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  • Red Nitro
    Red Nitro 4 minutes ago

    You obviously haven't seen the movie, he didn't eat all that it's all in his mind: when he thinks about the beast his veins start to pop

  • jtremblay100
    jtremblay100 13 minutes ago

    They seem like good guys. Kinda worried for Eddie he’s still young but all that sugary juice, cheese cake will lead to metabolic problems.

  • Captain Nero
    Captain Nero 34 minutes ago

    All these health nuts look like shit when they get old..

  • June Marie Liddy
    June Marie Liddy 39 minutes ago

    this is quite interesting to see hoe Arnold eats

  • Zay
    Zay 57 minutes ago

    I love how she jumped straight to showing her asshole before eating the food. In an alternate universe she signed the deal with BangBros for sure.

  • dollaz
    dollaz Hour ago

    Literally never knew she had an accent

  • iTeddyENT
    iTeddyENT Hour ago


  • Cheesecake 256
    Cheesecake 256 Hour ago

    do u eat booty? asking for a friend. Kevin: Sometimes with a fork and a knife, sometimes with a spoon. 😂😂

  • Emilio Ramirez
    Emilio Ramirez Hour ago

    I run to push it every day lmao

  • Peachy Peach
    Peachy Peach Hour ago

    Papi Chulo

  • Yishun Siva
    Yishun Siva Hour ago

    No gym workout in a gym.

  • Fleur V. Louisy
    Fleur V. Louisy Hour ago

    I love this 😭😭

  • Pedro P
    Pedro P Hour ago

    Doctor... huh... It's funny when people call dentists "doctors"

  • Michael Watson
    Michael Watson Hour ago

    Kali muscle has a simpler meal plan that consists of fish, chicken, oatmeal, and that’s a budget I can live with lol

  • Moe Fawkah
    Moe Fawkah Hour ago

    Out here looking like a roided up Chris Rock.

  • WeAreTES
    WeAreTES Hour ago

    Wit a 🍴 sometimes a 🥄🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Mostwantedjk
    Mostwantedjk Hour ago

    Wakanda has the tools to help this city brother all I can here him say lol😂

  • Jay Cartwright
    Jay Cartwright Hour ago

    Who knows him from Brooklyn nine nine

  • emersoneee2008
    emersoneee2008 Hour ago

    Gates is lyrically gifted ..but cant make a hit song to save his life

  • J DC
    J DC Hour ago

    Even Arnold's fridge has muscles. That's how much of a legend he is.

  • Philly. Kid
    Philly. Kid Hour ago

    One of the realest 💯.. hands down

  • plewtz80
    plewtz80 2 hours ago

    so eat young slutty women, preferably belly and thigh meat. gotcha.

  • Juan Hernandez
    Juan Hernandez 2 hours ago

    I have half a gulp of air for breakfast and a full gulp for dinner and I’m still broke how the fuck am I supposed to afford even 2 fistfuls of food I can’t do this anymore

  • Justin Thompson
    Justin Thompson 2 hours ago

    Bro smart as fuck for real

  • Justin Thompson
    Justin Thompson 2 hours ago

    Bro wtf I ain't ever have the same appetite ass someone this shit trippy for real

  • valentin vazquez
    valentin vazquez 2 hours ago

    nigga much lov from Puerto Rico keep that music sick asfuk

  • Fabian Girsch
    Fabian Girsch 2 hours ago

    That's the guy from this one episode of Brooklyn nine nine with the dentist. He probably does a lot of other stuff, but never seen him anywhere xD

  • Mitesh Kumar
    Mitesh Kumar 2 hours ago

    Aw look at all these experts in the comments section❤

  • Andres Torres
    Andres Torres 2 hours ago

    I have to meet him :(

  • Dannyyy19
    Dannyyy19 2 hours ago

    This man is hilarious 😂😭

  • giveyourmeat agoodolrub

    Such bullshit. The 'secret' is obviously roids, lmao

  • Marc Henn
    Marc Henn 2 hours ago

    I have to learn that mind and muscle connect.

  • Gigantic Ball
    Gigantic Ball 2 hours ago

    I blinked and missed 20

  • Marc Henn
    Marc Henn 2 hours ago

    The workouting part for me is easy. Its the eatting right and enough is the hardest part for me.

  • SSJ_skylab
    SSJ_skylab 3 hours ago

    This guy said muslims eat 1 meal day lol wtf I'm muslim and you can for sure eat more than one meal a day

  • Harry Sachs
    Harry Sachs 3 hours ago

    He sounds like the type of guy who will pick you up at a gym, take you home, fuck you, then make a healthy breakfast for you in the morning.

