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  • David Phillips
    David Phillips 23 minutes ago

    Against liverpool u shud of said parrot flying in

  • daniel hodgson
    daniel hodgson 22 hours ago

    You are amazing ⚽️⚽️

  • Terry Brown
    Terry Brown 23 hours ago

    That rocker fromnbaliii FTM 🙌🙌

  • Anth Mighty Myers

    Sunderland AFC - 6 Top division titles. Only 5 clubs with top flight titles than the mighty mackems. Cup73 6 in a row. Relegated the mags....We all follow Sunderland 🔴⚪️🔴⚪️

  • Matija Markoč

    Kinda fixed my evening after my and Antonio Marin s Dinamo dropped out od Champions league, continue good work. Hearts from Zagreb Croatia

  • james todd
    james todd Day ago

    you should do longer episodes more often

    MR P GAMING Day ago

    I love this series and always look forward to the next episode. Keep up the great work mate.

  • Jam Sarny’s Number 1 Fan

    Favourite signing on the road to glory so far? (Apart from parrot)

  • Jam Sarny’s Number 1 Fan

    Solid video

  • Anita Nanson
    Anita Nanson Day ago

    Hi jamsarny being following your carer mode since leage 1

  • Hamdoula Inchala

    Top Sunderland

  • Micheal Conlon
    Micheal Conlon 2 days ago

    You are right about leadbitter what the fuck did they sign him for

  • Micheal Conlon
    Micheal Conlon 2 days ago

    Away Jam sarny he might be good going forward but he is a shite left back he is awful mate

  • Carlos Cervantes
    Carlos Cervantes 3 days ago

    Vieira! Vieira! Vieira! Vieira!

  • jenny talia
    jenny talia 3 days ago

    What has Accrington done to deserve a bunch of Makems descending on them ?

  • Avi
    Avi 3 days ago

    Loving the series mate!

  • Ashish Yangden
    Ashish Yangden 3 days ago

    Sign some pre contracts??

  • Ashish Yangden
    Ashish Yangden 3 days ago

    Get free agents!!

  • Hamdoula Inchala
    Hamdoula Inchala 3 days ago

    I have been encouraging the Sunderland team 7 years ago since the team was in the Premier League and I always wanted to get a shirt from the team but in Tunisia there is no

  • One Rovers Vlogs
    One Rovers Vlogs 3 days ago

    Another great video mate 👊 keep up up the class content! loving this series and all your other content! 👍🏻

  • Hamdoula Inchala
    Hamdoula Inchala 3 days ago

    I love Sunderland

  • Samptube
    Samptube 4 days ago

    Easy3AwayPoints arena

  • PugTom
    PugTom 4 days ago

    Hey man. Is there any chance you will be doing other gaming videos like the Skyrim one? I thought it was class and it could temporarily take your mind off of how bad we are at the minute

  • Vlogger Mont
    Vlogger Mont 4 days ago

    Agree with most however disagree with ozturk and gooch. Gooch has been our best player at the moment and he’s injured 🤦‍♂️

  • Dan Ban
    Dan Ban 4 days ago

    ⚫️⚪️ up the toon

  • Sykes United
    Sykes United 5 days ago

    Oh how things can change in 3 months 😔

  • Monica Livier
    Monica Livier 5 days ago

    if budget avails not for 3 but only 1, get Vieira over Danso, just go straight for Vieira for the middfield

  • Cushykane06
    Cushykane06 5 days ago

    I’m related to burge

  • Socsemmar b
    Socsemmar b 5 days ago

    How much does marin cost?

  • David Phillips
    David Phillips 5 days ago

    Your heading really improved in this episode m8

  • Matthew Harding
    Matthew Harding 6 days ago

    mate nicolo armini at center back 2.4 mill release clause great signing for you if you want to use the money got 84 plus potential too

    • Matthew Harding
      Matthew Harding 6 days ago

      that's if its still that release clause because the contract is expiring in 2022

  • Lachlan Sims
    Lachlan Sims 6 days ago

    class video

  • Bradley Johnson
    Bradley Johnson 6 days ago

    I signed parrot and he’s a beast

  • Witham Town FC Vlogs

    Brilliant video yet again!!! 👍👍😂😂

  • james todd
    james todd 6 days ago

    mint video son

  • Anonymous 101
    Anonymous 101 6 days ago

    Love this mate like always could l ask what u think of Parky cos personally l think we should of kept Ross cos Parky not doing much better

  • Frank Pinder
    Frank Pinder 6 days ago

    Agree most of your comments except Watmore,absolute garbage.

