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  • sit
    sit 6 hours ago

    Baby prolly still got them balls

  • Kareem Roberts
    Kareem Roberts 6 hours ago

    Very talented,I hope he has a smart team behind him who cares about his future.

  • Miguel Guerrero
    Miguel Guerrero 6 hours ago

    Is this is how babie imagine the cartels well good luck if you try the real deal

  • David Butler
    David Butler 6 hours ago

    He didn't have to body this like that 🤯

  • Wild Meesh
    Wild Meesh 7 hours ago


  • Mark Robby
    Mark Robby 7 hours ago

    RIP rap music!

  • Rahimking Khan
    Rahimking Khan 7 hours ago

    Dammm da baby n lil baby should do the whole scarface movie ❄️

  • Euan Carlin
    Euan Carlin 7 hours ago

    This base is absolutely filthy🔥🔥🔥

  • Gabriel Prosser
    Gabriel Prosser 8 hours ago

    Great video

  • Zach Corley
    Zach Corley 11 hours ago


  • Madison Mitchell
    Madison Mitchell 11 hours ago

    “take out the trash 🤓”

  • Joyjan Rain
    Joyjan Rain 11 hours ago

    0:16 yo this guy always in these rappers music videos 😂😭

  • Gabriella Cayson
    Gabriella Cayson 12 hours ago

    Where is offset

  • LJJS
    LJJS 12 hours ago

    Your mom

  • kkillerskillz
    kkillerskillz 13 hours ago

    When you realize ur headphones aren’t fire proof

  • Bryce Stumpff
    Bryce Stumpff 14 hours ago

    Video makes 0 sense

  • Marcus Thomas
    Marcus Thomas 15 hours ago


    LEUSSON V 15 hours ago

    Damn Likee Babyss 2020

  • Stephen Martin
    Stephen Martin 15 hours ago

    Takeoff snapppppped

  • Marcus Thomas
    Marcus Thomas 16 hours ago


  • Tafadzwa Gwaze
    Tafadzwa Gwaze 16 hours ago

    Manager: How many features this year? Dababy: Yes

  • Chyenne Coleman
    Chyenne Coleman 16 hours ago

    I like this this goin hard this was the best thing he did my own opinion

  • Enyawd Gink
    Enyawd Gink 16 hours ago

    I love me some meagan thee stallion but I really love yung miami part on this. She killed it.🔥🔥🔥I got all you can handle. I love her accent ❤♥️

