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  • R. Fuentez
    R. Fuentez 26 minutes ago

    This response is hilarious. Just astounding.

  • tom Hoying
    tom Hoying 26 minutes ago


  • Paul Pena
    Paul Pena 26 minutes ago

    @2:30 hahaha is he kidding?? 'Would President Reagan hold up military aid to a country about to be invaded just to dig up dirt on his political opponent". WOW, talk about CHEAP propaganda. 1) Ukraine is NOT about to be invaded - a complete falsehood (and if it were a couple of Ajax planes and sidewinder missles ain't stopping the Russian military anyhow) 2) HOW do you know his motive was digging up dirt?? You DO remember his promise to "clean the swamp"? Yeah that includes people like Biden. Is the mosy cynical answer ALWAYS the truth?? (Oh for liberals it probably is). 3) Obama's fundraising dinners quintupled when he was the President. Because people will pay lots of money to meet & greet with the President. Does that mean Obama was garnering funds for his next run, something he could ONLY DO because HE WAS THE PRESIDENT!?!?!?! YES! Oh my lord SCANDAL!!! IMPEACH OBAMA! The encumbent has ALWAYS had an advantage. That's been part of American politics for 250 years. Asking a foreign leader for help falls into that category. BTW wouldn't liberals be concerened that Biden MIGHT actually be corrupt?? Of course not, they drink corruption for breakfast.

  • Castiel
    Castiel 26 minutes ago

    What is this lmao. How do people have jobs? Don Lemon: *Brings up topic* Sheriff Clark: *answ-* Don Lemon: "--That's a different conversation"

  • Rocky Mountain
    Rocky Mountain 27 minutes ago

    Trump calls it a hoax, rational thinking people call it impeachment.

  • Speed Freak
    Speed Freak 27 minutes ago

    CNN NBC cbs graded hate speech agenda

  • Philip Bailey
    Philip Bailey 27 minutes ago

    If you want to know what Dominic Cummings, Tory propaganda guru, thinks of the Tory Party watch this very short video clip: He says that it is true that Tories DO NOT care about the NHS, or the mass of people like us.

  • mr Nobody
    mr Nobody 27 minutes ago

    Did Don have a stroke he seems confused. The best part is memes are supposed to bother delicate people and look who is getting upset

  • Jugganuat
    Jugganuat 27 minutes ago

    Trump also didn't payoff stormy Daniels and Karen Mc dougal yet cohen went to prison for the crime. lol imagine going to prison because someone else fucking hookers that shit is crazy

  • Aaron Serrano
    Aaron Serrano 27 minutes ago

    the customer did tip1$ cmon but the delivery man is not supposed to steal it! maybe ask for a tip but not take it all!

  • ian wong
    ian wong 27 minutes ago

    Sheesh...this comment section reeks of orange turd.

  • DavidAsset78
    DavidAsset78 27 minutes ago

    Bad faith? Russians tied to Putin clearly tried to reach out to the Trump Campaign, and we now know that Trump LIED to Mueller in connection with numerous calls he had to Roger Stone who was coordinating the release from Wikileaks on e-mails stolen from the DNC by Russian hackers. What's bad faith about surveilling a campaign that was clearly colluding with Putin-related Russians?

  • Joe Dirt
    Joe Dirt 27 minutes ago

    More people watch Mark Dice videos daily than any CNN show. Now that’s insane! 😂

  • Arman Hahsemi
    Arman Hahsemi 27 minutes ago

    Fake news cnn

  • A Sev
    A Sev 27 minutes ago

    Well again you should read the report got it wrong once more!

  • Ann Jordan
    Ann Jordan 27 minutes ago

    Once again tramp supporters are sick, and childish Yes don.lemon Whitehouse staffers are simply stupid little minded, a.cartoon characters, tramp and his.puppets senators acts Truth is tramps circle.of idiot. Tramp is trying to become a dictator like.His BFF Putin Where do we go To truth wins every time The republicans do not defend tramp, of them have Said tramp didn't do this, the.evidence republican defends what tramp did.on the call. Yes tramp.lies and.His followers of.or off Tramp followers never ask A question If tramp won the election.2016.fair.and square, and on his merits, why is he.soliciting help from foreign leaders to investigate Biden and his son why ? Why us tramp always being accused.of.wrong doing?. Why is the world.against tramp.he.says. Why would.then democrats impeach tramp,.Tramp says,.playing the victim why would.democrats impeach tramp. Why is.somebody always out to get tramp,, he's not.good looking,.he's.Not.intelligent, he.doesn't, he.doesn't read or understand the constitution, He's never won anything,.he.always.but honors and.certificates. Tramp only.comes up with gimmicks.tag.lines, he never comes up with brilliant ideas or policies, all of.His.cruel immigration policy are written by racist Steve Miller, tramp can't.think in the abstract,.His vocabulary is about fourth grade level, tramp is not academic he doesn't read.anything,.His staff reads.then presents him a summary, it takes his talking points from Putin and.His.Whitehouse staffers. Tramp is not smart at all a player.

