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Komodo Dragons Freak Bill Burr Out!
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Was JFK a Speed Freak?
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  • Robert Martin
    Robert Martin 6 seconds ago

    "Soul Man" has nothing on "Its Pat".

  • Mara Rey
    Mara Rey 17 seconds ago

    Bernard was off his training his last fight please lo if he hangs with delahoya lo

  • Ryan Stoyles
    Ryan Stoyles 25 seconds ago

    "CUZ WHEN ITS NIGHT TIME YOU CAN SEE THE STARS!" THEY USED STARS! its so genius. its not like people have been doing this for hundreds of years. doesnt joe look so fucking different too

  • Walter White
    Walter White 51 second ago

    This explains why i had nightmares for a week after ibiza

  • Kevin Wilmore
    Kevin Wilmore 52 seconds ago

    Mansa Abubakari Keita II

  • Notma Realname
    Notma Realname Minute ago

    Burr-Rogan 2020

  • Mr. Sludge BURNER
    Mr. Sludge BURNER Minute ago

    Costume if a lefty. Kkk racism if he was a righty. Facts.

  • Ségvvülf .308
    Ségvvülf .308 Minute ago

    Mayweather is not even close

  • delavega989
    delavega989 Minute ago

    If I'm a billionaire with a small dick, I'm still a fucking B.I.L.L.I.O.N.A.I.R.E., with a B!!! WTAF man? Just goes to show you, money can't buy you everything.

  • Ken Gaska
    Ken Gaska Minute ago

    I agree that it's not racist when it's part of a costume but a lot of people are giving him a pass because he's Superlib and they wouldn't give that same pass to somebody on the right. Same thing happened with James Gunn and all the Hollywood libs went to bat for him. Is Joe forgetting Robert Downy Jr in Tropic Thunder?

  • The derral
    The derral Minute ago

    Why is JRE using clickbait titles thoughh

  • Rory Harnett
    Rory Harnett 2 minutes ago

    DMT is In everything living , its released when your born and when you die

  • rotj0ng
    rotj0ng 2 minutes ago

    This a very bad explanation. It's accurate, but bad

  • Mara Rey
    Mara Rey 2 minutes ago

    55 is not old no age is old if you train and stay away from drugs

  • Marc Nadeau
    Marc Nadeau 2 minutes ago

    We are too PC today. What about Robert Downey Jr. playing Kirk Lazarus - Hot LZ in Tropic Thunder? Kirk Lazarus : [to Tugg Speedman] What do you mean, "you people?" Alpa Chino : [stares at Lazarus, and then gets angry] What do *you* mean, "you people?" Kirk Lazarus : Huh? Maybe Trudeau was going through a transracial phase at the time. At least Trump plays it safe by going orange-face. :)

  • Kalaiarasan Pushpanathan

    Guess what - When you start asking people to say "people kind" instead of mankind, things tend to happen.


    Jihad Justin gave Omar Khadr 10.5 but yet tells us Canadian Afghan vets we cost him too much...fuck Trudeau

  • Marcel
    Marcel 2 minutes ago

    She played college football, maybe CTE's got something to do with all that.

  • Leon Kidney
    Leon Kidney 3 minutes ago

    “One does not simply speaketh of Downey Jr”

  • Justin Walters
    Justin Walters 3 minutes ago

    Man, McLovin's been working out.

  • Cray Jones
    Cray Jones 3 minutes ago

    Damn joe, she doesn’t agree with you let it go. Global warming is complete bullshit, and just a political arm of the lrft

  • Christopher Keller
    Christopher Keller 3 minutes ago

    If yhis offemds anyone, it's just my opinion. I believe Kaitlyn Jenner had the gender change too keep shim out of a CDOC mens facility. Shim (Kaitlyn) did kill someone with a vehicle. I've had my feelings hurt by rude posts, but I kno how to sucl it up, snowcups or butterflakes.

