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Police Find Rare CSGO Knife
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Redditors Are Not Helpful
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Minecraft Has A Dark Side
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Bodyguard Competition
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Ex Picks Boyfriend
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All Horror Games Are The Same
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Foot Fetish Wedding
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3AM Toy Story is Too Scary
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Hardcore Wrestling
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Hentai Survive Island
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The Worst Movie on Youtube
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Tall Women and Prom
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Breaking Into Hitler's House
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Polar Bear Police Force
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Police Find Sex Toys
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Cursed Kids Show
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Moist Meter | Hobbs and Shaw
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My Dogs Hate Keanu Reeves
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Moist Meter | The Boys
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Is Twitch Dying
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Police Catch Cobra Commander
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Killer Bees Are Dangerous
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Psychicpebbles Funeral
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I Finally Tried Minecraft
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Todd Howard Shows No Mercy
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Drunk Wrestling
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React Channel
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Cow Shit Throwing Competition
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Defeating Aliens With Kung Fu
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Dog Steals A Man's Wife
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Allergic Hero Fights Wasps
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Youtube Conspiracy Theory
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Tall Women and Marrying Short Men
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Burping Fetish
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Police Discover a A New Dog Breed
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Cats Looks Awful
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Moist Meter | The Lion King
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Extreme Speed Dating
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I Created The Best Vape Trick
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Live PD is Wild
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Weaponized Toilet Brush
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Moist Meter | Crawl
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Area 51 Secrets Revealed
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The Chad Gamer
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I Grew 4 Inches in a Day
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Slapping Face Massages
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Short Man Rage at Bagel Shop
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Clown Fetish
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Tall Women and Short Men
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Moist Meter | One Punch Man
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God Warrior of War
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Moist Meter | Stranger Things
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Samurai vs Dinosaur
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Why Can't Games Just Be Fun
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Destiny 2 Is An Easy Game
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Comic Con Speed Dating
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God Warrior
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I Won The Bottle Cap Challenge
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Moist Meter | Midsommar
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The Bible Is Hardcore
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Geek Love
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Sleepy Blacksmith
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KPop Fans Scare Me
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Jaystation Is The Biggest Douchebag
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Chad vs Redditor
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Belle Delphine Has Betrayed Us
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Moist Meter | Child's Play
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Science Has Gone Too Far
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  • Opeth Morningrise
    Opeth Morningrise Minute ago

    Anything with *__ noises* I fucking hate it

  • pineapple
    pineapple 5 minutes ago

    This is just Layers of Fearen’t

  • A Cat
    A Cat 5 minutes ago

    This is the greatest salesman of All time

  • Valkyrie
    Valkyrie 7 minutes ago

    Short, fat, hating wymyens and angry. I think that guy's name is Sean Lowery. Hard to tell from the Dutch angle but I'm pretty sure. Guy is some kind of website designer and wrote a bunch of self published books on "How To Fail At.....", home based business, photography, etc. No sales on Amazon yet on any of them😂.

  • Blue Beta
    Blue Beta 7 minutes ago

    Ive seen all the live pd videos (dark time in my life) i would rewatch all of them with crit watching

  • Kendall Tisinger
    Kendall Tisinger 7 minutes ago

    I forgot they did calvert county. Always weird when they do a cop show where you live

  • mackenzie clarke
    mackenzie clarke 7 minutes ago

    The "Leave Britney Alone" shit made me want to put dignitas on speed dial.

  • Thanks for reading
    Thanks for reading 10 minutes ago

    Can we talk about Nick's ass?

  • Father Periodic
    Father Periodic 10 minutes ago

    Thanks kind stranger

  • John Harbin
    John Harbin 11 minutes ago

    The eleventh commandment from God "don't go to comment section" bc it's God damn embarrassing. WOWWWWWW

  • Tyler W
    Tyler W 11 minutes ago

    My favorite thing is when someone gets gold and doesn’t make an edit saying thank you so the redditors get pissed because someone didn’t thank them for the internet good boy points

  • Del
    Del 12 minutes ago

    Charlie, of all the games I've watched you play this one genuinely gave me a jump scare as well lmao

  • James M
    James M 15 minutes ago

    Fuck you Juicero!

  • John Brice Bender
    John Brice Bender 16 minutes ago

    Lol I can buy a butterfly knife at any local mall in America.

  • Sam Deluxe
    Sam Deluxe 16 minutes ago

    *g r e a s e d a s s c h e e k s*

  • lil Retard
    lil Retard 17 minutes ago

    pro tip: if you see reddit in the url, just don't click on it

  • Somewhere btw
    Somewhere btw 17 minutes ago

    lol butterfly knifes illegal and fucking AK-47 legal brruhhhhh cmon america

  • Brody Conroy
    Brody Conroy 17 minutes ago

    The game you play on the toilet the movie

  • Scoobert Doobert
    Scoobert Doobert 18 minutes ago

    Hopper dead lol

  • Codie Davis
    Codie Davis 18 minutes ago

    This one is pretty pathetic but not the worst. My best friend lost his life over seas shot by one of his own troops. Was a complete accident of a discharged weapon. As my friend rested in the casket with a swollen face and burn marks all over his face from the shot. Our governor of IL at the time thought that was his perfect time to show up and use it as a re election campaign. Made me absolutely sick to my stomach that someone would use a death to benefit himself.

