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How to bleed MTB brakes
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10 Bike Hacks
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How to get on a bike
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Bike Check - My freak bikes
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  • J B
    J B 9 minutes ago

    Such a bummer to time after time realize that I can't buy most of the stuff review because there are no retailers in sweden :( ....

    SPARTA FIT BULGARIA 22 minutes ago

    Dude, I think the drill press need to be line with the table (parallel) to be able to drill something long. Am I right?

  • curtpeachey
    curtpeachey 46 minutes ago

    Your videos are excellent! They make me just want to ride!

  • GalaxyCatAviation

    "summon a local"

  • Shannon Kynaston

    I use a bmx for mountain biking through a 24km trail

  • Survival EJT
    Survival EJT 2 hours ago

    Do you know how to clean a old and very rusty chain so it looks beter . Can you make a video of it mabe. I NEED HELP PLEASE

  • Finn McNamara
    Finn McNamara 3 hours ago

    you definitely cant ride skateboards on that

  • Tory Moreno
    Tory Moreno 3 hours ago

    No stones left unturned, thanks for the info brotha

  • Ganesh K
    Ganesh K 3 hours ago

    I'm Varung I'm a fan of MTB cycles I saw the video and search to do same things you used to my cycle but I am not getting the items in flikate and amazing Please send me message I will be waiting for your message

  • Paul Tarcena
    Paul Tarcena 3 hours ago

    keep up the good work seth btw love your vids :)

  • William Sambo
    William Sambo 3 hours ago

    Three of my lbs weren't able to fix my brake squeak i ended up fixing by myself by lubing with mineral oil the pistons and bleeding then, i had a chain snap and brought a new one, shimano 11 speed one, they installed it reversed and even if i told him the chain was directional he insisted it was not, the last one i asked if he could saw off a part of fork tube he did it but didn't saw that the headset was completely covered in rust. F*** all of them. I ended up buying my tools and my stuff.

  • Balakrishnan AP
    Balakrishnan AP 4 hours ago

    is a heculese top gear tz 120 a mtb ?

  • Jake Scootz
    Jake Scootz 4 hours ago

    Day 2 of asking for the p7

  • chrizz_mix
    chrizz_mix 5 hours ago

    That's awesome

  • Donut King
    Donut King 5 hours ago

    Why not Make a permanent 2x6 Gide rail for the chainsaw Gide

  • Cow Plays
    Cow Plays 5 hours ago

    I have a hard tail is would I still be able to do whistler?

  • Flynns cubing
    Flynns cubing 5 hours ago

    3:05 voice crack

  • Connor BMX
    Connor BMX 6 hours ago

    i like the work on the trail but can we have a hacks video

  • Neji FNM
    Neji FNM 6 hours ago

    just bunny hop over it lol

  • Lure_element
    Lure_element 7 hours ago

    Ride it on a BMX I would like to see that

  • lil freek
    lil freek 7 hours ago

    How tall are you

  • Purply
    Purply 7 hours ago

    1:12 *laughs in Canadian*

  • ShredaSpud
    ShredaSpud 7 hours ago

    Less than a minute in and my hands are already sweating.

  • Kaleb Burchett Racing

    Do a garage tour of all your bikes for a vid

  • Wyatt Lee
    Wyatt Lee 7 hours ago

    I would love to come over and ride

  • BuildTest/ExplosionTest

    My bike is 28% of my body weight and it’s a nice bike😢

  • Tommaso zamperini
    Tommaso zamperini 8 hours ago

    You should build a jump over one of the trails!

  • Juluis Salvador
    Juluis Salvador 8 hours ago

    Nice one dude

  • Noah Thiessen
    Noah Thiessen 8 hours ago

    Why does this guy give me really strong narrator from "Arrested Development" vibes...

  • gnac1
    gnac1 8 hours ago

    You need a Lumber "Cant Hook"

  • the cool guy 123
    the cool guy 123 8 hours ago

    No internet Sad 3:27 Internet Sad 5:13

  • Hoghead _1
    Hoghead _1 8 hours ago

    What the hell ? sorry for the multiple posts not sure whats going on.

  • Hoghead _1
    Hoghead _1 8 hours ago

    What the hell ? sorry for the multiple posts not sure whats going on.

  • Hoghead _1
    Hoghead _1 8 hours ago

    What the hell ? sorry for the multiple posts not sure whats going on.

