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Unbox Therapy
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  • Tereza Malley
    Tereza Malley 5 hours ago

    So I did this and it kept playing my music off my phone not the audio book I wanted to listen to :(

  • Robert Bischel
    Robert Bischel 5 hours ago

    I still love my s10 5g. This one just doesn't catch me🤷‍♂️

  • Ethan Sky
    Ethan Sky 5 hours ago

    Samsung > motorola

  • Amanda Angueira
    Amanda Angueira 5 hours ago

    People complain about the dumbest things, many brands make cases that look exactly alike and priced differently. If you like it buy it if you don't then don't buy it. smh

  • m mars
    m mars 5 hours ago

    My ears are ringing. lol

  • John Burrell
    John Burrell 5 hours ago

    According to the website, you have a 3.4% chance to make your money back in the value of the product. I have no idea why you would not just buy and send it back (assuming that the company is trustworthy).

  • Chuck Magnuson
    Chuck Magnuson 5 hours ago

    Always true information I can rely on! Thank You

  • Muhammad Thufail
    Muhammad Thufail 5 hours ago

    my friend has a 69 dollar phone. i tapped google bar, it takes more than 2 seconds to open

  • Hassaan Uddin
    Hassaan Uddin 5 hours ago

    Well I'm done with these giant sixe phones....iphons 4s size was the ideal size.....iphone 11pro still in the single handed operation phone which is I appreciate

  • Nilima Reddy
    Nilima Reddy 5 hours ago

    Yes now finally camera has phone now.....

  • Stan Ihesiulo
    Stan Ihesiulo 5 hours ago


  • Stuart Dillon
    Stuart Dillon 5 hours ago

    Is it rfds blocking ?

    YRNJDT 5 hours ago

    This video starts off weird

  • scott willson
    scott willson 5 hours ago

    can't you x-ray the box?

  • Jeremy Johns
    Jeremy Johns 6 hours ago

    Roses are red Violets are blue The moment you've been waiting for is 8:22

  • Xing Hal
    Xing Hal 6 hours ago

    Well they could have got wireless charging built in to that handmade box lol

  • Jman 2081
    Jman 2081 6 hours ago

    This speaker is garbage.

  • Dr Pappa Pillz
    Dr Pappa Pillz 6 hours ago


  • Michael Alkis
    Michael Alkis 6 hours ago

    This would be good for virtual reality like holy

  • Brian Cigarroa
    Brian Cigarroa 6 hours ago

    1000$ speaker 😂😂😂😂😂

  • imran khan
    imran khan 6 hours ago

    so thankful I can fully help my family all cause of this *PaidToBeHome .com*

  • Just
    Just 6 hours ago

    I think we should protest

  • Anirudh Medicherla
    Anirudh Medicherla 6 hours ago

    Can u please put a link in the description. I go search up BlackPods and get a million results, and I have no idea which one to trust

  • Oc Yousif
    Oc Yousif 6 hours ago

    No matter how much companies make the phone cameras stronger and better still the real camera is the king

  • Anurag M.
    Anurag M. 6 hours ago

    mk so what if i buy 1000 of these boxes and hen return them all after 100 days and gain 1 million dollars, basically i made 900k, or forget 1000 what if i buy even more, cant anyone become a millionaire this way?

  • Angel De Leon
    Angel De Leon 6 hours ago

    what if I xray it?

  • Dell666 Lenovo69
    Dell666 Lenovo69 6 hours ago

    i think you need mental help

  • Evansenhle Nkosenhle

    Am I the only one viewing with j2?

  • Emili Casey
    Emili Casey 6 hours ago

    *Kevmitnic on lnsttagram just unlocked my Mac Pro*

  • Emili Casey
    Emili Casey 6 hours ago

    *Kevmitnic on lnsttagram just unlocked my Mac Pro*

  • Reggie Turner
    Reggie Turner 6 hours ago

    People making money off these false titles to get you to watch.

