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  • Cody Pns12
    Cody Pns12 2 hours ago

    Hi mate good vid

  • Martin Gurocak
    Martin Gurocak 3 hours ago

    4-1 ozturk ozturk ozturk ozturk ozturk(own goal)

  • Mike Guy
    Mike Guy 3 hours ago

    Definitely agree with the team. I'm going 2-1'sunderland. Wyke and mcgeady

  • Rory Coupland
    Rory Coupland 3 hours ago


  • Henry Forster
    Henry Forster 3 hours ago

    1. Great to wake up and see this 2. I agree entirely with your team expect start Grigg instead of Wyke and see what he can do with maguire and McGeady. At around 60 mins bring on Wyke, he will be powerful and give the tired defenders a good runaround 3 Score prediction : 3-0 McGeady , Power, Wyke 4 HAWAY THE LADS!!!!!

  • Matthew Reed
    Matthew Reed 3 hours ago

    Agree with that lineup mate. I think it will be 3-1, Wigg might get on the scoresheet.

  • Knightsy
    Knightsy 3 hours ago

    3-1 Sunderland 🔴⚪🔴⚪ Ha'way the lads

  • Lewis Chappell
    Lewis Chappell 4 hours ago

    For youth players, sign 3 per season and make them not have massive potentials so it’s realistic. If you sign up Irish/ English kids with max 80 potential, they’ll grow at the same rate as the rest of the squad.

    • Lewis Chappell
      Lewis Chappell 4 hours ago

      Looking at British players in the Irish league, lower leagues of England and Scottish league will be most realistic. Players I see realistic for the first season. Daryl Horgan Ryan Gauld Sean Murray Jack Byrne Greg Taylor Lewis Ferguson Johnny Hayes Oli Shaw Leon Clarke Cameron Brannigan

    • Lewis Chappell
      Lewis Chappell 4 hours ago

      Also, sign a variety of ages, players don’t have to stay forever. The likes of Maddison would be a good signing, but getting a McGoldrick in for a season wouldn’t be a bad thing.

  • Jacob Aveyard
    Jacob Aveyard 4 hours ago

    Rochdale 0-2 Sunderland Haway the Lads 🔴⚪🔴⚪🔴⚪🔴⚪🔴⚪🔴⚪🔴⚪🔴⚪🔴⚪🔴⚪🔴⚪🔴⚪.

  • Owencg
    Owencg 5 hours ago


  • Owencg
    Owencg 5 hours ago

    You are no longer in the stage of scraping at bottom of the barrel. You are in your prime and it shows. Keep up the good work!

  • Max Kennedy
    Max Kennedy 5 hours ago

    Gotta start Will Wigg come on

    • Max Kennedy
      Max Kennedy 3 hours ago

      @thedogewalker ik he is id start Wyke, was a joke cos of another video

    • thedogewalker
      thedogewalker 3 hours ago

      Why he’s shit for us

  • nima moosavi
    nima moosavi 5 hours ago

    Make it as hard as you can because last year you were in the prem in two seasons and that was unrealistic

  • rosssmart1 1
    rosssmart1 1 5 hours ago


  • Kannan Subramanian
    Kannan Subramanian 5 hours ago

    1-0 Win

  • David Phillips
    David Phillips 6 hours ago

    Disable the window 442 or 433 for the formation Maddison and a decent centre back need to be signed I think play 2 games sim 2 game is the way to go .

  • HD TV
    HD TV 6 hours ago

    2-1 Sunderland win Mcgeady and maguire to score both goals for us tonight .

  • W Moses
    W Moses 6 hours ago

    2-0 Sunderland wigg and Maguire

  • Jack Gilmore
    Jack Gilmore 6 hours ago

    Great vid! I’ll be there tonight 👍

  • Antonio Lee Alvarado

    I heard that Sunderland has a new owner, a Uruguayan guy. That's right?