  • Hoghead _1
    Hoghead _1 8 hours ago

    Are there trails there for noobs. My wife doesnt even have a bike yet. We would be renting one. I am a seasoned rider I just want to make sure it would be ok for her as a beginner to check it out/

  • Hoghead _1
    Hoghead _1 8 hours ago

    Are there trails there for noobs. My wife doesnt even have a bike yet. We would be renting one. I am a seasoned rider I just want to make sure it would be ok for her as a beginner to check it out/

  • Hoghead _1
    Hoghead _1 8 hours ago

    Are there trails there for noobs. My wife doesnt even have a bike yet. We would be renting one. I am a seasoned rider I just want to make sure it would be ok for her as a beginner to check it out/

  • Moises Rosario
    Moises Rosario 8 hours ago

    15km for every 5 regular size tacos, maybe 20 with cheese

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss 8 hours ago

    6:08 "the planks did not go on as easy as they wood..." ;-p

  • Philip N.L
    Philip N.L 8 hours ago

    I love this series. I really want to have my own been peek someday

  • I am Me
    I am Me 9 hours ago

    Great job on this! In fact thank you for all the content. Love it all

  • jamesbiron
    jamesbiron 9 hours ago

    What model of shimano brakes is it?

  • Eli Shifrin
    Eli Shifrin 9 hours ago

    could we have an update on this?

  • Nathan Gaffran
    Nathan Gaffran 9 hours ago

    It's winter right now and I want to ride so badly. It's similar to being injured.

  • Skittles Official
    Skittles Official 9 hours ago

    Thought I was going to miss berm Creek but Woah.. this is grate! Love you Seth!

  • Griffin Taylor
    Griffin Taylor 10 hours ago

    Thanks to this channel and this video especially, I bought a GT aggressor comp (similar parts to what's mentioned in the video) about 3 years ago. since then I have become damn near fearless (within reason) on this bike but it was holding me back. just two weeks ago I sold one of my dirt bikes and saved up enough money to buy myself a 2020 trek fuel ex8, it is the most fun thing i have ever done and i couldn't be happier with it. thank you

  • Craftin_crunch
    Craftin_crunch 10 hours ago

    Bro my dude, I know you said you don’t want to do the ramps cause of that incredible idea of a table saw and you said you wanted to rebuild the stairs. So, what if you do one half ramp one half steps??

  • Bikes With Bishop
    Bikes With Bishop 10 hours ago

    Nice video Seth for your first

  • Dan Kerr
    Dan Kerr 11 hours ago

    A great way to stop your bike from falling over when leant against a wall is to have an elastic band on your bars when you stop you just put the band round your brake

  • Dana Robertson
    Dana Robertson 11 hours ago

    what are you doing with the ramp u built at your house

  • Airsoft Outback
    Airsoft Outback 11 hours ago

    Your videos just started popping up in my recommend and now I’ve subscribed and am seriously thinking about getting a better quality bike

  • Jeffrey Zimmerman
    Jeffrey Zimmerman 11 hours ago

    I know you have bigger fish to fry than to do another project like the murder but what if you shortened the travel on you Dimond back 2017 release 3 and make it single speed like a slope style bike.

    • Ask to seduce Miss
      Ask to seduce Miss 8 hours ago

      Can anybody help me? I recently got my new mtb with deore brakes on it. I realized that when i am riding the bike upright nothing is going wrong but when i am leaning it over

  • JVJakesta
    JVJakesta 11 hours ago

    You know this guy pays attention to detail when he has to re-lift the arrow sticker because it wasn't straight enough.

  • Kristina Pilote
    Kristina Pilote 11 hours ago


  • Kobethedog
    Kobethedog 11 hours ago

    I was about to ask you to add a wooden jump and remember you moved and now have giant trails with tons of wooden jumps

  • Kristina Pilote
    Kristina Pilote 11 hours ago

    Hay Matt from the south

  • Elijah Shew
    Elijah Shew 12 hours ago

    Yes I live in Lenoir Nc and there are no bike park here

  • Drake Schofield
    Drake Schofield 12 hours ago

    I would rather do the drop

  • Ian Mangham
    Ian Mangham 12 hours ago

    AWESOME seth

  • TheOneG36 జ్ఞ‌ా

    bought an emtb, cube reaction hybrid sl 625 few weeks ago, best bike on or offroad i ever owned ;) still love it.

  • Games 19
    Games 19 13 hours ago

    There was a inter section with houses that were not finished yet and we rode that for 2 hours it was fun

  • Rodz Tiatco
    Rodz Tiatco 13 hours ago

    well done

  • canadian classics
    canadian classics 13 hours ago

    seth i bought a trek marlin 5 last year, been the basics on it but it FEELS like a xc bike, jumping it feels like a 2x4 on wheels. just wondering if you could tell me if it is an Xc based bike. i plan on learning downhill this summer

  • Max Sale
    Max Sale 14 hours ago

    The green wood is pressure treated. For the last 20 years in the US, it's just been a copper based treatment - not the nasty arsenic containing stuff you are probably thinking of. The respirator you are wearing is for organic solvents (think oil based paint fumes), not large particles like saw dust.

  • Ian Barcellos
    Ian Barcellos 14 hours ago

    Seth: "The white line is sketchy and deadly" Also Seth: "So i rode it"

  • dbt79
    dbt79 14 hours ago

    thanks !

  • Boss07 Theboss
    Boss07 Theboss 14 hours ago

    What pedals do you ride @Seth's Bike Hacks

  • dbt79
    dbt79 14 hours ago

    wow nice one bro !

