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  • euroclydon titanium
    euroclydon titanium 3 minutes ago

    4:52 when lew is typing, Wills Expression is priceless!!!!!!!!

  • Arief Syahrul
    Arief Syahrul 4 minutes ago

    3:37 Me when realize someone use their phone to read

  • Sean Costil
    Sean Costil 6 minutes ago

    They’re straight up purple

  • Vipin Kumar
    Vipin Kumar 6 minutes ago

    Unbox the Redmi note 8 pro

  • Raki Jr
    Raki Jr 7 minutes ago

    The box looks like its been kicked around a warehouse for 6 months

  • Remurie
    Remurie 7 minutes ago

    I still have my sony xperia z ultra

  • nova 3942
    nova 3942 10 minutes ago

    can connect pc or tablet?

  • Keval Joshi
    Keval Joshi 14 minutes ago

    Review the realme x2 pro

  • stanley morallos
    stanley morallos 14 minutes ago

    Airpod left the chat

  • AnkleFormula
    AnkleFormula 16 minutes ago

    What about the water evaporating?

  • euroclydon titanium
    euroclydon titanium 17 minutes ago

    When doing too much has an extreme mode....

  • BillyBobbyBoy
    BillyBobbyBoy 17 minutes ago

    Why is will in the show? It's not fun. Just stick to the regular format

  • Bryan Stradley
    Bryan Stradley 17 minutes ago

    Try one on a sheet metal building! A poll barn. You’ll freak!

  • Gerardo Velazquez
    Gerardo Velazquez 18 minutes ago

    the only question that matters here, are they better than the sony's?? no? then pass

  • swag check
    swag check 18 minutes ago

    The question is *_how will you wash that without messing up the circuit wiring?_*

  • Alexander Nava
    Alexander Nava 19 minutes ago

    He has more hair here

  • Just vibe
    Just vibe 19 minutes ago

    These mfs went to a PX on base and made a subscription service to trap a bunch of clueless civilians into thinking they could survive with this stuff.

    UR MOM GOTGAME 19 minutes ago

    Seems like the Studio3 but in Solo edition

    SHAWN LITTLE 19 minutes ago

    Where can I order one? Does anyone have the actual link to Voterman? It’s taken me to eBay

  • Frenchy Gaming
    Frenchy Gaming 20 minutes ago

    "Best beats yet" look of noticeable disappointment while listening to them. Beats will always be the last on my list. I'd rather buy the black widow plastic headset from walmart for 30 dollars because it has better sound quality than Beats...

  • pacific570
    pacific570 20 minutes ago

    I’m here because of Ronny Chieng

  • dextersumsaltube
    dextersumsaltube 20 minutes ago

    Almost hd headset|phone are almost the same in sound quality. The differwnce is the cosmetics of the product.

  • Eric Rosario
    Eric Rosario 20 minutes ago

    Good video

  • euroclydon titanium
    euroclydon titanium 20 minutes ago

    oh my lord look at him trying to get the pizza off..... even the pizza don't like him XD XD XD XD 3:11

  • Thememelord3726
    Thememelord3726 20 minutes ago

    This is the end of console wars

  • Hoops Pod Central
    Hoops Pod Central 22 minutes ago

    Willy Do is such a character, him getting more dialogue and screen time has made this channel even better

  • Nate Caballero
    Nate Caballero 24 minutes ago

    This is torture I’m tryna save up

  • Fire Lord
    Fire Lord 24 minutes ago

    do note 8 pro...better than note 7 pro?? because the phone..and the price...both are amazing

  • Aadya Rana
    Aadya Rana 25 minutes ago

    Make a video on Xiaomi Redmi note 8 pro

  • Aadya Rana
    Aadya Rana 25 minutes ago

    Make a video on Xiaomi Redmi note 8 pro

  • Aadya Rana
    Aadya Rana 25 minutes ago

    Make a video on Xiaomi Redmi note 8 pro

  • Aadya Rana
    Aadya Rana 25 minutes ago

    Make a video on Xiaomi Redmi note 8 pro

  • Aadya Rana
    Aadya Rana 25 minutes ago

    Make a video on Xiaomi Redmi note 8 pro

  • javi691us
    javi691us 26 minutes ago


  • Ryan Cowan
    Ryan Cowan 27 minutes ago

    Lighting to USB a connection? next...

