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Get Schooled
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Dogs Gone Wild
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Ellen in Melissa McCarthy's Ear
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Alyson Stoner Returns After 17 Years
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Average Andy at the U.S. Open
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A Sneak Peek at Season 17
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BROCKHAMPTON Performs 'Sugar'
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Dog Days of Summer
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Ellen Is on Steroids
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Happy Women’s Equality Day!
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Slip Up
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Copy Cat Kids
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For Your Amusement
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Mini-Me, Myself, and I
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Two Cute to Handle
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  • TANJA hit
    TANJA hit 34 seconds ago

    I’m in tears 😭, so beautiful 😍

  • Bryan Soto
    Bryan Soto 49 seconds ago

    Get him on ArmChair Expert PLEASE!

  • Suman M
    Suman M Minute ago

    Fakest burning questions ever

  • Danielle Speedy Jazziest

    I like how kylies face looks chubby even tho her bk body is so perfect !!!

  • Kristin Plays
    Kristin Plays Minute ago

    She never showed you she was telling you

  • Jada Nuno
    Jada Nuno Minute ago

    Yay! Love this band! Finally gaining the recognition they deserve!!

  • Bryan Soto
    Bryan Soto 4 minutes ago

    Ooooohhhh I’m so happy for Dax!

  • Hansini Perera
    Hansini Perera 5 minutes ago

    You should have him asked about One Direction

  • Maxwell Romeo
    Maxwell Romeo 6 minutes ago

    It was going to be wonderful if Michael B was actually there. Make it happen Ellen

  • Mannat
    Mannat 7 minutes ago

    So drinking and smoking ie fine but sugar and dairy is not 🤥

  • Leo Lamea
    Leo Lamea 7 minutes ago

    I hope the janitor got paid overtime for mopping up all the puddles after the show.

  • futura8 gaming
    futura8 gaming 7 minutes ago

    Ellen: So I call you Cardi? Cardi: Yeh skrrrrrrrrrr Ellen: Ok then Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar

  • Ella Dvornik
    Ella Dvornik 8 minutes ago

    Her and the weeknd !!! We need that duet

  • Lazy Mochi Day
    Lazy Mochi Day 9 minutes ago

    The rock:*talks about what people call him and what is he doing here and stuff* Andy:Hey I’m Andy

  • Angel
    Angel 9 minutes ago

    Love this!! Also have a new video on my channel, watch that ❤️

  • chrissi moore
    chrissi moore 9 minutes ago

    thas my bABYYY

  • futura8 gaming
    futura8 gaming 10 minutes ago

    Cardi B be like Veggies 0:15 Blue Hair 0:15 Studs 0:15 Nicki Minaj 0:15

  • Eazy A
    Eazy A 11 minutes ago

    Maaan, just knew that me and Simon share the same birthday ✨✨

  • Gary Howe
    Gary Howe 13 minutes ago


  • Mystery of the Universe
    Mystery of the Universe 13 minutes ago

    Girl: *runs to Ellen * Ellen: *starts breathing * Girl: *backs away * Ellen: did I forget to take a breath mint?

    [REDACTED] 15 minutes ago

    Ellen: yo dawg I got at ur ex Pitt: better go get checked

  • GamerGirl123
    GamerGirl123 15 minutes ago

    Justin: Here's the thing... I want it to be special for my wife Ellen: Awwwww..... I dont buy that Me: *well he has a wife.*

  • Kevin Matos
    Kevin Matos 16 minutes ago


  • Vadim Musatov
    Vadim Musatov 17 minutes ago

    That awkward moment when you think you are famous... sorry, Hellen

  • tye l jackson
    tye l jackson 18 minutes ago

    Ur new furbaby is so freaking cute❤💋🐕

  • partha sarathi
    partha sarathi 19 minutes ago

    period time what they will do

  • Naomi Raulerson
    Naomi Raulerson 19 minutes ago

    Ellen he is bluntly honest about wearing your hat at least lol she ask if he would wear it . He responds NEVER LOLOL gotta love his bluntness

  • randy lalrinsanga
    randy lalrinsanga 19 minutes ago

    Drew is awesome....and Ellen is awesome for rewarding Drew with that much money...