  • Jerrod Darnell
    Jerrod Darnell 14 hours ago

    is tubeless worth it

  • Juan Pablo Gonzalez
    Juan Pablo Gonzalez 14 hours ago

    Seth great video! Do you know the difference between boxes one, box two and box three vices price ? do cheeper version sacrifice performance or is just different material and wight?

  • Drawsi
    Drawsi 14 hours ago

    My floor is more comfortable than that sleeping pad

  • Big daddy Nut eater
    Big daddy Nut eater 14 hours ago

    Seth you should make a thick berm peek “STAFF” sweatshirt I would definitely pick up

  • Copernileo
    Copernileo 15 hours ago

    At 5:57 what trail were those jumps on? I've been to windrock and those look sick!!

  • A K Gaming
    A K Gaming 15 hours ago

    I'm proud to be only 12 and win a couple of mtb trophies and medals

  • Sheep Boi
    Sheep Boi 15 hours ago

    Rad video

  • Ricky Downhill - RDH
    Ricky Downhill - RDH 15 hours ago

    Oh man I'd love to see a modern day SBH with this kinda swearing. Hilarious.

  • Ricky Downhill - RDH
    Ricky Downhill - RDH 16 hours ago

    I had to go back in time and see the very first Seth's Bike Hacks video. Amazing what he's done with his channel and brand. Way to go Seth!!

  • Ali
    Ali 16 hours ago

    i had idubbbz flashbacks with that pickle juice hack

  • D.I.Y Fortnite
    D.I.Y Fortnite 16 hours ago


  • TheOneG36 జ్ఞ‌ా

    lupine sl is brighter and even better when it comes to lighting (not near perfect but perfect) costs arround 300€ but without a battery (12 V e-bike light) coming from Bosch it surely reminds of a car, standing light, low beam and high beam included ;)

  • Zach Miller
    Zach Miller 16 hours ago

    Search around and see if there is a WISP within line of sight to your house that you could connect in to, in the long run would be much cheaper than LTE and no data caps. I would imagine Asheville has at least one or two

  • Hilmi TNT
    Hilmi TNT 16 hours ago

    No idea why I'm watching. I dont even have a bike

  • Isaac beast Mukula
    Isaac beast Mukula 16 hours ago

    Seth I love mtb and I do races and it would be my dream to go to wistler

  • Bagus Dana
    Bagus Dana 16 hours ago

    He is so rich. From Indonesia

  • ChrissibabyUK
    ChrissibabyUK 16 hours ago

    Hi Seth, I’ve been mountainbiking for 26 years now, but only cross country. German magazines love reporting about Whistler and similar places (if there’s anyone in the world). Now that I’ve watched your fantastic video, I understand why. Kind regards from Germany and thanks for this video. Hoping to meet you one day in Whistler... Chris

  • amrypooins
    amrypooins 17 hours ago

    it doesn't help when you take him down some gnarly tech trails when he hasn't ridden a mtb before

  • mrfreshindian ツ
    mrfreshindian ツ 17 hours ago

    Thx a lot, it really helped me out so much and amazing vid.

  • Alexander Lowe
    Alexander Lowe 17 hours ago

    Seth looking at his seat belt like maybe I should have put this on.

  • Andrew Dempsey
    Andrew Dempsey 17 hours ago

    Seth you're an inspiration. I love your videos and am now shopping for a new MTB, something I haven't done in a good 20 years. Keep up the great work!

  • Peter August
    Peter August 17 hours ago

    A wireless dropper post... FUCK ME... What is the advantage of this over a freaking lever under your seat?! It is stuff like that that seriously draws me away from so many hobbies and sports. At some point for most people this is not about the sport anymore, this is about spending money, buying shit and showing off to other idiots who really dont care. It just makes me sick

  • Mr smith
    Mr smith 17 hours ago

    No health and safety here from the u.k 😂😂

  • giacomo mattioli
    giacomo mattioli 17 hours ago

    do they make GoPro mounts? it will be nice!

  • LuckyOne Laszlo
    LuckyOne Laszlo 17 hours ago

    If youre looking for some music i would recommend Epidemic sound, it's FREE!

  • Justin Paterson
    Justin Paterson 17 hours ago

    do a gopro ride of the whole trail and every single run

  • Vijay Darji
    Vijay Darji 18 hours ago

    when the tube bursts seths face is 6:44 is the best panic face ever

  • DenZEL Vertigo
    DenZEL Vertigo 18 hours ago

    10:18 what's that great tune?

  • Ryan Tetrault
    Ryan Tetrault 18 hours ago

    Hey Seth, are you planning on adding some grip since it's rainy so often? Skateboard grip tape or flattened out chicken wire would be epic!

  • Psy Mong
    Psy Mong 18 hours ago

    Nice kmc superlight chain there bud

  • Fernando CDL
    Fernando CDL 18 hours ago

    how come the ridable version better than the model lmao

  • Nicholas Marquez
    Nicholas Marquez 18 hours ago

    9:15 for the win!!!