  • Sam Cruise
    Sam Cruise 28 minutes ago

    Still better than apple watch

  • Ande хорошо
    Ande хорошо 29 minutes ago

    YEET them

  • Webby spider
    Webby spider 33 minutes ago

    You need to agree, India does wierd shit.

  • 吴朋轩
    吴朋轩 34 minutes ago


  • advil000
    advil000 35 minutes ago

    But it's running Chrome. The most obnoxious POS OS on earth. Give me that exact same device with Windows and I'll show you record breaking sales. That weight, that processor, that screen size and resolution, that SSD. Front firing speakers. Do it. Do it now!

  • Isaiah Cabrera Sanchez
    Isaiah Cabrera Sanchez 35 minutes ago

    Had beats studios and they were complete garbage. I then told myself I would never look at beats again. I heard good about these and got me a pair for my Galaxy Note 10+. These are fire and was impressed 🔥

  • Dr Arab A
    Dr Arab A 36 minutes ago


  • Minenhle Acheampong
    Minenhle Acheampong 39 minutes ago

    fuck apple

  • Shaun Whalen
    Shaun Whalen 40 minutes ago

    Demon ass kicking shoes.

  • NigelGB
    NigelGB 42 minutes ago

    Definitely laptop and phone is the way forward. Tablets have their place too but combo devices are sort of like the 1970/80s "HiFi" Music centre fad ... OK for some but never as good as systems built from dedicated units. Not sure I could ever go for a system without a full OS.

  • Gareth Hayes
    Gareth Hayes 42 minutes ago

    I bought this when this video was made best purchase of last year its amazeballs now and then Highly recommend this laptop 👍👍

  • Pottan Kala
    Pottan Kala 45 minutes ago

    I used my friend s Airpods. Volume I kept increasing iPhone max volume still not the best. Lot of sound leakage max. U are missing lot of sound quality u should be getting.. at first I thought it's 150 it gotta be huge sound bang.. but unfortunately nope.

  • CitricGamer
    CitricGamer 46 minutes ago

    This is just Lew bullying Tom

  • Inside Everything
    Inside Everything 46 minutes ago

    MKBHD: “Ok, so I’ve been using the Beats Solo Pro for a year now and here are my thoughts.”

  • Greg Childers
    Greg Childers 46 minutes ago

    Hey UnboxTherapy, where did you get that desk though?

  • Bombdasher
    Bombdasher 47 minutes ago

    why would you get a on ear headphones, your ears are completely squashed

  • lvjare
    lvjare 51 minute ago

    Active 2

  • Trey Wright
    Trey Wright 53 minutes ago

    Beats is apple

  • Shubhashis Biswas
    Shubhashis Biswas 53 minutes ago

    Will Google pixelbook go coming to india?

  • George Smith
    George Smith 53 minutes ago

    I use this still and have two others as backups.

  • forrest gump
    forrest gump 58 minutes ago

    Lew , are you wearing an Apple Watch ? Could that means that you’re using an iphone as a daily driver phone !!

  • George Cuanico
    George Cuanico 59 minutes ago

    very cool!!

  • Syykes
    Syykes Hour ago

    Love your videos and you funny

  • Nathan Dillon
    Nathan Dillon Hour ago

    Wow they look cool. Wish i could test them. Thanks.

  • Ryan Faker
    Ryan Faker Hour ago

    Overpriced crap, it's not even over the ear...

  • Jose Lopez
    Jose Lopez Hour ago

    How bout studio 4

  • Major Gaming
    Major Gaming Hour ago

    Finally PlayStation and Xbox get along

  • Taylor Clark
    Taylor Clark Hour ago

    bxactions allows you to link it as a longpress for flashlight even when phone is locked. single press is google assistant. requires a computer but works flawlessly

  • maria dominguez
    maria dominguez Hour ago

    Girls: cant fit their chapstick in their pocket Boys: can fit an entire laptop in their pocket

  • ih8cesar
    ih8cesar Hour ago

    I think it’s funny how they made fun of apple when they removed the headphone jack the android removed it and then they made fun of apple for the cameras on the iPhone 11 and look they did too 😅

  • ShadowShinobi364

    Even the UI looks like a MacBook 👀🤔...