  • Steve Urban
    Steve Urban 20 minutes ago

    I never thought I'd be able to learn another language but being a huge BTS fan and listening to all their amazing music has changed that👏👏❤❤

  • Rashaad Taylor
    Rashaad Taylor 20 minutes ago

    Alyson also dances on the Shark Take DVD!!!

  • anders damin
    anders damin 22 minutes ago

    Ellen should adopt her new puppy's mother and siblings.

  • Edna Thwaites
    Edna Thwaites 23 minutes ago

    Literally anyone would get scared, because it's a jumpscare.

  • Sudarut Thongvises
    Sudarut Thongvises 25 minutes ago

    Ellen Show​ is​ so​ cool.

  • Flor Perez
    Flor Perez 26 minutes ago

    Ellen help me get a house pls.

  • Biniam Makonnen
    Biniam Makonnen 27 minutes ago

    I am curious to know how he managed to block only Chrissy? Did order NOAA too?

  • Christopher Vang
    Christopher Vang 27 minutes ago

    The lady in front of him in the orange blouse is hot

  • Renata W
    Renata W 28 minutes ago

    from what I've seen...ellen is the only that makes simon really laugh & it's great💞

  • Edna Blankson
    Edna Blankson 30 minutes ago

    I want to meet both Ellen and Simon. I sing but not really perfect and I've been through a lot but still breathing. Wanna be a philanthropist like Ellen. Any ways, I will turn 22 on Oct, 17th. Yaaayyy happy birthday in advance to myself and Simon. Will come to the US soon.. I wish. Lots of love Edna😄

  • Amy Hedrick
    Amy Hedrick 31 minute ago


  • Bennett Lieberman
    Bennett Lieberman 32 minutes ago

    Confused how he’s the only winner basically. Don’t all winners from every season get a million dollars? In the description of the video

  • Anthony Alzamora
    Anthony Alzamora 32 minutes ago

    BTS band member: breathes Fans: *screeching intensifies*

  • Deeann s
    Deeann s 32 minutes ago

    Still in white, but, there is no pen on his hand. :D

  • cristian baqueror
    cristian baqueror 32 minutes ago

    Solo vine por peniwise y no estaba (´。_。`)

  • Flarettacha
    Flarettacha 32 minutes ago


  • barbara Swingle
    barbara Swingle 35 minutes ago


  • Clent Burkins
    Clent Burkins 36 minutes ago

    a lie detector can not tell a lie only by the sound of voice. Anyone can trick it

  • ImaginePlays
    ImaginePlays 37 minutes ago

    I was so happy when he mentioned Eminem :) literally greatest lyricist to ever live!

  • Roc Opulence
    Roc Opulence 37 minutes ago

    The dance was epic I would of played it off to

  • Idek Lol
    Idek Lol 37 minutes ago

    They invited the disgrACE family on the show.....

  • Clent Burkins
    Clent Burkins 37 minutes ago

    His pants go up to his chest lol

  • Raini Noor
    Raini Noor 38 minutes ago

    Drew n Daniel gil....I just love both of them....

  • Heidi McMahon
    Heidi McMahon 38 minutes ago


  • Crystal joy Evangelista
    Crystal joy Evangelista 38 minutes ago

    Ilove u cardi b

  • andy hollad
    andy hollad 38 minutes ago

    Ellen should definately try make her own 'games'

  • Ewa Gajewska
    Ewa Gajewska 39 minutes ago


  • YayeezWithDaScope
    YayeezWithDaScope 39 minutes ago

    i wish i could be as scared as andy when i go through haunted houses

  • Raqila Alfarez Khairullah Sofyan

    I love her performance. You??

  • lesly0519
    lesly0519 40 minutes ago


  • Jonelle85
    Jonelle85 40 minutes ago

    Katy reminds me of a toned down Dita Von Teese or Kat Von D.