  • Mohamid Ala ak bar
    Mohamid Ala ak bar 20 minutes ago

    Do a fucking joeysworldtour video please

  • Kara with gun
    Kara with gun 22 minutes ago

    I like how you just skip over the Pirate Wife Swap like it's nothing strange.

  • Johnny Fash
    Johnny Fash 25 minutes ago

    Do you ever stfu?

  • BigMac Vak
    BigMac Vak 26 minutes ago

    Ah yes, enslaved strip club.

  • ddd dd
    ddd dd 27 minutes ago

    What the fuck?

  • etherraichu
    etherraichu 28 minutes ago

    Oh my god does that site really have an animated background? That's like the kind of thing I would make on Geocities. Ugh.

  • Jay Mills-Jones
    Jay Mills-Jones 28 minutes ago

    America is ridiculous, so ridiculous that regular police are armed with assault rifles. Lol

  • Not a Man Studios
    Not a Man Studios 30 minutes ago

    the legality of butterfly knives varies from state to state, where i live they're fine but switchblades aren't

  • ond- i
    ond- i 31 minute ago

    Charlie was freaking the fuck out cause he himself has 36 concealed butterfly knives.

  • lone Eagle
    lone Eagle 31 minute ago

    Fuck that now I'm Not Fucking Going to Restoration.

  • aussj4link
    aussj4link 33 minutes ago

    "yOu CouLd sTAb SoMEboDy iN tHe cHesT wiTh tHis" Yeah and you could kill potentially more people by running them over with your vehicle, guess those vehicles need to be taken off the streets too eh?

  • Jeroen
    Jeroen 34 minutes ago

    Can you pause the video when you talk...

  • JeffGaming
    JeffGaming 34 minutes ago

    I love this cus I can solve a Rubik’s cube lmao

  • Aidan O'Rourke
    Aidan O'Rourke 36 minutes ago

    Butterfly knives are intimidating and have been associated with thugs and violent crime so the law generally is that you can’t carry them off your property. I don’t really see the point though since they’re usually duller than normal pocket knives, they take longer to open, and they’re more dangerous for the “thugs” that supposedly only use them

  • Phoenix Wright
    Phoenix Wright 37 minutes ago

    Layers of fear, who?

  • Darth Frank
    Darth Frank 38 minutes ago

    #50 on trending for gaming???

  • JustCallMeNick
    JustCallMeNick 39 minutes ago


  • cancer
    cancer 40 minutes ago

    *trending on gaming*

  • 雨夜
    雨夜 41 minute ago

    DickChopin Knife Skin ! Price : $666

  • SpiritEssence
    SpiritEssence 41 minute ago

    The funniest part of this is that God doesnt exist.

  • Niggabanana
    Niggabanana 42 minutes ago

    My parents aren’t that rich and they have 6 or 7 figures

  • Brian Barajas
    Brian Barajas 43 minutes ago

    Lmao this is trending on gaming???

  • Deven Woznick
    Deven Woznick 43 minutes ago

    Imagine arresting someone thinking you’re fighting the “war on drugs” lmao fucking absolute losers

  • CaRRy
    CaRRy 44 minutes ago

    5 days ago Michael commented that he is going on a crusade

  • Edward Yanes
    Edward Yanes 44 minutes ago

    The only thing keeping that last blockbuster afloat is the hipsters who watch vhs in portland

  • Anmol Deshmukh
    Anmol Deshmukh 46 minutes ago

    Charlie hasn't changed a bit

  • Zach Z
    Zach Z 48 minutes ago

    This is the most blatant use of double speak I've ever seen.

  • sanguine vision
    sanguine vision 49 minutes ago

    if you haven't heard anything about the movie its not because people aren't talking about it its because you don't frequent the circles on the internet who do

  • The Drawing Halo
    The Drawing Halo 49 minutes ago

    i liked the movie

  • Ilia Dimitrov
    Ilia Dimitrov 49 minutes ago

    I would kill to Thanos snap this b#tch out of existence

  • Oluwatobi fadeyi
    Oluwatobi fadeyi 49 minutes ago

    Check out a podcast called Business Wars. They had a whole 6 episode series about Blockbuster vs. Netflix.

  • Grognak The 3rd
    Grognak The 3rd 49 minutes ago

    And she's still in movies...

  • Ilia Dimitrov
    Ilia Dimitrov 50 minutes ago

    This guy is the worst f#king youtuber I would kill to make this person not exist anymore

  • I’m Bored
    I’m Bored 52 minutes ago

    Asian people are so special

  • I’m Bored
    I’m Bored 53 minutes ago

    I am speed

  • puppy jays plays riblox
    puppy jays plays riblox 53 minutes ago

    XDDDDDDDdDDDhx lamo

  • Jackson Cross
    Jackson Cross 54 minutes ago

    Dib: "Gir, where's Zim?" Gir: "I don't know, I worry about that boy so much DO YOU WANT A NACHO!?!"

