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  • Nigel Dunn
    Nigel Dunn 57 minutes ago

    Really looking forward to what the safc fans tv make of this one. They've really put the effort in this season to inform and entertain.

  • João Vitor Souza Vilela

    Go Sunderland! (Brazilian)

  • Khalil Martin
    Khalil Martin 3 hours ago

    Where’s wykeys drop kick

  • Thane SAFC
    Thane SAFC 4 hours ago

    Well done lads now get 6 points from the next 2 games then I'll be even more happy

  • David Camargo
    David Camargo 5 hours ago


  • Tanyi Franç
    Tanyi Franç 5 hours ago

    Macclaurkin is to me the man of the match

  • Peter Aiton
    Peter Aiton 5 hours ago


  • Magic Pulse
    Magic Pulse 12 hours ago

    Jack Ross not even clapping fans. What do you think of this ?

  • Paki Basher Bob
    Paki Basher Bob 12 hours ago

    2:03 the face you make when you bust a huge nut.

  • Kat Croft
    Kat Croft 12 hours ago

    Well done lads keep it up

  • Rory Heath
    Rory Heath 12 hours ago

    Can tell ross was trying to stay calm but at the end shows how important the win was

  • Choaz Nitro
    Choaz Nitro 13 hours ago

    Ha’way the ladsss!!! 🔴⚪️🔴⚪️🔴⚪️🔴⚪️ a great win today keep it up

  • Nigel Dunn
    Nigel Dunn 14 hours ago

    Credit where credits due. Well done

  • 2 blonde Nuggets
    2 blonde Nuggets 14 hours ago

    Good job on the will lads

  • David Howes
    David Howes 20 hours ago

    Showing goals in a game u lost against us ha fucking sados

  • WashingtonSAFC

    I know it's televised, I know it's a half twelve kick off, BUT... 800 away supporters is absolutely tragic.

  • DecentStuff
    DecentStuff Day ago

    Sunderland got the better of us last year ahahahaha Let’s look at the record: We played 5 times, Sunderland beat us once, we drew twice and we beat them twice We beat them more than they beat us, were the better side

  • Shoaib Rahmati

    I get emotional 😭 when this song is playing

  • Daveboy Pomp
    Daveboy Pomp Day ago

    Pompey are stronger this year. Even though we lost Lowe and Clarke., Think we will come away with at least one point, all three if we score first . PUP ⚽️⚪️🔵👊

  • Micah Jones23
    Micah Jones23 2 days ago

    Sunderland til I die

  • cyber_geoff_1
    cyber_geoff_1 2 days ago

    you guys talk some shite

  • RJ 7102000
    RJ 7102000 2 days ago

    Selling Matthews big L

  • Sunderland Fan AFC
    Sunderland Fan AFC 2 days ago

    Miss the prem

  • Jack Dodds
    Jack Dodds 2 days ago

    Great podcast lads, can’t wait for Saturday now

  • Neymar Jr *not real*

    Were probably gonna draw against you as again you love your draws

    SAFCCAM 2 days ago

    I can see an improved performance but unfortunately another draw because Portsmouth are a good side.

  • blue army
    blue army 2 days ago

    Would disagree that Kenny Jacketts attitude rubs off onto our fans/players, Kenny is the most relaxed professional manager we've had for a while and doesn't show any real passion on the touchline at all...our fans and players are the complete opposite if anything which is why there were calls for Jacketts head last season, no passion, and mostly drab football. His style can be effective but it's awful to watch every week.

  • pompeyazza
    pompeyazza 2 days ago

    Going to be close

  • The True Supporter
    The True Supporter 2 days ago

    First love safc safc till I die ha’way’the’lads can’t be ther but come on

  • kris reddin
    kris reddin 2 days ago

    from a pompey fan, Onien is a class young lad, hasnt got caught up in "interview digs" and handled last years fratton park events very well.

  • Rory Coupland
    Rory Coupland 2 days ago

    Sunderland were not better than Pompey last season 5 place 4 2-2 (5-4) pk

  • blue army
    blue army 2 days ago

    Big fan of O'Nien, handled himself brilliantly when one of our fans decided to throw a punch at him and clearly has respect that not all of our fans are like that. Got to say the 3 teams that went up last season were the 3 that deserved it most, I'd be very surprised if both us and Sunderland aren't pushing for a top 2 spot until the end. Think Ipswich and Rotherham are going to be our main rivals but also some dark horses in the League as well. I'm making the journey up to Sunderland on Saturday morning at about 4am, very much looking forward to the game it's a shame it's a 12:30 ko meaning we won't sell out our away allocation though. Sure it'll be a good game again

  • Choaz Nitro
    Choaz Nitro 2 days ago

    C’mon Sunderland we got this game in the bag!!

