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  • Jayleina Esparza
    Jayleina Esparza 7 hours ago

    Who miss the sister squad?

  • Martha del Castillo
    Martha del Castillo 7 hours ago

    I don't want to believe that people can be so "brainless" and/or "plastic" and/or superficial to watch your video just because the Jenners is in it! Since when has spoiled brats with 2 neurons in their brain, qualified to teach make-up tricks? PLEASE! Just because people have created the monsters that are the Kardashians, making them millionaires? Well, this does NOT qualify them for any intellectual abilities or to develop any. In fact, they are good at NOTHING except making sex tapes and self-promoting but no substance. That is enough for 6 of us not to watch your videos.

  • Elvin 12
    Elvin 12 7 hours ago

    The gayest man alive. No doubt.

  • cinnamonbun
    cinnamonbun 7 hours ago

    Kesha was my jam when I was 13 year old omg

  • Princes Saria
    Princes Saria 7 hours ago


  • Reagan Elizabeth
    Reagan Elizabeth 7 hours ago

    i always use the toothbrush hack and it works so well for me that i can a lot of times forget chapstick in the winter and know one can tell i do it everyday after brushing my teeth and works great

  • Emilio Mina
    Emilio Mina 7 hours ago

    Love it sister

  • Ashley Alvarado
    Ashley Alvarado 7 hours ago

    Love love love how it turn out 💕

  • Gamer John
    Gamer John 7 hours ago

    You don't remember your video two years back? Lol I always forgot what happened yesterday.......I'm a boy...but love your makeup and you bye james or sis..??

  • Julissa Ramos
    Julissa Ramos 7 hours ago

    I love so much baby❤

  • Viper
    Viper 7 hours ago

    11:09 Molly: I’m always going around touching things, except people’s faces... Also Molly: *is doing James’ makeup*

  • Island Daniels
    Island Daniels 7 hours ago

    I actually think your moles look pretty and natural 🥰

  • Rayaana Noor
    Rayaana Noor 7 hours ago

    No hate but I think he should use less foundation

  • Toiny Nikelo
    Toiny Nikelo 7 hours ago

    that kylie jenner shade hahahahah

  • Stupid Gacha Potato
    Stupid Gacha Potato 7 hours ago

    You should do following a barbie tutorial

  • Charlotte Hellawell
    Charlotte Hellawell 7 hours ago

    Who talks faster jojo siwa or James Charles 🤔🤔

  • Sabrina Nornors
    Sabrina Nornors 7 hours ago

    I love James Charles but I listen to his videos on mute. But I do love him

  • panda
    panda 7 hours ago


  • Dance Mommys
    Dance Mommys 7 hours ago

    Damn this was a year ago....

  • Tyif AL-harthy
    Tyif AL-harthy 7 hours ago

    OMG the eyes !!!! DO IT EVERY TIME that’s looks sooooo goooooddd the best eyeliner ever 😱😱😱😱♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Julia Laliberté
    Julia Laliberté 7 hours ago

    i have a 3 month old puppy and she is soooooooo anoying but cute she eats evrey thing im dead

  • meme lovered
    meme lovered 7 hours ago

    Not TO be rude but this beauty look is way better than all the heavy make-up look you do ... keep this for your day to day look

    KC DALA 7 hours ago

    James:Hey sisters! Me:Hey Jamie

  • Libby Poole
    Libby Poole 7 hours ago

    Love the foundation on your robe, looks FAB❤️❤️❤️

  • A W
    A W 7 hours ago

    this is james charles trying to get on vogue's channel.

    • A Cat
      A Cat 7 hours ago

      A W and?

  • Alexia Suomalainen
    Alexia Suomalainen 7 hours ago

    Kylie:*mentions Jordyn* James: ooooooffff

  • Chisty’s Vlog
    Chisty’s Vlog 7 hours ago

    James: hi sisters!! Boys: wait, so I’m not supposed to watch this video

  • Аида Махмутова

    Hello my sister 😍😂🙌👌👍👍👍👍👍

  • Gry Anita Odenmarck
    Gry Anita Odenmarck 7 hours ago

    UMM just so u know....... dogs are colorblind!

