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Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
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Can You Trust Kurzgesagt Videos?
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Optimistic Nihilism
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What Are You?
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How Far Can We Go? Limits of Humanity.
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The Antibiotic Apocalypse Explained
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Why The War on Drugs Is a Huge Failure
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What Is Something?
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What Is Light?
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What is Dark Matter and Dark Energy?
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Banking Explained - Money and Credit
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Measles Explained - Vaccinate or Not?
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The Ultimate Conspiracy Debunker
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What Is Life? Is Death Real?
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Is War Over? - A Paradox Explained
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Iraq Explained -- ISIS, Syria and War
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Are You Alone? (In The Universe)
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How Big is the Moon? MM#1
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Who Invented the Internet? And Why?
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Three Ways to Destroy the Universe
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The Gulf Stream Explained
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  • Batkrom
    Batkrom 2 minutes ago

    All of this because a human didn't wanted to fuck a toaster.

  • Black. Yes, Black.
    Black. Yes, Black. 3 minutes ago

    7:37 AHHHHHHHHH!

  • Mukund Mohan
    Mukund Mohan 6 minutes ago

    Plz tell us how to maintain a healthy immune system

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  • Muhammad Roshaan Zahid
    Muhammad Roshaan Zahid 8 minutes ago

    Make a video on Israel???

  • Killer Kirby
    Killer Kirby 10 minutes ago

    4:10 ahh so kewAi

  • Michael Stropki
    Michael Stropki 11 minutes ago

    3:41 who shakes hands like that tho?

  • Jon Donnelly
    Jon Donnelly 13 minutes ago

    I'm so confused.

  • KiR Leepes
    KiR Leepes 14 minutes ago

    Top 5 most glorious fights

  • Killer Kirby
    Killer Kirby 16 minutes ago

    I guess you could say 😏 size matters 😎 yeah

  • Oof Ing
    Oof Ing 16 minutes ago

    Bikini bottom:

  • I like feet
    I like feet 22 minutes ago

    He didn't say anything about flat earth THE EARTH IS FLET WAKE UP SHEEPLE

  • aaronl19
    aaronl19 23 minutes ago

    A _Dyson_ Sphere in the _vacuum_ if space

  • aaronl19
    aaronl19 25 minutes ago


  • Black. Yes, Black.
    Black. Yes, Black. 26 minutes ago

    3:06 look in the bottom left-hand corner! It's a... What even is that? Edit: 2019 anyone?

  • Jesus Arante
    Jesus Arante 27 minutes ago

    Why the hell wpuld ypu burn weed

  • XxLuckyKxX ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
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    Great information

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  • Shin Godzilla
    Shin Godzilla 40 minutes ago

    No scoping since 450,000,000 mya

  • Mikee 1234444
    Mikee 1234444 43 minutes ago

    2:58 Nice

  • David Ricardo Sativa
    David Ricardo Sativa 44 minutes ago

    3:31 NANOMACHINES, SON! -Senator Armstrong

  • shannon taylor
    shannon taylor 45 minutes ago

    poor doggo and leopard

  • TheLesser
    TheLesser 45 minutes ago

    lmao nice rick and morty refrence

  • Master doge
    Master doge 50 minutes ago

    Me:broke every bone in my body. My mom:WHERE'S THAT PHONE

  • AvengeVoltaire
    AvengeVoltaire 51 minute ago

    so, 6 minutes to tell me nothing about the issue... nice, it could have been 15...

  • Master doge
    Master doge 52 minutes ago

    Me: oh no a intruder. Tiny bombs:it's boom boom time

  • Honey Time
    Honey Time 54 minutes ago

    What about horse meat we eat it in Kazakhstan :D

  • Kid Lucas Gaming
    Kid Lucas Gaming 54 minutes ago

    Our Universe is has such as sad ending. 😭 Everytime I watch one of these videos where it talks about how the universe will die, I just become so sad

  • XxAce_playzXx gacha
    XxAce_playzXx gacha 56 minutes ago

    Is influenza dangerous

  • Professor #⃣1⃣
    Professor #⃣1⃣ 58 minutes ago

    Darwin: On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life. 150th Edition, Special Introduction by Ray Comfort "At some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilized races of man will almost certainly exterminate and replace throughout the world the savage races."

  • Victor Thammavong

    I’m just a miserable pile of secrets.

  • hiker Frantz
    hiker Frantz Hour ago

    What would happen to you if a black hole the size of a coin suddenly appeared in your pocket? = you will be die.

  • FoJoe996
    FoJoe996 Hour ago

    Are fission stars a thing what i mean by that is instead of hydrogen stars lets say that there is a star made of uranium that shines but uses fission to produce light

  • Ink Demon
    Ink Demon Hour ago

    *Hires bacteriophages* Protect me *Wait but we have many j-* PROTECT ME

  • A guy with random convictions

    Nah, I'm fine with aging. The world's insufferable enough as it is on a daily basis, so I'm not exactly keen on letting live myself live forever in this garbage heap.

