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  • thumbs up
    thumbs up Hour ago

    That's a vice grip.. 😁

  • Lawrence of America

    i think the huckleberry thing is a reference to the movie "Tombstone"

  • Devoided
    Devoided Hour ago

    burn twitch

  • Hollie bollie
    Hollie bollie Hour ago

    this just came up on my playlist wile i was working and only after it had finished and id stopped singing along is when i realised it was a joke song

  • Big BOi
    Big BOi Hour ago

    what a boring duo lmao

    • Big BOi
      Big BOi Hour ago

      literal daft cunts

  • E Snethen
    E Snethen Hour ago

    That's over 16 bottles of coke PER DAY to get that many calories. That's 650+ grams of sugar per day. Recommended sugar intake for woman is 22 grams daily. 30 times recommended amounts.

  • Frankie Gregson
    Frankie Gregson Hour ago

    Jesus id be worried i was going to get shot

  • sparten6
    sparten6 Hour ago

    Ah yes horses

  • Grimmiester
    Grimmiester Hour ago

    Doug is like a good boomer, still everyone shitted on him but it was half right half wrong.

  • Michael Dempsey
    Michael Dempsey Hour ago

    2020 democratic debate

  • Jukas
    Jukas Hour ago

    Legalise corn starch

  • Thrash Punk
    Thrash Punk Hour ago

    This is stupid but its so fun.

  • Bonticune
    Bonticune Hour ago

    Hot dang he looks like a fat, constipated Clint Eastwood

  • le93nds Gaming
    le93nds Gaming Hour ago


  • miim
    miim Hour ago

    Carson made me feel old for the first time in my life, such mediocre content with unfunny jokes but so many views.

  • Emperor Pingu's math channel

    No one looks at your faces. Just turn off the webcam.

  • AJ
    AJ Hour ago

    Jackson looks like someone's son just took over their video conference call

  • the wacky dude
    the wacky dude Hour ago

    Thats a jojo character for sure


    Some kpop stans are the kinda people to forget their moms birthday and stay in their room all day watching their K-pop groups music videos but when it's their K-pop boys (or girls) birthday they make like 23 posts about it on every social media, change all of their usernames to " *K-pop idols name* day" and text everyone "happy *K-pop idols name* day!!!!1! They grow up so fast😭😭😭"

  • Marcore04 videos

    Beard +100 armor

  • e
    e Hour ago

    i want to kill myself now

  • E Snethen
    E Snethen Hour ago

    I only sit when I pee if I'm too lazy to get up and go to the toilet.

  • shinji nothing
    shinji nothing Hour ago

    this shit do be looking like the fucking heroshima nuke ngl .

  • Master Yoda
    Master Yoda Hour ago

    Cry now, I mUst.

  • Gustav Gnöttgen

    IT'S RAW!!!

  • Robo Gal
    Robo Gal Hour ago

    Lamo. My mom has a bit of issues seeing at night while driving, so she decided to get these. She said it didnt work at all.

  • Devon Orr
    Devon Orr Hour ago

    Yeah I actually did it when I was like 12...

  • harlequinn
    harlequinn Hour ago

    Knowing my dumbass id put my legs over the sides just to be li,e "fuck you"

  • Noah Paquette
    Noah Paquette Hour ago

    I miss no webcams. Not that I don’t like the webcam it just doesn’t feel right.

  • I'll make you say woosh by not getting a joke

    he (it) insulted jimin

  • Devon Orr
    Devon Orr Hour ago

    Holy shit that’s an insane curse/ gift to be able to ejaculate on command!

  • Fprime
    Fprime Hour ago

    Bruh I wipe from front to back and then back to front and rotate so I can get the most off

  • Probably You
    Probably You Hour ago

    Looks like you love the bean movie : )

  • Padraig Kiley
    Padraig Kiley Hour ago

    I gotta say, when Ray was yelling incoherent drunk things at the camera I felt some major bumfights vibes.

  • Brett Hoffman
    Brett Hoffman Hour ago

    Imagine how much money this podcast makes them that it can almost fully employ these four people

  • Jay Tee Kay
    Jay Tee Kay Hour ago

    Charlie lost his FLash-player partnership? He no longer has a checkmark next to his name

  • Dimas Wahyu Pratama

    What a wholesome video.

