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  • joshua johnson
    joshua johnson 6 seconds ago

    WTF is CNN ACTIVELY trying to destroy it's own reputation?

  • Brian Picarella
    Brian Picarella 9 seconds ago

    Kate baldwiin, a ugly slut and ho

  • Tom Acosta
    Tom Acosta 10 seconds ago

    Cnn soap opera still sandbagging and propping up their candidate for a big fall. Notice they never talk about the China scandal or his sons corruption.

  • GOLDENEYE 1124
    GOLDENEYE 1124 13 seconds ago

    You’re back fredo! You POS!

  • Kevin Leahy
    Kevin Leahy 15 seconds ago

    Lol that reporter got rekt

  • Akela DeWolf
    Akela DeWolf 21 second ago

    Any time a dimotard speaks, someone eventually has to come back, and tell the truth....

  • stephy babs
    stephy babs 22 seconds ago

    This is why ppl don't trust CNN! WOW... I really don't know what else to say?

  • Jacob Laughbon
    Jacob Laughbon 22 seconds ago

    I've yet to meet one person that supports Biden. Stop asking elite Democrats. Tired of these guys losing elections for us.

  • umm no
    umm no 25 seconds ago

    the girl at 4:48... wtf?? how would you feel if the white family was worried about you acting ghetto? she's completely out of it. its ok for her to date a white guy but she'd have a problem if her brother dated a white girl? get it together..

  • Doug M
    Doug M 28 seconds ago

    Still looking for Fredo! Well CNN what`s the story?

  • Timothy Kozlowski
    Timothy Kozlowski 28 seconds ago

    It wasn't even biting

  • Fake News Maggots
    Fake News Maggots 29 seconds ago

    I'm with CNN - Force Sleepy Joe to get slaughtered by Trump

  • Happy Hiker
    Happy Hiker 33 seconds ago

    London antifa best learn quick what people fighting for when you stand for Tommy Robinson your standing for rape victems treated like toys 4000+ Tommy Robinson supportes outside the bbc will be 10.000+ in London antifa the lib, dems army of drones best stay at home.

    LAWRENCE 39 seconds ago


  • Sam EDM
    Sam EDM 45 seconds ago

    CNN smells like, a complete lack of the light of god.

  • catchfish205
    catchfish205 46 seconds ago

    America deserves this Super Twat to lie to them.. and they believe him. LOL LOL Uk has got another Moron Boris... He will twat UK .

  • WiredGaming
    WiredGaming 53 seconds ago

    pissweak bitch

  • Ryan
    Ryan Minute ago

    These people are disgusting.

  • TheGrannda
    TheGrannda Minute ago

    American politics is nothing more than cult of personality.

  • Daryl Kovach
    Daryl Kovach Minute ago

    Awwww look at the little suck suck boy.. He is a abomination boy that will be eternity in hell sucking things ..

  • I'm here
    I'm here Minute ago

    Trump 2020 KAG

  • Doug M
    Doug M Minute ago

    Cooper is a fail just like CNN. Bye bye

  • Brian Picarella
    Brian Picarella Minute ago

    Listen to this whore, enemy of WHITE AMERICANS and LEGAL AMERICAN'S, also enemies of rust belt americans

  • rolback
    rolback Minute ago

    Jewish Americans are deeply disturbed that an American political party (Democrats) has elected an Anti Semite(Nazi) into office.

  • George Costanza
    George Costanza Minute ago

    How the heck does crappy cnn have 7.3 million subscribers? Somehow this was in my newsfeed after having quit trusting them when they exposed themselves as far left liars over two years ago. Cnn is for idiots .

  • Angela Payne
    Angela Payne Minute ago

    #cnn #news #ac360 Your the best! Best wishes always! Ty for covering grief as hospice nurse its something we all eventually must try to live thru!

  • Vic Rattlehead
    Vic Rattlehead Minute ago

    CNN wants you idiots to believe ALL police are like this and that's not true.

  • James Barlow
    James Barlow Minute ago

    And if there WAS evidence of election fraud, do you think CNN would report that?