  • zezuntxiduntxi
    zezuntxiduntxi 4 minutes ago

    Stupid question

  • BlockNewb
    BlockNewb 4 minutes ago

    even the BEST cop has destroyed someones life because "its their job" to arrest people for having cannabis in their pocket OR defended one of the so called "bad apples" by either not turning in their fellow officers who are monsters or literally lying in court for them to save both of their jobs. some police departments even have IQ level caps they cant go over when tested and they are coached on how to get a lower score to get in and sometimes coached to get a higher score to get in and I dont know which one is scarier. this idea that the vast majority of police are "good cops" is insane. they chose a profession where they get paid at least 80% more than the average worker to throw people in cages for harmless "crimes" and then go home and say they hate the politicians that they get their orders from to put people in cages for having a plant in their pocket. INSANE

  • Wehrwolf Spirit
    Wehrwolf Spirit 4 minutes ago

    This guy gets it

  • Lawrence Reid
    Lawrence Reid 4 minutes ago

    She is a UNCLE Tom

  • nikolaiownz
    nikolaiownz 4 minutes ago

    in 100 years we will look at this video and think.... "how robotist people where back then!!"

  • BIG REV 1
    BIG REV 1 4 minutes ago

    "Chin yamaka!" Looks like a bumper you put on the bottom of furniture to keep it from skuffing the floor.

  • Sergio Ortiz
    Sergio Ortiz 4 minutes ago

    Don’t fuck with the Ted!

  • Elliot Peacock
    Elliot Peacock 5 minutes ago

    There are 3 instances Joe, 2 of them not brown face but black face and not at a costume party.. Justin is the guy constantly calling his opponents racist and virtue signaling on every issue. He deserves every bit of criticism. Imagine Trump did this, the nutters would be calling for impeachment.

  • David Flanagan
    David Flanagan 6 minutes ago

    I wouldn’t like too fight him even at 55

  • AsianAssassin 50
    AsianAssassin 50 6 minutes ago

    Typical nj tool. Suprise Tyson didnt knock this clown out.

  • Gilgamesh Modinkin
    Gilgamesh Modinkin 6 minutes ago

    Well Russel, while I respect your viewpoint and your ability to articulate and explain it - imagine your family, starving and near death with no grocery store around and you bring home an elk. Everyone eats, everyone’s happy, everyone lives. That’s sustainable hunting.

  • cjb cjb
    cjb cjb 6 minutes ago

    Joe "oof" rogan

  • Sergio Ortiz
    Sergio Ortiz 6 minutes ago

    There you go, he said it, the Chinese are thieves.

  • jenn desharnais
    jenn desharnais 6 minutes ago

    Ya know what's abusive scientology!!! Who the hell is Thom Cruise to say anything about abusive drugs or behavior....when he subjects himself to brainwashing and his family to SCIENTOLOGY!!! HE SHOULDN'T BE TELLING ANYONE ANYTHING UNTIL HE GETS A GRIP ON HIS OWN LIFE AND STOPS PROMOTING SCIENTFUCKINGOLOGY!!!!

  • Spiritcr1jsher
    Spiritcr1jsher 7 minutes ago

    I forget what it's called, I'm no expert , my trans friend says, I dont know exactly ......He knows nothing

  • Carto Carto
    Carto Carto 7 minutes ago

    Sometimes I think he’s just making up a load of sci fi bs to increase his following. Oh worm holes exist but the materials to make them don’t. How convenient. Magic wands also exist but as far as we can tell we don’t have the materials to make them either. More science less bs please.

  • RobotWookiee
    RobotWookiee 7 minutes ago

    Uhh, obviously yes? Next video: can a dragon eat a goat?

  • Elmyda 1537
    Elmyda 1537 7 minutes ago

    Joe better watch out for a flying dolly through his window getting artems name wrong like that!

  • Mike Bettini
    Mike Bettini 7 minutes ago

    Check out the show Berlin Station season 3. It talks right to Russian aggression.