  • Noah Rosar
    Noah Rosar Hour ago

    You finally did it my mann

  • mere
    mere Hour ago

    your under arrest for pooping in a bucket ahaha

  • Moisty Thighs
    Moisty Thighs Hour ago

    Andrew got called out for always saying he hangs out with Charlie

  • the wacky dude
    the wacky dude Hour ago

    Who shaved ken tuckys sideburns

  • supernintendope64

    Sunglasses sounds like he's about to start crying at 3:50


    She calls listerine white strong? Haha, I get the listerine that's like gargling gasoline itself.

  • Dark Sim
    Dark Sim 2 hours ago

    I just want to make sure we're not glossing past the fact that this guy just said his DMV has a movie screen.

  • DJ Melo-d3y
    DJ Melo-d3y 2 hours ago

    The guy in the thumbnail looks like Simon Minter after many bad life choices

  • Bendon Bullneck
    Bendon Bullneck 2 hours ago

    Why are the Ireland boys in the back?

  • Sarkastik Overlord
    Sarkastik Overlord 2 hours ago


  • XDGhosted
    XDGhosted 2 hours ago

    can we get karl on a free episode?

  • Bruno Bianchini
    Bruno Bianchini 2 hours ago

    Reddit Ost

  • Alexander Ackerman
    Alexander Ackerman 2 hours ago

    One of the most unforgiving aspects of this game is the camera.

  • Daddy Kisame 43
    Daddy Kisame 43 2 hours ago

    Ion man I have 1 fursona but like other furries have like 20 its personal difference

  • Kameron Carter
    Kameron Carter 2 hours ago

    A pound of weed for 200?? I need to move wherever they are

  • ErnieMoi
    ErnieMoi 2 hours ago

    After this vid I subbed to you lol

  • Brian Barnes
    Brian Barnes 2 hours ago

    I understand the cheese sticks. Those thing are the bomb and cost far too much for what they are. The rest of the food, nah. Can't convince me to eat like that

  • ErnieMoi
    ErnieMoi 2 hours ago

    Dis fukin gusting.. did u guys see that fat man principal?? He looked like he’s the type to join peeking the girls lockers with the boys 🤮

  • TinhornName4
    TinhornName4 2 hours ago

    2:03 he has two(2) kiddos my guy

  • Mike Ryan
    Mike Ryan 2 hours ago

    Idk why exactly but your description of unfunny comedy reminded me constantly of Avengers Endgame.

  • nick zito
    nick zito 2 hours ago

    Awk moment at 4:51 when u can see the price tag sticker underneath the base of the statue.....

  • TEK
    TEK 2 hours ago

    This song used to be half decent until these apps took it. Rip old falling in reverse

  • SypheX
    SypheX 2 hours ago

    The thumbnail is fucking perfect

  • thatoneguy0722 -
    thatoneguy0722 - 2 hours ago

    It was some reggie weed.

  • Gadsden
    Gadsden 2 hours ago

    The fact that he could ejaculate on command makes him a fucking god amongst men

  • DUD3 X 21
    DUD3 X 21 2 hours ago

    This video was my first video watching charlie

  • Fox Uzuki
    Fox Uzuki 2 hours ago

    It's like a pound of rocks is smaller by dimension than a pound of feathers. Cocaine is denser than marijuana. Same concept

  • Pootis Spencer
    Pootis Spencer 2 hours ago

    a pound of weed for $200? what in the fuck?

  • PhantomPh1re
    PhantomPh1re 2 hours ago

    moderators are historically either soulless robots (like what youtube uses) or whiney babies whose spine you can break by hurting their feelings, which isn't hard. Which is ironic because these babies are tasked with dealing with some of the most horrific things shown on the internet like actual animal abuse or people getting their head cut off with a chainsaw like on facebook/twitter, but they have zero spine and get offended by people saying something that they imagined to be the n-word. Moderators should be forced to reveal their identity when they ruin somebody's life like this.

  • Jim Harbor
    Jim Harbor 2 hours ago

    A brick is 10kg. Cannibas is less dense than packed cocaine so it's larger in volume

  • Darko Dajko
    Darko Dajko 2 hours ago

    Someone should introduce fleshlight to Bilbo..

