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Jack Gray
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Broken Wrists & Old Friends
Views 918 811Month ago
Bottle Cap Challenge
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Golf Time Traveler
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Creamed at E3
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We're in Europe Y'all
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Leonardo DiCaprio Creams & Lotions
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Game of Thrones and Creams & Lotions
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Jablinski Perfect
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Can You Smell What Jablinski's Cookin'?
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Jack Goes to Canada?
Views 1 002 0083 months ago
What's Jablin's Jables?
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This is a Game
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your aren't
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let's do this
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ASMR (feat. Awkwafina)
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Father of Dragons (feat. Karen Gillan)
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Jumanji 4
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Ninja responded...
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Del Gato
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We're FINALLY Gaming
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School of Rap
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Braces of Destiny
Views 3 546 2907 months ago
Round One review
Views 4 194 0087 months ago
A House with a Pin in it's Balls
Views 6 594 2647 months ago
1 mil
Views 9 712 9637 months ago
Hello, Jack Black Here.
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  • burnedatbirth
    burnedatbirth 25 minutes ago

    Come to Saratoga NY..

  • Matthew Beard
    Matthew Beard Hour ago

    I've just realized old men make movies

  • Kobi Englund
    Kobi Englund Hour ago

    Is Jablinski a Dragon Ball fan??!

  • Josh Stewart
    Josh Stewart Hour ago

    What a great dude.

  • Monta Hyde
    Monta Hyde Hour ago

    That fucker is crazy. So calm and cool. Jack is just a smooth and laid back dude.

  • Korey Cowan
    Korey Cowan Hour ago


  • J Hall
    J Hall 2 hours ago

    Have "The Killer Dwarves" been taken as an awesome name for a rock band? I think they have. Let's work on that.

  • Parakeet Lps Lover Productions

    Whos here bc of The House With The Clock In its Walls? I love you Jack Black tho 😉👌

    MEGA NZ 3 hours ago

    can nay say idiot

  • Jessica the warrioress H


  • AtomicStoner77 7
    AtomicStoner77 7 4 hours ago

    Fucking awesome dragon ball z shirt jack black

  • Maple Syrup
    Maple Syrup 5 hours ago

    I can't imagine what RPM Jack Black's brain idles at. This guy is on point every second of the day. He's exhausting. LOL

  • Hooked On Chronics
    Hooked On Chronics 5 hours ago

    *_Guess what the Rock is cookin? Some hot Jablinskis ;-)_*

  • The Marvelous M
    The Marvelous M 5 hours ago

    8:39 you and Jack White should seriously make that song! You may have to get the okay from the Michael Jackson estate, but since that new documentary (which will remain nameless) is about to be discredited, I think you guys could pull it off...

  • Carlos Escobar
    Carlos Escobar 5 hours ago

    I don't know if going to read this But you got my respect NACHO LIBRE ....man you r real .... fuck it real....

  • Farrah Abraham
    Farrah Abraham 6 hours ago


  • Swing Trader
    Swing Trader 6 hours ago

    I love the basement

  • Selvar
    Selvar 6 hours ago

    Protools and redos

  • Katina Hayter
    Katina Hayter 6 hours ago

    2:24 love the devil song from tenajious D

  • Jonathan Turner
    Jonathan Turner 6 hours ago

    Can't wait to see you shred that 1/2 pipe! Singing at the end sounded good!

  • larry or Sticks
    larry or Sticks 6 hours ago

    Stupid game in the furnace LOL

  • Chartoons Animations

    Just wanna say thank u for the movie the Nacho Libre. If it wasn’t for that film then my friend group (the best friend group ever) The 5 Nacho Libre’s would not be here. WE RUN ON PURE RIGHTEOUSNESS!!!

  • xbox360minecraftfan
    xbox360minecraftfan 7 hours ago

    This is like when your mom made you play with your special needs cousin

  • mikeeasthampton
    mikeeasthampton 7 hours ago

    Almost as cool as a dad as me. Now start go-carting and paintball playing and your cool too :) My son was go-carting from 4 and his first Counter Strike Lan-Party was with 9.