  • Christopher Watson
    Christopher Watson 28 minutes ago

    Hahahahahah Piers though his power could actually match Alex Jones

  • Mark Nayda
    Mark Nayda 28 minutes ago

    Don " stink finger " Lemonhead thinks he REPORTS THE NEWS! 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄 MAGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 2020

  • AZMasterGamer
    AZMasterGamer 28 minutes ago

    8 minutes of CNN making fun of the cybertruck

  • Montana Michael
    Montana Michael 28 minutes ago

    Wow...that guy on the end was like a giddy school boy he was so excited for trump to get impeached...why do I watch this bias cr*p.

  • Simon Templar
    Simon Templar 28 minutes ago

    This reaction comes from the guy that put his "spoiled lemony fingers" on another guy's nose.

    WWG1WGA 28 minutes ago

    Boohoo, memes are mean. Indictments are coming...

  • Anarch
    Anarch 28 minutes ago

    hey U stoned out ur brain manipulated MUPPET RUN but RUN VERRY FAST to the next best LOONEY HOUSE ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING SLAVE BC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • William
    William 28 minutes ago

    For $5,000,000 a year or $338,000 every two weeks like you get paid by CNN Don, I suppose I might say the non-sense you say daily!

  • Speed Freak
    Speed Freak 28 minutes ago

    CNN are fake news stop 🤥

  • Krichian
    Krichian 28 minutes ago

    Don Lemon is insane xD

  • GetSomeBuisness StayOuttaMine

    You 2 pussies are the joke! Hang yourselves already!

  • Chesseymc weezy
    Chesseymc weezy 28 minutes ago

    I hate politics all the way around, all it dose is create hate and people being offended easily like this guy

  • MrPaiute
    MrPaiute 28 minutes ago

    Every day Trump is proving to be more and more a traitor and the GOP applauds it

  • ThaYoutubeBigWig
    ThaYoutubeBigWig 28 minutes ago

    I suppose the American people are Russian now...the Russian Americans....We don’t have to worry about Russia taking the Ukraine,we need to worry about Russia taking the USA....Hi trump ,we worship you ,our little German leader that has joined with Russia,The Republitards are complexly retarded,kissing trump s nuys all the way to the krimilin

  • cribb6900
    cribb6900 28 minutes ago

    CNN sucks

  • Adnan Himaloy
    Adnan Himaloy 28 minutes ago

    So the trend is being started again...😑😑😑

  • robert willis
    robert willis 28 minutes ago

    I'll agree God did not make Adam and Steve he made Adam and Eve

  • jabulani6666
    jabulani6666 28 minutes ago

    Hahahaha CNN'S ratings just came out. Hahahah

  • Brian Greene
    Brian Greene 28 minutes ago

    Thanus, go get them....get everyone of them.

  • Don Cummings
    Don Cummings 28 minutes ago

    It was funny...Get a grip,Lemon….Sheesh

  • Dking Strok
    Dking Strok 28 minutes ago

    Lol.... Trump fukin makes Cnn and Don loose their shit so easily. Not that Lemon isn't used to it.

  • Firebourn94
    Firebourn94 28 minutes ago

    I don't scratch my head unless it itches I don't dance unless i hear music and i don't laugh unless somethings funny and this is hysterical I'm not even talking about the meme but Don's reaction

  • Chuck D
    Chuck D 28 minutes ago

    What do you expect from a clown? Trump is an international embarrassment and laughingstock , the world laughs at this idiot.

  • Gerald Goldsby
    Gerald Goldsby 29 minutes ago

    So many things about 45 point to corruption. Associates, close associates, have been jailed. And the American public is somehow supposed to believe him over a painstaking 2 year report. Please. While that close to so much criminal activity, one has to wonder. Just saying.✌

  • Mububban23
    Mububban23 29 minutes ago

    Also, (spoilers) that particular *snap* is when Thanos has the gauntlet but The Good Guys have the Infinity Stones. So his snap does nothing, and HE ends up getting dusted and defeated... Anyone else see the irony in that? 😂

  • Jay S
    Jay S 29 minutes ago

    You tell it James Comey the president is a pathological liar it's unfortunate but the man is not fit to hold the highest office in the United States of America

  • Michael Moore
    Michael Moore 29 minutes ago

    Nothing on cnn about the black Muslim racist that killed cops and Jews today?? But if they were white, it’d be all over this network and it’d be trumps fault! Cnn Fake news!!!

