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my battle..
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Views 3 150 27241 minute ago
*WTF* Minecraft Mods
Views 4 942 6963 hours ago
The Best Update EVER!
Views 5 768 34918 days ago
Going ABOVE THE NETHER in Minecraft
Views 5 601 37819 days ago
Views 6 716 22921 day ago
I built a NUKE in Minecraft
Views 7 038 2312 hours ago
i cheated in a $50000 tournament
Views 4 933 1204 hours ago
bad photoshops (minecraft edition)
Views 7 012 7895 hours ago
Club Penguin is BACK
Views 4 840 451Month ago
10:02 of gamebreaking memes
Views 5 960 563Month ago
Views 6 217 55343 minutes ago
Dont Get STRIKED Challenge
Views 5 487 527Hour ago
i saved SEASON 10
Views 4 836 5003 hours ago
Views 5 651 0735 hours ago
SEASON 10 REACTION (epic content)
Views 6 470 9985 hours ago
this gun is cursed
Views 6 051 205
sorry ninja
Views 7 191 623Hour ago
Views 5 726 6054 hours ago
i beat NINJA in fortnite
Views 12 325 4673 months ago
this weapon isnt fair
Views 5 215 7063 months ago
Views 10 746 9863 months ago
pretending to be THE STORM
Views 5 171 4973 months ago
Spamming STORM FLIPS (unbeatable)
Views 6 962 03845 minutes ago
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pls vault the new BURST SMG
Views 5 483 2044 months ago
Views 5 722 8382 hours ago
fortnite added SPOOKY GRENADES
Views 4 404 3154 hours ago
fortnites greatest update ever
Views 9 653 9935 hours ago
i completely broke this game..
Views 2 684 2065 months ago
500,000M ABOVE THE MAP (dumb science)
Views 7 347 6155 months ago
Overpowered THANOS vs AVENGERS
Views 11 900 3915 months ago
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fortnite with 10000 PING
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  • Mehmet Hira
    Mehmet Hira 49 minutes ago

    Was that ssundee 7:37

  • cristian hernandez
    cristian hernandez 49 minutes ago

    A get the shark skin and go in the water

  • Vintage
    Vintage 49 minutes ago

    You should do fishing only challenge or hide in a dumpster all game

  • Fortnite Console God GOD
    Fortnite Console God GOD 49 minutes ago

    You killed flyy

  • Phantom YT
    Phantom YT 49 minutes ago

    Get a group of fish sticks and swim down the rivers Like if you want to see it

  • MC Soup
    MC Soup 49 minutes ago

    The skull trooper and the default was me😂😂

  • Dashboi GAMEZ
    Dashboi GAMEZ 49 minutes ago

    Lazar when is Brodie a FLASH-PLAYER channel I will be is first subscriber

  • Maxle
    Maxle 50 minutes ago

    Your code reset the dat I bought battle pass

  • EthanGamerPro7
    EthanGamerPro7 50 minutes ago

    Guess he's gonna have to call it Disney Mountain now lol

  • Gobananas15
    Gobananas15 50 minutes ago


  • Wazzzaii Official
    Wazzzaii Official 51 minute ago

    luv it

    RASCAL BAILEY 12 51 minute ago

    It took 2 hours to update for me and my first game i got my first won I was hype I have never done that in my life waiting 2 hours was worth it

  • FJES-Raflekake
    FJES-Raflekake 51 minute ago

    Who misses real fortnite?

  • Raging Wolf
    Raging Wolf 51 minute ago

    Can't wait for the kids who say: "I'm OG I've been playing since chapter 1

  • JetStream Gamer
    JetStream Gamer 52 minutes ago

    Yo its the kidnappers

  • Dao R
    Dao R 52 minutes ago

    try get 100 players in a dumster because why not

  • Gernan Magculang
    Gernan Magculang 52 minutes ago

    your Chanel should be called lazar memes

  • Wills Nettleship
    Wills Nettleship 52 minutes ago

    lannan calls himself trash Fresh:Ohhh true, in a silent tone

  • Tonppas
    Tonppas 52 minutes ago

    0:23 No.

  • Andy Perez Carrillo
    Andy Perez Carrillo 52 minutes ago

    Does any one know the name of the background song at 00:26... plzzzzz I need it for an edit.

