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  • Teddy David
    Teddy David 6 seconds ago

    I see stiffness in her future..

  • Hatakikomi
    Hatakikomi 3 minutes ago

    I can't stand him.

  • Apri Ansyah
    Apri Ansyah 6 minutes ago

    jorge masvidal is the greatest

  • david anthony
    david anthony 10 minutes ago

    Giant ego.

  • Joe Me
    Joe Me 20 minutes ago

    Then Weidman beat his AZZ AGAIN!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Thomas Paine
    Thomas Paine 20 minutes ago

    Ring girls were thick back in the day. Compared to this anorexic kunts we have today

  • Deadcool
    Deadcool 23 minutes ago

    She got a 5 head

  • Joe Me
    Joe Me 24 minutes ago

    Oh i remember this fight. BOOM MTHRFKR!!! 😂

    MIGUEL RAMIREZ 24 minutes ago

    I didnt know he passed away but I am incredibly sad that he's gone now. RIP josh. You were truly a great person and I really enjoyed watching your fights in the past. Farewell.

  • Dushyant Singh
    Dushyant Singh 24 minutes ago


  • HαmXα Rαjput
    HαmXα Rαjput 26 minutes ago

    27:02 Little did they knew.. It would become the iconic moment. And also spiritual in many ways... This man is a Legend.. Just love how humble he is!

  • Dushyant Singh
    Dushyant Singh 28 minutes ago

    Way better fight then With Connor

  • Trolle Frankenstein
    Trolle Frankenstein 31 minute ago

    Yeah Silva deserved to get knocked out, disrespecting his opponent like that

  • Wail F
    Wail F 35 minutes ago

    Man max is very funny win or lose he is fuckin champion

  • İlkin Süleymanzadə
    İlkin Süleymanzadə 37 minutes ago

    Doesn't matter who'll take the belt they will both remain as baddest mofos in the game

  • Daniel Scrappy
    Daniel Scrappy 45 minutes ago

    Why anderson no punch him he had all time chance too push face

  • Keatrix Biddo
    Keatrix Biddo 46 minutes ago

    Rogan was about to crack the hell up, look at his smirk at the end 😂

  • ТАМЕРЛАН 777


  • Roca Asir
    Roca Asir Hour ago

    Mix people i don't like, only one person why i watch ufc

  • Marisol Davila
    Marisol Davila Hour ago

    Rousey has no class poor role model and talk to much shit. She is one of those girls that would teach a child how to be a bullie. I'm so glad Nunez shut her up in 48 sec of their fight. Someone had to do it. Rousey was lost in that fight girl had no idea which one was her left foot and right foot. Tate was right Rousey cant punsh for shit. Nuñez fucked her up.

  • the pop
    the pop Hour ago

    1.5 dislikes they are Conor’s dick suckers

  • TheProdigy-NL-
    TheProdigy-NL- Hour ago

    "Valentina" end of story

  • hsard
    hsard Hour ago

    These comments just show how pathetic are most MMA fans.

  • n1k
    n1k Hour ago

    was a bit awkward for her words

  • waalex11
    waalex11 Hour ago

    Wasn't impressed with her last two. Lotta holes.

  • Random Person
    Random Person Hour ago

    I wonder if Dan Hardy regrets ruining his reputation as an MMA analyst in trying to hype this fight up, trying to make people believe Conor even had a chance.

  • KeoneArt
    KeoneArt Hour ago

    They’re really going through with this GTA aesthetic for this one huh 🤷‍♂️

  • Rorschach
    Rorschach Hour ago

    undefeated against random amateur woman fighters jajaja keep dreaming girl...

  • Southend Busker
    Southend Busker Hour ago


  • raptor rodger
    raptor rodger Hour ago

    Another hype train, I can’t wait to see her first loss. If it isn’t this weekend eventually someone will put this girl in her place.

  • Random Person
    Random Person Hour ago

    These guys actually thinking this was a difficult fight to predict. Really? UFC needs better analysts.

