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Why the World's Fastest Elevator Exists
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How Kim Jong-un Travels
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North Korea's Fake Town in the DMZ
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Why Iceland Imports Ice
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Why Diplomats Can't be Arrested
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How to Make an Emoji
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Why These Words are Illegal
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How Real Mind Control Works
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Australia's 3,488 Mile Long Fence
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Why the UK Runs Trains to Nowhere
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  • Defult
    Defult 3 minutes ago

    Isn't credit card better?

  • Alex Libman
    Alex Libman 12 minutes ago

    The climate is always changing. Earth has been producing greenhouse gases for Billions of years. Human contribution to greenhouse gases is tiny, temporary, and now almost entirely caused by the greentards who protested nuclear energy. Space-based solar power is inevitably the future.

  • Alexander Riccio
    Alexander Riccio 12 minutes ago

    Idk, I really liked those coins!

  • DX Explorer
    DX Explorer 13 minutes ago

    Yep..... I’ve worked aboard them. Not calling them cruise ships anymore but slave ships. And for some reason the way these “capitalist corporations” think..... and treat the people.... reminds me a lot of my country during the communism times. Same kind of cheap brainwashing trying to get the people do more work for less money. One reason to never ever go back.

  • PC Principal
    PC Principal 17 minutes ago

    this sounds like a blackhole that germany sinks its money into just to spend it elsewhere, kinda like the american military uses its blackhole budgets

  • fa q
    fa q 23 minutes ago

    1:38 . . . . 5 billion over thirty years is an infinitesimal fraction of US government spending. It's hardly even worth mentioning. It's one grain of sand from a bagful.

  • Matchie
    Matchie 29 minutes ago


  • FeelFreeToThink
    FeelFreeToThink 42 minutes ago

    Boofay ??? WHHATTTT? my brain just melted

  • Sam
    Sam 50 minutes ago

    Well we’ve done it boys, *secret* is no more.

  • Connor Bjornsson

    Sure wish i was $wi$$

  • Jhawk2tall
    Jhawk2tall Hour ago

    Too many side blurbs

  • KvAT
    KvAT Hour ago

    I mean, you can like, book a travel for every night and sleep nightly on it, for life until you die, with those passes. Around the world, around the entire clock. Its basically a hotel for $2M, for life

  • avtoban1
    avtoban1 Hour ago

    Hasan not Khasan

  • アクアAxoaura

    Person: *sneezes* Person: *breaks plate* South Korea: wait thats illegal

  • Zanesushi Plays
    Zanesushi Plays Hour ago

    Anyone else slightly disappointed it wasn’t brick?

  • Sam Ham
    Sam Ham Hour ago

    If Canada isn’t real then why is there a place called Canada on earth?? Explain that!!> : )


    A super nice town bouilt for fooling visitors `or another one `

  • kieran
    kieran Hour ago

    "animals can't possibly testify" phoenix wright:

  • Marijuana Girl
    Marijuana Girl Hour ago

    lmao! bullshit. china isn't that powerful...

  • 1998 Cadillac DeVille d'Elegance

    Fuck off audible, you did jack shit when 13 accounts under my debit card popped up in the middle of South Korea. The opposite side of the world from me.

  • Robbie Dibble
    Robbie Dibble Hour ago

    Sim Tower! Loved that game!

  • dobbzy11
    dobbzy11 Hour ago

    Has anyone here actually been to North Korea lol how do you know what it's like...

  • BlueNinja
    BlueNinja Hour ago


  • Austinh Mercer
    Austinh Mercer Hour ago

    I’m gonna name my kid something like Ben Dover

  • Robbie Dibble
    Robbie Dibble Hour ago

    I adore your humor!!! 😂😂 The bricks was hilarious

  • JtQFp
    JtQFp Hour ago

    Bob and the other builders 😂😂😂

  • alUed
    alUed Hour ago

    + if they fail to get enough score those fancy universities want, then they have to repeat it as they pass the exam. not just a one time, but hellalot. may be 2, or 3 times. or more. i 've studied English more than 11 year in South Korea but it still looks awkward. even though i can solve these bullshits, but i can't say any word in English. they focus on how we solve those, but not on the real aspect. it's really painful process when u learn nothing more than garbage almost by force. it's totally useless system.

  • cnccarving
    cnccarving Hour ago

    in theory, if only this event counted..

  • Scoch gidmon
    Scoch gidmon 2 hours ago

    Why does this sound like a Wendover production 😂

  • Crabbie The Crab
    Crabbie The Crab 2 hours ago

    “When stealing is legal, go for it!” *Picture of Wall Street in the background*

  • mic Smith
    mic Smith 2 hours ago

    Zombie outbreak duh

  • Daniel Higgins
    Daniel Higgins 2 hours ago

    future reference its Islip as in “I slip” not as in “is lip” - love the videos 🤓

  • ExileUI
    ExileUI 2 hours ago

    Its American Airpass (AApass)

  • electronicsNmore
    electronicsNmore 2 hours ago

    They're lucky they didn't sell too many of those passes.

