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25 Years of Searchlight
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  • Pelican74
    Pelican74 9 hours ago

    This and the rake are the most cringe thing ever.

  • Astonp99
    Astonp99 11 hours ago

    I hope it has a happier ending than in the short story

  • Batman
    Batman 13 hours ago

    Nice picture. I would give a 7/10


    before to take the seen it would cost 5 euros to ask a real peasant !!!! HUPID=STUPID ! And you selling inteligencia ??? based on real story....yeh Chris Gott ,,,,let me start in the midle of the pasture ))))


    poor peasant started to sly grass for hay in the middle of the pasture. The pros and real peasants start at the edge . !!!

  • Natasha Clark
    Natasha Clark 14 hours ago

    Due to COVID-19 please have this available as a home premiere on my PS4. 😁 #introvertlife

  • Autumn Sage
    Autumn Sage 14 hours ago

    So the premiere is going to have to be pushed back due to Covid19 I assume

  • Ian Ayers
    Ian Ayers 14 hours ago

    One of the worst movies ever made.

  • Ramonerdna
    Ramonerdna 15 hours ago

    The look he gave after the shoe throw seemed to be of genuine surprise

  • TheWillypeel
    TheWillypeel 16 hours ago

    A stupid cliché that shows that women need men again ..

  • Jo Alex Sg
    Jo Alex Sg 16 hours ago

    It will certainly be a huge success!!!

  • Awelbeckk
    Awelbeckk 16 hours ago

    The mother is nice but I wouldn't hang with her.

  • Alara Tan
    Alara Tan 16 hours ago

    she is use facial expression so successfuly this dramatic also she sense of pain when swan was die.Natalie is really know Nina she was perfect.clearly i can’t looking mirrors for a long time:)

  • Jonathan West
    Jonathan West 17 hours ago

    Something quite different from his regular movies. I enjoyed it actually. Elaine has aged well!

  • бели божур
    бели божур 18 hours ago

    Question for all the self-righteous hypocrites, what do you think modern country like US would do to dissidents?

  • angie juarez
    angie juarez 18 hours ago

    Where can I watch this??!

  • Peanut Bahrin
    Peanut Bahrin 19 hours ago

    many film from Darren this movies very perfect.... ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ luv it..

    CODENAME TH 19 hours ago

    When i see jojo rabbit Me:JOJO golden wind play*

  • Jester Ariola
    Jester Ariola 19 hours ago

    i love how this is a nod to creature comforts animations

  • Daniella דניאלה
    Daniella דניאלה 19 hours ago

    caleeeb 🤎

  • Cristini Pereira
    Cristini Pereira 20 hours ago

    Parasse ser bom

  • Xarwich
    Xarwich 21 hour ago


  • Vishnu Vardhan
    Vishnu Vardhan 22 hours ago

    Feels like a wesanderson movie. Good colour tone

  • feellip
    feellip 22 hours ago

    The Catholic church played an important role in German resistance to Nazism (read Goebbels' diaries if you don't believe), and yet because of the political correctness the churchman must be a bad guy. Sad sad sad.

  • Sadullah Quasmi
    Sadullah Quasmi 22 hours ago

    Kon kon tik tok se aaya hai yaha like karo

  • Vin Bali
    Vin Bali 22 hours ago

    What? Muse!

  • LiangHuBBB
    LiangHuBBB 22 hours ago

    how do we watch when all theaters are closed now?

  • William Wei
    William Wei Day ago

    Can’t wait to see this beautiful movie 🎥

  • Adam Kawka
    Adam Kawka Day ago

    just watched this i wanna rip my eyes out fucking dumbest movie ever who ever wrote this was smoking crack

  • Mohammadreza
    Mohammadreza Day ago

    In that time world was more beautiful and people had much more humanity characteristics, dignity and value, nowadays nature and seas devastated and whole world in a cold war worse than real war even relatives are in war, alas that I am human and majority of thee world animals filthier than hyenas mentally even physically

  • Daniel Adamson

    "I'm going to go outside and fetch a stick how about that"

  • Arshdeep Singh

    The movie was good except for the girl’s acting

  • CheesyTV
    CheesyTV Day ago

    I heard this movie was a box office smash in Germany.

  • Aviator13
    Aviator13 Day ago

    I loved this movie ❤

  • Aster Ginete
    Aster Ginete Day ago

    0:35 :(

  • foolish amanda

    The movie creeped me out but idk why

  • Alex Chia
    Alex Chia Day ago

    Lea Seydoux 1. Tenet (Christopher Nolan) 2. The French Dispatch (Wes Anderson) Timothee Chalamet 1. Dune (Denis Villeneuve) 2. The French Dispatch (Wes Anderson) What an amazing experience those two must have had.

  • L D
    L D Day ago

    A spiritual masterpiece for all time.