  • Will Steel
    Will Steel Hour ago

    105m views ohhhhhhh myyyyyyy

  • Vincent Valentine

    Not enough makeup.

  • Ku Ku Klock
    Ku Ku Klock Hour ago

    Paige low key a real savage for not tapping

  • Cυlтυяє
    Cυlтυяє Hour ago

    Hope he becomes big this dude is cool

  • Ben K
    Ben K Hour ago

    Baddest mother fucker as in erectile dysfunctional.

  • RioT Hazard
    RioT Hazard Hour ago

    Ksi is there LMAO

  • j
    j Hour ago

    These comments are the real MVP

  • yourztruly 28
    yourztruly 28 Hour ago

    That was fuccin scary

  • Aaron Odonnell
    Aaron Odonnell Hour ago

    I wish this man luck.. He’s got something about him that will relate to fans all he’s got to do is keep that win streak going and he’s fucking sorted 🥊💵

  • Air Plane
    Air Plane 2 hours ago

    Chuck was the man, ufc has no characters anymore should call it ultimate slave championship

  • 정웅교
    정웅교 2 hours ago

    Haha aigoo masakit

  • didier michel
    didier michel 2 hours ago


  • firmly grasp it
    firmly grasp it 2 hours ago

    Talking about breaking records and retiring undefeated lol Pump the brakes

  • Martin Bucher
    Martin Bucher 2 hours ago

    he broke silvas leg was crazy

  • Tyger King of kings
    Tyger King of kings 2 hours ago

    Masvidal is the baddest mathafucker. Diaz just has a bad attitude.

  • Charles Killen
    Charles Killen 2 hours ago

    Buying for 2 million... selling for 4 billion... WOW!!!!

  • hydeane
    hydeane 2 hours ago

    Ha Ha good job!

  • خالد الشهري

    And still khabib the eagle nurmagomedov

  • Noumenon Drift
    Noumenon Drift 2 hours ago

    Squint and you can see her 5 o clock shadow lolol

  • Nathanael
    Nathanael 2 hours ago

    What if Silva was told to loose? And he did not know how to loose, so he did what he did... I read from comments that Silva was very dominant before this match... And his loss was a shock... For me that just spells a fixed match more than a loss.

  • FreakzDontSleep
    FreakzDontSleep 2 hours ago

    fuck watching 40 mins of this

  • Morgo _
    Morgo _ 2 hours ago

    "My ego was a balloon" - Anderson Silva

  • De ViceCrimsin
    De ViceCrimsin 2 hours ago

    If you are going to showboat, taunt, or straight up BM. Try to not actually put your guard down as seen here.

  • Eric Jablonski
    Eric Jablonski 2 hours ago

    Luke beat the fuck out of Chris dam

  • Brian Ramos
    Brian Ramos 2 hours ago

    Pure shit

  • Eunice Gomez
    Eunice Gomez 2 hours ago

    Lol...I’m still the future 🤣🤣👍🏼😆 yeah 👌🏼 ok. Who da fook is dat guy?

  • nome facoltativo
    nome facoltativo 2 hours ago

    she make sound like an ewok when she fight..no joke

  • Young Maestro
    Young Maestro 2 hours ago

    Gee, I wonder if ufc wants her to win Friday...

  • Patrick Stewart
    Patrick Stewart 2 hours ago

    Tony Ferguson is also Mexican

  • Ahmed Saeed
    Ahmed Saeed 3 hours ago

    Bullshit not interested. Title of the journeyman.

  • Dino Mon
    Dino Mon 3 hours ago


  • InFAMOUSx42
    InFAMOUSx42 3 hours ago

    Fire and ice

  • Jack Barsam
    Jack Barsam 3 hours ago

    Every fighter has their prime later shamrock was rocked as he lost his edge

  • Create Future
    Create Future 3 hours ago

    Free fight please i didnt see his full fight yet. That controversial one with Volkan would be nice

  • LJ Cool
    LJ Cool 3 hours ago

    Michael “You absorbed a lot of Damage” Bisping

  • Wesley Cup
    Wesley Cup 3 hours ago


  • Ricardo Garcia
    Ricardo Garcia 3 hours ago

    I like this kid, hope to see him fight soon.

