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People Make DIY Japanese Candy
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$13 Lasagna Vs. $60 Lasagna
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Grandparents Take A Dating Quiz
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Nurses Play Never Have I Ever
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$11 Salad Vs. $95 Salad
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McDonald's Vs. Jollibee Fast Food
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$13 Korean Soup Vs. $88 Korean Soup
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Teens Swap Snacks On A Blind Date
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Americans & Italians Swap Snacks
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Adults Eat A High School Lunch
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Mozzarella Stick Taste Test
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Japanese Vs. NY Cheesecake
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$4 Burrito Vs. $32 Burrito
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We Tried Fast Food Popsicles
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Couples Imitate Each Other
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  • Mimi Poop
    Mimi Poop Hour ago

    Hey, my name is Miriam

  • George Charles
    George Charles Hour ago

    can you find people that are further from reality than these idiots? Geez! I'm Syrian and all my friends since jr high school have been beating down my door for my mom's That was the worst kibbee sayneh that I've ever seen. It looks like a roofing shingle. Kibbee sayneh (oven baked) is supposed to 2.5" thick, not that crap. I don't recognize half of that stuff either.

  • Aundria S
    Aundria S Hour ago

    yall know that lady that won only got a good score because of donna

  • Joni Simone
    Joni Simone Hour ago

    Wait, I’m from Australia and don’t live near any Starbucks. Why do they ask to take photos in Seattle ?

  • L-Series L’s for days

    This is at knotts berry farm

  • Zi Xiong
    Zi Xiong Hour ago

    When that baby grows up: I met Shawn Mendes and he sang to me!

  • my druggie
    my druggie Hour ago

    wait doesn’t she have a specific kind of coffee she likes that has creamer and other stuff in it? or did she just totally forget about her coffee this week

  • Kellyn Moffit
    Kellyn Moffit Hour ago

    About the coffee creamer problem, soy is not the best. There are tons of other non dairy creamers.

  • Venus
    Venus Hour ago

    *b-but..Adam IS a precious cinnamon roll too perfect for this world...*

  • Albina Shakhmanova

    The girl at 1:11 saying “why is the rice white” probably because they put white rice in it

  • Sam Vu
    Sam Vu Hour ago

    I swear the more expensive restaurant the weirder the name

  • Liam Irish
    Liam Irish Hour ago

    I don't find mr. Pittsburgh's accent to be "sexy" but he would record an amazing audiobook!

  • DizzyIzzyFangirl

    what in the panda express is going on here?!

  • Hamish Boucher-Smith

    Wait we have sour patch kids?

  • Johnny C
    Johnny C Hour ago

    Me: a 13yo sang a kid's song, that's cute. World: destroy her!

  • Glo. Kaylee
    Glo. Kaylee Hour ago

    This makes me never want to eat out again

  • sophie belkin
    sophie belkin Hour ago

    Can you please do Jewish grandmothers matzo ball soup or brisket (or both)

  • loveispeace
    loveispeace Hour ago

    A couple of years back my two guy cousins(whom are brothers) swore that they hated cats and that they're the devil. Fast forward a few years later they are the proud owners of two furry cats. The youngest of the two brothers is a cat dad now like his male cat just loves him so much and its so cute. His cat's personality is just like him as well. The older one likes cats now too but he still prefers dogs tho

  • Kal
    Kal Hour ago

    the cocky ones always get the worst

  • Emily lietz
    Emily lietz Hour ago

    I did this

  • Anton Francis
    Anton Francis Hour ago

    The title makes me laugh

  • Daith de nogla Fan fan fan

    Ned and Eugene:Kissing Ned’s wife:Dammit I knew he was gay

  • John Gate
    John Gate Hour ago

    kyra was the best over all, i liked that she did not use alot of the tablet features to draw Dexter either or fix errors. i liked this video, but it would of been a lot better if they would of drawn the things on the original artist of these characters did lol

  • Penelopee Ethereal

    Where did Destinee get that sweater tho?

  • Trucks1202Gamer
    Trucks1202Gamer Hour ago

    When I heard Louisville Kentucky I was like “Somebody knows us!!”