  • Sean Lamar
    Sean Lamar 16 hours ago

    This is definentlt lit

  • Hash brown Key
    Hash brown Key 16 hours ago

    Like a gta story mode

  • Dk Paid
    Dk Paid 16 hours ago


  • Mack Nation
    Mack Nation 17 hours ago

    Them boys did da scarface if you seen the movie you know the setup

  • lilly nguyen
    lilly nguyen 18 hours ago

    beginning was in tik tok lol

  • gamer zone
    gamer zone 19 hours ago

    Hahahahaha You know what I'm sayin'? These niggas broke, they a joke You know what I mean, I came straight from the North nigga You know what I mean (Pyrex whipper) The Northside, you know what I mean Yeah yeah, Offset Badder than a bitch Fuck on the plane 'cause we lit She finer than a bitch Vroom, ride the dick It's hard to find the rich Uh uh, her ass is thick I want a ratchet, no classy bitch I bought her Birkin, this classic drip Heard your last nigga was a broke guy (broke) Double R, ghost ride (Ghost) Keep it on the low, I'm high (on the low) Fuck her on the floor 'til she die (the floor) Put it in her throat 'til she cry (ugh) She know I got a check, no deny (check) What it is, get the stick, come and try (what it is) It's another five million deposit (hey) It started with a text Now she boarding on a jet Now I'm divin' in the wet (dive, splash) Drippin' on the dress (splash) Twin towers sittin' on her chest Ride it 'til you runnin' out of breath (ride) Let me holla at you by yourself You done got me all addicted like the meth Look at the body on fleek Hit from the back make me grin on my teeth Crank that engine with no key I'ma get the money for my dogs they gotta eat Buncha million dollars on the table, gotta read Fuckin' on her, pullin' out her hair, take out the weave And I got the M's, no cap in me Performin' on the stage with the strap on me Better hide your bitch 'fore the game get her Northside nigga and I save the village How the fuck did I gain a million Hop out, just suck on the gang for a picture Cartier diamonds in the face, I'm a dripper Call it dog food, put it on boat in the river What you gon' do when you caught up in a pickle Money in the wall, they done paid the wrong nigga (Offset) Badder than a bitch Fuck on the plane 'cause we lit She finer than a bitch Vroom, ride the dick It's hard to find the rich Uh uh, her ass is thick I want a ratchet, no classy bitch I bought her Birkin, this classic drip Heard your last nigga was a broke guy (broke) Double R, ghost ride (Ghost) Keep it on the low, I'm high (on the low) Fuck her on the floor 'til she die (the floor) Put it in her throat 'til she cry (ugh) She know I got a check, no deny (check) What it is, get the stick, come and try (what it is) It's another five million deposit (hey)

  • dade
    dade 20 hours ago

    the video was dope

  • Mitchell Ellis
    Mitchell Ellis 21 hour ago

    Why does lil baby rap in his normal voice?

  • Sneakin & Geekin
    Sneakin & Geekin 21 hour ago

    Rap temptations. Duke = David Ruffin with da moves

  • wyd wya
    wyd wya 21 hour ago

    subtle scarface reference

  • Marre
    Marre 21 hour ago

    HOW AM I HEARING THIS JUST NOW? this is fire

  • Sancho fye
    Sancho fye 21 hour ago

    Never will iss a og movie

  • Sancho fye
    Sancho fye 21 hour ago

    Y’all ain’t scarface😂😂😂

  • Jeremy Stokes
    Jeremy Stokes 22 hours ago

    On the G

  • JR Prodigy Venture
    JR Prodigy Venture 22 hours ago

    want to be covered in frosted flakes for new years

  • Kash Moe
    Kash Moe 22 hours ago


  • Tyisha Dalrymple
    Tyisha Dalrymple 22 hours ago


  • furler
    furler 23 hours ago

    Vim pelo store da hana haha

  • Aheim
    Aheim 23 hours ago

    Glacier Boyz!

  • Ariel Swartz
    Ariel Swartz Day ago

    0:57 Lil baby's first words

  • یخ شاه
    یخ شاه Day ago

    There were a few moments when he chopped it up. I love that classic flow.

  • Antonio Mendez

    Yo vine xk mike towers la estaba cantando 😂😂

  • soldier-sports promoter -& -champion enos

    this one was fya to

  • Mehdi B
    Mehdi B Day ago

    I listen to this at least 6 times a day🔥🔥🔥 lil baby has a crazy cadence on every flow! Dude was made for this. Though, I Wonder why this song isn’t as big as it should be though 😅

  • Subscribe to me for no reason

    Whose here after drake got booed

  • G2L
    G2L Day ago


  • Wilmar Papa
    Wilmar Papa Day ago

    didn't expect a Scarface scene

  • King Wallace
    King Wallace Day ago

    Who’s here in 2019 still listening head ass

  • ik Jamann
    ik Jamann Day ago

    What up barbz? C'mon 💯 views?

  • Sens
    Sens Day ago

    Er'body snapped on dis

  • Kajaun Matthews

    I like this song

    BAWLIN Day ago

    1:39 vice city !!!!

  • Geo Τ
    Geo Τ Day ago

    Tony Montana...

  • Martinell Wright

    Lil baby < da baby

  • Juan Prieto
    Juan Prieto Day ago

    This joint lit 🔥

  • Chase Haynes
    Chase Haynes Day ago

    Let's get ready to mumble

  • Fridge Cold
    Fridge Cold Day ago


    SHANIA REID Day ago

    Quavo: if a nigga hating call him Joe budden Takeoff: pussy

  • Jon Leone
    Jon Leone Day ago

    Offset left earth on this on damn!

