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Why Do Children See Ghosts?
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  • scott leachman
    scott leachman 15 seconds ago

    They should call Hunter Biden before Senate....but that'll never happen in that if he 'spill the beans', too many on both sides of aisle will be exposed. Wait and see. Republicans say "if they require Bolton to testify. ...we'll require Biden to do same". So why it contigent upon Boltons testimony for Biden be called before Congress? What bullshit!. That like a child on school ground threatening another child "if u tattle on me...I'll tattle on u". Childish B.S..!

  • Phcx
    Phcx Minute ago

    joe: conor and khabib are the biggest theyve ever been they need to fight Ferguson: i beat khabib without beating khabib

  • Skizow Brow
    Skizow Brow Minute ago

    Dont yall know she is bhad bhabie ?

  • Swapnil Rawat
    Swapnil Rawat 2 minutes ago


  • SierraMikePapa
    SierraMikePapa 2 minutes ago

    If by a hug you mean lithium and a padded room, yes.

  • tyler coffey
    tyler coffey 2 minutes ago

    It does cheapen whatever we have left of the sanctity of marriage. Plus it was a religious thing before the Government hijacked it. Anything Government touches turns to shit. It's ok if you want to be on someone else's tax returns, just don't take a sacred event and turn it into whatever you want it to.

  • Alex Tourigny
    Alex Tourigny 2 minutes ago

    Just ask yourself why there was no, as in zero airplane wreckage found at the Pentagon. No tail section, no engines, no plane crash, just an explosion with only the accounting office being staffed. Where were all the other people who work there ?

  • simonmadmax simonmadmax

    Too much virtue signalling right from the start. Turned off.

  • Jack Don
    Jack Don 3 minutes ago

    He too girly

    b VINCENT 4 minutes ago

    What an attention whore....

  • Adam Will
    Adam Will 4 minutes ago

    Why do people who use privately owned social platforms believe they have any rights on that platform? Why would you use ANY platform that can be controlled by the thoughts and beliefs of its owners and think that anything you say cannot be edited to change the narrative? The proliferation of elite high earners spreading their ideals through social media is sickening. Yes i do realize where i am commenting and that it is just as bad as the other forms of media.

  • Paulie’s Walnutz
    Paulie’s Walnutz 4 minutes ago

    Children are separated from their kids every single day ffs.

  • apostate001
    apostate001 4 minutes ago

    Asians gravitating toward Trump can STFU about Asian dictators like Mao and Lee Kuan Yew.

  • Joe JJJ
    Joe JJJ 5 minutes ago

    "Joe what do you think of ..." "I have a bit about it"

  • Anthony Calderon
    Anthony Calderon 5 minutes ago

    Ra is so intelligent and hilarious at the same time! Lol

  • carbon carbon
    carbon carbon 6 minutes ago

    2:27 Fury not gon like it

  • Weston Bourgeois
    Weston Bourgeois 6 minutes ago

    Didn’t Nicky sixx get two shots of adrenaline to the heart and it saved his life?

  • Evan Odum
    Evan Odum 7 minutes ago

    A regular appearance from Marshall would only grow the channel and its big dog dick energy

  • MsJoiBella
    MsJoiBella 7 minutes ago

    I never understood why 3rd rock from the sun lasted as long as it did.

  • Free Mind
    Free Mind 7 minutes ago

    Kresser look so unhealthy! 12b maybe you need some.

  • teoff16
    teoff16 7 minutes ago

    What the hell happened to him?

  • CchyDee
    CchyDee 7 minutes ago

    I need to know who this lady is. She is so well informed and I’m impressed.

  • Joe JJJ
    Joe JJJ 8 minutes ago

    I dont get bob lazar. it seems so easy that a person working probably very long hours as a phd student for the government on some secret project, could just break mentally one day and start making claims of aliens. It could happen. Its believable. And its only happened to this one guy right? Doesnt sound that hard to believe right? And he would have been able to name these things they were working on, but aliens? Come on.

  • Glen McKone
    Glen McKone 8 minutes ago

    Lenin also allowed free markets when his regime was collapsing. Ask the Kulaks.

  • Vassal Colony
    Vassal Colony 9 minutes ago

    Or like that time the President of the USA got shot and then emerged from the plane with the bullet wound on the other side of the face.

  • isaiah harris
    isaiah harris 9 minutes ago

    Joe “fuck that thing and everything that was alive before it that made it that big” Rogan

  • Katie Smashes
    Katie Smashes 9 minutes ago

    Help me out; what makes someone put so much effort, into fighting for the 2nd amendment rights. They are protected by the bill of rights. No one has ever suggested, restricting anyone's right to own handguns, riffles, or shotguns. Who has these folks all worried? No one hunts with an ar15. Except for Gov approved population control... like wild bores in Texas. Help me out. I am Canadian

  • Eric peppy
    Eric peppy 10 minutes ago

    Imagine. This same type of fuckery released Corona

  • VolkColopatrion
    VolkColopatrion 10 minutes ago

    It is strange... but doesnt China have some shaky economy?

