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  • Funkbutterfly
    Funkbutterfly 5 hours ago

    Don't blame people for using the pass how they like. They got their money's worth.

  • Craig James White
    Craig James White 5 hours ago

    Wouldn’t it have been the platforms that were too wide that had to be shaved down, not the ones that were too narrow? You guys know what platforms are, right???????

  • Adventure Pies
    Adventure Pies 5 hours ago

    In England Australia and New Zeland they would say “paid maternity leave” but in America they would say “what?”

  • Brad Smith
    Brad Smith 5 hours ago


  • JonathonMoreno
    JonathonMoreno 6 hours ago

    The intro was for @ludwigAhgren

  • Esteban Bernal
    Esteban Bernal 6 hours ago

    I'm an accountant who doesn't work with taxes. I am deeply offended about this. Daniel Radcliffe deserves the money more than Warner brothers 😂😂😂😂

  • Peyton Kidkul
    Peyton Kidkul 6 hours ago

    "Closer than Joe Biden to women". I AM SCREAMING 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Fat Pig
    Fat Pig 6 hours ago

    pin and pen sound different in kiwi, but the 'I' and 'E' do sound similar in different words tho

  • The lad that takes content


  • Jude Duven
    Jude Duven 7 hours ago

    I want there to be a Antarctic language made from all the main languages spoken there

  • Jordan Hollins
    Jordan Hollins 8 hours ago

    How did you miss making any Justin Trudeau is his son jokes!!!

  • Scott Andrew Hutchins

    The IRS doesn't call.

  • Shadow747
    Shadow747 8 hours ago

    Wait, isnt that where kombayn nikoladze was born?

  • Y2K Media
    Y2K Media 8 hours ago

    I'd go as far as saying that some authorities are cults. The government isn't above mind control and society isn't reliable and what's normal is nothing but culturally enforced that's why different countries has different types of "normal". If that's the case than what is the natural objective normal? If humans were to choose what is "normal" I'd rather do it myself with my own understanding of the world instead of waiting for authority or cults to show me what they consider normal.

  • Shadow747
    Shadow747 8 hours ago

    So.. where di the other 10% get their internet from?

  • Ben Bucksmith
    Ben Bucksmith 8 hours ago

    "pin" and "pen" being "exactly the same" is bullshit

  • Shadow747
    Shadow747 8 hours ago

    1872? Woah

  • Zachary Babkow
    Zachary Babkow 8 hours ago

    It's just a color

  • larissaj
    larissaj 8 hours ago

    People still don’t understand. They’ll just complain the company is American etc. This is what is happening with the Diamond Princess. The company isn’t American. It’s incorporated in the Bahamas but details, right?

  • アリーallie
    アリーallie 8 hours ago

    guess she was tired of all the "ok boomer" memes and tired of fellow kids

  • Mitchell Au
    Mitchell Au 8 hours ago

    4:38 In the vowel chart /ɯ/ is just /u/ but unrounded, they're both back vowels. Their pronunciation of "food" changed from /fuːd/ to /fʉːd/.

  • Neeraj Palnitkar
    Neeraj Palnitkar 8 hours ago

    the only gripe I have... the irs doesn’t call, they send very official letters. those who call you claiming to be the irs are scammers.

  • Controlfreek
    Controlfreek 9 hours ago

    How do you go to jail if you’re dead 🤔

  • Kitten
    Kitten 9 hours ago

    I gotta go copyright protons so you have to pay me for existing brb

  • GameWith Flame
    GameWith Flame 9 hours ago

    With that serial number it would be worth alot

  • Shadow747
    Shadow747 9 hours ago

    4:52 that was probably it.. still interesting tho

  • Shadow747
    Shadow747 9 hours ago

    3:55 probably the cold 😂

  • Shadow747
    Shadow747 9 hours ago

    2:40 owzee

  • Shadow747
    Shadow747 9 hours ago

    0:40 Who else paused the video to see the countries

  • GreatYeetForward69
    GreatYeetForward69 9 hours ago

    But making penguin sounds doesn’t give you a different accent?

