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24 HOURS non-stop PAMPERING!
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  • Charlotte Cooke
    Charlotte Cooke 3 minutes ago

    Anti aging products are supposed to be used before aging starts anyway as when wrinkles and natural aging starts it’s too late to use the products. They’re designed to pro long the natural aging. I started at 20 so your at the right age to be thinking about using them.

  • Aamina Akhtar
    Aamina Akhtar 29 minutes ago

    Who’s here in 2019?

  • Aamina Akhtar
    Aamina Akhtar 30 minutes ago

    OH MY GAAAWWWWD!!! She looks SOOO different compared to 2020, 2019 and 2018!

  • Evie-May
    Evie-May 36 minutes ago

    can you show his room finished xxx

  • Gracie Hall
    Gracie Hall 42 minutes ago

    You should defiantly try an electric shaver. There is no risk of cutting yourself and you don’t need the cream. Over time it is a much better investment. I have used it for years and in my opinion it gives a much smoother surface then a razor xx

  • Ella Jones
    Ella Jones 51 minute ago


  • Hannah Young
    Hannah Young 52 minutes ago

    you should do only using lidls products for 24 hours

  • Lifeof Lily
    Lifeof Lily 53 minutes ago

    Try Asda or Superdrug , Tesco

  • Lifeof Lily
    Lifeof Lily 54 minutes ago


  • Ella Jones
    Ella Jones Hour ago

    OMG Anastasia!!! I love this video sooooo much and I've watched it over and over again!!!

  • Lauren Jena
    Lauren Jena Hour ago

    Your mum's tinder convo killed me she's just the best 😂

  • Sophie Louise
    Sophie Louise Hour ago

    What cream is it a dupe for?

  • Aurora Mcintosh
    Aurora Mcintosh 2 hours ago

    Use 2 shampoos for ur hair to be clean ! We learnt this in hair and beauty x

  • Cerys Jones
    Cerys Jones 2 hours ago

    Who else has noticed every time atticus hugs or comforts ana he looked at the cameras Also the makeup on the camera I was dead Put this emoji if you love ana 😘

  • MultiTiddler
    MultiTiddler 3 hours ago

    How old are you

  • Ellie Durnford
    Ellie Durnford 3 hours ago

    this is literally the exact same as saffron’s

  • Leeza Feldberg
    Leeza Feldberg 3 hours ago

    Why would the Royal Family kill Diana. The Royal Family are the nicest people ever and do so much for our country and always think of their country. They would never kill Diana.

  • Olivia Felton
    Olivia Felton 5 hours ago

    Test more

    ANIYAH HAILEY 7 hours ago

    If your hair is super dirty it wont wont foam cause that happened to me sister

  • Chloe Owen
    Chloe Owen 7 hours ago

    Didnt know aldi did beauty products😂😂😂

  • Amna
    Amna 7 hours ago


  • Scarlett Allan
    Scarlett Allan 8 hours ago

    I’ve been told that apple is the best for greasy hair!

  • Brooke Dibra
    Brooke Dibra 8 hours ago

    On the part were you got Mc Donald’s the reason why they make you wait so long is because they have to make it fresh because its customise

  • Millie Seaton
    Millie Seaton 9 hours ago

    Anyone know where her orange bikini is from ?

  • Person Person
    Person Person 9 hours ago

    When people are hating over you eating food even though you’ve worked so hard and accomplished more at 18 than they ever will in their life🤭

  • Nuha Ali
    Nuha Ali 10 hours ago

    Beans are red

  • Tori Light
    Tori Light 10 hours ago

    Pls test lidl products as i go there quite a bit and hopefully u recomend it,❤love u❤❤ maybe try tesco aswell....

  • Charlotte Hobill
    Charlotte Hobill 10 hours ago

    I genuinely feel your pain it’s smells vile 🤮🤮 , my mum likes it on her crackers

  • georgie mae
    georgie mae 10 hours ago

    you should try using lidl products💜

  • Anna Maria
    Anna Maria 10 hours ago


  • Abbi Smith
    Abbi Smith 10 hours ago

    makes me feel so much better when influencers like you post without make up, its easy for your self confidence to lower when you see Instagram models looking perfect 24/7, helps me to remember everyone’s beautiful with or without it💖keep doing you

  • Amieé Xo
    Amieé Xo 11 hours ago

    The Yellow bottle of shampoo you pointed out the conditioner to match that is the best thing Iv ever used! Smells like banana and makes my hair feel amazing. But on the same note the green shower gel smells like washing up liquid 😂

  • Hope Somerville Year 07

    I have always my whole life used the Aldi beauty products so I know no different. My mom loves the creams as well. Pls can you do testing face masks from loads of different brands in the same vid? Ps love you and your channel!

