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Astros Advance to ALCS
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The Cycle: Episode 11
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  • MrGonzale09
    MrGonzale09 11 seconds ago

    wow youtube is fast.

  • EfrainQuezada
    EfrainQuezada 47 seconds ago

    I was so hyped when Reddick made the catch, but after Brantley, it seems routine.

  • popo129
    popo129 2 minutes ago

    That was quick

  • Jeff myrick
    Jeff myrick 2 minutes ago

    Big AIDS fan here, Nothing but respect. 😔

  • Renee Landers
    Renee Landers 3 minutes ago

    I hope he’s okay OnO

  • Lord Revan
    Lord Revan 3 minutes ago

    Yuli is such a talented player wow amazing

  • Senora BIG BRAIN
    Senora BIG BRAIN 4 minutes ago

    I bet everyone that Bryce Harper doesnt even care that they are going. He just wanted all that money to be on the Phillies.

  • Carl Douglas
    Carl Douglas 4 minutes ago

    Yankees got robbed in this game

  • Chris Manson
    Chris Manson 5 minutes ago

    Michael Brantley: Hold my cape

  • jack bran
    jack bran 7 minutes ago

    Good catch. Not great, but good.

  • max hopkins
    max hopkins 7 minutes ago

    Who’s here after Brantley’s play

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  • SunnyD Time
    SunnyD Time 8 minutes ago

    This series is over Houston Astros have won the series

  • Christopher
    Christopher 8 minutes ago

    And then Michael Brantly one ups Josh Reddick with an amazing, diving, inning ending, double play catch.....Go Astros....

  • Ruben Gomez
    Ruben Gomez 8 minutes ago


  • Zach Kraemer
    Zach Kraemer 9 minutes ago

    MLB: check out Reddick’s ridiculous catch Michael Brantley: hold my beer

  • immasoxfanbaby
    immasoxfanbaby 10 minutes ago

    I use to make catches like this when I played pro baseball . Florida marlin 1991

    THEJONSANDMANFAN !!!!! 10 minutes ago

    Now we are waiting for the amazing double play to end the top of the 7th!!!

  • MacDaddySpecial
    MacDaddySpecial 11 minutes ago

    *REDDICKulous catch

  • Brian Melendez
    Brian Melendez 11 minutes ago

    Oh i thought this was brantelys catch

  • Delton Joa
    Delton Joa 11 minutes ago

    Josh Reddick: imma be the hero Michael Brantley: hold my beer

    • Chris Manson
      Chris Manson 5 minutes ago

      He said: Hold my cape

    • far22186
      far22186 6 minutes ago

      Damn it. I was just gonna comment this

  • ckendall67
    ckendall67 11 minutes ago

    Yankees at least tie the game right there if the ball skips past Reddick on that play....what a catch....!

  • Mag neto
    Mag neto 11 minutes ago

    No one beats my Astros!!!

  • Noel López
    Noel López 11 minutes ago

    Am I the only one who thought dallas keuchel was on the mound for a second

  • Michael Hanna
    Michael Hanna 12 minutes ago

    How about brantleys catch

  • Lissa Brown
    Lissa Brown 13 minutes ago

    Only in a very very boring sport could this play be a highlight , even I could make the play. Basecall, boring, boring, boring...

    • Cards and Collectibles
      Cards and Collectibles 10 minutes ago

      Are you kidding? You could make that play? You have no idea what you’re talking about. In what way is that boring?

  • Al Blake
    Al Blake 14 minutes ago

    Yankees must be destroyed.

  • michael taylor
    michael taylor 15 minutes ago

    yankees r going to choke🤭

  • Michael Caywood
    Michael Caywood 15 minutes ago

    I hope The New York Yankees loses tonight's game, won't know until after the game.

  • jj tt
    jj tt 15 minutes ago

    2 mins ago nice

  • Cubs Fan17
    Cubs Fan17 15 minutes ago

    Yankees: time to tie this game up Josh Reddricks answer:nope

  • The Crank Bait Kid
    The Crank Bait Kid 16 minutes ago

    go stros im watching live

  • Olivia Hogya
    Olivia Hogya 16 minutes ago

    Cool catch

  • Warning Three
    Warning Three 16 minutes ago

    Let’s go nats

    • S G
      S G 34 seconds ago

      Warning Three bet you been a fan since 3 weeks ago.

  • Hermione Granger
    Hermione Granger 16 minutes ago

    Go Astros!