  • Shadow747
    Shadow747 9 hours ago

    0:40 or anything u have done lol

  • zack dai
    zack dai 9 hours ago


  • DarkDove_
    DarkDove_ 9 hours ago

    As a kiwi, I do not know anyone that calls a "Pen" a "Pin". however, also living in Australia for a while, a lot of Australians saying "Pin" will sound closer to "Pen", because their "I" is pronounced more like an "E"

  • Thaumar Gaming
    Thaumar Gaming 9 hours ago

    HAI Half as Interesting

  • Thaumar Gaming
    Thaumar Gaming 9 hours ago

    books.google.com/books?id=yIBEr5mLKvgC&pg=PA152&lpg=PA152&dq=011+HAI+139+02&source=bl&ots=WE8A5ukyeJ&sig=ACfU3U0mQyOIti76vLVOURyzLcUjalkvog&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiQ543sh-nnAhWngnIEHbDtCwMQ6AEwAXoECAYQAQ#v=onepage&q=011%20HAI%20139%2002&f=false ???????? 011 HAI 139 02

  • Calvin Lee
    Calvin Lee 9 hours ago

    Also forgetting about LeBron James birthday.

  • Tuglfugl Fex
    Tuglfugl Fex 10 hours ago

    Ultimate boomer of all time

  • Eddie CS
    Eddie CS 10 hours ago

    I’m so happy this video didn’t go without the big Shaq sound 😂

  • Opie the trucker
    Opie the trucker 10 hours ago

    Ridiculous laws...smh

  • Skinny Dugan
    Skinny Dugan 10 hours ago

    I see these plans in the air every week here it bugs me to no end can u imagine all the amazing tech they have

  • Sweetheart Cyanide 32
    Sweetheart Cyanide 32 10 hours ago

    New Zealand, Australia, and England: Gun control and safety laws United States: *what?*

  • Jesse Berg
    Jesse Berg 11 hours ago

    Why have 11 babies been born in Antarctica? Because humans really *really* like having sex.

  • howtobecomeanewperson101


  • Seclyria Mapping
    Seclyria Mapping 11 hours ago

    If the island is undiscovered, how do they know it exists?

  • Lynnlo
    Lynnlo 11 hours ago

    HAI : Stretching out the emu war to five minutes is impossible. Simple History : Hold my drink.

  • Ben Nickelson
    Ben Nickelson 11 hours ago

    The sidenote no one seems to think about Whole world: gas and oil are finite resources and it takes millions of years to recycle stuff into oil again These guys: well let's waste it on a 64-days non-stop flight because memes

  • Colin of the Internet
    Colin of the Internet 11 hours ago

    Those jokes were just plane bad

  • Zhi Han Lee
    Zhi Han Lee 11 hours ago

    1:08 As some one from Singapore that's the difference between the all-time high & low temperatures. Usually the temperature range is only between ~27-35°C.

  • Hiccle
    Hiccle 11 hours ago

    so they’re basically becoming canadian

  • AntneeUK
    AntneeUK 12 hours ago

    Fderal? 😉

  • HockeyCrab
    HockeyCrab 12 hours ago

    wait what about the international space station then

  • Bleach And Lean
    Bleach And Lean 12 hours ago

    They could give the pass owners unlimted first class flights on flight 11, if u get it u get it

  • Bleach And Lean
    Bleach And Lean 12 hours ago

    Their engined would not fucntion without fuel, i dont think u needed to list their engines for us to belive u

  • Bleach And Lean
    Bleach And Lean 12 hours ago

    First class flights?

  • John C.
    John C. 12 hours ago

    4:42 The symbol that you are using to illustrate the concept of vowel fronting actually represents a high back UNROUNDED vowel. A very different concept.

  • Rebecca
    Rebecca 12 hours ago

    Where do you buy your stock footage? Honest question, really want the answer.