  • Paypal Bank
    Paypal Bank 3 hours ago

    I think the veins are not real lol

  • celli351
    celli351 3 hours ago

    Just terrible...

  • GigasnailGaming
    GigasnailGaming 3 hours ago

    This guy couldn't even read the script much less tell what was in the diet.

  • Charles Kennedy
    Charles Kennedy 3 hours ago

    Not interested in the movie but as a weightlifter this is very interesting

  • Yvonne Scully
    Yvonne Scully 3 hours ago


  • 1000REMBOY
    1000REMBOY 3 hours ago

    Massive pewdiepie

  • filsan madar
    filsan madar 3 hours ago

    Why does he eat only one meal a day if his muslim?? I'm muslim and ive never heard of that

  • Kevin Garcia
    Kevin Garcia 3 hours ago

    This Fool is Weird Period he's Going Kanye Crazy

  • The RaRa85
    The RaRa85 4 hours ago

    My man Randall. 💪🏿

  • Jesus Ramirez
    Jesus Ramirez 4 hours ago

    I thought this foo said "dont judge i drink piss" lol

  • Cisium
    Cisium 4 hours ago

    "Ve vood go to ze Haus of Pize."

  • Jamaican Me Crazy
    Jamaican Me Crazy 4 hours ago

    I see 95 dislikes here. Take this as proof that people will dislike anything

  • Thomas Weeks
    Thomas Weeks 4 hours ago

    Definitely my favourite player in the nba, such a humble guy

  • Liam C
    Liam C 5 hours ago

    Men's Health: "Everything McAvoy ate to get massive" Hafthor Bjornsson: lol wut

  • Felipe Rodriguez
    Felipe Rodriguez 5 hours ago

    Ya.. I'm sure all the diet and workouts was used, but in such a short time, PED's had to be used.

  • Crown TheKing
    Crown TheKing 5 hours ago

    I want that v I got that v now lol

  • Vale algarin
    Vale algarin 5 hours ago

    nigga trynna show off that they baby not gon suck his titties no more LMAOO

  • Kyree Haley
    Kyree Haley 5 hours ago

    😂🤘🏾 my dear brother 💯

  • accumanddis trading
    accumanddis trading 5 hours ago

    young guys and beards..... one big bowl of, low carb, wrong.

  • The Edsta
    The Edsta 5 hours ago

    I suddenly feel buff just by watching this video!

  • 2TZ Tv
    2TZ Tv 6 hours ago

    This nigga is too funny 😂💀💀

  • Jon
    Jon 6 hours ago

    The term "massive" is being used quite generously here....

  • ꧁ Tú Muy Bien ꧂

    he put even the egg shell into the... wait, what is the instagram of those hotties on the left 4:06 I really wanna bang them

  • Risca15
    Risca15 6 hours ago

    Man Brian Shaw seems like the friendliest bear in the world

  • Cloud - io
    Cloud - io 6 hours ago

    You call that, massive?

  • I hate Google
    I hate Google 6 hours ago

    Kevin Gates have you heard of Clutch Williams?

  • Blain Elliott
    Blain Elliott 6 hours ago

    Throw a handful of peds in the mix

  • Bronze Tiger
    Bronze Tiger 6 hours ago

    Good workout,Hits the spots and builds stamina: "Wakanda Forever"😲

  • Vannoxhxc
    Vannoxhxc 6 hours ago

    lookin like hes been lazering that cross on his forehead

  • Seth MacCulloch
    Seth MacCulloch 6 hours ago


  • M B
    M B 6 hours ago

    Every actor is on gear for movie roles, anybody that lifts knows that...

  • Chef Kee
    Chef Kee 7 hours ago

    Awww!!! He still a kid at heart 😍😍😍😍 I love men with a sense a humor still have that kid in them not so serious all the time

  • dsvet
    dsvet 7 hours ago

    "milk is for babies, I drink beeah"

  • Nameless Droner
    Nameless Droner 7 hours ago

    I do this at home. Except I I to a weaker version of the pull ups laying down pulling up of my kitchen table. But it’s still a nice pump! Thanks for the free work out. 💪

  • Jacob Biilmann E-9A Engholmskolen

    I think that getting some momentum at the top is a good idea since it will get harder at the end of the movement.