  • Julian Cantu
    Julian Cantu 16 minutes ago


  • Mushytacos 888
    Mushytacos 888 16 minutes ago


  • Warning Three
    Warning Three 17 minutes ago

    10th comment

  • Michael Galvez
    Michael Galvez 17 minutes ago

    yankees will never give up

    • Noel López
      Noel López 11 minutes ago

      Well looks like the Astros really won't give up

  • hyeon-ho joeh
    hyeon-ho joeh 17 minutes ago


  • Detect Umbreon
    Detect Umbreon 18 minutes ago

    No views 8 likes FLASH-PLAYER it on crack 😂

  • Youtube_TOXICKILLZ
    Youtube_TOXICKILLZ 18 minutes ago


  • pixelart tuto
    pixelart tuto 18 minutes ago


  • Xxcoolxxaj Gaming
    Xxcoolxxaj Gaming 18 minutes ago

    Let’s go astros

  • Chris Vega
    Chris Vega 18 minutes ago

    Wow! Edit would have tie the game if he dived and miss!

  • David Gallegos
    David Gallegos 18 minutes ago


    REYCK 18 minutes ago

    Saludos desde la NASA

  • Luis Manuel Gonzalez
    Luis Manuel Gonzalez 18 minutes ago

    Goooo HOU

  • RIZE! Preston
    RIZE! Preston 18 minutes ago

    Love reddick

  • Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

    Every Astros player gets their moment to shine. Gurriel, Altuve, Correa, Springer, Reddick, Alvarez (with his only hit 😂😂😂😂) so many amazing moments for them

  • dgarber771
    dgarber771 20 minutes ago

    Wow! Jesse McGuire that was totally awesome. What a great rendition of the National Anthem with that beautiful tone and control.

  • Great Iron Fist
    Great Iron Fist 20 minutes ago

    That one got out quick.

  • Kuruma Uzamaki
    Kuruma Uzamaki 22 minutes ago

    This is what happens when you keep putting in the same guy eventually the offense will get to them and what Boone gets for using his bullpen way too much

  • Texan Football Houston
    Texan Football Houston 28 minutes ago

    4-2 go Houston Astros already

  • Reallolz Not
    Reallolz Not 33 minutes ago

    Look at how empty the stadium is... baseball is dead for sure

  • Steve Duanes
    Steve Duanes 33 minutes ago

    So good

  • Sanjay Iyer
    Sanjay Iyer 34 minutes ago

    "Wainwright from the belt, to the plate. A swing and a miss! For the first time since 1982, St. Louis has a World Series winner!" Joe Buck remembering his father's call of the final out of the 1982 World Series, "Sutter from the belt, to the plate. A swing and a miss! And that's a winner! That's a winner! A World Series winner for the Cardinals!"

  • SaintsForum
    SaintsForum 35 minutes ago

    Some say Jennings still doesn’t know where he is..........

  • HENRY Valdez
    HENRY Valdez 41 minute ago

    Let’s go Yankees 🙏🙏🙏🤦‍♂️🤐

  • xmz
    xmz 47 minutes ago

    He gave James shields big sad

  • Derpmato
    Derpmato 49 minutes ago


  • Janse hernandez
    Janse hernandez 50 minutes ago

    Pinga Cubaaaaaaa

  • Jdever449 Games
    Jdever449 Games 55 minutes ago

    Who’s been a Fan of the MLB Before 2019?😍 👇🏼𝙗𝙩𝙬 𝙜𝙞𝙛𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙢𝙮 𝙣𝙚𝙭𝙩 13 𝘼𝙘𝙩𝙞𝙫𝙚 𝙎𝙪ß𝙨 💫 🎁With Notifications🎁

    RUSTY NAIL 58 minutes ago

    This guy homerun swing is similar to Gary Sheffield

  • brown-eyed man
    brown-eyed man Hour ago

    World Series 2012 anyone?

  • Caleb Gerhard
    Caleb Gerhard Hour ago

    That's my math teachers son!

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni Hour ago

    The Astros are in the Yankees’ heads. The Astros are so aggressive running the bases it’s causing the Yankees to panic and make errors.... #GoStros

  • Carlos Serantes
    Carlos Serantes Hour ago

    Bravo yuli

  • Kingsears 99
    Kingsears 99 Hour ago

    The music at the start is awesome

  • Nicholas Memehead

    Reminds me of his game tying home run in the World Series against the dodgers

  • Daniel Zuniga
    Daniel Zuniga Hour ago

    Need to bench Yordan. He looks desperate to make contact.

    • Robert Cadenas
      Robert Cadenas 20 minutes ago

      He hasn't shown up since playoffs started. Don't know if he'll still be rookie of the year.

  • Yankee Fan 25
    Yankee Fan 25 Hour ago

    Yanks down by one making a come back😄😄😄

  • GG Tito
    GG Tito Hour ago


  • Stereo4102
    Stereo4102 Hour ago

    ¡El Cubanazo!

  • hortons1967
    hortons1967 Hour ago

    They already have the FAKE WWE style belts ready. If these losers are so good then why do they get the benefit over and over of balls called strikes for their pitchers, meanwhile opposing pitchers get squeezed. And free check swing outs. Free outs for one team and the other has to get extra outs. Wow. Like i don't notice this garbage. You want my money again MLB? Quit the FOO ball. FINGERS ON (the) OUTCOME. Houston is the Warriors of baseball. Fake propped up losers.... Enjoy another fake ring you idiots that support rigged sports! 911 wasn't just about organized crime securing control of your elect. They blackmail everyone. All sports are rigged since 2005. You think that Patriot comeback wasn't scripted? And i'm a fan... Challenges on Balls and Strikes and "Check Swings". Let go MLB prove me wrong....