  • TJD 512016
    TJD 512016 7 minutes ago

    Joe is asking how do we know it was a wave before observed. The best example is the double slit experiment. When shooting photons through 2 slits onto a metal plate beyond the slits, the unobserved photons leave evidence of a wave pattern on the plate , the observed photons leave a dot pattern as expected. That is the 'woo'. Many in science hate this because it lends proof to the idea that at base levels of our reality, all matter is consciously interactive with those that observe it .. aka a divine universe. Divinity .. yup, and the yucky GOD word that they loathe so much. I can understand their smug disdain because when you live life as a nihilist and a godless postmodern materialist, it's a bit unnerving to think that the universe is actually looking right back at you.

  • Loyanganba Soubam
    Loyanganba Soubam 8 minutes ago

    Joe"Conor can spit in my mouth and I'll swallow all of it"Rogan.

  • adrian valverde
    adrian valverde 8 minutes ago

    Google suggestions are Determinism animated.

  • LiL LoFi
    LiL LoFi 8 minutes ago

    Somebody tell joe it doesn’t matter if he remembers what he is seeing all that matters is remembering the feeling. He remembers the feeling.

  • Timothy Soom
    Timothy Soom 8 minutes ago

    writing and producing songs is hard work. but those of you that don't do it will never understand. Give me your paycheck...same thing.

  • bR41N b0X
    bR41N b0X 8 minutes ago

    Joe just doesn’t get the scope of the sample size of the time assumed. If tech is as inexorably progressing as it is, the trajectory it is taking means it is highly likely to attain realistic simulations. Whether or not simulated people are conscious is another matter... But if given enough time it’s possible, then it’s highly probable. Of course, I think it breaks down whether or not it is efficient and cost-benefit positive to ever do it. If it takes a solar system to run it, even eventually, the likelihood of it being a project even *started* has to be questioned. Would we need a whole universe to power a simulated one of equal complexity? Or even a world to simulate an equally complex one? Although, if there’s the chance even one might be made and given an arbitrarily large enough timescale...it would turn probable to actual.

  • Sephira Jade
    Sephira Jade 8 minutes ago

    This is my deal.... We as a society... SHOULD NOT be pushing sickness. Being overweight, and being underweight IS. NOT. GOOD!!!

  • Sean C
    Sean C 9 minutes ago

    i say it all the time, the "stealing" that occurs in the music industry barely accounts for any loss of money because fans want their favorite artists artwork, like physically, so they buy it, the people stealing it are not fans and just wouldn't ever listen to that music anyways, they like one or two songs, and so they get them online, they dont care about the band, they certainly wouldn't pay for an album, most of these people would just never listen to that music if there wasn't a free way to get it, so they wouldn't lose any money from them. and besides, fuck these guys, lars and all them, they get rich, filthy rich, stinking filthy rich, it's so shitty to complain and whine about it when even if it was true and it was stealing actual money it's not enough to make you not be a millionaire, i'm sorry but i make like 18k a year so fuck those guys, they are doing fine, the record labels m,issue and mishandling of money is what actually takes their money, it doesn't cost a million dollars to mix a fucking album, they should look at all that nonsense before bitching at people. if your music is good, it pays for itself people want it, they spend money on it to have a physical copy of your art. if your a shitty ska band and no one likes ska anymore you wont make any money it has nothing to do with people dlin your stuff. i'm sure dlin music has some effect, i just dont think it's as big as it's made out to be, i think it's record labels passing the blame off because they are filthy rich and taking everyone money and piracy is super convenient to lay the blame on, because you cannot know how much it's actually effecting the business, i would bet that the labels and studios waste and lose farrrrr more cash then dlin music does tho

  • Cognitive Fuse
    Cognitive Fuse 9 minutes ago

    So he only talks about it for 15 seconds and moves on lol.