  • Kalysta Rabe
    Kalysta Rabe 40 minutes ago

    I love Jake gyllenhaal 😫😍😍😍🤤🤤

  • MarcusSlover
    MarcusSlover 41 minute ago

    He looks so much younger than he actually is xd

  • lesly0519
    lesly0519 41 minute ago

    She’s adorable

  • Fatima Gutierrez
    Fatima Gutierrez 42 minutes ago

    Focusing a lot more on my channel before continuing my education (my masters program) in a few months so it would mean a lot if anyone could checkout my videos, leave feedback, and subscribe. Thank you in advance😊❤️

  • Kenia Lopez
    Kenia Lopez 43 minutes ago

    I love his laugh it’s so contagious lol 😂

  • Oof Oof
    Oof Oof 44 minutes ago


  • Manal Khalique
    Manal Khalique 49 minutes ago

    She is so fit And me here . 24. Cant even lose 10 pounds its been 4 years 😑😑

  • Riza Agustino Niagra
    Riza Agustino Niagra 49 minutes ago

    Ya , no wonder. When she in thr first years of friends she look like 17. Now she is 50 but look like 29

  • Kendra Bernot
    Kendra Bernot 49 minutes ago

    I love her omg

  • West Nigga
    West Nigga 50 minutes ago

    Nice save Diddy 😂

  • China Rodriguez
    China Rodriguez 51 minute ago

    This awkward interaction reminded me of the awkward sit down with Sandra Bullock a while back.

  • Wolf Queen 2.0
    Wolf Queen 2.0 51 minute ago


  • Deena Mc
    Deena Mc 51 minute ago

    OMG...every parent in the world is going to rush out and buy!!!

  • Yvonne Delgado
    Yvonne Delgado 51 minute ago

    Wolf out here man spreading 😂 showing who's boss 😍

  • hector vb
    hector vb 52 minutes ago

    I really love it! ❤️🙌😍

  • Shristi Rai
    Shristi Rai 52 minutes ago

    Cows are so gentle

  • Tahlee Nauta
    Tahlee Nauta 54 minutes ago

    he is not 60. i refuse to believe it

  • Bisman Khurana
    Bisman Khurana 55 minutes ago

    Simon looks very thin👍👍

  • im dumb
    im dumb 56 minutes ago

    I can’t even do one push up...

  • Naomi Slays
    Naomi Slays 56 minutes ago

    Oml I love Mariana. She’s just so pretty and I love the name.

  • R
    R 57 minutes ago

    She seems emotional unstable

  • jettsoma
    jettsoma 59 minutes ago

    Thank you! I haven't laughed so hard in years!

  • Hassan Almaleh
    Hassan Almaleh 59 minutes ago

    Mostly women in the show

  • Tristan Spreutels
    Tristan Spreutels 59 minutes ago

    So much fun, by two great personalities!

  • Aida Saneh
    Aida Saneh Hour ago

    Having simone cowell on here is the best😂😂

  • ramon ruiz
    ramon ruiz Hour ago

    Ellen I wanna perform on your show 😭 at least once one day 🤞🏼

  • Jenny Warm
    Jenny Warm Hour ago

    Simon "too much surgery" Cowell

  • Tegan Cartlidge
    Tegan Cartlidge Hour ago

    Rob is sooooooo cute 💕

  • Andrea Ante
    Andrea Ante Hour ago

    ELLEN please invite Macarena Achaga and Barbara Lopez together they're called Juliantina Tandem here on your show too guest them too please

  • Sukanya singh
    Sukanya singh Hour ago

    She is most ugliest women I have ever seen🤮🤮🤮... All show off... Hippocrate double faced 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Spider Girl
    Spider Girl Hour ago


  • Richard And Friends

    Homosexuality is a sin. Lord Jesus the anointed is coming soon. Repent. You must love Jehovah your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. You must love your neighbor as yourself.

  • TjBoyd
    TjBoyd Hour ago

    Rescues are best animals and she's absolutely perfect!

  • Khanh Nguyen
    Khanh Nguyen Hour ago

    So proud and worried at the same time. Hope she's not gonna ever change her music style

  • Avinash Kumar
    Avinash Kumar Hour ago

    hey i m from india...

  • Christa Marie
    Christa Marie Hour ago

    Gosh so good love you ❤️

  • Z A
    Z A Hour ago

    Ariana & Kelly collab

  • Top Sky
    Top Sky Hour ago

    I love Leonardo DiCaprio

  • Prettybut Sassy
    Prettybut Sassy Hour ago

    Honestly this interview was awkward

  • Shauny R
    Shauny R Hour ago

    Is he for realz?

  • CBR600RR
    CBR600RR Hour ago

    Meh, a million people sing like her.