  • Ba Hashem Yeshua

    28 dislikes.......must be Yankee fans

  • Ariam Orihuela
    Ariam Orihuela Hour ago

    el tipo sigue matando la liga par ala edad que tiene lo esta haciendo super bien

  • mel hov
    mel hov Hour ago

    Umps squeezing yanks pitchers while asstros pitchers get all the balls called strikes

  • Michael Young
    Michael Young Hour ago

    Funny.. 2:48 it says Top of 4th when it should say bottom of 4th

  • Elaine Snow
    Elaine Snow Hour ago

    Despise the Yankees.

  • Berserk Berserk
    Berserk Berserk Hour ago

    lots to learn from kids !

  • mel hov
    mel hov Hour ago

    Umps bet on asstros

  • T BZ
    T BZ Hour ago

    Solid content, thanks for showing the RBI breakdown with commentary. 👌🏻

  • Ryan Martin
    Ryan Martin Hour ago

    Chad "Mush" Green

  • Tommy W
    Tommy W Hour ago

    I’m watching this game!

  • Karl Warner
    Karl Warner Hour ago

    last minute he was a .050 "bum " next second he is the hero of millions god I love baseball 😃

    • Kuruma Uzamaki
      Kuruma Uzamaki 21 minute ago

      Karl Warner that batting avg doesn’t show how good he’s hitting he kept hitting them on the barrel just got unlucky

  • Al Mill
    Al Mill Hour ago

    You can update the Nationals moment!!

  • Redbug 3
    Redbug 3 Hour ago

    Great video! Homerun ball almost made it right to the cameraman!

  • John Dixon
    John Dixon Hour ago

    Joe buck needs to go crawl under a bridge and never come out

  • Fingering Things

    Dear Astros, Thank you Sincerely the rest of the MLB

  • Tripp Shaw
    Tripp Shaw Hour ago

    🖕🏿Go Yanks

  • dannyrivera8300
    dannyrivera8300 Hour ago

    Well I at least got half the world series right ... still say Nats in 7

  • Monsoon Harvard
    Monsoon Harvard Hour ago

    This was the first game I ever went to! I was 11 years old. Candelaria was my favorite Pirate pitcher, and I went especially to see the Candyman pitch.What a first game! and someone else has posted the entire Pirates radio broadcast from this game. It was August 9th 1976, a date I'll never forget as long as I live. It also was Clark 'Candyman' candy bar night, free Clark/Zagnut Bar to first 10,000 fans.

    • Monsoon Harvard
      Monsoon Harvard Hour ago

      Also, I went to my 2nd & 3rd games ever, a month later on Labor day, Sept 6th 1976. It was a 10:35 am doubleheader, Pirates vs Philles. After the 2nd game, Candelaria was coming off the field and I was standing over the dugout, and I yelled Hey Candy, throw me a ball! He went in the dugout & hooked a ball onto the roof, & 5 other kids reached but I brought my baseball glove, and it gave me the extra reach and I snagged it! I couldn't believe it, I finally had a ball and it was from great John Candelaria! after the season I wrote a letter explaining all this to the Pirates and enclosed the ball asking to get John Candelaria's signature, if possible, and I got it back a month or so later with his signature! The Pirates also graciously sent me authentic autographed pictures of Willie Stargell, Al Oliver, Dave Parker, and a bunch of other Pirates, along with a 1977 Press Guide. The Pittsburgh Pirates were very kind and gracious to me and I'll never forget it. I went many more games afterward between 1976-1979, and those were the greatest games I ever saw. Some of the best times of my life, and I Thank God for that.

  • RH gamer
    RH gamer Hour ago

    Why do Yankees fans think it is ok to make fun of an Astros pitcher with a disability. How would you feel if I did that to you huh huh.😡😡

  • Macky Mode
    Macky Mode Hour ago

    MLB batters are mostly trash, they can't hit quality pitchers, look at their batting average, it's pitiful, good thing for Houston that Yankees are too arrogant to care about quality pitching

  • Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

    Rays Astros was the real World Series

  • Martavis Miles
    Martavis Miles Hour ago

    It's outta here let's go Houston Astros

    LUIS RUELAS Hour ago

    Joe buck is pretty bias

  • Jim Davis
    Jim Davis Hour ago

    Two worst broadcasters in baseball: Joe Buck and Bob Costas.

    • Dennis R. Belanger
      Dennis R. Belanger Hour ago

      Jim Davis costas is overrated and out of touch with todays game. Sadly.

    • Beautiful Surprise
      Beautiful Surprise Hour ago

      Why do people hate Joe Buck so much? I happen to like when he calls baseball games 🤷🏾‍♀️