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24 HOURS eating ONLY Easter Eggs!
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24 HOURS non-stop PAMPERING!
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ROOM TOUR 2019! My NEW bedroom!
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  • Parker Risch
    Parker Risch 40 minutes ago

    The Snapchat made me laugh so hard. My dad asked” are you ok?”😂

  • Jasmine Goraya
    Jasmine Goraya 2 hours ago

    So proud of you both 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • Shannon Toomer
    Shannon Toomer 3 hours ago

    Oh me god ana has the same birthday as me damn never knew that lol

  • Hollie Smith
    Hollie Smith 4 hours ago

    I love watching your videos but you always say runched!😂 I saw a while ago you were having a debate about how to say it, it’s ruched!❤️

  • Saskia Thomas X
    Saskia Thomas X 4 hours ago

    Keep being you & ignore those who hate!!❤️love you & your videos X

  • Saskia Thomas X
    Saskia Thomas X 4 hours ago


  • Saskia Thomas X
    Saskia Thomas X 4 hours ago

    Love you & your videos so much💛

  • Saskia Thomas X
    Saskia Thomas X 4 hours ago

    I love you so much ignore the haters & just focus on yourself & your beautiful family/friends💗you have my love & support always x x

  • A Hindes
    A Hindes 5 hours ago

    You inspire me an I even started my own channel

  • Vicky Taylor
    Vicky Taylor 5 hours ago

    Love julie !!!!! Her reaactions are everything!

  • the seal
    the seal 6 hours ago

    Anna, can you do 24 hours gluten free?

  • summerselfie24 x
    summerselfie24 x 6 hours ago

    It was so funny at the end when they thought they had won a car an anna had the slip and her mum got so angry in the moment and was like "put it in here" 😂😂😂

  • molly page
    molly page 6 hours ago

    no one: julie: don’t touch me

  • hannahh
    hannahh 6 hours ago

    anyone else see how her mum kinda snaps and changes into a nasty person at random points and she goes like 🤨

  • Hooolmes !
    Hooolmes ! 7 hours ago


  • Maisy Nixon
    Maisy Nixon 7 hours ago

    Ana looks STUNNING in this wow

  • Unicorncrazy 893
    Unicorncrazy 893 7 hours ago

    16:54 He is speaking french 🤣😂

  • Elizabeth Anne Faulkner

    Wtfff I remember watching this in 201444

  • hollie
    hollie 7 hours ago

    wait ana for your mum didn’t you do the sunpat one twice or am i tripping 😂

  • Unicorncrazy 893
    Unicorncrazy 893 8 hours ago

    I have the saffron barker suitcase too !!

  • This is Lexie
    This is Lexie 8 hours ago

    Actually love your mum💓

  • Aimee xxx
    Aimee xxx 8 hours ago

    omg a stan her mum 😂

  • Ellie Vela
    Ellie Vela 8 hours ago

    Gucci’ bag in the back ground and lv you didn’t have to add that bag

  • Saranki Thava
    Saranki Thava 9 hours ago

    Your eyebrows are gorgeous Julieee😀😀😂

  • Lindsay Henry
    Lindsay Henry 10 hours ago

    can we talk about how gorgeous ana looks in this video💘💘

  • Ruby Jackson
    Ruby Jackson 10 hours ago


  • Sophie Lilley
    Sophie Lilley 10 hours ago

    her eyelashes are so different😂

  • Amy Charles
    Amy Charles 10 hours ago

    People need to stop giving Ana hate she doesn't desserve it Ana inspired me to make my own channel so I don't see why people give her hate if you have nothing nice to comment then don't comment it

  • Sophie Lilley
    Sophie Lilley 10 hours ago

    i love you but i think ana forgot about one of her eyebrows

  • Holly Cooper
    Holly Cooper 10 hours ago

    “You asking for it?” You dying for it. Get off my back

  • Deborah Savage
    Deborah Savage 11 hours ago

    Did you have the same account for the ones when you were younger

  • Samuel kernstone
    Samuel kernstone 11 hours ago

    I will give you a good looking over.