  • sleuthed
    sleuthed 7 hours ago

    this is pretty cool but any time theres rich people showing off their weird rich people shit like oooh look at me im so interesting and eclectic it pisses me off

  • nucliosis
    nucliosis 7 hours ago

    @3:42 I put tons of quarters into that arcade game when I was a kid🤘🤑

  • Joseph Kraemer
    Joseph Kraemer 7 hours ago

    We were like the beatles at that point

  • Jordan Knihs
    Jordan Knihs 8 hours ago

    twice my size, twice my age, 10x my energy. lol. these guys are legends. \,,/,

  • jon stolpe
    jon stolpe 8 hours ago

    What is that glorious game he is playing ?

  • For The Love Of Seattle

    Doesn't anyone ever count carbs? That is where the real problems come in if you don't exercise very much much. Their is enough carbs in a candybar to cause you to gain a pound if you do not work it off afterwards. . .

  • larry or Sticks
    larry or Sticks 8 hours ago

    Jack brother Jack have you ever started your gig with a conga line Beat Ella???

  • Shannon
    Shannon 8 hours ago

    cant wait to see it!!!!

  • William
    William 8 hours ago

    7:10 top five best jablinski moments

  • mikeY O'Pan
    mikeY O'Pan 8 hours ago

    Snarf.... livn' the modern life...<3

  • Chris & Sam Living the dream


  • The Marvel Guy
    The Marvel Guy 9 hours ago

    Check out the Steven dude/ the marvel guy

  • King of Epic Vlogs
    King of Epic Vlogs 9 hours ago

    Love Jack Black crazy as fuck, spontaneous to the bone, forever fun!

  • Timothy Hays
    Timothy Hays 10 hours ago

    Just another oblivious comment in the sea of thoughtless words.

  • Philip Reed Wallace
    Philip Reed Wallace 10 hours ago

    I love going to 3rd Man Records.

  • Philip Reed Wallace
    Philip Reed Wallace 10 hours ago

    Damn. I’m from Nashville live here 48 years I wish I would’ve seen you guys.

  • Marcelo Kuroi
    Marcelo Kuroi 10 hours ago

    8:26 I have to watch the cream over and over again, hilarious AND I can relate to that, because that would happen to me if I meet the J in person.

  • Antonio Coronado
    Antonio Coronado 11 hours ago

    12:30 pure ecstasy

  • Malcolm Adams
    Malcolm Adams 11 hours ago

    Fantastic. Led Zeppelin mom’s!”

  • helana bubbly blob
    helana bubbly blob 11 hours ago

    Your kids are cool....food looked yum....

  • Mach one
    Mach one 11 hours ago

    Who's Karen?

  • Nic Tanghe
    Nic Tanghe 11 hours ago

    Damn i'm araid of getting old now.

    FASOMAN 11 hours ago

    Este señor ha pasado de ser musico a ser actor,y ahora es youtuber. He nacido en el siglo correcto :)

  • Shadow Fire7
    Shadow Fire7 12 hours ago

    Who could dislike this?

  • Steve Watson
    Steve Watson 12 hours ago

    Mr. Black will be the next to leave this plane!

  • John Marston
    John Marston 12 hours ago

    jack black should play red dead redemption 2

  • Layla Reeves
    Layla Reeves 12 hours ago

    All the comments I’ve read for years asking for this, are you happy now? lol

  • Jess Lynn
    Jess Lynn 13 hours ago

    Jables just sold me on Metamucil.

  • Dad Gad
    Dad Gad 13 hours ago

    Agile fat... I resemble that remark.. well the fat par tanyway..

  • Sunny Deise
    Sunny Deise 13 hours ago

    "I'm on the spot now and I choke under pressure so thank you" relate so much 🤣

  • Jess Lynn
    Jess Lynn 13 hours ago

    Best. Dad. Ever.

  • Nick
    Nick 13 hours ago

    Is it just me or did that trumpet guy on the street steal the show? Damn

  • Ethan McClure
    Ethan McClure 13 hours ago

    y ur skin a naked waman

  • Simon Swan
    Simon Swan 13 hours ago

    3:48 now that's how to dance! (right-hand side)

  • Sid Pizza Ping Pong
    Sid Pizza Ping Pong 13 hours ago

    Hey Jack Black. I have subscribed to your FLASH-PLAYER channel. Can you please check out my FLASH-PLAYER channel sidpizzapingpong?

  • Sid Pizza Ping Pong
    Sid Pizza Ping Pong 13 hours ago

    Jack Black I Subscribed to your FLASH-PLAYER channel. So could you please check out my FLASH-PLAYER channel sidpizzapingpong.