  • Jonathon VS
    Jonathon VS 13 hours ago

    I know all too well all about the infinite loops of bureaucracy and the airline's hesitancy to let people board without documentation. My wallet, containing my ID, was stolen while I was on holidays last Christmas. A family member who'd had a similar situation in the past suggested that I call the police to get an official file number, which I did. I got to the airport a few hours early and talked to the airline, who said a file number wasn't enough and that they needed a printed file. They suggested I visit the police office at the airport, but that was actually a different police force from the one where I reported my wallet stolen, so they couldn't view/print the file. I called the correct police force from the airport (with the airline rep present), and they said they wouldn't print the file-and actually I shouldn't have been given my police file number in the first place!-because they had no way to verify my claims of my wallet being stolen, due to the fact I hadn't made an official statement yet. Logically I then asked them how I could make an official statement. Apparently, an official statement can only be made in person at the police station, WITH VALID ID, but the reason I needed a file in the first place was that I didn’t have ID! Eventually the airline realised the absurdity of the situation and accepted what I'd been saying all along, that it was next to impossible that someone who had (A) the ticket and luggage tag from the departing flight, (B) the mobile device used to check in to both flights, (C) a police file number, and (D) a photo of the main page of my passport could've been anyone but me, so they sent word to the gate and let me on the flight. (I won't name the airline because I don't want them to get in trouble.) At least it didn't take 18 years to get me back home!

  • None of your Business
    None of your Business 13 hours ago

    Faster than the Voyager spacecrafts? 😲 Oooo...kaaayyy...

  • Nick Carberry
    Nick Carberry 13 hours ago

    I had a job offer to go to Antarctica for 6 months. Fully paid and all that plus I’d make bank but I didn’t want to feel ice-olated

  • brullsker
    brullsker 13 hours ago

    Well, if you want to smuggle drugs from the US to Canada, you know where to go to.

  • sm6wet
    sm6wet 13 hours ago

    Thanks for a nice video. Bouvet island may be more off from any other land but the other Norweigian Island Peter 1st Island is far more distant as it is hard to reach and people have only set foot on Peter 1st island a few times where if radio amatuers 80% of the time but.Bouvet is much more visited.

  • P P
    P P 14 hours ago

    At 4:51 he says the vowel is fronted. It's technically the on-glide that's fronted. But the symbol circled is incorrect because it represents the unrounded back closed vowel. It is just as far back as the /u/ sound but is unrounded. The actual vowel in the on-glide as he pronounced was a closed rounded central-back vowel.

  • tenhirankei
    tenhirankei 14 hours ago

    Does the International Space Station have its own accent as well? Talk about isolated!

  • Harvey Da Lates
    Harvey Da Lates 14 hours ago

    Hi Sam I have an idea if a video is about our early ancestors make sure you get supported by ancestry

  • Max Lin
    Max Lin 14 hours ago

    That’s only 6 days away... It’s the 23

  • Ryan Waasdorp
    Ryan Waasdorp 15 hours ago

    Am I the only one who never falls for this trick whatsoever? 😂

  • Erza Scarlet
    Erza Scarlet 15 hours ago

    you know... its awesome, he never got accident airplane...

  • Denio93
    Denio93 15 hours ago

    Lol paid maternity leave.

  • Sedna063
    Sedna063 15 hours ago

    How expensive is that banana

  • MaineStream
    MaineStream 15 hours ago

    Google in 2020: Antarctican accent Google in 2025-2030: Martian accent

  • jacob loft
    jacob loft 15 hours ago

    Is it just me, or does it seem half as interesting has supposed wendover as the main channel?

