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Worst Haircut FAILS
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Worst Design Fails EVER
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Teachers Who Took It TOO FAR
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a video without editing
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How To Draw 3D ART On Paper
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Trying Funny DIY PRANKS
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    GACHASM EWO 7 hours ago

    i remember when i saw a frog in my front yard and my backyard ;-; i did not like it

  • blue_,raspberry devil blossom

    That's what I did to my crush in second grade when he rejected me in first and i still love him to this day

  • Faya Lind
    Faya Lind 7 hours ago

    *when you have adhd and ocd*

  • Emily Conway
    Emily Conway 7 hours ago

    Random question can you sqish your wall??? :)

  • googley gaming
    googley gaming 7 hours ago

    Team attack helicopter

  • 嘿xXTokyoXx嘿S̺͆H̺͆O̺͆T̺͆O̺͆

    Dino:chases me Me: aww yess this feel like a movie I'm just stand there

  • Dj FeLL
    Dj FeLL 7 hours ago

    Watching this in 2020 !

  • Gabby Leal
    Gabby Leal 7 hours ago

    If i had the worlds biggest pizza it would be gone in a minute

  • Gavin Thompson
    Gavin Thompson 7 hours ago


  • Sheila Palmer
    Sheila Palmer 7 hours ago


  • Evan Jackson
    Evan Jackson 7 hours ago

    Time 5:23 that kid just oof I’d flush myself 😀 I’m weird

  • Chany
    Chany 7 hours ago

    🍱🍣🍙🍘🍜Sushi is your brain go dizzy

    • Chany
      Chany 7 hours ago

      Following this, you get you guys going to die


    Laughed at 2

  • Kate Unsworth
    Kate Unsworth 7 hours ago

    I wanted a netendo switch for Christmas I didn't get I was grateful for what I got that year not this kid who is mad and sad that he got $50 I would be happy

  • Unknown Raptor
    Unknown Raptor 7 hours ago


  • mirta ramos
    mirta ramos 7 hours ago

    Now we know why there are not many amphibians in the world.

  • Aurora Davis
    Aurora Davis 7 hours ago

    Fettuccine Alfredo is not real Italian food.

  • Keyonna Keyonnie
    Keyonna Keyonnie 7 hours ago

    I was literally drinking soda know I am thinking about the octopus

  • Aesthetic Space Kid
    Aesthetic Space Kid 7 hours ago

    Why is all the mean costumer ugly tho?

  • Echo
    Echo 7 hours ago

    This is why Chinese people are getting corana virus!

  • Aiden Roush
    Aiden Roush 7 hours ago

    Moving bricks of cocaine

  • PandaXGrizzly
    PandaXGrizzly 7 hours ago

    The first and second in the second one so 8 have a step sad he used to get in fights with my mom and i kinda have a four year old sister i do not want that to happen to me and in the first one they have to be getying mind tricked or hallucinating

  • Lucid_slaps U
    Lucid_slaps U 7 hours ago

    Wow i like that

  • mary margarette navarro

    Follow instructions

  • Sarah English
    Sarah English 7 hours ago

    definetly crunchy chicken nuggets

  • I wont hesitate Rebecca

    Bro homegirl wasnt eating no worm that was a PENIS FISH

  • Ozzy Dominguez
    Ozzy Dominguez 7 hours ago

    Why do I think its TikTok and double tap but it fast Ford

  • Coolkat YT
    Coolkat YT 7 hours ago

    Some chickens when they first start laying eggs sometimes lay dwarf eggs

  • harlie Perrault
    harlie Perrault 7 hours ago

    That was a beauty dragon I should know I owned one.