  • Stewart Fletcher
    Stewart Fletcher 9 minutes ago

    Not until these clips have I loved Rob Zombie. He seems like the coolest, chillest dude.

  • coochie
    coochie 10 minutes ago

    from this I just think fighting sports is just different world from weightlifting or bodybuilding

  • Ripped Torn
    Ripped Torn 10 minutes ago

    So we're pretending the Crystal Skulls are real and Danny boy here isn't bonkers? Ok cool .

  • DLeCo
    DLeCo 10 minutes ago

    The BIG Come Up, through Attack and Release.

  • Venti Oreo
    Venti Oreo 10 minutes ago

    "Kids barely watch TV anymore" Yeah bc we're watching this instead. Big upgrade imo.

    XMAEST 10 minutes ago

    "they are keeping all this money" who? the record label?? The streaming service has to pay for maintenance, hosting and royalties and still make a profit! What a tool!

  • Mathius S
    Mathius S 10 minutes ago

    Did he say he brought Vanilla ice as a kid? He looks older than Vanilla ice does now

  • Flush Abesei
    Flush Abesei 10 minutes ago

    It's pure racism, he is a french Canadian and they are the worst type of racist cowards hypocrites I left the city because of that

  • Mizuko
    Mizuko 10 minutes ago

    A room full of white dudes debating if it’s racist or not. Hey Jamie look up if blackface is racist

  • Josh Moore
    Josh Moore 10 minutes ago

    Sure it's racist...if you make it so... for nowadays it doesn't matter how things are delivered, but how things are perceived. It's like paying to see comedian tell jokes and then getting mad because they're telling jokes.

  • BloO_Regard
    BloO_Regard 11 minutes ago

    I really think; actually I'm highly convinced that Adam isn't Alpha or Beta. Like even being Beta is too high scale for him.

  • Tommy
    Tommy 11 minutes ago

    Brendan Shaub the type of guy to say something and look for joes approval to feel good

  • Nicholas Jackson
    Nicholas Jackson 12 minutes ago

    Just a thought, there is no life anywhere in the universe except here on earth. We as humans are the most complex creation in the universe, the way we can walk talk, Interact, the way we can see. For all this to work and how all this works together is highly highly complex. In the bible it says, if your being honest you can clearly see there is a god. The reason when we look into the universe, and there is no end, we can feel affirmed that there is an all mighty eternal god. And with all that power he chose to create you and me. And with all that power he still chose to die for my sins. You may think why is there evil, kids die, suffering, why dont he clearly show himself and rule and reign? Those are all good answers and can be Answered. But to continue on point, we will never find other life out there existing, we r it! The reason the universe is eternally big is to prove his existence and to encourage and trust in him, so when we look into the depths we r to ask what am I that a God with that kind of power is mindful of me? The answer is, it's to show you his Love he has for you

  • Victor Mra
    Victor Mra 12 minutes ago

    0:11 - 0:45 who the fuk is that guy? And wtf is he talking bout 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Cedric Garcia
    Cedric Garcia 12 minutes ago

    "Have you not watched Unacknowledged?" "What is Unacknowledged?" "You gotta watch Unacknowledged" "What is that one?" "Okay. . .you gotta watch Unacknowledged" "What is it?" "You gotta watch Unacknowledged"

  • Coolie Breezed
    Coolie Breezed 12 minutes ago

    Tom DeLonge video is confirmed by US Navy that it’s real, so he’s not crazy!

  • A fine looking gentleman
    A fine looking gentleman 12 minutes ago

    Remember when Eddie Murphy dressed up as a white dude for a day? Lol it with absolutely awesome! And I’m a white dude! I really need to work on myself so I get more offended by the little shit

  • Arthur Wellesley
    Arthur Wellesley 12 minutes ago

    Classic voting season- old recording of Scheer speaking ill of homosexuality and brown face of Trudeau in 2001. Whatever it takes to smash the opposition

  • Joey Bull
    Joey Bull 13 minutes ago

    amazed by joes knowledge of games

  • person 666
    person 666 13 minutes ago

    Everybody always forgets that when flipping a coin it's not just 50/50... What if an asteroid the size of this planet smashed into earth at 95,000 mph while the coin was in mid air.... Evaporating it! There for, nothing can ever be 50/50. Making predicting the future and impossibility.

