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  • Topher Townsend
    Topher Townsend 6 seconds ago

    Oswald would not have claimed to be a patsy he would have been proud of killing the president and would have gloated about it. Joe you fool! Really? Anyone could make that shot?... You're a complete knob dude.... He was murdered before he could tell his side.... And the presidents head went back and to the left so stop insulting my intelligence mate. Get your credibility back and stop being a knob! Your penis is two inches high try aiming at that.

  • marty 70003
    marty 70003 23 seconds ago

    The Borg

  • MrZombiekiller23
    MrZombiekiller23 35 seconds ago

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who can endlessly watch Live PD AND COPS all day and night

  • Fernando Martinez
    Fernando Martinez 57 seconds ago

    They are ALL fucked as I only talk about stuff like MSX computer !

  • Guillaume Robichaud

    Joe "dude, dude, reeeelaaaax" Rogan

  • Lion95
    Lion95 Minute ago

    Imagine seeing Michael on a Joe Rogan podcast.

  • Nathan Pickrell
    Nathan Pickrell 3 minutes ago

    If he is wrong he will blah, blag, blah. No he won't, he will call you a bigot and racist when not on air. Do as I say!!! Idiot...

  • Alec Skinner
    Alec Skinner 3 minutes ago

    I have never gotten twitchy from being horny, that's a new one lmao

  • Paris Tsantis
    Paris Tsantis 3 minutes ago

    Not so black and white. Gays throughout history would get married and have kids but inevitably cheat here and there to satisfy their other needs. As Milo said, the worst part about gay marriage is that it stopped most of the gays from procreating eventually and contributing to the gene pool.

  • Nathan Pickrell
    Nathan Pickrell 4 minutes ago

    1st off, handguns kill infinitely more people than A.K.s and AR's. This guy is talking out of his ass and knows absolutely nothing! Shut the fuck up!!!

  • King C.O.D
    King C.O.D 4 minutes ago

    Joe MANDELA Rogan😂

  • eedleate
    eedleate 4 minutes ago

    Lol. Sorry to be that guy but, worst Sammy Davis Jr impersonation ever. Took a few hearty swings at it though. Kinda Cookie monster meets, I dunno, Christopher Walken? Sorry...gotta go put some water on my frosted flakes..funny man

  • TheMaxKids
    TheMaxKids 4 minutes ago

    Should have showed him the Patterson Gimlin film and got his opinion.

  • Max Lamee
    Max Lamee 5 minutes ago

    I feel like this is one of Joe's worst. This guy would start getting on some good points and he tries to push conversation elsewhere

  • Derek Douglas
    Derek Douglas 5 minutes ago

    This guy is full of disinformation......SHAMEFUL! ! This subject is so easy to Dumb down for the simple minded. Oswald was a spy helping RFK/FBI track down the Rogue CIA anti Castro camps still trying g to kill him.

  • jc toug
    jc toug 5 minutes ago

    "And i will never will, opefoully"

  • Stinkadena Skate kru
    Stinkadena Skate kru 5 minutes ago

    Louis CK is Mexican? Wtf?

  • angryjohn001
    angryjohn001 6 minutes ago

    Her music is the worst for anyone who hasn’t heard it😂

  • mikey drise
    mikey drise 6 minutes ago

    Drugs are illegal but they still get thru, ppl need to focus on the mental health issues

  • D-Shmoney
    D-Shmoney 7 minutes ago

    It actually doesn't work w fentanyl overdoses unfortunately

  • Nathan Pickrell
    Nathan Pickrell 7 minutes ago

    This dude is just a plain old crazy Democrat. He ain't never shot any guns. Get rid of all the cars now!!! A.O.C. is this guys here, I bet. If he likes how they do it in China, take your fucking Commie ass to China.

  • Avery Overton
    Avery Overton 8 minutes ago

    I need a podcast with Steve-O and Joey Diaz just telling stories.

  • steven spitzer
    steven spitzer 8 minutes ago

    Maybe we have weened out to many apex predators that use to eat the sick and weak critters

  • Jontonio Solace
    Jontonio Solace 8 minutes ago

    Fuck this guy. He's living in a glass house.