  • Chris Lynchy
    Chris Lynchy Hour ago

    Did u get to keep the phone?

  • NoahMaynardTV
    NoahMaynardTV Hour ago

    Studio pros coming? I like the solos but they hurt my ears after a while

  • Cantor Yakov
    Cantor Yakov Hour ago

    Lew hatless!?!?

  • StepDad Dee
    StepDad Dee Hour ago

    seems like the beats are targeted at apple users? yeah no shit- it's literally owned by apple.

  • Kieran Raval
    Kieran Raval Hour ago

    X > Xr

  • Carmelo Edwards
    Carmelo Edwards Hour ago

    Lol willy due like I’m just chillin everytime U see me ✊🏾

  • Just Observing
    Just Observing Hour ago

    Thank for making this review. U rock!

  • Sheldon Chad Burton

    Pro basically = paying ridiculously, obviously

  • 금딸
    금딸 Hour ago

    🎛⬛️⬛️ ⬛️⬛️⬛️ ⬛️🍎⬛️ ⬛️⬛️⬛️ ⬛️⬛️⬛️

  • Nike23 Air23
    Nike23 Air23 Hour ago

    Look nice

  • Legendery Person

    I'm 3 years late...

  • Liam
    Liam Hour ago

    why does lew always listen to some weird as shit music lmao

  • Alexia Sanchez
    Alexia Sanchez Hour ago

    That’s so raw

  • Meegan
    Meegan Hour ago

    It’s light because there’s nothing in it.

  • Love
    Love Hour ago

    You are funny!!!

  • Raymond Greer
    Raymond Greer Hour ago

    Beats ™ are the best headphones.

  • KrispyKrunchy _Dips

    Wait Apple owns the company Beats......... 🤦🏻‍♂️Well ima go under my rock again

  • William Hernandez

    I want to be Willy Do’s friend so badly

  • Denise Shephard
    Denise Shephard Hour ago

    I'm on a 2 year contract with Vodafone as my note 8 shattered beyond repair yes the note 10 is very good but my note 8 was very chunky and I had all my information on it yes I had insurance which covered the upgrade but I'm not sure now

  • durian dai
    durian dai Hour ago

    Which should I consider tho Sony wf1000xm3 or Beats solo pro ? Audiophiles please help me out , I want to step up from my Marshall major 3 bt

  • Jerold Morena
    Jerold Morena Hour ago

    lew is wearing an apple watch

  • Anoline ;-;
    Anoline ;-; Hour ago

    Watches vid: hmm nice Me: cant even afford an iPhone

  • TheOneWithDoggo //Duanesil2 dua

    How the frick did you afford that?

  • J0nDstr0y3r
    J0nDstr0y3r Hour ago

    me: getting ready for church mom: uhh, you serious? You cant wear sneakers to Sunday school. me: look closely, mom:

  • Adam
    Adam Hour ago

    You lost me at the airpods comment then the three hours comment then finally at the lightning connector.

  • Shyamdarshan Santosh

    Yo lew, could you do a review of the redmi note 8 pro?

  • big frosty
    big frosty Hour ago

    Can you review Haylou true wireless earbuds? I'd like to know your opinion. I think it's a great product for some consumers out there. You can find it on Amazon.

  • Abinandan P
    Abinandan P Hour ago

    Woah they changed the title for the trolls in the comment section 🤣

  • ALTA L.S
    ALTA L.S Hour ago

    this phone works in the metropsc company?

  • Darkness Rises
    Darkness Rises Hour ago

    How rich people go to church

  • NorthTexasJavi
    NorthTexasJavi Hour ago

    In other words these headphones are just a flex ?

  • Esmeralda Laraque

    Hé bien on ne fait que

  • Jon Gordon
    Jon Gordon Hour ago

    Beats should make subwoofers and amps

  • Peter The Great
    Peter The Great Hour ago

    As a developer, I switched and am using WSL. Not missing Apple at all.