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Biggest WWE Regrets 2019
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Are AEW In Trouble?
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  • David Cooper
    David Cooper 4 minutes ago

    Becky n charlotte vs the kabuki warriors makes sense if theyre going to build charlotte vs becky for wrestlemania

  • Wynters
    Wynters 9 minutes ago

    I'm the 4,000th like on the video :)

  • Matt Babbs
    Matt Babbs 13 minutes ago

    Cedric Alexander (if he does want to go)

  • Axe Adaptor
    Axe Adaptor 16 minutes ago

    A Kofi Heel Turn Wont be that big if Woods isnt there with him and E

  • William Amacker
    William Amacker 17 minutes ago

    Your right about the women’s division in the AEW is there weak point 🤘🤔🧐

  • CosplayCameraBro
    CosplayCameraBro 19 minutes ago


  • Dauthor
    Dauthor 26 minutes ago

    I believe that Finn and Ciampa are going to be used as "gatekeepers" in the same manner they use Ohno, Dain, and the Fashion Police.

  • Brandon Newby
    Brandon Newby 28 minutes ago

    #4 looking at it today ... 🤣🤣 Shane vs Stephanie much?

  • Jorel Montes
    Jorel Montes 30 minutes ago

    I remember how the fans turned on The Rock in 2002/2003 when he was a Babyface , that was a great heel turn by the Rock at the time.

  • dayve3
    dayve3 42 minutes ago

    12:50 for AEW

  • Maurice Robinson
    Maurice Robinson 51 minute ago

    Release Braun Strowman

  • Maurice Robinson
    Maurice Robinson 52 minutes ago

    Release Roman reigns

  • Maurice Robinson
    Maurice Robinson 53 minutes ago

    Release Asuka

  • Maurice Robinson
    Maurice Robinson 54 minutes ago

    Release THE FIEND

  • Tacotikki
    Tacotikki 58 minutes ago

    Why should most people know who this Marty guy is? Honestly never heard of him so it really doesn’t matter if he is on aew or not. Dudes not a needle mover.

  • Samurai Gaming
    Samurai Gaming 58 minutes ago

    Wwe: ok you can copy but don’t make it to obvious TNA: ok got it

  • William Amacker
    William Amacker 59 minutes ago

    AEW is a better product 🤔🧐🤘👍😎

  • William Amacker
    William Amacker 59 minutes ago

    Your WWE LOVERS 🤢🤢🤮👎

  • Jacob Boss
    Jacob Boss Hour ago

    What you give a down to a no Kenny at the end promo cmon why don't you next time buy a ticket for a live show and enjoy off television, as by your reasoning why don't you down every house show as well, just dumb reasoning.

  • William Amacker
    William Amacker Hour ago

    Leo rush sucks as a champion 🤔🧐🤢🤢🤮👎

  • Jonny Knapp
    Jonny Knapp Hour ago

    You couldn't have used a pre recorded MJF promo on the same show that Cody cuts the live one it's responding to. He wouldn't have logistically had the time to film it, edit it and get it on the show in time. I'm 99% it'll be on Dynamite tonight and I want that down rescinded if it does!

  • Skandral The GameCat

    I'd say Vince really hated it when Moxley walked down at AEW Double or Nothing.

    HELVES Hour ago

    How i wish to travel between time like you do on your show. Simon Rock!!!

  • jedidethfreak
    jedidethfreak Hour ago

    Unpopular opinion - I loved the Mr. America story.

  • Bondo McJefferson

    I thought it was Cedric Alexander in that pic! Wow to Big Swole's story! Given 30 minutes to live. It makes me like her even more to come back from that and had a kid and could wrestle!!

  • Amateur Barbarian

    No mention of Doug Gilbert (1996)? Curt Hennig’s (on commentary) reaction is comedy gold.

  • Your One Black Friend Who Gave you the N Word Pass

    There was a very specific time in my childhood where I really wanted a big tiddy goth gf because of Ariel and Gwen from TDI.

  • FlixerDK
    FlixerDK Hour ago

    Why would he debut now and not next week for the Jericho match, when that's what was teased?