  • I'm here
    I'm here Minute ago

    CNN, remember the time when you said Trump had no chance of winning? 😂😂😂

  • Snatcher Claus
    Snatcher Claus Minute ago

    CNN really is trash. What a disgrace.

  • Pissed off Paula
    Pissed off Paula Minute ago

    Sad when you have to boast him when telling the truth. Dont give him clout!!!!!!!

  • Brandon Ortiz
    Brandon Ortiz Minute ago

    Man CNN I think FLASH-PLAYER would do you a favor to take this video down to save you the embarrassment lol 😂

  • OneManSmoke
    OneManSmoke Minute ago

    10,000 thumbs down bitches! eat a dick!

  • Rey Vazquez
    Rey Vazquez Minute ago

    Now that's parenting

  • The International Recording Company of Mystery LLC

    Where is Yang at? Yang 2020! Most electable candidate, only one who can beat Trump!

  • Philip Cameron
    Philip Cameron Minute ago

    So we had a no true scotsman falicy and then straight lies (men chauvinist as opposed to western chauvinist as she knew the answer since she answered for him). Glad to see cnn is practicing "journalism" here.

  • lausdeandl
    lausdeandl Minute ago

    Crocodile tears!

    LAWRENCE Minute ago


  • Drilledge
    Drilledge Minute ago

    CNN is obsessed with Trump,move on ,get over it!!! He's still your President!!!

  • Leeanne Bishop
    Leeanne Bishop Minute ago

    Trump your so full of shit you can’t Handle the fact that you lost and she won but you had to cheat in order to win period but nit this time lier.

  • Al Obaidius
    Al Obaidius Minute ago

    FAKE CNN and their FAKE polls. Biden can't remember his name with his mental retardation. he is a disaster . Bernie or Bust.

  • Xin Gaming
    Xin Gaming Minute ago

    CNN always butthurt lol

  • Doug M
    Doug M 2 minutes ago

    What`s funny is democrats can`t bash Joe`s record without bashing obama! Democrats are the true definition of stupidity.

  • Øath betrayer
    Øath betrayer 2 minutes ago

    Obama sucks dick

  • 63H30 H8
    63H30 H8 2 minutes ago

    This woman is a reporter? Or a member of Antifa? Wth? All she does is avoid anything do with antifa doing stupid shit

  • glockumollie
    glockumollie 2 minutes ago


  • hugo bonin
    hugo bonin 2 minutes ago

    Walls walls walls Orange man is bad Fuck off Rashida you’re an idiot

  • razorsharpbt
    razorsharpbt 2 minutes ago

    See, this is why CNN is tanking. This is dishonesty and biased reporting on full display. This reporter assumes that we're all idiots. We're done with you, mainstream media. You are the enemy of our republic.

  • Chan Jennifer
    Chan Jennifer 2 minutes ago

    Don't blind people's eyes through CNN by one side story of a singer. please report the truth. Protestors should obey the law. Thank you.

  • Bernadette Gouveia
    Bernadette Gouveia 2 minutes ago

    Discussing besterd...

  • Trey Cantrell
    Trey Cantrell 2 minutes ago


    • I'm here
      I'm here 10 seconds ago

      Yang sold you communism and you bought it? Thanks for proving that low IQ people should never vote 😃

    • Akela DeWolf
      Akela DeWolf Minute ago

      no )

  • Lisa Ann Smith
    Lisa Ann Smith 2 minutes ago

    Cuomo is gross. Where's his apology for saying that a FICTIONAL CHARACTER "Fredo" is the same as calling a person the "N" Word?

  • Tsimpy
    Tsimpy 2 minutes ago

    Cuban POS

  • Mac Book Pro
    Mac Book Pro 2 minutes ago

    polls are 100% accurate just ask Hillary

  • Mr.Tweezy007
    Mr.Tweezy007 2 minutes ago

    CNN polls are rigged. Who tf is even voting for Biden?

