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  • marcelo martini j.r
    marcelo martini j.r 2 hours ago

    # Lil nas x

  • Hespiota
    Hespiota 2 hours ago

    00:50 epic

  • Jor - Games & meer!
    Jor - Games & meer! 2 hours ago

    am i the only person who wants a panini now? ok then..

  • Anime drawings and more roblox Julia

    His gone from being weird and then brings someone good but u make this song to short

  • Max Brawl
    Max Brawl 2 hours ago

    my man just become robot like nothing!?!?

  • Nina Smith
    Nina Smith 2 hours ago


  • Ahmed Gamal
    Ahmed Gamal 2 hours ago

    Director: how much product placement do you want in the video? Lil nas: YES

  • Someone with nick Alfa BOY

    That should be the trailer of the Cyberpunk 2077.

  • Gabriel S
    Gabriel S 2 hours ago

    how many remixes do you want? Lil Nas: yes

  • Luiz Felipe
    Luiz Felipe 2 hours ago

    Algum Brasileiro?

  • Izruby_ 127
    Izruby_ 127 2 hours ago

    Is this the gilrl of nickelodeon jessie

  • Raja Aabi
    Raja Aabi 2 hours ago

    These days, this type of songs sounds the same: auto tune everywhere.

  • Danil Freedom
    Danil Freedom 2 hours ago

    Yeah, now his on the bottom

  • Lawanda Christine
    Lawanda Christine 2 hours ago

    Muito boa essa música

  • love is hell
    love is hell 2 hours ago

    U suck

  • Filthy Casual
    Filthy Casual 2 hours ago

    0:39 The guy walking at the right looks like D from Node/Corridor Digital. It’s been driving me slightly insane. I don’t know if it’s actually him or not.

  • JonathanJate
    JonathanJate 2 hours ago

    LittleVMills better! 🙃

  • Bakir Bizovic
    Bakir Bizovic 2 hours ago

    Bad words1% Naked girls 0% Drugs0% Tehology 10000000000000000000000%

  • Edson Monteiro de oliveira Monteiro

    Orgulho da nossa cor, preto sempre fazendo os melhores hit...

  • Rob Ert
    Rob Ert 2 hours ago

    Is that a woah i saw there

  • Prost Lepp
    Prost Lepp 2 hours ago


  • Aseel Majid
    Aseel Majid 2 hours ago

    يا يهود

  • Renata Farias
    Renata Farias 2 hours ago

    Ficou top dms

  • [LAB] ɢɑτѳ 007
    [LAB] ɢɑτѳ 007 2 hours ago

    2019 a 2900 this is a future

  • Zueira TOP
    Zueira TOP 2 hours ago


    FILM PEACHXX 3 hours ago


  • Shibi SBRM
    Shibi SBRM 3 hours ago

    Wow I didn’t know lil nas x was a stalker!

  • Piotur Mamadoup
    Piotur Mamadoup 3 hours ago

    When you play Minecraft with too much mods: From 1800 To 2100 😂😂

  • HBk 789
    HBk 789 3 hours ago

    100k dislikes ppl must be blind or deaf

  • an7 _king
    an7 _king 3 hours ago

    Yo this the girl from jessie?

  • ChillArab Tv
    ChillArab Tv 3 hours ago

    Indian version is better

  • mika ac3
    mika ac3 3 hours ago

    Nobody: all of us: after area 51 raid

  • joshua wolfhouse
    joshua wolfhouse 3 hours ago

    *society if Issac Newton never invented gravity*

  • Justin AWS
    Justin AWS 3 hours ago

    1898 Old Town Road 2019 Town Road 2059 New Town Road *_The Future is bright as heck_*

  • Junior Mendes #457
    Junior Mendes #457 3 hours ago

    Top! Brazil

  • ItzJjPoopy
    ItzJjPoopy 3 hours ago

    A man stalking like a 14 15 year old girl 69/10 amazing content

  • Anjola Olagundoye
    Anjola Olagundoye 3 hours ago

    He went from basement to this in less than a half a year Let’s just appreciate him

  • Minty
    Minty 3 hours ago

    I dont remember that mirage skin

  • Arclight Suno
    Arclight Suno 3 hours ago


  • ASoX Nrv
    ASoX Nrv 3 hours ago

    1:13 what the fuck

  • olita pp vera
    olita pp vera 3 hours ago

    1:14 WTF

  • Elvis Edet
    Elvis Edet 3 hours ago

    100k dislikes from 1856....

  • CT Khánh Standoff 2

    Why she use the plane?? She can use her jetpack??