  • Scott Salas
    Scott Salas Hour ago

    Here's the britt femmes

  • robert Wright
    robert Wright Hour ago

    dark was amazing omega and sabin killed it still think they need secondary singles belt, my suggestion is aew/tnt tv title can be defended every 14 days since weekly show is on bi weekly loop

  • Music Man
    Music Man Hour ago

    3 hours and they couldn’t finish on time? Where’s the outrage? Cody, Kenny, and The Young Bucks got so much shit when they didn’t finish on time at All In and their was outrage within the wrestling community.

  • Jayla Gaskins
    Jayla Gaskins Hour ago


  • Sean Ferrol
    Sean Ferrol Hour ago

    Marty would be great in AEW but can honestly see WWE throwing a truckload of cash at him

  • Jason Hills
    Jason Hills Hour ago

    Just in case anyone missed it, at the end they reminded you to Vote Labour 🌺 Just in case you missed it like.

  • Cold
    Cold Hour ago

    These 2 new Adams probably won’t end up on this list tbh:/ Still not into em

  • pwn0graphy7
    pwn0graphy7 Hour ago

    it's a good thing Vince sees Roman being covered in dog food as gold... The man elevated professional wrestling to a whole new level, no denying that. But given the power and the glory for that, he spent the last 20+ years thinking he can do whatever he wants, because of his previous success. To sum up, his career is 30% good and 70% bad... I mean it's the same old saying, give a man power and he will change the world, but give an asshole power and he will show that he is an even bigger asshole. it's like he thinks that WWE is his toy and what he likes is what should be shown. They live mostly because of the fans and if they do not please them soon, WWE will fall apart.

    • Allen Collins
      Allen Collins 55 minutes ago

      I Wanted To Say Everything You Say. Yea! Yes! Tes! I Feel As Salutable As Everyone, But I Can Salute You. 🖖🖖🖖🖖🖖🖖🖖🖖

  • Zero2k0
    Zero2k0 Hour ago

    They have too many heels now. WWE's answer to everything is turning everyone into edgy heels but soon they will hardly have any faces left

  • Zero2k0
    Zero2k0 Hour ago

    Geeze this ppv card is terrible! They just tried to slap matches together at last second with not enough build tho they had ages to build this stuff. The only matches that have a decent amount of build are Rusev v Lashley and Roman v Corbin. How AJ v Rey wasn't on the card is insane to me.

  • Bill Cowan
    Bill Cowan Hour ago

    Me too Simon

  • Dom Mathurin
    Dom Mathurin Hour ago

    Now we can add Kofi Kingston to this list, based on how he lost the title alone lol

  • Sexual Tyrannosaurus

    Madusa was once rideable

  • kingofbrawl3000
    kingofbrawl3000 Hour ago

    He’ll either debut on next weeks episode or early 2020...or he’ll go to NXT lol

  • Andrew F
    Andrew F Hour ago

    New Day sell far too much merch for WWE to turn any of them heel

  • Manuel Sacha
    Manuel Sacha Hour ago

    I need an Ash Millman in my life.

  • Dom Mathurin
    Dom Mathurin Hour ago

    What if the World Wrestling Federation never changed its name?

  • RC 005
    RC 005 Hour ago

    Guys any of u remember that guy. I think his name was the undertaker I wonder wha happened to that guy

  • Anthony Stafford
    Anthony Stafford 2 hours ago

    Only 10 times... I hate it all the time... He wrote that shit... Whats he complaining about....

  • Kyle McKay
    Kyle McKay 2 hours ago

    Sometimes it’s better then raw and smackdown and I do believe that go AEW Dark

  • Jayla Gaskins
    Jayla Gaskins 2 hours ago


  • Steve Smith
    Steve Smith 2 hours ago

    New Years Day is on a Wednesday so you could have Marty Scurll debut with a New Years Day Party like they had on BTE. Long term booking. 😄

  • BreakTheCode
    BreakTheCode 2 hours ago

    3:34 I’m sorry *what*

  • King kenan
    King kenan 2 hours ago

    The revival should just win back the tag team titles and Big E should just turn on Kofi at TLC

  • KairosObjective
    KairosObjective 2 hours ago

    So I'm gonna guess SImon scrounges for some downs here yet again? Edit: I was correct.

