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Welcome to Arsenal, David Luiz!
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Welcome to Arsenal, Nicolas Pepe!
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    DEE DUBZ Minute ago


  • Andy Evidence
    Andy Evidence 3 minutes ago

    This is exciting to watch

  • Quyet Nguyen
    Quyet Nguyen 4 minutes ago

    Pls tell me where to buy the black backpack in 1:36

  • Almachius Tresphory
    Almachius Tresphory 5 minutes ago

    The way laca celebrated his goal it's the same as Henry did when he returned from Barca

  • Scubs
    Scubs 6 minutes ago

    The most important thing about this video is that it confirmed the drum.

  • Linda Namile
    Linda Namile 6 minutes ago

    🥶🥶🥶 that n was COOLLD judging from the reaction of the n player 🤣🤣🤣

    DEE DUBZ 7 minutes ago

    Bench for you this year buddy

    DEE DUBZ 14 minutes ago top player. Already giving us what we wanted from Ozil the last 6 seasons

    DEE DUBZ 15 minutes ago

    The movement from Aubameyang when Pepe teed him up was incredible. Never woulda happend last season with that static midfield set up we had. Already seeing Pepes worth having a quality Left Footed winger out wide on the right. It creates problems. Our left side is fine Nelson's really good but go and get Zaha or Everton

  • Shaaaaf shaaaaf
    Shaaaaf shaaaaf 16 minutes ago

    Unai do what jurgen klopp does to his midfielder selections, play Guenduzi a day and Torriera a day, Xhaka a day and Ceballos a day not All day Guenduzi + Xhaka we need box to box midfielders not only ball winning midfielders.

  • Man Child
    Man Child 19 minutes ago

    I love this. Auba should have buried that pass

    DEE DUBZ 20 minutes ago

    Where's Perry ? Bring back Perry onda colour commentary. I remember when Arsenal TV was on Setanta and they had Shovel haha. BTW Dwight McNeil 19 ? Gonna be a really top player

  • Andy Lowe
    Andy Lowe 20 minutes ago

    It's nice doing some dribbles and skills but when we were 2v2 at the end his pass to Aubameyang was under hit and that's when it actually counts

  • Himanshu Giri
    Himanshu Giri 22 minutes ago

    Don't skip ads lads

  • Keith Mwathi
    Keith Mwathi 22 minutes ago


  • JTorres 17
    JTorres 17 25 minutes ago

    Loved every second of this video♥️💯

  • Adarsh Gibson
    Adarsh Gibson 27 minutes ago

    Arsenal need to start Pepe along with the dynamic duo against Liverpool

  • Andysensei2009
    Andysensei2009 28 minutes ago

    If our Stadium was a chick i will give it a perfect 10

  • daph brie
    daph brie 28 minutes ago

    Hahahaha Torreira with measuring himself is a real mood

  • Aditya Garud
    Aditya Garud 29 minutes ago

    Hit LIKE if he will score against Liverpool.

  • Ijaz Ahmed
    Ijaz Ahmed 31 minute ago

    This is why we do it!!!

  • KabzHD
    KabzHD 32 minutes ago

    I didn’t expect to see the confidence straight away. But icl im scared rn because it dosent look like hes settled in with the dressing room and the players

  • INVU
    INVU 35 minutes ago

    0:35 they are danish! :D They say "I've chosen the old logo"

  • anthony adobah
    anthony adobah 35 minutes ago

    Good ebening

  • sultan ramadhan
    sultan ramadhan 39 minutes ago


  • Zameer Patwa
    Zameer Patwa 40 minutes ago

    The greatest team the world has ever seen.

  • RIAN
    RIAN 41 minute ago

    Love Arsenal Until Die

  • Martin _Mjb
    Martin _Mjb 41 minute ago

    Auba is always a vibe

  • Simba Shocx
    Simba Shocx 43 minutes ago

    i love this club , my first love

  • J B
    J B 44 minutes ago

    Compilation!? He's a great signing but he hasn't scored for us and has barely played 2 games

  • Andopop
    Andopop 44 minutes ago

    2:46 why did she say that Ceballos is our record signing?!

