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  • Pedro Baeta
    Pedro Baeta Minute ago

    How long till Seth’s gets all this done?

  • Doyouevenstravabro?

    Holy LOAM!

  • Benjamin Rath
    Benjamin Rath 2 minutes ago

    4:29 why did. you cut it i Coups be a jump or a little pump 4 speed

  • James
    James 2 minutes ago

    I have a gopro hero 4 silver which as you know is not waterproof, do u recommend riding with the non waterproof case and only using the waterproof one when it’s wet, what would u recommend thanks

  • Noah R
    Noah R 2 minutes ago

    Imagine having a garden so big you refer to it in terms of north south east west 🤣

  • apple
    apple 2 minutes ago


  • Lukas loves Sushi21
    Lukas loves Sushi21 2 minutes ago

    Seth I have two frenchbulldogs I love there personalities

  • Eric C
    Eric C 2 minutes ago

    Keep the berm peak videos coming! Every time I see a video pop up I know we get one step closer to the finale where you show off and ride all the trails!

  • Top City
    Top City 3 minutes ago

    Keep it up man! Looks awesome.

  • MuggyBear
    MuggyBear 3 minutes ago

    Man, nasty noise from that OTB, anything break?

  • DLIVE 06
    DLIVE 06 4 minutes ago

    More berm peak

  • Lukas loves Sushi21
    Lukas loves Sushi21 4 minutes ago

    I live in a country with4 million people some you tubers have more subs

  • Rúben Graça
    Rúben Graça 5 minutes ago

    Gasoline chainsaw is best

  • Tyler Brooks
    Tyler Brooks 7 minutes ago

    Wth Who is disliking seth's videos! I love these videos, keep it up seth!

  • Mister1bigidea
    Mister1bigidea 8 minutes ago

    Hey Seth, I was wondering how to get the berm creek color tshirt, i loved it but could nt buy it when I had the chance to. Now I want it but it isn't there :(, thanks for all that you do man, you are awesome

  • Achatel 13
    Achatel 13 9 minutes ago

    Gosh put it on Netflix!

  • TheToobdood
    TheToobdood 9 minutes ago

    Seth getting awfully close to broken collarbone or elbow territory.

  • Lukas loves Sushi21
    Lukas loves Sushi21 10 minutes ago

    You can’t get SUSHI omg🍣🍣🍣

  • Joshua Hubbard
    Joshua Hubbard 10 minutes ago

    Broke both bones in my left leg resulting in a compound fracture. Wanted to get back up and at it but then bone and blood infections had me in the hospital for a couple weeks. Now I am about 2.5 months into healing and just found out Wednesday I will need yet another surgery to put my leg back together lol. Worst part was the Doc playing with my emotions. He just said 2 days ago I can put some weight on it and start PT so I asked...ok can I ride a bike (no trails, just gravel to start building myself back up). He immediately said yes, I rejoiced a lil then he said one word....stationary....dammit man. Looks like I will be excercising and building a new bike this winter and riding again next year...again dammit man.

  • Brodie Warner
    Brodie Warner 12 minutes ago

    U have to do a video of a Tour of your house that would be cool

    SHADOWHAWK 9005 12 minutes ago

    Hey love the frequent uploads

  • Daniel Irwin
    Daniel Irwin 12 minutes ago

    Looks a lot like the woods of southern PA.

  • Porta Patrols
    Porta Patrols 13 minutes ago

    I don´t like the steep roll-in, but I love your project!!! Go on !

  • Killer Gamerz
    Killer Gamerz 15 minutes ago

    Power wheels lol i thought the sound of the 2 stroke engine was real 😂

  • RoHall
    RoHall 16 minutes ago

    no the berm peak videos are the best

  • S.J.B Vlogs
    S.J.B Vlogs 16 minutes ago

    You should make a jump with one of those fallen trees like the Seth cannon or something crazy!

  • Justin Hague
    Justin Hague 16 minutes ago

    You should make a drop off the flight deck instead of a roll in. A small drop onto a nice wood landing will definitely get you up to speed for the rest of the trail! Keep up the good work man!

  • The009975
    The009975 18 minutes ago

    Bro, colab or invite Fabio Wibmer round for a ride! I think you’ll get on great! He is insane on a bike and also likes his trails!!

  • haku
    haku 19 minutes ago

    6:36 dude i heard a snap you better check your frame

  • UrFiN JuicE
    UrFiN JuicE 20 minutes ago

    Съезд сильно резкий получился, передним колесом в землю втыкаешься. Надо было внизу немножко земли поднакидать, сделав более плавный радиус, чтобы выкатывать а не втыкаться.