    AAMANDA GAMING 6 hours ago

    i also like the way u unbox !!! big fannn

  • Overseer59 Gaming
    Overseer59 Gaming 6 hours ago

    what does he do with all these phones and bluetooth ear buds

  • selim özyalçın
    selim özyalçın 6 hours ago

    Amazing bro

    AAMANDA GAMING 6 hours ago

    i can buy one gaming laptop !!!! cheap guy but no money

  • kheavenly
    kheavenly 6 hours ago

    manz really said *”aight ima head out”*

  • Michael Schmidt
    Michael Schmidt 6 hours ago

    Kids don't buy this!! Rather buy beer

  • Marcus Rudnik
    Marcus Rudnik 6 hours ago

    very cool this concept

  • kheavenly
    kheavenly 6 hours ago

    i love how he didn’t put any fingerprints on them

  • Ray Ray Payne
    Ray Ray Payne 6 hours ago

    Should get Barefoot sound speakers

  • Snowdawg10
    Snowdawg10 6 hours ago

    You fucking cretin

  • The Silly Seal Squad


  • Iam Flashin
    Iam Flashin 6 hours ago


  • copper 1776
    copper 1776 6 hours ago

    Great vid

  • some guy on the internet

    I just bought a $1,700 MSI ge63 radier rxt 2060 laptop and it f****** sucks!!! Low settings the best i got was 75 fps and it ate the batteries life under 45 minutes!! Wtf!!

  • HSTP
    HSTP 6 hours ago

    Lifted lenses are more prone to damage

  • Taki Taki
    Taki Taki 6 hours ago

    I want to get Samsung s20 but can’t afford it . So expensive 😰😭

  • M Jungclaus
    M Jungclaus 6 hours ago

    Unbox Therapy: Calls themselves Unbox Therapy Also Unbox Therapy: Starts video after phone is unboxed

  • Mujahid Omer
    Mujahid Omer 6 hours ago

    Great video and review. But my gosh, what is up with this quality of video? White balance is off, backdrops are unappealing and showing the spec by moving the camera to the laptop screen? 🤨 Looks like somebody needs a little lecture

  • Omar Ibrahim
    Omar Ibrahim 6 hours ago

    I’m gonna but 1, then after 100 days, I’ll be able to buy 10, then I’ll wait 100 more days and I’ll have $10,000. 200 days =$10,000. BRUHH

  • Nanosz
    Nanosz 6 hours ago

    Samsung z flip:*exists* Nokia flip phone:am i a joke to you?

  • Hong Thai
    Hong Thai 6 hours ago

    college pen for cheat cheat

  • Roblox Player
    Roblox Player 6 hours ago

    In Medicine Hat AB they were 176 dollars and how do I know that because I have them

    RED SENTINEL 6 hours ago

    9:41 wow imagine apple doing this but with full screen

  • gyno alvarez
    gyno alvarez 6 hours ago

    Easter Egg

  • Lolzy
    Lolzy 7 hours ago

    You guys should review the Samsung Galaxy A20

  • Syd White
    Syd White 7 hours ago

    Just imagine spending a hundred bucks just to get a pack of cards.

  • Jin Kazama
    Jin Kazama 7 hours ago

    Buy then scan it in xray. Open it if its a drone. Keep it for 100 days if its gum ball. Easy

  • Abdul Aziz Kazi
    Abdul Aziz Kazi 7 hours ago

    How do i order this box from india ?

  • Bella PaTPaT Penpen
    Bella PaTPaT Penpen 7 hours ago

    My Brain:Samsung Ultra My Heart:IPhone 11 Pro My Wallet:Nokia 3310

  • bullet D
    bullet D 7 hours ago

    jordan is miggy

  • Jake Kingston
    Jake Kingston 7 hours ago

    how much does the mystery box cost?

  • Yulius Halim
    Yulius Halim 7 hours ago

    I used to have one of these more than 10 years ago in Indonesia. After the company closed down, and we are unable to get replacement filters, it becomes an ornament to fill up an empty wall space.

  • a00r
    a00r 7 hours ago

    you could just xray the box

    IMMERGE REALM 7 hours ago


  • Paul Williams
    Paul Williams 7 hours ago

    Me: watching on the One Plus 7 Pro

  • simran devGUN
    simran devGUN 7 hours ago

    been averaging at least 4 yrs outta every xperia i have owned and they still work .the pace at which technology keeps evolving is insane .Sony is the most under rated phone manufacturer. first to launch waterproof phones (take under water photos) , 4K screen ,960 fps ,21:9 Still people complain about Bezels !