  • Oliver Whitworth
    Oliver Whitworth 7 hours ago

    No wonder he's trying celebrities makup on,his clearly doesn't work 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • xx_ariana_ xx
    xx_ariana_ xx 7 hours ago

    The eyeliner really looks good on you🔥❤

  • GuardianAngel260
    GuardianAngel260 7 hours ago

    Be careful with the toothbrush trick, it can f* up your lips. Only do it once a week. I speak from experience 😁

  • Jess Rainwater
    Jess Rainwater 7 hours ago

    James get little Finn a rain coat rain won’t hurt Good job Finn

  • Alya Alzarouni
    Alya Alzarouni 7 hours ago

    13:11 plz click he is tik tok queen😂😂😂😂

  • chlatepdng
    chlatepdng 7 hours ago

    I use my hands for foundation, right ring finger only

  • Lola Wilkinson
    Lola Wilkinson 7 hours ago

    Does James just not use prima or something anymore?

  • Falah Nadeem
    Falah Nadeem 7 hours ago

    That look is very very HER. He did a good job and its obvious she LOVES it :)

  • The Arthurs
    The Arthurs 7 hours ago


  • tae.gucciboi bts
    tae.gucciboi bts 7 hours ago

    sistar james looks creepy as, but isss okey isss art

  • Hracker Pracker
    Hracker Pracker 7 hours ago

    Is james charles a he or a she?

  • Cheese IT
    Cheese IT 7 hours ago

    I miss 🇧🇩 me

  • Natasha Fraser
    Natasha Fraser 7 hours ago

    James Charles can do my eyeliner everyday if he wants

  • Crazy Ella
    Crazy Ella 7 hours ago

    Hey James you look absolutely beautiful with a natural look you need to do this more

  • Cheese IT
    Cheese IT 7 hours ago

    ^^ -

  • lol lol
    lol lol 7 hours ago

    what about todd and scotty

  • Cliodhna xx
    Cliodhna xx 7 hours ago

    Amazing singing ah the fast bit I watch it just for that bit !!!

  • So han Ms
    So han Ms 7 hours ago

    You talk fast

  • Catherine Bunto
    Catherine Bunto 7 hours ago

    Hi sisters

  • Lizzy Herlehy
    Lizzy Herlehy 7 hours ago


  • Isabella Salas-Romer

    I did everything but I don't have twitter :( hope that's ok luv your videos ;)

  • Kacie Tierney
    Kacie Tierney 7 hours ago

    Just realised Mickey Mouse James Charles... Sound the SAME

  • mateja propao
    mateja propao 7 hours ago


  • K P
    K P 7 hours ago

    still annoying to listen to

  • Kelsey 23
    Kelsey 23 7 hours ago

    Dude I heard VS models before shows apparently are required to not eat or even DRINK anything (including water) like 1-3days before a show or photo shoot. And I'm assuming james had that reaction cuz hasnt VS been accused of homophobia?? Like a Huda 2.0 lol

  • Sophie Ward
    Sophie Ward 7 hours ago

    James’s brows gave me flash back Mary

  • Caroline Putri
    Caroline Putri 7 hours ago


  • cosmic dreams
    cosmic dreams 7 hours ago

    that’s the little dipper 😹

  • Nolly Darr
    Nolly Darr 7 hours ago

    Honestly thought the moles looked cute the first time but yknow

  • Laura Kercher
    Laura Kercher 7 hours ago

    I’ve been binge watching your videos... and haha oh my gosh by far my favorite video!! LOVE ITTTT 😍😂

  • Amy Howell
    Amy Howell 7 hours ago

    Love the natural look

  • multifandom
    multifandom 7 hours ago

    This is by far one of THE BEST looks!

  • Joanna Pruszyńska
    Joanna Pruszyńska 7 hours ago

    Even though I'm from Poland I love you❤️ you're the best😍 I take an example from you❤️I LOVE YOU!!