  • Jeff Thompson
    Jeff Thompson 10 minutes ago

    Meritocracy is ideal - but doesn't always work out for the people who score the highest on tests. Tests are not the real world. It is not always the best-trained rock band with the best lead guitarist and singer that gets the million-dollar contract. Fully half of the people who graduate college never use their degree in the working world. Contacts and who you know and where in the world you live is actually more important to success in terms of money, social mobility or fame( whatever you determine is being a "success" ) - while what you actually know is peripheral. Most knowledge comes with actually working a job and failing - and learning from that experience. Not every subject is like that - but in general - that is the reality.

  • Ron Hollow
    Ron Hollow 10 minutes ago

    First time my comment got removed. Very interesting.

  • 23shipoopi23
    23shipoopi23 11 minutes ago


  • Maestro
    Maestro 11 minutes ago


  • Cris Cringle
    Cris Cringle 12 minutes ago

    Lmao sounds like China is going for the culture victory

  • Tom Quinn
    Tom Quinn 12 minutes ago

    Not racist but his voice was just killing my ears I watched it in one.two times soz my phone is cracked I can't press the "one" key lol it was a very interesting story I can't stand racist people.

  • Juggling Taxi Famous
    Juggling Taxi Famous 12 minutes ago

    Juggling Taxi 🚖 going to let it fly, Joe Diaz works hard , that’s why.

  • Farid S.
    Farid S. 13 minutes ago

    Oh, it's the Latin Iron Sheik

  • Tank Burns
    Tank Burns 13 minutes ago

    Drama Queens stirring the pot looking for their fix.

  • SoonToGame
    SoonToGame 14 minutes ago

    What if "deja vu" (that moment when you feel like you have already done the thing that your doing and in fact remember it.) is caused by the Multiverse. What if you remembering what you already did in another universe. Either that or another theory is that what if it already happened in another timeline and it's happening again in this timeline and your remembering that moment from that other timeline. To make sense of this watch the moment Eobard "Reverse Flash" Thawne kills Cisco in the TV show The Flash.

  • Kzuia
    Kzuia 14 minutes ago

    The fact that this weirdo flew to watch a video of a hamster dying? Ded 😂

  • Diabetes
    Diabetes 14 minutes ago

    Someone tell joe to get David goggins on the phone he lost a hundred something in under 5 months and you already heard his story

  • dirk digler
    dirk digler 15 minutes ago

    Tyson less frightning than wilder WOT

  • J D
    J D 15 minutes ago

    "I carry a knife." "Thats a good move... Thats a good move."

  • Aayush gupta
    Aayush gupta 16 minutes ago

    Joe felt her tits they are real and natural.

  • Miki Flokster
    Miki Flokster 16 minutes ago

    Honey, US is worst when it comes to Online and Mainstream CENSORSHIP, global Censorship. China builds US destroys, simple as that. You poor and naive soul.

  • Elias Farias
    Elias Farias 17 minutes ago

    Universal Basic Income for all now! We have eight months. Republicans, Democrats, all politicians will listen, they must listen, Ubi advocacy and only Ubi, not health care, not housing,Ubi, universal Basic Income.

  • Adam Will
    Adam Will 17 minutes ago

    I grew up with black, hispanic, asian, middle eastern and other ethnicities. ALL OF US made racist jokes and they were FUNNY. They difference between then and now is we were intelligent enough to tell when a joke was funny and when a joke was hurtful. To hurt people's feelings nowadays you just have to use trigger words. F-ing zombies.

  • Marax
    Marax 17 minutes ago

    After doing DMT my homie asked me if I ever tried Joe Rogan

  • michael cosentino
    michael cosentino 17 minutes ago

    Bull shit with CT . Jealous ly watching her probably giving head to a guy and paying her some white bit... 12k a month .Coke was their choice of drug I understand. .

  • MyQueenFreddieMercury
    MyQueenFreddieMercury 18 minutes ago

    Ben Shapiro is a racist, homophobic political hack that talks fast trying to sound intelligent. It’s not working. People have used religion for centuries to do really awful things to other people. I can’t believe in 2020 we’re still putting up with people that believe that shit. I can’t believe we’re still platforming people like this. Hint hint. I think Joe forgets sometimes how large his podcast is and the fact that millions of people (who have minds that are blank slates) tune in and absorb things then identify with them for a lifetime that are completely wrong. Best case scenario they ‘just’ become racist but don’t act on it. Worst case scenario it’s a slippery slope to becoming radicalized. You can hear this from peoples testimonies who used to be white nationalist etc. etc. and how they got there.