    KINGOSCAR 6 days ago

    Go after puig and ruiz and angel gomed

  • Bruce win the lurgueb

    Who is this guy

  • Jimmy Stokoe
    Jimmy Stokoe 7 days ago

    Only one derby In the northeast I never give boro a thought they played 2 Derby’s last week hull and Leeds

  • PZ Thomas
    PZ Thomas 8 days ago


  • Carlos Cervantes
    Carlos Cervantes 8 days ago

    for the upcoming transfer window just a few transfers would do, your team is solid is just that the simulations don't make you any justice. 3 main priorities, another strong solid midfielder and one of each LB & RB to round up the team if the budget avails. ONE of the following: CDM/CM: Ronaldo Vieira 5'10'' skills 3 weak ft 3 CDM CM: Andy Rinomhota 5'10'' skills 3 weak ft 3 This ONE dude, you won't regret: LB: Kieran Tierney 5'10" skills 3 weak ft 3 ONE of the following: RB: Max Aarons 5'10" skills 3 weak ft 3 RB: Jayden Bogle 5'10" skills 3 weak ft 3 They all have good pace and stamina too and should allow you to fill all 3 positions feasibly as well. Keep up the good work!

  • Zli Kurac
    Zli Kurac 8 days ago

    even though im not a sunderland supporter this is my second fav career mode keep the good work lad

  • Anita Nanson
    Anita Nanson 8 days ago

    Please can you get Mason mount love your vidios get Mason mount the youngster

  • Jam Sarny’s Number 1 Fan

    JamSarny is the only FLash-playerr I know that makes constant bangers

  • redandwhite_sunderland

    Sunderland need a manager like you

  • Itsdylan rc
    Itsdylan rc 8 days ago

    keep it up i love this vid

  • rob anthony shaw
    rob anthony shaw 8 days ago

    Ya should sign 3 backup keepers

  • k & s satisfying reviews

    Love you man

  • Sam
    Sam 9 days ago

    Totally agree with you on Denver Hume, how some fans don't see how good he has been recently is beyond me.

  • Ben Ryan
    Ben Ryan 9 days ago

    Can we have match previews and fm20 back please

  • Terry Brown
    Terry Brown 9 days ago

    All gotta go useless load of shiite all em bar LON

  • GrantInRealLife
    GrantInRealLife 9 days ago

    I agree with all but McGeoch and Grigg. I’d like to see a run of games with McGeoch and Power in the centre of the park with Grigg and either O’Nien, Watmore, McNulty, Kimpioka even McGeady up front. We need pace in the middle of the park, players rushing into the box etc. The hoof it attitude doesn’t work, were too slow getting forward and I don’t care who you put up top out of all of our attacking players, playing one forward won’t work because it isn’t fucking working.

  • Neil Dipper
    Neil Dipper 9 days ago

    U shud sign arvin appiah Lm gomez from man utd cam matondo all pacey wingers

  • Jochen Claus
    Jochen Claus 9 days ago

    Completely agree except for McGeady. I would get rid of him too. He is not even his shadow of last year.

  • James Bob
    James Bob 9 days ago

    Great video you at Blackpool match

  • gucci bandit
    gucci bandit 9 days ago

    been here since the start love this channel joel

  • Christiano
    Christiano 9 days ago

    Watmore is terrible imo and just gets injuries all the time.

  • Isaac Jones
    Isaac Jones 9 days ago

    Completely agree with the gooch thing he never passes, always goes for glory and like you said thinks he’s amazing

  • bobbobolo
    bobbobolo 9 days ago

    Send away everyone and start over.

  • stephen watson
    stephen watson 9 days ago

    Throw out the rubbish granted, but who's going to pick it up ? Can't see many takers .