  • Iconic
    Iconic Hour ago

    Cassandra: WhERes The SugAR ThE NuTMeG tHe CiNnAmoN?! Cashier: Ma'am this is target

  • Hamish Boucher-Smith

    Americans don’t have chicken chips wow

  • Jim Desir
    Jim Desir Hour ago


  • Saira Darugar
    Saira Darugar Hour ago

    Cassandra: *WhErE Is ThE SuGaR ANd NuTmEG?!* Mam this is a McDonald’s

  • Yeenosaur
    Yeenosaur Hour ago

    Im drinking it rn and guess what... It tastes like water.

  • Giovanni Cambranes

    2:04 where did the guy go. magic.

  • Takums 2000
    Takums 2000 Hour ago

    Imagine trash talking to others about potato salad

  • Shruti Simhadri
    Shruti Simhadri Hour ago

    who would dislike this vid? When i dont like a vid i just dont do either

  • omzig18
    omzig18 Hour ago

    If you remember Rugrats you might recall Tommy always had a screwdriver with him. The reason for that is the creaters of Rugrats we're big Dr who fans and wanted to incorporate that into the show

  • aloha. aminah
    aloha. aminah Hour ago

    “Burger hamburger at the whopper king place.”

  • certifiedtroll
    certifiedtroll Hour ago

    2:12 *oh boy 3:00 a.m!!!!!*

  • Andrea C
    Andrea C Hour ago

    I love to do this actually in real life. I know it seems scary but when you really open up and show your vulnerable side (in a safe environment), it's amazing how freeing it is and how close you feel to the other.

  • Saira Darugar
    Saira Darugar Hour ago

    I find this series racist because they aren’t doing white dads eat each other’s food: or brown moms try each other’s food: etc they are only doing African Americans and that’s unfair to legit every single other race ever.

  • VictoriaRian
    VictoriaRian Hour ago

    Ive got 2 tattoos, both bigger than my hand, that cost $80 each and the artists gave me their cards for free touch ups.... But thats Michigan for ya.

  • waleed arshad
    waleed arshad Hour ago

    Back short 😂😂😂

  • Average Gamer
    Average Gamer Hour ago

    if it wasn't for the champagne it would have been a $50,000 bachelor party but no, that isn't a catchy title

  • Am1t B
    Am1t B Hour ago

    Now the keyboard is cleaner than new!

  • Your MajesDee
    Your MajesDee Hour ago

    I’m gonna make Rihanna’s macaroni pie 😋

  • Ikhwan mz
    Ikhwan mz Hour ago

    lasagna episode bring me here

  • Michael Kudra
    Michael Kudra Hour ago

    me next me next

  • Michael Kudra
    Michael Kudra Hour ago

    me next me next

  • Ikhwan mz
    Ikhwan mz Hour ago

    Compare Halal food please!!

  • CharxLi
    CharxLi Hour ago

    Kevin really only draws himself

  • Coconut ScienceGirl92

    You can tell by their voices ...who they are lmao

  • Cosco
    Cosco Hour ago

    👍 up for Pasta Sister's success. Thanks Worth it.

  • AZA Gang
    AZA Gang Hour ago

    Owen: “ready to get your butt whooped!” Clark: “Good luck man.” We see who’s more mature here.

  • tycoon eameenu
    tycoon eameenu Hour ago

    Medicine is so OVERREACTED

  • MlleNobs
    MlleNobs Hour ago

    The tinder lady is absolutely awful

  • Tarrin Chambers
    Tarrin Chambers Hour ago

    Okay here me out here. Archer’s Bbq has amazing potato salad

  • Bongos
    Bongos Hour ago

    Who came here from Sargon's thinkery video on deep fakes

  • Jazzylicious143 xoxoxo

    Omg I’m hungry now

  • Javier Cé
    Javier Cé Hour ago

    *Brent the best*

  • Vikram DAS
    Vikram DAS Hour ago

    We Indians use our teeth 👌 I almost broke of my teeth saturday night

  • Ray Starz
    Ray Starz Hour ago

    “Not tryna be funny but whoEVA made this, honey you need your grandma card snatched BACK!” Yasss Mimi lmaooo

  • Yeraldi Covarrubias

    I had a crush on Zach for a sec there 🥵

  • Random Fandoms
    Random Fandoms Hour ago

    How is it their first time but they barely have leg hair. I had that much leg hair when I was like 12 and I finally got to shave it

  • Nayops 18
    Nayops 18 Hour ago

    Butch the OG❗️👏🏼

  • Tae Kim
    Tae Kim Hour ago

    no one: absolutely no one: not one soul: andrew: yOu TaKe A lItTlE sAuSaGe

  • Girly Twitter
    Girly Twitter Hour ago

    My twin for real doesn’t look like me or act like me and this year me and my twin are in the same class. Also the keep getting our names mixed up! Even the teachers! I get so mad.