  • Gacha life Nancy Honey

    The second one looks like a snail Ora water snail

  • Hazel Bagel
    Hazel Bagel 7 hours ago

    The only time there's money in the cabinet is when we going to get dropped off to get our hair done

  • progamer50
    progamer50 7 hours ago

    You are macn fun of kids

  • Eimari Mendez
    Eimari Mendez 7 hours ago

    Wi wud anibudie eat a aligedar

  • ODST_locke
    ODST_locke 7 hours ago

    Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Sssniperwolf: stretch it further

  • SaniPlayz! sani
    SaniPlayz! sani 7 hours ago

    Brick *Dick*

  • Eleanor Rinker
    Eleanor Rinker 7 hours ago

    yo i have a poster of grumpy cat that says "go away" on my bedroom door

  • Alma Eady
    Alma Eady 7 hours ago

    Orrtam dumb

  • Xxoie Lang
    Xxoie Lang 7 hours ago

    is it just me but when she showed her phone to the camera was anybody else trying to see if it turned to 1:00 like if you did

  • London Dodd
    London Dodd 7 hours ago


  • Aaron Winslow
    Aaron Winslow 7 hours ago


  • Cheree Swingle
    Cheree Swingle 7 hours ago

    As soon as she told us that she’s not following a recipe I thought she was following what she was taught but ok that’s nice

  • ¿ paradiise ?
    ¿ paradiise ? 7 hours ago

    Am I the only one who was happy she was reacting to Ssoyoung? She always freaks out from her food-

  • Brandon Brabble
    Brandon Brabble 7 hours ago

    I saw Ssoyoung so I clicked so fast

  • Lexi Shadrick
    Lexi Shadrick 7 hours ago

    Is it just me or does he look like he has an upside down Reece’s cup on his head 5:35

  • Lily Carvalho
    Lily Carvalho 7 hours ago

    I know what is down there and I am 8 and how to make

  • Xxcat LoverxX
    Xxcat LoverxX 7 hours ago

    So the pic of the “store in 1979” and how there is no gatorade but they had something like gatorade they had the yellow kind but it was in a glass bottle my dad was born in 1977 and he said that they had something that tasted like gatorade

  • Madelyn Buchanan
    Madelyn Buchanan 7 hours ago


  • Alana Coleman
    Alana Coleman 7 hours ago

    Who's here 2020 🥳🥳🥳🤯🤯🤯👌👌👌😚😋


    For the lion he saw marches

  • Evropa Nazione
    Evropa Nazione 7 hours ago

    This is how coronavirus stars 😬

  • Leah The unicorn goddess

    I think the second one had a daddy pig shirt 😂

  • E.Norman Powers
    E.Norman Powers 7 hours ago

    This video is one of the grossest I've ever seen!

  • Mason Peterson
    Mason Peterson 7 hours ago


  • Ruben L. Toledo Sr.
    Ruben L. Toledo Sr. 7 hours ago

    jack pall

  • Alana Coleman
    Alana Coleman 7 hours ago


  • I am Who I am
    I am Who I am 7 hours ago

    Goofy from mickey mouse isnt actually a dog he is a cow look it up🤦‍♀️

  • Pyroman /
    Pyroman / 7 hours ago

    1:05 this guy grew up to be backseat plane guy from Feb 2020

  • Symphony and Melody
    Symphony and Melody 7 hours ago


  • Rlpolomascot
    Rlpolomascot 7 hours ago

    I’m sure you guys mean chia seeds

  • Zoey Hamaguchi
    Zoey Hamaguchi 7 hours ago

    i cant stop lafing

  • Brianna Wood
    Brianna Wood 7 hours ago

    There was only 9 4 + 3 + 2 equals 9

  • baby girl
    baby girl 7 hours ago

    My mail key works on other 1 s

  • Evelyn's Fun Channel

    You are a sweet girl and the best FLash-playerr

  • XxRobloxQueenxX
    XxRobloxQueenxX 7 hours ago


  • Melody Bolanos
    Melody Bolanos 7 hours ago

    I love your tik toks

  • Coy Goodall
    Coy Goodall 7 hours ago



    The penguin it looks like a platypus (no hate just funny!!!)

