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Finally... WILL SMITH!
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  • Sumaya Hassan
    Sumaya Hassan 35 seconds ago

    Imagine trying this in somewhere like Europe. You literally won’t even be able to predict where you’ll end up

  • irfan maulana
    irfan maulana Minute ago

    Man thisbis beautiful

  • Top 10
    Top 10 2 minutes ago

    2001 is my birtyday who's wishing me now..?

  • Aeon Aeon
    Aeon Aeon 4 minutes ago

    you start your video in a very naive and arrogant way. Most of the people I know, know that Tuvalu is a country (european here). The fact that your US-centricism and naivete makes you ignorant, does not mean that no person in the world knows what Tuvalu means

  • Anna Bella
    Anna Bella 5 minutes ago

    The girl is great: While everyone was making weird noises and screaming in the icewater to get past it, she was completely silent and centered and concentrated on herself! Shows you the real strenght of women!! <3

  • Mikey Lejan
    Mikey Lejan 6 minutes ago

    Seems like a nice peaceful place

  • youneek vlogs
    youneek vlogs 6 minutes ago

    the military guys looks like casey niestat and the other one looks like david bobriks dad

  • ow_SHARK
    ow_SHARK 18 minutes ago

    literally any merch drop yes theory: this is our biggest drop ever guys

  • The Dan Man
    The Dan Man 19 minutes ago

    The islands are so pretty!

  • Andy Saahkari
    Andy Saahkari 22 minutes ago

    This was an amazing "movie" and a very heart touching. I love the way you are connected to your own feelings! I love to see more of this. i Just started watching your Channel to be honest and fell inlove. Big Hugs across the atlantic

  • Gin Trippin
    Gin Trippin 23 minutes ago

    Important note: you have to be white

  • tritonmole
    tritonmole 23 minutes ago

    I would be scared to death living in a country that is a meter above the sea level.

  • Retro
    Retro 25 minutes ago

    You can't say happiness without saying penis :^)

  • crossfitbilly
    crossfitbilly 25 minutes ago

    Wow, that took an unexpected and wonderful turn. I didn't think I would cry when I clicked on this video.

  • Taky Ʊ
    Taky Ʊ 32 minutes ago

    I would do a grate hot box in there. :) <3

  • Rahul Sharma
    Rahul Sharma 34 minutes ago

    I wish FLash-player had a Super Like button for this one.....

  • MrLoobu
    MrLoobu 35 minutes ago

    Ive heard of Tuvalu, Americans dont know their boardering states lol

  • Guter
    Guter 37 minutes ago

    Apparently they have a monarch and yes it it Elisabeth II. That explains why they speak English though.

  • Sanady
    Sanady 41 minute ago

    "I see a lot of penises" - that`s why they are happy :D

  • Lrd Construction
    Lrd Construction 41 minute ago

    The movie theatre with earplugs and headphones on you would've been good

  • Flex
    Flex 44 minutes ago

    Is he back yet?

  • Roger Ford
    Roger Ford 44 minutes ago


  • Oliver Körner
    Oliver Körner 45 minutes ago

    the lady at the airport didnt want to hurt or insult you,she just follow the rules :)

  • Gil Sander Joseph
    Gil Sander Joseph 46 minutes ago

    Neg yo chadek lollll

  • op
    op 50 minutes ago

    hey this single video paid for the vacation + extra nice.

  • Wasi Ahmed
    Wasi Ahmed 51 minute ago

    Anne doesn't fear to commit a airport staying

  • Joedde G
    Joedde G 56 minutes ago

    how lucky, I wish I could also travel with Jon Snow... 😒

  • Yannik Hartmann
    Yannik Hartmann Hour ago

    The Idea to run every mile for someone you love is amazing! Crazy idea. I will try this out right tomorow! 😅

  • back2black
    back2black Hour ago

    This is literally my dreams since forever .. to explore the jugles

  • eksdee
    eksdee Hour ago

    I always draw penises on my feet so the demon under my bed wouldnt touch it cuz that would be gay

  • Michael Kruse
    Michael Kruse Hour ago

    How many fkin ads do u really meds? Like come on now. Wtf

  • Lucas Fdecat
    Lucas Fdecat Hour ago

    Brazil is happier

  • Mack Najjar
    Mack Najjar Hour ago

    These guys don’t got a job ?

  • Mike Rees
    Mike Rees Hour ago

    I do hope you go back man. That country touches something primal. Who wouldn't want to live like that? An entire country which helps each other, where friends are family, where no one's a stranger. Really makes me question what I'm doing with my life.

  • Mark Allen
    Mark Allen Hour ago

    The one who makes it....guilty.