  • Buck Wilder
    Buck Wilder 19 minutes ago

    Fedor didnt do roids Joe you need to learn something about real pride , hes brother Alexander could be taking it that wouldnt be shocking But fedor never even crossed my mind

  • Pranoy Dutta
    Pranoy Dutta 19 minutes ago

    It's easy to own tigers when you know in case of any emergency, you can simply knock 'em out with a punch.

  • hot dog
    hot dog 20 minutes ago

    3:20 idiots, it exsists, it's called ... TREES !!!

  • B C
    B C 20 minutes ago

    The episode where Randy puts his balls in a microwave so he can get a prescription for medicinal cannabis! 😭😭😭😭

  • 미꺽오빠Mikookoppa
    미꺽오빠Mikookoppa 20 minutes ago

    So that's what that meme was about! Interesting!

  • Brian McNellis
    Brian McNellis 20 minutes ago


  • tyler coffey
    tyler coffey 20 minutes ago

    Dealing with ignorance? Coming from someone who doesn't understand someone's religious views...

  • AceUndaunted27
    AceUndaunted27 21 minute ago

    Yoel does not look 42 lmao

  • less than mediocre
    less than mediocre 21 minute ago

    3:55 what are you trying to say?

  • Mike
    Mike 21 minute ago

    Every late night talk show has just devolved into “Trump is mean wahhhh” yet they never criticize Democrats who go along with Trump. Jimmy Dore is FAR superior to any of the nowadays late night talk shows.

  • dik2bik
    dik2bik 22 minutes ago

    Glad Bisping got a UFC title. He's straight up

  • B C
    B C 22 minutes ago

    I decided to start South Park again and holy f**k it’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. I knew that anyway but rewatch it. It’s unreal.

  • Dez Parker
    Dez Parker 22 minutes ago

    Mono cultures of Egypt, Greece, Rome, Germany, Spain, Portugal, England, France, China, Japan, Korea produced some frigging amazing achievements.

  • SMUE
    SMUE 22 minutes ago

    Ohhhhhhh...stuff keeps u alive😆😆

  • tyler coffey
    tyler coffey 23 minutes ago

    I guess Joe forgot about how everything got started. Eve and the apple? It's not a perfect world.

  • Sips of Hell
    Sips of Hell 23 minutes ago

    i schooled there, its the most perfect country, everything is where it should be. Coming from Indonesia i hated it. So i used to buy wrigley chewing gum for $3 for a whole case in Indo and sell it back in Sing for $3 each, made thousands of dollars, it was fun until i got caught by the principal, and got kicked out of school, so yeah

  • red_rex_13 MTD
    red_rex_13 MTD 23 minutes ago

    That gabapentin really is the shit, I have had a shattered jaw, several teeth, bone protruding through my gums, several episodes a year of cysts till I got root canals but that only helped for so long, I thought it was “phantom pain” it feels like someone is drilling on the teeth that I no longer have in my mouth. Solid 1 tap from a Driver (golf club). Then I got whip lash from a seatbelt in just a small fender bender but then I turned it to a c7c6 extruded compacted disk. They stick a neeedle in your neck and numb it with lidocaine or whatever literally the ONLY thing that could help me think of anything else other than PAIN was those damn pills... I know they are addicting but really drs are so stingy with that stuff... I’m a skater of 20 years I’ve taken every slam there is to take in this world, but nothing in this world compares to when that nerve pain hits. I thought my jaw had started rotting off from the inside out. Anyone experiencing pain like this and you are scared of taking opioids, this is the one that helps.

  • Mike
    Mike 23 minutes ago

    Trevor Noah needs to call it quits!!! Jon Stewart he is not and that show is an absolute fucking JOKE!!!

  • Robert Reeves
    Robert Reeves 24 minutes ago

    Why don’t we practice terraforming San Fran or LA first.

  • nunya business
    nunya business 24 minutes ago

    Fermi paradox. if we weren't alone they've visited, communicated or wiped us out by now I truly believe we just might be the first sentient species

  • nicola lazzaro
    nicola lazzaro 24 minutes ago

    Eddie bravo saw it coming

  • Frosty cold
    Frosty cold 24 minutes ago

    Nah bro I understand him being young you look cool you look young and as you get old you can’t ever be that person anymore instead your an old guy smoking weed not cool looking at you joe

  • Lucxz
    Lucxz 25 minutes ago

    Why does everyone never mention whyte

  • Kronickillness Nikolaos
    Kronickillness Nikolaos 25 minutes ago

    The scary thing these days of having crispr tech labs that make bio weapons n shit ffs! But the Hong Kong things dead now gee could the covid19 be the ccp reply to hk demands for freedom? Is this wtf would happen if we rose up 1 day?? Ffs! Nooo! And the Bernie ppl are fuck In nuts bruh how can u endorse him he want gulags for trump supporters rep cons etc wtaf that's Bullitt crazy his base is violent anarchist who might over throw him! Wtf n then who was clinton tryna be vp with? Wtf I'm out

  • Dez Parker
    Dez Parker 26 minutes ago

    Yeah, the mono culture of blacks in the NBA sucks.

