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  • tech men
    tech men 23 seconds ago

    cool video

  • Avinash Raj
    Avinash Raj 56 seconds ago

    Mpow flame2 review plz!

  • RussellPlays Mods
    RussellPlays Mods Minute ago

    It's glue lmao.

    THE OTHER SELF 3 minutes ago


  • Дмитрий Бабуркин

    Lew, check out Xiaomi's mi notebook pro. :)

  • oooo78
    oooo78 3 minutes ago

    lol huawei spy on you more then usa xD NO THANKS

  • BlurredFaced 702
    BlurredFaced 702 4 minutes ago

    I need one 💔💔

  • Santu Kumar
    Santu Kumar 4 minutes ago

    Must start first name else first name property gone

  • evan nelson
    evan nelson 6 minutes ago

    The title make me use my big brain

  • Zembaphobia
    Zembaphobia 7 minutes ago


  • 趙靜遠
    趙靜遠 7 minutes ago

    low battery

  • Artsy Snaps
    Artsy Snaps 8 minutes ago

    *I got a new phone!!* Friend: What color it is? Me: Uhmm... *It's Complicated*

  • David Shon
    David Shon 8 minutes ago

    Lol yeah it's rly cool but with millions of backdoors

  • Josh Kwon
    Josh Kwon 9 minutes ago

    *buys it to play minecraft

  • Oliversfilmsdotcom Films


  • christina
    christina 10 minutes ago

    Watching on a Huawei.. only prob is the battery (located right above the keyboard) gets damn HOT when playing anything cpu intensive

  • Priyam Datta
    Priyam Datta 11 minutes ago

    eill our phone get damaged

  • Neil Fordan
    Neil Fordan 15 minutes ago

    Huawei’s logo is ultra super ugly on its laptop

  • Puneeth Gowda
    Puneeth Gowda 16 minutes ago

    200 300$ phones get 8mp 13mp front camera but 700$ laptops dont get them where major video con happens

  • demarco allen
    demarco allen 16 minutes ago

    Just set the bottle under the ice.....same result.

  • BananaBoombox
    BananaBoombox 17 minutes ago

    Something tells me in a few years, bezel-less laptop screens would be the new trend

  • Kranti gouripur
    Kranti gouripur 17 minutes ago

    The mouse on board also problem the curser comes back to its original position every time use.

  • kirby march barcena
    kirby march barcena 17 minutes ago

    Trump will say that the Matebook will spy on you

  • Saby Saini
    Saby Saini 18 minutes ago

    At 7.30 to 7.35 the huawai logo at the back flickers..... Why...? Whats that......?

  • GaqTheGreatYT
    GaqTheGreatYT 18 minutes ago

    how bout the Asus zenbook 14 ux433f

  • BananaBoombox
    BananaBoombox 19 minutes ago

    For a tech reviewer, Lew very much types like my grandma 😂✌

  • StarDust EvilVector
    StarDust EvilVector 21 minute ago

    Huwai sucks pls stop

  • Oakley Sparrow
    Oakley Sparrow 21 minute ago

    My only problem is that when the PS5 comes out and the Next Xbox like...

  • MrSomeThingMr
    MrSomeThingMr 21 minute ago

    So this is a test of is this dog a machine and just a machine,designed to fulfill your needs,or something more Detroit Become Human is happening

  • Kate Domingo
    Kate Domingo 22 minutes ago

    Does this connects to galaxy buds? Please answer

  • Sumit Sood
    Sumit Sood 22 minutes ago

    Hey Lew, the title should have MateBook and not MacBook in it.

  • Sam
    Sam 22 minutes ago

    Anyone know if it’s compatible with Freedom Mobile in Canada? Also where could I buy one of these?

  • Frozt Mode
    Frozt Mode 25 minutes ago

    you should make a video of unboxing a pizza

  • Tony
    Tony 25 minutes ago

    What a shit heap of a laptop.

