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  • Janel Perkins
    Janel Perkins 34 seconds ago

    Awww He loves his mom. So cute

  • ASD
    ASD 43 seconds ago

    Why am I watching this at 6 in the _morning,_ while *starving.*

  • Maysixth92
    Maysixth92 49 seconds ago

    Eugene looks so hot i wish i was gay too

  • Ryleigh미소
    Ryleigh미소 50 seconds ago

    "I would let go of myself for Mariah Carey" 😂😂

  • lil rilley
    lil rilley Minute ago

    Me: *waits the whole vid just so I can see ariana grande and Taylor swift and I know that ariana will win* Internal screaming activated

  • Sophie Vasic
    Sophie Vasic Minute ago

    I don't get what all the Beyonce hype is about tbh

  • phonedomechrome
    phonedomechrome Minute ago

    This is like the bang bus but for fast food

  • Jasper Cobbing
    Jasper Cobbing 2 minutes ago

    Boink marry kill Harry,Ron,hermione

  • Mattison Downs
    Mattison Downs 3 minutes ago


  • Anatolij Timofeev
    Anatolij Timofeev 3 minutes ago

    i like coldplay

  • kate bates
    kate bates 5 minutes ago

    Barbara and Cher frist round ahhhhh

  • zhengrae
    zhengrae 5 minutes ago


  • Marta Peixoto
    Marta Peixoto 5 minutes ago

    where is mr freddie mercury?

  • Felicity Nicole
    Felicity Nicole 5 minutes ago

    No Sia! 😔

  • Siri the Psychopomp
    Siri the Psychopomp 7 minutes ago


  • Rayna Adlakha
    Rayna Adlakha 7 minutes ago

    Taylor should have been chosen over ariana

  • nigxtingale
    nigxtingale 9 minutes ago

    im mad that aretha franklin didn't get a lil further because i love her so much

  • Laura Huggins
    Laura Huggins 9 minutes ago

    I'm over here wondering why Miley even made this goddamn list. Honestly, anyone who thinks she's a diva is on thin ice already, but to rank her above Demi is a JOKE.

  • EB
    EB 12 minutes ago

    OMG If you do a boyband ranking PLEASE put PRETTYMUCH in there

  • Ryan McKenna
    Ryan McKenna 12 minutes ago


  • Iyad Naseer
    Iyad Naseer 12 minutes ago

    Shakira beats Jlo

  • Akatosh 4L
    Akatosh 4L 12 minutes ago

    Eugene is actually Josuke from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Change my mind.

  • Ivy Ruonakoski
    Ivy Ruonakoski 13 minutes ago

    I miss Trix. Can't buy it in my country.

  • Thomas Benedict
    Thomas Benedict 15 minutes ago

    honey bunches of oats and life suck unless you get the cinnamon version. then they are the best

  • Sailaja kl
    Sailaja kl 15 minutes ago

    Who keeps the stationery right next to the drinks!!? It's obvious that people would prefer the drinks.

    DOSTGOYEVSKY ! 15 minutes ago

    Wendy's fries are good when they aren't being made by gangbuttfuckers

  • Miles C. Anthony
    Miles C. Anthony 15 minutes ago

    Hahaha, no. You're Homosexual. You behave in a gay manner. And no one gives a shit. "HEY, EVERYONE! I PAY MY BILLS ON TIME! I'M SPEEEEECCCCCCCIAL!!!!". You're just another insecure asshole hiding behind your ego. Which makes you one in six of all people.

  • Rachel Copeland
    Rachel Copeland 16 minutes ago

    Alex, you are so cute. ♡

  • Νίκη
    Νίκη 18 minutes ago

    You should rank rpdr winners based on charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent

  • Xenia
    Xenia 18 minutes ago

    Where is Judy? 🌈

  • Aryanna Guanlao
    Aryanna Guanlao 19 minutes ago

    I can’t believe they didn’t even mention Dreamgirls for Beyoncé but they mentioned Lion King, I feel robbed

  • starkidding around
    starkidding around 22 minutes ago

    this was such an amazing video, whoever did the original pairings and order is a genius

  • marina kasparov
    marina kasparov 25 minutes ago


  • ohad mazor
    ohad mazor 26 minutes ago


  • Jessi Baker
    Jessi Baker 26 minutes ago

    I love how Keith is just casually wearing a t-shirt with Zach on it...and he's pulling it off too 😂

