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Green Day - She (Official Audio)
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Green Day Best Rock MTV EMA 2013
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Another message from Billie Joe
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A message from Billie Joe
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Green Day - ¡Cuatro! Teaser #4
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Green Day - ¡Cuatro! Teaser #3
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Green Day - ¡Cuatro! Teaser #2
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Green Day - ¡Cuatro! Teaser #1
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Green Day: "Holiday" - [Official Video]
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Green Day - American Idiot
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Green Day: "Oh Love" - [Official Video]
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Green Day 5/2
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Green Day 4/27
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Green Day 4/24
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Green Day 4/4
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Green Day 3/28
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Green Day 3/22
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Green Day 3/14
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Green Day 3/2
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Green Day 2/29
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Green Day 2/24
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    Ocasio HAS THOUGHTS 47 seconds ago

    Take me back to the 90s this is shit.

  • Mia E.G
    Mia E.G Minute ago

    What kind of babies billy eating?

  • Will Fetters
    Will Fetters 2 minutes ago

    Want to hear the same song but better? Fire - Jimi Hendrix

  • Dr Kapooya
    Dr Kapooya 4 minutes ago

    1:28 was that a boo? Like, excuse me???!!!!

  • TinyManNasty
    TinyManNasty 8 minutes ago

    I love miss bwete, this song must be influenced by Green Day.

  • Max Gibson
    Max Gibson 8 minutes ago

    Hi (sorry for my English)

  • Tyler’s Nacho Bell Grande

    15 years...

  • chuletas de gato
    chuletas de gato 9 minutes ago

    Ya no sé si estoy escuchando Green day o bring me the horizon

  • SlothSkates
    SlothSkates 9 minutes ago

    Tickets sold out to fast for me to get hella mega tickets! :(

    SZEJDUR 12 minutes ago

    Parada równości z Polski! Green Day jesteście wielcy! <3

  • The Best Of 1997
    The Best Of 1997 12 minutes ago

    This is bullshit

  • falchulk
    falchulk 14 minutes ago

    This shit sucks.

  • Matthew Duke
    Matthew Duke 14 minutes ago

    This sucks!

  • balba 02
    balba 02 15 minutes ago

    Y de pronto... aparece un comentario salvaje en español

  • Toni Villatoro garcia
    Toni Villatoro garcia 17 minutes ago

    1:28 apenas y se pudo escuchar esa hermosa voz de billy, q pedo no estuvo muy chida como suelen hacerlas

  • Chenoa Bryan
    Chenoa Bryan 17 minutes ago

    Sounds like an annoying commercial.

  • Alam Brito
    Alam Brito 17 minutes ago


  • Sebastian Barretto
    Sebastian Barretto 19 minutes ago

    What the fuck this shit? , Where is it green day ? 💔

  • Spock From Star Wars
    Spock From Star Wars 20 minutes ago

    This has got to be a troll, right?

  • ᗪAMoήrỮ ➈➆
    ᗪAMoήrỮ ➈➆ 22 minutes ago

    Honestly I don't like how the vocals are edited,makes it sound like an generic radio rock song

  • SryzeL
    SryzeL 24 minutes ago

    it's september, how come you're awake?

  • nds84
    nds84 27 minutes ago


  • nds84
    nds84 28 minutes ago


  • Psylocke
    Psylocke 29 minutes ago

    Smh None of them are aging but whatever been in love with this been since 2003 Green Day forever see you next year

  • Neon secret
    Neon secret 30 minutes ago

    OOO “COME ON HONEY” (c) all rights reserved.

  • nds84
    nds84 31 minute ago

    Una mierda

  • Brunno Quaresma
    Brunno Quaresma 32 minutes ago

    I'm so so happy ! 😍

  • John Nania
    John Nania 33 minutes ago


  • Brett Richardson
    Brett Richardson 33 minutes ago

    Black Keys much?

  • Matt Ryan Watts
    Matt Ryan Watts 34 minutes ago

    As a fan of Green Day from 1039 slappy hrs - Warning, do any of you actually like this version of Green Day? They have become the antithesis of what they were all about. What defined Green Day is no longer in existence. The attitude is gone. I get it, they’re older, and you need to evolve, but don’t become your own enemy. I know they have it in them to write good shit again, but this trying to be cute with outfits and shit is just horrible. Green Day has become Nickelback. Corporate rock cheese. These aren’t the same guys who wrote Insomniac. They’re better than this. Much, much better....