  • Hannah Fulmer
    Hannah Fulmer 3 hours ago


  • Tarry
    Tarry 3 hours ago

    This is what every hacker imagines him/herself as when in reality the most he can do is use a free Fortnite cheat and get banned

  • LV Artis
    LV Artis 3 hours ago

    This song is actually fire🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Batata 09
    Batata 09 3 hours ago


  • Rodrigo Pereira
    Rodrigo Pereira 3 hours ago

    Just thrown an emp at it ffs

  • DJ Hardrock
    DJ Hardrock 3 hours ago


  • DJ Hardrock
    DJ Hardrock 3 hours ago


    REMBOPROTEKT 3 hours ago

    Панин лол. Кто Рус поймет

  • makes amazing
    makes amazing 3 hours ago

  • jeish shajath
    jeish shajath 3 hours ago

    bro you are the best

  • Guizinn LT
    Guizinn LT 3 hours ago

    Better than old town road

  • German cortes nuñez

    Es la mejor canción

  • Marta Barragan
    Marta Barragan 3 hours ago

    Parece Zuri la chica de Jessie la serie

  • Zussman
    Zussman 3 hours ago

    Okay is it me or is lil nas x gay im confused ,i mean there is nothing wrong with being gay but in this video u do all dat for a girl homie whats wrong with u ?

  • Douglas Sant'Ana
    Douglas Sant'Ana 3 hours ago

    Caramba...conseguiram pegar o beat e sujar ele com funk brasileiro.

  • Никита Никитин

    Нереально крутой клип!!!!😂😂😂😂😂

  • Cardulla Rukoro
    Cardulla Rukoro 3 hours ago

    This song is a hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttyy

  • heavyliam
    heavyliam 3 hours ago

    like four months ago was he riding on a horse and now that chick have the sickest car ever

  • Phi Salaymang
    Phi Salaymang 3 hours ago

    Not a fan of his music but this beat is catchy

  • 멍뭉이
    멍뭉이 3 hours ago

    2:56 Panini is played in car

  • Loc Dai
    Loc Dai 3 hours ago

    Omg ..

  • Yixsa Yixsa
    Yixsa Yixsa 3 hours ago

    This is the best music video and song 🤑😁😀

  • Thanh Nguyễn
    Thanh Nguyễn 3 hours ago


  • sazzad hossain pavel

    I like the robots dance :D

  • vector YT
    vector YT 3 hours ago

    Wtf those pants look like mario 64 pants lol

    SIFARO 3 hours ago

    Okay okay okay how many remixes has he done?!

    ELVIS LIMA 3 hours ago

    Aí Love lil nas x

  • Adam Misak
    Adam Misak 3 hours ago


  • Sijo Jose
    Sijo Jose 3 hours ago

    I like it it is nice and musicke

  • Dzavit Seferi
    Dzavit Seferi 3 hours ago


  • BJBR
    BJBR 3 hours ago

    No hate but ant nas gay

  • beatriz stephanie
    beatriz stephanie 3 hours ago

    Mdss A zuriii

  • Desert Storm
    Desert Storm 3 hours ago

    This shit is trash

  • Nesrine Nesrine
    Nesrine Nesrine 3 hours ago

    Skai Jackson I didn't know

  • Player Nova
    Player Nova 3 hours ago

    Technology sure are creepy

  • Katalin Farkas
    Katalin Farkas 3 hours ago

    tökjó 😍😍😍

  • cato lowe
    cato lowe 3 hours ago

    auhsduhasd i simply love his expressions over all in it

  • Бандитка Шелли

    Хаахха,судь клипа в том что баба нехочет мутить с хакером🤣

  • league of maikon
    league of maikon 3 hours ago

    oi kkkkkk

  • Archie WG
    Archie WG 3 hours ago

    Seeing the tree holograms at the end broke my heart, hopefully the world never actually comes to something out of Courosant in star wars.

  • Shay Animates
    Shay Animates 3 hours ago

    The facial expressions are gold

  • LuPuS_Amau
    LuPuS_Amau 3 hours ago

    hey panini ...

  • João
    João 3 hours ago

    this is the life of generic artists, they make a modest song, and then, taking advantage of fame, make generic songs

  • Noah Winter
    Noah Winter 3 hours ago

    This reminds me of those things from Cartoon Network back in like 2008, anyone know what I’m talking about?

  • 乇ㄥ 丂αвυgυєιяσ

    Brazil - Usa liked ?

  • Swiggy ReX
    Swiggy ReX 3 hours ago

    Graphics of this game is really good.

  • tekis0ul
    tekis0ul 3 hours ago

    I always end up feeling unfulfilled after his songs . Wish they were longer.

  • WardaOMG WardaOMG
    WardaOMG WardaOMG 3 hours ago

    Good music I listen all of them

  • Arthur Peres Rodrigues dos Santos

    Lil went 10000000000 B.C to 100000000000000000000

  • Czosneczeq
    Czosneczeq 3 hours ago

    Why are u gay?

  • ADroppingChurch :/
    ADroppingChurch :/ 3 hours ago

    So is this one of them Internet safety videos what you watch at primary to not talk to hackers

  • 秋口高野
    秋口高野 3 hours ago


  • Skylar Evans
    Skylar Evans 3 hours ago

    Good song

  • Darwin
    Darwin 3 hours ago

    Listening to this on my way to school

  • riyazur rahman
    riyazur rahman 3 hours ago

    If only she closed her eyes...

  • Jonathan Mikael Vilson 4B Øhavsskolen

    the best sooooooooooooooooong

  • WardaOMG WardaOMG
    WardaOMG WardaOMG 3 hours ago

    What a robot dance just say FUCK