  • Van Stanhope
    Van Stanhope 7 hours ago

    The chick who's selling the Swarovski Vaseline wrote "so Worskey" in the description. HAHAHAH!

  • PoRnEssIan ParRapiO
    PoRnEssIan ParRapiO 7 hours ago

    The Asian people with filters head be like: 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽 Lol Ssoyoung

  • Cindy Wooten
    Cindy Wooten 7 hours ago

    Alligators are really good 🐊🐊

  • jowilso
    jowilso 7 hours ago

    I wonder if the ps4 box in the background is empty

  • Panda love Mochiʕ •ᴥ• ʔ

    She’s talking gibberish

  • baby girl
    baby girl 7 hours ago


  • White Wolves
    White Wolves 7 hours ago

    I wanna slap the shit outta her

  • Kaitlyn Marty
    Kaitlyn Marty 7 hours ago

    You put bread in the toaster

  • Keosha Thomas
    Keosha Thomas 7 hours ago


  • Noelia Huamanchumo
    Noelia Huamanchumo 7 hours ago

    I cried😭😭

  • Bella Clayton
    Bella Clayton 7 hours ago

    Girl, you think $100,000 per ear is successful, my dad makes over $300,000 a year.

  • undertale 2019
    undertale 2019 7 hours ago

    Hey I can relate I always loose x object (common objects are:shoes hats,scarfs,sweaters,water bottle,notebook) luv this channel btw

  • Alma Eady
    Alma Eady 7 hours ago

    I love babys more than eggs

  • Yeahiprobablygotoyourschool hEhE

    That’s how my doggie is

  • Brianna Hodder
    Brianna Hodder 7 hours ago


  • LPSgirl 1965
    LPSgirl 1965 7 hours ago

    There is 28 idk if I counted right?

  • Friendly Dumbass
    Friendly Dumbass 7 hours ago

    8:17 this is giving me terrible memories to dissecting a frog, I’m gonna throw up

  • Mia Lee
    Mia Lee 7 hours ago

    10:27 it's not what's colefa it's the beach colefa

  • Dark wolves
    Dark wolves 7 hours ago


  • The Real Doge
    The Real Doge 7 hours ago

    Lol I was useing sub titles and it translated it ring and said sex😂😂

  • Connor Greenwood
    Connor Greenwood 7 hours ago

    I love you and your video's

  • Pyroman /
    Pyroman / 7 hours ago

    4:41 don't know why loss prevention guys risk this how many times have a person died from a cop or loss prevention guy laying on them ... And loss prevention ppl get criminally charged like right away no cop protection


    8:57 "I see the great wall of China!!"

  • Gacha Derpy Izzi
    Gacha Derpy Izzi 7 hours ago


  • Melissa Burkett
    Melissa Burkett 7 hours ago

    Sniper wolf why do you make this much videos when you already have enough subscribers that you can feed a whole entire family wizard

  • Brooke
    Brooke 7 hours ago

    On the 3rd one when she said you never ask a lady her age reminded me of when I was sitting in a group with my crush and a bunch of guys and he was asking all the guys how much they weigh. Then he started to ask me and I gave him the look like 'boi dont you dare' and he stopped his sentence sooo fast 😄

  • Veronica Wassef
    Veronica Wassef 7 hours ago

    Once my BFF fell down the stairs and I laughed so hard that I tumbled down the stairs too. I was on top of her and we were both laughing so hard that we cried (whilst still on the floor)

  • Bunny girl and Friends

    *Talks about pads with no wings* Drawing:Who uses you? Me:i do ;^;

  • Joelle Makuwa
    Joelle Makuwa 7 hours ago

    I seen it on my first try :)

  • Phantom AMVs
    Phantom AMVs 7 hours ago

    I’d eat the burger for free the money is just extra

  • Janet King
    Janet King 7 hours ago

    His poor mom

  • Jennifer Craigo
    Jennifer Craigo 7 hours ago

    Am i the only one that wants to know how she keeps finding this stuff?