  • - HIRO - KUN -
    - HIRO - KUN - 7 hours ago

    Let's just say.... *32,19 minutes of James roasting his self*

  • Emily B.
    Emily B. 7 hours ago

    Yaaass girl slay

  • Grace B
    Grace B 7 hours ago

    how do you do your wings so good? when i do mine it looks so thick and weird 😂😂

  • Sudipto Mandal
    Sudipto Mandal 7 hours ago

    Why so many unlikes lol

  • MuasitaBlack Makeup&Art

    You are so beautiful... i love you solo much ❤

  • s igg
    s igg 8 hours ago

    The sister robe is EVERYTHANGGGGGG

  • Jf Marzan
    Jf Marzan 8 hours ago

    21k dislikes says a lot. One of the most akward moment ever. Weird how James Charles conceitedly levels himself with a legend. 🤮🤮🤮

  • Rxzz ¿
    Rxzz ¿ 8 hours ago


  • idiot alien
    idiot alien 8 hours ago

    idk much about makeup but the cat thing was bomb james, pls keep it in in your makeup routine!

  • Amy Fielder
    Amy Fielder 8 hours ago

    You look stunning! Loved all of the tips!

  • Brad Lemmon
    Brad Lemmon 8 hours ago

    James: I need you to buy me an eyeshadow colour...

  • Emmy Betts
    Emmy Betts 8 hours ago

    Im allergic to makeup so yea....

  • Emilie C-Short
    Emilie C-Short 8 hours ago

    You know you can wash your hands...... you wash your hands more often than you wash your brushes/beauty blenders ......... what seems a little cleaner/easier? Hmm...? And it seriously doesn't take that much longer, don't be dramatic - be honest.

  • Julia Hannon
    Julia Hannon 8 hours ago

    No blush 🥺

  • Natasha Taylor
    Natasha Taylor 8 hours ago

    Sister I love it wish I had James Charles pallet lol love you sister lol

  • Alena Arsen
    Alena Arsen 8 hours ago

    Please do Sonam Kapoor's vogue video !!!!!!!!!! It's different unique and diversified tooooo

  • sadlewska Karolina
    sadlewska Karolina 8 hours ago

    Can we apriciate ideas of videos?? Like he is So creative

  • Via Rahimah
    Via Rahimah 8 hours ago

    I literally love it 😍😍😍 suits you James!❤️

  • Blessings Mudarikwa
    Blessings Mudarikwa 8 hours ago

    Don't ever go blonde again....we love a natural sister....

  • Jf Marzan
    Jf Marzan 8 hours ago


  • Armela Hoxha
    Armela Hoxha 8 hours ago

    A ke kar o xhaje😂

  • Ron Burgandy
    Ron Burgandy 8 hours ago

    I don't like Christmas

  • Inna. m
    Inna. m 8 hours ago

    WTF Guys don't do makup stupide

  • Inna. m
    Inna. m 8 hours ago

    WTF Guys don't do makup stupide

  • Sade Diggs
    Sade Diggs 8 hours ago

    James: BI- I mean Big chunks 😂

  • Rubén 783
    Rubén 783 8 hours ago

    Ostiaaaaa se parece a adaraaaa Like si sabes de quien hablo jejejeje

  • Kit Kat
    Kit Kat 8 hours ago

    Chill I think his foundation looks orange because it shows up that way on camera

  • sally abed al-aal
    sally abed al-aal 8 hours ago

    ok u look gorgeous with this mix routine

  • Jasmine Tucker
    Jasmine Tucker 8 hours ago

    This palette is trash

  • Alanise Nicholas
    Alanise Nicholas 8 hours ago

    you always look beautiful james.

  • Christina_does_makeup

    I have changed the speed to 0.75x . He still sounds annoying tho 😁

  • Dream
    Dream 8 hours ago

    I'm just wondering why people hate james so much like guys leave him alone hes epic 😂

  • Low Key Kids HOLLA
    Low Key Kids HOLLA 8 hours ago

    Let’s just talk about how close the foundation match is

  • Kelsey Carr
    Kelsey Carr 8 hours ago

    He’s getting so big 🤩

  • Adrián López
    Adrián López 8 hours ago

    I loved 🥺 you should dd put subtitles in Spanish since I don't understand much :(

  • Julie m
    Julie m 8 hours ago

    Awh the cutest duo 😭❤️

  • Jeffrey Go
    Jeffrey Go 8 hours ago

    nice video....

  • Ella Gobern
    Ella Gobern 8 hours ago