  • Fatime Cisse
    Fatime Cisse 2 minutes ago

    TRUMP is a fraud president himself

  • Tajim Clarke
    Tajim Clarke 2 minutes ago

    Just wonder what fox news do every day and night for the President. Mm.make it make sense

  • Fred Ngugi
    Fred Ngugi 2 minutes ago

    Trump is not concerned about crowd size. He’s rather liberal news outlets talk about this than shaming him. Trump is smart controlling what News Outlets will talk about

  • Regina Martinez
    Regina Martinez 3 minutes ago

    So is everyone just going to ignore the fact that Steven Miller is from California, lives in Washington DC, NEVER New Hampshire yet he's working the election there. You want to talk about voter fraud, that's the best evidence I've yet to see from the Trump admin regarding the issue.

  • Icono clast
    Icono clast 3 minutes ago

    Trump seems to think his rallies and Elton John concerts are the same kind of events.

  • Bernadette Gouveia
    Bernadette Gouveia 3 minutes ago

    Pussi mouth ..Hahahaha

  • 88smjls
    88smjls 3 minutes ago

    Fredo Fredo Fredo, it’s almost as hurtful as having to watch this phony apology.

  • Mike Freeman
    Mike Freeman 3 minutes ago

    Really cnn?? Such a joke to be calling yourselves actual news

  • Egogo Loba
    Egogo Loba 3 minutes ago

    This a rigged and trashy poll. Keep living in your own deception until the real election shock you again

  • Billie Matteo
    Billie Matteo 3 minutes ago

    Tech only scares old orange farts like trump. Everyone else use it seamlessly and don't let bad results phase them in any way. Certainly not to change votes or even meal choices.

  • Marton Steve
    Marton Steve 3 minutes ago


  • Billy Chapman
    Billy Chapman 3 minutes ago

    CNN is cancer

  • Sisay Isco Fekadu
    Sisay Isco Fekadu 3 minutes ago

    Is there a hidden message in that Trump is really going to have his second term and America is wholly fuckkked!?

  • J Cahoon
    J Cahoon 3 minutes ago

    Pedocrats never allowed to have guns.The truth is coming.After the pedocrates and proggressives are culled from our country no one will miss them.

  • Carlos colon
    Carlos colon 3 minutes ago

    I literally don’t know anybody that wants Biden as president 🤦🏽‍♂️ cnn who and how are you polling, please don’t tell me you called land lines ?

  • vision 103
    vision 103 3 minutes ago

    How about taking care of your own districts and stop fucking with the rest of the world.

  • vermillion J
    vermillion J 3 minutes ago

    Biden had such a good week, he just shot right up to a commanding double digit lead. Gosh, I mean, imagine if he didn't say he thinks black kids can do as well as rich kids...He probably would've won the nomiination already. Oh, wait...he already has. The most patriotic thing Biden could do for this country is to drop out. He is the absolute weakest candidate thinking about fending off the crazy non-sensical shit Trump will say and do. Biden stands no chance. ZERO

  • Kolt45 Gaming
    Kolt45 Gaming 3 minutes ago

    Liberals : " we are sick of straight white males telling us what to do!" Also liberals " yay Biden!"

  • Fake News Maggots
    Fake News Maggots 3 minutes ago

    Tulsi Gabbard suing CNN/Google in Court for Bias

  • OneManSmoke
    OneManSmoke 3 minutes ago

    who the fuck gave the southern poverty law center any authority to classify anyone anything. fucking fake news generating hoes.

  • Rauno Roosilill
    Rauno Roosilill 3 minutes ago

    Fuck CNN and all your so called journalists. Get a real job, because your shit network will be gone soon. Trump 2020. Greetings from Europe.

  • Rodney Williams
    Rodney Williams 3 minutes ago

    "My Detroit teachers taught me..." That's the problem right there.

  • P. Tigris
    P. Tigris 3 minutes ago

    Go Joe!! Lmao

  • Bryan Purdy
    Bryan Purdy 3 minutes ago

    the phrase "The Presidents NEW conspiracy theory" are words that should never be used.

