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JET POWERED Vacuum Cleaner
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AK47 door bell system.
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Baby Washing Machine
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Games Console Microwave
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The Colin Furze BOOK!!!!
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  • Payz
    Payz 7 hours ago

    Big ups The Witch Kids thanks for using them Colin!

  • MaxFlight
    MaxFlight 7 hours ago

    Turn on captions at 0:04 💀💀💀

  • Waha Waha
    Waha Waha 7 hours ago

    How does it comes that nobody mentioned here soviet shnekochod? But nece wideo though

  • Cameron Jenkins
    Cameron Jenkins 7 hours ago

    One has to wonder why Colin still has carpet in his workshop.

  • Clay Tyler
    Clay Tyler 7 hours ago

    That thing is sick! I can't wait to see it finished😁

  • Sonny Moon
    Sonny Moon 7 hours ago

    You are the single most radical creator on FLash-player that's how !

  • Quinten
    Quinten 7 hours ago

    7:20 I see you really made a good design how you were gonna build this tank. XD

  • Alessandro Corbatto
    Alessandro Corbatto 7 hours ago

    6:34... why a plastic hand? Oo

  • J D
    J D 7 hours ago

    I'm just thankful this mad scientist doesn't have designs on world domination.

  • Benny Karlsson
    Benny Karlsson 7 hours ago

    Santa i want one!!! ;p

  • FrizzleTits
    FrizzleTits 7 hours ago

    PLAY CROSSOUT same concept

  • John Rambo
    John Rambo 7 hours ago

    Great job!

  • Tapenguin
    Tapenguin 7 hours ago

    I cant believe this guy used to be a plumber

  • dentonet2
    dentonet2 7 hours ago

    Where you do you keep all of your inventions?

  • Mitch Warren
    Mitch Warren 7 hours ago

    Colin are you available to do a small plumbing job ?

  • Nigel Tabb
    Nigel Tabb 7 hours ago

    Make it fly

  • Ítalo
    Ítalo 7 hours ago


  • J R
    J R 7 hours ago

    It's starting to look very tanky... I'm getting excited.

  • TheHungryGamer
    TheHungryGamer 7 hours ago

    4:05 Made me laugh :D

  • Mishtrong 1
    Mishtrong 1 7 hours ago

    This tank reminds me of old soviet off-road vehicles. They also had spirals.

  • Ryan Willis
    Ryan Willis 7 hours ago

    There should be a two thumbs up button

  • PixelMaster
    PixelMaster 7 hours ago

    0:00 Colin with his massive "screw" ;)

  • goerge washington
    goerge washington 7 hours ago

    already look nice !!

  • Max Chisholm
    Max Chisholm 7 hours ago

    I wonder how the hydrolics will be kept neat. Can u please make it so that the promo code works with World of war tanks blitz aswell

  • marvinecek
    marvinecek 7 hours ago

    I really hope that AvE saw that drill-lathe monstrosity...

  • grovermatic
    grovermatic 7 hours ago

    4:24 I hate it when that happens...

  • Daniel Megard
    Daniel Megard 7 hours ago

    You should seal the screws and make it a boat/tank.

  • Chevroletehat surf
    Chevroletehat surf 7 hours ago

    Cara vc é muito foda. Parabéns

  • Pavel Litv
    Pavel Litv 7 hours ago

    Вот чертяка, такие вещи исполняет, закачаешся 👍

  • Key City Properties
    Key City Properties 7 hours ago

    i would love to see you make a racing mower

  • Crimson Quill
    Crimson Quill 7 hours ago

    I just love these videos....Colin, you are an endless source of joy and enthusiasm. A true inventor!

  • gearheadlife
    gearheadlife 7 hours ago

    Looks great!! You have become a master fabricator! Just an observation, doubling up the self-aligning bearings at each end basically renders them unable to self-align. Any runout in your barrels will stress the bearings leading to premature failure... Your shafts are so heavy I doubt you need to double them anyway.

  • Rogue Wipplash1
    Rogue Wipplash1 7 hours ago

    Nice editing Mr. Editor

  • Ralf M.
    Ralf M. 7 hours ago

    You are crazy but I love your videos you are the best 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Василий Иванович

    In my country to develop mechanism like this costs millions of dollars and some years(not joke!!), OMG how can you do this in your garage???