  • k2 OF GOLD
    k2 OF GOLD Day ago

    Olá tudo bem?😉 Me dê a honra de fazer parte da sua playlist? 🤩Ouça minha nova música e se você curtir, me adicione. muito obrigado!😚 flash-player.org/video/sROnfVO1P3A-video.html

  • Mike B
    Mike B Day ago

    #REPEAT 🥶

  • tez
    tez Day ago

    2:55 When u beating ya meat and the nigga keep moaning n yelling

  • Devil
    Devil Day ago

    Music boutta start at 0:19

  • soicystaxx
    soicystaxx Day ago

    Lil baby gassed this shit!

  • rich whiteboii

    Offset need to holla your it manager

  • Beau McPhail
    Beau McPhail Day ago

    Anybody else realize they copied the scar face scene.

  • Flappy Floom23

    Black Scarface?

  • Rodney Brooks
    Rodney Brooks Day ago

    If you don’t like this video your butt stanks 😂😂😆

  • candeman 99
    candeman 99 Day ago

    The reason joe budden doesn't have that jewelry bc had only had 15 min of fame

  • Jose Carrillo
    Jose Carrillo Day ago

    Quavo raps the same thing everytime

  • Angel Diaz
    Angel Diaz Day ago

    "Manolo and Antonio" Aka "Manny and Tony" GOATS💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 Scarface for life!!

  • Pop pez J
    Pop pez J Day ago

    Scarface reference was nice

  • Jhonairo
    Jhonairo Day ago

    The son of future.

  • charles torres

    I see qc, but why do I feel no quality. I'd only give my baby momma racks hes a dumb bitch. - barbanegra

  • Slimwittadollasign

    🛐♻️🚮⚛️ pray for this recycled trash of the universe

  • charles torres

    69 million views let's keep it that " underrated"

  • durag
    durag Day ago

    What s up man what do you want to do today lol... John dang !!

  • Nqsitiv Bunny
    Nqsitiv Bunny Day ago

    Here For Takeoff !!!

  • Daniel Morehead


  • Mike Earle
    Mike Earle Day ago

    publisists I can show the real gang. hard work iron man slash producer slash rap man, yall weak \

  • Mike Earle
    Mike Earle Day ago

    from atlanta I earned that, no. was living in atlanta u sperm that. hancho. get at me

  • Mike Earle
    Mike Earle Day ago

    garbage instrumental wtf hommie we can do better

  • Mike Earle
    Mike Earle Day ago

    cant remember yo name. stop. u failing, rich no understand quavo

  • Mike Earle
    Mike Earle Day ago

    stop. its what killed puffy

  • Mike Earle
    Mike Earle Day ago

    love the frame roll, good lyrics run fluid. why rap is not good. baby got sapphire content. o n ah is all migos content. be gon

  • Messiah Jackson

    Y'all niggas pussy for jumping x drum bitches

  • Zachary EVANS
    Zachary EVANS Day ago

    if you like this you didn't dislike it

  • Eduardo Sousa
    Eduardo Sousa Day ago


  • Chris B
    Chris B Day ago


  • Maverick Aguilar

    Still can’t believe DAYYTONA FOX Is on here and he’s only a sound cloud rapper 🔥

  • Pinky with the bar

    Only Dababy can rap about sex covered in blood about to get killed

  • Kglizzy Seprano

    💯💯 lil baby the truth ❗️

  • Yazan Ahmad
    Yazan Ahmad Day ago

    I thought that building on 1:37 was the building from gta vice city......

  • Darryl Felton
    Darryl Felton Day ago

    rely fully on GOD

  • christine dominique

    i love


    they are straight copying scarface #freeuzi

  • hotboy0789
    hotboy0789 Day ago

    I hate that Nicki did this record. She’s a dope ass artist and hella attractive. This song is pure trash and Quavo would be the last person I would have thought of her doing a single with. It wasn’t worth it, because the song flopped hard & then Quavo disrespected her so bad later.