  • Sid Pizza Ping Pong
    Sid Pizza Ping Pong 13 hours ago

    Jack Black

  • papa wolf
    papa wolf 14 hours ago

    Anyone see that fire dbz shirt

  • sunimec
    sunimec 14 hours ago


  • sunimec
    sunimec 14 hours ago


    HUNTERYOUGAF 14 hours ago

    BAHAHA!!! Jack Black was so blazed when they got out of Jack White's place.

  • DabBot53
    DabBot53 14 hours ago

    Very adulty behaveour

  • courtney tomlinson
    courtney tomlinson 14 hours ago

    JB I want to hear you sing the logical song by Supertramp it would be rad

  • sunimec
    sunimec 14 hours ago

    Hey gamer

  • Connor McMurray
    Connor McMurray 14 hours ago

    @8:58 When you go against 2 Balance druids in a World of Warcraft arena.

  • wily pie
    wily pie 14 hours ago

    sax man is a lonely island song jack black featured on

  • FINN
    FINN 15 hours ago

    So jack black is jablinski and jack white is jawhiskey?

  • FR Z
    FR Z 15 hours ago

    Cave guys

  • Chris Panganiban
    Chris Panganiban 15 hours ago

    303 SKATESHOP!

  • Outdated Meme
    Outdated Meme 16 hours ago


  • stepan gebenlian
    stepan gebenlian 16 hours ago

    nice bro

  • Tami Lambert
    Tami Lambert 16 hours ago

    Gah fucking damn, I was a teen back when they came out with Tenacious D. We all grew old jables.

  • Foo Hurru
    Foo Hurru 16 hours ago

    If my memory serves me correctly, (| you try not to get distracted by photos with the fans when you're with your kids. RP +100 mad respect dude

  • Robert Balinte
    Robert Balinte 16 hours ago

    I wish wish u were my dad

  • will connell
    will connell 17 hours ago

    "Oooh were at Jack Whites house. Look how special it is"

  • Ohana Films
    Ohana Films 19 hours ago

    It’s insane how huge they became! 🤘🏼

  • Aaron Felizmenio
    Aaron Felizmenio 19 hours ago

    That RRed Dead shirt tho

  • Sonortubelug
    Sonortubelug 19 hours ago

    "There's a weather vane..", yeah, coming out of that electricity pylon.

  • TotaleKruBacon
    TotaleKruBacon 19 hours ago

    he didnt even get the ikea-screwing-part

  • Robert Crosby
    Robert Crosby 19 hours ago

    Black you should get a jam sesh with white on video my guy.

  • Bartley Fetzer
    Bartley Fetzer 19 hours ago

    Being from Wyoming, I love that Kyle was wearing that shirt. I do, however wish it didn't taste like paint thinner lol. Next time visit WyOld West Brewing Co. Your experience should be better lol.

  • MikedF5 F5
    MikedF5 F5 20 hours ago

    Deep vein thrombosis

  • Miguel Hernandez
    Miguel Hernandez 20 hours ago

    Jack Black is the man! even better has a Dragon Ball Z Shirt!!!!!

  • Jackman Jangs
    Jackman Jangs 20 hours ago


  • Mr. Obvious
    Mr. Obvious 21 hour ago

    whats the song played ?...

  • MikedF5 F5
    MikedF5 F5 21 hour ago

    Broken glass

  • Googadis Beotches
    Googadis Beotches 22 hours ago

    Runs like J Lo making everyone else look like Flo Jo!

  • Ms Esthher Yisterair
    Ms Esthher Yisterair 22 hours ago


  • immortal phenix
    immortal phenix 22 hours ago

    He kinda looks like jack black

  • Dick Brag
    Dick Brag 22 hours ago

    Im going grey too (now that I'm old)

  • samax04
    samax04 22 hours ago

    Nice illuminati pyramid jables. Expose your masters!!!

  • For The Love Of Seattle

    I never really cared for Jack Black as an actor but his movies pull out a hit once in a while. Kung Fu Panda, Gulliver's Travels, The house with a clock in its walls. Maybe he will get better as he gets older.

  • Holly Carter
    Holly Carter 23 hours ago

    Perry freakin Farrell 😍

  • BodofLegend
    BodofLegend 23 hours ago

    JACK BLACK!!!!! OMFG!! YES!!! And he plays Minecraft !

  • Vthox
    Vthox 23 hours ago

    I request tenacious D to do a collaboration talk with the Disturbed band!!!