  • Colin Harrison
    Colin Harrison 9 days ago

    We need a top to bottom clear out. Remember that a lot of these players were signed as stop-gap freebies. Goalies? Yes. CBs the 2 W's. As for the rest? Hume, O'Nien, Dobson, Watmore. Yes. MeGeady has lost interest so get rid of him and the rest

  • Jake proctor
    Jake proctor 9 days ago

    Will you be reviewing the game tonight?

  • Nathan Mawer
    Nathan Mawer 9 days ago

    you've summed our team up perfectly mate. good judgement

  • Jordan Renton
    Jordan Renton 9 days ago

    What you on about Gooch mate he's been one of our better palyers this season. Yes he's not been fantastic but who has and he did have a new baby start of the year so that does have it's own stresses.

  • Jordan Renton
    Jordan Renton 9 days ago

    Joel I don't understand why you would keep Lynch I felt he's had some good games but very few compared to his bad games he's pressed far to high he was one of the main culprits who lost the ball against Oxford in cup. He was very poor against Burton but everyone was. I like Willis but imo Lynch is only should be a squad player at most. We need a proper CB I'd be putting decent money in for Liam Lindsay at Stoke or Matty Pearson from Luton

  • Joe McNally
    Joe McNally 9 days ago

    Great video mate

  • Johno 14
    Johno 14 9 days ago

    Grigg just needs the support behind him, he’s got a lot on his plate mentally , I’d keep him...🔴⚪️

    • Jordan Renton
      Jordan Renton 9 days ago

      The problem is yes he has got a lot of personal issues supposedly but he chose to leave his girlfriend in Manchester/Wigan. He's choosing to love out of a hotel ues the club should guide him but its ultimately up to him. I would love to see him come good but he needs to fix these issues and have a month maybe 2 out.

  • Anita Nanson
    Anita Nanson 9 days ago

    Same with you

  • Footymad NIP
    Footymad NIP 9 days ago

    I would get rid of Conner McLaughlin Flanagan mcgeouch leadbitter mcgeady watmore Grigg Wyke

  • David Allen
    David Allen 9 days ago

    Elliott embleton not on loan mate he is currently long term injured ..great video keep up the good work

  • Colin Finn
    Colin Finn 9 days ago

    Grigg needs support up front gooch is injured so can’t criticise him he is like watmore he has the pace them two need to be kept wyke hasn’t be good but he is a height man what we need on the left wing is a player of Luke Morgan’s ability Flanagan gets a lot of criticism we have had a lot worse in the defence the likes of bramble turner the list goes on so Flanagan is a player we need to back and not leave ourself with injured players and end up stuck with no defensive players

  • Kevrino McDanielson

    Hate to say it but bring in Kevin Phillips and keep everyone and add some height to squad. Oh and a functional RB so we can play Luke in midfield.

    • Andrei Vasilciu
      Andrei Vasilciu 9 days ago

      i doubt kevin would bring much height to the squad hahaha

  • Jam Sarny’s Number 1 Fan

    Solid video once again

  • Reece’s Vlogs
    Reece’s Vlogs 9 days ago

    Class video mate

  • Clayton Lumbsdon
    Clayton Lumbsdon 9 days ago

    My keep list Jon McLaughlin Lee Burge Conor McLaughlin Jordan Willis Joel Lynch Denver Hume George Dobson Max Power Bail Mumba Lyden Gooch Aiden McGeady Chris Maguire Duncan Watmore Benji Kimpokia Eillot Embleton Luke O'nien Let Go list Ailm Ozturk Tom Flanagan De Bock Dylan McGeouch Grant Leadbitter Jack Baldwin Will Grigg Chaire Wyke Marc McNulty Ethan Robson

  • Craig
    Craig 9 days ago

    Everyone except ONien can go in my opinion. Haven’t grown to like this squad of players at all.

    • Craig
      Craig 9 days ago

      I’d agree, even the keepers aren’t worthy of staying. No one plays for the shirt other than ONien, it’s as if they are all aware contracts are up at the end of the season and whether we stay in league 1 or go up they won’t be here anyway so what’s the incentive in playing?....

