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  • Waleed Khalid
    Waleed Khalid 5 minutes ago

    "Let's Wrestle" - Conor Mctapper

  • Scott T
    Scott T 8 minutes ago

    and in the softest of whispers jesus said to kemo... "you should have cut your hair"

  • Damon Hargrave
    Damon Hargrave 9 minutes ago

    I legitimately can not listen to nate talk. It's unbearable. He speaks like a 4 year old except add in some swearing. It makes me cringe how stupid he is

  • joseph villarreal
    joseph villarreal 11 minutes ago

    "I need that belt made as soon as possible" Nate dog is fn hilarious!!!

  • Barry Dompor
    Barry Dompor 14 minutes ago

    KPOP fever

  • tryitout14
    tryitout14 16 minutes ago

    Connie trying to take down Diaz is like a pisslopuss taking down a jabracobb.

  • Nick Diaz
    Nick Diaz 17 minutes ago

    it took 6 rounds for stipe to land a body shot on that fat boy

  • Scott T
    Scott T 20 minutes ago

    wish the crowd would have started chanting "fuck him..." they both would have got up

  • T T
    T T 23 minutes ago

    Why Barboza dont use fly knee versus Khabib? dont understand...... but, with Dariush its working!

  • Fazlur Karim
    Fazlur Karim 23 minutes ago

    Can't wait for his fight with DC this weekend!

  • fitri dayo
    fitri dayo 25 minutes ago


  • fitri dayo
    fitri dayo 26 minutes ago


  • Ante mamić
    Ante mamić 30 minutes ago

    Cormier is pure class! Big respect from Croatia 💪

  • Joevani Gordola
    Joevani Gordola 30 minutes ago

    Stipe... Youre the man..you shut him down..

  • KL Jay
    KL Jay 30 minutes ago

    Hey at least DC didn't cry like a little bitch this time!

  • kolt daugherty
    kolt daugherty 32 minutes ago

    I'm not crying,,your crying

  • Johnny Richard
    Johnny Richard 32 minutes ago

    This is so funny

  • Johnny Richard
    Johnny Richard 33 minutes ago

    Suck my dick he is a boss ayeee

  • Дмитрий Бударин

    Левый какой то рейтинг.. 😖

  • Britton Thompson
    Britton Thompson 36 minutes ago

    My God, this is infuriating! It's 'infuriating' only in the way it once again illustrates just how incompotent the WWE has become nowadays by not allowing their #1 top guy, box office draw to demonstrate to the WWE's dwindling, cynical fanbase just how relateable Brock Lesnar can actually be underneath that gruff, dispassionate exterior Vince & Paul Heyman have cultivated. No bona fide sportsman who's achieved the success that Brock Lesnar has ever did so without being a highly motivated and emotionally firey competitor. Yes, yes; I'm fully aware Brock is a heel whose character gimmick is a selfish, coldhearted mercenary. But at the same time there must also be a balance. The fans would undoubtedly be much more forgiving of the WWE & of Brock's title reigns if they were also shown glimpses of him also taking a small modicum of pride in his work. Oh, and by the way, why the hell won't WWE allow Brock to wear these types of trunks in the wrestling ring? These bottoms that he's wearing here look much better than those larger, baggy.ones he's worn ever since returning to the company in 2014.

  • Ann Coulter Is Right
    Ann Coulter Is Right 38 minutes ago

    Play it on 50% speed. It's the only way to understand Stipe, and a lot of what Megan says sounds like sex sounds.

  • Infadele Charlton
    Infadele Charlton 43 minutes ago

    It’s like joe is really stoned and just before he hosted he spoke to someone that really liked nack diza! People forget that the judges are looking at technique rather than blood. Anywho!

  • Angelo Sicat
    Angelo Sicat 48 minutes ago

    Stipe: Wins title against arguably the GOAT. Also Stipe: Anaheim is LEGIT!

  • Angelo Sicat
    Angelo Sicat 48 minutes ago

    Stipe be spamming dat lead body hook like it’s UFC 3.

  • Razvan Mesteriuc
    Razvan Mesteriuc 50 minutes ago

    i'm so annoyed with lawler because of how he fought covington.

  • Jose Álvarez
    Jose Álvarez 53 minutes ago

    must have been reading or something

  • Kellz The one and only Lefontae

    Crowd full of assholes.

  • Z
    Z 55 minutes ago

    this is honestly the best post fight interview of all time. Nick Diaz knows how to put on a show

  • Jenilyn B
    Jenilyn B 55 minutes ago

    I watch it annually. I love you, Nathan.