  • Muhammed Inzamam
    Muhammed Inzamam 26 minutes ago

    Watching in 2019

  • robertsmith
    robertsmith 26 minutes ago

    The app on the b&o products has eq, bose can't ? hmm

  • Manideep Koleti
    Manideep Koleti 28 minutes ago

    Can you unbox Realme X please..

  • Andy Rosero
    Andy Rosero 30 minutes ago

    this man will be an apple hater til death lol

  • Lise Mitchell
    Lise Mitchell 30 minutes ago

    I can’t find the band lens for $5. It’s $15 on amazon.

  • Zachary Johnson
    Zachary Johnson 31 minute ago

    is it me or does he sound sick lol

  • Bob808
    Bob808 31 minute ago

    I think a motorised (or manual) retracting front facing camera would make more sense in a laptop. Certainly a better option than a keyboard deck mounted camera that looks up your nose LOL

  • carpii
    carpii 32 minutes ago

    as reviews go, that was pretty poor. What about battery life? how does the ge force perform? Its like you started reviewing it, then gave up and spent the rest of the video just saying how similar it looks to a macbook

  • Gopal Gupta
    Gopal Gupta 32 minutes ago

    Amazing sony

  • Bavesh Rajaraman
    Bavesh Rajaraman 32 minutes ago

    Lew's throat is screwed today!

  • RoyalGobah
    RoyalGobah 35 minutes ago

    When u realize the knifes can cut paper 📝 0:42

  • aman yemane
    aman yemane 36 minutes ago

    Am a big fan of U but nest time could you write the link a of the company and price 😊 second could you please make a video about Budget laptops Your biggest fan

  • Stax
    Stax 37 minutes ago

    The scoff in the start of the video sounded like Dr.Doof from Phineas and Ferb

  • Ham Gun games Gaming
    Ham Gun games Gaming 38 minutes ago

    You look like someone I hate like I don’t hate you lol

  • Eduardo Guinard
    Eduardo Guinard 38 minutes ago

    More Will E. Please...

  • Skiller
    Skiller 39 minutes ago

    Dont buy that

  • Amir Jawwad
    Amir Jawwad 41 minute ago

    Do a Video on best phones for 100$ or less

  • Rishon Johnson
    Rishon Johnson 42 minutes ago

    Willy du fans hit like..! 👇

  • John An
    John An 44 minutes ago

    If Shin Ramen Noodles are Japanese then Steve Nash is American. If potatoe snacks are from Japan then Canada Dry is from America

  • Prakash NB
    Prakash NB 45 minutes ago

    I like the Top bezel better. Lock me up

  • Lloyd William
    Lloyd William 48 minutes ago

    But can it run minecraft?

  • Gran Autismo
    Gran Autismo 49 minutes ago

    Trying to let that last fart out 4:04

  • Zenevo Game
    Zenevo Game 50 minutes ago

    Probably GeForce MX150 10W, can't match GTX950M

  • Tumi Ramosena
    Tumi Ramosena 51 minute ago

    Huawei is coming for everything

  • One Punch Man
    One Punch Man 52 minutes ago

    Make the phone cheaper, bezels smaller.. Then yes👍

  • simplesophie 22
    simplesophie 22 52 minutes ago

    Me an iPhone user -I’m disappointed iPhone- but Imma keep on buying you cuz its popular

  • Daurenkozha
    Daurenkozha 52 minutes ago

    Don’t shout that loud and suddenly. You’re scaring him

  • arke Sharma
    arke Sharma 53 minutes ago

    Jack what is this

  • 1 outrider random
    1 outrider random 53 minutes ago

    huawei plz stop copy other people product

  • puppetMattster
    puppetMattster 53 minutes ago

    Lew has a Huawei phone and didn’t even test the cool linking and sharing functionality between phone and laptop, shared clipboard, etc.

  • Shakib Bts
    Shakib Bts 53 minutes ago

    I hate illuminates 😈😠😠😡😤🙅🙅🙍🙍👌✌👎👎👊👊

  • Leonid
    Leonid 53 minutes ago

    uhm do they offer 15inch?

