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  • The PreetyBoy
    The PreetyBoy 30 seconds ago

    Seth Rollins is boring the hell out of me lately, and they gave him another tittle smh

  • Yadu krishna
    Yadu krishna 34 seconds ago

    Now there should be Tag team Evolution

  • Matt Scott
    Matt Scott 57 seconds ago

    Braun and Hulk meet on opposite sides of a gate. "Get these hands! Hulk Smash! Get these hands! Hulk Smash! Get these hands! Hulk Smash!" Then an intense staredown for like 10 seconds as the gate starts to open. They realize the gate is now open and they both just scurry away from each other.

    THOMAS ARIAS 59 seconds ago

    WWE just dumps on all the tag teams when they have random pairs challenge for, then WIN the tag titles. Build up your teams!

  • Karl Renner
    Karl Renner Minute ago

    10? We can bang this list down to 1 and with only one word: EVERYBODY

  • jManj
    jManj Minute ago

    Simon, grow your moustache out.. you'll look like such a Daddy.

  • Aloysius McGillicuddy

    Simon Miller!!! You... Are soooo amazing. You're one of my very favorite youtube stars! I always love hearing your ups & downs. Why? Cuz they're great! That's why! But Simon. I think you're a little confused on one topic in the other fantastic video! See...you feel that today's modern wrestling world and the love of random annoying chants is why The Fiend was cheered. That's wrong my friend. But it's ok. You just made a mistake, and everyone makes mistakes. Heck! You're admitting to making mistakes in this video as I type this. Isn't that such a fun coincidence! So allow me to help you out my friend. You see... we are his fire flies. We DO fear the Fiend. He's soooo scary. But we respect him. We support him. We have let him in

  • Brad Coombes
    Brad Coombes 2 minutes ago

    Yes I'm so happy for the nobody talks like that segment ❤

  • Black Galifianakis
    Black Galifianakis 2 minutes ago

    Skype > Tout

  • Miss Vidzy
    Miss Vidzy 2 minutes ago

    Simon Noir, Private Eye is on the case

  • Terence Heesch
    Terence Heesch 3 minutes ago

    I can't watch this video...Baby Raptor's swinging arms are TOO distracting and make me dizzy... 😵

  • Jahim Uddin
    Jahim Uddin 4 minutes ago

    Baron Trashbin wins KotR, I will stop watching.

  • Kingdom of the champion

    Blasphemy simon Kofi is the only wwe champion we deserve

  • Eulalio Magana
    Eulalio Magana 6 minutes ago

    I have never seen Apollo use his finisher

  • Kingdom of the champion

    I'm pretty sure the skype interviews are a set up to make the Fiend attack someone during it

  • Rachel Moon
    Rachel Moon 6 minutes ago

    These segments just keep getting better! Not that anyone cares, but I was there last night live. I had fun. 😃

  • Matthew Daddario
    Matthew Daddario 8 minutes ago

    WWE is trash now

  • M Mrm
    M Mrm 9 minutes ago

    Seth: If I could I'd give you a title shot. So to make it up to you I'll give you a different title shot. Brawn: AJ gave me a title shot. Seth: Just don't worry about it...

    POLOLO OILOIL 9 minutes ago

    Im thinking how should the fiend carry his title out during his entrance. Im thinking he should drag it along the floor with his right hand... Ideas?

  • Thairishlife 55
    Thairishlife 55 10 minutes ago

    Didn't think it was any better than other Raw. The word 'great' has lost all meaning.

  • Ken Adams
    Ken Adams 10 minutes ago

    guys should do a deep rewind of how WCW was on top and then they announced Foley winning the belt and how everyone changed channels and went back to WWF.

  • Paladin Lost
    Paladin Lost 11 minutes ago

    I have no idea why you seem confused - anytime the WWE puts a belt on Alexa, they let her clean out the division until everyone is absolutely sick of her.

  • Deborah Demaree
    Deborah Demaree 11 minutes ago

    Smoke that orange highlighter pen!

  • Yadu krishna
    Yadu krishna 12 minutes ago

    Whenever Seth gets the title Fued up with Tag Teams🙄 No wonder he is a worst drawing Champion. Becky now Braullins🍌

  • Klaus
    Klaus 12 minutes ago

    Imagine if Ziggler, Joe, Sami, Mysterio, Balor, Rusev, Nakamura,The Revival and Gallows & Anderson turn up at AEW.

  • Robert Hayes
    Robert Hayes 13 minutes ago

    Orton almost makes the Revival interesting.