  • Jack Bell
    Jack Bell 7 hours ago

    2-0 Sunderland mcgeady and maguire

  • The Big Tree Guy
    The Big Tree Guy 7 hours ago

    My XI:Mclaughlin, O nien, ozturk, willis, Mclaughlin as a LB(Hume is such a liability so I’d rather have Mclaughlin as the LB), Midfield: Dobson, Leadbitter RM/RW: Gooch LM/LW: Mcgeady St: Wyke Other striker: Maguire My prediction: 3-0 Wyke scores 1, Mcgeady scores 1 too and Grigg scores coming off the bench

    • John Harry Edmundson
      John Harry Edmundson Hour ago

      The Big Tree Guy Wigg*

    • Henry Forster
      Henry Forster 3 hours ago

      I agree but I can’t see Grigg scoring , Hume is a liability let’s how he does at LB though , great prediction and team

    JACK MANNERS 7 hours ago

    come lads another win i'm hoping for 3-1 win come

  • Cape United
    Cape United 7 hours ago

    Your vids are amazing

  • Elliottshort222
    Elliottshort222 7 hours ago

    Keep it going lad 🔴⚪️🔴⚪️

  • Elliottshort222
    Elliottshort222 7 hours ago

    Love your vids

  • Zach Benson
    Zach Benson 14 hours ago

    Disable the summer transfer window because the rosters should be updated post the international window closing. As far as a player, allow me to recommend a young player that will benefit from the dynamic potential that your American supporters can get behind. Djordje Mihailovic from the Chicago Fire in MLS. Was eligible at CAM, CM, and CDM in Fifa 19. He earned his first International Cap this year for the USA, and is now sitting on 5 caps after the summer tournaments.

  • Joel Henderson
    Joel Henderson 16 hours ago

    1. Joel, disable to transfer market and start signing in January 2. Realistic Signings you can make: - Ivan Toney from Peterborough, Kieran Agard from MK dons, Marcus Maddison from Peterborough, James Marriott from derby, Jon Taylor from Rotherham, Bailey Peacock Farrell from Burnley and Joel Lynch from QPR 3. Formation - 4 - 2 - 3 - 1 4. You could do a financial takeover as Sunderland might be getting taken over soon 5. Put it on the hardest difficulty from the beginning.

  • David Gordon
    David Gordon 16 hours ago

    1) Disable Summer Transfer Window 2) Mostly League 1 and 2 Players, although Connor Chaplin was good in my last career mode (despite his annoying winner against us at the SoL last season). Also maybe buy/loan in those we actually buy irl in January? Not sure if you tend to do this but might be worth investing in a youth squad to take advantage of the dynamic potential system? Would be cool to see them coming up through the ranks as the seasons go on. 3) Rotate between a 3-5-2 (or 5-3-2) and 4-2-3-1 perhaps? Shake it up now and then based on injuries/in form players etc. 4) I personally like playing every game but I think the vast majority would prefer simulating every 1 in 3 for example. Definitely play the big games like Pompey, Ipswich, Doncaster etc. Maybe play the odd bogey team too so that we can see the likes of younger players/players not in the regular starting XI getting a chance. love your videos!! keep them up😃

  • Jack Moyes
    Jack Moyes 17 hours ago

    Disable the first window.

  • Footymadnip 8
    Footymadnip 8 17 hours ago

    Definitely disable the first transfer window and sign realistic players in the lower leagues and grow them naturally don’t just get players with guaranteed potential

  • Eddie Treadwell
    Eddie Treadwell 18 hours ago

    Love your videos and looking forward to seeing the sunderland career mode even though I support Birmingham😂😂

  • Charles Ibbitson
    Charles Ibbitson 18 hours ago

    Sarny you should sign the Ipswich left back kenlock because Ipswich are also looking to get a left back

  • Lennon Keegan
    Lennon Keegan 18 hours ago

    Dont sign players like Gomes plizzari and Rico henry sign league 1 n league 2 players

