

  • nihiswann
    nihiswann 15 hours ago

    No vegetables were harmed in the making of these 2 fat slobs......

  • Kalpesh Patel
    Kalpesh Patel 15 hours ago

    F2004: you beauty! my all-time favorite :)

  • Dannny Mooren
    Dannny Mooren 16 hours ago

    en terecht had 3 races eerder moeten gebeuren Gasly AU REVOIR 👍

  • 3301
    3301 16 hours ago

    Yes ik it’s unrealistic.. but how amazing would it be if the grid was completely switched up? Like McLaren and Alfa Romeo fighting for the championship with Ferrari and Mercedes fighting for best of the rest.. man i can’t wait

  • spirit733t
    spirit733t 16 hours ago

    come on guys , you seriously need to look after your health, no more cars, start cycling

    • Jonathan Bowen
      Jonathan Bowen 13 hours ago

      Yes. They are walking heart attacks mixed with type 2 diabetes.

  • D3al3r Play's
    D3al3r Play's 16 hours ago

    Bottas... He is 2nd in the championship don't forget that.... He is giving them points. As i said elsewere, Ocon is heavilly overrated... A midfield team is good for him.. not the 2nd top seat.

  • J. R. B.
    J. R. B. 16 hours ago

    Oh ye of little faith, only vr46 knows if it's time to go or not, not until he wins another championship, yamaha ain't exactly a winning package in comparison to the honda&ducati, GOAT jrb 🦋

  • Sinking
    Sinking 16 hours ago

    The lads on heavy fuel runs I see.

  • TheTrickster182
    TheTrickster182 16 hours ago

    Anybody know the name to the music in the background?

  • Thomas Low
    Thomas Low 16 hours ago

    Feels bad for Ricciardo such a nice guy who has had a bad 2 seasons

  • Wave Dancer
    Wave Dancer 16 hours ago

    Engine, chassis and drivers do NOT equal into a performing UNIT! They have to go back to field ZERO!

  • Jonathan Griffiths
    Jonathan Griffiths 16 hours ago

    I ve had a real interest in F 1 since the early 80s . With the exception of the Schuy years they have just been a machine to waste talent , cash and effort for no real effect .

  • Hugo Stiglitz
    Hugo Stiglitz 16 hours ago

    Perez > Verstappen. Mad Max Crashtappen is shit

  • Dehy
    Dehy 16 hours ago

    3:50 "who Red Bull thinks is the best driver at the moment" I might be biased because I'm also Dutch, but yes, best driver by far!

  • Vishnu Karthik
    Vishnu Karthik 17 hours ago

    This was more like Hamilton vs Bottas vs ocon vs " Perez" also

  • 01AceAlpha
    01AceAlpha 17 hours ago

    Alonso is available...........

  • Sardar Basha
    Sardar Basha 17 hours ago

    Brother how do you breath..

  • Nagassh
    Nagassh 17 hours ago

    Ricciardo was perfectly competitive with Verstappen despite being plagued by reliability issues, RB are the ones that threw away fantastic talent by treating a great driver like a #2.