  • Will
    Will Hour ago

    Such an interesting and entertaining video, I wanna know all about ants now

  • Devon LeClair
    Devon LeClair Hour ago

    Lots of people probably disagreed with this video Because it's legal

  • aaronl19
    aaronl19 Hour ago

    I feel like this will either improve or kill sports

  • GuestDZN
    GuestDZN Hour ago

    wow celino jaramillo died 10 days after that video came out :( 122 years

  • Pt Bot
    Pt Bot Hour ago

    Love how the little guy know to close the visor first

  • Hazib Latif
    Hazib Latif Hour ago

    The comments are way out of the world than black holes..

  • The Pink Slime
    The Pink Slime Hour ago

    wait a minute...isn't this how the Omnic Crisis happened?

  • Tomaz
    Tomaz Hour ago

    There aren’t any black holes that don’t spin.

  • tysean isaac
    tysean isaac Hour ago

    Help me 😔😔

  • Khaliff Limba
    Khaliff Limba Hour ago

    My theory is that the aliens have a cloaking device so we don't see them

  • D L
    D L Hour ago

    Slid that sponsor in real fuckin smooth lol

  • The Pink Slime
    The Pink Slime Hour ago

    this is one of the single best videos I have ever watched.

  • Officer Nasty
    Officer Nasty Hour ago

    Well people go from a nipple to a bottle to sugar to soda as well as other messed up and partially addicted substances xD.. so when i hear weed is a gateway drug xD im like huh???? noo!, my moms nipple was the "gateway" for me ( secretly many others as well ) :) ..... Not to even mention how alcohol is more dangerous than heroin and cigarettes contain cyanide? And what ... Weed has cbd and thc xD hhhm maybe the big tabacco/alcohol company had something to do with this xD

  • Jujuu Michelle
    Jujuu Michelle Hour ago

    5:39 thanks, Kurzgesagt, i hate it.

  • Philip TheOne
    Philip TheOne Hour ago

    the art style is like From little big planet

  • draco mortis
    draco mortis Hour ago

    Let's just get rid of tobacco in place of weed

  • Devon LeClair
    Devon LeClair Hour ago

    Moral of the story Kaboom Everything's dead

  • The Patayer
    The Patayer Hour ago

    I knew it, that evil snail from adventure time was here at 4:58

  • Matthew C.
    Matthew C. Hour ago

    To make a man made wormholes we just need a portal gun

  • Неизвестный Неизвестнович

    Now we wanna crab world war

  • Ŧгєรђ ђ๏๓є๓ค๔є ๓є๓єร

    T Cells: orders sir! Infected Dendritic cell: kys T Cells: ok!

  • Ralph Brillouet
    Ralph Brillouet Hour ago

    2019 here wow Its been a while Since I’ve heard this in fear from isis :/

  • Timmy Turner
    Timmy Turner Hour ago

    Theyre all in area 51

  • Devon LeClair
    Devon LeClair Hour ago

    This. Is. AMAZING!!!!!

  • cocoy martin
    cocoy martin Hour ago

    zuccs fault

  • Ronin Whipple
    Ronin Whipple Hour ago

    Sooooo, basically the Soviet Union of Ants?

  • hhhwite thrash
    hhhwite thrash Hour ago

    By saying "we" you mean 0.0000001 pc of high iq population who actually did sth

  • Squishy
    Squishy Hour ago

    Wait till they figure out our cells would make a dope host. Then we gonna 'splode.

  • Regular, Non Threatening - Berries

    Instead of just getting sponsored by audible, you guys should really consider making some audio books, I'd PAY to listen to them on my while going to bed or while on the bus to school

  • Purple Fox
    Purple Fox Hour ago

    Well aren't you just a big box of positivity

  • Eduardo Vera
    Eduardo Vera Hour ago

    i'd rather be alone because i hate crowds and noises

  • watterztrail
    watterztrail Hour ago

    War. War never changes

  • leroy waring
    leroy waring Hour ago

    Did anyone notice the the horses are a reference to adventure time 3:29

  • Fresh out The oven

    I don’t understand anything but I feel so smart now

  • BroBear Brobear04

    nobody: When the last human dies: *#1 Victory Royale*

  • Godly Willy
    Godly Willy Hour ago

    God created us by his image

  • Ali Pourfarzaneh

    Setting an example based on experiences in Switzerland does not count. Everything is different there. An 8.5 million nation is not comparable to a 330 million one.