  • Pyro Glyphics
    Pyro Glyphics 7 hours ago

    Lol, my subtitle in the thumbnail started with "welcome to the conference crouton project"🤣🤣

  • Ishaaq Miller
    Ishaaq Miller 7 hours ago

    @10:15 them gains tho!

  • JJ Dryer
    JJ Dryer 7 hours ago

    Attach an auger to that somehow and you have the perfect ice fishing vehicle.

  • Alexis Wladimir Madrigal Agusto

    Vamos vamos quiero ver esa máquina...... .para ver que puede a ser

  • UK Limitless
    UK Limitless 7 hours ago

    I wonder what Colins Neighbours think of him.... drilling ,hammering, welding, they probably think he’s a bit loony To his neighbours he’s talking to him self but to us he’s talking to us.... love the vids tho I liked and subscribed

  • timo brandsema
    timo brandsema 7 hours ago

    1 thing i now you are amezing

  • Jake vlogs Crompton
    Jake vlogs Crompton 7 hours ago

    I put one on my car

  • HaloBalla
    HaloBalla 7 hours ago

    You have all these subscribers cause you're awesome.

  • TruthLight
    TruthLight 7 hours ago

    1600th comment

  • Johnny Five
    Johnny Five 7 hours ago

    **EARPHONE WARNING AT **8:30**!!**

  • Adam Maszynotwór
    Adam Maszynotwór 7 hours ago

    No postarałeś się :D

  • Sarutobi Tebito
    Sarutobi Tebito 7 hours ago

    screw track no World of Tanks / only Crossout

  • kniefi
    kniefi 7 hours ago

    Colin - the production value on these videos is really top-notch! Your videos are full of positive energy and spark creativity! Love it! Awesome punk-rock music is a welcomed bonus. Cannot wait to watch this thing drive. Keep up the awesome work mate

  • Dixie Hooligans
    Dixie Hooligans 7 hours ago

    Wow what a massive waste of time and recourses. Subscribed to some of the most brilliant automotive builders in the world. But every once in awhile FLash-player throws me a gem like this.

  • christfrrr
    christfrrr 7 hours ago

    but Colin, will it float?

  • Roel Lauwers
    Roel Lauwers 7 hours ago

    Can’t wait to see him build an atomic bomb to celebrate his 10 M subscribers.🔥💥🔥 Subscribe people, subscribe!

  • Gato ninja
    Gato ninja 7 hours ago

  • Cly Blue
    Cly Blue 7 hours ago

    Imagine somebody who doesn't know who he is just moving in beside him

  • David Bumpus
    David Bumpus 7 hours ago

    I can't wait to see this thing in operation!

  • Benjamin Yardley
    Benjamin Yardley 7 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure this one will be too heavy to hover aswell. With or without chassis.

  • Just Smile/فقط ابتسم

    he where is your tie

  • BL Music
    BL Music 7 hours ago

    How does it go forward?

  • Richard Boyne
    Richard Boyne 7 hours ago

    No suspension system built on it ? Does it require any. Collin says: how did I get this many subscribers. one word mate. Ur a badass gezzer.

  • masterimbecile
    masterimbecile 7 hours ago

    World of Tanks asked him to build a tank, but he thought "Ah screw it!"

  • Avak
    Avak 7 hours ago

    normal people testing: "yeah let's put it against a tree and mess with it" Furze testing: "Fire the freakin fireworks at me, do it!"

  • OldSlowGamer
    OldSlowGamer 7 hours ago

    I think you'll want to make the welds from the screw blades to the barrels continuous as those screw blades are going to be under a hell of a lot of stress.

  • Damien Blake
    Damien Blake 7 hours ago

    Absolute love these videos of yours Colin. Have me in kinks plus very interesting to find out what’s next. Keep up the excellent work

  • meseyc
    meseyc 7 hours ago

    You must be on every watch list known to man lol

  • Danny Cunliffe
    Danny Cunliffe 7 hours ago


  • Robert Clarke
    Robert Clarke 7 hours ago

    When you buy a new greenscreen and just wanna play

  • William Sampson
    William Sampson 7 hours ago

    I really hope you put a sick body on this!!!!