  • Spartan_0f_rom3
    Spartan_0f_rom3 15 hours ago


  • Twinkelz _0w0
    Twinkelz _0w0 15 hours ago

    0:57 haha ICEolated

  • JustBeingMeaningless
    JustBeingMeaningless 15 hours ago

    The amozon parrot Amazon Echo

  • Murat Akar
    Murat Akar 15 hours ago

    Winnie the Pooh: *sad.*

  • WMH Racing
    WMH Racing 15 hours ago

    You know you're in a reality tv show when someone's talking for a long time and has a computer like this: 0:26

  • zilfondel
    zilfondel 16 hours ago

    $70 million to bring 1300 stations into compliance? Thats cheap. The environmemtal impact statement in the US for a refurbishment of a single train line would easily cost that much money.

  • Eddie1235
    Eddie1235 16 hours ago


    COOLLIN 16 hours ago

    what banana are you buying that cost 10 dollars?

  • Rubén González
    Rubén González 16 hours ago

    I'm gonna move to Catalonia just to vote against independence lmao

  • OneBoy81
    OneBoy81 16 hours ago

    Unsub because your visuals are too close up

  • Shalz
    Shalz 16 hours ago

    You know it's a good video when you hover your cursor over it and see a picture of Minecraft pop up

  • Long Nonsense
    Long Nonsense 16 hours ago

    Uhhhh... it's Australia! How abt some water kangaroo came and ate him Edit: literally scrolled down 2 strokes and saw a similiar comment by CheeseTruffels

  • vm _1_r
    vm _1_r 16 hours ago

    "The cost of this transcription mistake is 150.000.000million dollars. " "That's more than an average AMERICAN MAKES IN A YEAR." Oh , yeah... There was no need to emphasize that....An average American doesn't even always make 100.000 dollars in a year.

  • Rau Kenneth
    Rau Kenneth 16 hours ago

    This is not unique to Hollywood.

  • Blaze Gamer
    Blaze Gamer 16 hours ago

    Most people in the UK don't pronounce bath the way you said

  • Alexandra.C
    Alexandra.C 17 hours ago

    As a French.... It think that’s bullshit! I posted my pics of the Eiffel Tower at night and I never got in trouble! And u do can find Eiffel Tower at night on google

  • wee calum
    wee calum 17 hours ago

    The Joe biden joke is brilliant

  • Orthane
    Orthane 17 hours ago

    America likely has war plans for literally every nation. I mean seriously our generals basically have nothing to do. Every conflict in the middle east for some reason we don't take seriously and stretch it out for 15 years so our top generals kinda just sit there and wonder what to do. There's a good chance that they have created war plans for even the very low chance of a NATO nation going Communist or something. I wouldn't be surprised if there's even a war plan against closely linked nations like Japan and Canada.

  • Kirsanny
    Kirsanny 17 hours ago

    it's probably already been mentioned, but the graphic for the /u/ fronting circles the /ɯ/ which is a roudned vowel. a fronted /u/ would be /ʉ/, or by your pronunciation to a /ɤw/ diphthong which England English does a bit with the /ow/ diphthong.

  • Afrodisiac
    Afrodisiac 17 hours ago

    An entire video on one example of vowel fronting, come on dude hahaha

  • bfece cadaei
    bfece cadaei 17 hours ago

    4:00 Taiwan is not part of UN. Though, don't think Taiwan will sell them any plane.

  • Dark Eyes Music
    Dark Eyes Music 18 hours ago


  • G2-Colten
    G2-Colten 18 hours ago

    The IRS doesn’t call you

  • Voltaire
    Voltaire 18 hours ago

    You played that clip of a mouth in the background too many times for my comfort

  • XPnoob
    XPnoob 18 hours ago

    2:00 has a mistake

  • Max Lin
    Max Lin 18 hours ago

    Skylab I was the launch of the station

  • Davey England
    Davey England 18 hours ago

    What’s the problem? Unless their seat was guaranteed to be sold to somebody else, then the airlines lost nothing.... they just missed out on possible future fares if the passenger used it $250,000 worth.

  • Marshall Nesbitt
    Marshall Nesbitt 18 hours ago

    But the IRS will never call you

  • NST069
    NST069 18 hours ago

    *unfriendly northern countries* That's a bit racist, don't you think? As a Russian I'm offended by that