  • juando 412
    juando 412 14 minutes ago

    I still don’t believe in a parallel universe

  • Hot-Headed Gladiator
    Hot-Headed Gladiator 14 minutes ago

    Oh, sure, the Sons of Liberty CLAIM they're fighting British tyranny, but really they're just as bad as the monarchy.

  • Mr. Pritchard
    Mr. Pritchard 14 minutes ago

    Kind of weaselly to prey on children and tell them their only chance in life is to go to college. It's predatory and criminal.

  • patrick mendez
    patrick mendez 15 minutes ago

    Labels are a joke..we need more master ps in music

  • Cintus Supremus
    Cintus Supremus 15 minutes ago

    Hung-Man Choi is what she calls meh!

  • muka mendes 50
    muka mendes 50 15 minutes ago

    Korn is much better then the black keys so...

  • Jmad0113
    Jmad0113 15 minutes ago

    This is coming from a guy that has been diagnosed with depressions/bipolar disorder: stay the fuck away from sugar. Holy fuck, my life has changed completely.

  • Yohannes.P Ainsaba
    Yohannes.P Ainsaba 15 minutes ago

    Nigga, 1st, they are in the Kalahari Desert, 2nd they are not 4 feet tall and you white people call them bushmen but they are called Khoisan and they are related to the xhosa people that Mandela was from. Did Mandela look like a midget to you? I am sure he was taller than you. Do your due diligence prior to announcing gibberish as factual...#just #my2cents

  • Camp H.
    Camp H. 16 minutes ago

    Stop eating sugar and drinking alcohol.

  • V.A.L.
    V.A.L. 16 minutes ago

    My first trip to NYC was early 2002. My senior year in high school. Maybe 30 of us kids. Visited ground zero. Lost our foreign exchange student in the empire state building. Had a homeless man in a dirty clown suit pushing his garbage bag of sunglasses at us to buy. Sigh...... Time flies

    IIIIIawesIIIII 17 minutes ago

    The alpha/beta distinction really doesn't make much sense. It's not like there are only two qualities of people. In two people, one is always better. Even Joe Rogan is a "beta" compared to many other people. This "alpha" thing is just a marketing fad for self-help and fitness programs cause nobody wants to be a bitch, which beta practically stands for.

  • 1daddy57
    1daddy57 17 minutes ago

    I have zero sympathy for millionaires missing out on more money.

  • Jtheproducer
    Jtheproducer 17 minutes ago

    Wow I love this clip - finally a reputible artist articulates the digital paradigm in a way people can actually understand!

  • jerrylev59
    jerrylev59 17 minutes ago

    The number of parallel universes is infinity to the power of infinity, at least. Or there might be only one universe and this is a huge load of conjecture. Just sayin'.

  • lucifer uchiha
    lucifer uchiha 18 minutes ago

    I just killed a few woman and men also killed a few animals yeah i did it in a GAME some people are idiots games dont bring violence retarded people do never wanted too kill anything in real life

  • Couch Flannery
    Couch Flannery 18 minutes ago

    It would be cool if we could just figure out a way to describe what we like without it being ackward...communication!

  • whizz1der
    whizz1der 18 minutes ago

    Mindy Kaling brother did the EXACT same thing @ 1:14 , cutting his hair bald and lying about being black to enter an Ivy League school

  • Jeff M
    Jeff M 19 minutes ago

    The problem with Trudeau doing this is, hes has been lecturing us Canadians for the past 4 years about how we need to be super woke and moral like him, and now this comes out. He just got finished saying old tweets from a Conservative party MP candidate using the word "fag" as a teenager means he has to resign. But there are different rules for Trudeau as he can apologize and everything is fine now. Hypocrite.