  • vrnc M
    vrnc M 3 minutes ago

    After CNN hosted the WORST debate in USA history...Now CNN pumps up their corporate horse with a fake poll...👎

  • Crypto Claus
    Crypto Claus 3 minutes ago

    I don't get it, her statement is accurate.

  • mark geering
    mark geering 3 minutes ago

    CNN America answer to BBC shit reporting shit reporters and report there opinions and not facts 😡😡😡

  • ken1139
    ken1139 3 minutes ago

    Ridiculous propaganda. Good job CNN; at least you're consistent.

  • Lily Jade
    Lily Jade 3 minutes ago

    Fake crowd told to not boo. Told no pay if don't attend rally. Fake potus. Fake supporters. Fake trump.

  • Danoz direct
    Danoz direct 3 minutes ago

    Fake news CNN trying it's hardest to stop the inevitable death of the whole network You are liars and a total disgrace The biggest enemy of the American people and the world Learn to code cunts the game is up

  • Jay Springs
    Jay Springs 3 minutes ago

    I'm voting for Joe , screw the rest of you.

  • Norman Lee
    Norman Lee 4 minutes ago

    Fuck your polls CNN. Full of shit again. We will lose if Biden is nominated. Not Democrats. Everyone. America loses. Trump wins.

  • Harbringe
    Harbringe 4 minutes ago

    Tulsi has more individual donors than some of the people that have already qualified for the next debate , yet she hasn't. Its because of who they are choosing to poll and she doesn't have the same level of name recognition among those types. Its the same type of crap they pulled in 2016 that lead us to believe Hillary had the election sown up. Its really the (political elites) choosing the candidate for you.

  • Erin Lobo
    Erin Lobo 4 minutes ago

    Tulsi is way above fucking Biden's old ass!!!

  • Lucky Sport
    Lucky Sport 4 minutes ago

    If they hate Israel, why do they want to visit there? You broads are acting entitled. No country have to let you into there country.

  • James Barlow
    James Barlow 4 minutes ago

    Google admits to influencing millions algorithmically by their own admission

  • Patrick Milewski
    Patrick Milewski 4 minutes ago want an ar-15? I'm down. You want 30 round mags? Fine, break a leg. But I'm not going to support you having easy access to these weapons of mass destruction. I support expanded background checks, mandatory safe storage laws, and license to purchase laws.

  • Buck Young
    Buck Young 4 minutes ago

    Let's review before listening to Democratic house slaves. Democratic Party-party of slavery, every person fighting to keep slavery in The Civil War was a Democrat, KKK is the domestic terrorist arm of the Democratic Party, Democratic segregation enforced by Democrats like George Wallace and Bull Connor, EVERY Democrat voted AGAINST the fist Civil Rights Bill, Democratic Welslave system which TODAY puts blacks in economic slavery for generations, every black majority Democratic run city is TODAY bankrupt and filled with crony corruption. So begin about the Republican Party.

  • Todd Hunger
    Todd Hunger 4 minutes ago

    Lemon the clown is socialist propaganda not news. Wake up America.

  • I'm here
    I'm here 4 minutes ago

    CNN, why don't you ever call out these 2 Islamic supremacists?? They are traitors to America.

    RNMUP 4SHUR 4 minutes ago

    Crap like this wouldn't happen if people would own up stop resisting and do what they say. You broke the law just do your time get your fine. Stop fighting the Police.

  • Bernadette Gouveia
    Bernadette Gouveia 4 minutes ago

    Because he paid the people and the unions forced their people to go Harriet ...

  • Ken Duxbury
    Ken Duxbury 4 minutes ago

    Your poll has Biden beating Sanders? I question the validity. It’s like youre only polling establishment Dems. Seriously, Biden won’t beat Commander Bonespurs. You guys kept touting how big of a lead Clinton had over Rump 3 years ago. And look how that turned out. You need to stop sucking up to the Establishment or we’re going to have 4 more years of the p***y grabber.

  • selrod55
    selrod55 4 minutes ago

    When does Ilhan get indicted, sentenced, and Deported ?????

  • rolback
    rolback 4 minutes ago

    Where’s Fredo?