  • Bob Ross
    Bob Ross 2 hours ago

    This guy looks like Keanu Reeves

  • Callum
    Callum 2 hours ago

    Whenever I fuck up in life... I hear your voice in my head, *judging me*

  • Nova Kobra
    Nova Kobra 2 hours ago

    i think her plastic surgeons and business teams forging her career need to be taking at least 80% of her money. fake ass, fake tits, fake lips, fake hair (she's a ginger), fake chin, fake nails, fake tan, fake lashes, prob fake nose? fake personality. grew up rich, got more money coz he sister made a sex tape with a 3rd rate music artist then had a team use her image and manipulate children with image/self worth problems caused by the kardasians to buy her overpriced products. well done America you did it again👌...self made bahahahahahahahahahaha sure

  • Bodega
    Bodega 2 hours ago

    get badlands chugs

  • Trevor Dunworth
    Trevor Dunworth 2 hours ago

    The action scenes remind of the matrix so much for some awful reason

  • Red GreenBlue
    Red GreenBlue 2 hours ago

    That's an angry elf... he is probably from the south pole.

  • Trojan7z7VZX
    Trojan7z7VZX 2 hours ago

    420 like on the comment at 4:20

  • Tyler Singleton
    Tyler Singleton 2 hours ago

    Seeing that lady dressed up like Mrs. Kennedy feels like cultural appropriation. This is a weird feeling that I only get from Bollywood videos.

  • glorb the extraterrestrial asshat

    he looks like the less successful version of kim jong un

  • HorizonofOsiris
    HorizonofOsiris 2 hours ago

    christ doug is kinda insufferable. Just cringe. All the shit about his family. His personality is gross.

  • Gavin Vernig
    Gavin Vernig 2 hours ago

    Damn bruh you beautiful af

  • deathsagaXX
    deathsagaXX 2 hours ago


  • KanishQ Quotes
    KanishQ Quotes 2 hours ago

    Like the great madeline Ashton once said "she's dead, the moments that make life worth living"

  • Scourge of Salty
    Scourge of Salty 2 hours ago

    Mother said he cant sing. I said this makes the song perfect.

  • Uncle Bear
    Uncle Bear 2 hours ago

    Top 5 vids on youtube, no question

  • KaboosOnX1
    KaboosOnX1 2 hours ago

    This music is only really good when you’re on drugs anyway. It’s not real music.

  • Diego Soriano
    Diego Soriano 2 hours ago

    What the fuck FLash-player

    MADx TITAN 2 hours ago

    He went to berkley enough has been said to know what. Liberal dbag this asshole is

  • persephone p
    persephone p 2 hours ago

    wait a second i want this

  • adammyslim
    adammyslim 2 hours ago

    Doug is the worst dad on earth possible.

  • Isaiah Torrence
    Isaiah Torrence 2 hours ago

    2 and a half hobbits

  • Daichi
    Daichi 2 hours ago

    The Poop Sock is the first evolution, then Poop Bucket, and finally, Poop Storage Unit.

  • Imperfectpeace
    Imperfectpeace 2 hours ago

    Can’t say I agree with you on this one champ

  • chasebh89
    chasebh89 2 hours ago

    andrews beard makes him look like a war scarred homeless man

  • Yash Bansod
    Yash Bansod 2 hours ago

    Can someone sauce me?

  • 123forafurry
    123forafurry 2 hours ago


  • Agent Zazzy
    Agent Zazzy 2 hours ago

    this kinda slaps

  • Trever DuHaime
    Trever DuHaime 2 hours ago

    Lmao for some reason this is trending #41 on gaming. Shows how broken youtube's algorithm is.

  • Great Unclean One
    Great Unclean One 2 hours ago

    Every time you call this phone I get more powerful. Personally I'd be more interested if they made videos of them going to creepy sites at 3 and making videos of themselves trying to get into contact with these monster's during the witching hours instead of this over the top fake shit. More occult and less "buy my shirts guys"

  • Odd Lemon
    Odd Lemon 2 hours ago

    I bet if we told him to tell his story backwards he would get mixed up and that means he’s lying

  • TheIRAassassin
    TheIRAassassin 3 hours ago

    How is this man not in jail?

  • Isaiah Torrence
    Isaiah Torrence 3 hours ago

    it wasn't it a prank... also it wasn't his...