  • Ross Holland
    Ross Holland 21 minute ago

    When you shoot your shot with your crush and she ignores you 6:30

  • Olimpia Edwards
    Olimpia Edwards 21 minute ago

    Were is your helmet

  • NYC Perkz
    NYC Perkz 22 minutes ago

    What’s that app at 1:16

  • Johnny skys
    Johnny skys 24 minutes ago

    I used to ride bikes a lot in New York all around, live in fl now, and I’m so hype to see what you get done and do I’m here for everything bro this is awesome I know I can’t be the only one.

  • Wyatt Baker
    Wyatt Baker 24 minutes ago

    Honestly, more Berm Peak vids are great. I look forward to these every week.

  • Padraic Bronson
    Padraic Bronson 24 minutes ago

    always outdoing himslef!

  • Zachstar Taylor
    Zachstar Taylor 25 minutes ago

    you should make a feature out of the big piece of wood

  • Benny Aßmus
    Benny Aßmus 25 minutes ago

    Why don’t you just leave bigger logs where they are and turn them into features?

  • zach cozad
    zach cozad 26 minutes ago

    What state does this guy live in ?

  • SmoothOp
    SmoothOp 26 minutes ago

    Where do we sign up for season passes?

  • Steve Rawlins
    Steve Rawlins 26 minutes ago

    Good call on the recap saw - time having a value too!

  • BillyBull
    BillyBull 28 minutes ago

    Bruh. Get a petrol chainsaw.

  • TheMountainMiner
    TheMountainMiner 28 minutes ago

    Am I the only one that thought Berm Peak was much bigger?

    • FlyingMeta
      FlyingMeta 25 minutes ago

      Nope, but its all about how u utilise the space

  • Zach Victor
    Zach Victor 29 minutes ago

    I love these videos! Keep them coming

  • Thomas Nuila
    Thomas Nuila 29 minutes ago

    Funny , this was almost a review for my geography class, thanks Seth.

  • Dat boy Hang Youth
    Dat boy Hang Youth 29 minutes ago

    Bro this series and pewdiepies Minecraft series are the best on FLASH-PLAYER rn

  • Straight Piped
    Straight Piped 29 minutes ago

    Use a leaf blower to blow off the leaves, it’s effortless!!!

  • DMONEY 42000
    DMONEY 42000 30 minutes ago

    I hope you see a crypt creature in those woods

  • Belgaron 1
    Belgaron 1 30 minutes ago

    Its great to watch and I love your voice

  • Jake Lockyer
    Jake Lockyer 31 minute ago

    You should build a jump line

  • bumschneef
    bumschneef 31 minute ago

    you should throw in a hammock underneath the flight deck for so post or mid-ride chilling!

  • Ross Kline
    Ross Kline 31 minute ago

    That map shows just how massive your house is!

    • FlyingMeta
      FlyingMeta 24 minutes ago

      Ha that's what I was thinking

  • Tim Strömberg
    Tim Strömberg 32 minutes ago

    9:23 maby make a small jump and landing over that log and make the log nose bonkable?? You could dig down a bit before it to make the takeoff lower

  • ThomasLaang
    ThomasLaang 34 minutes ago

    That's not a roll-in... That's a vertical stairway to hell!

  • Dylan Lim
    Dylan Lim 34 minutes ago

    im curious, are there any environmental impacts when you build such a trail?

    • FlyingMeta
      FlyingMeta 23 minutes ago

      If its his land I'm sure he can do whatever with it, within reason

  • Ethan Urowsky
    Ethan Urowsky 36 minutes ago

    keep doing berm peak

    HAMSTY 37 minutes ago

    69 m, nice

  • Dariune
    Dariune 37 minutes ago

    gotta make a feature to ride on your house roof

  • XertZ Frost
    XertZ Frost 37 minutes ago

    Instructions unclear my house set on fire

  • Jarrod V
    Jarrod V 37 minutes ago

    With all that wood you can have a nice romantic fire at home. Or warm up Drama

  • Ivan Erdec
    Ivan Erdec 38 minutes ago

    well done Seth

  • Adr Raz
    Adr Raz 39 minutes ago

    A chainsaw.... *plays Rip and Tear*

  • Haste Gedacht
    Haste Gedacht 39 minutes ago

    and clearly you could heare something break

  • Josh’s GTA
    Josh’s GTA 40 minutes ago

    Great video Seth

  • salkiN
    salkiN 41 minute ago

    I’ve never had any liking in biking and similar stuff but somehow, these videos are really entertaining! “Well done” I guess. +1 sub

  • fourth panda
    fourth panda 41 minute ago

    That roll in is so steep you lose all your speed when you crash into the bottom! Very inefficient. You need to give smoother transition and you will go flying out of there!