  • arthur rodarte
    arthur rodarte 7 hours ago

    Damn your a genius A absolute mad scientist/Master mechanic

  • Kenai Davis
    Kenai Davis 7 hours ago

    I like the editing tricks adds even more fun to the episodes keep it going

  • Nanar 13
    Nanar 13 7 hours ago

    trop fort bravo

  • q m
    q m 7 hours ago

    Colin: Screw tank Me: Scrooter SCrOotER

  • Cedrick Newsom
    Cedrick Newsom 7 hours ago

    You should fill the screws with foam. Then your tank would float on water as well.

  • Ahmet yasir Demir
    Ahmet yasir Demir 7 hours ago

    Make a jet plane

  • edgars33
    edgars33 7 hours ago

    Crazy example of skill in metal fabrication, all the respect!

  • Jason Creech
    Jason Creech 7 hours ago

    Colin if you added a few ballast tanks would it float? Amphibious!!!!!

  • Ray Ray
    Ray Ray 7 hours ago

    Whats the engine model

  • Aidan MaKinster
    Aidan MaKinster 7 hours ago

    That have a screw tank in the mobile game hill climb racing if I do recall

  • Maxx B
    Maxx B 7 hours ago

    It's looking Furzin' Amazing!

  • Terry at Adrenalin's Garage

    12:46 Just take ALL of the credit why don't you!!?!?!! Thumbs up man! Love it!!

  • Lord Kiyo
    Lord Kiyo 7 hours ago

    I kinda want to know what the phone call to Honda was like. "Hey Honda, I would like to order an engine." "You mean a car?" "No just the engine." "For what model? are you a garage?" "No, I want it for a tank that I'm building." "A gas tank?" "No a screw tank."

    GYRENROCKZ 7 hours ago

    So what's next, Raid Shadow Legend sword?

  • David Gibson
    David Gibson 7 hours ago

    Big shout out to your mate, he is always helping you and I never hear you say a big thanks to him (but I'm guessing you do personally)

  • Owen Sparks
    Owen Sparks 7 hours ago

    Polycarbonate covers on those drive assemblies would look awesome 👍

  • kaushal kumar
    kaushal kumar 7 hours ago

    Woooww super one

  • Koomafloo
    Koomafloo 7 hours ago

    give. Us. MOAR!!!!!

  • OldGamer777
    OldGamer777 7 hours ago

    amazing Please Continue

  • Joel Wylie
    Joel Wylie 7 hours ago

    Colin why is the a transaction on my card for £3000 of bearings? Colin : 7:29

  • John Hurst
    John Hurst 7 hours ago

    Good Lord

  • jose lopez
    jose lopez 7 hours ago

    Hy i viwe from México In Cancún thankns for You inspiración in the live !!!!

  • scodoopy
    scodoopy 7 hours ago

    don't forget some kind of suspension!

  • Wulffe
    Wulffe 7 hours ago

    That Honda engine looks sharp! Looking good Mr. Furze! :D

  • Isiah Arnold
    Isiah Arnold 7 hours ago

    I wonder how much money they gave him to build the tank🤔 cause there’s no way that this was cheap for Colin

  • Gufulafa
    Gufulafa 7 hours ago

    quisiera ver como creas un mini helicópter o aeroplano

    VESPA NUT 7 hours ago

    Fill the screws the polyurethane expanding form incase you decide to go into some deep water

  • Максим Филатов

    Greetings from Russia, you are doing fine with your golden hands. Really like your videos. I always watch them with pleasure. Here is a link to the same car guys in Russia made, also cool. Best regards.

  • Gufulafa
    Gufulafa 7 hours ago

    make a mini helicópter mdfkr

  • Agapios Agapiou
    Agapios Agapiou 7 hours ago

    Colin you are a lunatic! With the best project. with quality!

  • James Vreeland
    James Vreeland 7 hours ago

    I think the beauty of these videos is that he does really good building, but makes it look like it's all fun and games

  • SorokIN52
    SorokIN52 7 hours ago

  • Arni j 2
    Arni j 2 7 hours ago

    Who else thinks the calm music is better?

  • Andreas Kayser
    Andreas Kayser 7 hours ago

    You are amazing !