  • Jenny Bunny
    Jenny Bunny 12 hours ago

    Aww bless, little Atticus is 6 months old here 😇

  • vsco girl
    vsco girl 12 hours ago

    Chocolate fudge brownie

  • Rachie louise
    Rachie louise 13 hours ago

    I don't understand my logic, I like both of you so much as great youtubers but together in one vid makes me uncomfortable 😂😂😂

  • Mich 2409
    Mich 2409 13 hours ago

    "It looks like a normal really good burger" OK love.

  • Nicola Flaherty
    Nicola Flaherty 13 hours ago

    Your mum is so funny 😂

  • Freya squad !!!!
    Freya squad !!!! 14 hours ago

    Don't listen to what the haters say I love your videos <3

  • aaliyahjayde x
    aaliyahjayde x 14 hours ago

    why can Anna actually sing so good!! like that 2 seconds without the filter is so good!!!

  • Ibrahim Isikaltun
    Ibrahim Isikaltun 14 hours ago

    Like his brother has to copy her live for an day

  • X.Freya .Haydn.X
    X.Freya .Haydn.X 14 hours ago

    I love baby cappuccino, I don’t really like warm milk

  • GameGang
    GameGang 14 hours ago

    How’s your fish doin xx

  • Jess Townsend
    Jess Townsend 14 hours ago


  • Gracie Sevenoaks
    Gracie Sevenoaks 15 hours ago

    Watching ur videos again😂❤️

  • erin cunningham
    erin cunningham 15 hours ago

    They look so different from a year ago People change, people's bodies change 😂😭

  • Aimee Redford
    Aimee Redford 15 hours ago

    Jesus they're so short

  • Kassie Plant
    Kassie Plant 15 hours ago

    Atticus: “ I think you will get lots of money for this “ Anna: laughing “behind camera” Atticus: smiling Anna : okay 😂😂

  • Alena's Mandala
    Alena's Mandala 16 hours ago

    In 3:53 they call it effrutti In the philippines we call it trolli

  • brummy girl
    brummy girl 16 hours ago

    Christmas is coming

  • brummy girl
    brummy girl 17 hours ago

    I love you video I whach yor video

  • Sana Sadiq
    Sana Sadiq 17 hours ago

    He’s so cute 😍

  • brummy girl
    brummy girl 17 hours ago

    Hi24 itch in the Por

  • Abbie Harrison
    Abbie Harrison 17 hours ago

    How come everytime she tries a dress on she’s there rubbing it up and down the entire time omg

  • Lydia Andrews
    Lydia Andrews 17 hours ago


  • lottie feeney
    lottie feeney 17 hours ago

    The criminal bit has me dead

  • Evie Morris
    Evie Morris 17 hours ago

    The fries are cooked in the same grease as the chicken nuggets so they are not vegan xxx

  • lottie feeney
    lottie feeney 17 hours ago

    Omg I’m curious how much atticus spent now

  • Live 2 dance Lia
    Live 2 dance Lia 17 hours ago

    I feel you could get more lunchables .You got so less

  • Millie Hawkins
    Millie Hawkins 18 hours ago

    Julie and Ana Talking about if she had a boyfriend she would wear red 😂😂😂

  • Ellie Lineker
    Ellie Lineker 18 hours ago

    Who else is in bed watching this and painting their nails

  • Abb Louise
    Abb Louise 18 hours ago

    Your mum is definitely right, that black dress is not something you’d wear to the park🤣🤣

  • Abi Allen
    Abi Allen 18 hours ago

    Nobody... Anna: OMG THERES A SPIDER MUUUUUUMMM THERES A SPIDER Atticus: DONT worry Anna me and mummy will keep you safe Me: AWWW MUUUMMM COME LOOK AT THIS WHY CANT MY 4 YEAR OLD BRO DO THIS?!? 💖❤️💖❤️💖❤️😍🥰🥰😍💖❤️💖

  • Kayla Madison
    Kayla Madison 19 hours ago

    You can sing boi yeah

  • Andrea Brabrook
    Andrea Brabrook 19 hours ago

    Anyone else realise that when it was 15:38 she said 5:38 not 3:38

  • Angel Roll
    Angel Roll 19 hours ago

    Like if I should call up to make 7 eleven in the uk

  • Ellen Elizabeth Eastwood

    These comments are so bad, ana looks incredible in all of them 🥵😍😍

  • Aman Gill
    Aman Gill 19 hours ago

    U are a awesome sister ur brother is so cute I love 🦁 👑

  • Milz Hiya
    Milz Hiya 22 hours ago

    Phish food aswell tho...