  • Yai Panitan
    Yai Panitan 45 minutes ago

    Look like we improve every area this year, transfer market and then media

  • Andy G
    Andy G 45 minutes ago

    Rip VVD and Matip🤣☠☠

    DEE DUBZ 46 minutes ago

    Burnley are a tough team. Unlucky not to come away with a draw really.

  • 장석환
    장석환 48 minutes ago

    David Luiz=Guenduzi

  • siiiw
    siiiw 49 minutes ago

    No doubt. Dani has to stay .

  • K. Impact
    K. Impact 50 minutes ago

    I always look for Arsenal Fan TV members in the crowd, lmao.

  • KittoO
    KittoO 50 minutes ago

    *Not skipping ADs squad* _where you at?_

  • AC Currie
    AC Currie 54 minutes ago

    I love it! I hope you all do this for every match.

  • afif k
    afif k 55 minutes ago

    no wonder it's a 57 second video with 13 seconds of his substitution 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Denis Tomashevskij
    Denis Tomashevskij 59 minutes ago

    Keep these videos coming. 3 Points on Sat will be massive confidence boooost for the season 🏆👍

  • Vault Sam
    Vault Sam Hour ago

    and Mesut Ozil is unwell..... lol

  • Lewis
    Lewis Hour ago

    Lol joe hart in burnley subs oof

  • viswajith narayan


  • De Howitzer
    De Howitzer Hour ago

    LOL someone is playing Fantasy Premier League 1:52

  • Kristian Sandvik 07

    2.59 he look like the afro on Columbia

  • Tururere2345
    Tururere2345 Hour ago

    I'm a Real fan, and Ceballos didn't perform well at all last season, but then again neither did anybody in the midfield under Solari's horrible coaching. I'm really glad he's doing well with Arsenal.

  • Jery Mouser
    Jery Mouser Hour ago

    ANAL Aubameyang Nicolas pepe ALexander lacazette

  • Zepher Gaming
    Zepher Gaming Hour ago

    One halal food stand would be nice

  • JC0chap
    JC0chap Hour ago

    Arsenal's social media output has been so on point this season! Keep it up!

  • Dojfes fiskebod
    Dojfes fiskebod Hour ago

    0:30 Great seeing some Danish support 💪🇩🇰🇩🇰

  • Ale Beckett
    Ale Beckett Hour ago

    Anita at 2:30. ❤

  • adam butt
    adam butt Hour ago

    Who noticed sokratis doing a quick count at 4.20 as if he’s their school teacher on a field trip 😂

  • Samar Hamal
    Samar Hamal Hour ago


  • Rubz Recordz
    Rubz Recordz Hour ago

    Ceballos 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Emmanuel katende

    We miss extra time goals

  • Teddy Mugambi
    Teddy Mugambi Hour ago


  • Oluwafemi Olagunju

    Wow! I'm really really impressed with this behind the scenes videos. Keep it up Arsenal👌🏾

  • Ryan Hannan
    Ryan Hannan Hour ago

    Aubas goal from that angle my goodness

  • Avian GM
    Avian GM Hour ago

    2:18 David Guendouzi lololololol

  • Daniel Zasai
    Daniel Zasai Hour ago

    Its me arsenal top fan saying tat...pepe will truely be a trouble maker for the rival

  • George Dean-Tozer


  • Frank Castle
    Frank Castle Hour ago


  • malaysian man
    malaysian man Hour ago

    Whitout mustafi...we will win...

  • Jems Foint
    Jems Foint Hour ago

    Proud to be a gooner

  • Nathan M
    Nathan M Hour ago

    Give this lad time... Souls of defenders will be taken

  • Yuan Jie Low
    Yuan Jie Low Hour ago

    Anyone knows what’s the song being played at 10:10?