  • Tex Watson
    Tex Watson 26 minutes ago

    She is smoking hot. I love brunettes.

  • rza884
    rza884 27 minutes ago

    so Xi Jinping a true scholar of scarface, First you get the money then you get the power & then you get the women

  • nicola lazzaro
    nicola lazzaro 27 minutes ago

    So the armys are destroyed for the most part, half of the kingdoms don't want to be part of the kingdom..10 years this is going to be Dothrakiland

  • goldenkingstoys
    goldenkingstoys 27 minutes ago

    So true asians are the forgotten minority

  • Ed Hornery
    Ed Hornery 27 minutes ago

    The Flintstones was the first reality TV show

  • Kronickillness Nikolaos
    Kronickillness Nikolaos 28 minutes ago

    Oh c'mon how can u not know why joe! They honor it cuz they don't want to be the next Epstein and get suicided with 14 bullets to the back of the head or broken neck with the toilet paper in jail leaning against the wall. Lmao a wank gone wrong they'd have us believe lmao that man didn't kill himself and this is why anyone who tried some shit wether they won or lost n paid to play bribe wtf ever u wanna call it with ppl like Clinton's they have ppl like Epstein as an example for those who lose their race but still get the$ cuz they got hit squads n ppl like the Clinton's are all the same they all got dirt on each other so if 1 goes down they all do! There are very lil non corrupt ppl left. In another 4yrs if trump is who he says and keeps his word then well see! And by then if shit all corrupt as buz as usual then we need to exercise the right to alter or abolish it

  • adodado
    adodado 28 minutes ago

    Dude, if you’re a male feminist then you are in an echo chamber of nothing but misinformation...

  • Andrei Piciu
    Andrei Piciu 28 minutes ago

    If landing So many times was true then by now we will have cities on the moon

  • matt davis
    matt davis 29 minutes ago

    Joe talks to much and doesn't listen enough.

  • Karim Angling Fishing Guide In Morocco

    I hate these 2 cunts

  • Unidentified Warfighter
    Unidentified Warfighter 30 minutes ago

    I'm sorry but when you are THE CHAMP....it should be EXPECTED that you get treated as such. That's the name of the game of WINNING. In any sport....shit in LIFE. Look at how a Plastic Surgeon lives compared to the manager of a Mcdonalds…..Yeah in a HUMAN level they are relatively equals...but in performance.....2 completely different beings.

  • Samin Khan
    Samin Khan 30 minutes ago

    Pornography is poison much like alcohol...

  • Ugly Cactus
    Ugly Cactus 30 minutes ago

    This not aged well

  • Samin Khan
    Samin Khan 31 minute ago

    Porn to sex is like Call of Duty to real war

  • Feakos
    Feakos 31 minute ago

    If 50% of Singapore families have a maid, who are these maids, the other 50%? Or they commute from Malaysia?

  • weeazybaby
    weeazybaby 32 minutes ago

    The guests IG is @edsmanifesto

  • Rich Franklin
    Rich Franklin 32 minutes ago

    The banality of evil

  • AyeNaeBotherMate A
    AyeNaeBotherMate A 32 minutes ago

    Is China censoring the internet really a bad thing tho? Look what the internet has done too the young generation in western society, weak minded, physically soft as fuck, impractical brats..... but hey that’s alright because they have a large vocabulary and they’re very peaceful

  • Louis Richards
    Louis Richards 33 minutes ago

    Where does the infinite universe fit? In God an absolutely infinite being. Infinite thought also fits in him

  • LosZavion
    LosZavion 33 minutes ago

    I’ve noticed that Joe flip-flop harder than a fish out of water on his views, depending on the guest. Seems like pandering or a need to fit in.

  • Bear Sensei
    Bear Sensei 33 minutes ago

    girl: whay so sad me: (takes hear phone and droping as hard as i can on the ground) im not sad im talking whit walls girl: WTF

  • spud pud
    spud pud 35 minutes ago

    6:00 Hilter spoke very passionately but...

  • Doggy World Boxing
    Doggy World Boxing 35 minutes ago

    Radio raheim a bitch to this day!!

  • James Plimpton
    James Plimpton 35 minutes ago

    The left is hell bent on destroying American values. The right is the best choice we have.

  • Sushant Manandhar
    Sushant Manandhar 35 minutes ago

    Nobody gonna point out that there's no language called Brazilian?