  • Milz Hiya
    Milz Hiya 22 hours ago


  • Maddie Bradz
    Maddie Bradz 23 hours ago

    ‘ don’t touch me with ur foundation hands’ PHAHAHA that cracked me up 🤣🤣🤣

  • Pusheen Lover
    Pusheen Lover Day ago

    no one: me: "oh no, a full face of makeup against a white pillow?! i hope she has makeup whipes"

  • Ellie👑
    Ellie👑 Day ago

    Ill take £200😩😂😂😂

  • Sienna Welsh
    Sienna Welsh Day ago

    Your so pretty xxx

  • Ondine O’Chee

    the first you tuber that actually does 24 hours

  • Elizabeth Rox
    Elizabeth Rox Day ago

    I think red is a Christmas and valentines colour tbh...also i think the last dress does have a bit of a funeral vibe sorry Anna :P btw, how tall are you? I like some of these dresses and wanted to know how short they'd be on me xx

  • kevin hindes
    kevin hindes Day ago

    can u do it with atticus

  • rania owida
    rania owida Day ago

    U r the cutest person on earth

  • Louise Amelia
    Louise Amelia Day ago

    I’m 16 and on the implant n it’s really good it’s stopped my periods and the cramps. Your amazing tbh xx

  • Hall'e-Debra Baron

    yo he is smarter than me and I'm twice his age

  • Jabami Yumeko
    Jabami Yumeko Day ago

    I’ve been *OBSESSED* with the citrus Peach iced tea !

  • Lyla Brunning
    Lyla Brunning Day ago

    How does he know what a silent letter is ??

  • Art Tube
    Art Tube Day ago

    Her: goes to a coffee shop Also her: I can’t stand coffee

  • Abby’s World

    me living in america never been to seven eleven

  • Zara Lowe
    Zara Lowe Day ago

    Love the t-shirt xxxx

  • Abbie Harlock
    Abbie Harlock Day ago

    lovely outfits ana and amazing video with ur lovely mum xxxxxx

  • Tanaiya
    Tanaiya Day ago

    This is how many times ana said “Not gonna lie” 👇🏽

  • Chelsea Brown
    Chelsea Brown Day ago

    No one: ... Anna’s mum: it’s very good quality

  • Niamh Wilson5144

    I love ur mum n u nd evrything but y does she get so aggressive

  • Poppy Rose
    Poppy Rose Day ago

    Omg omg caramel frappe is what I have 🤯🤯🥳

  • Becca Talbot
    Becca Talbot Day ago

    Julie was so blunt to ana even if she didn’t like to outfit she could have said it in a different way and she was laughing at ana

  • Saidu Rahman
    Saidu Rahman Day ago

    its shoe and is spelt schuh

  • Grace Does vlogs

    Attikus has such a set morning routine

  • Ellen 123
    Ellen 123 Day ago

    Handcuff urself to attics,Wendy or saffron

  • Aneela Zaman
    Aneela Zaman Day ago

    Mum-"don't touch me with your foundation hands!" Anna-"I don't have foundation hands!" ME- Anna looks a bit sad after Julie said that this was such a good video!

  • Holly Rogan
    Holly Rogan Day ago

    WE HAVE THE SAME BIRTHDAY!!!! Hope you had a lovely day💕💖💗

  • Flatty Mochi
    Flatty Mochi Day ago

    its schuh (shouu)

  • Laura Thame
    Laura Thame Day ago

    2019 anyone

  • Martha Ali
    Martha Ali Day ago

    What a lot shit

  • EveCampbell C
    EveCampbell C Day ago

    This is probably one of my favourite videos Anastasia has done❤️❤️

  • Caleb for life Youngsters

    Atticus is a little angel