  • SAFC Liam
    SAFC Liam 18 hours ago

    Disable the transfer window and try and make some realistic signings for league 1,can’t wait for your fifa 20 Sunderland career mode ,your such a underrated youtuber 🔴⚪️🔴⚪️

  • paul whorwood
    paul whorwood 18 hours ago

    Disable the transfer window; make signings realistic to the position the club is in ( I.e just getting promoted to the championship) and high difficulty

  • Jam sarny Fan
    Jam sarny Fan 18 hours ago

    Flat 4-4-2 J.mclaughlin A.ozturk J.willis C.mclauglin (left back) L.onien (right back) G.dobson (right center mid) G.leddbiter (left center mid) A. Mcgeady (left wing) C. Maguire (right wing) M. Mcnulty (left center forwad) C. Wyke (right center forwad)


    Try and sign Allan Browne or Ben Pearson midfielders from Preston North End

  • One British Boi
    One British Boi 18 hours ago

    Same shirt on today 👍

  • Andrei Vasilciu
    Andrei Vasilciu 18 hours ago

    i only want to see jamsarny in drag on the side of the pitch this upcoming season.

  • Likely lad
    Likely lad 18 hours ago

    The fact that you are willing to be realistic with signings works for me pal. Hate those tubers who sign Angel Gomes etc...much more rewarding to use more realistic signings.

  • Thginganinja
    Thginganinja 19 hours ago

    Disable first window. Keep transfers realistic. Simulate games if you are above where you should be in the prem for example and I hope this series is successful

  • Henry Forster
    Henry Forster 19 hours ago

    1 absolutely buzzing about the career mode 2 Play 4-3-3 with Jon McLaughlin , New LB that you might wanna sign , borthwifh Jackson is one of Mitchell from man united . Willis and ozturk at CB and Connor McLaughlin at RB.Play Dobson power and Embleton playing at CAM . McGeady at LW and Gooch at RW. Play Grigg upfront , even youth he’s playing shit in real life he’s gonna have a good rating and sub in Wyke and mcnulty during games. 3 Try to sign youngsters as the new potential thing is quite good and improves youngsters 4 Sell : Baldwin and Grigg if you want to These are just suggestions only my opinion , SO BUZZING but there gonna have to wait a whole month 😣

  • Itz Bobby cowley
    Itz Bobby cowley 19 hours ago

    Play 2 sim 2

  • The Big Tree Guy
    The Big Tree Guy 19 hours ago

    1. Jam, disable the first transfer window 2. Make some realistic signings (Leauge 1, Championship, Leauge two and maybe a loanee(s) from the premier leauge) 3. Make sure your finances don’t get in the red digits/numbers. To keep it as realistic as possible. 4. No Pre Contracts! 5. Maybe sign some players that are linked with us in real life. 6. Don’t give ridiculous wages to young players that haven’t proven themselves yet. Example, Jacob Maddox from Cheltenham asks 6k a week. It’s not realistic so just give medium/low wages to those kind of youngsters/players

  • Thomas Garrigan
    Thomas Garrigan 19 hours ago

    4-4-2 like in real life or 4-2-3-1 sign Marcus Maddison and Bring Catts back

  • Kannan Subramanian
    Kannan Subramanian 19 hours ago

    Disable the transfer window 4-2-3-1

  • Euan Carroll
    Euan Carroll 19 hours ago

    What happened to the bali mumba career? Also don't disable the transfer window. sign Martyn Waghorn and Kevin Akpoguma they are beasts!!! Please please reply .

    • Euan Carroll
      Euan Carroll 19 hours ago

      @JamSarny oh sorry m8 could you sign the players I have requested though please?