  • Dr. TJ
    Dr. TJ 29 minutes ago

    Hannity: "Everything we have been reporting for years" Stop right there. You have already admitted you do opinions, not news reporting. Try again. Hannity: "Everything we have been saying for years is dead on accurate." Stop right there. You said Trump was wiretapped, you said Trump's campaign was infiltrated, you said the investigation was a witch hunt. Sorry, but the IG reports says you got all that stuff and a lot more completely wrong. You can't be dead on accurate and completely wrong at the same time.

  • jabulani6666
    jabulani6666 29 minutes ago

    Lemon. Trump just OWNED you idiot. He is causing you to show your mental illness.

  • Lee Jones
    Lee Jones 29 minutes ago

    Absolutely disgusting typical police

  • Diane Bernhoft
    Diane Bernhoft 29 minutes ago

    Lemmon you are a rotten lemon , that needs to be put in the garbage You Smell Rotten! Boycott this stupid BASTARD!

  • Sharon Snow
    Sharon Snow 29 minutes ago

    First Putin got his Russian asset in the White House, now he is bringing Putin's top oligarh and ambassador, into the White House with him!! trump and Putin are so desperate to be vindicated from Putin's meddling in the 2016 election, they are both stupid enough to think bringing Lavrov here to plead their case and to report out of the Oval Office, personally telling us, again, Russia did not meddle in the 2016, election, that Putin did, is helpful to their cause!! The only people listening and believing are Trump's Russian Republican Stooge Party on the Hill, and his cult members, who parrot him!! !! Putin and trump want to be freed from what they did in 2016, so they can do it again in 2020!! Four more years of trump in the White House, and we will all need to study the Russian language!! It is treason when the stock market takes prominence over the constitution and our country!! When you want someone to sin or commit a crime for you, you subtly ease them into it. Like the young, dumb Michael Cohen, sitting in prison said, trump, tells you about what he would like you to do, but only "suggests," you do the right thing, he means for him, Ironically this is what Russia did to trump when they began grooming him back in the 90's!! Now look where they are, co-equal with trump in the Oval office, both with the biggest smiles on their faces, ever!!

  • Gary Wesley
    Gary Wesley 29 minutes ago

    He’s a child that’s why

  • Fernando Reyes
    Fernando Reyes 29 minutes ago

    i'm sure no woman had chased morgan freeman BEFORE he became famous...

  • johnekizomba
    johnekizomba 30 minutes ago

    Fake news propaganda... Spoken by a true traitor Andrew McCabe

  • Julie Brown Is Silly
    Julie Brown Is Silly 30 minutes ago

    He's such a douchebag. The disrespect is palpable.

  • American Patriot
    American Patriot 30 minutes ago

    Top lawyer is going to jail!

  • michael tully
    michael tully 30 minutes ago

    CNN. Fake news. Clinton news network.

  • Jordan Evans
    Jordan Evans 30 minutes ago

    Should be Corbyn, he has been the best candidate to come forward in decades.

  • J J
    J J 30 minutes ago

    This guys acting is so bad... why do we even bother with the mainstream media? If I wanted to be entertained I would go watch a decent movie, when I want to be informed... I'll go elsewhere. Nothing can be learned watching this garbage.

  • Susan Varisco
    Susan Varisco 30 minutes ago

    Will trump be prevented from running again if impeached?

  • Alex Marti
    Alex Marti 30 minutes ago

    Did that old man just called the movie a cartoon

  • impala tmech81
    impala tmech81 30 minutes ago

    Lol! Lemon? Articles of impeachment! Lol! Ohio laughs at Kasich! He ran on my dad was a mailman and my mom was a stay at home mom! WHAT? Ohio doesn't mis you! You have no legitimacy! Kasich now a Dem? Lol! He still can't get over the fact no one in Ohio wanted him for pres.!

  • D G
    D G 30 minutes ago

    Hmmm looking for the CNN story about the Anti-Semitism Executive Order...Funny can't seem to find it.

  • Joe Gentile
    Joe Gentile 30 minutes ago

    Trump >

  • clearz
    clearz 30 minutes ago

    Its amazing but that entire Greenlandish dialogue can be translated into English as "It's gonna snow everywhere"

  • Jeff Keil
    Jeff Keil 30 minutes ago

    Democrats are so stupid. Lol!

  • Mark Run
    Mark Run 30 minutes ago

    fake news

  • Jeff Wrigley
    Jeff Wrigley 30 minutes ago

    Well Don, CNN is not the news, so don't worry about it.

  • American Patriot
    American Patriot 30 minutes ago

    Fredo get his feelings hurt?