  • DoctorBuzzOne
    DoctorBuzzOne Hour ago

    POLAND I want to visit DALLAS, TX USA and pay tribute to my best online friend and soulmate for over a decade. We never had the chance to meet in real life before. They sadly passed away on the 14th of NOV 2016 of lung cancer she was diagnosed with on her way back after having the trip of a life time to her ancestors home land in Alaska. She was an angel. May she rest in peace. Thank you for this wonderful channel. I'd really appreciate if you could help me say good bye <3

  • Butler
    Butler Hour ago

    *sad single life noises*

  • samadamn morphett

    I found out about this country a few weeks ago and visiting it is now the biggest thing on my bucket list as it is likely it will subdue to rising sea levels

  • L'Far DAKI
    L'Far DAKI Hour ago

    You should come to the morroco's Derby and see the diference

  • Everything u told me to do, I'll try

    If you really think about it, it just a food,u eat it, how is that wrong, or Idk

  • Shubham Darvesh
    Shubham Darvesh Hour ago

    you people smoke pot and create a beautiful world! cheers

  • edie crawford
    edie crawford Hour ago

    they look so bad ass doing frig me I wanna jump

  • Inna Malabu
    Inna Malabu Hour ago

    Ammar is so handsome

  • AK Wxhid
    AK Wxhid Hour ago

    Please do another video here it was amazing great job 💯👊

  • Tribzman
    Tribzman Hour ago

    World's Happiest Countries: 1. Finland 2. Denmark 3. Norway 4. Iceland 5. Netherlands 6. Switzerland 7. Sweden 8. New Zealand 9. Canada 10. Australia according to the United Nations - but it's all subjective when you get down to it. Was in Bhutan in the mid 90s way before people even knew about it, and it was a true delight to meet such humble people

  • Kaspar Romb
    Kaspar Romb Hour ago

    Im at 0:10 and my guess is that the happiest country is Finland?

  • Adam AQ
    Adam AQ Hour ago

    At least they know how to speak English I come from a country where they can’t even speak their own language

  • L4ZYEpic
    L4ZYEpic Hour ago

    Elon Musk. Like if you agree

  • Miłosz K
    Miłosz K Hour ago

    FLash-player rewind: NUMBERS!!! Yes Theory Rewind: Changing people's lives, and spreading love all around the world

  • Jakard Valentine

    That proves how bad and fake are the American news. Anyone who believes a word is a moron

  • Bidin Sedi
    Bidin Sedi Hour ago

    I actually heard this country from drew binsky

  • Julia Chee
    Julia Chee 2 hours ago

    sooo when you coming to Malaysia?

  • Britta Schroeter Phillips

    You guys make beautiful videos! Serious thought though- I'm curious to know if you were taught anything about recent modern history in Bhutan, specifically the exile of 100k people in the 1990s, mostly of one ethnic group, because they did not agree with the monarch and wanted democracy? I have watched a few videos of FLash-playerrs in Bhutan, and none mentions this critical aspect of revolution and impact on current society. We never know what it is like to live in a country unless we are living in it ourselves, and I think it's perhaps a bit foolish to not understand the history that created something, as will inevitably resurface in the future. Just a thought :)

  • fahad alsindi
    fahad alsindi 2 hours ago

    i think i living like that my whole life until now 😭

  • Fateh Gyani
    Fateh Gyani 2 hours ago

    I just visited 2 months ago and in my opinion it is one of the best countries in the world

  • Steve Trabajo Steve Trabajo


  • Steve Trabajo Steve Trabajo

    I am swdish. Like if you are

  • Birkhungur Basumatary


  • Ralph Dams
    Ralph Dams 2 hours ago

    even the kids do drugs there if you didnt know

  • okkcomputer
    okkcomputer 2 hours ago

    this guy famous?

  • Bornalee Hatiboruah
    Bornalee Hatiboruah 2 hours ago

    Please go to elon musk's home and ask him a free tesla.

  • Ralph Dams
    Ralph Dams 2 hours ago

    ive been there to!

  • Anonymous Me
    Anonymous Me 2 hours ago

    I feel so sorry for the amusement park their owner and the staff that were earning through this park. I hope they renovate this park or make something out of it. And why is this video music so creepy?

  • Kareem Gobrial
    Kareem Gobrial 2 hours ago

    I feel sorry for the driver🤣

  • Andre Pop
    Andre Pop 2 hours ago

    Is this an ad for Andrew Yang? Yang 2020!

  • Lisa Rios
    Lisa Rios 2 hours ago

    Did this ever end up working out?

  • Tim Ed
    Tim Ed 2 hours ago


  • Typical panda
    Typical panda 2 hours ago

    Challenge: Come to Nepal🇳🇵 and climb the Mt everest base camp. I promise you its a life time experience you'll never forget.