  • Penelope
    Penelope 8 minutes ago

    The spice aka Buddha bud, aka synthetic weed, is sold in Philly, so PA and I believe most southern states. Flakka all over FL. So weird. Makes people who are susceptible to psychosis actually enter mental illness faster.

  • Mineral
    Mineral 8 minutes ago

    I wish someone would yell at me for wearing hoops. I would love to make someone look stupid when they find out i'm mixed. I have a fat face- these shits make me look good, get over it.

    • Mineral
      Mineral 5 minutes ago

      I do disagree with wearing significant cultural/religious wear or a caricature of someone as a costume, though. A friend gave me a qipao and I would wear it in any other situation that I'd wear a dress in but it would be messed up if I wore it as a costume of a Chinese person... it comes across as mocking to me.

  • steven spitzer
    steven spitzer 9 minutes ago

    Does anyone think that this disease was created by people. If no does that mean it has existed for a long time / long long time and was discovered by people. And now we must all panic

  • Brendan Coyne
    Brendan Coyne 9 minutes ago

    Commercial regulation isn't necessary. You as an individual need to have the capacity and self-autonomy to differentiate what is important in life and what isn't. I have lived in the same capitalist consumerist society as everyone else in America, and at risk of sounding conceited, I feel like I have prioritized the right values in life. Meanwhile, I have friends who legit get anxious over social media, what people think of their appearance, etc. I generally do not fall victim of these anxious feelings. It's not the corporations' fault. You need to practice the critical-thinking skills that allow you to make the most out of life.

  • Sgt.StickyTits
    Sgt.StickyTits 9 minutes ago

    "I'll die young, but it's like kissing god" - Lenny Bruce

  • cepuras
    cepuras 10 minutes ago

    Sharp, interesting, attractive..

  • Bill MM
    Bill MM 11 minutes ago

    Ok, not all poppies are opium poppies! The poppies you see in people’s yards are different cultivars

  • loren salazar
    loren salazar 12 minutes ago

    So glad I choose to never own a cell phone. . Great to see Mr. Snowden alive and well. How hypocritical we now protect/respect whistle blowers , , , as long as they threaten only President Trump.

  • The Blanco
    The Blanco 12 minutes ago


  • Daquan Gay Daddy Cousin
    Daquan Gay Daddy Cousin 13 minutes ago

    Steven crowder denunks john oliver a shit ton

  • Boywonderr71
    Boywonderr71 13 minutes ago

    Theres a ton of space junk on the moon that can be seen by telescopes. Theres a mirror array that can be pinged.

  • Gabriel Afonso
    Gabriel Afonso 13 minutes ago

    Joe “I don’t know what a cough button is” Rogan

  • Magrie Lera
    Magrie Lera 13 minutes ago

    Also when you have a stalker! who hacks ,abuses and is deranged and has connections and is heir S.C.Johnson/CRAIG'S LIST, is all over and is a troll by stalking you,"because of your "views"and don't find attractive and express how you feel in the privacy of your own home! ,is (sic.) I have gone to many law enforcements. F.B.I.. they did nothing this man lives in west Tx. and is white! pushing the morbid white and black race agenda and rapunzel will be black cause now days the white or light skinned, is racist, if you leave the black person out.

  • Yoshi Sukizzu
    Yoshi Sukizzu 13 minutes ago

    Joe "I smell danger" Rogan

  • Sidhant Vaishnavi
    Sidhant Vaishnavi 13 minutes ago

    1. Suck a 2. Niga dick 3. Fur 4. Freeee

  • Mr Bald
    Mr Bald 13 minutes ago

    "he doesnt want to take your hard worked money to give to lazy people" that's not true that's excatly what is going to happen he always points at the Scandinavian countries and that's excatly what happens there. And this is talking from my own experiance...

  • Nathan Pickrell
    Nathan Pickrell 14 minutes ago

    2nd amendment isn't for hunting, you fucking jack ass!!!

  • Wade
    Wade 15 minutes ago

    Android allows you to disable apps. You can even use Titanium Backup to freeze the app and move it off the main phone storage.