  • Joshua Zitz
    Joshua Zitz 14 minutes ago

    Simon: "We need to change things up, Elias need something new" WWE: we won't have the title change hands and instead of hiding, elias will announce where he is. Also Simon: "Give it a down"

  • Gee DeeZee
    Gee DeeZee 14 minutes ago


  • Kingdom of the champion
    Kingdom of the champion 15 minutes ago

    I wish truth wouldve just hit him with the guitar while it was still dark

  • tzanetos.kavaliotis
    tzanetos.kavaliotis 15 minutes ago

    I can't stand Seth Rollins anymore....

  • Kingdom of the champion
    Kingdom of the champion 16 minutes ago

    I'm not a fan of Seth and Braun winning the tag titles. It feels like an excuse to have less matches or less people at clash of champions. Cause every title has to be on the card at clash of the Champions so either seth vs strowman is gonna happen and the tag titles will be ignored or seth and strowman is gonna pull double duty vs the oc then vs each other later. It'd be better if seth vs strowman happens and the oc faces a new team. So we can build more teams or just make the raiders come after the oc their relevant enough even those they haven't done much

  • Hamzah Iftikhar
    Hamzah Iftikhar 17 minutes ago

    raw was great

  • Jaleesa Greene
    Jaleesa Greene 17 minutes ago

    I feel like Sasha is coming after Natty because she's trying to get Rhonda's attention.

  • Michael Sanders
    Michael Sanders 18 minutes ago

    You didn't rate Brey Wyatt section why?

    • janamezi666
      janamezi666 Minute ago

      Michael Sanders he did. Got an up

  • xbox has no games lol xbox sucks ass

    Put the 24 7 belt on braun stroman problem solved

  • BuJu Blades
    BuJu Blades 19 minutes ago

    Is it just me, or does Sasha's nose look different?

  • Yunus Akram
    Yunus Akram 20 minutes ago

    1:28 Simon Gotch is back.... well at least his 'tash is 😂😂

  • Nick Hotaling
    Nick Hotaling 20 minutes ago

    I'm pretty okay with OC not being tag team champs anymore. I really hate what they're doing to poor AJ too so I don't mind this.

  • Thairishlife 55
    Thairishlife 55 21 minute ago

    That Cole question was not deserving of a 'nobody talks like that' segment. It was worded in a journalistic style. If you watched the news you'd hear people talking like that all the time. Good day to you.

  • Christopher Neumann
    Christopher Neumann 22 minutes ago

    Sammi Zayn is unfortunately the modern day Brooklyn Brawler

  • B Kipp
    B Kipp 22 minutes ago

    It was a waste of the Fiend. Oversaturation needs to be top of mind for WWE.

  • DougJK
    DougJK 23 minutes ago

    11:59 I think us fans that aren’t little kids totally agree lol

    TY THE TRUTH 24 minutes ago

    Go Sasha. NXT had a guy do 3 Canadian Destroyers at Takeover and got a 2 count each time. That in itself is a joke. WWE is Tim White'ing there company each week.

  • Matthew Pierson
    Matthew Pierson 25 minutes ago

    The Sasha Banks comment, you know that was Vince. If you’ve heard Jericho’s podcast featuring Jon Moxley, you know that was Vince’s idea. It’s completely distasteful and disrespectful. Same with the comment Moxley refused to say about Reigns.

  • Liam Andrews
    Liam Andrews 25 minutes ago

    I hate when they put random people/opponents together and give them the tag titles

  • Mark Menning
    Mark Menning 26 minutes ago

    Why isn't samoa Joe world champion

  • Abhinav T
    Abhinav T 26 minutes ago

    Y is Sasha holding the decapitated head of Natalya in the thumbnail... I thought that was the Fiend's thing

  • Jeff McGowan
    Jeff McGowan 26 minutes ago

    hey guys.. can we get trump to come to the wwe again.. it will help out both.. that will make tons of money.. i would love to see trump be a star

  • Biscuit Abuse
    Biscuit Abuse 27 minutes ago

    Recognize that Burlyn dude from the Louis Theroux doco lol

  • Knights Of Pluto
    Knights Of Pluto 27 minutes ago

    That sasha line was fucking brilliant

  • Knights Of Pluto
    Knights Of Pluto 27 minutes ago

    Why does everything have to lead to a feud? Why can't there be a couple exhibitions? While i love story etc why can't there just be some killer wrestling matches? You know... Like attitude era

  • ItsAllAWork
    ItsAllAWork 28 minutes ago

    So just to be clear everyone always says they want randy as champion then the ratings tank lmao. Randy is Kevin Nash lmmfao

    • Jamal Abdelbaset
      Jamal Abdelbaset 5 minutes ago

      Remember, they wanted Kofi to be Champ too. Now he’s “the most boring WWE Champion in history”.