  • Bryce Chavers
    Bryce Chavers 2 hours ago

    Whoever edits your videos is a genius

  • N3roxHD
    N3roxHD 2 hours ago

    U should rent Liechtenstein , it’s 70k per night

  • Typical panda
    Typical panda 2 hours ago

    Who else thought the the girl was going to die in 24hours?

  • rohith abcd
    rohith abcd 2 hours ago

    I liked it so many times like sometimes it got removed

  • Céline Girard
    Céline Girard 2 hours ago

    I almost don't want to visit this place by respect for the people and their nature

  • Mei nunnaly
    Mei nunnaly 2 hours ago

    why i don't have friends like these ?! my friends don't know even how my type should look like and they never asked or even care !

  • Kicking it back home

    You are not entertaining me with intrigue. But rather you bore me with stupid humor.

  • Peter Ilič
    Peter Ilič 2 hours ago

    You got to experience Serbian or Greek football they have the best fans

  • Pasi
    Pasi 2 hours ago

    the fact that most of the great barrier is dead

  • Xaverderschnitzelfan

    The rules were to say yes, not to do it.

  • Joe Tolo
    Joe Tolo 3 hours ago

    I think this was the first Yes Theory video I ever watched. So glad I found this channel. ❤️

  • NicholasChris
    NicholasChris 3 hours ago

    damn, this whole time i only know the name of Bhutan and didn't have any idea about this country. thank you so much to share about Bhutan tho the world. i didn't even know that this country is very clean, as you mention that this country is in the near of India. at least i didn't see any trash in this video. i think i have to write Bhutan to my destination list

  • Ada
    Ada 3 hours ago

    this is so wholesome omg

  • Joe Tolo
    Joe Tolo 3 hours ago

    Sir Duke! ❤️

  • Francis Eric
    Francis Eric 3 hours ago

    Bhutan's nature is the happiest in the world.

  • William
    William 3 hours ago


  • earL
    earL 3 hours ago

    What a heartwarming guy that ex prime minister is. He seems so smart and down to earth! Love this video

  • Shan Edgar Revilla
    Shan Edgar Revilla 3 hours ago

    i hope the whole world like this

  • _ Xyyaahh
    _ Xyyaahh 3 hours ago

    fockkkkkkk HEROOOOO

  • Janer
    Janer 3 hours ago

    You should come to Croatia Zagreb to se worlds best hooligans bad blue boys

  • Shon Ingorin
    Shon Ingorin 3 hours ago

    this girl is soo beautiful man i cant

  • TheKinkyBeast
    TheKinkyBeast 3 hours ago

    That's all very nice to keep in our hearts but can we also bring this way of valuing people and planet over profits into our politics and our society? This doesn't need to be the only place on earth in balance.

  • Nidal Ahmed
    Nidal Ahmed 3 hours ago

    I've said it once, I'll say it again, Ammar is a SAVAGE.

  • Pritish Baruah
    Pritish Baruah 3 hours ago

    This video made my day!

  • Franklin Liranzo
    Franklin Liranzo 3 hours ago

    This video made me tear... human connection is so beautiful

  • Veronica Cupitt
    Veronica Cupitt 3 hours ago

    Should come to Australia and do a challenge

  • LucidBeams
    LucidBeams 3 hours ago

    That was awesome boyz

  • Luka Juul Enevoldsen

    The happiest country in the world is Finland.

  • sid vlogs
    sid vlogs 3 hours ago

    Wow really nice video....

  • maybtea
    maybtea 3 hours ago

    this is probably the best video I have ever seen this year.

  • pug rose carrie phone nut

    just as pigs will trample on pearls because they are too stupid to understand valuable things given to them, idiots will turn a government resettlement project into shit and resell that acquired house because it was just acquired as a gift, it wasn't earned through smart work (goal identification, route & procedure planning, detail planning, plan remodelling based on actual situation, repeat) and hard work (labor proper, but reduced to maybe 25%, if smart work was done right), as smart people did. idiots will simply resell it in a very short time, they will see it as a way to get money in the short-term (the only mentality they know), and besides they are made uncomfortable with the idea of actually owning a house, they will feel that is not their self-identity (the internal mental voice saying "i will always be poor, i am poor"), and so automation will set in, their mental programming will make their insecurities real. it was just a thought, but thoughts drive actions, and actions make fantasies real. the solution tor homeless people (and poor-thinking people in general) is to educate them in money matters, and more importantly, in associating the right emotions to (and discarding the wrong emotions about) money. free gifts from the government is not the answer (i know, i've seen local poor people on purpose throw away lands given to them, even under penalty of imprisonment), education and proper culture orientation is.

  • Evaldas Kulys
    Evaldas Kulys 3 hours ago

    Great video nice country but that story about penis:)))))) it's protect from devil:)))))