  • Haste Gedacht
    Haste Gedacht 41 minute ago

    wow the second time around it hurt even more to watch

    • FlyingMeta
      FlyingMeta 21 minute ago

      Way too steep for the width

  • Birds Fly
    Birds Fly 41 minute ago

    Keep it berm peak my man

  • ag.onewheel XR
    ag.onewheel XR 41 minute ago

    A small handheld silkey saw is a great trail maintenance tool also! Great for those branches to large for a machete and too small for a chainsaw.

  • aljowen
    aljowen 43 minutes ago

    How the hell did that bike survive 6:35 ? Moreover, how the hell did Seth survive it ? xD On that topic, have you considered emergency access for berm peak? Perhaps its worth cutting away some shrubs whenever a trail passes near the house/garden to provide access half way down.

  • Michael Blount
    Michael Blount 43 minutes ago

    Considering this video has been out for only 4 hours and almost has 200k views, I think it's safe to assume that it's okay to keep making Berm Peak videos :)

  • yingjie
    yingjie 43 minutes ago

    So excited when a new video comes out!!!

  • Jodick serkemsized
    Jodick serkemsized 43 minutes ago

    there needs to be more videos or longer videos cause this isn’t enough to feed my addiction

  • DeusVultCult
    DeusVultCult 44 minutes ago

    I don’t even have a bike but I can’t not click on these videos.

  • Frost Wafflez
    Frost Wafflez 44 minutes ago

    Make little stream with water and rocks

    • FlyingMeta
      FlyingMeta 20 minutes ago

      Not sure if he has any streams on his property

  • Yarik Khotko
    Yarik Khotko 45 minutes ago

    Your videos are awesome, respect from Ukraine

  • K
    K 45 minutes ago

    Why not do a curved roll in instead of a straight diagonal one ?

  • Arthur Byrne
    Arthur Byrne 45 minutes ago

    Do more trails its great!

  • Hardheaded Jarhead
    Hardheaded Jarhead 46 minutes ago

    Shotout to ALL the trail builders who leave stumps so when we fall, we have something to pierce us

  • K
    K 46 minutes ago

    0.25 Speed at 6:35

  • Særpingen
    Særpingen 46 minutes ago

    You should make a road gap

  • Max McGhee
    Max McGhee 47 minutes ago

    Its torture waiting for Seths next video.

  • Yarik Khotko
    Yarik Khotko 47 minutes ago

    Рандомный русский комментарий...

  • Luis Goméz
    Luis Goméz 47 minutes ago

    You should finish the videos with Fly Me to the Moon - Evangelion. jajaja

  • Andrei Bocirnea
    Andrei Bocirnea 48 minutes ago

    Am i the only one that sees this "Berm Peak" series as a tv show?

  • Tanner Fisher
    Tanner Fisher 48 minutes ago

    You should make little trail links to make the system into a continuous XC course and so you can also ride individual trails

    • FlyingMeta
      FlyingMeta 19 minutes ago

      Don't think he likes XC too much

  • Tom Learman
    Tom Learman 48 minutes ago

    Stump removal + M80's = 10 sec of fun!

  • Nir Matt
    Nir Matt 48 minutes ago

    Hi Seth, you messed up something with the elevation dimensions (127ft not equals 69m) btw great video, fun to see it coming all together!

  • Kcducttaper1
    Kcducttaper1 49 minutes ago

    How did you not blow up your front end at 6:35? I thought for sure I heard something snap!

  • Justin Timothy Yee
    Justin Timothy Yee 49 minutes ago

    Pls put some jumpss

  • Maunten Fun Egli
    Maunten Fun Egli 49 minutes ago

    you should build a Pumptrack

  • Thelacan
    Thelacan 50 minutes ago

    You don't have to switch style of content, we're happy to see how the Berm Peak is progressing.

  • xd_bamse
    xd_bamse 52 minutes ago

    can I come ride?

  • Finbar Gibbons
    Finbar Gibbons 54 minutes ago

    Please do a road gap

  • Dennis Murphy
    Dennis Murphy 55 minutes ago

    This is epic!!! So hyped to see what comes out of this!

  • Lord Frida
    Lord Frida 56 minutes ago

    i honestly don’t mind all the Berm peak vids they’re amazing makes want to come out and help you build it !!

  • kyle quigley
    kyle quigley 57 minutes ago

    “I know it like my own backyard” ...It is your backyard dude 😂

  • Javaid Iqbal
    Javaid Iqbal Hour ago

    You peepo are so cool real and kind. Thanks

  • VxrusPanter
    VxrusPanter Hour ago

    I LOVE your videos soooo much!!! When I am boring. I watch your videos and I'm not bored anymore. : )

  • Frank Hassler
    Frank Hassler Hour ago

    Dude. You need a brushcutter (3-.40cc is plenty big) and a Beaver Blade. Look it up. Then come back with the sawzall.