  • Rafael Esmerio
    Rafael Esmerio 28 minutes ago

    anyone noticed how vic and cole were fighting for lead announcer?

  • Smartreign 79
    Smartreign 79 28 minutes ago

    "I almost put myself in my own segment" 😂😂😂😂😂

  • smokeyson
    smokeyson 29 minutes ago

    I miss the rhymes at the beginning of the show. Bring it back please!

  • Tha Clip Keepah
    Tha Clip Keepah 29 minutes ago

    El generic needs 2 make a comeback

  • ArcadetheHedgehog
    ArcadetheHedgehog 30 minutes ago

    Ya see how Ok the show was when vince isn't touching it

  • Kasean
    Kasean 31 minute ago

    And that report about wwe trying to make the fiend more kid friendly is false cause they are literally working yall with those reports cause their advertising his merch all over their platforms and that's not censoring Thad selling baby! Kudos to wwe for milking a great gimmick hopefully they don't screw it up

  • Eugene Tombs
    Eugene Tombs 32 minutes ago

    wwe needs to get rid o the brand split, they have way too many belts and way too many shows

  • Hywel Paragas
    Hywel Paragas 32 minutes ago

    Sami tally is underrated.

  • Paul Walsh
    Paul Walsh 32 minutes ago

    I think Michael Cole asked her that question but more vague originally. Then was very specific the 2nd time around and "Thanked her" to remain on topic instead of going off on a blue hair tangent.

  • Jorge Chibante
    Jorge Chibante 32 minutes ago

    We need a Cesaro Tally as well

    BRADLEY BRANDL 32 minutes ago

    I recieved the news Simon. NXT is now moving to Wednesday nights starting September. While AEW will start in October.

  • cloak and dagger
    cloak and dagger 33 minutes ago

    Please give Dolph his release. WWE isn't doing anything with him

  • Benjamin Clark
    Benjamin Clark 34 minutes ago

    Simon, is that shirt as comfortable as it looks? From the color to the fabric, everything about it says, "I'm so soft and calming."

  • Ryder DaBoss
    Ryder DaBoss 35 minutes ago

    I can't stand Sasha not as a heel. I hate her as a talent. I hate her as a businesswoman. I hate her even as a jobber! replace her with Liv, Mandy, Sara, Sonya, Ember, or Asuka!

    • WWEXDCGamer
      WWEXDCGamer 33 minutes ago

      Ryder DaBoss you mad hahahahaha

  • Despicable Dogs
    Despicable Dogs 35 minutes ago

    Simon puppet makes me get an up 😉

  • Thomas Hagen
    Thomas Hagen 35 minutes ago

    Rey should retire

  • Numa 2K
    Numa 2K 35 minutes ago

    Booker T, looks like a teenage girls giving make up and hair tutorials on FLASH-PLAYER. His dreads are on fleek, his brows too 😂💇🏾‍♀️💁🏾‍♀️

  • Awaqu
    Awaqu 35 minutes ago

    Haven't watched a full episode of RAW or Smackdown since Wrestlemania. Good work Simon!

  • The Jacob Jacob Show
    The Jacob Jacob Show 35 minutes ago

    You forgot Rey Mysterio.

  • Michael Thrasher
    Michael Thrasher 36 minutes ago

    My name 'was' Simon Miller? Nobody talks like that. ;)

  • Numa 2K
    Numa 2K 36 minutes ago

    Booker T, loo's like a teenage girls giving make up and hair tutorials on FLASH-PLAYER. His dreads are on fleek, his brows too 😂💇🏾‍♀️💁🏾‍♀️

  • Klaus
    Klaus 36 minutes ago

    So a well functioning tag team and a faction of 3 lost their titles to two random guys who want to fight each other for a singles title. TAG TEAM BURIED

  • Julio Oquendo 87
    Julio Oquendo 87 37 minutes ago

    I wish simon miller would turn heel but just like Goldberg in dub cee dub in 2000...it didn't work. Also dolph ziggler is very funny about getting speared by Goldberg (Simon's dad) 3 times in 6 months

  • Steven Powell
    Steven Powell 37 minutes ago

    You should put the Miller puppet in the intro 👆 Ok so I didn't know that the Miller puppet was in this episode. Twas meant to be!!

