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People Play Musical Dares
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$2 Street Food In Japan
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  • Hamza Salih
    Hamza Salih 6 hours ago

    That was definitely not a fade

  • chiaroscural
    chiaroscural 6 hours ago

    That bum bag is out of control!

  • jai pandey
    jai pandey 6 hours ago

    common 😍👍👍🤘💪

  • Grooming Guru
    Grooming Guru 6 hours ago

    I would go gay like crazy for Chris Evans

  • Top Senior Gusion
    Top Senior Gusion 6 hours ago

    A great relationship starts with friendship.

  • LPS Kodiakproductions!

    *where's the flavor?*

  • Ellen Hägglund
    Ellen Hägglund 6 hours ago

    Sauerkraut on pizza isn't actually that weird! In Sweden (it might exist outside of Sweden but I have never met anyone outside Sweden who know what it is) we have something called pizza sallad, it's basically chopped cabbage with some oil, salt and pepper, sugar and vinegar, you can add red pepper and you let it chill in the fridge overnight so it's both crunchy and soft and so delicious!

  • Scye Royster
    Scye Royster 6 hours ago

    He’s sexy

  • OwO Guzz
    OwO Guzz 6 hours ago

    Why Shanghai always remind me of honkok

  • kalebscruggs22
    kalebscruggs22 6 hours ago

    he looks like ben affleck in his younger pictures

  • Ethan BCTN
    Ethan BCTN 6 hours ago

    Phillipines can i have candy 1 peso pls so sad phillipines hot dog in phillipines so expensive you can only buy candy for 1 piso

  • Kyra Looman
    Kyra Looman 6 hours ago

    I was 8 when the video went viral and still remember getting on the bus that Friday and singing along with my little sister and the other kids that went to my school. Ah, the memories

  • anthony bell
    anthony bell 6 hours ago

    anyone else see 2 chainz in the thumbnail

  • kiora unny
    kiora unny 6 hours ago

    I hate buzzfeed but i love john, you guys seriously need to put him in every video

  • Gustavo Felix
    Gustavo Felix 6 hours ago

    Did he say the tortilla feels like a babys thigh lmaoooo that was so awkward


    Indonesia street food please


    Indonesia street food please

  • Diego Andrade
    Diego Andrade 6 hours ago

    Imagine walking in to a McDonald’s and ordering a Big Mac and when they ask what size drink you say extra medium I am very late to this video

  • kiora unny
    kiora unny 6 hours ago

    I literally just search 'private investigator' for a couple months just to watch my dude again

  • Sonia Khansa
    Sonia Khansa 6 hours ago


  • sunvi
    sunvi 7 hours ago

    When I saw Darla's dad I was like *"I thought this was a never have I ever game with your parent?"*

  • Addicted To Goop Juice

    God That's Bad

  • nac maajas
    nac maajas 7 hours ago

    what if both friends are lesbians:)

  • Vlog G
    Vlog G 7 hours ago

    Why’s the Wendy’s girl so salty though???

  • The 8-bit raccoon
    The 8-bit raccoon 7 hours ago

    In the first part he’s just embarrassing himself

  • Shaniafan1
    Shaniafan1 7 hours ago

    Love the red hair.

  • Prince Virginia
    Prince Virginia 7 hours ago

    Eugene looks like james charles

  • ArielzzRizqia IMO
    ArielzzRizqia IMO 7 hours ago

    Indonesia Please..

  • Catalin 1911
    Catalin 1911 7 hours ago

    yeah u totally look like a Stanley...Chi Minh

  • hashtagmate
    hashtagmate 7 hours ago


  • Andrew Rivera
    Andrew Rivera 7 hours ago

    It looks awesome dude!

  • Sumit Shome
    Sumit Shome 7 hours ago

    Cats are the most useless pet i have ever seen

  • Daddy's Home
    Daddy's Home 7 hours ago

    Stock X prices are way over the actual resell

  • hashtagmate
    hashtagmate 7 hours ago


  • Shahaf Benshushan
    Shahaf Benshushan 7 hours ago

    please watch fried chicken episode !!

  • J
    J 7 hours ago

    that 2.75 slice seems overpriced i think should just be 2bucks even

  • Armageddon2077
    Armageddon2077 7 hours ago

    The coffee shop that makes the iced coffee is called R.o.stars and was in Takadanobaba, and they went out of business last month

  • Katherine Hurtado
    Katherine Hurtado 7 hours ago

    For liver, I recommend looking up Cuban recipes or buying from a Cuban restaurant.