  • Newb Reefer
    Newb Reefer Hour ago


  • paul kaiser
    paul kaiser Hour ago

    Come on gunners, let's do it against Liverpool, guys!

  • Lirik Bajrami
    Lirik Bajrami Hour ago

    That feeling broo i cant wait to be there 🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️

  • Riley White
    Riley White Hour ago

    Happy birthday willock 🤜🏾🤜🏾💪🏾

  • Nate Royer
    Nate Royer Hour ago

    Can we appreciate Sean Dyche at 0:53 top bloke👏

  • Stephen Wairegi
    Stephen Wairegi Hour ago

    He is worthy the money arsenal will spend on him. Dem that lovely turn and electric speed will make a big difference on this season

  • Sam Greenwood
    Sam Greenwood Hour ago

    I love how Gunnersaurus acts like a goalkeeper while greeting Martinez at the player entrance and does the "i'm not worthy bow" to Aubameyang :D

  • เจ้าพ่อ วัดสิงห์


  • Sin CiTy SAVAGE
    Sin CiTy SAVAGE Hour ago

    He better show up against Liverpool

  • Ali Hassan
    Ali Hassan Hour ago

    Am waiting for his goal to salute arsenal fans all over standing infront of TV.🙋‍♂️

  • ジスルフィド


  • Reus De Zeus
    Reus De Zeus Hour ago

    I love this club❤️

  • The Boys
    The Boys Hour ago

    hey there were some danish ppl

  • Anugrah Shrestha

    I hope that this isn't all we'll get to see from him. Hope he adapts and delivers.

  • Glam B
    Glam B Hour ago

    Who is the interviewer at 2:37, she serious

  • R Teetje
    R Teetje Hour ago

    START HIM !!!!!!

  • EthamAFC
    EthamAFC Hour ago

    Counting down the days until Bellerin, Tierney & Holding are back 🤞🏾 COYG

  • Danieltheepic
    Danieltheepic Hour ago

    Arsenal uploading a mad ting 😂🔥🔥👏🏽👏🏽

  • Shaun Tendai Gambiza

    Man like Shang Tsung, snatching souls!!

  • Afdah Mujap
    Afdah Mujap Hour ago

    The shortest compilation in history of world football. AH MAAA ZING

  • Daniel Victor
    Daniel Victor Hour ago

    Pepe vs VVD should be tasty. He's clearly the underdog but I wonder if Pepe has what if takes to successfully take on a mountain like VVD at least once.

  • banares hussain
    banares hussain Hour ago

    It's nothing short of a disgrace and scandal how this clown of a manager Unai Emery is treating Pepe

  • One piece Anime
    One piece Anime Hour ago

    Very happy for Arsenal

  • Sisay Kinfe
    Sisay Kinfe Hour ago

    Auba is very sociable person always open, always smillibg great man.... Pepe has to learn from him even they were calling his name just keep walking without giving hi to them, I think he is shy person...... Torreira great self esteemed person. Love to be arsenal fan! ....keep going HIGH lads...I can't wait to watch Tierney he will add great quality and pace..... I like behind the scene videos as long as it is not revealing our game tactics & way of play.

  • King DarkDream
    King DarkDream Hour ago

    Now one for ceballos

  • Nampa Steven
    Nampa Steven Hour ago


  • The Egocentric Predicament

    Who the hell edited this?! This was trash

  • Meinghost
    Meinghost Hour ago

    For the first goal, I don't know what type of martial arts Monreal was up to, but thank God he missed that ball before Lacazette controlled and put it in the net.

  • Daun Jatuh
    Daun Jatuh Hour ago

    Laca + auba + pepe = 3point

  • kerem baha kerem baha

    Where is Ozil?

  • tui là bạn của thạch afk

    LOL :)))))))

  • How To
    How To Hour ago

    A win at Anfield is very special please do it for us

  • Akmal Ibrahim
    Akmal Ibrahim Hour ago

    Ceballos celebrated like he scored the goal. Loving the passion shown