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  • Lalo Lalo
    Lalo Lalo 2 hours ago

    100 dollars is cheap for a locksmith to come out to a house...

  • Allie
    Allie 2 hours ago

    Of course he pulled the classical “hear me out” anything to make the victims look like the antagonizing passive aggressive asshats. Completely disgusting. May all of these women forever rest in peace.

  • artb3
    artb3 2 hours ago


  • Deb Y
    Deb Y 2 hours ago

    I love that I'm able to watch programs that are outside of the U.S. CBC News, this program is very well done, shows both sides and as a criminal justice nut, (former Criminal Justice student, lover of all show, books and movies in this venue), I appreciate the time and effort all of you put forth to bring these well-crafted episodes to the public.

  • goldiefox
    goldiefox 2 hours ago

    Might as well cook meats until they almost get burnt just to be safe >~>

  • Dark Souls1
    Dark Souls1 2 hours ago

    This explains why school shootings started to happen more and more

  • Lalo Lalo
    Lalo Lalo 2 hours ago

    Those old locks are difficult... I had to get a locksmith just to take it off the door...

  • Hugo Brown
    Hugo Brown 2 hours ago

    200 vehicles? They all driving too fast no doubt

  • Outrageous 20
    Outrageous 20 2 hours ago

    Just a huge distraction from the real thieves, The government.

  • Jeffrey Robbins
    Jeffrey Robbins 2 hours ago

    This is why you have be Very Careful about which women you let become a cop,they are Notorious at abusing their Authority:(

  • Star Dust
    Star Dust 2 hours ago

    After seeing this video I will refuse to use these companies. This is no way to treat these workers. I feel very upset about this.

  • Jinjys Bro
    Jinjys Bro 2 hours ago

    Racism happens to everyone... even white people but no one cares about their experiences.

  • The Incredibox Guy
    The Incredibox Guy 2 hours ago

    Guys I know it happened on the Rive-Sud which is south of Montréal. But La Prairie isn't in Montréal. Lol

  • Brittanii Starzz
    Brittanii Starzz 2 hours ago

    9:58 “I won’t buy these anymore”.....Slow down kiddo, you mean mama & papa won’t buy them anymore 😂

  • mark g
    mark g 2 hours ago

    The mainstream media ... be it left or right ... is crooked. Fortunately, social media and most independent content has taken its place as the voice of the people; the voice of truth. This is how Bernie Sanders had been able to garner so much support ... support he will never get elsewhere. Sanders has made a lot of people very worried, as they have lost a lot of control.

  • Black Berry lady
    Black Berry lady 2 hours ago

    This music is unnecessary...trying to listen....🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉

  • Dark Souls1
    Dark Souls1 2 hours ago

    I’m gangsta cuz I smoke and use my phone taped to my head

  • Ben There Done That
    Ben There Done That 2 hours ago

    Every time the music came on I thought I was getting a Skype call

  • IsBoR
    IsBoR 2 hours ago

    American Politics should not be broadcasted on CBC, Defund CBC !

  • Pat Diggin
    Pat Diggin 2 hours ago

    About 2000+ homicides in Chicago annually, this doesn't happen in Russia.

  • Marlena Piwonska
    Marlena Piwonska 2 hours ago

    Rich people should just stay away from Politics.... You have no idea what everyday American is going through trying to make ends meets.

  • Captain America
    Captain America 2 hours ago

    You don't have to take the job

  • Alex Terry
    Alex Terry 2 hours ago

    prepakaged produce is not as safe or fresh as one might think

  • Model Kit Builder
    Model Kit Builder 2 hours ago

    Never seen somebody so happy to go to jail hope the cctv is working has a habit of not recording things in prison.

  • mark g
    mark g 2 hours ago

    Bernie got screwed last time, but his supporters are better organized and more vigilant, this time around. Bernie is merely trying to get the Democratic Party back to where it once was, under FDR. At the moment we don't really have a Democratic Party, but merely two halves of the RNC. We either need re-alignment or we need a third ... Progressive ... party.

  • misterfunnybones
    misterfunnybones 2 hours ago

    I'm on a steady diet of Canadian bacon & maple syrup & I don't have the virus. Coincidence?