  • leonardsleopard

    Having just watched Force Majeure, aren’t Ferrell and Dreyfus a little old for the main parts? At least Mats is back

  • KD eeZ
    KD eeZ Day ago

    Didn’t know people didn’t like this movie, huh

  • Guy
    Guy Day ago

    0:29 Sigrun?

  • Snazzy Dazzy
    Snazzy Dazzy Day ago

    "Definitely not a good time to be a Nazi." Nor was it a good time to be a Imperial.

  • Delight
    Delight Day ago

    Valerie Pachner's eyes are so striking and beautiful its hard to stop looking at her. Mr. Malicks camera loved her, too.

  • aman ali
    aman ali Day ago

    Wendigo most probably.

  • let's have a normal name


  • j Smith
    j Smith Day ago

    What is wrong with Hollywood that this sick twisted serial killer training manual is entertainment? This is just normal? A sick person made this trash

  • Dan K. Meme
    Dan K. Meme Day ago

    Well, I'm glad I didn't see the trailer before watching the movie because it basically shows the whole thing

    METALMAN4Wii Day ago

    Wouldn't our two planets gravitational pull destroy each other being that close?

  • DaredevilZ
    DaredevilZ Day ago

    I'm on a Wes Anderson marathon :D

  • Richard Mazursky

    dangerous movie or rather propaganda which shows the "funny side" of the Germans. That's how brainwashes idiots around world.

  • Info of Tech And health

    I want to see the full length movie but not available on youtube

  • Jubernack
    Jubernack Day ago

    This movie suprised me. It was good!

  • Finnish Nationalist

    "Got it" "We'll burn down the house and blame Winston Churchill" :D

  • S69s9t59s Ysit5d

    Is anyone here which hate LGBT???

  • Peck roblox
    Peck roblox Day ago

    W H O P U N I S H E D H I M S E V E R E L Y

  • Angel Simone
    Angel Simone Day ago

    This movie made me sick to my stomach. It came out on January 10 2010. I will never owe this movie or even watch it again it was totally disturbing and sick.

  • BloodyEVILeye
    BloodyEVILeye Day ago

    The end is reference to the movie from Dush till Dawn 🙂.

  • K-ρѳв૨૯α🌍🍀


  • aaila khan
    aaila khan 2 days ago

    LOVED THE MOVIE! The last scene 😳😘

  • Miss Marple
    Miss Marple 2 days ago

    Visually it's Wes Anderson but the music is Quentin Tarantino!

  • Fiaz Ahmad Fiaz Ahmad

    Full movie in hindi

  • Shiva Gor
    Shiva Gor 2 days ago

    Hindi movie

  • Shiva Gor
    Shiva Gor 2 days ago

    Full movie dikhao

  • simon lauridsen
    simon lauridsen 2 days ago

    Now it is clear who Russell from UP is based on...

  • Jandria Smith
    Jandria Smith 2 days ago

    I love this movie

  • Sarath Sj
    Sarath Sj 2 days ago

    Respect for the man who see tutorial video for crossbow😂😂

    PRIYANKA WAGH 2 days ago

    one of the best movie i hv ever seen

  • Tug Atwood
    Tug Atwood 2 days ago

    John wick and captain America are taking down criminal that cool

  • lil brooker
    lil brooker 2 days ago

    whats the song in the first onev

  • Katharina
    Katharina 2 days ago

    I’m only seeing this movie cuz Miranda Otto is in it

  • Divino Marroquini
    Divino Marroquini 2 days ago

    USA people should try watching foreign films more often. There are so many good movies from all countries... Hollywood has made excellent films, but there's also a lot of shitty money-makers films that you should skip and then use the saved time on good subtitles... Of course if this habit becomes common, it possibly will discourage film-makers from investing time and money in such bad remakes. (From Brazil, with all my respect.)

  • Andrey Sokolov
    Andrey Sokolov 2 days ago

    It's perfect! Doubts? 1. Mountains. 2. Tormund 3. Muse. Checkmate!

  • Ellie Steele
    Ellie Steele 2 days ago

    Daniel was my favorite:(

  • KaiDia S
    KaiDia S 2 days ago

    This movie is simply amazing

  • DarkStorm Productions

    Adrien Brody, Wes Anderson is on the line and would like to speak to you about his new movie. What should I tell him? Adrien Brody *Sighs* Just tell him I'll be there with the mustache.

  • luis martinez
    luis martinez 2 days ago

    Now this is ACTUAL racism

  • luis martinez
    luis martinez 2 days ago

    Is that the kid who played Georgie in It

  • Krista Star
    Krista Star 2 days ago

    Shows how stupid and childish nazism and fascism are

  • FurKids OnBoard
    FurKids OnBoard 2 days ago

    Hitler in this movie is Trump in real life but dumber.