  • FanOFTrueHeroes
    FanOFTrueHeroes 54 minutes ago

    Gaz's design is based on her appearance in the comics.

  • An open minded individual


  • Tim Tchervonenko
    Tim Tchervonenko 56 minutes ago

    Jesus christ what happened to ur hair??

  • Seokiee Kim
    Seokiee Kim 57 minutes ago

    Omg 2:20

  • Official Oldssoal

    I remember going to blockbuster when I was young. I still have sum blockbuster movies

    xXCk_CHAPPOXx Hour ago

    this mans is leafy if he got rocked very hard by puberty

  • Marmela Ota
    Marmela Ota Hour ago

    Found out that Holly was later on adopted by Cesar and they are really close now

  • Kacper Ptak
    Kacper Ptak Hour ago


  • brightfishsam
    brightfishsam Hour ago

    It would be offensive to call this a rap

  • dirtandmud II
    dirtandmud II Hour ago

    how was the ride back? lol

  • Newbieprod
    Newbieprod Hour ago

    this dude opened a new tab, that had google opened by default and he typed in google in the address bar XD

  • Anodyne
    Anodyne Hour ago

    they have his family, he has no choice

  • Louis Osakabe
    Louis Osakabe Hour ago

    I haven’t seen this topic discussed very much so it’s nice that Charlie finally read my email and discuss this topic

  • ArtGrazer
    ArtGrazer Hour ago

    This episode of Kakegurui

  • Diego Alejandro
    Diego Alejandro Hour ago

    This reminds me of my 2014 myself

  • KingOfMints
    KingOfMints Hour ago

    I need link to the actual video I must have

  • joe pageau
    joe pageau Hour ago

    2:46 SCP - 096

  • brightfishsam
    brightfishsam Hour ago

    Jesus Christ Charlie you ripped this kid apart

  • Captain Burt
    Captain Burt Hour ago

    i had the same experience when i was younger, like i had to brush my teeth so many times before bed *it was 10* or i had to touch a wall and blink so many times, (etc) it was a fucking nightmare and growing up in a religious household i thought that if i told my family about it they’d think i was demon possessed or something lmao but i kinda just grew out of it without telling anyone

  • miro
    miro Hour ago

    u being a cis guy as short as me makes me feel better about myself

  • Emily House
    Emily House Hour ago

    Is this the same guy who made the animated video named “Butter”?

  • steven s
    steven s Hour ago

    I shamefully admit.... I am the friend who shares the porn. It's not gay its just a talking point

  • quinoa
    quinoa Hour ago

    these are the types of videos that will show up in random people’s recommendations after 3 years

  • Sam Button
    Sam Button Hour ago

    *Difficulty: Easy*

  • A_Stranger2256
    A_Stranger2256 Hour ago

    “This Is Not Normal” Yeah No Except It Is To Every Nerd And Video Game Nerd That’s A Gun Or Knife Fanatic

  • Creative Industries

    But wait... Aren't you a deadpan react channel Charlie?

  • Blowup Lesbian
    Blowup Lesbian Hour ago

    He sold drugs for cs go knifes, that’s why he was arrested

  • Firstly I'm gay Secondly


  • Ethan Sparagowski

    Ffs Walton county borders my county 😂😂😂

  • newtonianromance

    Everything I need to know about this antivaxxer is said in his name.

  • Ken Rex Barcelon

    Thought i was browsing pornhub

  • Lasky Labs
    Lasky Labs Hour ago

    Oh man... When did they have 1 store left? I thought it was 12... Now I'm sad.

  • Snazzy
    Snazzy Hour ago

    I thought the second to last boss was vastly harder than the final boss. I actually perfected the final boss, to the point where I beat him entirely without getting hit once. It was the first souls boss I had ever done a no-hit with.

  • First Name Surname

    Nice bro

  • eyetk
    eyetk Hour ago

    Shower gang fuck off growers

  • DeZephyr
    DeZephyr Hour ago

    Does anyone else hear and exact difference because they sound nothing alike?

  • Miller Time
    Miller Time Hour ago

    Circus pedos playing some tunes😂

  • DonRayPlayz Pate

    Penguin: say comments are bad 8.9k comments: in gonna to what is called a pro gamer move

  • Chad
    Chad Hour ago

    Stick to Transformers, Charlie

  • Hentai Banana
    Hentai Banana Hour ago

    No you are wrong the strongest thing in anime is the power of the main character

  • GetZapped
    GetZapped Hour ago

    Its more humane to shoot a snake than cut its head off

  • ShowYaFriends
    ShowYaFriends Hour ago

    Take a shot every time he says a variation of “they knew change was coming, they just underestimated how fast it would be”

  • Stalutes64
    Stalutes64 Hour ago

    7:37 that edge alignment was dogshit thats 100% on the moron swinging the sword like a troglodyte