  • Elazul2k
    Elazul2k 2 hours ago

    People don't even want to use cash period anymore. Most vending machines I can either swipe my card or use Apple pay and off I go.

  • nateio
    nateio 3 hours ago


  • Kyle Wilson
    Kyle Wilson 3 hours ago

    Ok... the music is a bit distracting. I suggest still using the BG music, but maybe reduce the volume of said BG music by 10-15%

  • Ritakus 98
    Ritakus 98 3 hours ago

    Sounds like how doctors learn.

  • Kyle Wilson
    Kyle Wilson 3 hours ago

    bro, you've got 60,000 less than 1 Million views.... you've got 1.13 Million subscribers. That's 83.26% of your subscriber count, sounds pretty good to me. Most channels don't get that high of a percentage. Don't complain, it looks bad. You have great videos, just keep making great videos and you'll be fine.

  • WizardsOf12
    WizardsOf12 3 hours ago

    So it is like domain resale but with license plates

  • jrkartch
    jrkartch 3 hours ago

    Timeshare that floats and can sink...

  • MsMrapplepie
    MsMrapplepie 3 hours ago

    As an American, I can concur, we are indeed maniacs.

  • Dusan Milosevic
    Dusan Milosevic 3 hours ago

    Anyone know the song around 3:07??

  • David Alexandrovitch

    Nobody else noticed the license plate stood for half as interesting video 98? Pretty witty Easter egg. Same thing as the manhole cover for video 93.

  • PrincessKait1
    PrincessKait1 3 hours ago

    now only Pepsi machines at random interstate rest stops give back dollar coins.

  • Lolo Po
    Lolo Po 3 hours ago

    Want to teach people geography and put Taiwan and Philippines as part of China. Retarded video

  • Les
    Les 3 hours ago

    i love going on google maps and seeing how little areas there are where we can drop down and see as if we were there compared to south korea

  • Dave L
    Dave L 3 hours ago

    Never understood why people talk about Chipotle when it is not a common restaurant.

  • Dhart572
    Dhart572 3 hours ago

    Change the band name oak ridge boys a little bit

  • Buster Beagle
    Buster Beagle 4 hours ago

    As long as you were referring to obummer

  • Buster Beagle
    Buster Beagle 4 hours ago

    EXCUSE ME ?!? That’s my full name Twiddletoes kerzlonda

  • Rich Heller
    Rich Heller 4 hours ago

    I think its Delawankers

  • David Alexandrovitch

    Sounds like HAI had some troubles with his admissions to NYU

  • Arty Ivanenko
    Arty Ivanenko 4 hours ago

    So quarter as interesting is Citation Needed?

  • simondoestuff
    simondoestuff 4 hours ago


  • Gary Phelps
    Gary Phelps 4 hours ago

    What is a "BOO-fay?"

  • allie
    allie 4 hours ago

    i remember you guys or someone else made something like this a while ago

  • Tuffy
    Tuffy 4 hours ago

    "Fake Canadian" *Minnesota License Plate*

  • Mark Halverson
    Mark Halverson 4 hours ago

    Alot of stores and LEO's think the $2 billion is not legal tender.

  • h h
    h h 4 hours ago

    Did I just read “English is a tool of success”?

  • Fran Durrieu
    Fran Durrieu 4 hours ago

    "the world know..." Egocentric fuck

  • Dutch Aviator
    Dutch Aviator 4 hours ago

    3:00 Time Team :)

  • frederic rike
    frederic rike 4 hours ago

    I was working as a manager of a half dozen car washes when the dollar coins came out; we had two bill accepters at each location, each with a factory issued quarter hopper- it coat about six hundred dollars per machine for the changers and about $200 for each coin receiver in each bay; our never ending problem in N. Texas was there weren't enough dollar coins to keep up with those that "walked off'- in other words , half of our machinery had no coins, and you can't run mixed lots in most common machines on the market. Then after a couple of years the program stopped and then started again- it was an impossible deal for any coin vend operators. I still have a bunch of uncirculated dollar coins; they are worth $1.00 each- and nobody but a bank will exchange for them. The quarter idea was OK- it used an already widely circulated coin with a shape/size and weight that coin machinery could recognize- and they aren't "foreign currency" at the 7-11!

  • Nelson Ngcebetsha
    Nelson Ngcebetsha 4 hours ago

    I have more questions now than before

  • rajan acharya
    rajan acharya 4 hours ago

    Sea Turtle conservation in Nepal. Ya mean those in our only zoo?