  • Liam York
    Liam York 30 minutes ago

    I hate cnn

  • Meriam Ikharbine
    Meriam Ikharbine 30 minutes ago

    I'm feeling glad if the president gets impeached that my opinion

  • Mark Run
    Mark Run 30 minutes ago

    fake news

  • Gary Ripley
    Gary Ripley 31 minute ago

    There's just nothing to say

  • Marian Lim
    Marian Lim 31 minute ago

    Lavrov assuring the Trump attack dogs that they will win the election however disgusting they become. By the way, Giuliani entered the FBI before Comey's October surprise against Hillary. What about ti? Why is no one investigating. He is an intrigue peddler, just as he is with Ukraine. Think of the country. Admit he duped you and tell the story. Now Trump writes the script, Rudy does the legwork, fox controls the tube, and Barr takes care of the courts.

  • Mark Run
    Mark Run 31 minute ago

    fake news

  • Jestermon1
    Jestermon1 31 minute ago

    It must be the President's fault even though he wasn't president then.

  • Chiseled Buff Daddy
    Chiseled Buff Daddy 31 minute ago

    Pelosi talks about illegal immigrants every chance she gets. She doesn't discuss Black issues because she doesn't care. A Black person would be a foul to vote Democrat. I'm a Black Republican all the way.

  • Mkat Nileb
    Mkat Nileb 31 minute ago

    Short guy did a great takedown with choke hold.

  • gust arc
    gust arc 31 minute ago

    Lol amazing. It was so funny. The reaction is fucking hilarious.

  • Daily Prophecy
    Daily Prophecy 31 minute ago

    Trump says that as if he actually read the report...or anything else

  • Brandon 203
    Brandon 203 31 minute ago

    Bill Clinton is a RAPIST. Here is the Facebook page of the brave women who came forward.

  • Calvin Saxon
    Calvin Saxon 31 minute ago

    Kasich is right about how serious this issue of truth is. It's the fulcrum on which the future of the Republic is now balanced, precariously.

  • Frank Garrett
    Frank Garrett 31 minute ago

    Piers has been slowly transitioning into a conservative after this interview Ben Shapiro Ted Nugent etc. cheers to you gentlemen

  • Mark Run
    Mark Run 31 minute ago

    fake news

  • michael tully
    michael tully 31 minute ago

    Trump 2020. Maga. Kag. The fbi and the dnc got caught. Comey and McCabe will be going to jail.

  • bobknight33
    bobknight33 31 minute ago

    AWESOME. Swipe the self rightness smirk of dump ass fake news. BOSS TRUMP

  • RickK RocKStar
    RickK RocKStar 31 minute ago


  • B.B. Shaw
    B.B. Shaw 31 minute ago

    Great you have values. But who are you to imply that your values is better than anyone else? Talking about values, do you value the millions of aborted black children that these democrats support? If that is your value, then don’t judge anyone else’s opinion and values

  • jabulani6666
    jabulani6666 31 minute ago

    CNN, why don't you show the SENATE hearing?

  • Daily Prophecy
    Daily Prophecy 31 minute ago

    He love him some Russians ey! Putin did something right- that's for damn sure

  • That Person Chris
    That Person Chris 32 minutes ago

    Lmao if Kim nukes us though the whole country of North Korea will be gone

  • Da'Chief
    Da'Chief 32 minutes ago

    Notice how when 2 black people carry out an anti-Semitic terror attack these people say nothing and when it’s white folks it’s “trumps white supremecist followers”

  • Cyborg2382
    Cyborg2382 32 minutes ago

    You are done Lemon. You are nothing but a hack. Turn to dust!!! Trump 2020!!!!!

  • Mark Run
    Mark Run 32 minutes ago

    fake news

  • Jack Flash
    Jack Flash 32 minutes ago

    remember when people used to take impeachment seriously? LOL

  • نور الهدى
    نور الهدى 32 minutes ago

    هــذا أول🥰 تـعـلـيـقي🥰 فــــي🥰 الــــفـيــديـــــو هـل مــــن تـــرحـيــــب🥰واشـتـرك بقنـاتـــــــي *واتساب**WHATAPPS* *00212620278851*💋💋💋

  • Patriot751
    Patriot751 32 minutes ago

    Great guy, great baseball man and great American. Love Tommy, one of the few guys my dad liked !!

  • American Patriot
    American Patriot 32 minutes ago

    CNN = Lies! You going down! Can't wait! Trump2020!!!

  • c104 ark
    c104 ark 32 minutes ago

    When captain bone spurs go out to talk to his supporters he's campaigning! Our tax money goes toward his travel for this and investigating the Democrats.

  • Evil Hades
    Evil Hades 32 minutes ago

    far left: Read what we tell you to say. otherwise, you do not get paid and DEMS fire you. Sad how these liers believe their own BS.

  • Anthony Moffatt
    Anthony Moffatt 32 minutes ago

    We all know no one from fox read them reports come on guys

  • Mike w
    Mike w 32 minutes ago

    You didn't have to report it up the news🤣😆😆

  • victorgonzalez97
    victorgonzalez97 32 minutes ago