  • alex Ortiz
    alex Ortiz Hour ago

    Honestly their confidence levels are off the charts like they have no chill lol they give no fks

  • The Protector
    The Protector Hour ago

    The first Asian I've seen that was bad with math 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Kayla P.
    Kayla P. Hour ago

    I was rooting for Donna damnit

    MVLGUS Hour ago

    Ned is the only non cuck In this video

  • Isabel Wills
    Isabel Wills Hour ago

    All these ladies were very mean!

  • xavier carmichael

    For research....

  • hi hungry im dad lol

    Just get Chicago town pizza and you are set

  • Dóris
    Dóris Hour ago

    I'd really like to try this Indian option

  • Maddy Is sad
    Maddy Is sad Hour ago

    *the ice cream machines actually break?*

  • Owenirie LS
    Owenirie LS Hour ago

    It is funny when the 1 commented the most has lowest score

  • Tamia Edrington
    Tamia Edrington Hour ago

    She said just take a swizzle of this 😂😂😂😂

  • Let Blind Boys Drive

    Rainbow shirt and glasses eat plain Lays Chips

  • Delhi
    Delhi Hour ago

    me eating meat, while watching this

  • LJ Tarr
    LJ Tarr Hour ago

    Yeah boi! VA Beach represent!

  • Darrick White
    Darrick White Hour ago

    Can we have the uncles square off? Mac & Cheese, cornbread, greens, or something? I'd definitely compete (& win)!

  • baskethil2
    baskethil2 Hour ago

    Ok i think there is something wrong with me.. I couldnt stop laughing when i heard about the Campbell soup ...LOL

  • Kiwi
    Kiwi Hour ago

    “Everyday I asked her out for dinner and everyday she had to _wash her hair”_ MEE

  • Zhiyi Liu
    Zhiyi Liu Hour ago

    Lemon and melon almost sounds the same

  • The_Sauce 1820
    The_Sauce 1820 Hour ago

    Millie acts like how eleven would if she saw this stuff

  • Hidayat Rajab
    Hidayat Rajab Hour ago

    I wish our leaders think about these countries that how can we bring peace instead of war

  • mason arlein vlogs

    i was at footlocker today and i saw my mans endorsing footlocker on the signs

  • Fernanda Gonzalez Silva

    Eugene looks like any Asian guy, they can rock any look but his hair is very unique and gorgeous

  • RosesofVersailles

    Kyra DEMOLISHED Nick

  • Paxton Pill
    Paxton Pill Hour ago

    i need to get f***ed ASAP!

  • Laney.cosplays :p

    Welcome to my last two braincells on crack at four am.

  • Willie Lugo
    Willie Lugo Hour ago

    Hey I miss that guys videos on buzzfeed can’t remember his name

  • Juju
    Juju Hour ago

    I didn't see a SINGLE auntie with a pixie cut and finger waves!!! INVALID!!!!

  • Eduardo Valdes
    Eduardo Valdes Hour ago

    I know that's a lot of work to make tortillas by hand for a taquería, pero no mames, la tortilla de verdad se extiende con rodillo, cómo abuelita

  • Gio The Short
    Gio The Short Hour ago

    RIP Indonesia 7 eleven

  • Olivia Ramsey
    Olivia Ramsey Hour ago

    Okay which side is the animator and which side is the cartoonist?

  • Karuna Kissun
    Karuna Kissun Hour ago

    Heh don’t talk about Fiji like that Keith that’s my country

  • Hidayat Rajab
    Hidayat Rajab Hour ago

    When there is something about Pakistan and India so every country people's excited to hear that story , I wish we were not enemies

  • Tehe Tehe
    Tehe Tehe Hour ago

    Donna looks like such a kind women,she gave the other women’s go ratings and was honest and she was rated worse out of all of them 😟👸🏻

  • OBJ 13
    OBJ 13 Hour ago

    This video is bs BuzzFeed wouldn't dare do this to African Americans.

  • Tuffythetiger09
    Tuffythetiger09 Hour ago


  • Mademoiselle 9461

    If vine was still alive cassandra would be such a viral meme