  • The Undead Alpha
    The Undead Alpha 27 minutes ago

    *Counting Cars intro runs in*

  • kanin lab sama
    kanin lab sama 29 minutes ago

    I want Eugene

  • FrenZ True
    FrenZ True 29 minutes ago

    These facts are so wrong though... some more research would have been nice

  • Jong Ray Holk
    Jong Ray Holk 30 minutes ago

    That doctor will have more muscles than I will ever have

  • Jennifer Kyson
    Jennifer Kyson 30 minutes ago

    Hands down one of my favourite videos ❤️

  • MissMiia
    MissMiia 31 minute ago

    Adele over JLo any day, especially with her controversy.

  • Samantha O'Brien
    Samantha O'Brien 31 minute ago

    This is the first rank video that hurt my feelings

  • Greeny Wasabi
    Greeny Wasabi 32 minutes ago

    I really want to see Keith go to other countrys and compair their, eg, KFC to the US one

  • robert bourgoine
    robert bourgoine 33 minutes ago

    i love how fake and dumb all the buzzfeed people are...

  • corhydron111
    corhydron111 33 minutes ago

    Beyoncé >>> Whitney I'll take hard work and comprehensive creative control over raw talent any time. Talent can be wasted (as it was in this case). Branching out and working hard can only work to one's advantage.

  • X_Prototype 1
    X_Prototype 1 34 minutes ago

    Im a libra and i dont think i relate at all.

  • Sarah Absher
    Sarah Absher 35 minutes ago

    Their lemonade and grilled chicken go wrap are my two favorite things I get from there! So delicious!

  • _jacorn _
    _jacorn _ 37 minutes ago

    When you come to Aus, do Hungry Jack's

  • Rudy Kaj
    Rudy Kaj 38 minutes ago

    Since about a year ago McDonalds in sweden serves the "McVegan" wich is actually not too bad for McDonalds

  • Dahminance
    Dahminance 39 minutes ago

    I found BONE in my pot pie, never went back

  • Pulak
    Pulak 42 minutes ago

    I feel so millennial right now.😂

  • Burnt Emo Soul
    Burnt Emo Soul 42 minutes ago

    I know someone whos an Aquarius and she does have a lightbulb shaped face, and also last week i saw a drawing she done of an alien so wow 😂 Im a libra btw ❤

  • Agathe Dallaire
    Agathe Dallaire 44 minutes ago

    Is Lana Del Rey considered a diva these days? I expected to see her in there.

  • Desmond Paul
    Desmond Paul 47 minutes ago

    I have 2 middle names, maybe "Wendy" did too?

  • AccusingTuna123
    AccusingTuna123 48 minutes ago

    'Two RedHeads on the bus get covered in mayonnaise' #1 Trending video

  • David Doherty
    David Doherty 49 minutes ago

    Mariah Carey should not have gotten that far....

  • Mint Dean
    Mint Dean 50 minutes ago

    Why do Keith’s facial expressions in this video make me think of Willem Dafoe? 😂

  • Cassandra Moy
    Cassandra Moy 52 minutes ago

    This video was as iconic as those divas 🙌🏼

  • Dana Alnajami
    Dana Alnajami 52 minutes ago

    I agree with 99% of this but come on shakira should’ve beat jlo

  • Aryan Reddy
    Aryan Reddy 52 minutes ago

    lost my trekking wires the other day. so thats where they are 2:24

  • angie montesinos
    angie montesinos 53 minutes ago

    And tbh shakira was robbed. Jlo has nothing on her. I dont see Jlo singing for the FIFA world cup.... a few times in a row 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  • Guccy Flip Flops
    Guccy Flip Flops 54 minutes ago

    Aretha Franklin paved the way for almost all of these divas and y'all did that to her?

  • jalen collins
    jalen collins 55 minutes ago

    adele and gaga deserved better

  • Akiva Raza
    Akiva Raza 56 minutes ago

    Does guessing them even make sense? They are based on a time period. Everytime has its own definiton.