  • Tsuru Monet Ally
    Tsuru Monet Ally 55 minutes ago

    What about the electricity that was produced from boiling water away into the air, only the get that water back. Waste of energy to get water this way. Also, this is just a *Dehumidifier*.

  • Claptrap Claptrap
    Claptrap Claptrap 55 minutes ago

    This phone is for the Asian students who call their friends and family for answers during an exam. Just enough battery life for that.

  • Unum Kumunu
    Unum Kumunu 55 minutes ago

    Inspired , call it a clone

  • SetToGosB
    SetToGosB 57 minutes ago

    Huawei always copied Apple

  • 312 Made
    312 Made 57 minutes ago

    "Its like a microwave for cold!" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Cosme Basto
    Cosme Basto 58 minutes ago


  • Santu Kumar
    Santu Kumar 59 minutes ago

    Will reddy cast believe that their reddy grandfather shared knowledge with everyone with/without UNTOUCHABLITY

  • Confuzed??
    Confuzed?? 59 minutes ago

    Do you trust it?

  • Rikesh Nagarkoti
    Rikesh Nagarkoti 59 minutes ago

    i feel like apple will bang new iphone in future with true wireless charging iphone. like wireless mouse. maybe just predicting.

  • prosox
    prosox Hour ago

    Gift me this is I dont have any pet 😞😞😞

  • Paul S
    Paul S Hour ago

    Video length is 4:20 nice

  • JesseTheSPURSFan !!!!

    Mine bearly ripped after 3 years

  • João Maverick
    João Maverick Hour ago

    its a chinese company what did you expect? asians are said to be smart (which i totally disagree, they're dumb), apparently they can't create stuff without copying from some western company.

  • Ayolabi Martins
    Ayolabi Martins Hour ago

    What smart watch are you wearing?

  • Davis Byer
    Davis Byer Hour ago

    It's my way or the Huawei

  • Apple Fillet
    Apple Fillet Hour ago

    I see that TOOL on spotify.

  • Ro Ro
    Ro Ro Hour ago

    Lew, when you name the review of one item a "The Huawei Windows MacBook Pro", you are losing half of the viewers. It is also a very unfair comment on the product as a whole. Disappointed.

  • Monish K
    Monish K Hour ago

    Look at the logo flickering. The laptop's nervous of lew's hands

  • Claptrap Claptrap

    So it's a phablet / smartphone (with a budget screen) with a keyboard?

  • jesse young
    jesse young Hour ago

    they will stay prototype forever

  • Gael Carrillo
    Gael Carrillo Hour ago

    Looks like a mirror

  • Daniel Hvr
    Daniel Hvr Hour ago

    Anyone mentioned that he changed hats?

  • Sai Aditya T
    Sai Aditya T Hour ago

    Awesome Video Lew.

  • ALifeTheKidd
    ALifeTheKidd Hour ago


  • Sean Adver
    Sean Adver Hour ago

    It's good product. I like it

  • Ram BM
    Ram BM Hour ago

    U hav cold🌸

  • John Giovanni
    John Giovanni Hour ago

    Hackintosh the mate book wait matebook macbook

  • Tom Chen
    Tom Chen Hour ago


  • pavan kumar
    pavan kumar Hour ago

    First you know huawei is copy of MacBook

  • Deepak Bhardwaj
    Deepak Bhardwaj Hour ago

    Do it again,

  • hasnat rbm
    hasnat rbm Hour ago

    Oh...I remember that day of Austin. But 5 years gone.... How fast time fly by....

  • Syed Tajuddien
    Syed Tajuddien Hour ago

    Change the video title to matebook

  • PokeFreak
    PokeFreak Hour ago

    My kidneys right now: "I'm ready!"

    DAREX GAMING Hour ago

    I myself have beats ep wnd so afraid that one side wont work ,i paid $120