  • Andrew
    Andrew 2 days ago

    Ready for another chorus of their only song IF they score. Worst fans I've ever seen

    • Andrew
      Andrew Day ago

      I suggest going to a match. Do they not have the commentary on the pub screen?

    • David Read
      David Read Day ago

      WHEN they score. I've SEEN Sunderland fans......never ever heard them though....... must whisper.

  • George Smith
    George Smith 3 days ago

    Pompey fan here and good luck for Saturday Sunderland 💙❤️ Both got the best sets of fans here

  • ResinatedOnRS
    ResinatedOnRS 3 days ago

    Love McGeady's play style. No nonsense, no half-assed efforts, no waiting for the ball to come to him. He sees an opportunity and isn't afraid to seize it without hesitation. He's the kind of player that can take the game by the bollocks and make it his own. Amazing quality footballer. Ha'way the lads.

  • Antonio Lee Alvarado

    They should sign mastour, jedinak, klich, or ben arfa

  • Território MLS
    Território MLS 3 days ago


  • Mark Lundie
    Mark Lundie 3 days ago

    Great win and nice football by the boys!

  • MrScratchingz
    MrScratchingz 3 days ago

    McNulty looking class

  • Robbie BARTON
    Robbie BARTON 3 days ago

    Any1 notice mcgeady was wearing 49 on training shirt⁉️

  • William Shaw
    William Shaw 3 days ago

    McGeadys number isn't 49 is it?

  • Jack Broom
    Jack Broom 3 days ago

    Good luck against Portsmouth can someone tell will grigg to cheer up and spur him to work harder and never stop moving while he's on the pitch we need him happy I'm not going to put him down he's had enough of tht now it's not gunna help him we need to get behind the lad

  • Footy Monster
    Footy Monster 3 days ago

    What has the kitman done with McGeady strip. 49? A bit odd that

  • Keaton Loader
    Keaton Loader 3 days ago

    right not just saying this cus I'm a pompey fan the geezer at end who looks like he's got a few youngers I in the airing cupboard "we got the better of them and played the better football " you legit beat us once 😂 anyway fuck it respect to luke for the praise 😂

  • Nigel Dunn
    Nigel Dunn 3 days ago

    Lads stuff the PR side and practice your passing. Let Sunderland fans Tv do the talking you guys just listen for once... You be better for it......

    • Nigel Dunn
      Nigel Dunn 20 hours ago

      @dinsdaleblue Keep the faith brother. But keep the guardians of SAFC to account.

    • dinsdaleblue
      dinsdaleblue Day ago

      Naively optimistic, it's the Sunderland way I guess. Keep the faith Nigel.

    • Nigel Dunn
      Nigel Dunn 2 days ago

      @dinsdaleblue I know and I know its their cash. But its now down to the performance on the field. Last year I thought give it till Christmas and look what happened.

    • dinsdaleblue
      dinsdaleblue 2 days ago

      You're a cynical one Dunny.

    • Nigel Dunn
      Nigel Dunn 3 days ago

      @dinsdaleblue But this is not a true dialogue this is a pr stunt where we will tell you what we want you to hear and divert you from the real issues that effect your no sorry Our club.

  • Riley Heap
    Riley Heap 3 days ago


  • covington race
    covington race 3 days ago

    To get back to the championship we need 2 more players of mcgeadys quality, the premiership we need 5

    • Ronnie Nicolson
      Ronnie Nicolson 2 days ago

      Watching the bottom half teams in the premiership and comparing them to us shows just how far we have sunk and how much catching up we have to do. I cannot see at this stage how long it would take to get there. We need to find our own talent through the academy because buying our way to say Burnley's level would need huge investment and the right people to do it.

    • Jack Dodds
      Jack Dodds 3 days ago

      Nah I just have the brain capacity to realise there’s a slight difference between the full backs from teams like Accrington Stanley and the likes of Manchester city

    • Taffy Mackem
      Taffy Mackem 3 days ago

      @Jack Dodds you need to go to specsavers 👁👁

    • Jack Dodds
      Jack Dodds 3 days ago

      covington race mcgeady isn’t good enough for the prem😂

  • The Bozzman
    The Bozzman 3 days ago

    Luke giving praise to the Portsmouth fans 😂

  • HanPan
    HanPan 3 days ago

    Did Geads forget his kit? 49🤣

    • AS85
      AS85 3 days ago

      HanPan that is his knew number

  • David Camargo
    David Camargo 3 days ago

    Gooch is a beast💪👏🔝

  • The Ferret
    The Ferret 3 days ago

    League far more important than this cup game Pompey wont fold n roll over like accy did.