  • Hey There
    Hey There 19 minutes ago

    he can't even answer when Joe asks what the label does. To be honest tho, even if youre huge and a label doesnt push your record , dont people hear it when they are fans, they know it will come out, I have no idea what labels even do to promote aside from pay Spotify and the radio to play the songs, aside from that? WTF do they do? I dont see bands ever go on tv shows or commercials or anything, so what promotion does the label do? Shit I said it in another video, comedians have better marketing, wtf how do models get better marketing, how do enormous labels promote these bands? I see youtube commercials for dumb products all the time, but no band commercials, W T F. Why are these bands so slow? Also if the label doesnt promote them, do they bar the bands from promoting themselves? How do comedians get on tv shows and all that? These bands cant just promote themselves and use the labels for advances since apparently thats all they're good for anyways? If a label doesnt promote you, that sucks, but, who the fuck is stopping you from promoting yourself? You have millions.... Actors, models, comedians who arent super rich can do it, why cant bands? Is it the mental state of people in bands that just dont care? It's baffling.. Plus you should sign a clause w your label if they dont put x amount of promotional dollars behind you or ignore your stuff you should be able to leave the label or they are subject to a fine. Do something, the labels have all the power because bands give it to them.

  • Fight Ronin
    Fight Ronin 19 minutes ago

    All respect to a Prime 80s Tyson. Any high level Kickboxer/Boxer would destroy him in 1 or 2 rounds. That bobbing and weaving style will get him ko’d with a head kick or knee. Also a good inside low kick or intercepting knee will keep him from rushing in and he wouldn’t know how to stop it. Check out Masato vs Vince.

  • gator nation
    gator nation 19 minutes ago

    As a red blooded American male let me say, she is sexy as hell

  • TonyThompson1981
    TonyThompson1981 19 minutes ago

    "You can move". 🤣 Ya because moving to a different state is so cheap and easy.

  • Yea buddy
    Yea buddy 20 minutes ago

    Korn was the shit. Fuck these cuck dudes.

    BIG DADDY YEH 20 minutes ago

    Ted Nugent is the most ignorant, rude and biggest peace of sh#t in America. Over 113 000 people are shot every year in the U.S. over 36 000. Die!!! A giant portion are cops killing bad guys Nugent??? 310 people shot every day and ONLY 1( ONE ) DIES BY LEGAL INTERVENTION!!!! 289 MASS SHOOTING THIS YEAR ALONE AND IT'S ONLY SEPTEMBER!!! Ted Nugent thinks if more people have guns less people will die each year. How the fu#k does that make sense Ted?!?!?!

  • H.B Badger
    H.B Badger 20 minutes ago

    Its the same reason why people cheat on the spouse without them knowing and constantly accuse them of cheating. Its because they believe they are such a great person that if they are doing this and they are so great, tge other person has to be doing 10x worse cuase they aren't as great or moral as you are.... thats sociopathic behavior

  • zeon 66
    zeon 66 20 minutes ago

    Pretty much all of the Male staff that runs Twitch.tv

  • Billy Hughes
    Billy Hughes 20 minutes ago

    That story about the band the Sheep Dogs (I've seen them live,....amazingly good band), TChad Blake mixing, etc,...just incredible.

  • Stephen Cantarero
    Stephen Cantarero 20 minutes ago

    The genius among cave people is how Elon Musk feels everyday

  • S.M. Shan Ali Zaidi
    S.M. Shan Ali Zaidi 21 minute ago

    16:12 he is humping.. WTF?

  • Andy Sharp
    Andy Sharp 21 minute ago

    The United States exploited South America throughout the Cold War. And this man was a revolutionary fighting for Argentina’s freedom from that manipulation. American rebels committed war crimes in the revolution too. It’s war.