  • Brian Curley
    Brian Curley 16 minutes ago

    I see Kanye? I click. I see Joe Rogan? I click. I see Kanye and Joe Rogan? I click twice.

  • Gabriel Afonso
    Gabriel Afonso 16 minutes ago

    The sea lion was looking for a government hand out?

  • fred jasper
    fred jasper 17 minutes ago

    Dirty white people with dreadlocks in matrix 2, eurotrashed

  • Amy Kline
    Amy Kline 18 minutes ago

    Is it not to the point where we can all admit that you cannot tell how severely someone has struggled just by their color or gender or whatever? As if Obama's kids don't have an easier row to hoe than my kids who are white. Come on! As if Kylie Jenner, or whatever she wants to be called has somehow suffered worse than the average person, after being on the Wheatie's Box, winning gold medals, and being married to a Kardashian with millions, and being on the cover of Vogue in her new female body! My Mexican husband called me white trash for 15 years until I found he was a cheating chuntaro whore like his dad. You bet your ass when I finally got furious over realizing he was contaminating my bed with whores and escorts, when I called him a ghetto wet-back, he acted like I was such a racist cunt. I don't give a shit. I grew up poor too, maybe not an immigrant. I never had to learn a new language. But the ones who tormented him the most were other Latinos who said he was too dark or bashed him for not being born here. But, heaven forbid I bash him for being exactly what he claimed he wasn't. Fuck that. Same goes for people like Ice-Cube bashing Bill Maher for the N-word joke, and making him apologize. Maybe Bill should have said he was sorry. But I wouldn't. Last time I checked, it was still fine for black men to call women derogatory names, so maybe they need woke. Last time I listened to hip-hop, which I do love, I heard women called all kinds of names. Why is calling a woman a ho or a bitch or a cunt any different than calling a black man the N-word? When black men start treating black women with respect, then they will have a good argument. You can't expect "equality" to run one way. Meanwhile, black and Latinas are the most abused people in America. Hmmmmmmm; Who is woke?

  • John Stock
    John Stock 18 minutes ago

    XanaX is literally a demon, use kratom instead to take the edge off of a bad trip.

  • Vladimir Chernikov
    Vladimir Chernikov 19 minutes ago

    I will not comply.

  • steven spitzer
    steven spitzer 19 minutes ago

    How does that work if it’s in the dirt

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler 19 minutes ago

    Fuck Tarantino. He defends roman Polanski. Says it was the girls fault. Motherfucker should be #metoo'd

  • Winston Smith
    Winston Smith 19 minutes ago

    Who tf is Miscavitch? Thats not his name lol

  • bxprince1977
    bxprince1977 19 minutes ago

    This def reminds me of the movie The Hunter with Willem Defoe, such a great movie!

  • ducktravisty louisiana
    ducktravisty louisiana 19 minutes ago

    Drugs are bad and through God & Jesus and his footsteps (the bible) is the only real way to live your life. Before everyone goes "ok boomer" I'm late 30's and seen all this shit before with rockstars, now it's comedians. If you seek a diversion from reality, you will end up in an alternate reality where God does not exist. Subsequently you will end up in pain and suffering. Yeah it's funny that Geraldo made it to the show, but who wants to be that guy suffering just to do shit that should come naturally to them. Do drugs actually put you in a better state of mind? The sodomite DMT advocates like Rogan may say so, but I disagree. Get married, have children and all that drug shit will simply fade away. Why? Because now your selfish punk ass has responsibility.

  • fred jasper
    fred jasper 20 minutes ago

    I prefer to be asleep then woke

  • Hail The Succubus
    Hail The Succubus 20 minutes ago

    Fuck Artie looks horrible lmao

  • chef tom
    chef tom 20 minutes ago

    Ben shapiro would cram this soyboy in his pipe and smoke him

  • Buddy Guy
    Buddy Guy 21 minute ago

    the point no one ever brings up is how many jobs these multi-millionaires create - and how much real impact/income that brings for everyone...