  • Mikel White
    Mikel White 52 minutes ago

    Me hasn’t played Fortnite part 2 yest Laser *walks in ocean* Me: WAIT THATS ILLEGAL

  • If Mations
    If Mations 52 minutes ago

    I got a win on the first day

  • kosti boy
    kosti boy 53 minutes ago

    I almost forgot code lazar

  • Pence 11
    Pence 11 53 minutes ago

    Who else misses Shitty io game of da week or lazarbeam laughs at dumb crap

  • Howler 8616
    Howler 8616 53 minutes ago

    LazarBeam doing us a solid and making this vid 14 seconds longer than ysual

  • Dylan Bell
    Dylan Bell 53 minutes ago

    Epic Games: Watches lazarbeams videos. Also Epic: Puts the word yeet in the game.

  • MaskedPandas
    MaskedPandas 53 minutes ago

    MeMeS aRe BaCk..

  • Gunmaster189
    Gunmaster189 54 minutes ago

    What would u guys do if your friend took your cthe girl u like at school

  • someone who lost his fortnut acount

    Lazerbeam: Fps is so bad Me: it's 140

  • Alfie C
    Alfie C 55 minutes ago

    Dave you have my back so I have yours I won’t loose my keys

  • Asgod playz
    Asgod playz 55 minutes ago

    777K veiws good luck ahed :)

  • Jack Brown
    Jack Brown 55 minutes ago

    Code lazar

  • Jacob Atkinson
    Jacob Atkinson 55 minutes ago

    Number 1 on trending yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kristoffer Vågen
    Kristoffer Vågen 55 minutes ago

    I won 3 times on a row

  • MRnoodel s
    MRnoodel s 56 minutes ago

    Lazer beam pls swear your bot you without swearing

  • teenracer Tv
    teenracer Tv 56 minutes ago

    They weren’t bots lmao

  • z x
    z x 56 minutes ago

    code WILDCAT

  • Kingston Loo
    Kingston Loo 56 minutes ago

    Craggy CLITS

  • Elliot Norberg
    Elliot Norberg 56 minutes ago

    I bough the battlepass but forgott so support someone!😩 now im using code lazar!

  • Syphon -
    Syphon - 56 minutes ago

    can u put enemies in a dumpster ???

  • Nik Kohrdt
    Nik Kohrdt 56 minutes ago

    Gay lazar

  • Jai Brocklebank
    Jai Brocklebank 57 minutes ago

    I got the victory glider first game on of the season

  • Instinctz YT
    Instinctz YT 57 minutes ago

    I got the umbrella before u 😱😱

  • Nelabs Growtopia
    Nelabs Growtopia 57 minutes ago

    Please grow up ur like fuckin 25 n still make cringy fortnite vids.. I hope the game dies

  • Yvette Wickman
    Yvette Wickman 57 minutes ago

    He Real

  • Jacob Pempelfort Sherwin
    Jacob Pempelfort Sherwin 57 minutes ago

    Lannan is this better than the banana

    FIREHOUND 348 57 minutes ago

    You killed flyy

  • Ahad Haq
    Ahad Haq 57 minutes ago

    Chapter 2 made me like fortnite again

  • TheRogueSpartan
    TheRogueSpartan 58 minutes ago

    I'm really not into fortnite at all but I'm so glad that they added Big Boss to the game.

  • Joshua Fry
    Joshua Fry 59 minutes ago

    what do the fish do in fortnite?

  • Aaron Cattle
    Aaron Cattle 59 minutes ago

    Whose watching when he has 11.6 subs

  • Nik Kohrdt
    Nik Kohrdt 59 minutes ago

    Why is lazar pram gay

  • Wolf N
    Wolf N 59 minutes ago

    #1 trending yeet

  • Marvin Rivas
    Marvin Rivas 59 minutes ago

    Who else was dying when he nailed the baby to the board

  • mikikojokin
    mikikojokin 59 minutes ago

    Don't play with fresh please

  • danielle peredo
    danielle peredo 59 minutes ago

    Nigga shut up you bitch

  • Nelson7845
    Nelson7845 59 minutes ago

    I whant to get a win but I can’t

  • war god 1944 Minecraft born killer soliders

    4:07 the first ship-land war in *fortnite*

  • Domzo 55FOWA
    Domzo 55FOWA Hour ago

    they stole the high five emote from destony 2 and the bouts on land + pulling each other with fishing rods is from minecraft epic is running out of ideas so they are stealing them >:( this also does not look like fortnite and is wayyyyyy too differnt for one update even tho it is chapter 2 sry m8 but fortnite is at a super low point for me