  • Bryan Recinos
    Bryan Recinos 57 minutes ago

    BMF Belt 👑 West vs East

  • Ivan Bunting
    Ivan Bunting 59 minutes ago

    UFC Now is the time to bump the 170lb to 175lb and start the 165 pound division with Masvidal vs Diaz in california. $$$

  • Bryan Recinos
    Bryan Recinos 59 minutes ago

    4M views on a interview, that's how you know, Diaz is trending right now, so is masvidal. Dana just now admits that nate is a needle mover. Hes been one, him and his brother, in their own ways. Fuck the interviews, they prefer to train. When Diaz & Masvidal fight no one will show up to the press conference

  • kEya
    kEya Hour ago

    Gracie bjj legacy later owned by an asian guy #theresalwaysanAsianbetterthanyou

  • yri ya
    yri ya Hour ago

    dc forget wresteling hhhh stipe better stan up game over

  • jaymobambino
    jaymobambino Hour ago

    Seems being a dad has got rid of that little bit of arrogance that stipe used to carry around,polite, graceful champ,we need more of them

  • todd booth
    todd booth Hour ago

    Baddest man on the planet..

  • Alexander К
    Alexander К Hour ago


  • Weedboy Weedboy
    Weedboy Weedboy Hour ago

    cant believe i was keen to watch this fucking shit

  • jaymobambino
    jaymobambino Hour ago

    "No,I just planned on kicking him in the face" God I love that boy! #teamdiaz

  • Bob Anderson
    Bob Anderson Hour ago

    "It felt like the last time ha", hahahaha

  • Eugène Mailloux

    we should make that ranking list for the most badass mofo belt in the ufc

  • Wahyu P
    Wahyu P Hour ago

    who else waited for nate comments "i am not surprise motherfu***r" at the end and dissapointed that they cut it

  • TheButters6
    TheButters6 Hour ago

    Great stop by the ref 🤙🏼 he would have hit him easily with another shot

  • Daily Llama
    Daily Llama Hour ago

    Columbus Ohio! O....H....?!

  • YellowMONKEY132 Gaming

    Absolutely love this interview, my favourite fighter out there 👊🙌

  • Lemi Killmister
    Lemi Killmister Hour ago

    That lucky midget Brock did not notice that or maybe he ignore it

  • Iseenthefuture
    Iseenthefuture Hour ago

    Nice to see that even 26 years ago the crowd knew a wrestling win is "BULLSHIT"

  • Itelvina Natural Solutions

    Good stuff cormier took it like a man. Im sure he'll be back with a vengeance

  • Daniel Barros
    Daniel Barros Hour ago

    This video bears the question Just how good is stiopic

  • Aleksi Lehto
    Aleksi Lehto Hour ago

    Joe Rogan has the biggest head i have ever seen.

  • bhunep neppoho
    bhunep neppoho Hour ago

    That is one hard 42 year old man

  • Ruben Soto
    Ruben Soto Hour ago

    Dc should have done his wrestling

  • Poppa D
    Poppa D Hour ago

    Costa’s is a dangerous kid who after watching the fight which arguably could have went either way regardless shouldn’t underestimate Robert Whittaker. Adesanya I could see get cut off, boxed in and reigned on. Robert going 10 rounds vs Romero even when compromised early should show this Costa kid that is one of the harder things done in a UFC octagon. The middleweight division hasn’t looked more interesting.

  • Fr Pierre Farrugia ofm

    Does he say, "Nate" or "Nick" Diaz's army?

  • Rial reds
    Rial reds Hour ago


  • HotRodX
    HotRodX Hour ago

    When theres a Diaz brother in the fight. You know its gonna be a good one.

  • Functional Tortured soul

    Sitting on your coach for 3 years and beating a washed up lightweight makes you a gangster??? I like Nate Diaz but him and his brother were always delusional!!!! This was a good matchup,a smaller guy who’s past it. He smokes so much dope that he forgot what Rory did to him 8 years ago. Any of the bigger young welterweights would eat him for breakfast!!!!!!!!!

  • I ain't tellin U my name

    DC pokes his eye then uses that to land the right hook straight after , stipe obviously couldn't see it coming smh cheat

  • Terminator Destroyer

    Haha can we please get a translator for Connor he doesn't speak real English!

  • MaD Matt
    MaD Matt 2 hours ago

    2:33 Brock Lesnar : "hmmm... wind's strong today."

  • Jeremy Antione
    Jeremy Antione 2 hours ago

    My first time watching this fight. Everyone was acting like Pettis was getting his ass kicked until he KOd Wonderboy. I actually thought Pettis won round 1 and Thompson was winning round 2. Either way Thompson was running away with or dominating the fight. I thought the most effective strikes were Pettis leg kicks.