    • Andrei Vasilciu
      Andrei Vasilciu 9 days ago

      that was exactly what i said. Mind you my middle name is craig lol

    • MarkH88
      MarkH88 9 days ago

      Agreed. Probably the goalkeepers too but after that the whole squad is shocking

  • The Big Tree Guy
    The Big Tree Guy 9 days ago

    I would keep: Mclaughlin (good first gk) Bainbridge Flanagan (i don’t like him but he is a good back up) Hume Lynch Özturk (same story as Flanagan) Willis Dobson Embleton Kimpioka Mcgeoch Robson Leadbitter (he has a lot of experience and can be a role model for the youth academy/younger players) Mumba O’ Nien Sammutt Watmore Wyke I would sell: Power Maguire Mcgeady Grigg Gooch Jordan Mclaughlin We’re relying too much on the older players like Mcgeady and Maguire. Don’t get me wrong they are good enough for Leauge One but we need to think about the future. Maguire and Mcgeady have had their best times but it’s time for the youth academy players to get a chance. Power, Gooch and jordan Mclaughlin aren’t good enough.

    • MarkH88
      MarkH88 9 days ago

      Wyke and Flanagan lol after Grigg and McLaughlin(defence) they are our worst players I think. Leadbitter, nice lad but finished sadly. Not a leader on the pitch either. The goalkeepers and O nien would stay and that's it for me

    • Rory Heath
      Rory Heath 9 days ago

      Gooch and power are good players,mcglauchin isn’t

  • Andrei Vasilciu
    Andrei Vasilciu 9 days ago

    onien should stay the catering staff should stay. the youtube bloggers should stay. Most rest can go. Number 1 go is Donald.

  • Boys who Review the toys

    Come on Newcastle this Is how many people likes Newcastle united Down below on likes

  • Anh Le
    Anh Le 10 days ago

    Hey man, love your video! This series inspires me so much that I also started a career mode with Sunderland over the weekend. Dobson submitted a transfer request despite being in the starting eleven, so that was a bummer.

  • Anita Nanson
    Anita Nanson 10 days ago

    Great vidio I am your biggest fan remember the little kid with the blue away top on at accrington Stanley this season and I said you are the best at the oxford game first game of the season that was me please answer back if you remember me

  • VCF Dynamite Code
    VCF Dynamite Code 10 days ago


  • Jam Sarny’s Number 1 Fan

    Class video

  • Anita Nanson
    Anita Nanson 12 days ago

    Hit the like button if you like jamsarny

  • Alfie Fuller
    Alfie Fuller 12 days ago


  • Sykes United
    Sykes United 12 days ago

    I laughed at the last one

  • David Gordon
    David Gordon 12 days ago

    13:23 copy and paste job from EA

  • Benjamin Wright
    Benjamin Wright 12 days ago

    Brilliant video mate i do think in january look at another left back looks at players on pre contracts

  • Lachlan Sims
    Lachlan Sims 12 days ago

    love it mate, all class

  • PZ Thomas
    PZ Thomas 12 days ago

    I use these they work keep it up

  • rob anthony shaw
    rob anthony shaw 12 days ago

    Ya can change Sunderland home and away jerseys with Nike new Balance or FTB erra on here jam sarany

  • Matija Markoč
    Matija Markoč 12 days ago

    1st btw

  • Matija Markoč
    Matija Markoč 12 days ago

    Just renembered during your League 1 play-off it was full stadium, I watched Charlton Sunderland game but I don't renember IT being same

  • Jam Sarny’s Number 1 Fan

    Class video Joel mate

  • SJL Darkness
    SJL Darkness 13 days ago

    Can you reassign the scout, cheaper way of getting someone with loads of potential

  • Daniel Riseley
    Daniel Riseley 14 days ago

    Your a Boyo jam sarnie lad

  • David Phillips
    David Phillips 14 days ago

    U c Clarke-Salter was playing for Chelsea that's why they were shit in defence

  • David Phillips
    David Phillips 14 days ago

    When I got in the championship on my career mode I got martinelli on 2 year loan hes go loads of pace n good finisher but nt the strongest might be an option for u on loan dont think u will want 2 sign him on 2 year loan like he also can play on the wing

  • KaITFC
    KaITFC 14 days ago

    Do you think you will go up this year, and who do you think will win the league?