  • Heel Orestis
    Heel Orestis 21 minute ago

    Same thing with Cristiano Ronaldo if you watch soccer. I've heard Rio once beat him in ping pong and Cris got mocked by his Manchester teammates. He was furious so he trained at it for a week or so and beat him in front of everybody.

  • Jose Mary
    Jose Mary 21 minute ago

    I fit shame myself everyday son

  • Miles Upshur
    Miles Upshur 22 minutes ago

    First my therapist cried, then the camera man cried, and then everybody cried

  • Mottahead
    Mottahead 22 minutes ago

    It's not inflamed - it's actually arthritic bone deformity.

  • Moderately Amused
    Moderately Amused 23 minutes ago

    Two black women call the local tv news about their experience in a racist Starbucks. The report talks to the first one about her experience. She said "this white man gave me the slowest service I ever had. it was downright disrespectful." The reporter visits the second lady and she says "a white guy served me faster than everyone else. it was obvious he just wanted to get me out of that place as quick as possible." Morale of the story, you can find problems in anything if you are out looking for problems. Plot-twist: The Starbucks was in Chris D'Elia's house.

    PUBG LA RIPPA 24 minutes ago

    high on flakka

  • happy8kiddo
    happy8kiddo 25 minutes ago

    Don't pay attention to this guy..he isn't too bright. All they have to do is just give medicare to people who can't get insurance. leave everything as is....why are these people idiots? political agenda...

  • mrt094
    mrt094 25 minutes ago

    Sir Mix A lot made asses cool Mr. Rogan please don't downplay his contribution.

  • Alexander Scott
    Alexander Scott 25 minutes ago

    Catholicism IS THE GREAT WHORE discussed in the bible! Rogan is right here. Catholicism teaches people to belong to THEM! And that that will save you, with last Rights, etc. WRRRONG!! Catholicism will be judged like religious Nazi siding ,pedophile protecting, riches hording, religious hypocritcal organization they are. My father was catholic Alterboy, was in catholic military n boarding school, Masses in Latin, the whole nine yards. Oh im correct. Pretty sure Mob members considers themselves Catholics

  • Robert Marshall
    Robert Marshall 25 minutes ago

    This guy hasn’t a clue what he’s speaking. Joe should have had Colin noir on here to counter this guys mouth breathing. This guy says “I think” a whole lot but it doesn’t sound like he has formed a legitimate thought for himself and just parroted everything he’s heard at a democrat rally.

  • ricky gervais
    ricky gervais 25 minutes ago

    Lol boring, that fight was amazing.

  • 100 kiloluk zenci
    100 kiloluk zenci 26 minutes ago

    Never defended a title isnthe fuckin awesome

  • Tryksta 724
    Tryksta 724 26 minutes ago

    OK I'm going to go eat a lamb gyro now 👍

  • David Elstob
    David Elstob 26 minutes ago

    So basically it's all the Government's fault. They ban a drug it gets more lethal. They kill a cartel boss, they get more violent. What type of leadership have we got in the West? Absolute idiots.

  • Herman smokeatelly
    Herman smokeatelly 27 minutes ago


  • Turk
    Turk 27 minutes ago

    There was a pill that was in between Oxy and Herion that caused people to get super addicted.... Opana. Oxy was not that bad.

  • Robert Shapiro-Ballantyne

    eventually... Mike has apologized to Teddy.

  • ParadoxAttax
    ParadoxAttax 27 minutes ago

    Nobody gonna talk about how that vehicle in the beginning looks like it belongs to grandpa max.

  • Will Davis
    Will Davis 28 minutes ago

    Dr. Phil just took a big foggy dubber-dabbed donkey bong ripper toke straight to the dome!

  • steven spitzer
    steven spitzer 29 minutes ago

    Yea remember what Oprah did to the beef industry with mad cow disease

  • Anthony Himself
    Anthony Himself 29 minutes ago

    What an imbecile wow

  • Dustin Pike
    Dustin Pike 29 minutes ago

    Love it!