  • subham singh
    subham singh 2 days ago

    Kaun kaun tik tok se aya hai

    PTSD GAMING 2 days ago

    Democrats haven’t changed much

    • Adrian B
      Adrian B 19 hours ago

      Maximilian Jens why are you blabbing about stuff I already know? I’m no fiscal conservative. First you have to define what your definition of progressive is. Fdr was deeply racist and socially conservative so was he progressive on wanting to expand social safety nets and welfare chauvinism? Does wanting to help white people economically make you a progressive lmao? There is right wing parties that use Welfare chauvinism. Are they progressive? Poor white people vote for republicans because of social conservatism

    • Maximilian Jens
      Maximilian Jens 19 hours ago

      @Adrian B my point is nowadays and in the past it was mostly Democrats who came up with policies which were progressive and pro-working class. The GOP right now and in the last year's has been a mess! Trillion dollar tax cuts for the 1% ain't gonna fix real systematic issues lmao. A message the GOP still hasn't received, I mean why would someone bail out Coperations first during the corona virus epidemic, handing big businesses trillions of dollars with little strings while the working class gets 1,2k a month with strings attached. The Democrats were indeed pro-slavery at first but look at the GOP now... Doesn't give a damn about the average American. No real policies on the broken health care system, the environment, women's reprodutice rights, or even as basic as child care

    • Adrian B
      Adrian B 19 hours ago

      Maximilian Jens yes exactly? Lmao your point? And the south overwhelmingly voted for him in all 4 elections

    • Maximilian Jens
      Maximilian Jens 20 hours ago

      @Adrian B and that's why democracts like FDR came up with policies like the New Deal which fundamentally changed American politics.

    • Adrian B
      Adrian B 20 hours ago

      Maximilian Jens you can’t really say republicans are pro slavery. Yes they’ve become more socially conservative but they’ve always been the party of big business they were just more progressive on social issues. Literally the Dixiecrats hated Republicans economic policies

  • carson11100
    carson11100 2 days ago

    Offering his talents to Ford did nothing to improve his situation...... Unlike in the film Mr. Northrop never told Ford he was a freeman.... he knew better in real life for a reason..... he was treated horribly on Fords plantation and eventually sold to Epps because of Ford...... give him no respect whatsoever!

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown 2 days ago

    Damn 😍

  • james frith
    james frith 2 days ago

    i think its a good movies if it came out :)or it already did :) lol

  • Jay Cobbina
    Jay Cobbina 2 days ago

    Education .

  • Kube Dog
    Kube Dog 2 days ago

    Yeah, this is definitely downhill...

  • Muriel Soriano
    Muriel Soriano 2 days ago

    brilliant intro! where's the film??? really makes me want more

  • Elvin John Tropezado

    So they're fucking vampires? How the fuck did they exploded?

  • Elvin John Tropezado

    How ther fuck did they exploded in the end?


    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 awesome and eye opening. 0:47 🧡💖🧡 👇 👇 👇💜

  • Dorkus Malorkus
    Dorkus Malorkus 2 days ago

    Bleistifte -- learned that one from "Valkyrie"

  • Dammoh
    Dammoh 2 days ago


  • jarl Andruha der grosse her

    отличное кино :)) давно не видел от голливуда чего то не дебильного и со смыслом :))

  • coldnumbers
    coldnumbers 2 days ago

    Today's agenda in this country, horrible. Less than 5 seconds into the movie i know where it's going. Racist whites gonna lose. Ending is so ridiculous that EVERYONE will love it.

  • Mark Lundgren
    Mark Lundgren 2 days ago

    best movie of 2019

  • Chris Angel
    Chris Angel 2 days ago

    I really quite despise the overuse of CG in movies. The depth and texture created by models is so much greater than the insipidness of CG.

  • Binary state of mind

    What a terrible trailer for such a great film

  • KrystalwithaY
    KrystalwithaY 2 days ago

    “He learned you to read?”

    • KrystalwithaY
      KrystalwithaY 10 hours ago

      Adrian B I know exactly what she meant, but it still sounds stupid because this woman herself isn’t educated yet looks down on another human being. Uneducated ignorance at its finest and you just have to laugh at it.

    • Adrian B
      Adrian B 20 hours ago

      KrystalwithaY You obviously know what she meant. It’s southern vernacular

  • Kate S
    Kate S 2 days ago

    Read the short story this was based on "The Quiet Boy". This looks so good.

  • Neha sharma
    Neha sharma 3 days ago

    Kon kon TiK tok se Dekh kar Aya hai like kro

    • Reepu kumar
      Reepu kumar Day ago

      Sachme yr duniya bahut chhoti h Bt koi bat nhi yaha tk aa gye hai to Koi yevi bata do ki ye moovi kaha milegi😄😄

    • Sarfraj Patel
      Sarfraj Patel Day ago

      😬😬😀😍😍😍😍😍 Meee

    • Mohsin Shaikh
      Mohsin Shaikh Day ago

      Ha yrrrr but Available nahi hai vo movie

    • future doctor
      future doctor 2 days ago

      Mai yrr available hi nhi hau

    • Rakesh Upadhyay
      Rakesh Upadhyay 2 days ago