    BADBOI BE4ST 2 hours ago

    I would’ve thought it to be interesting if MJF picked Shawn Spears to be Cody’s partner.

  • James Niagu
    James Niagu 2 hours ago

    There is no "drawing champ" anymore. When raw and smackdown are pretty much 90% garbage no one is tuning in!

  • KairosObjective
    KairosObjective 2 hours ago

    Pretty much most of 2019.

  • Lil Man Mullins
    Lil Man Mullins 2 hours ago

    Vince is a crybaby

    • Allen Collins
      Allen Collins 57 minutes ago

      That's One Of The First Things I've Discovered/Found Out About The WWE, That They're Crybabies, Vince Too.

  • RenaldoSeguin
    RenaldoSeguin 2 hours ago

    This Andrade-Humberto thing should continue, eventually culminating in a Parking Lot Brawl like John Cena vs Eddie.

  • Marquette McNeal
    Marquette McNeal 2 hours ago

    They should have Strowman put a stranglehold on the IC belt. Make him undefeated for a long time. Make the IC belt relevant again, make him look unstoppable (because he already does), and breathe new life into his career. Have legends who still got it come and challenge him.

  • teddy long
    teddy long 2 hours ago

    Keith Lee will never get over with Vince McMahon!!!

  • Marquette McNeal
    Marquette McNeal 2 hours ago

    Put a belt on Strowman. What else does he need to do. Not putting a belt on him is just hurting his career at this point.

  • Double C
    Double C 2 hours ago

    Dijakovic turns on Keith Lee joins Undisputed Era... he'll replace Bobby Fish since he's injury prone

  • Marquette McNeal
    Marquette McNeal 2 hours ago

    Roman Reigns needs to go full throttle 'heel'. That's the only way to make his character more interesting. And him teaming up with Seth Rollins & AOP would be terrifying!!! They can call themselves 'The Enforcers'

  • Josh Headrick
    Josh Headrick 2 hours ago

    Tyrannosaurus Wrecks

  • no comment
    no comment 2 hours ago

    i only like videos with simon lol

  • David Rosales
    David Rosales 2 hours ago


  • RenaldoSeguin
    RenaldoSeguin 2 hours ago

    Y’all should do Top 10 match types that should return. My #1 is the Latino Heat street fight circled by cars. John Cena and Eddie Guerrero did it in 2003 and it was awesome. Humberto Carrillo and Andrade should do one.

  • Lee Richardson
    Lee Richardson 2 hours ago

    Had to ruin a episode with politics

  • mattman 6213
    mattman 6213 2 hours ago

    My personal favourites of all time this includes modern era as well 1. Hbk 2. Triple h 3. The rock 4. Cm punk 5. AJ styles 6. Kurt angle 7. Undertaker 8. Chris jericho 9. Edge 10. Orton

  • Steve Walters
    Steve Walters 2 hours ago

    Well a mean Roode needs to fell glorious in the booking💀

  • Brian Cook
    Brian Cook 2 hours ago

    Vince McMahon hates his own reflection in the mirror; he is one of the most vindictive, messed up people on the planet.

  • Mark Roman
    Mark Roman 2 hours ago

    No mention of Tucky?

  • tinotica
    tinotica 2 hours ago

    Mickie James vs Trish Stratus at Wrestlemania 22 Batista vs Chris Jericho Steel cage match

  • Anubiz
    Anubiz 2 hours ago

    Dark > Dynamite

  • Whipdeezy
    Whipdeezy 2 hours ago

    Scott Hall actually said he wasn't drinking prior to his matches during this gimmick

  • jeremy hanka
    jeremy hanka 2 hours ago

    Learn to speak up can't hear you

  • K B
    K B 2 hours ago

    If you limited the amount of things Vince McMahon hates what he is seeing, you can nail down the first 4 seconds of each morning for him...Vince hates everything

    • K B
      K B 18 minutes ago

      @Allen Collins what?

    • Allen Collins
      Allen Collins 59 minutes ago

      That's Satanic.