  • Rollin FG
    Rollin FG 7 hours ago

    That not even how u fk hold a karambit, it so obvious how u hold correctly BECAUSE THERE FK HOLE

  • Ben Wipf
    Ben Wipf 7 hours ago

    It's not glass

  • Phil Gali
    Phil Gali 7 hours ago

    too bad this company will go out of business... unless the box is xray proof... love the concept but, take it to the airport scan it then decides if you want to open it. or get 2 boxes open 1 weight it empty and then weight the other one if its gun or pokemon cards you can tell. 100 days put a reminder on the Callander then put it in the back of the cupboard

  • Aura RC
    Aura RC 7 hours ago

    Is this clickbait or is he really quitting apple?

  • Etag' '
    Etag' ' 7 hours ago

    Iphone camera is still better unlike your “beautification” Camera 😶

  • John Smith
    John Smith 7 hours ago

    Hauaw rips off everything. Never, ever buy a Chinese phone. They will soon be ripping off your fingernails. Apart from that, when you start doing edgy things with them you will see how much they fail. Test the phone battery life or just swallow the BS they lie about it, it will deteriorate fast too.

  • 1635265
    1635265 7 hours ago

    How can I install Apple maps on android phone? Is this even possible?

  • Erick Garcia
    Erick Garcia 7 hours ago

    Warren buffet xD xD xD

  • Cameron Feniuk
    Cameron Feniuk 7 hours ago

    Can you use this with ps4?

  • Choki Coki
    Choki Coki 7 hours ago

    i found 5 hidden mickey.

  • NUGGET Playz
    NUGGET Playz 7 hours ago

    Can anyone tell me a link to buy one of these

  • Frost Byte
    Frost Byte 7 hours ago

    Android phones are the best

  • Orenvungo Lotha
    Orenvungo Lotha 7 hours ago


  • The Dovakhiin
    The Dovakhiin 7 hours ago

    Yea I'm good with the S10 thank u very much

  • BlueIceMan GAMING
    BlueIceMan GAMING 7 hours ago

    I like that last second karambit

  • Michael Vance Bajilar

    How long does it record in 8k before it burns out?

  • Stephen Landicho
    Stephen Landicho 7 hours ago

    While this phone exists ...... Tim Cook: Hey !! Where’s my iPhone

  • Jhay Jhay
    Jhay Jhay 7 hours ago

    I had s6 plus before with huge edges display, I think the reason why they minimized the Edges on their latest devices because it is not good for watching video or Gaming(edges) and you accidentally touches the side screens plus it is not easy to grip.

  • Jip van de laar
    Jip van de laar 7 hours ago

    its not glass, its still plastic

  • Anthony Chopra
    Anthony Chopra 7 hours ago

    i know i can almost fold all my fingers the other way. folding humans

  • PopoPes
    PopoPes 7 hours ago

    Ngaf about you boiii😎

  • Isaiah Villalobos
    Isaiah Villalobos 7 hours ago

    This man has pewdiepies number of subs but with iPhone 11s

  • Deep hug
    Deep hug 7 hours ago

    “They offered me 1000 dollars not to open this” I’m pretty sure that’s called a price

  • Jatziry Viridiana Quintero Rubio

    Mé regalas uno

  • James Woolley
    James Woolley 7 hours ago

    I honestly like the design of the Galaxy Fold better

  • Sticker Chief
    Sticker Chief 7 hours ago


  • Chad klopfenstein
    Chad klopfenstein 7 hours ago

    I look like the first iPhone and the 11 phone 11 pro put together

  • EAP
    EAP 7 hours ago

    Imagine if it just popped

  • Liam Caughey
    Liam Caughey 7 hours ago

    Completely rigged, buy 10 then I'll beleive

  • Sesamifish
    Sesamifish 7 hours ago

    The fact that he is eating this isn’t stressing me out, the fact that he did dip it in lemon is pissing me off.

  • Conservative Canuck
    Conservative Canuck 7 hours ago

    I just found a security flaw with this phone.. I can bypass lock screen passcode and fingerprint easily, in fact too easily, with no tools... Contacted Huawei, bitches better pay me or the world gets to see how

  • The Nomad Lifestyle
    The Nomad Lifestyle 8 hours ago

    Yeah the crease is definitely there. But I could get used to it. I'd like to see this one being used in MOBA games. Would the fold actually affect the game's graphics and all.

  • Ivan
    Ivan 8 hours ago

    I switched from my s9+ to the 11 pro max and I love it, before my s9 I had an iPhone 6, I kinda always switch back and forth. I think it honestly doesn’t matter, a phone is a phone and it’s all up to what someone wants