  • Choaz Nitro
    Choaz Nitro 3 days ago

    I think there were more Sunderland fans than Accrington 🔴⚪️🔴⚪️

  • Robbie BARTON
    Robbie BARTON 3 days ago


  • Hasan s
    Hasan s 3 days ago


    JACK MANNERS 3 days ago

    Yes boys what a win

  • Choaz Nitro
    Choaz Nitro 3 days ago

    Ha’way the lads 🔴⚪️🔴⚪️🔴⚪️🔴⚪️🔴⚪️

  • Mixi Fan
    Mixi Fan 3 days ago


  • iLeopard
    iLeopard 3 days ago

    Honestly the negativity in this club is unreal. Not on here but we win 3-1 and people still want Ross out. What the fuck do they think we are Man City? It’s actually disgusting, they all sing Sunderland til I die and they do nothing but slate the club.

  • Paki Basher Bob
    Paki Basher Bob 3 days ago

    McNulty is probably the striker we needed the past two seasons

  • Morgan Gray
    Morgan Gray 3 days ago

    Great game, Burnley away next round. Ha'way the lads

    SAFCCAM 3 days ago

    Wyke and McNulty up front for Saturday

    • Jaxon Ridley
      Jaxon Ridley 3 days ago

      We need wyke, so that the pointless long balls we try have something to work off

    • Matthew Rutherford
      Matthew Rutherford 3 days ago

      Wyke to win the headers, mcnulty to do the ground work

    • Choaz Nitro
      Choaz Nitro 3 days ago

      I think McGeady and mcnulty up front and Wyke playing cam or something if one of thems not on then yeah 100% Wyke and mcnulty

    • SeN Braf
      SeN Braf 3 days ago

      SAFCCAM I aggree

  • Dylan Thynne
    Dylan Thynne 3 days ago

    Mcgeady magic

  • Maisen Kemp
    Maisen Kemp 3 days ago

    Sunderland are the best

  • W Moses
    W Moses 3 days ago

    2:43 I swear we played in our blue kit

  • Lynne Thomas
    Lynne Thomas 5 days ago

    Barnes & Benno what a fantastic double act great radio presenters ⚽️🇦🇹🇦🇹🇦🇹

  • CallMeYahoo
    CallMeYahoo 5 days ago

    Lol your shit

  • Steven
    Steven 6 days ago

    We're shocking defensively

  • jamboSAFC
    jamboSAFC 6 days ago

    Defence is absolute shite. Honestly in all the time watching safc dont think ive seen a worse defence. If our CB were any slower they would end up backwards and weak as piss

  • Dan Scott
    Dan Scott 6 days ago

    What highlights??

  • DJRoyston18
    DJRoyston18 6 days ago


  • mark mascoll
    mark mascoll 6 days ago

    Burges in mcLAUGHlin out

  • Jacob Yacob
    Jacob Yacob 6 days ago

    Great play by McNulty

  • Fracture
    Fracture 6 days ago

    McNulty is already gonna be better then Grigg this season. His work effort trying to win the ball is constant. We wouldn’t of got the point today without him.🔴⚪️

    • macca999311
      macca999311 5 days ago

      Hope it rubs off on the rest of them

  • Nigel Dunn
    Nigel Dunn 6 days ago

    One club our club so why aren't SAFC listening to the fans........

  • MarcusRS
    MarcusRS 6 days ago

    That camera man deserves the sack, shameful to think I'm paying for it. Spent more time gazing at the roof than the pitch.

    • Inter Yanan
      Inter Yanan 3 days ago

      Must have thought it was better than watching league one dross...

  • CR 1987
    CR 1987 6 days ago

    Embarrassing defending. Hume is dreadful. Okay, young lad but not ready. We need a new LB. Jack Ross' tactics are so bad, he's out of his depth and doesn't have a plan. Why not keep last season's formation ??? And sign pace and height we needed rather than swapping to this formation before even working on it in pre season. Just go back to 451. McNulty done well for the assist.

  • Eamster
    Eamster 6 days ago

    Another 1-1 draw or draw in general, most would be content that we didn't lose but ffs we aren't going to get anywhere again if we keep this up, Sunderland are a top club but the way things are at the moment we really don't deserve to be even a championship side because that's how far we've fallen and the problems weren't just the owners. We can't attract players anymore that are considered the best in the league or a step up now. I hope this changes quickly I think last season was the hardest for us to take.