  • Redline Gaming
    Redline Gaming 2 hours ago

    Driving a car for time parts will give up maybe the problem for the car stalled is of fuel not going to the engine or electricity problem

  • Imjust HereJustSayin


  • Chyna Daniels
    Chyna Daniels 2 hours ago

    Hyundai honda or Toyota

  • Ancient Anunaki king

    Slow down , no one gets ticked for being slow in snow and poor weather conditions.

  • Dark Souls1
    Dark Souls1 3 hours ago

    Canada is a shithole

  • Veronica Mancilla
    Veronica Mancilla 3 hours ago

    I am so proud of Landons efforts to fight for himself and everyone else who’s going through this. I feel bad that he did not receive the proper education from home. I do believe his parents are to blame for the most part. Again, his efforts are phenomenal - to move towards his goals and to fight for others as well. I really hope he has a chance to be with Tiffany and his kids. With the last snipet, seeing him play with his kids tugged at my heartstrings. How heartbreaking that child abusers have the privilege of staying with their kids but not Landon.

  • Telisha3 Claiborne
    Telisha3 Claiborne 3 hours ago

    I think this was one of the cutest scenarios.

  • Robert Stewart
    Robert Stewart 3 hours ago

    So at the end of the day he was a dirty rat scumbag

  • chris goodayle
    chris goodayle 3 hours ago

    CBC news equals Trudeau’s PR firm.

  • Drew Shourd
    Drew Shourd 3 hours ago

    ...btw....just opened a 1/2 gallon of apple juice, from concentrate, the company says Traverse City Michigan, I live in S.W. Michigan close to Chicago....you said putting the country(s) of origin on the label was a law here in the states....well?

  • IsBoR
    IsBoR 3 hours ago

    Corona this corona that This is all BULL SHITE news, Report how 95% Canadians are in debt and slaves !

  • ShinVega
    ShinVega 3 hours ago


    GROM SWAT 3 hours ago

    Take native's privileges, then make them work, then build the pipe, if they object, give them 20 year sentence.

  • La Hela
    La Hela 3 hours ago

    “ is this a western hospital?” Lady interviewer wtf!?! I bet Japan got the best of the best in their hospital truuuussst Japan is the cleanest & the best place ever!

  • Jocef Jose
    Jocef Jose 3 hours ago

    I live in a lesser economy compared to Canada and we are being charged the same things. I understand im paying for the extra convenience apart from the usual service mode being offered. 🤷‍♂️

  • Grumpy Oldfart
    Grumpy Oldfart 3 hours ago

    Want to stop illegal drugs, give life sentences to the money launders. Want to stop corruption in politics give life sentences for what Stone did. What do you need fixed next?

  • CMAenergy
    CMAenergy 3 hours ago

    Native problems The answer is simple Cut off their given funds permanently They have no right to use force on others

  • B B
    B B 3 hours ago

    The Dem's just always look bad.... What is your plan.. you all just have no plan.. just put each other down.

  • skrt skrt
    skrt skrt 3 hours ago

    when he said do not smoke at the end he talkin bout cigs or weed 🤣

    ΒΈΡΗ ΧΑΊΡΗ 3 hours ago

    Serpent face. Pussy forehead

  • Keith Soderlund
    Keith Soderlund 3 hours ago

    I would be angry enough to spit if I still had a rotary phone!!🤪🤪☎️☎️🤣

  • Tyler Jenkins
    Tyler Jenkins 3 hours ago

    This is absolutely disgusting. Employees specifically acknowledge their customer base is lower income. They take advantage of the fact that people with less money are almost forced to use them and then they charge astounding prices for mediocre products. Truly horrid.

  • Matt Frankman
    Matt Frankman 3 hours ago

    There are very clear statutes for police to break up protests. The police are following the rule of law. Say what you will about the protesters, but OPP/RCMP and to that extent, the government is doing exactly what they are mandated to do.

  • sdgagd fsafasdf
    sdgagd fsafasdf 3 hours ago

    funniest thing about americans is they are afraid of being attacked and yet they are the only ones who makes wars around the world.

  • Andrew Sipos
    Andrew Sipos 3 hours ago

    Oh look. Comments here are opened for the public.

  • Lost Nnotfound
    Lost Nnotfound 3 hours ago


  • Heather Morehouse
    Heather Morehouse 3 hours ago

    Stop moving people on planes! It needs to be contained!

  • rhaven50
    rhaven50 3 hours ago


  • Uncle Sam Junior
    Uncle Sam Junior 3 hours ago

    Prison?!? Don't you mean Club Fed!