  • The Reckless Engineer

    Masvidal Diaz please we don’t care about usman and Covington

  • Zestea
    Zestea 2 hours ago

    this isn’t a joe rogan podcast

  • Marc Vizcarro
    Marc Vizcarro 2 hours ago

    Mystic mac

  • I ain't tellin U my name

    They had DC 20 wins 1 loss but he lost to jones twice hahaha.

  • Raju Khan
    Raju Khan 2 hours ago

    Now the big question is who wants to see a Brock vs DC retirement match?

  • Astrid Rose
    Astrid Rose 2 hours ago

    Early UFC is crazy, NO GLOVES, CLOTHING, SHOES!?!?

  • Svl Svl
    Svl Svl 2 hours ago

    Stipe fucks fat burger dc

  • Dindo Defontorum
    Dindo Defontorum 2 hours ago

    Hahaha.. you loose dc..

  • Matthew Ochoa
    Matthew Ochoa 2 hours ago

    U already know nates high af

  • ShaZ Iraaz Hussain
    ShaZ Iraaz Hussain 2 hours ago


  • Salax M
    Salax M 2 hours ago

    Mother fack Konor 🐓

  • Korean Emperor
    Korean Emperor 2 hours ago

    Conor McFaggot can only beat midgets and old men.

  • Nothing Special
    Nothing Special 2 hours ago

    This is just a bad time for conor

    • Al's Fishing
      Al's Fishing 2 hours ago

      Haha...more bad times ahead for Mc tap loser...

    AST GTR 2 hours ago

    Nakanori Gomi Old school mma legends

  • Armaan Khan
    Armaan Khan 2 hours ago

    1:21 that 2nd punch ended stockholders career

  • Karlo Veliki
    Karlo Veliki 2 hours ago

    2:49 some funny lips work from Megan,like fish 🤣

  • Alexander D
    Alexander D 2 hours ago

    diaz is the best

  • Rittwik Maguire
    Rittwik Maguire 2 hours ago

    These ladies looks more beautiful without make up and in their fight gears

  • Цунгркуег Ыврравоо

    ДДС САНТОС🦁👊🌋✨🇧🇷

  • Christopher Jeevan
    Christopher Jeevan 2 hours ago

    I saw albino 50cent😅

  • Nik L
    Nik L 2 hours ago

    Jon jones is a nobb

  • DSAV 1
    DSAV 1 2 hours ago

    His kid clearly don’t take after his father with them punches 😂😂😂

  • Apple Magar
    Apple Magar 2 hours ago

    He is the real Gangsta alive... Nate Diaz Army MFuckrs

  • Prone Rider 562
    Prone Rider 562 2 hours ago

    Man, I'm truly disappointed in McGregor. He's a great fighter, But he's a piece of shit. He's a disgrace to the sport, He's a disgrace to the Irish, He's a disgrace to humanity. I used to root for his dumbass all the time, Now I just wish he'd get locked the fuck up and lose his spot in the UFC. Shit's ridiculous.

  • rey ahmed
    rey ahmed 2 hours ago

    The best

  •  2 hours ago

    #respect to a legend and a gent (most of the time)

  • Sanki Fanki
    Sanki Fanki 2 hours ago

    Conaer MaGregoer is looking to extend his tapping record! Can't wait to see him tap again!

  • ming de
    ming de 2 hours ago

    I wish cruz will free from injuries. He a beast before he get serious injury

  • clubber lang
    clubber lang 2 hours ago

    Nate vs Jorge Jones vs stipe Costa vs Kelvin

  • Nithya Prakash John
    Nithya Prakash John 2 hours ago

    Dana black son got ass kicked ohh no Dana haha 😂 my love on stipe will never stop 🛑

    LOGAN 2 hours ago

    Khabib❤️🔥 🦅

    TURKEYonWH3AT 2 hours ago

    "tree hounds, foh hounds, fye hounds" -Paulo Costa

  • Uncle Mike
    Uncle Mike 3 hours ago

    Is this the 3rd fight? Or just the rematch?

  • jeremy hamilton
    jeremy hamilton 3 hours ago

    Great doco, great inspiration junior, fantastic 🙏✨

  • Chemss Boxe
    Chemss Boxe 3 hours ago

    Un sacré guerrier 🥊💪

  • Амирхан Льянов

    KHABIB TIME 27-0; INSHA'ALLAH 28-0 UFC 242 Abu Dhabi

  • Warzone AX
    Warzone AX 3 hours ago

    Nate's highest view count of post fight interview- 3.9 million views in 2 days. Conor's highest view count- 8.5 million in 4 YEARS. Dana needs to realise who the star is

  • Lgf04 LGF04
    Lgf04 LGF04 3 hours ago

    Im worried about my dude nate. He sounds more retarded every time I hear him

  • Matt Cooper
    Matt Cooper 3 hours ago

    Who else came to see conor get fucked up since punching a pensioner. Guys a disgrace