  • angie montesinos
    angie montesinos 56 minutes ago

    When i grade my brothers hw and he claims to be right i tell him IM RIGHT YOURE WRONG SHUT UP BITCH 😂 poor kids only 10 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Grace Love
    Grace Love 58 minutes ago

    I love this kid

  • Nauseous Crayon
    Nauseous Crayon 58 minutes ago

    How could you choose between whitney and mariah. Omg they should both win

  • ncg89
    ncg89 Hour ago

    this hurts me!! :(((

  • lollipopsie _
    lollipopsie _ Hour ago

    Legitimately I woulda put Dolly Parton in for finals I don't give a SHIT she was ROBBED

  • quinn
    quinn Hour ago

    yawn... rihanna is a queen, beyonce aint it 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • ncg89
    ncg89 Hour ago

    this is going to cause a lot of drama and contention.

  • LillDaChill
    LillDaChill Hour ago

    I knew before the video even started that Whitney would win. I mean, cmon!

  • Meowgical Mew
    Meowgical Mew Hour ago

    Eugene has restored my trust in him since the Disney Princess video. Whitney definitely deserved top!! 🤗

  • medslarge
    medslarge Hour ago

    fergie thoooo

  • Jumi Lee
    Jumi Lee Hour ago

    Taylor should've gone way further

  • GingerNotANinja
    GingerNotANinja Hour ago

    that snake necklace is fire

  • Bich Nguyen
    Bich Nguyen Hour ago

    Keith jack steve and steve? Eugene? Ned?

  • nicole traub
    nicole traub Hour ago

    selena gomez should have been up there in the top 32 at least. SHE WASN'T EVEN INCLUDED AT ALL

  • Wow._. Literally

    can u do eat everything at Dairy Queen

  • loneliness 75%
    loneliness 75% Hour ago


  • Karam Falkon
    Karam Falkon Hour ago

    We all know who the REAL diva is. uhm uhm FREDDIE MERCURY!

  • Jacinta Maree
    Jacinta Maree Hour ago

    99.99% of the comments: explaining the meaning in the colours Me: in the purple scene does anyone else notice the drag person just being the sassy one😂

  • Chocoholic Nerd
    Chocoholic Nerd Hour ago

    I’m so glad Whitney won. She’s an amazing woman. I agree with Mayhem that she has the raw talent. Compared to other singers nowadays.

  • moon bunny
    moon bunny Hour ago

    Yall saying taylor cant sing? Wtf lmao

  • Emily Machuk
    Emily Machuk Hour ago

    “I would become a fudgesicle😂😂” quuuuick humor

  • Cooper Allen
    Cooper Allen Hour ago

    I'm a virgo

  • Llyrehseiya Dw Casyro

    i love how ned picks up pesto's poop ahahahah

  • redfullmoon
    redfullmoon Hour ago

    Is it just me or does he really look good as a redheaded girl?

  • Marigold Edits
    Marigold Edits Hour ago

    The twist made it so much less scary

  • Morning Dew
    Morning Dew Hour ago

    Mariah Carrey is the diva in the negative sense. GaGa should have beat Beyoncé. 🤷‍♂️

  • Smokefur99 98
    Smokefur99 98 Hour ago

    Listing Leo traits: Says life of the party: Me (a leo) sitting at home eating: yeah nah

  • Madic74
    Madic74 Hour ago

    It's like Keith is getting drunk on the food the more he eats

  • Chelsea Ng
    Chelsea Ng Hour ago

    Can all 4 of you guys do a mukbang? I would love to watch it + im on a tryguys tour high now. I just watched it and i cant sleep. Totally worth going to.

  • Fleurdeliz Gamban

    It's actually VEVO certified now HUHUHU LOL 😂💖💕

  • Tony To
    Tony To Hour ago

    Keith: "The potato are fucking hot" Me, a couch potato: hehe Thank you

  • Kim Boyce
    Kim Boyce Hour ago

    When I read the title I thought they were gonna rate them on “diva behaviour” so I was like, “how is this even a contest? It’s Mariah. Next video please.” Lol

  • quinn
    quinn Hour ago


  • Heedy
    Heedy Hour ago

    Yeah I couldn't pay any attention to the rankings cuz I was so fucking distracted by Eugene's GORGEOUS mother.....Man she's STUNNING....I just kept staring at her...her glowing skin, her big eyes, her plush lips....gosh

  • Mythili M.u
    Mythili M.u Hour ago

    " That's so big! " "That's what she said" LMAO 😂😂😂

  • Gummi Bear
    Gummi Bear Hour ago

    What's funny. Is that I'm gay. And none of them are any of my top favourites.