  • Soros Bérenc
    Soros Bérenc 34 minutes ago

    Damn you look younger than me , but u're nearly the same age as my father

  • Swami Mami1014
    Swami Mami1014 34 minutes ago

    If only I could get tickets for the tour😭😭😭😭 They dont even tour near me

  • Nitin Chauhan
    Nitin Chauhan 36 minutes ago

    You sound so different in that Billie

  • Shadow Wolf
    Shadow Wolf 38 minutes ago

    This poor bank has been robbed so many times by so many different bands

  • wiNd TigER
    wiNd TigER 38 minutes ago

    Editan wetan band - when i came around (green day)

  • TheTabaK23
    TheTabaK23 39 minutes ago

    This is awful

  • BlackSam347
    BlackSam347 39 minutes ago

    Not feeling it. Doesn’t sound like Green Day

  • Alex Jackson
    Alex Jackson 40 minutes ago

    Not a fan this song is annoying to me

  • sitnger73
    sitnger73 40 minutes ago

    yeah..... You guys USE to be good. but not anymore. I was thinking about getting tickets for the show, but no. Not gonna happen. If the Interrupters are gonna be opening in Europe, then I would go see ONLY them. Not worth the listen anymore. USE to be good.

  • Márton Bálint
    Márton Bálint 41 minute ago

    When you’re a Liverpool fan, so you’ll never walk alone

  • Ján Farkaš
    Ján Farkaš 43 minutes ago

    Why? Why that rickenbacker?

  • Андрей
    Андрей 43 minutes ago

    2019-2020 years of comeback"s

  • Avid_Gamer
    Avid_Gamer 43 minutes ago

    I'm still waiting for the April Fools prank saying this isn't really Billy Joe singing. Wait... It's september?! Oh. Well.... everything is great except for the falsetto. I miss that Billy Joe sound.

  • Emanuele Scimeca
    Emanuele Scimeca 45 minutes ago

    Vi aspetto a Firenze ♥️🍃

  • Hojo Shogux
    Hojo Shogux 46 minutes ago

    Mike Dirnt wearing sleeves? I dont think this is green day anymore

  • Dominika Centkowska
    Dominika Centkowska 47 minutes ago

    There is a scene in this video from Warsaw Pride which I participated in! Thank you Green Day for placing it! ❤️🏳️‍🌈

  • maquillartemas
    maquillartemas 49 minutes ago

    loved it

  • Sabit Ullah
    Sabit Ullah 50 minutes ago

    Woah ❤

  • Luke Clifford
    Luke Clifford 51 minute ago


  • I am a Unicorn and I don't believe in Humans

    I first heard this song in 4th grade. It was my favorite. That hasn't changed now that I'm in 11th grade.

  • jvoz613
    jvoz613 53 minutes ago

    fuck this.

  • Saulo Souza
    Saulo Souza 55 minutes ago

    "We wanted to make something about dancing. Anxiety. Tribalism. Joy.. and straight up violence. " Thats just, Awesome!

    NICKENO 55 minutes ago


  • Iris Alonzo
    Iris Alonzo 55 minutes ago

    one republic?

  • pacineq
    pacineq 55 minutes ago

    It sounds better after a few beers.

  • Leire Fernández Bravo
    Leire Fernández Bravo 55 minutes ago

    Absolutely honest opinion from a long-time Green Day fan: this video reminds me a bit of the Holiday one and it's VERRRRRY nice to have them around making music and giving us food for the soul but I can't help but feel that maybe they sound a bit as is they were stuck? Of course, the rest of the album is yet to come, but BJ with his voice modified and the same old story of middle fingers and just a few shots of Mike and Tré... I don't know. I feels old to me. Still, really, really happy to hear them agan and so excited for being able to see them, even though I have to go abroad to do so! I adore them.

  • Devynn Rosalie
    Devynn Rosalie 56 minutes ago

    I almost cried when I found out green day came out with a new song. I freaked out in the car lol. Yes if you are wondering,I am 11

  • Enrique iglesias Dz
    Enrique iglesias Dz 56 minutes ago

    only 2 million views ? this song is underrated

  • Xhekbrokoxhek
    Xhekbrokoxhek 57 minutes ago

    One FUCKING MINUTE?!?!?!?

  • Bastos
    Bastos 57 minutes ago

    Thanks to put Dagoba wall of death in your video clip ! We appreciate ! See you soon ! \m/

  • LifeOfNate
    LifeOfNate 58 minutes ago

    I remember when Green Day made good music. It was the 90s. And early 2000s. Now I don’t hear Green Day anymore, I hear 🗑

  • Sandy Martin Welch
    Sandy Martin Welch 59 minutes ago


  • sky Archila
    sky Archila Hour ago

    I'm screaming!!