  • Cluckery Duckery
    Cluckery Duckery 30 minutes ago

    My dad left when I was 9. Anyway at 16 or 17 I started to be a little shit. Nothing horrible but like staying out late, my mom having to come pick me at the police station on a curfew violation... that sorta thing. Anyway, my dad came over to "talk" to me. He ended up punching me in the face. Now at 16 I was 6'3" muscular 190... i was so fucking pissed that this dude who had been absent most of my life thought he could hit me... well, I hit him back. Apparently hard to make him not want to hit me again. I don't know who was more surprised, me or him. My dad wasn't a small guy. I had maybe an inch on him. We both just kinda stood there staring at each other till my mom spoke up, said this was a bad idea, and i asked my dad to leave. Only time he ever hit me. I ended up apologizing first. Looking back, I deserved it. I should've just taken the hit.

  • Robert Shapiro-Ballantyne

    "Great fighters... find a way to over come" sort of explains why Mohammad Ali is referred to the Greatest. Well, Ali had his jaw broken and he still boxed the entire end of bout - and his jaw was broken. Strong mentally and physically... Hence, Ali won the world heavy championship three times.

  • Vida Hasselburg
    Vida Hasselburg 31 minute ago


  • Vida Hasselburg
    Vida Hasselburg 31 minute ago

    Kill all white .

  • Vida Hasselburg
    Vida Hasselburg 31 minute ago

    White must die .

  • Vida Hasselburg
    Vida Hasselburg 31 minute ago

    They can’t breathe

  • Chaoxytal
    Chaoxytal 31 minute ago

    I'm in the same boat, hundreds of episodes a night, 20+ second long episodes (just now noticing that it seems like everyone who has or had sleep apnea tries their hardest to make a competition out of it lol) etc, went to a sleep clinic, got the machine, tried like hell to use it the first few nights but 100% could not fall asleep with it on. Shit gave me hella anxiety knowing that I had to manually control every single breath because if I tried to exhale when the air was coming in, that pushback would make me panic and rip the mask off and freak out. So now it's been sitting in my closet for the past few years. Meanwhile I just permanently sleep on my stomach.

  • Vida Hasselburg
    Vida Hasselburg 32 minutes ago

    End all white cunts choke them until They can’t breathe

  • Vida Hasselburg
    Vida Hasselburg 32 minutes ago


  • William Stephan
    William Stephan 32 minutes ago

    Worst thing about Rogan is his audience. All fucking airheads with downs

  • Vida Hasselburg
    Vida Hasselburg 32 minutes ago


  • Paris Tsantis
    Paris Tsantis 33 minutes ago

    The cake question is nuanced and is all about context. You can serve gay customers in general but not want to cater for a gay WEDDING as it was the case. If you switch it to a black customer for the sake of the question, you can serve a black customer but choose not to, for example, cater a BLM event because you don’t want to associate with that specific political speech on a cake you make.

  • shmandall FX
    shmandall FX 33 minutes ago

    The problem is cost of living...rent....take that shit down by 50% and watch people's happiness grow....

  • Vida Hasselburg
    Vida Hasselburg 33 minutes ago

    End white women!

  • Primordial Remnant
    Primordial Remnant 33 minutes ago

    Doesn't Alex own Chik Fil A?

  • Vida Hasselburg
    Vida Hasselburg 33 minutes ago


  • Vida Hasselburg
    Vida Hasselburg 33 minutes ago


  • Vida Hasselburg
    Vida Hasselburg 34 minutes ago

    Racist white cunts deserve to die END CUNTS STICK RED HOT POKERS INTO THEIR CUNTS.

  • # SnoFootball
    # SnoFootball 34 minutes ago

    “I don’t notice any effect” for those that don’t know his brain is probably working 3 or 4x the speed of a regular person him smoking weed would make him feel normal hence feels no effect

  • spideylover
    spideylover 34 minutes ago

    "They're not eating more than their peers" Bruh. Yes they are. If they claim they're not, they're lying.

  • Thom Norris
    Thom Norris 34 minutes ago

    I agree with this dude but finding genuine people with a view that differs with yours, who is willing to calmly talk with you and find a common ground isn't always easy. And it might take some time before we have the chance to talk again.