  • Samuel Carmona
    Samuel Carmona 7 hours ago

    "Mario Kart. All the way." BE STILL MY BEATING HEART

  • Silverkhan Ruykhan
    Silverkhan Ruykhan 7 hours ago

    The title is offensive. Please remove this video.

  • mani kandan
    mani kandan 7 hours ago

    I'm proud of my jawline and don't need to cover it lol

  • anjali sharma
    anjali sharma 7 hours ago

    I would love to date black man some day, but this is exactly the reason why i would be take a step back...i am bad cook

  • Meher sadhwani
    Meher sadhwani 7 hours ago

    Storyteller : walking at a quicker pace than he was before The animation : *man running* Me : uhh..the man-..never mind

  • Edwards Baron
    Edwards Baron 7 hours ago

    She makes the most snowflakey statements as a review.

  • Harrison Kallergis
    Harrison Kallergis 7 hours ago

    Keith: I know about the German, England, Irish part Also Keith: maybe I’m French maybe I’m Italian I don’t know any other country’s from Europe

  • BaNaNa Joe
    BaNaNa Joe 7 hours ago

    Why only Zachs voice didnt got changed?

  • Mary Gonzales
    Mary Gonzales 7 hours ago

    *I like how they put "scary" music when the wendy's girl is eating*

  • White hoodie Boi
    White hoodie Boi 7 hours ago

    Jackie:Am I right ladies Me:Ummmm I’m not a lady

  • BestGirlEver 80
    BestGirlEver 80 7 hours ago

    *Its nOt swEeT EnOugh*

  • saladus
    saladus 7 hours ago

    They are liars because they are from Wakanda.

  • jai varma
    jai varma 7 hours ago

    No content no problem Let’s Make reaction video

  • KH Gaming
    KH Gaming 7 hours ago

    Ok this gotta be a joke. The WENDY GIRL IS SOOO ANNOYING. (I feel like buzfeed payed her so she can criticize the food tbh)

  • Andres Orozco
    Andres Orozco 7 hours ago

    I love the first question (and may i say, how cool the pastor is) cus i believe consciousness is just electrical signals at the right place at the right time. So interesting

  • Hesham mohamed
    Hesham mohamed 7 hours ago

    محدش يغلط ف الشمعدان لو سمحت

  • SeñorHalogen
    SeñorHalogen 7 hours ago

    These aren’t Americans they’re fking Asians pretending to speak in an accent

  • Star Mark
    Star Mark 7 hours ago

    Now make White moms Try Other Black Dads' Barbecue. (Age Restricted, not racist)

  • AL HD
    AL HD 7 hours ago

    Kabab not Kebab is an Arabic word. it's the name of one dish, ground meat cooked with a skewer on a grill. people calling Kebab to all middle eastern fast food it's like calling all Asian food sushi. Döner or Shawarma is NOT Kabab !! YOU F****** MORONS

  • Soban Abdullah
    Soban Abdullah 7 hours ago

    I loved it. Soooooo pretty💕😍

  • The one who is the one

    There are people that have a certain taste, those kinds of people are called "Super tasters" (Their "certain taste" is a thing they will have ever since they're born) A majority of people don't have the "Super taster's" taste, there are exceptions for people who are inexcusably superb in their food career(s) (i.e Gordon Ramsey from Europe)

  • nimsay
    nimsay 7 hours ago

    billy raddiates the same energy as andrew rannells

  • M S
    M S 7 hours ago

    Does anyone wanna be friends? Write a song together and become great friends? I wanna be a singer and i'm looking for someone with the same dream. :P

  • Angel Love
    Angel Love 7 hours ago

    1:55 why if captions are on they can not spell sometimes? (because)

  • Bipas Koirala
    Bipas Koirala 7 hours ago

    what is the name of the song at last? I have been searching that song for last 3 hours.

  • j thugg
    j thugg 7 hours ago

    U can tell these people are pretending not to know about shoe prices notice how that black dude has a fresh hair cut & girl next to him knows about fashion brands! 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Ashley
    Ashley 7 hours ago

    Anyone else think that Clark sounds like Charlie Day? Lol omg

  • Sarah Noor
    Sarah Noor 7 hours ago

    " WhY dOsE ThE AiR TaStE pUrPle"

  • Kaviya Aditi
    Kaviya Aditi 7 hours ago

    You should try the same but not tell the kids it's weird cravings but a recipe from a five star restaurant

  • Charles M
    Charles M 7 hours ago

    Never have I ever safety tested....oops I should recall that statement.