  • Henry.
    Henry. Hour ago

    Me before watching the video: Nice, another Green Day's video Me after watching the video: *wait, wut*

  • Dwi Mella
    Dwi Mella Hour ago

    this song will always be my memories since 3rd grades (now 22) hahah i love this song until i see the video clip now (bless me i'm not watching this when i was childhood) 😂😂

  • Cesar Hernandez Garcia

    Estas perdiendo estilo Billie Joe, pero buena musica...

  • Emmett Oliver
    Emmett Oliver Hour ago

    The guy who said bohemian rapsody wasn't a song and wouldn't make it as a hit.. well what's he saying now?

  • Felipe Puerta
    Felipe Puerta Hour ago

    The Green Days

  • DON JONS creations

    Love you green day

  • YoungAlpha
    YoungAlpha Hour ago


  • I. Thoiba
    I. Thoiba Hour ago

    1:25 isnt that Dagoba's concert that wall of death oof ..

  • Nenad Popov
    Nenad Popov Hour ago

    Nice one! Keep up the great work!

  • Nino Gorišek
    Nino Gorišek Hour ago

    Nice offical video guys

  • Kowshik Sarker
    Kowshik Sarker Hour ago

    I walk alone is still the best of u guys & one of the best of all tym...

    • Pedro G.V.
      Pedro G.V. 7 minutes ago

      ................... You know it's called Boulevard of broken dreams right

  • Lucas Valentinno

    Vocês são fodas 🤘🏽

  • frank bartram
    frank bartram Hour ago

    No olviden dejar su like para ponerlo en tendencia saludos.

  • Sanctus Lion
    Sanctus Lion Hour ago

    Come to Argentina :)

  • Rizki Agam
    Rizki Agam Hour ago


    TIM ACE Hour ago


  • Enrico Mazzone
    Enrico Mazzone Hour ago

    How from green they finally turned out red??

  • メダ瞬アンドロ

    Mi infancia y mi vida

  • Marlene Scariot
    Marlene Scariot Hour ago

    No hay nada como volver a esas bandas tan significativas como las que guarda nuestra adolescencia.

  • Gihan Madusanka
    Gihan Madusanka Hour ago

    2019 anyone ???

  • MrHumphries
    MrHumphries Hour ago

    Stick as many effects on your voice and guitars as you like but it can't mask a shite song.A really shite song.

  • Patrick BtlesGrndy

    We're excited for the Concert!! For so many decades that we've been waiting for, finally it will happen next year in Manila!! See you there 3idiots. 🎤

  • sayonara
    sayonara Hour ago

    What happened to the real Green Day?? 😢 where are they?? 😢

  • Mr. Clean
    Mr. Clean Hour ago

    Green Day releasing music and videos takes me to a much more simpler time

  • Mickey McLane
    Mickey McLane Hour ago

    Ugh? Not the Green Day I remember. Bummer but you gotta keep making that money I guess. Not saying it's a terrible song or anything but this is NOT Green Day. 😒😔

  • cassi farcas
    cassi farcas Hour ago

    I was feeling alone today and this sent my memory straight to this song, even though I haven't listened to it in more than 6 years I guess my early adolescence really was shitty 😅

  • Joey Cano
    Joey Cano Hour ago

    Gonna watch this another 10 times just to catch all the details 🤘🖕

  • m94h
    m94h Hour ago

    1:25 "For Frodo"

  • AL Eguia
    AL Eguia Hour ago

    Rock Punk Jesus...

  • Ron Coonrod
    Ron Coonrod Hour ago

    I love QOTSA though so I'm not complaining.

  • Sebastian Prusik

    The song was like: "meh" after first listening, but it gets much better every another time, love it!

  • Adam Bradley
    Adam Bradley Hour ago

    yes life isn't over anymore there back and doing great

  • Ron Coonrod
    Ron Coonrod Hour ago

    Sounds like Queens of the Stone Age. Like, a lot.

  • Amir Hinostroza
    Amir Hinostroza Hour ago


  • Abhiroop Datta
    Abhiroop Datta Hour ago

    I have tears. Listening to green day after 5 years at a time when I needed to hear this song the most

  • blues nspire
    blues nspire Hour ago

    Father of All....Green Day 🤘💣🤘🎸🤘😈🤘

  • Soviético Raiz
    Soviético Raiz Hour ago

    Is unbelievable how the Green day continue to have a essence of 80s