  • LushiousLapisLazuli
    LushiousLapisLazuli 2 hours ago

    I fear that the horrible truth is that it really only takes a few million years for a dead intelligent civilization to have its presence erased by time. Structures on the surface most likely collapse, decay, and erode into nothing in time. Structure in space may drift off or deorbit in such time periods as well. To find ruins to gauge how close we are to the filter may not be so reliable. There could be no ruins, or almost every world we see as habitable could've have a civilization like ours, only to leave no obvious trace.

  • lorge bean
    lorge bean 2 hours ago

    Aliens are humans but from the future. If they kill us, their past is destroyed and their existence is warped. They know better than to charge a full on attack, because they have no idea what weapons we possess. They have seen what we have done to earth and now they are scared of us.

  • error ninja101
    error ninja101 2 hours ago

    i have been vaccinated before and the thing my dad does is after every shot we go home and put ginger on that spot so that if the pharmaceutical companies decide to make a vaccine that DOES do more harm than good all the bad stuff is sucked out of our body leaving only the good stuff inside and yes it does help but is more of a just in case trap card

    • eeeaten
      eeeaten Hour ago

      error ninja101 XD what do you think the ginger does?

  • marco padilla
    marco padilla 2 hours ago

    this will only be abilable wen earth space start to be small and small

  • Yoshi24
    Yoshi24 2 hours ago

    So you're telling me there is a pretty big possibility they aren't even real/possible, what.

  • Guven Atabay
    Guven Atabay 2 hours ago

    Büyük patlamadan önce de çeşitli varyasyonlariyla yaşam formları olmali...

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    Gol D. Luffy 2 hours ago


  • Falco 64
    Falco 64 2 hours ago

    that dont hug me im scared cameo

  • hhhwite thrash
    hhhwite thrash 2 hours ago

    Asians r smart n neegroids stupid

  • marco padilla
    marco padilla 2 hours ago

    so our only barrier is the travel right?

  • SadScaredOrca
    SadScaredOrca 2 hours ago

    Phages bouta whisper in our ears "aye lemme see that glock"

  • Zenoth
    Zenoth 2 hours ago

    I still come back to watch this video from time to time, one of your best

  • Richard Cheung
    Richard Cheung 2 hours ago

    No matter how skilled or powerful your enemy is nothing can ever beat a zerg rush

  • All Hail Thanos
    All Hail Thanos 2 hours ago

    An ants war game would be sooo cool

  • Finsterhund
    Finsterhund 2 hours ago

    This video makes a lot of assumptions about the potential lifeforms being a bit too similar to us considering they would have evolved entirely outside of how our life evolved. What's to say that our process to become multi-cellular beings isn't completely foreign to how it is accomplished on other planets for instance? "it's in the nature of life as we know it to reach out" Yeah, emphasis on "as we know it" and the whole "it's very likely that this is a universal principal for civilizations no matter where they're from" but is it a fact? No. Not every human civilization was like Britain stealing everybody else's islands and I imagine alien life would similarly have this variety. You mention that big brains might be rare because they can be useless to survive and they take up too much energy. Maybe the very way that our life spreads is similar and Earth did it the hard/inconvenient way in this instance too. What I'm trying to say is that the very nature of how our life thrives could be well, alien, to how the potential other lifeforms are. Our ability to see into space is so very limited that it wouldn't be too hard for another advanced species to hide from us and while it makes logical sense to Earth life to spread to be as big and all encompassing as it possibly can, that might not be true for others. We evolved to be competitive, but I don't think that's inherent to all potential life. I think another very probable theory is that we are being actively prevented from finding other life. There might be a species so far advanced beyond us that we can't see them intentionally making it appear to us that the filter is there in order to isolate us from other life. Why? Who knows. We could be a laughing stock to a race of beings made out of a type of matter we can't even detect yet. Wanting to feel like we are special is a very human trait. That we're either the first to get where we are or we're the only ones to make it through. Maybe we just don't have the means to search far enough yet?

  • Jason Schwarzman
    Jason Schwarzman 2 hours ago

    I wish you guys would change the thumbnail... Seeing an adorable baby cry makes me upset

  • Mikerules1200 Competitve Gaming And D2 News

    Getting invited out? what Is that?

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    Fidget My Midget 2 hours ago

    ants are living like they are in war hammer40k

  • Kitty the catmonster

    I should REALLY stop eating sausage as much as I do...

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    2:03 I see what you did there very sneaky

  • Jacob
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    Does jet fuel melt ant beams?

  • catechumen24
    catechumen24 2 hours ago

    Nothing about regenerative farming????

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    Andeemations 2 hours ago

    Me: *but what if they're peaceful*

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    If your lonely then commit yeetus and deletus

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    We need plastic that decomposes safely...

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    A part of me is always dying, but from school cause it sucks

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    Gmo are gud