  • stikzy_
    stikzy_ Hour ago

    Why won’t this game just die

  • Alex Etchells
    Alex Etchells Hour ago

    I like the girl skins cos they r females

  • Danny Gamer
    Danny Gamer Hour ago

    I miss the old map, but the new map is amazing

  • LoneDynasty
    LoneDynasty Hour ago

    Fortnite copied minecraft with the boats Sksksksksksksks


    Typing when this Just got to 1# for trending gaming

  • Think Creative
    Think Creative Hour ago

    Please us code googs-yt in the item shop

  • magic sans
    magic sans Hour ago

    Lazar is actualy getting good

  • Leothegamer931
    Leothegamer931 Hour ago

    Fortnite may have vaulted FPS, but at least we got the game!

  • Ainz_Ooal_Gown
    Ainz_Ooal_Gown Hour ago

    The fact you can swim doesn't mean you don't have to build covered bridges

  • Tommy Boy
    Tommy Boy Hour ago

    anybody watching in chapter 2

  • Khaled Hammoud
    Khaled Hammoud Hour ago

    Is it just me or did they kinda copy apex legends

  • Yera8
    Yera8 Hour ago

    Hide in a trash and shoot bandages

  • Victor54272
    Victor54272 Hour ago

    when Lannan is ahead of pewdiepie on top trending in gaming

  • Jesse De Fries
    Jesse De Fries Hour ago


  • Ghost hazo
    Ghost hazo Hour ago

    You have played 100 games

  • Jake Bull
    Jake Bull Hour ago

    Lol he says it's his first game and he's already on lvl 101

  • Dr. Mcnuggets
    Dr. Mcnuggets Hour ago

    I thought yeh FPS thing was just me

  • spartan emile IG

    698k views... Nice

  • Niels Deckmyn
    Niels Deckmyn Hour ago

    Fortnite has to make it so that you can't move the boat over land. And than add cars that we can drive over land and not in the water (without rockets or guns that can be fired) a bit like the golf cart form season 5

  • Aesthetic Tails
    Aesthetic Tails Hour ago

    What happens if you drive a boat off the map

  • ZAP Gaming
    ZAP Gaming Hour ago

    why does lannan sound like he has a head cold?

  • Jan vidar Fossum


  • _adamlovesadam_
    _adamlovesadam_ Hour ago

    Lazarbeam: Im on 144 fps its so bad. Controller players: Im on 60 fps. IM CRACKED

  • Colin Goh
    Colin Goh Hour ago

    It's not a bandage bazooka it's a toilet paper bazooka

  • TRJ channel
    TRJ channel Hour ago

    Can Lazarbeam do more blogs again

  • boom 321
    boom 321 Hour ago

    Thank u I was waiting for these memes

  • Leanna Playz
    Leanna Playz Hour ago

    Wait so I now can relive my lunch at school everyday by hiding in the dumpster yassss

  • Skull Slayer
    Skull Slayer Hour ago

    Bots are only a green default so any other skin there just bad

  • Egamer5s
    Egamer5s Hour ago

    You can yeet players

  • Oliver Vierdal
    Oliver Vierdal Hour ago

    I threw a random guy off a roof... IM SO NICE!!!!

  • Stormie Nibbe
    Stormie Nibbe Hour ago

    Fuck fuck fuck fuck

  • D4rkShad0w -_-
    D4rkShad0w -_- Hour ago

    Screw ninja. Jk hes cool.

  • Alex Etchells
    Alex Etchells Hour ago

    Can't play, my dad's a D*ICK

  • EMT
    EMT Hour ago

    It’s like the black hole sucked us up into another universe, similar but not the same

  • Gabriel Giles Solis

    sub to lannan if u YEETED ur teammate

  • LenisGibbs20
    LenisGibbs20 Hour ago

    i used code lazar i’m the item store

  • Harry The gamer
    Harry The gamer Hour ago

    Fishy fanny lol

  • top10 gaming
    top10 gaming Hour ago

    She's my teacher

  • top10 gaming
    top10 gaming Hour ago

    Ms.hukill is a bitch

  • BlakeTheSweatyG
    BlakeTheSweatyG Hour ago

    This game has gotten the point of no return It’s that dead 😆

  • Jeppie Joosten
    Jeppie Joosten Hour ago

    Wait!! Lanan can be carried by Fresh literally now ;)