  • Ibraheem Esam
    Ibraheem Esam 3 hours ago

    I mean if you could get Drew McIntyre and John Morrison to team up you practically got yourself a new DX

  • Piero Salcedo
    Piero Salcedo 3 hours ago


  • This Is My Opinion
    This Is My Opinion 3 hours ago

    EC3 to New Japan as the new leader of Bullet Club would be a crazy idea but interesting to see

  • david mc
    david mc 3 hours ago

    Also enjoyed Britt baker's line about being an oral health provider and wanting to take a real good look at luchasaurus' green tongue, love having wrestlers co-commentate wth Excalibur as it gives a chance for them to get their personality across in a different way

  • Rory The Right
    Rory The Right 3 hours ago

    That start wasn't at all awkward

  • Marco
    Marco 3 hours ago

    This top 10 belongs in botchamania

  • aoife aries
    aoife aries 3 hours ago

    vince screwed vince, blow yo quads you wanna be dictator

  • Mart M
    Mart M 3 hours ago

    I hope Marty debuts tonight. This is how I'd bring him in. Before the match, MJF and Wardlow jump QT Marshall so Cody has to wrestle an handicap match because 'he doesn't have any other friend'. Cue Marty Scurll who comes to the rescue. Mid match, Cody goes to tag out, Marty smashed him with his umbrella and beats him up, revealing that the Butcher, the Blade and the Bunny are members of Villain Enterprises. I get that he still has to do Final Battle as well as the following tv taping but, technically, his contract is up (according to 'insiders') and he's doing those 2 shows on a handshake understanding so he could still be appearing somewhere else in the meantime. Doubt it happens but I'd be trilled if it did.

  • You Are Now Aware Podcast

    I strangely really liked this list!

  • K Kr
    K Kr 3 hours ago

    This feels like I saw the video multiple times before

  • Luisa S
    Luisa S 3 hours ago

    So if nWo is entering the hall of fame is half of wcw roster entering the hall of fame? four members well there is another members like dibiase,macho man... damit X pac can be 3 hall of fame:X pac as solo,DX and nWo

  • Stanislav Zaverukha
    Stanislav Zaverukha 3 hours ago

    Big Show vs Kane was a joke! Kane tried to choke slam, it looked like show just fell backwards

  • CCSMediaDesign
    CCSMediaDesign 3 hours ago

    If nothing else, Kofi's misfortune's could get him a story line and Universal Title feud with the Fiend if they wanted to pursue that route.

  • jeffrayne
    jeffrayne 3 hours ago

    Always like you doing news Adam clery...but wow its nice seeing Adam Nicolas looking so manly all off a sudden... It really suits him... Lol ...only taking the piss ...love you guys 😂

  • RenaldoSeguin
    RenaldoSeguin 3 hours ago

    So when is Scorpio Sky gonna TKO Jake Hagar? I need to see it

  • Tobi Kayode
    Tobi Kayode 3 hours ago

    Now do a 10 times WWE fans were Fickle

  • Rickey Pendarvis
    Rickey Pendarvis 3 hours ago

    Guess Moxley (Ambrose) is yer another example of WWE not being able to use talent. He’s pretty amazing in AEW, but couldn’t do anything he wanted to in WWE.

  • AC-94 Da Rap Arsonist

    Kofi should win the Royal Rumble and fight Brock again for the title preferred him to win but win or lose as long as he put up a fight I'll be satisfied

  • Fnord Fnordington
    Fnord Fnordington 3 hours ago

    hogan and goldberg were the most egotistical no-sells in wrestling history

  • Red Pilled
    Red Pilled 3 hours ago

    What Vince loves the wrestlers and fans usually hate but Vince doesn't care about them, only himself.

  • AC-94 Da Rap Arsonist

    Kofi wasn't the lowest drawing champion, his matches were, there's a difference...

  • Carl Whitwell
    Carl Whitwell 3 hours ago

    Maybe leave your politics at home and don't alienate your viewers who aren't socialists

  • Sebastian
    Sebastian 3 hours ago

    And now Brock never shows up with the title as usual