    • JamSarny
      JamSarny 19 hours ago

      Unfortunately the bali Mumba career mode died. Recording Fifa 19 became really boring for me unfortunately👎

  • Itz Bobby cowley
    Itz Bobby cowley 19 hours ago

    Enable first window but make a rule you can only sign 3 or 4 windows

  • Itz Bobby cowley
    Itz Bobby cowley 19 hours ago

    Enable transfer window

  • W Moses
    W Moses 19 hours ago

    Enable the transfer window, simulate more than you play cause it could get boring if you always win in the played games

  • JamSarny
    JamSarny 19 hours ago

    All feedback is massively appreciated and taken into consideration! If there's any topics or things I haven't mentioned in the video, don't hesitate to leave a comment!Thanks again👍

    XP CLAN 19 hours ago

    Do not disable the transfer Window

  • John Harry Edmundson
    John Harry Edmundson 19 hours ago

    Don’t enable transfers

  • Matthew Reed
    Matthew Reed 19 hours ago

    1. Disable the 1st summer window 2. Try and sign people with an in game face 3. Use 4411/442 with: Mclaughlin, O'nien, Willis, Ozturk, The new LB we sign, Dobson, Power, Gooch, Mcgeady/maguire, Mcnulty, Wyke 4. Play 2/3 games an episode and sim the rest

  • Paki Basher Bob
    Paki Basher Bob 19 hours ago

    Disable it, makes it more realistic and challenging for the road to glory

  • W Moses
    W Moses 19 hours ago

    Already excited mate 👍🏻

  • Luke 123 Thompson
    Luke 123 Thompson 19 hours ago

    In the next career mode can you try and sign lee cattermole

  • bran bailey
    bran bailey 19 hours ago


  • Payton Wroblewski
    Payton Wroblewski 19 hours ago

    Enable it, it will be a lot easier for you, by the way you make awesome videos!

  • bran bailey
    bran bailey 19 hours ago

    Presuming were not signing him then Marcus Maddison

  • bran bailey
    bran bailey 19 hours ago


  • Josh Jb
    Josh Jb 19 hours ago

    Class video 💯💯 I’m a Doncaster Rovers fan

    • Tangerine Dreams
      Tangerine Dreams 14 hours ago

      Josh Jb I’m a blackpool fan thanks for beating Fleetwood for us 😂 anyways good luck this season you’ve got the best manager in the league in my opinion shame you’ve lost likes of marquis wilks Kane but you’ll probs get some good players over the window

  • Owen Sara
    Owen Sara 19 hours ago

    Best notification I got all day

  • Philip Crook
    Philip Crook 21 hour ago

    Hi Joel is phil and Ken who lives round the corner from u are going to Sunderland on Saturday if u want to go where going in a car if u want to

    • JamSarny
      JamSarny 17 hours ago

      Hi mate! Would you mind messaging me on either Instagram or Twitter and I will get back to you. Cheers man!

  • Dave Common
    Dave Common Day ago

    me dave the rave no1raver northeast legend safc till I die get the rave on

  • Orange Regeneration

    I am a Sunderland fan and when that last minute goal went in against Charlton I felt so stressed out. I went into one of the loos and started masturbating really fast and angrily. I was kinda laughing while I did it. I dunno why I just fucking lost it. Something inside me snapped and I just went mental. LAUGH ALL YOU WANT I DON'T CARE ANYMORE!

  • Ceem Play
    Ceem Play Day ago

    Pompey vs Black Cats has been some rivalry. Both massive clubs who fully deserve to go up this season.

  • Cody Pns12
    Cody Pns12 Day ago

    Boro boro boro

  • Cody Pns12
    Cody Pns12 Day ago

    Enjoy Accrington away well I am a posh fan so I will

  • jake burn
    jake burn Day ago

    Yous aren't getting promoted this season. If you did you would just get relegated again. You've lost any players that would play well in the championship.

  • Dillon DeBruyne

    As a pompey fan u were lucky especially as it wasnt a corner but good vid

  • Kyle Sekenski
    Kyle Sekenski Day ago

    That’s a bit of a marquee League One win honestly. ✊ Ha’way from a Spurs fan

  • Bikertyke 1965

    Kick your season off. Good win. Hope to see you in championship. That is if we survive. Barnsley fan.