  • Baumholder H
    Baumholder H 4 hours ago

    Take that, commies

  • Critical Vids
    Critical Vids 4 hours ago

    Notice how he said the population was 118 but at 2:53 he says different

  • Tacos W
    Tacos W 4 hours ago


  • Flamer Gamer
    Flamer Gamer 5 hours ago

    Imagine people flexing with dollar coins

  • Robert Granat
    Robert Granat 5 hours ago

    Using your pass that often...I just- Did you ever actually want to be making these trips? Haha.

  • andrew verbeke
    andrew verbeke 5 hours ago

    This story is slightly inaccurate. Rothstein originally bought the spouse pass years after first getting his pass, after being contacted by American and sold the idea of the spouse pass, with specific mention of being able to book a seat without using it or taking his bag along and putting it in that seat. Years after, this policy was amended to indicate that the seat had to have the intention of being used, along with his own ticket as well. After Rothstein's son was killed by a drunk driver in early 00s, Rothstein would book many flights and ended up not traveling due to the depression. One of the main rules was one could not allow others to use his pass in his name. He never did that, but those other folks who lost the pass did for that specific reason. However, in the mid 00s, American went after him for taking flights he was not planning on flying. Again, when he purchased, that was not case and then the rule changed. Whether that is fair for American to do, well that is up to you. The court decided in American's favor and Rothstein lost his pass.

  • CAMiNO
    CAMiNO 5 hours ago

    I'm watching Mustard but it's half as interesting.

  • Lizabot
    Lizabot 5 hours ago

    *baby cries *

  • TV_show
    TV_show 5 hours ago

    "Buff-ay": Who are you? "Boof-ay": You but stronger

  • michael dailey
    michael dailey 5 hours ago

    You said her name wrong :( Mater Angela is upset with you

  • DontFeedMe Mentoes
    DontFeedMe Mentoes 5 hours ago

    Plymouth got eaten Little Bay is in construction Brades is the de facto capital

  • Benjamin yo face
    Benjamin yo face 5 hours ago

    I feel like this whole video belongs in r/technicallythetruth with all the weird jokes

  • PrincessKait1
    PrincessKait1 5 hours ago

    if you're traveling on military orders you don't need a passport either. I knew several families when I was a kid (and there was that massive horrible passport back up ~2003? I don't remember exactly) that flew to Germany on orders without passports because the families were unable to get their passports in time for the move.

  • PrincessKait1
    PrincessKait1 5 hours ago


  • MrEd Guy
    MrEd Guy 5 hours ago

    Just say "free" not "for free" it's redundant

  • BJGvideos
    BJGvideos 5 hours ago

    God, that sounds horrible. I can't focus when it's quiet! So I assume that students with different requirements aren't taken into account.

  • MrEd Guy
    MrEd Guy 5 hours ago

    "for free" 6:02 Can't you just say "free"?

  • JimmyROTV
    JimmyROTV 6 hours ago

    They can resign, they can trigger a by-election

  • GroNadeo
    GroNadeo 6 hours ago

    Umm. I live in Garden City.

  • HughJNus
    HughJNus 6 hours ago

    1:53 what was the answer though

  • ProbablyAGamer
    ProbablyAGamer 6 hours ago

    Look up "Harry Dunn Accident"

  • Super Megagamer1205 Studios

    Well...... guess what, The owner of Half As Intresting is a millionare so hmmmm.

  • Jack the beast001 001


  • Brendan Clinton
    Brendan Clinton 6 hours ago

    Boo fay

  • UwU Your Mom
    UwU Your Mom 6 hours ago

    Because I’m launching the secret atomic bomb I hid in my ass

  • Ayyt
    Ayyt 6 hours ago

    They're also really good at video games for some reason.

  • Jack the Riffer
    Jack the Riffer 6 hours ago

    I saw this gay dude one time with a faster man hole...no cover for it...

  • aaron bacchus
    aaron bacchus 6 hours ago

    Damn you spanish monarch

  • Jeffrey Ferraro96
    Jeffrey Ferraro96 6 hours ago

    North Korea is a horrible place. They have slaves..And it's cruelty doesn't end there sadly.. I pray for its citizens.

  • bomguy999999
    bomguy999999 7 hours ago

    The only? What about the ResidenSea?

  • BJGvideos
    BJGvideos 7 hours ago

    So...what happened to Echo?

  • Noah Reese
    Noah Reese 7 hours ago


  • Lev Aditya Chokroverty Katz

    Its not called 'GRANADA' its Called Greneda

  • Limalia_786
    Limalia_786 7 hours ago

    Bricks VIDEO!!!

  • Ицкы буг
    Ицкы буг 7 hours ago

    Wow Russia, I’m proud.