  • Rocco Olde
    Rocco Olde 11 hours ago

    Attics is actually the cutest thing ever 🥺🥰😂

  • Charlotte and Monday
    Charlotte and Monday 11 hours ago

    Honestly atticus so adorable and precious 😍🥺he is the BOSS 😂💗🥺

  • d123
    d123 11 hours ago

    sis do aldi makeup next

  • Emily Binyon
    Emily Binyon 11 hours ago

    This made my day 😂😂😂😂

  • Shadman Kalam
    Shadman Kalam 11 hours ago

    Wow she is really so beautiful 😍 good to see you sweetheart

  • poppy starkey
    poppy starkey 12 hours ago

    She should do a video where she only eats a certain colour of food for 24 hours but make is vegan or vegetarian

  • Sydney Wegman
    Sydney Wegman 12 hours ago

    Did it bother anyone her straw was upside down in her slushies

  • Jennie Brown
    Jennie Brown 12 hours ago

    I just love a tomato and cheese baguette lol -no hate

  • Mercvii _Grey
    Mercvii _Grey 12 hours ago

    Who else was looking on her phone because she was on tiktok?

  • Peyton Godwin
    Peyton Godwin 12 hours ago

    I LOVE UR VOICE!!!! I’m thinking about subscribing

  • Dylan Sousa
    Dylan Sousa 12 hours ago

    Great video

  • Bethany Unknown
    Bethany Unknown 12 hours ago

    Do a home bargains beauty video if u have one in your area x

  • Hannah Tyler
    Hannah Tyler 12 hours ago

    What happened to her Finger because she has a Plaster on it

  • xoalishaxo
    xoalishaxo 12 hours ago

    Why is it every other video or more you get your body out?

  • Abby O
    Abby O 12 hours ago

    In around 3:48, who else can see the McDonald’s cup next to her Louis Vuitton backpack lmao

  • Ava_Beldam xoxo
    Ava_Beldam xoxo 13 hours ago

    My two favourites you didn’t like😢❤️

  • Melissa Sheil
    Melissa Sheil 13 hours ago

    This is how many times Anna said the word Consistency ↩️

  • Melissa Sheil
    Melissa Sheil 13 hours ago

    The amount of shampoo and conditioner you use😳😳

  • Sophie Shearing
    Sophie Shearing 13 hours ago

    A recent Adam Sandler film I watched is Pixels.. brilliant film!

  • Moli Charles
    Moli Charles 13 hours ago

    Hey we're in disney aswell can we get a pic tomorrow

  • Scar and May xxx
    Scar and May xxx 13 hours ago

    Can you do home bargains

  • Poppy Davis
    Poppy Davis 13 hours ago

    sorry cheese tomato and cucumber is not the plainest order😂i literally get plain chicken and toasted,that is the plainest order ever 😂😂

  • Anne Boleyn
    Anne Boleyn 13 hours ago

    Yay it’s my birthday in a month so I don’t have to pay, like, £45 for shampoo and conditioner. Perfect time to discover this!

  • Erica Shaw
    Erica Shaw 13 hours ago

    There of other skin care is online and there mask with charcoal is amazing

  • Natasha Mcsev
    Natasha Mcsev 13 hours ago

    my birthday on the 30 september

  • Mair Stonex
    Mair Stonex 13 hours ago

    I love the Roblox music😂 Anyone else watching in 2020?

  • Ya girl Paige
    Ya girl Paige 14 hours ago


  • Molly Snelson
    Molly Snelson 14 hours ago

    Use Suda crem for ur spots xx

  • Unicone Piggy
    Unicone Piggy 14 hours ago

    U should do a video where u live of thing from lidl for 24 hours I would watch it

  • btsarmyforeverjk Bts
    btsarmyforeverjk Bts 14 hours ago

    I always use treseme shampo and conditioner But my mum got aldu shampo the other day ,I didn't like it

  • Courtney Cobb
    Courtney Cobb 14 hours ago

    Your hair is so dry and damaged, I’m cringing for you

  • Unicone Piggy
    Unicone Piggy 14 hours ago

    Atticus at 2:47 is so funny 🤣😂😆

  • Chloe Gould
    Chloe Gould 14 hours ago

    Coconut makes ur hair softer I’ve used it x

  • Gatcha Lily
    Gatcha Lily 14 hours ago

    Anna you are better at me at drawing

  • Emily Ann
    Emily Ann 14 hours ago

    That little boy did so much better with that Mcdonald’s meal than I would’ve done. WOW

  • caroline holm
    caroline holm 14 hours ago

    That is normally what you would pay for half the products in Denmark. Oh and that is also if you buy the cheappest products

  • Grace Millar Buswell
    Grace Millar Buswell 15 hours ago


  • J L
    J L 15 hours ago

    you should do testing revolution beauty for 24 hours!! their skincare is great:)

  • afterthestorm
    afterthestorm 15 hours ago


  • J T
    J T 15 hours ago

    you should do a review on glossier products! I think you’ll really like the packaging!