  • Jordan Renton
    Jordan Renton Day ago

    In the Fan TV a lot said the performance wasn't good today but apart from the poor defending for 1st goal the performance was pretty decent Ozturk defended really well for shot that he blocked in 2nd half we can't expect not concede chances I thought we made a mess we should have cleared the ball for their goal and shouldn't have been in that position in the first place but we are going to concede chances at times especially against good teams like Pompey

  • Jack Safc
    Jack Safc Day ago

    Get up there son fucking cmooonnn 🔴⚪🔴⚪

  • Knightsy
    Knightsy Day ago

    What a performance it was mate. hopefully the same performance on Tuesday against Rochdale 🔴⚪

  • The True Mackem

    When u go to the toilet 1 minute before a game winning goal 😁 really proud

  • W Moses
    W Moses Day ago

    I don’t want to be a striker going up against Willis and Ozturk 😨

  • Andrei Vasilciu

    poor start but great result. Willis and the big turk looked really good as game went on. But leadbitter power and gooch all went missing and left them exposed. Great goals. But Grigg looks like he has the joy beaten out of him and looks just like Ross on the touch line thank fuck the shorts dont have pockets. We need a left back and a central midfielder that can control the game. SD needs spend less time fffffffffffffff about trying cash in his shares and should have been supporting Ross in transfer market.

  • Byron Jack
    Byron Jack Day ago

    I rly wish grigg was doing well i rly like him as a player tbh :(

  • Colin Harrison

    Wigg needs to play up top.

  • Ross Hutchinson

    Play not great and win against Portsmouth at this stage of the season is a good thing. I'm in the Ross In brigade. However if we don't have 20 points after 10 games I might be swaying to Ross out.

  • Daniel Corcoran

    I’m from Wallsend he’s from Wallsend

  • Rory Coupland
    Rory Coupland 2 days ago

    As a Pompey fan and I am a bit upset about it but great vid anyway

  • Tony Harrison
    Tony Harrison 2 days ago

    Good analysis big lad

  • That Meme Channel
    That Meme Channel 2 days ago

    Wyke needs someone to play with up top, Gooch isn't up to the standard we need very messy on the ball and is often lucky to get through or get a pass cross or shot off. Willis is improving alot nerves are settling and he's showing sings of becoming solid at the back. Ozturk played very well passing out from the back picked a good few passes out. Our second half was very promising if Wyke had more support round him that were closer to him we would have been in on goal for some good opportunities

  • Stephen Tatham
    Stephen Tatham 2 days ago

    Hopefully you can get on safc fan tv one Sunday m8 with wee Phillie and the lads 🔴⚪🔴⚪👍👍

  • Henry Forster
    Henry Forster 2 days ago

    The combo you've all been waiting for, Wyke pus grigg = WIGG

  • Matthew Reed
    Matthew Reed 2 days ago

    😂😂 you are my favourite youtuber at the moment mate, keep up the great vids.

  • PugTom
    PugTom 2 days ago

    Wigg definitely needs to make more runs

  • Henry Forster
    Henry Forster 2 days ago

    Buzzing. its hard to remember the last time we came back to win, we just dont do it.I would start grigg on Tuesday and bring wyke on as an impact sub, Haway the lads

  • Its Spooky Wolf YT
    Its Spooky Wolf YT 2 days ago

    Great review

  • Morgan Gray
    Morgan Gray 2 days ago

    Over the moon

    JACK MANNERS 2 days ago

    Get in there lads absolutely buzzing with the result let's get another one Tuesday

  • Jack Broom
    Jack Broom 2 days ago

    My man of the match was big John mclaughlin amazing saves especially leadbitters cracking header at are own net lol

  • Owencg
    Owencg 2 days ago

    About fucking time 🔴⚪🔴⚪🔴

  • YaBoiBazza Gaming
    YaBoiBazza Gaming 2 days ago


  • skillz 3
    skillz 3 2 days ago

    I like your intro a good 3 points 😀

  • Umar mackemfc5
    Umar mackemfc5 3 days ago

    Great preview btw what is the song name catchy tune ???