  • Karl Renner
    Karl Renner 37 minutes ago

    17:05 I'm guessing Simon probably didn't enjoy Big Boss Man's programs with Al Snow or Big Show.

  • Kasean
    Kasean 37 minutes ago

    I love all the whatculture fam but I get really excited for ups and downs!!!

  • kenneth myers
    kenneth myers 39 minutes ago

    I was personally really hoping that we’d get Sami V Joe as the first round of KOTR, because then we’d finally answer that age old question “what happens when a movable object meets a stoppable force”

  • D.j Boogie
    D.j Boogie 39 minutes ago

    The revival and Orton... A stable I didn’t know I wanted

  • jbwolf4
    jbwolf4 39 minutes ago

    I think I’m just burned out from wwe I tried to get through raw last night but I had to turn it off after the Rey angle, I was just bored

  • Matthew Pierson
    Matthew Pierson 39 minutes ago

    Skype, because “Live Via Satellite” is obsolete!

  • Philippe Almeda
    Philippe Almeda 39 minutes ago

    i was legit scared during the samoa joe vs cesaro match. the physicality and brutality of the shots during the match made me worried (especially for joe) for a good few minutes. but nonetheless it was an AMAZING match

  • Diarmuid Ze
    Diarmuid Ze 40 minutes ago

    I swear the application from what culture probably says “named Adam preferred”

  • Kidd ILL
    Kidd ILL 41 minute ago

    😂😂 bro that puppet gets me every time .

  • SAY UNCLE!!!
    SAY UNCLE!!! 42 minutes ago

    You are the best ventriloquist I’ve ever seen. That should be your next in ring gimmick.

  • Vipul Doshi
    Vipul Doshi 43 minutes ago

    and people are worrying hes gonna run nxt... hes still gonna have to run xfl soon on top of all the wrestling stuff. nxt will be fine

  • Sherwin John
    Sherwin John 43 minutes ago

    Becky Lynch was the best thing on RAW yesterday followed by the match between Reigns and Ziggler.

    • Sherwin John
      Sherwin John 24 minutes ago

      WWEXDCGamer Nah Sasha had no content in that interview segment and her delivery was a bit weird and the attack segment on Natalya will always be looked down upon because she’s talking about Natties dead father. It’s cheap. It’s not Sasha’s fault tho by most of this though.

    • WWEXDCGamer
      WWEXDCGamer 36 minutes ago

      Sherwin John no sasha

  • Vladimir Laurent
    Vladimir Laurent 44 minutes ago

    13:10 for the Nobody Talks Like that segment

  • TheHunter3211
    TheHunter3211 44 minutes ago

    i loved the main event .

  • John Doe
    John Doe 44 minutes ago

    I'm liking Sasha as a senselessly mean bully. Like a schoolyard shitter pushing another girl in the mud all "HAHA, you're daddy is DEAD".

  • KneeGrowObama
    KneeGrowObama 45 minutes ago

    Sorry can't get behind a woman being called "the man". Makes no sense and its dumb. She needs a nickname like 'ginger snap' or 'guinness'

  • Kenn nny
    Kenn nny 45 minutes ago

    Nice going Vince, just stay home and enjoy your applesauce. We don't need your opinion here in WWE.

  • Dan W
    Dan W 45 minutes ago

    Simon's surprise appearance in this video was a welcome surprise.

  • John Benett
    John Benett 46 minutes ago

    I think Raw got better in July

  • Raghavan N
    Raghavan N 46 minutes ago

    RAW was pretty good.Continuity in Storylines and setting up everything for Clash of Champions.Just like Mania 23,we could have 2 Superstars fueding over a World Championship and also holding Tag Titles.

  • Auto generate
    Auto generate 47 minutes ago

    I think that Sasha and Natties segment was lit. From a casual fans perpective it looks more genuine as thats something that can be said to someone you really loathe. Edgy. Loved it.

  • Hello it's me again Blank

    Can someone tell me what Sami Zayn did cause I can't tell you the last time Sami was on the winning said in anyway tag team, disqualify, count out or even rarer pinfall And what the hell is the tag team division especially on Raw can't we get a long meaningful run with the titles

  • faninthecrowdify
    faninthecrowdify 48 minutes ago

    Why do they shutter when mentioning the impregnation vacation?

  • Lou Minervini
    Lou Minervini 48 minutes ago

    Cesaro needs a Sami Tally at this point, and by this point i mean a while ago