  • Seb
    Seb 7 hours ago

    Three questions for a person trying to get to back into shape Answers would Be greatly appreciated!!! 1. Is this considered a full body weight workout? If not what constitutes as a full body weight workout/ what exercises can be added to make the workout into a full body weight workout? 2.What’s, a beginner version of this workout? 3. The butt ups seem risky due to the lower back issue so what Ab exercises can I substitute for the butt ups? Any help would Ben appreciated thanks!

    • Seb
      Seb Hour ago

      @Nameless Droner Alright, thanks for the response. The workout seems to be structured for intermediate-advanced athletes, and since I'm just getting back into working out, it seems somewhat difficult Anyways, would you know answers to question 1 and 3? If yes, a second response would be greatly appreciated: - Is this considered a full-bodyweight workout? AND -Any are there any ab exercises ( it can be more than 1, so 2 or greater) that can be substituted for the butt ups?)

    • Nameless Droner
      Nameless Droner 7 hours ago

      This a great workout for anyone. (Beginner to advanced) just do you your best. And complete the reps!

  • Darrius TV
    Darrius TV 7 hours ago

    Comment Section:They always flexing! Me:Get off the internet and go get a life and maybe you can do the same.

  • MissAikoPlayz _
    MissAikoPlayz _ 7 hours ago

    5:02 mann yoga is for puussies i neva wanna do yoga

  • Uzars 14
    Uzars 14 7 hours ago

    Lives in the USA for too long and now she pronouncing burger with an R at the end

  • Mutombo Says
    Mutombo Says 7 hours ago

    *I hope he lives to the Max, 120 years old.*

  • 225 Youngin
    225 Youngin 7 hours ago

    "You gotta forgive me cause I'm NOT sorry" 😂😂😂

  • Chad Macleod
    Chad Macleod 7 hours ago

    Kevin gates on armpit hair: hair holds dirt so i manscape it all Kevin gates on beard: it sexy i look foreign wit it

  • Jay 215
    Jay 215 8 hours ago

    One eye looking at the laptop, the other looking away the camera. Multitasking at its best

  • ewetoob blowes
    ewetoob blowes 8 hours ago

    This is a really good one. I added 100 jump ropes between all exercises and did two rounds. Will be putting this in my routine. Thanks!

  • GB MusicCompany
    GB MusicCompany 8 hours ago

    See, I’m a big landscaper ... 😂😂🤣

  • WaterProofBread
    WaterProofBread 8 hours ago

    Hes a muslim and has a cross tattoo on hes forehead.

  • Dabotubo Daboo Alalibo

    Thank you so much for a down to earth training tip

  • Jacob Golden
    Jacob Golden 8 hours ago

    Chris Rock got jacked!

  • Julie Collins
    Julie Collins 8 hours ago

    U r so sexy. Add me on Facebook, ilovemeforever89

  • Harry Saq
    Harry Saq 8 hours ago

    Awesome video but now I got a fuckin head size hole in the ceiling from the burpee🤣🤙🇺🇸

  • Montsm01
    Montsm01 8 hours ago

    ...Goes to amazon and places order for sea buckthorn

  • Jaelyn Bost
    Jaelyn Bost 9 hours ago

    Bill gates family was Kevin’s family’s Slave owners.

  • T Girl
    T Girl 9 hours ago

    "what I utter with my mouth, I feel like my actions should prove."

  • Yuriy Romanovich
    Yuriy Romanovich 9 hours ago

    'because they want to look like me, of course, this never gonna happen' -god I love this guy!

  • Tim Arnett
    Tim Arnett 9 hours ago

    Bihhhh I just saw a video you ordering 3 chick Fila sandwiches with extra pickle, talking about eating one meal a day 😂😂

  • 3000 subscribers with just three videos?

    The terminator never dies

  • k. dot
    k. dot 9 hours ago

    Same questions different words....... 😅

  • Cut the Crap
    Cut the Crap 9 hours ago

    Am I missing something? He’s not massive.

  • Ross Catto
    Ross Catto 9 hours ago

    Men's "health".

  • Ihk Shawon
    Ihk Shawon 9 hours ago

    good smile :)

  • PMacs Mccullum
    PMacs Mccullum 9 hours ago

    Coconut water 💪

  • Cash AlMighty
    Cash AlMighty 9 hours ago

    Bro definitely matured

  • Andrew Pagakis
    Andrew Pagakis 10 hours ago

    This guy's a dumbass

  • Almighty G
    Almighty G 10 hours ago

    Bro the man is high asf😭😭