  • Erin Samuelson
    Erin Samuelson 15 hours ago

    I love how causally she says ‘I joined the illuminati’ expecting Anna to just nod and move on, too funny lolllll

  • Cerys Davies
    Cerys Davies 15 hours ago

    The biggest thing that makes me cringe being someone who’s had acne for 8 years is seeing Anna try the skin care. NEVER opt for scrubs with the “balls” in because they cut your skin causing blemishes and wounds. If you want to scrub your skin get a foaming cleanser and exfoliating gloves. Don’t use them everyday

  • Megan Roper
    Megan Roper 15 hours ago

    love Atticus so much 🥞😴💋

    • cnmmd qiuoo
      cnmmd qiuoo 23 minutes ago

      Atticus is so sweet, bless him ❤️

  • Marlin Chol
    Marlin Chol 15 hours ago


  • senni bgon
    senni bgon 15 hours ago

    "At the moment.. about a 5" he rates everything out of 10 I am dead can you imagine when he's older and gets married "ur a 7 out of 10, I do"

    • senni bgon
      senni bgon 8 hours ago

      Can U do it with Julie pls I love your videos

  • BabyCakes11 12BabyCakes

    Atticus is such an angle💞🤍. Bless his little heart😌😊😇

  • Scarlett Julia
    Scarlett Julia 16 hours ago

    Ana I do the exact same thing with the burger but I just eat around the edges then eat the middle😂

  • Ann Girl
    Ann Girl 16 hours ago

    Wheres your bikini from ? 😊

  • TikTok 2.0
    TikTok 2.0 16 hours ago

    I laughed so much when she said yeah bro

    • TikTok 2.0
      TikTok 2.0 21 minute ago


    • cnmmd qiuoo
      cnmmd qiuoo 23 minutes ago

      "Anna will do very hard work, that will teach her" 😂 love every video with Atticus in! xx

  • Aesthetically Aesthetic

    She should try Tesco beauty food and everyday stuff for 24 hours

  • Olivia seagrove
    Olivia seagrove 16 hours ago

    omg i love Atticus so much he’s so cute 🥺❤️

  • Courtney Ritchie
    Courtney Ritchie 16 hours ago

    So like what’s the cream called you keep going on about?

  • Ellie Mc Guinness
    Ellie Mc Guinness 16 hours ago

    When Julie said someone commented “her eyebrows piss me off” I died 🤣

  • Lozza Osgood
    Lozza Osgood 16 hours ago

    You should do ‘24hrs only using homebargain products’

  • Devinette
    Devinette 17 hours ago

    Oh my lord I just found your new channel! I used to watch your moshi monsters videos in 2013! I’m on a nostalgia trip now

  • qooqled
    qooqled 17 hours ago

    It’s schuh as in shoe 😂

  • Dione Rowell
    Dione Rowell 17 hours ago

    Am I the only one that doesn’t use any shaving creams on my legs and just uses conditioner?! Like literally it makes my legs all nice and smooth whereas shaving cream literally makes my skin so sensitive and itchy 😂

  • ZookZide. Yt
    ZookZide. Yt 17 hours ago

    Holy crap... I just saw this on my recommendaded and I am dead. A proper British, Primark loving FLash-playerr. FINALLY!!!!

  • Hanan Alsudani
    Hanan Alsudani 17 hours ago


  • Elizabeth Davies
    Elizabeth Davies 17 hours ago

    I am bawling this is the cutest most nicest surprise ever, I wanna be ur sister!,

  • Thomas Murray
    Thomas Murray 17 hours ago

    mayo isnt vegan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but still love you ha from lily xxxxxxxxx

  • daisy dingwall
    daisy dingwall 17 hours ago

    it’s just honestly pathetic how someone can actually post a comment saying horrible things like that it’s just jealousy and people are probably trying to bring others down because there hurt but there is no point in doing that xx

  • Ellie Cooper
    Ellie Cooper 17 hours ago

    You're meant to shampoo your hair twice, the first time the shampoo gets rid of all the dirt and grease in your hair which is why sometimes the shampoo doesn't foam up the first time. The second time it will foam up more and you will gain all the nourishing properties from the shampoo. Love you Ana and I love these types of videos!

  • hairbyadamphilip
    hairbyadamphilip 17 hours ago

    alberto balsam is one of the worst things you can put on your hair so I imagine a dupe of that is even worse

  • Sophie Collins
    Sophie Collins 18 hours ago

    When you wash your hair make sure you only shampoo your scalp because shampooing your whole hear can cause hair loss love you Ana xx 💞

  • Emma Martin
    Emma Martin 18 hours ago

    Don't think I've ever seen some one so excited about underwear 😂😂😂 love you Anna ❤

  • Hanna Offenberger
    Hanna Offenberger 18 hours ago

    I hate how you say “Aldi” in America we pronounce it as “All di”