  • Emmymmy
    Emmymmy 7 hours ago

    you'd think this women would know what a condom is by now..

  • ZuboyTV
    ZuboyTV 7 hours ago

    Hamre bharat ke patsala mei ghar se khana kha na school mei bhi khana kha na aur raat mei porn dhek ke so jana

  • Shai Ali
    Shai Ali 7 hours ago

    Sarah and Joshua are so nice while Luna(Wendy girl)is a bit "Salty"

  • Aabed El Khouly
    Aabed El Khouly 7 hours ago

    How cloud they forget kataketo, mandolin andd molto 🙈🙈

  • EllsBells
    EllsBells 7 hours ago

    We all know the true meal here is Blake...

    STAR DUST 7 hours ago

    The sadest boy in that grup is adam lol

  • Hasna Al sardiea
    Hasna Al sardiea 7 hours ago

    Jackson : loves the environment and teaches mom how to skateboard Wyatt : An 70 year old British lady who loves self care and fancy and eats his boogers

  • Pruthvi Hegde
    Pruthvi Hegde 7 hours ago

    They:- nothing happened *I doubt that ;-)*

  • kerky :D
    kerky :D 7 hours ago

    how did he not realize the camera is tracing him

  • Maha Ali
    Maha Ali 7 hours ago

    Top knot ❤🤤

  • cozette mostert
    cozette mostert 7 hours ago

    Religion might be the straw that finally breaks my relationship's back but it's inspiring to see couples make it work across the divide of religion and atheism.

  • Rob Krasinski
    Rob Krasinski 7 hours ago

    I think younger people becoming less religious goes hand in hand with being more liberal. You don't believe in God, so you are more tolerant and accepting of immoral lifestyles which democrats support like lgbtq, abortion, etc. and curse words are a part of your regular speech.

  • phey antonio
    phey antonio 7 hours ago

    wait really????

  • Evelynn Brannon
    Evelynn Brannon 7 hours ago

    I’ve actually accidentally shoplifted before I was like 5/6 I thought they were giving out free chapstick

  • Shai Ali
    Shai Ali 7 hours ago

    Nobody: Nobody AT ALL: Wendy girl:ThIs FrY nEeDs SuPpOuRt

  • Sandra Runaitė
    Sandra Runaitė 7 hours ago

    Eatyourkimchi! ❤️

  • Oi Cunt
    Oi Cunt 7 hours ago

    this was beyond easy

  • Ap Singh
    Ap Singh 7 hours ago

    The big Mac has 540 calories

  • dolls ;
    dolls ; 7 hours ago

    26 people have no soul

  • Doctor Maddy Plague
    Doctor Maddy Plague 7 hours ago

    Those koeksisters look like they are underdone jesus

    GHANI T 7 hours ago

    I usually wake up at 5 am

  • nEdgar
    nEdgar 7 hours ago

    $18 for a BLT, NO THANKS. I’II take a $3 Deli BLT

  • Michelle Lovas 3
    Michelle Lovas 3 7 hours ago

    C'mon!! People don't just snack on eucalyptus drops!!

  • spitonmebeckbennett
    spitonmebeckbennett 7 hours ago

    While I respect and appreciate this it feels like we’re being led into the overly cautious of everything land. Human touch and contact is more than just literal contact it’s a connection. I wouldn’t want to hug or touch anyone if it made them uncomfortable, but from now on I’m going to overthink hugging someone

  • Hiro Ciko
    Hiro Ciko 8 hours ago

    3 star was the high point 2,5 star not bad 1 star average... i really curious to know what kind 4-5 star noodles for him?? xD

  • Musically Bengali
    Musically Bengali 8 hours ago

    How can I download these characters for PUBG Mobile

  • MeloCat
    MeloCat 8 hours ago

    love their style!!

  • Caitlin Maxfield
    Caitlin Maxfield 8 hours ago

    What about ADHD

  • YnochTG
    YnochTG 8 hours ago

    The Wendy’s girl is there for a little bit of texture and diversity

  • ahmed ashraf
    ahmed ashraf 8 hours ago


  • Twilight Aresta
    Twilight Aresta 8 hours ago

    Buzzfeed : how do you eat these food? Me:easy put it in your mouth and chew

  • idk but ya
    idk but ya 8 hours ago

    the wendys girl is like ur mom when she comes into ur room and looks hard for something to complain about