  • Silver Bronze
    Silver Bronze 3 hours ago

    Yeah the implicit bias test isn’t taken seriously like before in psychology. There are many factors that contribute to mistakes in the test.

  • Doego Wada
    Doego Wada 3 hours ago

    I understand that they are in a terrible situation, and I’m truly sorry.. but can they be any more inconsiderate? I’ve seen so many wealthy elderly couples, booking it home, and bringing the virus back with them. You decided to travel during the outbreak. Not me or the many people you’re going to put at risk. Unbelievable!

  • M Naveen
    M Naveen 3 hours ago

    In the end they open boxes which are closed with plastic tape rather than paper tape. How good CBC and the person who sent the package are self-aware.

  • Luke Chin-Leung
    Luke Chin-Leung 3 hours ago

    More and More Liberal BS! CBC is BIAS !! Liberal Lap Dogs !! OKA was a Liberal govt issue and they have learned NOTHING !!

  • Riley Abercrombie
    Riley Abercrombie 3 hours ago

    Hell no I wouldn’t give in $56 I wouldn’t give a penny

  • Brian Salomon
    Brian Salomon 3 hours ago

    I'm surprised no one has blamed the Jews for this.

  • Bailys
    Bailys 3 hours ago

    2 victims from one murder.

  • Raine Sonne'
    Raine Sonne' 3 hours ago

    How can they do that? That’s incredible! This should be against the law!!! You need to record every in counter! So you have evidence!

  • Un Til
    Un Til 3 hours ago

    1 guy owns more than almost half the country population. Sanders is right about that. Though, Time to sell all government businesses to private sector especially housing.

  • Alan Dantas
    Alan Dantas 3 hours ago

    The contact detail tip was great.

  • s cooper
    s cooper 3 hours ago

    What's with the tax. The company should pay tax and charge you a total price before. E.i call out +lock pick or drill + new lock + taxes all in one that's fair no hidden charges. That's a good company.

  • David Phuong
    David Phuong 3 hours ago

    Anti-Vaxxers be like Anti-Vaxxers:Vaccines be bad Also Anti vaxxers:They be vaccinated themselves

  • Glitter Force Fangirl Est 2016

    I wanna go to Kyle Lowry's house

  • Bad Grandpa
    Bad Grandpa 3 hours ago

    Bailiff...whack his pee pee

  • West Coast
    West Coast 3 hours ago

    Amber : 😂😂 yeah look at the tafsir , and the tafsir prints me didn’t but you Muslims after 1400 years come along and try to lie by sugar coating the Quran and want to be more educated in Islam more than your famous Muslim scholars? 😂😂plus , Quran 9:29 is not the only one but let me talk about it : your Allah didn’t say fight those who pressure Muslims or in self defence but those who don’t believe in Allah of Islam , well there are at least 5 billions who don’t believe in him ! Plus , I am a Canadian Christian guy originally from Iraq whom we know the evil of Islam more than any other nation in the world since its rise as we have been suffering from it ever since especially after the fall of Saddam’s bloody regime except some nice Muslims who are far from Islam

  • Mr. M
    Mr. M 3 hours ago


  • joan jarrette
    joan jarrette 3 hours ago

    All those people have the virus!!;

  • michael paulissen
    michael paulissen 3 hours ago

    Elan Musk needs to subsidize and come up with" BEST BUILT" brand. Garrenteed to last 10 years. Charge 1/3 more than cheapo brand. Fund his planet exploration with his new venture!

  • Fredrik Zhang
    Fredrik Zhang 3 hours ago

    What the hell is going on with 2020???

  • Allen G
    Allen G 3 hours ago

    Woman your age should not wear short sleeves! Yeeeash

    • Rah Bel
      Rah Bel 2 hours ago

      Allen G can’t stand the stupidity anymore. Shooting be hitting the wrong people. 🙂

    • Allen G
      Allen G 3 hours ago

      Sandra Williams no I’m not that’s why I cover up. Trust me fifty percent of women need to do that. Just some FYI for you toxic females

    • Sandra Williams
      Sandra Williams 3 hours ago

      Really?? Let me guess - you’re the picture of youth. Can you spell SHALLOW....