  • Alex Messenger
    Alex Messenger 3 hours ago

    Her first loss will kill her, especially if its early

  • Leaders Of The Old School

    Dam Joanna gained good weight. She stop doing drugs or she started eating. How much weight she put on she usually look like a meth head

  • J
    J 3 hours ago

    This kid is going to get fucking slapped.......................... with some gold that is!

  • smittysixguns speedy

    Damn!! This sucks to see this, love to watch him fight back in the day.. He's is unstoppable.💪💪

  • Kova maps
    Kova maps 3 hours ago

    The main thing is to perform in the cage not on media and gyms

  • Abdul abdul Abdul
    Abdul abdul Abdul 3 hours ago


  • Swathi Rajan
    Swathi Rajan 3 hours ago

    600 strikes ? Robbie's face must have smashed but that's not the case . Weird stats🤔

  • Rumple4skinn
    Rumple4skinn 3 hours ago

    Her head looks like a runway for my cock

  • matthew mcdermott
    matthew mcdermott 3 hours ago

    That is genuinely inspiring!

  • Austin Harris
    Austin Harris 3 hours ago

    I was born in Colwater Michigan as well :D

  • MaS PaTrOn
    MaS PaTrOn 3 hours ago

    "HE SAH WHA"

  • GBLynden's RC
    GBLynden's RC 3 hours ago

    Did she just learn to put on make-up?

  • Akinlicious20
    Akinlicious20 3 hours ago

    0:49 Turkish right there

  • Proton Gengar
    Proton Gengar 3 hours ago

    Maycee “Underbite” Barber

  • Austin Harris
    Austin Harris 3 hours ago

    Dan Severns was born in the same city as me lol

  • Philip Wong
    Philip Wong 3 hours ago

    I can't watch this interview after everyone points out she has a mustache lmao.

  • Kp
    Kp 3 hours ago

    Hes the lightweight carlos condit, love this guys style

  • Philip Wong
    Philip Wong 3 hours ago

    Her eyes look so dead. 21 and already has the thousand cock stare. How else would she get a 40 minute interview.

  • ari widiatmoko
    ari widiatmoko 3 hours ago

    Imagine that thiago santos vs paolo costa

  • ChickenSoupMusic
    ChickenSoupMusic 3 hours ago

    “Our children learn the most through tour actions.” This lady gets it. Great values - you have a new fan.

  • lokibeastly _
    lokibeastly _ 3 hours ago

    If your not excited for this fight......

  • Jake B
    Jake B 4 hours ago


  • If you laugh you sub!

    Let this sink in If weidman wins.. he fights jones. Fair? That's how shit ufc has gone

  • Jim Thomas
    Jim Thomas 4 hours ago

    look at that goofy look on his face as Herb Dean raised the new winners hand , the spider got stomped on

  • Abe
    Abe 4 hours ago

    Fuck Modelo fr

  • Mack V
    Mack V 4 hours ago

    She’s been looking good so far early in her career, I wish her nothing but the best. it’s not often you get someone that’s 21 competing in the most elite fighting organization in MMA.

  • Barry Landry
    Barry Landry 4 hours ago

    That was a great video.. nice...

  • Pub Exploit
    Pub Exploit 4 hours ago

    Never knew Kanye West was in the UFC.

  • Marinus Scholtz
    Marinus Scholtz 4 hours ago

    Showboating... I was afraid this would happen. Never think to big of yourself! Anderson paid dearly and trashed his name in the process! Good Chris!

  • Unknown Soldier
    Unknown Soldier 4 hours ago


  • Amir C
    Amir C 4 hours ago

    Old man cub

  • Amir C
    Amir C 4 hours ago

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to have given himself a choice ten years ago