  • Swxty
    Swxty 6 days ago

    we need to start playing like a team, sticking to a formation and stop allowing our opposition to walk straight through us, well played lads

  • mark mascoll
    mark mascoll 6 days ago

    1.34 how do Ipswich go from that position to gettin a ball into the box walking past 2 players man fukin shite

  • mark mascoll
    mark mascoll 6 days ago

    Conceding a goal from the inside post man mcLAUGHlin shouldnt be in the give burge a start cant be any worse and will give the lad some confidenceand he'llwant to prove himself...all mcLAUGHlin ever does when he has the ball is smash it down the middle to a player with 3 opponents around him and if u look on either side both full backs are in miles of space

    • mark mascoll
      mark mascoll 6 days ago

      @Taye Edwards '22 nah bother wer shite

    • Taye Edwards '22
      Taye Edwards '22 6 days ago

      You want Jason Steele or Lee Camp back? 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mitchell m
    Mitchell m 6 days ago

    Gooch again thank you for playing him he ads a spark and a bit if dynamo on attack

    • SunderlandAFC 01
      SunderlandAFC 01 6 days ago

      Mitchell m he’s fucking shit only scored a lucky goal coz they gave the ball away and he was in a simple position anyone can score tha but the whole team needs sorting out jack Ross out

  • Dean Wallace
    Dean Wallace 6 days ago

    Terrible that like where was the midfield nobody pressing the ball

  • Col A North East
    Col A North East 6 days ago

    Ran through our defenders quite easily for their goal!

  • David Dodds
    David Dodds 6 days ago

    Awful defensively

  • Ken Towers
    Ken Towers 6 days ago

    Shocking first half performance in general but defensively they were atrocious. A point away was a good result - we should have been 3-0 down at half time Scraped a point last week at home when should have been beaten so 2 lucky points in my opinion

  • mark mascoll
    mark mascoll 6 days ago

    ROSS OUT ...useless Scottish wanker...still messing around with formation has no stability...doesnt start THE CAPTAIN ..i could continue for hours

  • Emily Lunn
    Emily Lunn 6 days ago

    Mate first 5 seconds shocking defending jeez

  • s j c
    s j c 6 days ago

    Gifted the goal by town first half no threat to towns goal at all Lucky point

  • johngraham03
    johngraham03 6 days ago

    Looks like we were second best all game. Don’t blame Ross, the players need to step up and show their potential

  • Ahmet Mazlum
    Ahmet Mazlum 7 days ago

    Flanagan trash

  • John Simpson
    John Simpson 7 days ago

    Starting to sound like the mags.Ross out fans it's only the second game of the season for godsake .wait till see what happens after Stanley .porsmouth Wimbledon .then if not good enough sack him .a point at Ipswich is ok

    • The Ferret
      The Ferret 6 days ago

      John Simpson....won one of last 6 games last season didnt show up in play off final lost checkertrade final only team beaten in pre season was South shields.drew first 2 games this season and have been useless....response please.?

  • Antonio Lee Alvarado

    Take Simon Grayson Back!!!

  • Antonio Lee Alvarado


  • Sunderland Fan AFC
    Sunderland Fan AFC 7 days ago


  • Laura Trotter
    Laura Trotter 7 days ago

    The thing I dont understand is how leadbitter is the captain but he doesn't start

  • Morgan Gray
    Morgan Gray 7 days ago

    Jack Ross Fuck Off NOW

  • Nigel Dunn
    Nigel Dunn 7 days ago

    Wow before the match we actually look like a team that's going to win something....

  • ollieCseven
    ollieCseven 7 days ago

    Not the best start to the season but we need to stick with jack ross for a little bit longer, to at least give him a chance to put it right. To sack a manager after 2 games isn’t right. Even if his tactics have been shit 🔴⚪️🔴⚪️

    • mark mascoll
      mark mascoll 6 days ago

      Its not 2 games...itsall last season PLUS these 2 games

    • C40
      C40 6 days ago

      He had all of last season

  • Tailend Charlie
    Tailend Charlie 7 days ago

    im 48 and supporting the rokermen since stan cummings played. i dont know how much more i can take.

    • Taffy Mackem
      Taffy Mackem 6 days ago

      @Tailend Charlie I agree. Its at the point now where im not even disapointed anymore because I expect it.

    • Tailend Charlie
      Tailend Charlie 6 days ago

      @Taffy Mackem we deserve better. we have lurched from one crisis to another for decades. theres something wrong mate.

    • Taffy Mackem
      Taffy Mackem 6 days ago

      Welcome to my world

    • Desmond's Donders
      Desmond's Donders 6 days ago

      LOL 59 and despair of the team these days.