    • Allen G
      Allen G 3 hours ago

      Dodging Pineapples according to Dolly Parton about fifty, or as soon as you’re arms look like prunes! Lol

  • Vinny Y
    Vinny Y 3 hours ago

    0:07 blonde cop, see thru thong 😉

  • Allen G
    Allen G 3 hours ago

    They need to after the clintons

  • Cowafungus
    Cowafungus 3 hours ago

    "I'm R.Kelley & THIS is the 5th estate"

  • Heather Whittaker
    Heather Whittaker 4 hours ago

    In canada where the government places a ceiling of 77k on malpractice law suits...good luck....what a joke of a collection of provinces....

  • Cowafungus
    Cowafungus 4 hours ago

    54:08 brings new, dark, foreboding meaning to the term "thirsty beta incels"

  • Mary Wrigjt
    Mary Wrigjt 4 hours ago

    I killed my cat and dad poisoned his dog with food and treats made in China several years ago. Shame on the love for a dollar..!!..

  • Anarcho-Pragmatist
    Anarcho-Pragmatist 4 hours ago

    If any of the nations that signed on to the pipeline had instead been offered the resources necessary to build their own wind farm, solar farm, or hydro dam, I'm sure they would have chosen that instead. Why? Because the potential revenue from such projects is limitless. Investing in renewable resources means investing in your community for both the present and the future. I know of several reserves have been investing their own resources in wind farms and it's paying off and will continue to pay off for countless generations. There is no reason why anyone would choose to invest in non-renewables over renewables if given the opportunity. The indigenous people across the country who are protesting the pipeline are doing so because they know that fossil fuel investment only serves to enrich people who are alive today, not the numerous generations that will succeed us. Don't fall into the trap of European nihilism.

  • rmp5s
    rmp5s 4 hours ago

    "...ecosystem of trust on the internet..." ROOOOOOFL!!!! GTFO here, man. This dude is the physical embodiment of "I read it online, it MUST be true!"

  • ProFett MohaMett
    ProFett MohaMett 4 hours ago

    Stay positive 😂😂😂

  • Jessica Chappell
    Jessica Chappell 4 hours ago

    She might have a different strain than the one that is causing severe illness...

  • Bertolini The Great
    Bertolini The Great 4 hours ago

    This case is historic in so many ways. Not only is it one of the first cases of snuff films being exposed online but its a case solved by people using nothing but their own time and resources.

  • Me
    Me 4 hours ago

    Katie is as bad as Barton. These so called journalist should not be covering a koolaid stand. Defund the Cbc.

  • Rogan Bryan
    Rogan Bryan 4 hours ago

    Canucks . Don’t go down south , keep your money at home . As soon as you cross that border you’re confronted by three hundred million brain-dead morons.

  • Just another stupid YouTube channel

    I watched this in the summer but I guess I will watch again

  • Me
    Me 4 hours ago

    Whens the Pardon?

  • Mikyla Smith
    Mikyla Smith 4 hours ago

    I think this was Jean's deal...I dont believe Marc should have been found guilty of MURDER...but its Florida and hes a minority...so I'm not surprised

  • t_ n_rasberry
    t_ n_rasberry 4 hours ago

    I love watching you guys and learning so many new things

  • Teresa Ashby
    Teresa Ashby 4 hours ago

    Why are they not moving their family members? If it were me, I would get mine and leave.

  • cloud ix
    cloud ix 4 hours ago

    When ever I get these “Microsoft technicians” I always reply with ok until they hang up.

  • TD 21
    TD 21 4 hours ago

    Damn imagine before she won, wow

  • TechBuRn
    TechBuRn 4 hours ago

    Everyone is trying to sell you something and nobody knows what they're talking about, nor do they care. Yay

  • Nartea Bay
    Nartea Bay 4 hours ago

    stay strong and be safe

  • Ralph Eddy
    Ralph Eddy 4 hours ago

    If Sanders thinks he can go on the campaign trail telling people his left-wing job killing agenda is going to get him the win he is living in fairy-tail land.

  • Blizzard Home
    Blizzard Home 4 hours ago

    People with dementia can be incredibly difficult to care for, verbally abusive, in some cases violent. If a home is not properly staffed, drugging them might be a practical necessity. I fear it's a problem of changing demographics, there may be no solution other than to take responsibility for your own loved ones rather than handing them over to stressed out strangers and expecting everything to be fine.

  • Janne
    Janne 4 hours ago

    This isn't a joke? I though this was satire the whole time until I researched that these people actually exist